_florent_ changed the topic of #litex to: LiteX FPGA SoC builder and Cores / Github : https://github.com/enjoy-digital, https://github.com/litex-hub / Logs: https://freenode.irclog.whitequark.org/litex
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<keesj> back on doing some litex stuff (sdcard). you guys never stop working and improving stuff and I feel like I need to start learning from scratch again!
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<_florent_> keesj: Hi, :) things should be easier now but if you have troubles please ask.
<_florent_> for an example of SDCard integration, you can look at the litex-boards
<_florent_> (depending your use case, you can use SPI-mode SDCard or native-mode SDCard)
<_florent_> adding the sdcard can be done with add_spi_sdcard or add_sdcard methods: https://github.com/enjoy-digital/litex/blob/master/litex/soc/integration/soc.py#L1392-L1441
<_florent_> this will probides you new sdcard commands in the BIOS and will also allow you to boot binaries from it
<keesj> I will be trying to solder some wires on an existing emmc (over the solder wires) and read out the eMMC that way. I was hoping to resuse this code https://github.com/keesj/litesdcard/blob/master/examples/arty.py
<keesj> e.g. possibly have the FPGA fabric have no core and interact with the arty board over uart wishbone to send command (at slow rate)
<keesj> the eMMC is quite recent and I think it does not support SPI mode any more . but furst.. I need to go back to square one and .. blink some leds
<_florent_> keesj: i refactored LiteSDCard to simplify it and to ease integration in LiteX, so your old test scripts won't probably work with upstream LiteSDCard, but you should still be able to integrate the old LiteSDCard with upstream LiteX
<keesj> I don't mind doing a little work. see if the same can be done with a more recent sdcard implementation
<keesj> for now I need to grow the rom partition of the arty board as building with --with-sdcard won't fit in the rom any more .
<keesj> Found out about --integrated-rom size
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<AndroUser> So if I wanted to swap in the newer dev version of litesdcard to have access to the filesystem, I would need to go into my liteX install directory, replace the litesdcard directory with the newer git branch, rebuild the Linux kernel to support the new hardware, then run make.py --build, right? Am I missing anything in there?
<AndroUser> Also, if I want to make changes or add plugins to VexRiscv for use with Linux on LiteX on VexRiscv, where do I go to make those changes?
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<_florent_> AndroUser: You only need to rebuild the Linux kernel to have access to the filesystem with LiteSDCard, no need to rebuild the gateware.
<_florent_> AndroUser: with VexRiscv SMP, the CPU is automatically re-generated when not already present, we are planning to switch LiteX on VexRiscv to the SMP version, so this should simplify things
<_florent_> AndroUser: with the current version, you need to re-generate VexRiscv with the scripts in: https://github.com/litex-hub/pythondata-cpu-vexriscv
<AndroUser> Oh, great, thanks
<cjearls> _florent_: I'm working on rebuilding the kernel now. Once it's done, do I just copy over the buildroot folder and the emulator/emulator.bin to the SD card just like before?
<cjearls> I was on my phone earlier, and it defaulted my name to AndroUser, sorry for the confusion
<cjearls> I'm new to IRC
<_florent_> cjearls: no problem, yes you just have to recopy the new binaries to the SD card
<cjearls> Great, thanks
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<cjearls> _florent_: I've finished compilation of the kernel you linked earlier. How do I get the necessary binaries from it? I see that there are instructions for gloneing and making the buildroot, but I am not sure how to cause this to build with the kernel that I compiled
<cjearls> Are there default buildroot settings that I should be using to make it work with LiteX and VexRiscV, or are the configuration options all things I need to set myself? I have some experience with kernel development and building, but I am concerned I might miss an important option
<cjearls> I see. So I can copy that config to the buildroot git repo that I cloned, then build with that config and everything should work properly?
<daveshah> Not sure, I haven't used the LiteX buildroot stuff for a little while and it looks like it has changed a bit over time
<cjearls> Ok. Any idea how I can set the buildroot build to use the linux kernel that I just compiled in a different directory? Do I need to pass an argument to link to that directory, or copy files from that directory into buildroot, or something like that?
<_florent_> cjearls: sorry i also not have tested it yet, but you can probably just compile the buildroot image the regular way and when copying files on the sdcard, just use the kernel image you compiled externally
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