_florent_ changed the topic of #litex to: LiteX FPGA SoC builder and Cores / Github : https://github.com/enjoy-digital, https://github.com/litex-hub / Logs: https://freenode.irclog.whitequark.org/litex
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<_florent_> somlo: here is how i was testing with the SDCard on PMOD: https://github.com/enjoy-digital/litesdcard/blob/master/bench/trellisboard.py#L40-L51
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<kbeckmann> thinking if i should try to make a litex configuration for the chameleon96 devkit that features a Cyclone V, but wondering if it makes sense at all. it has 2x ARM A9 cores. has anyone done a litex config for an FPGA like this?
<daveshah> Yes, there is LiteX support for the Zynq
<kbeckmann> oh, neat!
<kbeckmann> i will take a look at that then.
<kbeckmann> thanks, this is great. looks like i should be able to reuse quite a lot of this.
<_florent_> kbeckmann: you could also find here an initial discussion about adding HPS support to LiteX: https://github.com/enjoy-digital/litex/issues/466
<kbeckmann> oh
<_florent_> it could be interesting to read it, but it's a bit outdated
<_florent_> looking at the Zynq7000 support as suggested by daveshah will probably be more insteresting
<kbeckmann> do you know what happened with this work? was is abandoned or still WIP?
<kbeckmann> yeah it looks like a quite nice starting point at least
<_florent_> https://github.com/litex-hub/litex-boards/blob/master/litex_boards/targets/zybo_z7.py will also be interesting to see how zynq7000 is integrated
<kbeckmann> thanks, great resources.
<somlo> _florent_, daveshah: with the external pmod microSD reader, behavior is more-or-less the same as with the built-in reader: spi-mode works, litesdcard crashes out of the terminal upon insertion of a microSD card into the reader
<daveshah> Can you put the svf file somewhere and I will try?
<_florent_> kbeckmann: i'm not sure ilesser went further and i personnaly don't have CycloneV SoC, but i would be happy to help if you have troubles
<somlo> it's built for the pmod sdcard reader
<daveshah> oh, I don't have one of those
<daveshah> I will need an internal SD bitstream
<somlo> I'll build one and link you (should be anywhere between 30-60 minutes) -- thanks for offering to look into it!
<daveshah> I should do a m.2 to SATA adapter for the trellisboard for litesata one day
<kbeckmann> is the m.2 pinout of the trellisboard following any kind of standard btw?
<daveshah> E key
<kbeckmann> alright, nice
<daveshah> I've never actually tested it though...
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<_florent_> daveshah: a m.2 to SATA adapter would be nice! I'm also planning to experiment with LiteSATA on ECP5
<somlo> on closer observation, it only crashes if the ethernet cable happens to also be plugged in at the time the microsd card is inserted
<_florent_> daveshah: most of the code should already be there, we could reuse the SerDes code from LiteICLink
<somlo> oh, and it also crashes when inserting the ethernet cable while an sdcard is already in, and working fine up to that point
<somlo> daveshah: so I can see how it might be an electrical load thing (either works fine, but things go south when the second one is plugged in)
<daveshah> not seeing a failure here (but I haven't actually tested a boot)
<_florent_> daveshah: only the OOB code will be missing (since we as using the internal features of the Xilinx transceiver), but it should not be too complicated
<daveshah> yeah definitely sounds like a power issue
<somlo> also interestingly, it works fine when both ethernet and sdcard are already in when the board is programmed
<daveshah> ECP5 SERDES have OOB support too so should be fine
<somlo> as long as I don't futz around unplugging and plugging things back in
<somlo> daveshah: so I guess no simultaneous LiteETH and LiteSDCard on the trellisboard for me, at least not with the current usb cable and/or usb power settings
<somlo> daveshah: would a power supply from an 5g-versa board work with the trellisboard?
<somlo> I could test if applying external power helps with stability
<daveshah> I've never tried external power but it should do
<daveshah> You'll need to swap over the power jumper too
<somlo> like to EXT instead of USB?
<somlo> doesn't seem to light up when I plug in the versa power supply (with the power jumper on EXT or completeley removed)
<somlo> (still works with usb power as before, so at least I didn't fry it :)
<somlo> daveshah: super dumb question, but those two sockets (the one that says "pcie pwr" and the similar-looking one right next to the 12V external power plug -- those look like they could be sockets for a fuse. And obviously there aren't any fuses in them (if that's what they're even for), which might explain why external power doesn't work for me
<somlo> or I could be completely clueless as to what those things are... :)
<daveshah> Yes they are for fuses
<daveshah> I can't remember the model number of fuse know though
<daveshah> Easiest option is probably just to find a thicker or shorter USB cable tbh
<daveshah> A fuse borrowed from the Versa should also work if it physically fits
<somlo> ok, I feel a bit better now :) If you ever remember the fuse model number, please share! I guess whether I wait for amazon to deliver a fuse, a new usb cable, or both, it's the same delay, and I won't be able to do anything right away regardless :)
<somlo> if I'm lucky and didn't leave the versa at the office, which requires lots of voodoo to get into these days...
<daveshah> I believe the fuse is Schurter OMF 125 series
<daveshah> Any other rating in the 1A-3A sort of range would be fine
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<somlo> daveshah: I got someone to photograph the fuse on a versa (it's at the office, unfortunately): https://imgur.com/a/RCzT13E
<tpb> Title: Imgur: The magic of the Internet (at imgur.com)
<somlo> but I'm going to just order the thing you linked rather than mess about :)
<daveshah> Hmm, not sure if it will fit. But I did briefly test 12V on my board (one from your batch) with a shorted out fuse and it didn't blow up
<daveshah> So at least we know the 12V input is safe now
<somlo> I'm curious if my bitstream will survive ethernet + sdcard insertion after being programmed, with a proper power supply :)
<somlo> so I'll order a couple of those fuses right now, and report back when I get to try one out
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