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<ZetaNeta> Hi
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<ZetaNeta> Will that detail be hard to solder for a "not a newbie, but not a pro either", with a totally ruined soldering iron
<HdkR> Probably just some half pitch pins on that?
<HdkR> If you use some flux and braid it is really easy to do
<libv> ZetaNeta: why not just mail olimex and save yourself some mysery?
<libv> ZetaNeta: also, why not buy another olimex board which has nand?
<ZetaNeta> HdkR, I use nothing but solder... on another side, i done what #electonics said is impossible for a beginner, without instruments and etc
<ZetaNeta> libv, That one is cheap
<ZetaNeta> :3
<libv> ZetaNeta: spend a tiny bit more money
<libv> it's worth it.
<ZetaNeta> libv, My main server is Pentium D... now think....
<ZetaNeta> Nah, i am just kidding
<ZetaNeta> (not about the server, about thinking)
<ZetaNeta> lime is small
<ZetaNeta> and got a empty slot for nand
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<ZetaNeta> also, about this
<ZetaNeta> Is it hard to solder? I dont see anything to solder at all XD
<libv> ZetaNeta: are you sure that the board is ready to use this nand, as is?
<libv> ZetaNeta: are you sure that it needs just this modification and nothing else?
<libv> ZetaNeta: really, spend a few bob more and get like the a10s board with 4GB
<ZetaNeta> + Is it 2gbit in space, or in speed?
<libv> it will be cheaper in the end
<ZetaNeta> i heard a10s is worser
<libv> ZetaNeta: how?
<libv> facts man.
<ZetaNeta> i dont remember exact
<ZetaNeta> i am too lazy to got to linux-sunxi site in the middle of the night
<libv> it is worse, in some ways, but when comparing the lime and the olimex a10s board, it really does not matter
<libv> both have only half a gig
<libv> both have hdmi
<libv> only, one comes with nand and the other one doesn't
<ZetaNeta> "Doesnt satisfy me"
<libv> ZetaNeta: well, then don't come crying here when it goes belly-up
<ZetaNeta> "And my masochistic perverted self"
<ZetaNeta> Now, i want to tell the people around in this channel
<ZetaNeta> This was the worst attempt to make a human not do something in the human history
<ZetaNeta> oliv3r,
<ZetaNeta> You, intelligent human creature, can i just solder the nand and new ram there?
<libv> ZetaNeta: perhaps i should've shortcut this differently: you're an idiot for asking such questions here. you're an idiot who really needs some better things to do if you think that this is a worthwhile endeavour while spending 25eur more on a board which does have nand
<ZetaNeta> libv, But another cpu
<libv> ZetaNeta: oliv3r is not the designer of the olimex lime board
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<ZetaNeta> oliv3r is smart
<libv> ZetaNeta: he is not omniscient
<ZetaNeta> He can design boards better than olimex does
<libv> haha
<libv> ZetaNeta: go away.
<ZetaNeta> oliv3r is smart. There are no questions about it.
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<HdkR> lol
<libv> oliv3r is a well known board designer, who has much much more experience than tsvetan
<HdkR> Time to go design a board with the pads ready for a NAND chip, but it isn't wired up at all
<libv> he just doesn't like to sell boards
<libv> he only does it for his own secret pleasure
<ZetaNeta> libv, You denied the fact that he designs them.
<libv> ZetaNeta: only few know this secret
<libv> ZetaNeta: he doesn't like to talk about it
<libv> ZetaNeta: he's real modest like that
<ZetaNeta> libv, But you just denied it, and now talking about it confirming that you know it!
<libv> ZetaNeta: but when you aren't looking, he will slip into a phonebooth and then a minute later...
<libv> he's superboarddesigner, with a cape and a mask, in tights.
<ZetaNeta> "Интим не предлагать"
<libv> and then he runs off, to secretly design better boards than olimex
<ZetaNeta> libv, I KNEW THAT
* ZetaNeta been sleepless trying to migrate from gentoo to freebsd, 31/12/2013-present moment
<libv> yes, that's when the best ideas tend to come.
<ZetaNeta> i got bash and nano back... now time to get gcc, and learn /etc/make.conf
<ZetaNeta> I been in a hostile enviroment for few days
<ZetaNeta> "I got my torch and favorite editor back"
<ZetaNeta> s/got/just got
<Turl> this chat just made my day :p
<libv> Turl: it made me lose my faith in humanity
<ZetaNeta> Turl, I am writing what have been making my days from new year
<libv> i could deal with puneet...
<ZetaNeta> Days.... and nights....
<Turl> ZetaNeta, buy a board with nand or a mk802 style thing and spare yourself 50E worth of burned hw
<ZetaNeta> Turl, Mk802 doesnt have usb
<Turl> it does
<ZetaNeta> Boards with nand are too big
<libv> ZetaNeta: in our world, it definitely has usb
<libv> ZetaNeta: use your board design skills then
<libv> ZetaNeta: take a big board, and get out a really sharp knife
<ZetaNeta> My 65ah car battery is already huge, let me at least have my board small
<Turl> cb1/2 and olinuxino a10s are tiiiny
<ZetaNeta> libv, I have 2 boards i tried this method on
<libv> ZetaNeta: i hope you wore gloves
<ZetaNeta> cb1/2 are expencive, and quite useless for me comparing to olinuxinos
<libv> ZetaNeta: and that you never ran with the knife in your hands
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<ZetaNeta> "Hopes are going to be ruined"
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<Turl> ZetaNeta, they were cheaper than olimex last I checked
<ZetaNeta> A10S are damn expensive and huge
<libv> ...
<libv> ZetaNeta: do go to the board manufacturers website and check the dimensions
<Turl> get an imx233 micro uber tiny edition from olimex
<Turl> if you're that concerned with size
<libv> lime: 60x84mm, a10s = 101x81mm
<Turl> or an odroid, those are cubelike
<bfree> or one of the imx6 dongles ... just as long as it's not sunxi ;)
<Turl> libv, how big are they?
<HdkR> U3: Size : 83 x 48 mm
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<libv> heh
<HdkR> The now discontinued U2 is 48 x 52 mm
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<libv> some facts are introduced and he wasn't here.
<HdkR> blah
<ZetaNeta> i was kicked by my wifi router
<HdkR> Now he isn't allowed to know
<libv> ZetaNeta: i am not sure if one kick was one enough
<ZetaNeta> it really didnt like what i wrote in my ssh session about him
<ZetaNeta> libv, Relax bro, take this cigar
<Turl> you wrote echo b >_proc/sysrq-trigger?
<oliv3r> lol
<oliv3r> i was reading wq and logged on for this
<HdkR> ZetaNeta: "lime: 60x84mm, a10s = 101x81mm", "ODROID U3: Size : 83 x 48 mm", "Now discontinued ODROID-U2: 48 x 52 mm", ODROID-XU: 94 x 70 x 18 mm
<oliv3r> zeta you must be drunk :-)
<Turl> bbl
<oliv3r> i dif design a pcb, but it is so simple it does not count
<libv> oliv3r: he knows
<oliv3r> anyway' yes you can solder the nand, but you maty miss additional passives.
<libv> oliv3r: about your big secret
<libv> oliv3r: and about your cape
<oliv3r> no you cannot solder the ram
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<oliv3r> lol i havent read about the cape
<oliv3r> well you can oven solder the ram, but there is no room
<oliv3r> also lime is sold out
<oliv3r> there wil be nand versions, cheaper then buying tne nand
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<libv> see, i said that one kick was not enough
<libv> or perhaps it was oliv3r and his use of actual information
<oliv3r> zeta beetter go read log
<libv> oliv3r: you should too
<oliv3r> it was my cape
<oliv3r> it scared him
<libv> oliv3r: i talk about your tights :p
<oliv3r> lol
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<oliv3r> i saw
<oliv3r> wb zeta
<ZetaNeta> My router hates me
<oliv3r> go read log
* ZetaNeta doing it right now
<oliv3r> im in bad with tablet
<oliv3r> god this tn screen is really bad
<oliv3r> viewing angle is 3 deg.
<oliv3r> cant se the whole screen without distortion
<ZetaNeta> oliv3r... is what libv said is true?
<oliv3r> irony has it, all my tablets run stock or christian almost stock troy android
<libv> ZetaNeta: he will publically deny it
<oliv3r> zeta yes :-(
<oliv3r> i mean NO
<libv> ZetaNeta: see!
<libv> ZetaNeta: he really is superboardesignerman
<oliv3r> yes i made the ultimate dual sppi flashboard!
<libv> ZetaNeta: lead is his kryptonite, as superboarddesignerman is ROHS complient
<oliv3r> LOL
<oliv3r> yes lead is evi
<ZetaNeta> And shall silicon his cape made of be!
<oliv3r> solar
<oliv3r> lime where is mine!
<ZetaNeta> lime... mine... MIME! I KNOW WHERE IS THE SECRET!
<bsdfox> if I've got a 1gb A10 generic tablet which uboot should I try first? a10_mid_1gb? what uart is the serial console attached to by default in uboot?
<ZetaNeta> bsdfox, Open up the tablet, see if you find any markings
<oliv3r> wingrime security system = crypto :-P
<oliv3r> bsdfox uart0
<oliv3r> bsdfox usually hidden. a10 mid is fine
<ZetaNeta> bsdfox, Does the device got any model number?
<oliv3r> sleep time
<oliv3r> maybe i lurke, in my tights
<ZetaNeta> if [[ $yes == 1 ]]; then echo $MODEL; else open_up_tablet; echo $BOARDVERSION fi
<ZetaNeta> s/fi/'; fi'
<ZetaNeta> oliv3r, Syntax correct!
<ZetaNeta> Sleep time
<ZetaNeta> oh...
<bsdfox> ZetaNeta, it's a "trio stealth pro"
<bsdfox> and on the pcb PC9711A MPCB V1.0
<bsdfox> 2013-03-31
<oliv3r> wiki wiki
<ZetaNeta> I seen worser, let me do a quick google google
<ZetaNeta> bsdfox, You are trying to install uboot on a dumpling?
<bsdfox> I hope not
<oliv3r> argh
<ZetaNeta> i hope so too, as i dont remember the phone numbers to call in this situation
<ZetaNeta> bsdfox, Solder another nand there
<ZetaNeta> you got a place
<ZetaNeta> and... congrats, its not a dumpling
<bsdfox> my understanding was that A10 would always try to boot from mmc but I've copied the SD card for my mele and it still boots into android (I don't have any video on this until it boots as the FFC cable is broken and I only get HDMI out once android is loaded) and I never get anything on what I suspect might be uart pins
<oliv3r> have you found uart pins? with poroper botloader it shou
<oliv3r> d always boot mmc
<oliv3r> nand should do uart too
<bsdfox> oliv3r, if the stock bootloader should output by default (I don't think it should.. the script.bin/fex had it disabled iirc) then no, I haven't idenitified them
<oliv3r> it shoould still print something iirc' mmc boot will
<oliv3r> bed now :-P
<libv> bsdfox: finding uarts is described on the wiki, please read through the new device howto
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<bsdfox> libv, does your serial_noise program need the uarts enabled in script.bin? I guess I don't really understand what the script.bin/fex stuff is.. haven't worked with this style config before
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<libv> bsdfox: no idea, but it would pay to find out
<libv> bsdfox: did you acquire a script.bin and the memory info already?
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<bsdfox> libv, yeah I have the script.bin/fex http://bob.drinksbeer.org/script.bin and script.fex
<bsdfox> what mem info do I need?
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<libv> bsdfox: again, declared in the new device howto
<libv> bsdfox: uart0 is enabled apparently
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<libv> bsdfox: how's the wiki page coming along?
<libv> bsdfox: those two little pads to the left of the chip look awfully like a uart to me
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<hramrach> bsdfox: script.bin is basically AW's stab at something like DT. It tells the kernel what devices are connected where. If you don't have an uart enabled then unless it's the console uart used by u-boot it will not work
<hramrach> but the console uart should work regardless of script.bin. It's configured in u-boot at compile time
<mrnuke> wouldn't it have been easier to just load a dtb ?
<hramrach> it would if the AW kernels supported DT
<hramrach> they don't so we have script.bin
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<hramrach> you could insert an emulation layer I guess
<hramrach> patches welcome :)
<mrnuke> so, mainline uses dtb, and sunxi-linux the script.bin ?
<hramrach> yes
<mrnuke> my gosh, what a cluster
<hramrach> still script.bin is way better than board.c which is what most other vendors do
<hramrach> so point go to AW on this one
<mrnuke> it just makes maintenance and mainlining a pain for you guys
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<hramrach> it would be more pain with just everything hardcoded in board.c
<hramrach> which is what rk/nvidia/anyone does
<mrnuke> since when is nvidia contributing GPL code?
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<plaes> mrnuke: where?
<mrnuke> <hramrach> which is what rk/nvidia/anyone does
<plaes> ahh :D
<hramrach> mrnuke: they had some kernels for their devboards available. Probably GPL violating blobware but kernel anyway
<hramrach> and they are developing the mainline tegra drivers, too
<mrnuke> I don't think nvidia is in a position to violate the GPL. They're not some chinese company that can just get away with it
<hramrach> I don't know if anybody tried suing them. The fact is that firmware for older tegra devices is next to impossible to get due to driver issues and it's based on Linux
<n01> hramrach: mripard already have a working "emulation layer"
<hramrach> cool
<hramrach> which way it emulates?
<n01> run-time script.bin -> dtb translation iirc
<hramrach> I personally would got for converting script.bin to dts and then just building normal mainline kernel
<n01> I think in this way you can still use u-boot from aw but with mainline kernel
<hramrach> do we need AW u-boot for anything?
<hramrach> but might be useful on new devices I guess
<n01> yep
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<park> I'm wondering if anyone can give some info about creating pack image file
<park> the pack image file is used by the u-boot version https://github.com/yuq/u-boot
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<mnemoc> there are open source packing/unpacking tools
<mnemoc> compatible with livesuit images
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<park> what is the format of pack image and what the repo of those tools?
<mnemoc> in this context we usually mean by "packing" creating the proprietary image format used by livesuit/phonixcard
<park> looking at the source code of the yug u-boot it seems he is using it to load multiple scripts into the nand
<mnemoc> ask on the ML, he lingers there
<park> file looks like Quake archive file with same magic number 0x4b434150
<mnemoc> *g*
<park> does livesuit/phonixcard tools use dragon tools to archive the image
<mnemoc> https://github.com/Ithamar/awutils is a free software REed alternative
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<mnemoc> but yes, they use that
<mnemoc> but sunxi-tools needs a serious restructuration, get libfel and libfex, and import Ithamar and mripard's babelfish work :\
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<park> mnemoc : thank u for the info
<mnemoc> yw
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<arokux> hi, has anybody sucessfully used hans' sunxi-next branch on ct with rootfs on an SD card?
<arokux> sorry, sunxi-devel
<aep> what's a 'multiplexed in signal' for I2S? according to the fex guide, i can have 4 dedicated out lines but only one in line that is 'multiplexed'
<mnemoc> multiplexed means the SoC pin can perform different roles and you have to choose which feature you want each to implement
<mnemoc> see the PIO setup of the SoC you are interested
<aep> yeah but almost all of the pins are mux'd. why does it say that specifically for this one
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<arokux> hi mnemoc
<mnemoc> hi arokux. I've not tried sunxi-next :(
<arokux> mnemoc, not even rootfs on mmc with mainline? :)
<aep> where else do you put rootfs? i never got nand working oO
<mnemoc> I use "rootfs" as initramfs....
<mnemoc> embedded in the kernel
<aep> ah
<mnemoc> somehow u-boot never accepts the cpio.gz I preload... so I ended up embedding them
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<libv> aha, freelander ph20 arrived... more wiki work needed...
<libv> (a13)
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<mnemoc> go libv go
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dlan_ is now known as dlan
<libv> mnemoc: it does seem that many A20 tablets lack the usb_wifi_para section
<libv> there are probably 3 ways about it... one is to force all enabled busses on at boot (perhaps on a timer so they can be disabled again when unclaimed)...
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<libv> this would trigger udev, and the right driver might get loaded automatically. But the question then is: when have we waited long enough to disable the usbc again?
<mnemoc> they might have realized it's stupid to hack every wifi driver just to save a couple of uW
<libv> another option is to have the driver complain and then fall back to testing all enabled usbcs
<mnemoc> just keep the usbc always on and let linux do it's job
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<mnemoc> but that assumes an explicit modprobe
<mnemoc> which is extra burden
<libv> yeah, the second option needs manual intervention indeed
<libv> but it needs that now too
<libv> so it wouldn't be a step backwards
<mnemoc> with the usbc linux will detect the device and ask udev to do it's job
<libv> a third would be a sysfs file to force the usbc on
<libv> right
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<vrga> okay, so i've got a nice kernel and rootfs (ubuntu core, after a ton of fiddling with it :D ), but what now? obviously, i need to stuff X in, but what DE should i try and toss in? Is there any touchscreen friendly things around?
<ZetaNeta> hello guys
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<libv> aha
<libv> another inet
<libv> and another nice uart
<libv> and finally an actual a13 :p
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<plaes> libv: I ran into this wifi issue with 3.4 about month ago when I played with Gemei G9
<libv> plaes: on an A10 :(
<libv> then we really should have a general fix
<plaes> yes
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<libv> heh, even inet-tek messes the order up...
<libv> k70 named http://www.inet-tek.com/a/English/Middle_board_display/20130723/83.html whereas the 86vz board is shown
<vrga> i think i will be tossing a gentoo install on this tablet as it turns out ubuntu has absolutely nothing in regard of DE's in their arm version...
<vrga> might give plasma active a try tho first.
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<libv> hrm... bin2fex is not too happy with what i recovered over fel mode
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<ZetaNeta> i am writing a page dedicated to comparing devboards
<ZetaNeta> anyone want to include his favorite?
<ZetaNeta> (Beaglebones wont be included until i found how "models" work there)
<ZetaNeta> s/found/find
<libv> ZetaNeta: i trust that you have slept in the meantime?
<ZetaNeta> libv, People heard me laughing at 3 in the morning
<ZetaNeta> But i just been setting up fbsd
<ZetaNeta> i dont remember my self laughing
<libv> aha, a13 has one usbc less.
<ZetaNeta> so... any board to include? (Both RPi, all 3 cubies and a lime are included already)
<libv> this device, even though it is pretty recent, does come with a usb_wifi_para section
<libv> must've been an older bsp :)
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<ZetaNeta> oliv3r, You said lime will get nand
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<ZetaNeta> Will there be separate "nand" and "no nand" versions?
<libv> ZetaNeta: again, oliv3r does not work for olimex
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<libv> ZetaNeta: ask olimex, they are highy approachable
<libv> highly even
<ZetaNeta> libv, You said that oliv3r is a superboardesignerman. He should know everything happening in that area
<mnemoc> *g*
<libv> ZetaNeta: it seems that sleep did not help, perhaps you should stop taking those drugs or resume taking your medication, whichever applies
<ZetaNeta> libv, Take that! ajdgaiwufgqebusidfbgapisudgnaoisdgoishbdgpioanbgksngoiijhfogeufafalef
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<vector80> Hi, oliv3r, mnemoc, libv : here ?
<vector80> I want to thank you very very much to all
<vector80> I have worked on my board for about 3-4 days, and now Interra3 home automation board is running debian from eMMC
Seppoz has joined #linux-sunxi
<vector80> I had to check & study my fex file, and had to modify it
<vector80> 1st question: How can I update my fex file on linux-sunxi ?
<libv> vector80: manual build howto
<vector80> 2nd question: I tested Ethernet, Sata, USBs, HDMI, UART ports, GPIOs, i2c bus, RTC... all seems working !!However, my dmesg seems not happy: http://sprunge.us/KRUB
<Seppoz> can somebody please help me to find out why i cant xmlrpc_decode this xml response? https://gist.github.com/anonymous/8256236
<vector80> Can you tell me your ideas, why these voltage related warnings appear during kernel boot ?
<ZetaNeta> Someone said that allwinners can encode HD in realtime
<ZetaNeta> Can RPi? I heard it can
<ZetaNeta> Or they are both crappy at video processing?
<Seppoz> woops wrong chan sorry
<ZetaNeta> Seppoz, No one noticed
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<Seppoz> when using fex files does the LCD pins definition actually work?
<Seppoz> i mean can ir eally just change the pins?
<Seppoz> isnt that usually defined by the lcd stack in the cpu which pin is what
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<aep> Seppoz: according to the datasheet they are fixed
<aep> but i guess not setting them in the fex thing lets you use the other function on them
<Seppoz> so why are they changeable in the fex?
<Seppoz> oh i see
<aep> like lcd versus lvds
<aep> or gpio
<NightShade> arokux: I know that there has been some work on the MMC driver in the next tree recently
<NightShade> my test CT runs off an SSD but I can access the mmc without problems
<Seppoz> anyone knows if the LCD pwm was fixed allready in .75?
<Seppoz> using fex pwm for lcd on prior 75 caused the pwm to flicker on changes
<Seppoz> *backlight
<aep> so for I2S, why is there only one input pin in the FEX guide, but the A20 has two. the guide also says "multiplexed"
<Seppoz> there is twi0_para,twi1_para and twi2_para
<Seppoz> according to driver
<aep> that's i2c
<Seppoz> oh you mean i2s
<aep> yeah
<Seppoz> its probably because the driver sucks
<Seppoz> let me check
<aep> suprise :D
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<aep> i was just wondering if i can use the one pin as is, or if that means the two pins are cramed into one in some crazy way
<aep> maybe the second isnt even exposed on cubieboard and thats why there is no driver
<libv> Seppoz: they are mostly fixed, but things like lcd enable, backlight enable, backlight pwm can change
<Seppoz> aep: check sound\soc\sunxi\i2s\sunxi_sndi2s.c
<aep> thanks!
uwe__ is now known as uwe_
<Seppoz> or the i2s.c
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<aep> it doesnt look like its even reading the config
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<vector80> mnemoc: I would like to upload my fex file to sunxi.org, but this is my home PC, so, I need a new public key, and provide to you?
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<vector80> libv, I will do my best
<vector80> let me try
* aep fell asleep reading the i2s spec
<aep> can anyone tested the i2s driver? i don't think i understood the spec at all.
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<libv> heh, this inet 86vz tablet doesn't have the first uart enabled in its .fex
<libv> will document that as well in the uart howto
<vector80> libv, which boards do you have ?
<libv> several
<vector80> Well, within A20 boards, which rootfs is the fastest booting one?
<libv> mele a1000. cubietruck, and then a 7" tablet for each of A10, A13, A20 and A23
<libv> ...
<libv> i do not care about it booting fast, i care about it booting at all
<vector80> hahahahah
<vector80> Cool
<aep> not as funny as it sounds :(
<libv> vector80: try setting the boot_clock high in the .fex, and try using like "performance" as your default cpufreq governor
<vector80> aep: Don't misunderstand, I know most of those boards uses NAND flash, that might be one of the reason why you people experience problems...
<vector80> boot_clock
<vector80> let me check
<vector80> Oh
<vector80> Let me explain
<vector80> for performance governor
<vector80> I use a shell script which sets governor to performance
<vector80> Oh
<vector80> that boot_clock also affect booting speed?
<libv> as your default cpufreq governor in the kernel
<libv> i would expect so
<vector80> in my fex, boot_clock is set to 912
<vector80> can I try higher ?
<libv> for a20, that seems like quite high already
<vector80> my debian from eMMC is booting in around 14-17 seconds
<vector80> I mean I get command prompt in 17 seconds
<vector80> But in android,
<vector80> same hardware
<libv> there are several people here playing with previously unknown boards, but no-one is following new_device_howto
<vector80> I get prompt in 5-6 seconds
<libv> vector80: is debian using infrastructure to run the boot scripts in parallel?
<vector80> yes
<vector80> I checked it, running in parallel
<vector80> only in the beginning, runlevel 2 is not parallel,
<vector80> afterwards, all init services are running in parallel
<vector80> I feel, aw kernel for android is much more stripped than sunxi kernel, is that possible ?
<vector80> libv, did you see my dmesg log : http://sprunge.us/KRUB
<libv> vector80: did you check the timestamps in your own dmesg?
<libv> vector80: your rootfs is mounted in 6.14 seconds
<libv> vector80: after that it's all debian
<vector80> yes
<vector80> So I mean
<vector80> I think I can get command prompt within 6 seconds, just like android build
<libv> how will a change to the kernel, apart from making the default governor performance, change the 10second gap that your debian has?
<vector80> thats why I asked, which rootfs that you are using for booting faster?
<libv> vector80: again, i am not using a rootfs aimed at booting faster
<vector80> Can you recommend one ?
arokux has joined #linux-sunxi
<n01> booting depends on kernel not rootfs
<vector80> Here is what happens during that 10 seconds: http://pastebin.com/azAvaPSJ
<vector80> libv: ok, thank you very much. I just wanted to learn your experiences for such detailed things. Again, many thanks..
<libv> vector80: again, it is not something i care about
<Seppoz> what does init: Failed to create pty - disabling logging for job init: Temporary process spawn error: No such file or directory mean?
<Seppoz> init: ureadahead main process (53) terminated with status 5
<vector80> libv: Ok, don't mind, thank you very much again. For other people, nobody is interested in such thing: http://www.makelinux.com/emb/fastboot/omap
<libv> vector80: you could document your findings on our wiki though
<libv> vector80: just like you should document your board on our wiki
<vector80> yes, I really want to document my board on your wiki
<vector80> I really feel bad about this, because it incorporates proprietary hardware,
<vector80> unfortunately, these circuits are developed by my colleagues, and you can't find such things on hobbyist boards,
<vector80> you can't buy "interra-3" from the market, and use in the home
<vector80> But you guys, libv, olivr, mnemoc... helped me a lot, and the board is running debian very nicely
kz1 has joined #linux-sunxi
<vector80> I just wanted it to run faster, I mean about optimisations
<vector80> Of course I understand you, your interests are far beyond than mine,
<vector80> I respect all of your work.
<vector80> Again, many many thanks for all your efforts.
<vector80> I really want to help you more about your projects, I tried to give my 1st contribution by A23 SDK,
<vector80> if I can find the chance, I will try to give you 4.4 Kitkat SDK on monday-tuesday may be..
Gerwin_J has joined #linux-sunxi
<vector80> For example, can we add turkish language to wiki, so I can try my best to translate ?
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<ZetaNeta> have anyone of yea thought about a construction which is basically a A10 chip, with a power input, some small details embedded in the plug it self (power regulation), and some kind of output?
<ZetaNeta> Anyone had any ideas?
<ZetaNeta> We can beat the "WiFi SD card" most of people here heard about
<ZetaNeta> in siz
<ZetaNeta> e
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<lumo> hi
<lumo> good evening
<lumo> Question about fex configuration, is it possible to change the hardware port like lcd-r1 to lcd-r2 or like something this ?
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* ZetaNeta is brushing his hair with a AMD A6-3400M
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<ZetaNeta> They should start making brushes, as this is very awesome
<wigyori> lol
<ZetaNeta> Really. Its the best thing i ever brushed my hair with
<ZetaNeta> The mobo i found this CPU in is dead
<ZetaNeta> So.... why not to make use of it?
* ZetaNeta brushes his hair with modern CPUs, while his main server is still a pentium D
<oliv3r> my server is a hp n36l; a neo n36?
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<ZetaNeta> ?
<ZetaNeta> oh
<ZetaNeta> wait...
<ZetaNeta> oh
<mnemoc> yes, yours is worse
<ZetaNeta> Pentium D/Asus P5WD2-Premium/5 gb ram
<ZetaNeta> Btw, the mobo supports more than it says to
<ZetaNeta> + A recently bought 2TB disk to replace the 500gb
* mnemoc prefers to rent a server in hetzner.de and use that thing called internet to reach it
* ZetaNeta never understood the dirty people who rent a server
<mnemoc> better hardware for the monthly money, and good connectivity included
<itdaniher> finally have a13 hardware, trying to extract script.bin and decompile to script.fex, but getting the slightly opaque message "E: script.bin:1: data must follow a section.
<itdaniher> ./fel read 0x43000000 0x20000 script.bin; ./fexc script.bin foo.fex
<ZetaNeta> Eh... Direct access to hardware, "permanent" upgrades, and again direct access to hardware which can stand as 2 arguments
<mnemoc> itdaniher: script.bin gets into that address AFTER the bootloader puts it there
<ZetaNeta> pay only for "Electricity&Net"
<mnemoc> itdaniher: fel runs BEFORE any bootloader
<ZetaNeta> Overclock
* mnemoc doesn't need direct access to hardware
<itdaniher> what should I do differently?
<ZetaNeta> mnemoc, All of us does. Its just that some suffer without it, and others who are enjoying putting a 8 micron layer of thermopaste on cpu
<ZetaNeta> instead of the "stamp" thingy, which may put most overclockers in depression
<ZetaNeta> mnemoc, Still dont get why you need those dirty VPS
<Seppoz> when i compile u-boot from github for marsboard i get
<Seppoz> U-Boot SPL 2014.01-rc1-09151-ga5f58fb (Jan 04 2014 - 20:10:30)
<Seppoz> Board: Marsboard_A10
<Seppoz> CPU: 1008000000Hz, AXI/AHB/APB: 3/2/2
<Seppoz> SPL: Please implement spl_start_uboot() for your board
<Seppoz> DRAM: 1024 MiB
<Seppoz> SPL: Direct Linux boot not active!
<Seppoz> spl: mmc blk read err - 0
<Seppoz> ### ERROR ### Please RESET the board ###
<ZetaNeta> Using public servers is like using public underwear
<Seppoz> any idea why that is?
<ZetaNeta> Seppoz, You need to implement spl_start_uboot() for you board. ITS OBVIOUS!
<Seppoz> isnt spl working with 32 gig cards?
<Seppoz> why isnt it implemented?
<Seppoz> it worked before
<mnemoc> ZetaNeta: I don't rent a dirty VPS, I rent a real server
<Seppoz> used same repo like a month ago did the same and it worked
<ZetaNeta> Seppoz, Think, if uboot is arguing that its not...
<ZetaNeta> mnemoc, Still bad
<mnemoc> ZetaNeta: http://www.hetzner.de/hosting/produkte_rootserver/ex40 .... example. for only 50E per month
<itdaniher> mnemoc: where could I dig up the proper script.bin via fel?
<itdaniher> any idea why the info on the wiki's not quite right?
<ZetaNeta> mnemoc, For few months of it, you can buy a cool server
<mnemoc> ZetaNeta: how much does it cost to *buy* an i7-4770 with 32GB of RAM and 2x2TB disks? and that's not including electricity or bw
<n01> argh, noisy channel tonight
<mnemoc> itdaniher: afaik you just can't
<ZetaNeta> mnemoc, "Buy"? Or "Assemble"?
<mnemoc> itdaniher: from nand's u-boot you do
<mnemoc> ZetaNeta: Assembling also includes buyinh
<lumo> hi
<lumo> i have an a10 board
<lumo> can i change the ports like i want with the fex file
<lumo> or there are binded to internal hardware ports ?
<itdaniher> lumo: your fex file has to match your hardware for system critical things
<itdaniher> but you can remap your pinout of other stuff via fex
<lumo> is it possible maybe change on lcd0
<lumo> red 1 with red 0 ?
<lumo> or change the port pins from uart (PB23 und PB24 to any other free ?
<itdaniher> not if your display is expecting a certain config
<itdaniher> but you can likely remap a uart to other pins as you see fit
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<lumo> is there an internal matrix for this or how is this working ?
<ZetaNeta> 2x2TB = ~100 eur. 32GB = ~170 eur. i7 mobo = ~100 eur.
<itdaniher> internal to the chip, it's probably a crossbar mux or something - internal matrix
<mnemoc> ZetaNeta: 400E only in hardware, that is 8 months fo rent
<mnemoc> ZetaNeta: does that include the CPU?
<ZetaNeta> mnemoc, I been hosting mine for few years
<ZetaNeta> mnemoc, I am getting my parts for free
<ZetaNeta> I dont really care :D
<mnemoc> that's cheating ;-)
<ZetaNeta> Cheating? When everyone can do it?
<lumo> itdaniher thank you, i have some problem with my RTL8201cp, if want check it with mii-tool, they say no transceiver avaiable, do you mean this is an hardware issue
* mnemoc doesn't get anything for free
<ZetaNeta> You know for how cheap people can sell "a quite good pentium" for, just because its outdated by a year?
<ZetaNeta> "Thats how i became a old HW fetishist"
<mnemoc> ZetaNeta: when my server becomes outdated I just start renting a replacement
<ZetaNeta> I got few classic macs. A Epson HX-20....
<ZetaNeta> A bookcase full of pentiums....
<ZetaNeta> Sofa of motherboards
<mnemoc> picture>
<mnemoc> ?
<ZetaNeta> Just a sec
<ZetaNeta> gonna find a camera, this isnt staying not taken picture of
kivutar has joined #linux-sunxi
<ZetaNeta> sorry if there will be alot of chocolate stuff from new year
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<libv> ...
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<libv> vector80: whatever you do, do not add further translations
<libv> vector80: they are more than just counterproductive, they are damaging in the long run
<libv> vector80: please help us out by, yes, providing SDKs, and by for instance, running through the full new device howto
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<ZetaNeta> mnemoc, Can i remove in gimp the parts i am shy to show?
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pacopad_ is now known as pacopad
<mnemoc> *g*
<mnemoc> sure
<Seppoz> there must be a bug in most recent u-boot when compiling for Marsboard_a10
<Seppoz> just compiled with an older one from same repo and it works
<mnemoc> Seppoz: in the nightlies you can get to can get different builds and narrow the problem
<Seppoz> mnemoc: are there any known issues/fixes with fschk on ext3?
<mnemoc> not that I know
<Seppoz> ok
<Seppoz> how can i get rid of the <6> etc output again please?
* libv resoldered his a20 tablet in the hope that it will now be more stable...
<libv> now where did all my µsd cards go :(
<vector80> in sunxi-uboot, boards.cfg, what is the difference between SPL and SPL_FEL ?
<vector80> Can the 2nd one let me enter FEL mode via recovery button ?
<mnemoc> the FEL card boots directly into FEL mode, without pressing a button
<mnemoc> useful when you don't have a recovery button
<vector80> I have recovery button , and in my uboot config, only "SPL" is written. However, when I press recovery button and reset, it just continue, does not enter FEL mode I think... In boot1, it prints on the console that it inters FEL mode.. am I missing something ?
<vector80> inters / enters
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<vector80> And I followed "new device howto for uboot", and when I run the command: git format-patch -M -C HEAD^ , it returns: 0001-Use-proper-codename-for-A20-wing.patch
<vector80> is that normal ?
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<vector80> well seems I have been able to send my 1st patch email :) How should I rename the patch file and its contents... manually ?
<libv> vector80: why are you called oliver schinagl in your git repository?
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<ZetaNeta> I hate power faults
<ZetaNeta> They make my ZFS bones shake
<vector80> libv: I think Mr oliv3r has created my repository, and I don't know how to edit it :(
<libv> vector80: edit .git/config
<vector80> ok
<ssvb> does anyone here have A10-OLinuXino-LIME?
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<libv> vector80: the config looks ok
<libv> vector80: was this oliver's commit or was it yours?
<vector80> For the 1st time, oliver created it
<Seppoz> when i communicate on i2c-1 i allways get incomplete xfer (0x20)
<Seppoz> what does that mean?
<libv> ok, so oliver made this commit for you?
<ZetaNeta> mnemoc,
<vector80> yes
<ZetaNeta> Do you have a open port, and netcat?
<libv> vector80: do you have any other commits or other things you wish to commit soon?
<vector80> Seppoz: yes, I feelt here is some problem with i2c driver, I also have seen that, but when I use i2cget command to read my unique MAC address from Atmel EEPROM, it works fine..
<vector80> yes, I actually changed 3 files
<libv> vector80: then leave it as is :)
<vector80> libv: yes, I actually want to change 3 files
<libv> then it's fine
<Seppoz> i have registers an eeprom on i2c-1 and whenever i read it in sys class i get this error
<Seppoz> what does it mean?
<libv> oliv3r gets the credit for a commit in your place for once... i am sure that superboarddesignerman will not mind too much :p
<vector80> libv: I want to change the interra-3.fex file also, but when I create the commit, it does not appear in the patch file... May be I edited wrong file?
<libv> vector80: you need to git add the file first
<vector80> Seppoz: Do you have i2c-tools package on your board?
<Seppoz> not yet
<libv> vector80: git status and git diff are also nice things to use before you run git commit
<vector80> libv: But the file is already in there
<libv> vector80: does git log interra-3.fex give you anything?
<vector80> Seppoz: yes, that "inclomplete xfer" issue also same in my board
<vector80> libv: let me try
<libv> vector80: make sure you have the full path to interra-3.fex though
<vector80> Seppoz: But i2c bus is working
<vector80> libv: ok let me try
<Seppoz> vector80: so you can read and write devices on i2c1?
<vector80> libv: git log doesn't return anything
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<vector80> Seppoz: In my board, I have a MAC EEPROM
<Seppoz> on i2c1?
<vector80> It is connected on ic2-1, with address 0x50
<vector80> And each of them have unique 6 bytes
<Seppoz> its probably at24c64 aswell
<vector80> and I read it and set to MAC address
<Seppoz> can you please go to sys class i2c-dev i2c-1 devices 1-0050 and see if you can cat eeprom
<vector80> ok wait
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<vector80> Seppoz: under i2c-1, I don't have "devices" folder
<vector80> I have "device" folder but it is a symlink to i2c-dev
<Seppoz> ye sorry
<Seppoz> so in i2c-dev
<Seppoz> you can cat eeprom under 1-0050?
<vector80> Ok wait
<vector80> nope... not in there too
<vector80> But when I run i2cget, I can read the eeprom
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<Seppoz> what is ls /sys/class/i2c-dev/i2c-1/device/ showing
<Seppoz> its probably not registered
<vector80> yes, not registered I think
<vector80> But it works somehow...
<vector80> I think I should register it in kernel driver
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<Seppoz> i also get incomplexe xfer 0x20 on i2cdetect
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<Seppoz> what is the difference between twi_para and twi1_para twi0_para etc
<ZetaNeta> oliv3r,
<jelly-home> would it make more sense for old "Submitting Boards" wiki page to redirect to "New Device howto" instead of "Retrieving device information"?
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<libv> jelly-home: yeah
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<jelly-home> ok, done
<libv> jelly-home: thanks :)
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