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<peter> Thank you stipa
<peter> I allready know this documents
<stipa> if something is missing you can add it, it's open source
<peter> PA7 is the correct
<peter> PA7 has possibility "function" to work as interrupt GPIO
<peter> MCP2515 is also working correctly. It sets Intterupt if buffer is full. It needs to be reset via SPI Bus.
<peter> These tasks, I would deticate to the "Driver" not to the overlay.
<peter> However Interrupt is not binded, I guess, correctly to the Kernel
<peter> I would add Overlay to the Repos if I get it to a working state.
<stipa> sure peter, you are welcome to make stuff work
<stipa> stick around
<stipa> also lanefu asked wich version of krenel do you run?
<peter> Problem is, its just 7 lines of Overlay "code" in the fragment.
<peter> They are correct with a "human language" interpretation
<peter> I run a linux 5.x Kernel
<stipa> 5.x?
<stipa> 5.9?
<stipa> 5.10?
<stipa> is it from Armbian?
<stipa> if it's not then it's not supported
<stipa> by the Armbian devs
<stipa> what is your board peter ?
<peter> Sorry I am not the Board. I can not try anything now.
<peter> I have run uname several times and just remember it is 5.something
<peter> I run bare Armbian Image, no kernel modifcation
<peter> my board is a BananaPi Zero M2
<stipa> i don't see any mcp chips on that board peter
<peter> debian buster 5.10
<peter> it is right chip is not on the board
<stipa> peter: No official support (CSC)
<stipa> it's quite likely that stuff dont work yet or never
<stipa> doesn't*
<stipa> peter: or just try the newest 5.10.y kernel
<lanefu> peter: do you want me to grab you the patched device tree files from the armbian patched kernel source
<peter> what does it mean, no official support?
<lanefu> peter: it means we dont try very hard and let community submit improvements :P
<peter> I see a picture, I see a download like, I see a mirror
<peter> in the /Boot/ folder are H3 files and also BananaPi H2plus Board-files
<peter> Seems to be in the ecosystem
<peter> +lanefu, yes for the device tree files
<lanefu> okay lemme kick off a build and ill grab
* lanefu quit screen cold turkey and switched to tmux tonight.. things are hard
* stipa drinks a beer to celebrate that
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<bd1308> #screenTeam
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> its a struggle
<stipa> lanefu: i feel you
<stipa> bd1308: are there any chick?
<lanefu> and i've been on my macbook all week, and now i'm on my pinebookpro and ctrl and -fn are in opposite spots
<stipa> yeah it sucks
<stipa> adapatation takes a long time
<stipa> it's even worse using both at the same time, lol
<lanefu> yes!
<stipa> it's just, you know
<stipa> what it is
<lanefu> my brain feels like its trying to pull apart from itself
<lanefu> yeah
<stipa> it's fucky
<lanefu> maybe if i start pressing ctrl with my right hand instead of left that will help
<stipa> bd1308: fuck you #screenTeam is empty
<bd1308> hastag screenTeam?
<stipa> lanefu: sometimes i have hard time when i cant get croatian lyout working
<bd1308> not an actual channel
<stipa> and i'm left with US one
<stipa> #screenTeam
<stipa> you mean twatter or something bd1308 ?
<stipa> is it on twatter ?
<bd1308> I meant like i'm on team GNU Screen instead of tmux
<stipa> oh
<stipa> i'm noob, i use only tmux
<stipa> used screen before but it's buggy like hell
<bd1308> somedays I feel like i'm a noob :D
<bd1308> tmux is good stuff
<stipa> i feel sometimes like i'm someone special
<lanefu> buggy? screen is pretty trustworthy
<lanefu> stipa: just be less croatian
<stipa> lol
<lanefu> you probably get that advise all the time
<stipa> idk lanefu ,i switched to tmux because screen didnt' behave
<lanefu> so this dude has some sort way to at least hack the keyboard firmware despite not having the full firmware https://github.com/jackhumbert/pinebook-pro-keyboard-updater/blob/master/firmware/src/keymaps/default_ansi.c#L30
<stipa> but it's everywhere
<lanefu> and in theory i could just transpose those 2 keys and bam! its my mac
<lanefu> bd1308: we're all noobs at something
<stipa> fuck it when people just don't design stuff to standards
<lanefu> fuck multiple standards
<stipa> right
<lanefu> but yes sucks when something can't conform to something familiar
<stipa> right
<stipa> i guess it's ok to fanboys
<stipa> but to people who switch betweene brands it's not so nice
<stipa> fanboys just stick to macbook or to pbp
<stipa> and have no such problems
<stipa> the worst thing for me when i'm on US keymap is to find | [ and ]
<stipa> it's not just two key to worry about
<stipa> keys*
<stipa> but apple is special
<stipa> it's a nightmare
<stipa> but i have linux on mine so it's easier
<stipa> yeah, pc keyboard an mac are different
<peter> I have to leave
<peter> thanks for you help, so far
<stipa> gn peter
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<stipa> he'll se it after sleep
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<lanefu> ah yes... irc is forever
<stipa> yeah, sad truth
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<RoyK> lanefu: config.txt?
<stipa> wow, 25% of taxrs for pacets from china that are not more than about 30 $ in Croatia
<stipa> taxes*
<stipa> guess i'll have to go digital
<stipa> completely
<stipa> fucking parasites
<stipa> fucking scum destroying my dreams, unbelivable
<stipa> and i'm wondering why i'm stupid
<stipa> like chip prices going up isn't enough, pices of shit
<stipa> stupid politicans aren't aware that by blocking chinese products also block
<stipa> knowledge and resources to cheaply learn and understand current technology
<stipa> idiots
<stipa> they won't just destroy the tech theyl kill the knowladge about it
<stipa> morons
<stipa> and then the war i'll have to risk my ass for
<stipa> scum
<lanefu> RoyK: sorry dont recall what we're discussing
<lanefu> stipa: go digital currency?
<stipa> no, go virtual
<stipa> without any contact with physical tech
<stipa> there's alot things that can be done in reality but that future isn't supporting it
<stipa> if you're totaly digital nowadays it's virtual
<stipa> that you can do on many, you know, systems that support linux or windows
<stipa> stuff like analog electronics will be gone by tha US ban China stuff
<stipa> and it'll be mostly shitty software on closed hardware
<stipa> anything open will be illegal
<stipa> the rule of open market is that anyone can be part of it
<stipa> what US is doing is not Capitalism
<stipa> it's Comunism
<stipa> they're trying to make capitalism better by turning it into communism
<stipa> it's backwards
<stipa> so , the outcome is war
<stipa> it's not biden that'll risk his ass with his beautfiful ideas
<stipa> it's you and mee and others
<stipa> we that don't even want it
<stipa> of course
<stipa> putting taxes on packets from china is exactly that
<stipa> telling people not to buy from china
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<stipa> but it's masked like it has nothing to do with US idea
<lanefu> yeah i think the china tarrifs are counter productive
<lanefu> you know whats funny
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<lanefu> the people that want to tax the shit out of china are also the ones that hate NAFTA
<lanefu> oh well
<lanefu> im stupid
<lanefu> it makes sense they would tax china and hate NAFTA :P
<stipa> well
<stipa> it's happening
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<lanefu> i do think the global supply chain is getting insane
<lanefu> but for manufacturing to recalibrate to smaller local scale will be hard
<stipa> yeah, they have no expirience
<stipa> that chinese manufacturers have built for decades
<lanefu> yeah we've been doubling down on dead-end job for wager workers forever and not a path forward
<stipa> i have watched a documentary
<stipa> sec
<stipa> American Factory
<stipa> where chinese owners buy Amercian factories and emply americans
<stipa> employ*
<stipa> car parts
<stipa> after that i guess it broke loose
<stipa> i couldn't believe that one
* stipa There's Plenty Moore Room: IBM's New 2nm CPU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZ0yfEnwipo
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<c0rnelius> Sorry to chime in but I think people have lost sight on what global economics is and how and why it started to begin with. For an oh so short brief, after the end of WWII the world was in disarray and the US a long with a handful of other countries decided to join together to help rebuild it, this also meant providing countries that we now see as competitors with the ability to contribute to the
<c0rnelius> global economy.
<c0rnelius> Unfortunately Americans got fat and lazy and started blaming everyone for their problems instead of innovating.
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<stipa> c0rnelius: yeah, but, some haven't played fair
<c0rnelius> Lets not be a snow flake about it ;)
<c0rnelius> Nothing is fair
<stipa> for example, if production is in china there is no need to do clones of the same products that are manufactured in the fabs
<stipa> that's stupid
<stipa> they should stick to their part and just take the money from the prodution
<stipa> production*
<stipa> and not to compete with crap in the same market
<c0rnelius> America can produce whatever it wants.
<c0rnelius> It chooses not too
<c0rnelius> If Americans aren't happy about that than they should do something about it
<c0rnelius> and for the record I am American.
<c0rnelius> Becoming a bunch of isolationists though is not the road to go down.
<c0rnelius> Nor is playing the blame game.
<stipa> Well, you can produce whatever you want, but if someone is cheaper you're doomed
<c0rnelius> Nah, most shit out of China is garbage
<c0rnelius> they have handful of good companies
<stipa> yeah, but good stuff from china is like good stuff from Japan for example
<stipa> same price
<c0rnelius> And where did Japan get the tech to produce its goods?
<stipa> US
<c0rnelius> exactly
<c0rnelius> Its a choice. The US needs to innovate.
<stipa> they could actually win
<c0rnelius> Lay off the cocaine if you will and get back to work :)
<stipa> idk, despite all, us is still by tech far beyond china
<stipa> the only thing that will happen is higher quality parts with slightly higher prices
<c0rnelius> Its always case though. I worked with steel for a few years and believe me, no one wants steel from China :)
<c0rnelius> its fucking garbage
<c0rnelius> When the US does something they more often than not do it right and sure it cost more, but you know ur getting the goods.
<stipa> yeah, noone can't denie that
<stipa> i have two synths from us and they're built like tanks
<stipa> everything from east is plastic
<c0rnelius> Moogs?
<stipa> yea and dsi
<c0rnelius> Nice... I'm jelly.
<stipa> they're just modules
<stipa> mošhp and minitaur
<stipa> mopho*
<stipa> but despite that they're bulit nice
<stipa> metal case...
<stipa> next time i'll buy something with keys from the us, it's worth it
<c0rnelius> Yeah US gear in the music department is always awesome.
<stipa> yeah
<c0rnelius> Japan has some nice stuff too. They seem to care.
<stipa> it serves it's purpose for sure
<c0rnelius> yes, sir.
<stipa> right
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<ArmbianTwitter> @toby_chui (TobyChui): @raspberrytorpes @lemakerbananapi @armbian Wow, is that a sata port on the side? https://tinyurl.com/yfnrpgmc (2s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @raspberrytorpes (raspberryparatorpes): @toby_chui @lemakerbananapi @armbian Yes, real SATA port directly supported by the @AllwinnerTech A20 SoC. https://tinyurl.com/yzo4o9dg (23s ago)
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<activelow> why are the dozens of armbian patches for kernel not mainlined?
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<norredmi> ....
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<Tony_mac32> 2 main reasons, activelow: Most don't follow the kernel style guidelines/documentation practices, and it takes a lot of time/energy to go through that process
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<Tony_mac32> I'm barely keeping up with IC suppliers in my actual job, so I can't play "fix your whitespace" with the kernel devs at night :D
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<RoyK> hm - asking again - how can I setup headless wifi on armbian? This is BPI-M2 Zero. Someone told me about armbian_first_run.txt.template, so I copied it to armbian_first_run.txt and edited it. It's gone now, so obviously read and removed, but the system doesn't get online - no dhcp request seen either. Any idea how to debug this?
<RoyK> or is it back to console access? I guess I can't use usb for terminal access?
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<IgorPec> not sure about m2 zero, but on many small boards console is enabled on mUSB and on pins
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<RoyK> IgorPec: thanks - I got a terminal connection over usb - now things work ;)
<nekomancer[m]> anybody use "punebook pro"?
<nekomancer[m]> lanefu: what distribution you use on your pbp?
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: armbian
* nekomancer[m] did current try to get pbp back to live, and fail again. it not boots.
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: yeah you need to figure out how to wipe your emmc
<nekomancer[m]> I removed emmc and try to use sdcard. but seems it not helps
<nekomancer[m]> it seems broken
<lanefu> did you accidentally install a bootloader to spi flash?
<nekomancer[m]> no. but I did a spi erasing from another computer already
<nekomancer[m]> zeroing
<lanefu> the pinebook matrix and forums weren't helpful?
<nekomancer[m]> no. all ways points to wiki. wiki is good, but seems there no my case
<lanefu> that sucks man
<nekomancer[m]> and it's hard to work with disassempled pbp.
<c0rnelius> this might be of interest on the desktop front to you guys - https://github.com/hamadmarri/cacule-cpu-scheduler
<c0rnelius> Someones asked me to look into it, but as I don't really use my arm devices for such things its kind of hard for me to be a judge on that front.
<lanefu> looks interesting. i starred it
<ArmbianTwitter> @thepine64 (PINE64): @jolladevices Well, you have also the option to use a very well functioning @armbian with GNOME OS image for the Pinebook Pro (scroll down to 'Recommended download' section) https://t.co/Bjc5Bjsl7s https://tinyurl.com/yenhq82z (13s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @lanefu (Lane Jennison): @thepine64 @jolladevices @armbian Also our v21.05 release is coming out soon :) https://tinyurl.com/yzstqek5 (13s ago)
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