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<chantheman1288> Hi, I set up Linux on LiteX on Vexriscv booting from an SD card. Is there a way to setup persistent storage on the boot SD card?
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<chantheman1288> Is there any way to set up persistent storage on an SD card that is being used to boot Linux on a LiteX Vexriscv setup?
<keesj> how does it currently work?
<chantheman1288> I currently have an orange crab board using LiteX on Linux on Vexriscv. I have the Linux boot files loaded on a FAT32 partition on the microSD card in the microSD slot on the board. When it receives power, it appears to boot, but the SD card storage appears to be inaccessible to Linux after boot
<chantheman1288> I think after that point it's just running off a virtual file system, but I'm not sure
<_florent_> chantheman1288: it's already possible in the dev branches but has not been merged yet in master. With current master the images are just copied to RAM at startup and the SDCard is not available in Linux.
<chantheman1288> Is this the dev branch of LiteX, or of Linux-on-LiteX-Vexriscv?
<chantheman1288> How would I try the dev branch instead of the master branch?
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<somlo> chantheman1288: if you're ok rebuilding your own kernel, you can try https://github.com/litex-hub/linux/tree/litex-rocket-rebase (don't let the name discourage you, it *should* be buildable and work on 32-bit vexriscv as wel)
<somlo> it's the latest there is in terms of litesdcard support (antmicro driver from "sdcard" branch with some updates and fixes)
<somlo> currently detects sdcard on boot or on first insertion -- re-insertion of sdcard after eject doesn't work yet
<chantheman1288> I see. Thanks for your help