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<somlo> _florent_: re. endianness, that was a good idea, so I replicated your experiment by diff-ing the dut.v generated by for vexriscv and mor1kx
<somlo> and you're right, there's nothing different at all except for the actual CPU module being linked into the design
<somlo> is it possible that endianness as we see it with the 'mr' command (one byte at a time) is simply a result of how the CPU data pins are connected to the rest of the surrounding verilog?
<somlo> i.e. of how they're exposed by the CPU's internal wiring?
<_florent_> somlo: i also think it's just how data are organized on the interface for big/little endian architectures, here is test with vexriscv vs lm32:
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<somlo> _florent_: ok, I'll write something up about this in issue #314; also, I would like to have memcpy-"like" functionality for >64 CSRs that "just works" regardless of cpu endianness, and knowing where/why the bytes are flipped was a precondition to even beginning to think about that :)
<_florent_> ok thanks
<somlo> _florent_, daveshah: unrelated to CSRs, I'm trying to get litesdcard to work on the trellisboard, and I just realized the SDPHYIOS are specific to the FPGA, and currently only Xilinx is supported (
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<somlo> is there anything already in the works for ecp5/trellisboard?
<_florent_> somlo: not yet, but i could help. Since the Nexys4DDR has a SD Card slot, maybe you should first test things on it, then switch to the trellisboard.
<somlo> yeah, on nexys4ddr it should be "xc7", for which we already have SDPHYIOS7
<somlo> I'm guessing it's a matter of figuring out what the ECP5 equivalent of "IBUFG" and "IDDR[2]" blocks are, and instantiating them instead :)
<daveshah> The IBUFG shouldn't be needed at all as it will be promoted anyway
<daveshah> The IDDR equivalent is IDDRX1F
<somlo> daveshah: thanks! so, just assign the clkfb pad directly to sd_fb, and fiddle around some with IDDRX1F
<daveshah> Yeah
<somlo> I'll do what _florent_ said and get something working on nexys4ddr first, so I know it's not some unrelated stupid thing I did when it won't work on the trellisboard, then I'll take a stab at an ECP5 SDPHYIO, unless somone pre-empts me before then :)
<somlo> _florent_: if I'm guessing right, litesdcard ignores the "card_detect" pin, is that correct? (
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