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<Bertl_oO> Greetings! I'm getting 'OSError: Unable to find or source Vivado toolchain' despite export LITEX_ENV_VIVADO=/opt/Xilinx/Vivado/2020.1/
<Bertl_oO> any idea what is wrong here?
<_florent_> Bertl_oO: Hi, can you try with source /opt/Xilinx/Vivado/2020.1/settings64.sh before running the script?
<_florent_> Bertl_oO: i'll do a check with export this morning
<Bertl_oO> yep, that works
<_florent_> ok thanks
<Bertl_oO> _florent_: btw, why do you import generic_platform a second time in https://github.com/enjoy-digital/litesata_axiom/blob/master/litesata_axiom.py#L14
<_florent_> Bertl_oO: strange it seems to have disappeared... https://github.com/enjoy-digital/litesata_axiom/blob/master/litesata_axiom.py#L12 (thanks :))
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<Bertl_oO> _florent_: okay :) and what does the -1 in S7PLL(speedgrade=-1) mean?
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<_florent_> Bertl_oO: that we are using the -1 speedgrade timings for the PLL, which i'm using by default since will also works on a -2 or -3 speedgrade.
<Bertl_oO> okay, so that could/should? also be -2 on this specific board, yes?
<_florent_> you can set it to -2 yes, using -2/-3 just allow more flexibility in the generated frequencies
<Bertl_oO> understood, tx
<Bertl_oO> is adding self.add_platform_command("set_property CONFIG_VOLTAGE 3.3 [current_design]") to Platform's _init_(): the correct way to fix the warnings about the config voltage (and similar for CFGBVS)?
<Bertl_oO> and in https://github.com/enjoy-digital/litesata_axiom/blob/master/litesata_axiom.py#L92 what does the bscan_spi_xc7a200t.bit mean?
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<_florent_> Bertl_zZ: yes correct for the config voltage warning
<_florent_> Bertl_zZ: the bscan_spi_xc7a00t.bit is used to flash the bitstream in SPI Flash with OpenOCD, since we are just testing things here and loading the bitstream to SRAM, it's not useful
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<hexastorm> build a controller for a laser scanner with Litex and Migen see https://youtu.be/EAEqUILP_fo
<hexastorm> uses SPI to stream over data and project it with the laser... not perfect but it does work :-)...
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<_florent_> hexastorm: Hi, very nice, thanks for sharing! It's really motivating to see such projects created with the tools/framework. I'll have a closer look at it
<hexastorm> thanks it is a great framework... still have much to learn, but your tools have made it a lot easier...
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<_florent_> Bertl_zZ: the use of LITEX_ENV_VIVADO is now fixed by https://github.com/enjoy-digital/litex/commit/444a605deae6a561dbe2c49bf3062eae6f3cd887
<_florent_> Bertl_zZ: sorry i broke it while adding the error messages with https://github.com/enjoy-digital/litex/commit/db836e8e5d9d66caade9294f1a8b67eb2b4d3611
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<Bertl> _florent_: thanks! works now!
<Bertl> is there some documentation regarding the LiteSATA IP I could read up on?
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<cjearls> I have a question about using a custom build of VexRiscv for Linux-on-Litex-Vexriscv:
<cjearls> Once I've correctly generated a new VexRiscv core with the hardware that I wanted to add, how do I add it to the linux-on-litex-vexriscv directory such that it is built instead of the default vexriscv core?
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<cjearls> Also, is there a way to tell what the settings are for the default vexriscv core that's used for Linux-on-LiteX? I want to be sure I'm not removing anything important, just that I'm added the hardware I'm interested in
<zyp> and then litex picks one of those depending on what options you select
<daveshah> https://github.com/litex-hub/linux-on-litex-vexriscv/blob/master/soc_linux.py#L103 is where the variant is set in linux-on-litex
<cjearls> So if I want to add code to VexRiscv to define a new plugin, then to enable that plugin, where would that happen?
<cjearls> Is there somewhere I should be checking for this information or a description of the build process? I don't want to be wasting anyone's time with really basic questions if I can be finding the answer myself
<zyp> I figure that since litex only deals with prebuilt .v files, you can build your own .v in whatever manner you like and then either overwrite one of the existing .v files or add a new variant
<_florent_> cjearls: to use a custom Vexriscv.v, you can also use use_external_variant: https://github.com/enjoy-digital/litex/blob/master/litex/soc/cores/cpu/vexriscv/core.py#L264
<_florent_> cjearls: that's what is used in Foboot or Betrusted to use a custom variant of VexRiscv IIRC
<_florent_> with the custom CPU here: https://github.com/im-tomu/foboot/tree/master/hw/rtl
<cjearls> _florent_: Thank you, that was very helpful, I wasn't sure how use_external_variant would be utilized, but it makes sense now, it's a file path to the variant
<_florent_> Bertl: sorry there is not that much documentation for now, i'm planning to write some to ease your integration
<Bertl> _florent_: okay, no problem ... where did the gtp_params in a7sataphy.py come from, i.e. how did you figure out the various settings there?
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