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<libv> ssvb: what mali issue?
<libv> oh, the crash
<libv> that part is resolved
<libv> i will send in a patch after some sleep
<libv> i however do see the debug messages from fbturbo talk about ump id 1, whereas my mesa driver only gets to talk about ump 3
<libv> and, when rendering to ump 3, i am rendering to the actual fb and not to the overlay, therefor seeing some pixels move in the background while the overlay stays black
<libv> this is the reason why the kernel crashed: i am addressing a different size (that of ump 1 ~350kb) than the buffer size (that of ump 3 ~18MB)
<ssvb> libv: ump 3 should span span over the whole framebuffer, and 'flags' in the DRI2BUFFER structure sets the offset where the actual picture begins
<ssvb> libv: for ump buffers allocated in normal memory, this offset is normally set to 0
<ssvb> libv: the size of ump 1 is somewhat suspicious
<libv> no, it's ok for 300x300x4
<libv> hrm, flags entails an offset?
<libv> ouch.
<libv> so i have to ump attach size + offset, and then add the offset
<libv> yikes.
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<libv> so it is not possible to get separate ump buffers out of disp?
<ssvb> it might be possible, but so far it was not really necessary
<libv> ssvb: also, i do not seem to get any DRI2InvalidateBuffers events
<libv> the stamps always match and i never know if i need to get new buffers
<ssvb> for invalidate events I don't remember exactly, but I think there might be a patch
<ssvb> let me check it again
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<ssvb> libv: at least I have seen these events at some point - https://gist.github.com/ssvb/5453379
<ssvb> libv: and I don't remember if I really needed this patch, but I have tried it earlier - http://lists.x.org/archives/xorg-devel/2012-September/033790.html
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<ssvb> libv: looks like some investigation might be needed :)
<ssvb> libv: and the timestamps should be indeed also checked
<ssvb> libv: but wait a second, DRI2InvalidateBuffers should only happen when buffers are destroyed, for example on window resize
<ssvb> libv: DRI2BufferSwapComplete is perhaps more interesting for you
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<hani> i'm having a problem with getting ov7670 camera module to work with the CSI any help will be appreciated
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<hani> I tried several times but every time i have this error [CSI_ERR]v4l2 sub device queryctrl error!
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<rz2k> hani: at our mailing list, find thread about something similar from Jon Smirl, he is also trying to get CSI working
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<libv> ssvb: i do not get stamp changes when a buffer is resized
<libv> ssvb: i never got that
<libv> ssvb: also, on odroid, i did get separate ump buffers
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<song_> by following http://linux-sunxi.org/Binary_drivers, after installing binary packages "xserver-xorg-video-sunximali sunxi-disp-test", X fails to start. in /var/log/Xorg.0.log, it shows No devices found, no screens found. should I remove the binary driver? thanks.
<libv> song_: i should throw out that section.
<libv> song_: just build it, as above
<libv> song_: what distribution are you using?
<song_> libv, this is the entire output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6748957/ I am using ubuntu. upgrade to 13.10. kernel is "Linux cubietruck 3.4.61+". thanks.
<song_> not entire. partial output.
<libv> song_: first off, throw out the mess from the cubian stuff
<libv> song_: all of it
<libv> song_: you did see the warning in bold there, no?
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<song_> libv, I saw it. I will remove that binary. thanks. I am a newbie. I am a little bit confused. I have mali and ump module loaded. do I still need to compile mali binary drivers? what is the different between compiling mali binary drivers and already loaded mali module? thanks a lot.
<libv> song_: did you see this? http://linux-sunxi.org/Packages
<libv> this will get you ssvb's fbturbo driver
<libv> you can then go and build the sunxi-mali repository
<libv> which does little more than overwrite the libump you just pulled, and then installs the binaries in your system
<libv> and the matching headers.
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<song_> libv, thanks. I never know there is a repo for sunxi. after installing fbturbo driver, do I still need to do this section "Installing the Mali binary drivers" in http://linux-sunxi.org/Binary_drivers?
<libv> 07:24 < libv> you can then go and build the sunxi-mali repository
<libv> song_: i just do not provide packages for the binaries
<libv> song_: i should at one point in the future, and this future keeps on moving out, provide the lima mesa driver
<song_> libv, I think I can skip this section "Setting up X" because I already have fbturbo driver, right? thanks.
<libv> song_: apt-get install xf86-video-fbturbo
<libv> song_: but _first_ fix the crap you just pulled by ignoring the big fat warning.
<song_> libv, I have purged the three packages from cubian. thanks.
<libv> song_: and the packages that got removed?
<song_> libv, do I need them? only 4 packages removed. libegl1-mesa libqt4-declarative libqtgui4 vlc. I know I can ignore vlc.
<song_> btw, there is no package xf86-video-fbturbo. I think it should be xserver-xorg-video-fbturbo.
<libv> true
<song_> libv, do I need the 4 removed packages? thanks.
<libv> song_: how would i know?
<libv> song_: xserver-xorg-video-fbturbo does get its own dependencies though
<song_> libv, thanks. I thought you knew everything. you saves my life. ^_^ i just install them except vlc.
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<song_> my X is back. everything looks good except I can not "make test". it returns "/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libX11.so.6: could not read symbols: Invalid operation".
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<song_> in Xorg.0.log, it has one error line: "AIGLX error: dlopen of /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/dri/lima_dri.so failed (/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/dri/lima_dri.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)". AIGLX: reverting to software rendering. Is this OK?
<libv> song_: only one person currently has this file installed in his systems
<libv> song_: you just do not have AIGLX
<song_> libv, ok. got it. then, it's no worries. btw, did you see my make test error message? do you have any ideas? thanks.
<libv> song_: i ran into the same thing yesterday
<libv> song_: you need to install some libX11 packages
<libv> song_: check whether that file exists
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<libv> if not, apt-cache search for it, and install the resulting package
<song_> libv, which file? I have libX11.so.6 which points to libX11.so.6.3.0
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<libv> then look for the -dev package which holds libX11.so
<song_> maybe the true error is "undefined reference to symbol 'XNextEvent'". thanks. let me see.
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<song_> that I have libx11-6 and libx11-dev. let me see...
<ssvb> libv: can you paste xtrace logs somewhere (for odroid and for sunxi)?
<libv> ssvb: is there really no other solution to this stuff?
<libv> i will have to reach deep down into the limare memory management now
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<libv> ssvb: the resizing bug can be dealt with in a bit
<ssvb> libv: solution to what stuff? fbturbo is doing some wrong things mostly to please the r3p0 blob, if updates are needed for lima then they can be done
<libv> solution to having one humongous ump buffer
<libv> and instead having a separate ump buffer in the disp fb area
<libv> or does sunxi-disp/ump simply not allow for that atm?
* libv hasn't looked into ump beyond what he has needed so far
<ssvb> more like the mali blob is very sensitive to secure id numbers
<libv> but the mali blob doesn't care whether it is fb or something else, right. ump should abstract at least that much
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<ssvb> the mali blob cares about secure id numbers
<ssvb> if secure id number is less than 3, then mali blob considers it to be framebuffer
<ssvb> if we start allocating more buffers, they will get new secure ids which are larger than 2 and the mali blob will be unhappy
<libv> ssvb: is there infrastructure to repackage existing memory from userspace and get a fresh secure id for it?
<ssvb> not sure about this, but something can be created for lima
<libv> no time, i hope i can get by by not touching the limare memory infrastructure
<song_> first, the problem is solved by adding "-lX11" to test/Makefile. if this flag has to be there, i don't know why it's not there.
<libv> heh. i can't.
<ssvb> libv: we could have a new ioctl for allocating new physically contiguous ump buffers, which should be possible with cma
<libv> ssvb: no time.
<song_> second, test/test, text output is fine. but I don't see a triangle. just black X window. is this ok? thanks.
<ssvb> libv: anyway, I need to leave now
<libv> ah, good, i can get by without rewriting my memory infrastructure.
<libv> ssvb: ok, thanks
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<ssvb> libv: you can probably file an fbturbo bug with lima requirements and add some notes there
<ssvb> libv: it might make easier to keep track of this stuff
<libv> ssvb: as soon as i figure out what to do :)
<libv> ssvb: but really, this code should get to a slightly useful state, get cleaned, and go out, and then these things can be fixed properly
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<ssvb> libv: ok, I'll be back later in the evening today
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<libv> ok, es2gears now works as it should
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<libv> song_: which hw is this?
<song_> libv, cubietruck (cubieboard3)
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<libv> song_: heh, no-one bothered to document this yet.
<libv> song_: you need stage/sunxi-3.4 for cubietruck
<libv> song_: ssvb has fixed the kernel side issues with 2GB ram
<song_> libv, somebody here told me I need to use the latest kernel. I tried that. but my wifi is not working in that kernel. then I revert back to the old kernel. wifi is important for me. thanks.
<libv> song_: take a pick, on or the other, or fix the issue with wifi and mail in a patch
<JohnDoe_71Rus> song_: http://www.cubieforums.com/index.php/topic,1412.0.html kernel for CB2 and CT
<oliv3r> mornin'
<JohnDoe_71Rus> oliv3r: hi
<oliv3r> libv: yer up early!
<oliv3r> Nyuutwo: i did the PHY on cubie replacement, so nand should be possible too; if you can source the matts
<libv> oliv3r: yeah, if i do not adjust my schedule semi-gradually now, i will lose a day or so in the next two weeks, which i really cannot spare atm :)
<wens> too bad you can't switch to a different kind of phy
<song_> JohnDoe_71Rus, thanks a lot for this info. can I ask how to install that kernel from github?
<libv> song_: Manual_build_howto
<song_> libv, ok. thanks.
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<song_> oh. it says "8192cu driver refuses to load on the CT". Does it mean the wired ethernet will not work?
<libv> that's wl
<libv> err, wifi
<libv> heh, thanks to my slight optimisation, i am running the cube companion 40% faster than the binary
<libv> es2gears is slower, due to C++ code in mesa for looking up symbols. i will optimize that now as i need to wait for ssvb to come back
<libv> to fix the timestamping issues
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<song_> can I ask how long will take to compile sunxi kernel in cubietruck? thanks.
<libv> song_: 30 minutes on my laptop
<libv> as sun7i_defconfig really is huge
<song_> libv, I thought I had to compile it in the target machine, no?
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<libv> song_: RTFW.
<JohnDoe_71Rus> song_: 1 hour
<libv> cross compilation is the fastest solution for kernel and u-boot, which are commonly cross-compiled
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<song_> libv, sorry that I am not a native English speaker. I don't find that info in the wiki. I think you mean I can compile the kernel in x86. thanks.
<libv> ok. let me go over the wiki _yet_ _again_ (i seem to be doing little else these days), and make that absolutely clear, even for you
<song_> libv, ^_^ thanks a lot for the help.
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<song_> when will the official sunxi kernel release support cubietruck?
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<buZz> official sunxi kernel? :D
<buZz> there is just the community sunxi kernel
<buZz> and i think cubietruck is already supported
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<song_> buZz, sorry about using the wrong word. I mean community sunxi kernel. to me, it's official. :) cubietruck is not supported because wifi is not working. thanks.
<song_> libv, thanks, I read that before. I hope that will be supported in community kernel in the future.
<song_> btw, I am trying to compile https://github.com/linux-sunxi/libvdpau-sunxi, "make" returns "vdpau/vdpau.h: No such file or directory". it's true. the git repo does not have that directory. I am confused. thanks.
<libv> song_: not my problem and not my area of expertise.
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<song_> thanks. I figured it out. I just need to install libvdpau-dev. I haven't compile anything for a long time. back to the old days.
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<song_> I have installed libvdpau-sunxi successfully. once I run "mplayer -vo vdpau -vc ffmpeg12vdpau,ffh264vdpau, [filename]". there is no video. output has error "Error opening/initializing the selected video_out (-vo) device.". thanks.
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<song_> is this because I am using old kernel "3.4.61" ?
<oliv3r> wens: you ment my phy? the operation went fine :) i think something else is broken; it worked for about 10 seconds, then died also
<libv> song_: 09:30 < libv> song_: not my problem and not my area of expertise.
<oliv3r> c++ yuk :p
<song_> libv, ok, thanks. I hope someone here can help me on that.
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<oliv3r> libv: i forbid you to work on the wiki in the next 2 weeks.
<oliv3r> i shall remove your wiki access if you do not comply! :p
<libv> :)
<oliv3r> song_: apt-get install <libvdpau-dev>
<song_> oliv3r, I did that. otherwise it won't compile. thanks.
<oliv3r> i was responding to your make question :)
<oliv3r> song_: make sure you have write access to /dev/disp and /dev/cedar_dev
<oliv3r> if you do not have cedar_dev; modprobe sun4i_cedar_dev
<oliv3r> also, make sure you did the export
<oliv3r> song_: finally; i'm using mpv wich works perfectly
<oliv3r> matter of fact, im running it on my ct with fedora right now
<oliv3r> doring a endless loop test
<oliv3r> libv: actually; I will do a wiki commit right now
<song_> oliv3r, I don't have permission on /dev/disp and /dev/cedar_dev, should I simply chmod? by the way, what is mpv? apt-cache search mpv, does not give me any useful info. thanks.
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<oliv3r> song_: chown song:song /dev/disp /dev/cedar_dev
<wens> oliv3r: power regulator is broken? :(
<song_> oliv3r, thanks, that does not work. still the same error.
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<song_> oliv3r, btw, my 3d acceleration is not working. because I am using cubietruck and kernel 3.4.61+. I think vdpau does not need CedarX.
<oliv3r> wens: i think so; i tried to measure it, but seemed fine at the time
<oliv3r> song_: vdpau needs cedarX, but not mali; only framebuffer is needed
<oliv3r> song_: i did it 5 minutes ago on 3.4.61
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<oliv3r> here's what I do; modprobe sun4i_cedar_dev
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<oliv3r> chown oliver:oliver /dev/{disp,cedar_dev}
<oliv3r> export VDPAU=sunxi
<oliv3r> double check that there's the right libvdpau-sunxi.so in /usr/lib/vdpau/ (top of my head)
<song_> oliv3r, I don't have that module: sun4i_cedar_dev
<song_> oliv3r, vdpau/libvdpau-sunxi.so is not there. I remembered it installed somewhere else. let me see.
<oliv3r> then there's 2 things going wrong :)
<oliv3r> a) you need /dev/cedar_dev; if you do not have it, you need sto modprobe sun4i_cedar_dev
<oliv3r> b) find where vdpau expects its shared libs; and move that file to where it expects it :)
<oliv3r> it might be that debian has it elsewhere by default
<song_> oliv3r, I have /dev/cedar_dev. make install simply install to "/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/vdpau/libvdpau_sunxi.so.1"
<song_> should that be libvdpau_sunxi.so instead of libvdpau-sunxi.so ?
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<song_> oliv3r, I did this "sudo ln -s /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/vdpau/libvdpau_sunxi.so.1 /usr/lib/vdpau/libvdpau_sunxi.so". mplayer still does not work.
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<rellla> song_, oliv3r: export VDPAU_DRIVER=sunxi
<rellla> and you can do some LD_PRELOAD for the libvdpau_sunxi.so.1 iirc
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<song_> rellla, export is always there. I put it in .profile and already reboot the machine. I think my problem might because old kernel with cubietruck again. maybe I should compile the latest kernel from patrickhwood's fork. thanks.
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<oliv3r> song_: did you try copying the file?
<song_> oliv3r, not yet. will try it now. if no luck, I will try patrickhwood's forked kernel later today. thanks.
<gzamboni_> oliv3r, i'm trying to port the dma and spi code from the A23 sdk to the experimental/sunxi-3.10 branch. i have some questions like how should i organize the plataform data
<oliv3r> song_: try cd "/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/vdpau/"; cp -ar *sunxi* /usr/lib/vdpau (or whever your other vdpau drivers are
<oliv3r> song_: no, my kernel is OLDER
<gzamboni_> afaik the plataform registers adresses data are different as the Cortex version of the SoC
<song_> oliv3r, the old kernel has problems with cubietruck. I think you are not using cubietruck.
<gzamboni_> AW has done it using sun8w1 sun8w3 sun8 and sun9
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<song_> oliv3r, I tried that. it didn't work. actually, I think /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/vdpau is the right place. because i saw libvdpau_trace.so.1.0.0 is generated.
<song_> maybe that is not generated. I am completely new to this. anyway, I will try patrickhwood's kernel later today.
<gzamboni_> do the A10 and A20 share the same plataform.h address data ?
<oliv3r> gzamboni_: i'm using sun4i_cedar_dev on 3.4.61+ on my ctwith hansg's fedora 19-r3 build and works fine
<oliv3r> song_: i'm pretty sure i've got a cubietruck
<oliv3r> song_: though I'll admit, i got this from benn as the developers edition, so maybe it's different
<oliv3r> also, a20 is a20, if it's cubietruck or cb2 does not matter
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<gzamboni_> my theory of the plataform data beeing related with the Cortex Ax is not correct
<oliv3r> gzamboni_: it works fine for me
<song_> oliv3r, I forgot who. somebody here told me cubietruck 3d (cedarX) is not working in cubietruck with the old kernel. anyway, thank you very much for your help. I gotta go. will try a new kernel later today. thanks again.
<oliv3r> on an older kernel then song
<oliv3r> it works; i've been looping sintel here for 3 hours now
<JohnDoe_71Rus> oliv3r: a20 now has 2 revisions
<oliv3r> gzamboni_: we're not talking about the same thing i just realize
<oliv3r> JohnDoe_71Rus: i'm not aware of 2 revisions yet; what makes you say that?
<gzamboni_> :)
<oliv3r> gzamboni_: i was talking about sun4i_cedar, you about dma and spi
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<gzamboni_> you're too requested
<oliv3r> gzamboni_: the proper porting path probably should be; 3.4 -> mainline -> 3.10
<oliv3r> JohnDoe_71Rus: ah, i got 2 aa versions :)
<oliv3r> but that's an interesting measure
<oliv3r> i have a nother a20 at home, but i bet that's aa aswell
<oliv3r> i thought ofg a nice feature request for their AXP line of PMU's. QI charging standard :D
<gzamboni_> you're right, i will try to port to 3.4 before going to 3.10
<oliv3r> gzamboni_: i ment 3.14 with mainline :p
<oliv3r> i wouldn't worry to hugely about 3.4
<oliv3r> as we have spi there; dma engine, wwhile really nice, won't that be a lot of work?
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<gzamboni_> i dont know, have to checkout if it will be a lot of work or not. i will start with stage/sunxi-3.4 as it has all the plataform registers adresses data
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<oliv3r> i dunno why I pasted that; but its an interesting fact, to identified revisions
<oliv3r> gzamboni_: 3.4 is easier then yeah; should be a simple backport
<oliv3r> running BBB btw only uses about 0.6 amps; so that's 6W :)
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<wens> hmm.. sunxi pinctrl gpio driver does not honor initial value for set_direction_output
<oliv3r> a bug in mainline version?
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<wens> yeah, no wonder couldn't get fixed-regulator regulator-{boot,always}-on properties to work
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<oliv3r> mnemoc: do I dare to ask the cedar unification patches?
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<ccaione> wens: are you working on regulators?
<wens> ccaione: modeling the wifi power signal as a regulator, which is actually what it controls
<ccaione> oh I see, nvm. I asked since I'm working on regulators for axp, so to not overlap the works.
<wens> np
<oliv3r> jemk ^ can you give it a look over?
<mripard> does anyone knows where I could find a 2mm pitch to 2.54mm pitch converter somewhere in the EU that would do day+1 delivery?
<oliv3r> no :p
<ccaione> did you try farnell?
<oliv3r> i'd order it from ebay
<oliv3r> i don't even think i have those parts to solder it at home
<oliv3r> i have lots of 2.54 headers (IDE) but hardly any 2 mm parts laptop connectors
<oliv3r> how many pins do you need to convert? will an old-skool laptop connector work?
<mripard> 5 pins would be enough
<mripard> so, nothing really
<mripard> ccaione: nope, didn't try on farnell
<mripard> I never find my way in the farnell website :)
<hramrach> mripard: try to find a 44pin to 40pi IDE cable
<oliv3r> that's what i just said :p
<hramrach> they should be available off-the-shelf too
<hramrach> from any larger PC component store
<arete74> mripard, hi i have send an little patch for change A1X in sunxi, yu have review?
<mripard> hramrach: hmmm, good to know
<mripard> arete74: yeah, it's in my Inbox, I have to reply to it
<oliv3r> hramrach: 44 -> 40 is really old skool though; i doubt they have it 'commonly'
<mripard> oliv3r: amazon has it
<oliv3r> lucky you!
<mripard> I didn't know those were 2.54 and 2mm actually
<oliv3r> mripard: what are you hacking? :)
<oliv3r> :)
<mripard> A31 EVB :)
<oliv3r> throw that out, get an A23!
<mripard> for that matter, A23 and A31 is the same
<mripard> it's the same SPI controller
<oliv3r> ah SPI hax
<oliv3r> i really wanna start comparing a23 and a31 memory controller
<wens> wonder how hansg is doing; he's working on 3 or 4 drivers at the same time
<hramrach> oliv3r: it's still good for servicing slightly dated laptops. that's why you need large store to have it, not just any store.
<mripard> oliv3r: hramrach: thanks :)
<oliv3r> wens: he was steamrolling things yeah
<oliv3r> hramrach: yeah very true; my laptop still takes 40 pins :)
<wens> oliv3r: I tried working on 3 things at once, ended up blowing up my tree
<oliv3r> that
<oliv3r> and i end up finishing neither
<oliv3r> i have 4 or 5 things i try working on
<oliv3r> and i had to dump them all! to prepare for fosdem :)
<wens> :)
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<oliv3r> wow, was curious if linux-rockhip has xbmc images or whatever for the radxa rock or anything, but that wiki is lonley and empty :(
<jinzo> they're only starting out
<jinzo> linux-sunxi has picked up the pace already (thank god)
<oliv3r> linux-rockhip is quite old :p
<oliv3r> 6 months? a year now?
<oliv3r> but yeah, things are moving al ong nicely at the moment
<jinzo> Also I'mk reading the radxa vs. odroid-u3 "comparison" on cnx
<jinzo> and did rockchip really step up it's game so much that they can compare to exynos?
<jinzo> That seems a bit far fetched
<oliv3r> yeah i'm reading that too
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<oliv3r> i'm looking at the 800MHz dram clock
<oliv3r> ours can't even reach 500 MHz reliably; and they run at 800!
<oliv3r> a23 only does like 525
<oliv3r> i wonder what the price diff is
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<oliv3r> hmm, their bootloader prints 300 MHz?
ganbold_ has joined #linux-sunxi
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<Montjoie> hello I have sent the security system driver 4 days ago and still no comment on it, does I have done something wrong ?
<oliv3r> Montjoie: you forgot linux-sunxi in the CC?
<oliv3r> i still have 800 mails to read though :p
<Montjoie> i have sent it to linux-sunxi@googlegroups.com
<ccaione> Montjoie: I guess nobody (but you) is really expert in that field
<ccaione> still to comments on my irqchip patch either, on mainline :(
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<Montjoie> ok thanks, now I am sure than I have correctly sent it
<oliv3r> nove: can you confirm/deny that sintel-4k doesn't work?
<mripard> ccaione: yeah, you've been a bit too aggressive on your ping :)
<mripard> after 2 week-end days, it's pretty common not to have an answer.
<ccaione> mripard: ups, sorry for that. I do not really take into account weekends
<nove> oliv3r: will try
<oliv3r> nove: i tried but only got green 'noise'
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<nove> oliv3r: from what jemk said, the decoder could decode but the display can't handle
<song_> oliv3r, hi, I have installed the latest kernel. everything is working. 2d/3d acceleration is working. but I still fail to run "mplayer -vo vdpau". what is the best way to play 1080p vidoes? should I install vlc with cedarx instead? thanks.
<nove> song_: do mplayer -vo help, does it have vdpau support?
<song_> nove, there is no vdpau in "mplayer -vo help".
<nove> song_: then install mplayer2
<song_> nove, thanks. I will do that now.
Gerwin_J has joined #linux-sunxi
<song_> nove, thanks a lot. it works very well.
<song_> oliv3r, thank you very much too. finally, it works. playing is very smooth.
<oliv3r> mplayer2 or mpv
<oliv3r> ok'll update the wiki
<oliv3r> nove: disp is responsible for downscaling?
<nove> oliv3r: yes to fit in the viewport, the decoder has /2 /4 /8 downscale but i don't think that is using it
<nove> oliv3r: or is only mpeg subengine that has this /2/4/8
<oliv3r> nove: if the decoder can do some preliminairy downscaling; we could still decode 4k content
<oliv3r> but that's far on the wish list i guess
<oliv3r> do disp is limited to < 4k resolution
<oliv3r> so*
<nove> oliv3r: is too slow, jemk got around 10fps
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<nove> oliv3r: but i think A31s and maybe also A23 can decode and display by hdmi 4k
<oliv3r> the decoder rescaler is to slow?
<oliv3r> well hdmi 1.2 and 1.3? are limited to 1920x1200 aren't tehy
<nove> the decoder in general
<oliv3r> it's a shame that you get garbage output though; would be really been cool to make it decode @ 4k
<oliv3r> it's ok if it can't output it, that could be expected; but now you get no display at all
<nove> there is a video in armdevices of mele 4k, show 4k @30fps playing in a system that is not android, but called simple linux
<oliv3r> nove: i'll look that up
<oliv3r> what's the title called about?
<nove> oliv3r: ^
<oliv3r> found it :D
<oliv3r> charbax actually tagged his video right
<oliv3r> but that's a31 :(
<oliv3r> watching :)
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<oliv3r> it's not 4k!
<oliv3r> it's 3840x2160
<oliv3r> and if i'm not mistaken; that's 2k really
<jemk> a31 is advertised as 4k capable, a20 only 2160p, so it's possible
<oliv3r> 1080p; 2160p
<oliv3r> jemk: hey jemk! didn't see you join
<oliv3r> jemk: http://linux-sunxi.org/Cedrus if you could glance that over
<jemk> hi, still backreading
<nove> 3840x2160 is what they will call 4k
<oliv3r> oh i allready see i used [i] incorrectly ;)
<oliv3r> nove: they lie :(
<nove> is 3x(1280x720) and 2x(1920x1080), is a good resolution for playing video
<oliv3r> it is a good resolution
<oliv3r> but 1920x1080 would then also be called 4k :)
<oliv3r> but really it's only 2k then :)
<nove> jemk: h264 encoder is working (in A13)
<oliv3r> nove: xbmc advertisement @ 1.36 in that vidoe, left of the tv
<jemk> oliv3r: looks good so far
<jemk> nove: good
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<enrico_> jemk: h264 encoder working on olinuxino a20
<enrico_> jemk: actually i wrapped it into a gstreamer plugin, works good
<enrico_> jemk: i will release the source once i clean it up a bit
<jemk> enrico_: wow, nice
<jemk> but note that this is still very early version with lot of limitations
<oliv3r> the gstreamer plugin using libvdpau-sunxi
<enrico_> yes i noticed, but a good start
<enrico_> i found only a small bug in ve_malloc, there is no error check for mmap return (could be MAP_FAILED), happened to me when passing size=0 by mistake
<enrico_> oliv3r: not that plugin, a new one, ideally to be used for all encoding (mpeg4, jpeg...)
<oliv3r> so decoding will be done via vdpau; encoding via gstreamer dedicated plugin?
<oliv3r> or will you do both via gstreamer
<nove> i give out, this mplayer give no video found in software mode
<nove> enrico_: nice
<enrico_> does a gstreamer plugin already exists for vdpau sunxi?
<enrico_> right now i'm only interested in encoding, so i'm doing it for encoding only
<oliv3r> jemk: nove: btw, even if prescaler is only 10fps; i think it's still better then green mishmush
<enrico_> but it could be expanded later for decoding (if it doesn't exist already)
<jemk> oliv3r: the prescaler would be fast enough, but vdpau doesn't tell me how big the output has to be at decode time
<oliv3r> jemk: so you need to know before decoding starts, the size of the final output; e.g. if you have to use the scaler or not
<oliv3r> jemk: that sounds like a big shortcomming of vdpau :S
<jemk> exactly
<oliv3r> hack vdpau!
<oliv3r> requested_window_size(x, y, z)
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<jemk> the only way I think would be to take the size of the last shown frame and use it for further decoding, so only some frames at the beginning are broken
<gzamboni_> A23 sdk with kernel 3.4 is somehow a backport from another furter kernel version
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<oliv3r> gzamboni_: sounds very messy :(
<gzamboni_> they use some includes and stuff that are not present in 3.4 like virt-dma.c / virt-dma.h that were up only in v 3.6
<gzamboni_> i did manage to compile the dma code on 3.10
<oliv3r> sweet
<gzamboni_> i think they did backported probably because of a driver they didnt manage to make it work
<gzamboni_> well now i have to port the spi and change the fex get functions to dts to test the dma
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<oliv3r> gzamboni_: you do know that mripard is working on SPI for mainline right?
<gzamboni_> yes i do, i'm just playing around to learn how to use git and submit patches
<gzamboni_> i hope i will get somewhere :P
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<nove> jemk: by the way, what you think about we having a more active presence in the maillist, like making status reports or just send a email when there are news
<oliv3r> you can start doing that after feb 2nd.
<nove> jemk: is that in the maillist, there are speaking about binaries, and would be better instead if the talk was about what we doing instead
<oliv3r> after fdem :p
<nove> 3 weeks to go, but could be
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<oliv3r> btw, i'm very much impressed about stability
<oliv3r> been running bbb in a loop since this morning 8 am
<oliv3r> i did stop the loop a few times to check on some things
<oliv3r> but not more then 4 or 5 times; and only stopped for short periods
<oliv3r> running with an ssd power usage is about 0.6 amps
<oliv3r> 11% mpv usage
<nove> oliv3r: fixed function
<oliv3r> yeah but it uns very well
<oliv3r> i have to start composing a list of contributers too
<oliv3r> and hope i don't miss anybody :)
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* nove steals ve.{c,h} into a directory named jepoc
<oliv3r> :D
<jemk> nove: I don't know, maybe it would be good, but on the other side many non-developers will run into problems with too early/hackish code as all this still is.
<nove> jemk: did you know that olimex is using vdpau-sunxi in the their official images
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<nove> jemk: put a big warring sign, and let the users pick the left over pieces
<oliv3r> jemk: btw, i asked you what happened when you feed interlaced content to the decoder; you never answerd (or i missed it) i don't have any content available to me right now
<oliv3r> but what would happen in that case?
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<jemk> oliv3r: 13.1.14 15:24 <jemk> in the meantime you get an error, in the beginning it overwrote your kernel xD
<oliv3r> oh i thought that was in relation with a too smal mem reservation
<oliv3r> so it's just a error? will it refuse to decode?
<oliv3r> in any case, i'm very impressed with what we got so far :)
<jemk> nove: i didn't know, but if it simply runs for the end user, why not?
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<nove> jemk: is just when the keep speaking about binaries, is like they don't care what we are doing
wolfy has joined #linux-sunxi
<nove> jemk: just fells desmotivating
<jemk> oliv3r: it is mostly a problem of correctly decoding the h264 headers, i hate that, reading video codec specifications is horrible ;)
<oliv3r> nove: desmotivating? what are you talking about; this is an amazing feat.!
<oliv3r> jemk: hehe it is :p and boring
<jemk> nove: you are right of course... But looks like oliv3r will make sure that more people will know after fosdem
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<oliv3r> damn straight
<oliv3r> ssvb; i assume this is something close to/similar to what we will be needing for g2d? https://lwn.net/Articles/569682/ or not even close?
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<oliv3r> hey vector
<oliv3r> you still shouldn't IRC as root :p
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<vector80> hi oliv3r
<vector80> How are you?
<ccaione> vector80: http://
<Turl> mripard: ping
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<vector80> what is that , I couldn't understand?
<vector80> oliv3r: I am very sorry, I couldn't be online for a long time, how are you people...
<vector80> and I am very sorry, it is 18:00 here, and I must go home, my baby need care...
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<mripard> Turl: pong
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<vector80> I am sorry again, I want to thank you very much again, I will be online tomorrow, I have a lot of questions in my mind... have a good night...
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<slapin_> do anybody remembers Allwinner wiki url?
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<libv> hrm 120fps when turning on vsync...
<libv> that does sound rather awkward
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<mrnuke> umh, why does that allwinner wiki use pictures of Intel CPUs?
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<oliv3r> jemk: nove do we have any idea what chip will have h265?
<oliv3r> mrnuke: chinese copy paste style
vrga has joined #linux-sunxi
<nove> oliv3r: allwinner advertises h265 for A31, but only 720p that could mean by software only
<oliv3r> quite powerfull still
<nove> oliv3r: i wonder what will be in A80, if doesn't have it, will be a big disadvantage
<oliv3r> yeah
<oliv3r> but ... POWERVR!
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<oliv3r> i wonder a23's video engine
<nove> oliv3r: you can check codecs supported in the headers
<oliv3r> even the secret stuff?
<oliv3r> mnemoc: have you sanitized the a23 stuff or importet anything yet?
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<aexl> evening. i just fried my a10 tablet with a 9v charger instead of 5v. is there any chance i might save it?
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<oliv3r> how long did you connect it?
<oliv3r> you might get lucky
<aexl> 10 seconds or so. but twice. :(
<oliv3r> well the olimexino uses 6-16V for the power source
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<aexl> only thing that happens now is that the speaker is turned on. nothing happens on the usb port either. tried on win and linux.
<oliv3r> 'speaker is turned on'?
<oliv3r> for axp202; the absolute ACIN input voltage is -0.3 to 11V
<oliv3r> so technically, you should be fine
<aexl> it's "hissing".
<oliv3r> that's the amplifier
<oliv3r> the acin 'typical min/max is 3.8 - 6.3 V
<oliv3r> so it may be blown
<oliv3r> :p
<oliv3r> disconnect the battery
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<oliv3r> and ... hope for the best
<aexl> i will open it soon. the reset (and brom) button won't help me right?
<oliv3r> nope
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<aexl> i will make pictures for the wiki [[Point_Of_View_ProTab2_XXL]]
<THC> omg
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<aexl> oliv3r: could i replace the axp?
<vrga> aexl, how good are you at soldering and desoldering SMD devices (or BGA even) in a very, very cramped space on a board?
<aexl> vrga: right. but better than throwing it away.
<vrga> i feel ya.
<vrga> broke a screen on my tablet recently, couldnt bear not to repair it.
<vrga> (that and cheapass 23$ screen from ebay saved the day)
<aexl> nice. the glass of my tab is broken since a while. doesn't bother me really. ^^
<oliv3r> aexl: awesome; i think we have u-boot etc support
<oliv3r> aexl: hardly :p
<oliv3r> aexl: soldering that will be a huge undertaking
<oliv3r> well you'd need a scope to measure the axp's outputs
<oliv3r> see if they all work at all
<oliv3r> vrga: 23$? wow; that's a hella expensive repair. you can get an A23 based tablet for 29S now?
<vrga> oliv3r, yer shittin me?
<vrga> damn.
<vrga> and that was the cheapest screen i found....
<vrga> the local repair shop wanted to charge me $140 or so for the screen replacement and repair for a tab that cost barely $100 here 8 months ago
<aexl> oliv3r: only got a "graphical display meter" Voltcraft GDM 705 http://home.arcor.de/bernd_kunze/gdm703.htm
<oliv3r> maybe; the axp outputs should be DC, so should be measureable
<vrga> oliv3r, that shipping price is a ripoff
<vrga> $80? what the hell?
<oliv3r> that's probably via dhl :p
<oliv3r> 30 USD to NL
<oliv3r> find diff vendor
<vrga> but ideally i'd be looking at some dual core 1GB tab rather than the current cream of the 512mb crop...
<aexl> vrga: so it's $48.
<vrga> aexl, 34-40$ + 80$ shipping for croatia :p
<aexl> shipping €19 to germany ... :/
<vrga> i think i'll stay happy with my 23$ screen purchase and trivial replacement of the screen :p
<aexl> cheaper than the 512mb tablet.
<aexl> these pages also don't mention brightness. so i'll never know if i can use it outside.
<vrga> i personally find it uncomfortable to use the tablets anywhere outside anyhow.
<aexl> enough for some browsing and little gaming.
<vrga> or reading.
<aexl> right. thanks so far. back to work. bye
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<oliv3r> find diff vendor or change shipping to non-dhl
jemk has joined #linux-sunxi
<vrga> doesnt really matter right now anyhow :)
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<libv> ssvb: i am seeing 120Hz on the lima tests and es2gears, and 60Hz on glmark2-es2, but there is flickering, half the frames are showing old fb content
<libv> ssvb: something is seriously off with buffer management here
<ssvb> libv: the following simplistic test program is quite useful when debugging issues like this - https://github.com/ssvb/xf86-video-fbturbo/blob/master/test/gles-rgb-cycle-demo.c
<libv> ssvb: could the disp engine issue double the interrupts for some reason?
<ssvb> libv: unlikely
<ssvb> libv: I wonder if it is the window resize workaround interfering
<libv> oh, yes, there are some variables for that
<libv> or there is a variable for that
<ssvb> I guess, I need to clean up and merge this branch - https://github.com/ssvb/xf86-video-fbturbo/commits/mali-r3p2-support
<ssvb> because using the r3p2 blob exhibited similar glitches
<libv> ok?
rellla has joined #linux-sunxi
<ssvb> libv: yes, will take care of it now
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<libv> well, no real rush, i in the meantime booted the odroid as well, and some work can happen there
<libv> but showing such glitches at FOSDEM will not be nice ;)
<libv> ah. of course.
<libv> samples.
<libv> that's why it won't run
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<libv> i have 4x msaa enabled anyway, but mesa doesn't know about it
<libv> ssvb: your program is quite the crasher :)
<libv> ssvb: seems that everywhere i depend very much on actual primitives being drawn :)
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<ssvb> libv: good :) it exists primarily for testing window resize issues and switching from/to fullscreen mode
t3st3r has joined #linux-sunxi
<libv> hrm, it seems to draw to the fb.
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<libv> pfff, where did i miss the offset
small is now known as parabyte
<libv> also, it looks like it is 1920x640 with bad pitch
<libv> that's pretty awful for it supposedly being 480x480
<libv> that's more than just a pitch problem...
parabyte has left #linux-sunxi ["Leaving"]
<libv> hrm, there shouldn't be a visible pitch issue at all.
<libv> ah, buffer
<libv> bugger.
<libv> i'm on the truck, that's 1024x768
<libv> so it's two 480x480 buffers
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* rellla has to buy german c't. they are writing about cubietruck ...
enrico_ has joined #linux-sunxi
<libv> they are?
<libv> ok
<rellla> headline raspberry pi & co
kivutar has joined #linux-sunxi
<rellla> arm boards for under 100€
<rellla> cubietruck as home cloud and nas
<rellla> author of the heading article is mirko dölle, founder of the legendary linvdr vdr distribution ;)
atiti has joined #linux-sunxi
<oliv3r> rellla: link
small has joined #linux-sunxi
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<oliv3r> nice article
<oliv3r> of course i can't read the small letters;
<oliv3r> will it be published later online?
<oliv3r> probably to late then
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<mrnuke> mripard: what;s your secret in getting your mainline branch to boot? I followed this to no avail: http://linux-sunxi.org/Mainline_Kernel_Howto
<rellla> oliv3r: i don't think it will be published. i'm gonna buy it tomorrow and see how "new" and "deep" the facts are.
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<rellla> at least it IS published. maybe people see, that there are alternatives to HypeberryPI
<vrga> well, they did pave the way sorta.
<rellla> true
<oliv3r> rellla: some foto for a slide would be good :)
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<rellla> oliv3r: i don't believe c't is GPLed ;)
<oliv3r> 1 foto concists of fair use :p
<oliv3r> besides, a foto of the magazine is your art isn't it
<oliv3r> vrga: there was other arm board before the pi
<oliv3r> the pi had lots of marketing push
<oliv3r> and it was very cheap
<oliv3r> even LIME has a hard time competing
<oliv3r> (price wise)
<rellla> oliv3r: maybe tomorrow evening, we can find something online.
<rellla> somewhere.
<mripard> mrnuke: I don't know, what's happening?
<oliv3r> likley
<oliv3r> mripard: using u-boot? or core-u-boot?
<oliv3r> er mrnuke
<mrnuke> mripard: nothing.
<mrnuke> oliv3r: pure uboot
<oliv3r> you setting fdt_high?
* rellla should search wikipedia what is meant by a "scanner"?
<mrnuke> oliv3r: yeah, just as the wiki page suggests
<oliv3r> those instructions should work
<oliv3r> i've booted otns of ML kernels
<mrnuke> OK, I'll try it again, line for line from the wiki
<mripard> mrnuke: something must be happening, otherwise you just didn't power your board.
<mripard> if it doesn't try passing earlyprintk to the kernel command line, with CONFIG_DEBUG_LL enabled
<mrnuke> not powering my board? really? ID10T debugging :p. http://fpaste.org/68432/97364401/
<oliv3r> and console=tty0,115200
<mrnuke> so "bootm kern - dtb console=tty0,115200" ?
<mrnuke> or ttyS0 ?
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<ccaione> ttyS0
<ccaione> console= goes in bootargs
<mrnuke> aaaaah, there we go. Confusion as to where console should go
<mrnuke> ccaione: thanks!
<ccaione> mrnuke: np
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<ZetaNeta> hi
<ZetaNeta> Anyone got news on A80? Any approx. time it will be available? When olimex will put their hands on it?
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<jelly-home> being another powervr soc makes it less interesting than it might be
<vrga> why?
<vrga> closed blob drivers?
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<Turl> mrnuke: what error are you getting?
<Turl> mrnuke: I see you got help now :p nvmç
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<mrnuke> Turl: just uboot crap slowing me down
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