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<a314> I'm running into a "assert c.size <= busword" (~line 500 of csr.py) failing when trying to import litespi into a design
<a314> the CSR bus is 8 bits data, 14 bits address, but i tried raising it and that didn't seem to help
<zyp> you tried raising what?
<zyp> looks like the rxtx CSR defaults to 32 bits wide, which is not gonna fit on an 8 bit wide bus
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<iTitou> Hello everyone ! I'm new to LiteX (and fpga development in general). I'm trying to make a simple design with CSRs (https://github.com/titouanc/fpga-scratchpad/blob/master/03-CSR.py) but I don't see my CSRs in the generated CSV (http://paste.awesom.eu/51uz)
<tpb> Title: Paste it § (at paste.awesom.eu)
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