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<mnemoc> Benn implicitly confirmed on G+ that cubietech is behind the A80 board
<spv> A80 board? Do tell.
<spv> optimus board?
<mnemoc> yes
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<HdkR> Pretty cool
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<spv> the optimus board?
<HdkR> Yea
<ganbold_> where is info about optimus board?
<mnemoc> CES 2014
<HdkR> :D
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<ganbold_> wow nice :)
<ganbold_> I should get one from Benn when it is ready :)
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<wens> nice
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<gzamboni> is this A80 thing like the parallella's project ?
<gzamboni> one PMU with all the peripherals and the other one with all the multicores for pararellal computing
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<spv> gzamboni: not quite
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<spv> If you're referring to the big.LITTLE architecture part, that's just for power savings
<spv> only 4 cores are active at a time.
<wingrime> cool
<Wizzup> well, no
<Wizzup> On some you can use all 8
<Wizzup> afaik
<spv> I was under the impression the A7's replace the A15s for when you want to go into a lower-power mode
<Wizzup> yes, but you can also enable them at the same time
<spv> or A8s
<Wizzup> on some at least :)
<spv> I believe I saw information on the ARM website about the two being mutually exclusive, but my memory is bad.
<spv> in more than one way: I'm unable to write to memory on my A20
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<wens> wikipedia mentions it depends on scheduler support
<spv> kk
<Wizzup> No, I think some exynos could, others could not
<Wizzup> buZz: ping
<spv> jobs
<spv> mt
<wens> I think at first it was either 4 A7 or 4 A15 active
<wens> then came 4 A7-A15 pairs that could be individually switched
<wens> hoping for heterogeneous multi processing though
<mnemoc> exynos 5410 wasn't able to use the 8, and had a PVR GPU, exynos 5420 fixed both mistakes :p
<Wizzup> lol
<mnemoc> heterogeneous multi processing is probably the big difference between their newly invented sun8i and sun9i machs
<wens> wasn't sun8i a7-smp?
<mnemoc> they regrouped all their a7-only in the sun8i bucket
<mnemoc> and sun9i talks about a15 in Kconfig
<gzamboni> spv yes, i just checked the specs , in the video she says they can run the 8 cores simultaneosly at the same time
<mnemoc> but if a20 and a31 and a24 are all the same, the difference with sun9i would be the capability of using the heterogeneous cores at the same time
<mnemoc> the doubt is still mail t6xx vs. PVR6
<spv> Speaking of smp, anyone working on A20 SMP?
<wens> wasn't that solved with PSCI (PCSI?), but a few bugs maybe in u-boot?
<spv> Not certain -- looking.
<spv> what I know thus far is only 1 CPU comes up with a SMP kernel.
<spv> and most of the platform smp code looks like it's for the A31
<spv> exclusively
<spv> I see. Thanks for the reference.
<oliv3r> mrnuke: the lichee branches is what allwinner dumps; all their stuff is called lichee
<oliv3r> axp looks like 309 on the optimus a80 board
<oliv3r> ac100 wasn't that the baseband they had inside a31?
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<wens> baseband?
<mnemoc> a 5th core, openrisc, called ar100
<mnemoc> it's in charge of power management in the a31, and believed to be doing baseband in a31s
<oliv3r> ar* not ac
<oliv3r> right
<oliv3r> if it where their companion core, it would be sweet and nicely isolated :)
<mnemoc> and this ac100 seems connected to the 3.5" for hp/mic
<oliv3r> it is near yeah
<oliv3r> anyway, in 1 week we know more
<oliv3r> Turl: https://github.com/oliv3r/Allwinner-Info/blob/patch-1/BROM/ffff4000.s#L2325 i don't understand why they pop the stack in the middle of the fuction, jump back there a few times later in the funcition, pass r0 but overwrite it right away
<mnemoc> oliv3r: liliputing picture is better than the one I stole from linkedin, http://liliputing.com/2013/12/allwinner-a80-optimus-board.html
<mnemoc> AXP809 and AXP806
<oliv3r> it is much better
<oliv3r> not convinced its an audio amp
<oliv3r> the markings make it look like it's a chip from AW, like the AXP series
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<oliv3r> AW Companion 100 :)
<mnemoc> so you bet for baseband?
<oliv3r> i kinda hope
<oliv3r> makes it nicely seperated
<oliv3r> but i doubt it
<mnemoc> thinking in that line, the shielded chip, the axp806 and this ac100 can all be mobile related
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<mnemoc> AXP = Allwinner's x-powers.... AC as Allwinner's companion kind of make sense... specially considering it shares the same logo as the AXPs
<oliv3r> exactly
<oliv3r> but what it REALLY is; we don't know
<oliv3r> we should start documenting allwinner sunxi names
<oliv3r> so we can see if we can match them
<mnemoc> nothing related in the sdk that included sun9i code?
<oliv3r> i haven't checked :p
<oliv3r> but you said sun7i was put under the sun8i umbrella?
<oliv3r> i should check out the sdk
<oliv3r> waiting for you to sanitize and upload the kernel :)
<mnemoc> i'm rebasic sunxi-3.4 on tp of sunxi-3.10 :p
<mnemoc> rebasing*
<mnemoc> 981 commits to go
<oliv3r> you'll break things!
<mnemoc> sure
<mnemoc> it's only an initial step to not lose the history of the legacy drivers
<mnemoc> i'll remove all the core-related changes in the second pass
<mnemoc> and then add the glue to let allwinner drivers run with minimal changes
<oliv3r> busy bee
<mnemoc> specially important to be able to import newer code from them
<mnemoc> it's healthy to keep the head busy
<mnemoc> and thanks to some scripts in github.com/amery/git-import-help/ only 969 commits to go now
<mnemoc> $ ../next.sh .... and queue:966 now
<mnemoc> 955... hope to finish this pass today
<mnemoc> oliv3r: it would be awesome if you could take a look into my wip/sunxi-3.10/devices branch
<wingrime> mnemoc: accroding optimus board look, we get USB3.0
<mnemoc> to get the code decent before making the proper split
<mnemoc> wingrime: yes, 1 usb 3.0 and 2 usb 2.0 in the picture
<wingrime> mnemoc: but why 3 axp's
<oliv3r> mnemoc: it's hollidays; absolutly no time today :(
<mnemoc> oliv3r: ok, tomorrow then :)
<mnemoc> wingrime: the AXP809 is probably dedicated to the SoC and the usual stuff
<wingrime> mnemoc: I hope It will be fast enought
<mnemoc> wingrime: the AXP806 is probably dedicated to the shielded (RF?) chip and the AC100 (baseband or amp?)
<wingrime> mnemoc: and cheap nand not or memcontroller not kill all performance
<wingrime> mnemoc: for control power of RF IC you need only one FET key transistor
<mnemoc> I worry more about mali t6xx vs pvr6 than about the speed
<wingrime> mnemoc: but, if you want precise voltage control you need someting like AXP
<mnemoc> and I bet they used an emmc or the thing in the radxa rock instead of crapnand
<wingrime> mnemoc: I not see any point for implement crap nand for mainline ))
<mnemoc> wingrime: I guess that's the AXP806 for
<oliv3r> wingrime: crapnand will never get in, but we have our hopes for mtd
<oliv3r> some guys actually even offered money for devs working on mtd
<mnemoc> there are (and will be) a ton of devices out there needing the mtd-sunxi driver
<wingrime> mnemoc: mtd require special file system on it
<mnemoc> sure, but those fs exist
<mnemoc> and they are out of our scope
<oliv3r> taht's not a real problem though now is it
<wingrime> mnemoc: and I also sure, AW's nand stucture will be ever readable with mainline
<oliv3r> yaffs2, jffs, ubfs all 'work'
<oliv3r> nah, nand will never be readable; maybe if you ahve a fuse translation library
<oliv3r> but doubt once we have a proper nand driver, anybody is gonna care
<mnemoc> i believe it is possible to implement an aw block device and aw partition table on top of the mtd
<wingrime> oliv3r: but mtd driver much simple than all layers AW implemented
<mnemoc> to keep compatibility
<oliv3r> wingrime: but that's ok
<wingrime> mnemoc: fuse
<mnemoc> wingrime: doesn't work for /
<oliv3r> wingrime: 'upgrade to new allwinner SDk now, requires full reformat of device, make backup'
<oliv3r> it's not unheard of that an upgrade requires you to reflash
<wingrime> mnemoc: hehe, init rd
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<oliv3r> anyway, kz1 I think it was? offered sponsorship for mtd dev
<oliv3r> slapin: ^
<mnemoc> slapin asked for 40h for a decent functional driver, and 160 for a good one
<mnemoc> we need a (protected) "hiring" page in the wiki
<oliv3r> note on that, is that we HAVE some code allready
<oliv3r> i haven't read the ML yet though, if something came of this sponsorship
<oliv3r> ideally, we would have some money 'bucket' where people can donate funds for this work
<mnemoc> we can't unless we become a legal entity
<mnemoc> or we get in taxing troubles
<RzR> does a20 support SDTV ?
<mnemoc> a non-profit sunxi foundation :p
<mnemoc> based in ... .nl? :p
<oliv3r> i wonder what all of that would mean
<oliv3r> but yeah; i should investigate this
<oliv3r> also i should put a ML topic out, request for topics for sunxi
<wingrime> mnemoc: I interested in a23 manual or SDK
<oliv3r> no manual though
<oliv3r> but .h is just as good
<oliv3r> since the IP is just the same anyway
<oliv3r> i should extract those tar's so that they become browsable
<mnemoc> someone had a version with functional A23/lichee/linux-3.4/.git but don't remember who
<mnemoc> also someone mentioned a lichee-3.8
<mnemoc> but don't remember either :(
<mnemoc> oliv3r: you know! you asked me to sanitize a .git.... url?
<oliv3r> mnemoc: gzamboni said that it should be lichee-3.8, but he was mistaekn
<oliv3r> i don't think there is lichee-3.8
<oliv3r> and now i have to fix my bike and bake bread :)
<mnemoc> Oliver Schinagl awaiting for moderation...
<mnemoc> Not a member
<wingrime> mnemoc: I prefer someone extract kernel and bootloader
<wingrime> mnemoc: not again... download so much crap
<wingrime> oliv3r: whats up with dma and axp in mainline?
<oliv3r> mnemoc: i used my linux-sunxi mail address :p
<mnemoc> wingrime: download the .txt.gz, filter it, and give me the list you want re-tared :p
<oliv3r> wingrime: n01 is working on axp; maxime on spi + dma
<oliv3r> mnemoc: what's the objection to just extract the tar on the server?
<wens> i extracted the kernel from the A23 SDK if anyone needs it
<wens> seperate tarball, just the kernel
<mnemoc> oliv3r: extracted files are even more useless than a tar
<oliv3r> but i can browse files without downloading everything :)
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<mnemoc> ok.... I'll see how to split it
<Guest0389745> wingrime: http://dl.linux-sunxi.org/users/turl/A23-lichee.rar <- kernel and u-boot
<mnemoc> oliv3r: git is better than static http for that
<wingrime> Guest0389745: thanks
<mnemoc> uh, rar
<morfoh> mnemoc / oliv3r http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSADL <-- is an example to found a cooperative for developing/promoting
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<mnemoc> morfoh: first your GmbH, and then the opensde foundation
<morfoh> the german article about it is a bit more detailed but iirc there was nice paper
<wingrime> wens: also, you can help us with cedar, if you extract cedar binaries form SDK
<morfoh> mnemoc: yes... sure
<morfoh> just wanted to drop that information here
<oliv3r> there's also u-boot stuff I think that might be interesting
<mnemoc> morfoh: for the first I've been waiting since last year! ... for the second like 7 already
<wens> wingrime: that's under android, right?
<morfoh> mnemoc: I won't comment about that right now as I am still at my first of coffee
<morfoh> /of//
<mnemoc> morfoh: :)
<morfoh> mnemoc: (:
<wingrime> wens: yes, dont realy remeber folder
<wingrime> wens: but in android part , look for .so and .a thats included
<wens> wingrime: found it, extracting
<mnemoc> oliv3r: is maxima's smtp-auth working?
<wens> mnemoc: i don't think i would use it much, and bandwidth is not a problem for me :)
<mnemoc> wens: it also helps for ssh tunnels under the wall :p ... but cool. if you ever need an account there don't hesitate to ask
<wens> i'm not in the wall :p
<mnemoc> =)
<mnemoc> oh, I see you are from the beautiful (formosa) island
<wens> :)
<wingrime> uboot have strange variants of sunxi board
<wingrime> sun8iw3 ?
<mnemoc> wiki wiki wiki
<mnemoc> wingrime: see linux's Kconfig
<mnemoc> they redefined the sunNi
<mnemoc> and unified a lot
<NightShade> anyone got a working fw_env.config for the user space u-boot tools with u-boot on mmc?
<mnemoc> wens: maybe you can help us getting a mirror of dl.linux-sunxi.org over there :p
<NightShade> I have checked the wiki :)
<wens> mnemoc: not enough space atm :(
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<mnemoc> :(
<hramrach> hello
<hramrach> wingrime: some guy AMD made the 8bit UVD on Radeons decode 10bit video
<mnemoc> wens: connectivity and bw is harder and far more expensive than storage, and you already have those ;-) ... so only a minor problem remain
<hramrach> so maybe you want to look - it's implemented as OpenMAX support inside Mesa which nothing I am aware of can use
<wens> mnemoc: i'm living off university servers. i was the sysadmin for my department when I was at school
<wens> i'll look into doing a mirror on the departments mirror server
<hramrach> from the looks of it it converts the 10bit stream into 8bit stream on the fly and then feeds it to the hw decoder
<wens> since we already have debian, and adding ubuntu atm, adding a bit more opensource stuff shouldn't be a problem
<mnemoc> wens: we have rsync already running
<hramrach> speaking of mirrors ..
<hramrach> I guess I Should switch to Ubuntu since you can make Ubuntu PPAs and have them built automagically
<wingrime> hramrach: wow
<hramrach> running Debian is fine but extending it is a real pain
<wingrime> hramrach: but, I note that 10bit video not by H264 standart
<wens> you can still use PPAs from debian, no?
<wens> dependencies might be screwed up a bit
<hramrach> wens: yes, you can. But for the ppa to be really useful it should be built on the same set of libraries as the target system you are installing to
<mnemoc> libv also maintains packages.linux-sunxi.org/debian, not only /ubuntu
<hramrach> wingrime: standard or not it's what people use to encode video quite a bit
<hramrach> encoding 10bit and decoding 8bit is actually quite a bit worse because you trash 20% of the data you have and you probably truncate, not round
<hramrach> but with the conversion you can decode the video without resorting to re-encoding it to even preview it
<hramrach> *quite a bit worse than having an 8bit video to start with
<hramrach> I built Mesa 10 with patchset on top which is supposed to implement this but I have no player that can use the stuff so I don't even have any idea if it works
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<hramrach> gstreamer supposedly can use omx but the only gstreamer media player I know it totema and that is made by gnome which means it's totally unusable bugpile
<hramrach> *totem
<wingrime> mnemoc: aw in own style , libisp blob in kernel
<wingrime> libisp.ar
<mnemoc> wingrime: send the request to Eva please
<mnemoc> they gave the libnand.a sources to lkcl when asked
<wingrime> lkcl: ping
<mnemoc> eva.wu allwinnertech com
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<mnemoc> try to be friendly and assuming it was a naive mistake, not ill intentioned
<wingrime> mnemoc: I simple no idea, is that same ISP that in cedar or something also
<wingrime> mnemoc: better ask lkcl
<wingrime> I never done such thing before
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<mnemoc> wb hipboi!
<mnemoc> hipboi: btw, what's the name of the storage technology you use in the radxa rock? I remember it was something similar to emmc but not emmc
<hramrach> look at the rk flyers
<mnemoc> i was wondering if the a80 board could be using something similar
<hramrach> hmm, actually they updated the web to say eMMC now
<hramrach> basically by the looks of it it was eMMC without paying for the trademark
<mnemoc> :p
<hramrach> iNand :p
<hramrach> but the one on RR had yet another name iirc
<hramrach> there should be specs
<hramrach> for the hw parts somewhere
<wingrime> looks we now how one wire hw controller
<wingrime> *have
<hramrach> I had it for ages on my ancient AGP MGA card and never used it ;-)
<hramrach> but good for people with some cool 1w devices I guess :)
<mnemoc> wingrime: yes, there is a 1w driver in 3.4 :)
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<wingrime> mnemoc: cool news for you
<wingrime> mnemoc: we now have DMAENGINE driver!!
<wens> really?!
<hramrach> mnemoc: 2013-06-03 13:16:28 hipboi called tSD
<hramrach> 2013-06-03 13:16:29 hipboi http://www.foresee.cc/ch/Business/index.asp?itemid=81
<wingrime> looks so in a23 sdk
<hramrach> wingrime: that's cool
<hramrach> Still I have to ask what actually uses the dmae since pretty much all drivers are now in-tree because they use a private dma controller
<hramrach> mnemoc: and I'm not quite sure it got used in the end but you should be able to tell from detailed board photos
<wens> hramrach: for one, audio
<mnemoc> 29f32g08cbad, normal nand
<wingrime> hramrach: also, looks sound are adapted to new dma
<mnemoc> hramrach: but thanks, that's the name I was looking for!
<hramrach> ok, that's quite useful driver that we are missing
<wingrime> mnemoc: so, new a23 kernel have nice dma-engine driver
<wens> do we want to clean it up for mainline?
<mnemoc> feel free to submit stuff from that SDK for 3.4/3.10 to give it a real-life try while cleaning for mainline
<hramrach> wens: probably first figure out how to use it on anything but a23
<mnemoc> new stuff in a23 probably hints what we will need for a60/a80
<mnemoc> but most stuff probably works in older chips too
<hramrach> anyone has actual a23 hardware?
<mnemoc> libv I think
<mnemoc> for lima he "needs" to buy any mali toy around :p
<mnemoc> s/any/every/
<libv> :p
<libv> that's how i explain it to my other half, yes
<nove> wingrime, my bet is that those libisp is not the same from cedar, but only a image enhancer
<mnemoc> libv: :D
<nove> wingrime, there was a video posted few days ago, in that they show it as a feature
<wens> hramrach: doing a comparison should be easier than figuring out the black box
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<wingrime> nove: you have any plans with cedar's isp?
<libv> nah, for mali it pretty much does not matter any more
<libv> i just needed a few devices for that
<mnemoc> that's why "need" was quoted :p
<libv> for sunxi display stuff, that's something else entirely
<libv> as one really needs to own a broad and representative sample of sunxi devices then
<libv> which is why i am just about to point a soldering iron at a a20 tablet :)
<mnemoc> ow
<jemk> nove: is the description of ve reg 0xb04 from jpeg? because it doesn't fit to what i found in h264, it looks like we have dual use registers again.
<nove> jemk, yes from jpeg, it sets 0x8 and 0xc in the high bits, and also h264 sets 0x8,, this could mean some function that defines the meaning of the lower bits
<nove> jemk, but you right, is not the naming, those bit fields should have that name
<nove> jemk, those bit fields should *not* have that name
<wingrime> jemk: are you sure 0bxx are for jpeg too, I thinked 0xa for jpeg???
<nove> jemk, i am clueless for names, so fell free to name them as fitted
<oliv3r> not sure if osadl is what we need; but the wiki page isn't that clear
<jemk> nove: ok, then I will add a second table with its h264 meanings.
<nove> wingrime, jpeg(mpeg) uses the same subengines as h264
<wingrime> nove: so, ISP looks only alpha mix, resize?
<jemk> wingrime: isp is source for avc it seems, as avc doesn't have any input related regs
<oliv3r> mnemoc: smtp-auth yes, but without ssl I think;
<nove> wingrime, its looks like, and yes what jemk said
<wingrime> jemk: so, isp resize camera output to encoder size
<wens> dmaengine driver looks good at first glance
<andhe> oliv3r: maybe spi-inc.org can help you if you want to be able to receive money without all the administrative hassle.
<wens> add devicetree and individual soc support, and should be good
<andhe> oliv3r: (spi holds debians assets)
<wingrime> wens: check also, ac97 audio driver
<mnemoc> oliv3r: we can kidnap the cert from nginx or configure nginx as reverse smtp proxy
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<wingrime> jemk: we can check ISP using vpdau or so
<wingrime> jemk: for smple resize
<oliv3r> why eMMC is 'easier' for us to work with now, i still pray for an MTD driver, as that would make the chip even more open (eMMC has a propriatery micro, with nand we don't have that)
<mnemoc> all your your eMMCs are belong to us! -- NSA
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<libv> operation complete :)
<libv> now some more wiki work and then u-boot
<mnemoc> tablet survived?
<libv> the patient was fully conscience all the time :)
<nove> wingrime, that libisp could be for this minute 1:40 http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjUwOTMzOTQ4.html?firsttime=2
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<libv> ah, and android is producing some noise over serial already
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<hramrach> as for in-cedar resize .. could be quite useful given we have limited number of scalers
<hramrach> even for output
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<nove> wingrime, actual is minute 1:49
<wens> wingrime: don't see one for ac97
* nove loves these images enhancer before/after comparisons, the before looks so must better
<hramrach> hehehe
<hramrach> that's why camera reviewers tend to hate cameras that can;t do RAW images
<wingrime> nove: we already have image enchancer in a13
<hramrach> you only get the enhanced version then ..
<wingrime> but more one
<oliv3r> hramrach: SPI needs DMAe
<oliv3r> so how where we missing DMA engine driver? how was it done with 3.3?
<wens> it seems 3.3 driver doesn't use DMA engine API, but there is a driver under mach-sun?i
<oliv3r> well mripard should like this dmae
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<wingrime> wens: thats 3rd version of dma driver from aw
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<wingrime> wens: as I see dma IP looks same
<wingrime> wens: but dma end device address id need be same with soc's
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<andhe> wens: is the cubietruck wifi firmware file available somewhere?
<wens> andhe: fw_bcm40181a2*.bin and nvram_ap6210.txt
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<andhe> wens: thanks!
<wens> andhe: I can't find bcm40181 in official broadcom brochures though
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<nove> the cedar encoder binary libs from the A23 sdk, gives the same problems as i had when i tried the ones from A31
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<Seppoz> happy 2014
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<lkcl> wingrime: yep. a not-exactly proper version, clearly the top of a git repo at the time, but yes.
<lkcl> mnemoc, wingrime: and there are other instances where it's ended up being released as well.
<lkcl> i'm sure it's in cb2-dev 3.4 for example
<pacopad> Hi all i got a compilation problem on my cbé, for exemple i try compile the test provided by sunxi-mali
<pacopad> i need to add -lX11 in the makefile
<pacopad> i compiled this soft before without adding that
<mnemoc> lkcl: this is about the A23 and A31/A31s SDKs... cb2 uses A20
<mnemoc> with the A20 we have everything more or less sorted out
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<lkcl> mnemoc: ah ok.
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<mnemoc> and they will launch their own board with A80 (4xA7+4xA15) in CES
<mnemoc> at*
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<libv> aha, u-boot.
<oliv3r_> sweet
<oliv3r_> did oyu have to change alot?
<libv> oliv3r_: first off, i am working on a freshly acquired a20 tablet atm
<libv> i am not playing with the a23
<libv> and no, the changes are pretty standard
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<oliv3r_> yeah i knew you put the a23 to the side for the timing beeing
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<libv> has anything ever been done for the .fex to devicetree translator?
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<oliv3r_> yes
<oliv3r_> mripard: and mnemoc
<libv> ah nice, i hope that that doesn't get forgotten, as we really are in danger of losing our biggest advantage
<libv> oliv3r_: be sure to point that out in your fosdem talk: we can bring up a proper linux on a previously unsupported device quickly and with little hassle
<libv> we are not limited to development boards :)
<mnemoc> well.... my fex to dtb id static, merely an extra output format for `fexc`. mripard is writting a dynamic layer between the legacy bootloader and mainline kernel to translate on the fly....
<mnemoc> so I output dts, mripard wants to output dtb
<libv> good to know :)
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<netlynx> oliv3r_, in what devroom/track is your Fosdem talk gonna be ?
<libv> netlynx: mainline, in the K building
<libv> iirc
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<oliv3r_> so one solution is short term, the other longer term
<oliv3r_> kk
<oliv3r_> but yeah, the fex file should def. gain some mentioning
<netlynx> libv, found it. That mainline track is partially filled in. Oliver's talk is already listed ( https://fosdem.org/2014/schedule/event/arm_allwinner_sunxi_socs/ )
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<vector80> I wish I could be there :(
<oliv3r_> make it so!
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<gzamboni> apparently aw is testing some already mainlined drivers. in the last 3.4 A23 source in /pinctrl/src/sunxi_pinctrl_test.c they have the mripard code with an AW email contact: * Shaorui Huang <huangshr@allwinnertech.com>
<gzamboni> they have also the pinctrl mainlined sunxi driver backported in this 3.4 kernel
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<mrnuke> oliv3r: I see. BTW, what parts need refactorting? If I'm going to rewrite something for corebooy, maybe you guys can make use of it as well
<oliv3r> mrnuke: dram.c is the biggest candidate right now
<oliv3r> biggest problem there is, it's so fidety, we dno't know what has to initted when
<mrnuke> oliv3r: ever did DDR3 init from scratch before?
<libv> allwinner announcing optimusboard
<libv> gpu is supposedly opengles3
<libv> so i fear we might get stuck with a pvr rogue
<oliv3r> mrnuke: nope :)
<oliv3r> libv: i think so; check amery's google+ feed
<oliv3r> libv: benn kinda hinted it's a cubietech design
<oliv3r> libv: it may be mali t6*
<mrnuke> oliv3r: it ain't pretty. DDR3 has mode registers, that you need to access and configure before even thinking of calibrating a capture window and three or four sets of delays
<mrnuke> oliv3r: luckily, A10 seems to do most of that automatically (also not uncommon for DDR3 controllers)
<mrnuke> oliv3r: one of the things I did was to factor out the clock control functions: http://review.coreboot.org/#/c/4593/1/src/cpu/allwinner/a10/clock.c
<libv> hrm, there are some issues with sun7i defconfig
<libv> on fresh sunxi-3.4
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