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<Macer> so i tried it twice. seems like wifi adapter does not re-initialize when coming out of sleep :/
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<cheakoirccloud> I purchased an Intel ath9k? And can't get 5ghz AP working. Is there another chip I could use? Mini PCI-E full length (I do have a half adapter). I'm looking to do 5ghz and 2.4ghz access point for home use. The error I get is related to regulation (I can't convince the card it's in the US) none of the 5ghz channels are available.
<cheakoirccloud> I only have the one slot and USB3 port.
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<IgorPec> cheakoirccloud: intel purposefully disable 5Ghz AP on all their consumer grade wifis
<IgorPec> use cards we reccomend - those works
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<IgorPec> werner: what about if we move "Help wanted" to the community forums ... or cycle around areas?
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<martinayotte> IgorPec: I will check AR-749 as soon as possible, it is probably U-Boot related since previous one didn't have this issue ...
<ArmbianHelper> AR-749 [Bug] "Allwinner A20 bootloops on 5.11.y / 2021.04" reported by Igor Pecovnik at 2021-05-16. Status: To Do
<IgorPec> ok, tnx . with 5.12.y we have kernel issue
<IgorPec> more precisely, packaging
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<Werner> IgorPec, we can try
<IgorPec> ok, let's do it. perhaps that will help get some - if not else - awareness
<Werner> aight
<Werner> done
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<cheakoirccloud> I looked for a list of recommended *cards and couldn't find it. * Mini PCI-E full length(I do have a half adapter) dual band WiFi.
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<IgorPec> cheakoirccloud: it has to be half length?
<cheakoirccloud> Either is fine, it's full but I'v a half in there now.
<IgorPec> where did you look for recommendation?
<IgorPec> here you have two
<IgorPec> bot are used in automated testing
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<IgorPec> and both operate AP at 5ghz
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<cheakoirccloud> It's difficult, there seems to be no US suppliers offering these parts. The QCA9890 actually points to a QCA988080, making searching for the part difficult.
<cheakoirccloud> Also I'm wondering if I specifically need a "PC Engines WLE900VX"?
<IgorPec> no no
<IgorPec> you need something with its chipset
<IgorPec> hard to say what is on the market
<IgorPec> this one you can buy in EU for around 40 eur and it works best
<cheakoirccloud> DigiKey has a couple for ~200US.
<[TheBug]> yeah they are gonna be expensive if they are good
<[TheBug]> thats the sad part about the 5ghz cards really
<[TheBug]> if you want an AP your almost better off just buying router instead
<[TheBug]> as usually by the time your invested you sepnt as much as if you just bought one
<[TheBug]> s/one/a router
<ArmbianHelper> [TheBug] meant to say: as usually by the time your invested you sepnt as much as if you just bought a router
<IgorPec> many routers have exactly this chipset
<[TheBug]> man I didn't even catch my spelling mistake -- 'spent' lol
<[TheBug]> yeah
<[TheBug]> and the fact is the router mfgr gets better BOM cost on the chipset than you will get when buying a card add-on
<IgorPec> assembled devices will ceratinly be cheaper
<[TheBug]> so right now your gonna spend more on a 5ghz card than most pre-built routers will even cost
<IgorPec> i think you can get this card for less then 20 usd
<IgorPec> just need to search
<[TheBug]> oh?
<[TheBug]> everytime I have found any good intel cards t hen been expensive
<[TheBug]> maybe from aliexpress or something?
<[TheBug]> they have been*
<IgorPec> those are qualcomm and in amazon.de they are 38 EUR
<IgorPec> aliexpress, yeah
<cheakoirccloud> ~48EUR
<cheakoirccloud> Likely because of Trump tariffs?
<IgorPec> hehe, yeah, hard to say
<IgorPec> no idea where you can get this cheaper, perhaps prices went up due to component shortage
<cheakoirccloud> It's worth $10 to be able to stop looking, I consider it a deal.
<IgorPec> 10 USD is unrealistic for this kind of hw
<[TheBug]> IgorPec: he was saying opposite, that 10$ isn't a reason to keep looking, I think he was saying its worth the $10 more to have a solution
<IgorPec> aha.
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<nekomancer[m]> https://de.aliexpress.com/item/32860570579.html cheaper and ac too
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<Macer> Err:19 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu focal/main arm64 Packages 404 Not Found [IP: 80]
<Macer> weird
<Macer> too bad the wifi doesn't seem to want ot wake up with the rest of the pinebook pro. maybe i shiould just see about grabbing a usb3 module
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<lanefu> Macer: do apt clean; apt update
<Macer> lanefu, same error
<Macer> Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/focal/restricted/binary-arm64/Packages 404 Not Found [IP: 80]
<Macer> = actiontoad.canonical.com.
<Macer> maybe that mirror just doesn't have the proper structure?
<lanefu> yeah... may just need to wait a while
<lanefu> mirrors do goofy things sometimes when they get updated
<Macer> it's been doing that for a couple of days. heh
<lanefu> well
<lanefu> restricted packages
<lanefu> hmm
<Macer> i'll see about removing restricted packages
<lanefu> oh that should be ubuntu ports i think adn not archive
<lanefu> ...maybe?
<Macer> yeah i just removed archive altogether
<Macer> now if only i can decipher this wifi issue on wake
<lanefu> re-wake interesting.. i dont put mine to sleep a lot, btu havent ran into that i dont think
<lanefu> i know thast not really helpful
<Macer> when it wakes the wifi is dead
<Macer> as though the device disappears. i'm taking a look at what module it uses. maybe ic an just reload it
<Macer> as a workaround
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<Macer> i swapped to the nightly just to see if some of the issues were gone. not being able to change the background is still there heh.
<IgorPec> but our desktop engine has some troubles ... which could be related to this
<Macer> IgorPec: says merge commit to master. That isn’t in the nightly repo yet? Or is it a commit that is heading upstream to focal?
<IgorPec> nightly = master + changed version file
<IgorPec> unless things are broken
<Macer> This seems more related to background for Lock Screen / initial login?
<Macer> wifi turned back on but that was a rather short test. i will try leaving it in sleep mode for an hour and see if it comes back on
<IgorPec> perhaps that is in another commit, but this was fixed, i have tested it
<IgorPec> for wifi can't tell. i read somewhere about the problems you have ... but no idea if there is a fix