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<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Unit193> Werner: Hey, that quick poke was just for verification. Since I did it last time, I saw no point in going through it all again if a simple "Yeah that's me" would suffice. :)
<lanefu> f476: `screen /dev/<serialinterface> <baudrade>`
<lanefu> s/baudrade/baudrate
<ArmbianHelper> lanefu meant to say: f476: `screen /dev/<serialinterface> <baudrate>`
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<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Werner> Unit193, :)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @yc0mvp (yc0mvp): Arduino UNO R3 for mining Duino Coin pakai STB-H680P Armbian Linux 😁dapat hasrate 167Hs👍just fun mining crypto https://t.co/U3MexC4lJ2 https://tinyurl.com/yhkm5evv (9s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @hackerfantastic (Hacker Fantastic): 7350 Linux LPE exploit by @stealth - leverages an arbitrary content file write bug as root to exploit Armbian on a SBC https://t.co/JzCnO2aZtg https://tinyurl.com/yk37s3gv (24s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @lanefu (Lane Jennison): @hackerfantastic @stealth Pretty cool hack. Now we get to fix it. Did you submit a bug report to @armbian and we failed to respond? https://tinyurl.com/ye3frxtk (23s ago)
<lanefu> so fucking pissed about dude showing off his zeroday
<lanefu> i guess its not a zeroday
<lanefu> some infosec twitter person just posted the repo
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> huh, what's going on ? :O
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> I kind of didn't follow
<Werner> Or blackhat with intention to cause damage. Who knows
<lanefu> nah not a blackhat
<lanefu> so exploit was by stealth.. who actually compliments armbian in his POC
<lanefu> some twitter infosec person just posted it cuz... thats what twitter infosec people do
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> huh huh
<lanefu> Xogium: TLDR; Someone found a priviledge escalation exploit in our script that makes some config changes to htop. The POC for the exploit was in github, with a pretty thorough explaination and even container a general compliment to armbian. Unfortunately some infosec twitter account tweeted about it
<lanefu> i mean its good we know, just disappointed that this is how we know
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> sigh
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <lanefu> hey its me
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> ulo lanefu
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <c0rnelius> You guys should just ditch htop. People can always install bpytop using pip3. Plus it would remove the need for you guys to care.
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<ArmbianTwitter> @lanefu (Lane Jennison): Quick thanks to @equinixmetal and @worksonarm for providing @armbian with some really great Arm iron the past year. With those server resources we have implemented native builds of @armbian and also created virtual-only system images. We wish success to the next tenant. https://tinyurl.com/yeglpopf (9s ago)
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <lanefu> c0rnelius: yeah an htop dev pointed out features we were compensating for are no longer really an issue
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <lanefu> but.... python isn't the best tool thing for monitoring system resources
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <lanefu> cuz... python
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <c0rnelius> there is also bashtop :)
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <c0rnelius> same thing minus python
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <c0rnelius> props a few others out there as well.
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <lanefu> there's one in rust that's pretty cool
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<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <DarthGandalf> ArmbianTwitter probably needs to be reconfigured
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <lanefu> Yeah we're walking to to libera.chat not running
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @lanefu: Quick thanks to @equinixmetal and @worksonarm for providing @armbian with some really great Arm iron the past year. With th… https://tinyurl.com/yj57v8pd https://tinyurl.com/ydvp4vlf (28s ago)
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> well, twatter infosec has to eat
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> he'll do anything to survive
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> with the rise of popularity that crap will be everyday thing
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<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> you have no idea how much security "schools" is out there
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> taking money from kids
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> and teching them how to survive
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<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> it's to expect that one such kid will take info from someone else without testing it
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> and that is sadly a big problem
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<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> what could happen is that people could start thinking that armbian actually sux based on the info of the infosec
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> people know shit and you can't do much about it
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> especially if it's said by someone from twatter
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> very fucky
<cheakoirccloud> I'm going to reseat this wifi card, Espressobin mPCIe. Is there anything else I should do? I don't seem to get any reaction from it, but I'm looking for more things to test. lspci only shows a bridge, dmsg is the same.
<cheakoirccloud> Check this out at Amazon (Compex WLE900VX / 802.11ac/n/b/g 3x3 MIMO/PCI-Express Full-Size MiniCard (Qualcomm Atheros QCA9880) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B010C7XVRY/ref=cm_sw_r_u_apa_glt_fabc_05M0FEMYAV91EJKT20WP?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1)
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> there's big probability that atheros would work
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> don't know about Espressobin mPCIe
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> is that like something open source?
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> marwell
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> marvell*
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> i think i heard that support is bad for that stuff
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> might be the driver for that card is of poor quality or not done properly
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> what board do you have cheakoirccloud
<cheakoirccloud> I don't really know, I tried to get help with that and never got a response. It only has one ram module, but weather it's ddr3 or ddr4 or how big it is idk.
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> right, no support
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> idk, you could try getting that atheros card, but check first if there is a driver for it for linux
<cheakoirccloud> See when I can't get the vendor product IDs... I kinda think drivers shouldn't rate as a factor.
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> it's chipsets
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> usually same chipset used by different vendors works ok and uses same driver
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> so, you would be intersested in QCA9880
<cheakoirccloud> Normally I would be asking what driver I should compile for xxxx:yyyy... I'm not getting that far.
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> yeah, it's backwards
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> you want to make sure that you don't buy hardware that won't work at the end
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> you do a research first
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> to make sure that everything will work
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> and then execute the plan by buying the hardware
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> i got bit by it many times
<cheakoirccloud> When I click on QCA9890 it brings up a listing for QCA9880, and there is nothing coming up for searches for QCA9890.
<cheakoirccloud> I pointed this out a few days ago and didn't get a response.
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> if there is nothing about it on https://wireless.wiki.kernel.org/en/users/drivers/atheros stay away from it
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> in your amazon link it is Qualcomm Atheros QCA9880
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> it's supported
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> here https://wireless.wiki.kernel.org/en/users/drivers/ath10k
<cheakoirccloud> Right, looks supported... But that's step 380, I'm on step 70.
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> it's in the kernel
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> you don't need a driver
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> just plug n play
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> It was first included in Linux 3.11-rc1 released on 2013-07-14.
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> you should be good even if support is over
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> i guess your kernel on the board is newer than that
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> and that pcie actually works
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> oh, looking to replace the stupid mwifiex card ?
<cheakoirccloud> I did previously have a card in this slot, but during the upgrade I accidentally changed kernels.
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> I bet the card crashed with the new kernel
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> did you check dmesg ?
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> mwifiex is known for the infamous 'FW is in BAD state !' mesage that doesn't tell you much of anything
<cheakoirccloud> dmsg only shows the PCI bridge.
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> hah, even better…
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> I used to run an ebin with a 4.12 kernel because I couldn't upgrade. If I upgraded past 4.12 it made the mwifiex card completely crash
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> and then one day out of nowhere, I didn't even do anything software or hardware side, the mwifiex card just stopped working entirely
<cheakoirccloud> Is it not a big deal that I can't read the PCI IDs for the card? I couldn't even imagine how the kernel would load a driver without them.
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> if it worked on kernel before
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> you mean in lspci ?
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> if lspci doesn't show it then it means the hw didn't detect it somehow, or that it crashed… Lspci definitely worked for me
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> till the day that the hw itself apparently malfunctioned
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> it showed up in lspci as a 802.11 ac avastar wireless or something like that
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> scary
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> what is ?
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> hw failing out of the blue ? Sure is :p
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> hardware changing name
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> huh, mine did not change name
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> maybe the new kernel fucked something in hardware
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> he's only seeing the pci slot itself
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> the card isn't showing up at all, from what I read
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> if it happened when he got krenel upgrade it might work on one before agian
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> yeah, assuming its no hw failure
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> yeah, it's like 50/50 chance
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> though one thing to note here, if the firmware of the wifi card has crashed real solid, when you downgrade the kernel, you have to perform a cold boot, or it will never reset properly
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> mwifiex is tricky like that
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> even pressing the reset button on the board won't be enough
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> you have to shutdown, unplug, wait for like 5 seconds orso just to be safe, then plug it back on
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> yeah, there could be some power in capacitors left
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> indeed
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> and that keeps the crashed firmware active on the card
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> shorting power jack with something metallic usually solve that
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> still this card is meh, for all its worth, so if you can use another I'd give it a go
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> yeah, he wants to try atheros with QCA9880 chipset
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> the kernel code for the mwifiex code is said to be pasta code :p
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> i heard for sphagetti code but not for pasta
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> hmmm I've never tried that one personally, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. That being said, pci on arm and particularly on armada 3700 is known for having some truly weird quirks and the kernel guys have to take a guess at anything because marvell is definitely not open on this aspect
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> so you end up with some cards that should ultimately work but don't
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> in the end for wifi on ebin, I ended up connecting an external AP to one of its lan ports
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> bummer
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> which was really just a typical router that I turned into a dumb AP by disabling everything like nat, dhcp, all the ethernet ports
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> cheakoirccloud maybe you should think of buying a new board too
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> yep ebin sucks both because of marvell, and because of globalscale that doesn't care one bit about their product
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> I was lucky, mine worked okay for my use
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> right
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> but yeah globalscale really does some dumb shit, pardon my language
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> for example they shipped an ebin v7 to a friend of mine, with a bootloader that couldn't recognizee the spi flash they had put on board
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> which proves that they do 0 testing
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> that sux
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> my friend then had to grab the uart images offered by armbian to flash the bootloader with the correct spi flash enabled
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> globalscale is an absolutely awefull company, and I will never buy from them again
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> yeah
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> I bought one ebin that arrived DOA, sent multiple emails for a refund, and I was totally ignored
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> right right, of course you were
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> unbelivable
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> selling crap and not refunding
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> I left a review on that website, what's it called again, trustpilot or whatever
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> that's a scam
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> my comment was this: if I could have rated globalscale technology 0 star out of 5, I would have done so
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> followed by all the crap they've been pulling
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> fair enough
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> because the fact that they didn't refund is one thing. If I had payed the standard $50 usd, I'd already have been annoyed
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> but for me, it was, $50 usd, converted to cad, then $80 for the shipping, once again converted to cad, then $70 cad custom clearance fees
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> I was beyond pissed off
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> that's fine amount of money for a scam
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> indeed
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> they're doing good
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> and the first time I bought from them, everything went well, which is why I felt rather fine buying from them again
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> I shouldn't have
<cheakoirccloud> Yeah, if I was to start over and had a budget of 160US how far would that go?
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> the problem is that, at least as far as I'm aware, there is no arm board like the ebin
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> not in that price range
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> yeah, it "has" some punch
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> like I'm not saying the hw itelf is crap, but the way both marvell and globalscale have handled it is a joke
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> *itself
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> yeah, seems like they don't care, but again they shouldn't sell it then
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> yeah
<cheakoirccloud> Should I sign onto a petition to pull support from mainline Linux until the handling is not a joke?
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<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> its not that
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> mainline linux isn't at fault
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> they are doing what they can with the hw given that marvell is down right secretive about it
<cheakoirccloud> I'm just thinking a little more stick than carrot might work to encourage them to behave.
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<cheakoirccloud> By them I mean whomever is performing troublesome acts.
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> but truth is, marvell doesn't care one bit about mainline linux
<cheakoirccloud> I wouldn't be in this position without all the support from OpenWRT and Armbian and I assume that support is derived from ML.
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> and as for globalscale, things speak for themselves: missing spi flash driver in the bootloader of a board you just bought, no schematics for anything beside some probably outdated v7 and v3 or 4 of the board, forum overrun with spammers
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <lanefu> Yeah ebin big disappointment. Still. I have a v4 and v5 and carry the guilt of telling my friend to buy one
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> hehe
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> yep
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> and gosh the HEAT
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> I've never seen thermal management so poorly done on any other board… Okay, that is, excluding orange pi zero
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> one guy I know had the bad idea to put his ebin in an enclosure. He was like, if globalscale says that no heatsink is required then
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> oh my
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> the temperature went so high that capacitors were destroyed
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> that's like more than 100 C
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> boiling water
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> ftr, idling ebin at room temp can reach ~75C
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> without enclosure
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> oh wow
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> that's total load on mine opi lite 2
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> its not a big problem, because the SoC and board generally handle it fine
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> for that, they didn't lie, at least. The SoC is industrial grade, and can reach 125 degrees before it shutdown
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> however, its not said that your micro sd card might not survive such intence heat
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> i'm having an idea of finding a test of sbc's that do the same amount of processing and measuring cpu temp
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> with that being said, however poor is thermal done, it didn't once crash because of overheating here
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> its just that no matter what, having a board idling at 75C, is just wrong
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> you're having heatsink on i guess
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> nop
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> but I have an industrial grade micro sd card in there, and I avoid putting it insid an enclosure lol
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> inside
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> 75 C for no heatsink is resonable
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> idling ?
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> yeah, why not
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> for a dualcore 1 ghz ?
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> mine idling is around 55
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> with tiny heatsink
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> damn
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> but its not just the SoC that gets hot in here, its the whole board
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> you simply can't hold it in your hand
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> yeah, mine to gets hot when compiling stuff
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> but it doesn't go over 80 C
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> when I push it to 2 of load, temp jumps to 95C
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> still carry on but I suspect only because of the high resistance of the micro sd card
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> yeah, my card also gets hot on load
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> but it didn't melt still
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> i guess they're not out of plastic
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> but of some heat resistant material
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> carbon based something i guess
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> this was a nice deal I had for 256 mb slc flash micro sd card with -45 ~+100C temperature range
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> $18
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> MB or GB?
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> 256GB is round 80 $
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> ah yeah, i'm also seeing as low as 40 $
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> yeah, it could be a godd deal 256GB for 18$
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> mb
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> because slc flash
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> oh
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> but, tbh to run a router, I honestly didn't even need half of the card so I wasn't that bothered by the low capacity
<ArmbianTwitter> @linuxdevices (linuxdevices): Rock Pi SBCs move to 2GHz RK3399 and toss in free eMMC: Radxa has launched Rock Pi 4 Plus versions of its Model A and B SBCs that move to the 2GHz OP1 version of the RK3399. The Plus models also add eMMC without raising the price and pre-load the Armbian… https://t.co/JBeqWmau5X https://tinyurl.com/ygsuqs2a (17s ago)
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> they put flash disk into it
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> flash disk ?
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> they had to hack it everytime the piece of disk went bad
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> yeah
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> well sure wasn't a great idea with a nuclear powered probe
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<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> *space, that was
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> ;)
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> yeah, thin atmosphere
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> not much protection from the sun
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> indeed
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> and still thinning, I think
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> but it's not totally dead
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> because the rays of the sun will keep bombarding it till its all gone
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> there's things going on
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> who knows
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> the fact it has no liquid core anymore surely doesn't help things
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> there's ice
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> and carbon
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> yeah but I mean, the planet itself has no magnetic shield like the one on earth
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> Musk is searching for someone who could design something to transform carbon to oxygen
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> that's produced by the liquid core moving inside the solid part of the planet
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> it's a different planet
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> yea
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> flying is possible, that's cool
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <Xogium> in fact it used to have a liquid core, but it was smaller than earth's, and so it solidified and cooled down a lot faster
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> wich could greatly reduce communication betweene earth and mars citizens
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> maybe new tech will be discovered
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> but not so soon
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> maybe something related to quantum stuff wich is for now mostly mumbo jumbo
<cheakoirccloud> Is there anything beyond an RMA? If I'm confident the card is seated correctly.
<cheakoirccloud> s/beyond/other than/
<ArmbianHelper> cheakoirccloud meant to say: Is there anything other than an RMA? If I'm confident the card is seated correctly.
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<cheakoirccloud> Is there a better description of the problem? I hate to contact the seller with just DoA.
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<cheakoirccloud> https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=84821#c55 Tape over the pin?
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<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> cheakoirccloud does taping the pin work?
<cheakoirccloud> I'm asking, I also saw something about dtb entries that had an effect.
<cheakoirccloud> I'm all setup to make the tapping the pin mod.
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> good luck
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<ArmbianTwitter> @hackerfantastic (Hacker Fantastic): @lanefu @stealth @armbian Interesting attempt to shift the responsibility for a security defect onto the person identifying it. The exploit is not my work but I will support the discoverers right to disclose it how they see fit, could've just kept it to themselves or sold the exploit instead of sharing. https://tinyurl.com/ye5domo6 (19s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @lanefu (Lane Jennison): @hackerfantastic @stealth @armbian Not shifting responsibility. Was unsure if tweet was due to inaction from a prior alert. Anyway after I responded I did realize you were just tweeting stealth's work, whose write-up was fair and objective. I woke up, saw tweet and wasn't how I wanted to start my saturday https://tinyurl.com/yz8n4fjl (14s ago)
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<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <lane3> i hate the internet
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> so, who's to blame?
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> i don't think anyone run banks on an sbc if xploit is serious or something...
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> it's a bug if i'm not mistaken
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<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> someone will patch it and life goes on
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> he can write about it whole day just by reading the forum
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> nothing special
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<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> it's not yours to hate the internet if you're dealing with an idiot
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> he's doing it by doing what he does
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> that's pure hate
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<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <lanefu> Yeah fair point. I always take it personal when we get bad press.
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> there's no need, those are just people who don't know how to repect good work
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> because they have never done one
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<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> if you try to research some of those people they did nothing in their life
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> if they did it's of very poor quality
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <IgorPec> hey lane
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <IgorPec> don't take it personally. its not worth
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<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <IgorPec> beside it was my dirty made script :(
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<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <lanefu> Yeah you all are right of course
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <IgorPec> i heard so many times that i would hang myself long time ago. is hard to swallow, but this goes with the job i guess
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <lanefu> Ha. I suppose its true
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> just chill and do your best
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <IgorPec> i wasn't paying attention those few days ... how is with this IRC going on?
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <IgorPec> we have bridge in bothe direction now?
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> Werner: did it
<cheakoirccloud> Taping the pin didn't help.
<Kitem_> Hello everybody
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <IgorPec> aha, i see its both sides.
<Kitem_> first time here
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <IgorPec> hello
<Kitem_> can we use this chat for help with Armbian?
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <IgorPec> you mean you want to help armbian?
<Kitem_> well....I would need help with my installation of Armbian :-D
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <IgorPec> and this doesn't work ? https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Getting-Started/
<Kitem_> I installed it on my Bqeel Y4 Max (S905x2), I was able to get the wifi working (although the ethernet still not working), but Armbian sees only 2GB of RAM instead of 4GB
<Kitem_> I searched on google and on the forum and it seems to be an issue with the bootloader
<Kitem_> but I don't understand how to fix it
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <IgorPec> neither we do
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <IgorPec> tv boxes are community hacking, we don't and can't support that
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <IgorPec> try tvboxes forum
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <IgorPec> on armbian forum, there is the only best place to get support for thos tv boxes
<Kitem_> ok thanks
<Kitem_> will do
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <IgorPec> u welcome
<sunshavi> in both directions. that's quite nice
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> it's oke, only bad is you cant complete nick with Tab
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<Macer> so will there be an exodus of freenode channels to libera?
<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <c0rnelius> Its already begun... muhahah! The destruction of freenode is almost complete!
<IgorPec> not just there
<IgorPec> sunxi is probably moving to https://www.oftc.net/
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<ArmbianBridge> [libera] <stipa> freenode sux
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