<mithro> futarisIRCcloud: you could just start with the stock NeTV2 firmware and see if that works?
<xobs> futarisIRCcloud: not that I'm aware of. bunnie ?
<futarisIRCcloud> xobs / bunnie: Ok. Can you guys tell me what the default colourspace that is used?
<xobs> Should be RGB.
<xobs> You can switch it, though.
<bunnie[m]> NeTV2 starts in RGB by default
<bunnie[m]> NeTV2 does not have a test pattern output natively. It can only output video in the presence of an input video feed, because its output PLL is locked to the input video's frequency (this is necessary for genlocking as there is slight frequency drift in all video; fixing the output PLL to a local 1080p frequency would cause the alignment of input and output frames to 'roll' slowly as the frequencies drift).
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<keesj> I found some older cyclone II board. it is worth looking into those FPGA's or is it a waste of time?
<_florent_> keesj: Not sure it will be really interesting since FPGA dev boards with newer devices can be very cheap now
<futarisIRCcloud> As a FYI, the decimator didn't seem to like a signal from a DVI video card with a DVI to HDMI cable on Friday.
<futarisIRCcloud> Which is part of why me and ewen started looking at the EDID.
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<somlo> _florent_: my sdinit hangs with the latest upstream litex and litesdcard which presumably includes driving rst to 0; I'll be able to rebuild later today and try with DEBUG uncommented in litesdcard firmware, but in the mean time if you happen to have a nexys4ddr "top.bit" I could try, I'd appreciate it!
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