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<TheSeven> hm... turns out the pinmux doesn't seem to be the reason why my UART2 isn't working
<TheSeven> PI18<3><1><1>
<TheSeven> PI19<3><1><1>
<TheSeven> that's what pio -m print reports
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<TheSeven> what else could make just one of those uarts fail...
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<TheSeven> uarts 0/3/4/5/6/7 work just fine, uart1 isn't accessible anywhere, and uart2 just keeps ignoring any data
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<Turl> TheSeven: what SoC?
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<TheSeven> Turl: A20
<TheSeven> (on a20-olinuxino)
<Turl> TheSeven: pi18 & 19 are sdc3_d2/3
<Turl> TheSeven: hm interesting
<Turl> TheSeven: pi18/19 are listed twice on p247 of the user manual :p
<Turl> TheSeven: maybe it's the drive/pullup? on mainline we use 0 on both for uarts
<TheSeven> erm... my datasheet lists PI18 as SPI1_MOSI/UART2_TX and PI19 as SPI1_MISO/UART2_RX
<TheSeven> (page 23 of "A20 Datasheet (Revision 1.0)"
<TheSeven> SDC3_D2/D3 are PI8/PI9 in that datasheet, not PI18/PI19
<TheSeven> (the SD interface is the range PI4-PI9)
<TheSeven> those pins are actually routed to the SD card slot on that olinuxino board, so I'd believe that to be correct
<Turl> TheSeven: yeah, but on page 247 they wrote "PI18/19" instead of "PI8/PI9". Hence the confusion
<TheSeven> at least we have a somewhat strong indication which one of those is wrong...
<Turl> TheSeven: that uart also has rts/cts pins
<Turl> maybe you need to poke the mode?
<TheSeven> hm, the script fex should do that, right?
<Turl> there's one parameter for the mode iirc
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<TheSeven> [uart_para2] uart_used = 1 uart_port = 2 uart_type = 2 uart_tx = port:PI18<3><1><default><default> uart_rx = port:PI19<3><1><default><default>
<TheSeven> seems correct to me
<TheSeven> UART7 (on PI20/PI21) is configured exactly the same way and works just fine
<Turl> TheSeven: uart3 works fine?
<TheSeven> yes, but I'm using that one as a 4-pin one
<Turl> TheSeven: uart2 is 4 pin too
<TheSeven> I guess I can configure it to be 2 pin though?
<Turl> TheSeven: I dunno
<TheSeven> I've set uart_type = 2 for all but uart3
<TheSeven> and it works on everything except for uart2 (and uart1, which I can't test)
<Turl> uart1 is 8 wires
<Turl> uart 2/3 are 4 wires
<Turl> the rest are 2 wires
<Turl> do you have access to PI16/17?
<TheSeven> yes, they should be on an expansion header and be otherwise unconnected
<TheSeven> I'll give that a go tomorrow... 3am over here ;)
<Turl> :)
<TheSeven> even though I don't get how that would prevent the uart from receiving data
<TheSeven> on uart3 I've just shorted RTS to CTS right now, with a jumper
<TheSeven> I'll check what that one does if I remove that jumper
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<mnemoc> moin
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<ccaione> moin
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<mnemoc> ccaione: i keep reading cocaine :\
<ccaione> :)
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<hramrach> moin
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<wens> ccaione: i think i just ran into the same problem as you did on NMI IRQ
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<hramrach> hmm, you cannot build USB as device only
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<libv> oliv3r: he still hasn't learned that this ml he is using is linked to the site linux-sunxi.org
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<mnemoc> libv: hi, during your research about sunxi-based tablets, did you see any ~10" with screen protector to allow using it with an stylus like a (paper) notebook like on the galaxy note?
<mnemoc> (capacitive but thin stylus)
<RaYmAn> galaxy note has digitizer hardware to properly support stylus though
<RaYmAn> so not quite comparable :P
<mnemoc> ow
<RaYmAn> iirc there are some active pens that simulate it though
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<libv> mnemoc: i have no idea what you are on about, so no, not to my knowledge
<libv> mnemoc: i suspect you already searched aliexpress for such things
<hramrach> hmm, how do I tell Linux has booted?
<hramrach> tried to make g_ether built-in but it does not show up
<mnemoc> libv: i'm still laptopless... hopefully only until monday
<hramrach> and when the card is inserted while powered off the tablet still boots from nand
<hramrach> fishy
<libv> mnemoc: :(
<brain_> hramrach: you really need a serial console
<hramrach> there is no practical way to add one
<brain_> why is that?
<hramrach> it's not connected
<brain_> i fail to believe that, what hardware?
<hramrach> so it's no console or $900 clips to hook < .5mm pins
<brain_> every single device I own, phones, pda's laptops, tabs, i have gotten a console added...hang on
<hramrach> it has uart pads on both sides of the PCB. Both are connected to MMC so when booting from MMC they are useless
<hramrach> and I have no working linux installation for it so writing to nand is only a really fast way to brick it
<hramrach> it 'should work' but does not with either a13_mid Fedora 19 image or fresh built Debian image
<hramrach> when I insert the card, power off and power on I get nothing at all
<hramrach> when I power off, insert the card and power on I get the original android
<hramrach> seems brom on this tablet fails to initialize mmc properly. Also it has that odd battery indicator which sometime shows on the screen when it's supposed to be powered off
<brain_> mine does the same thing at power off...you havnt tried a mmc console yet have you? just to be sure if it works?
<hramrach> what would I use mmc console for and how?
<brain_> or power the tablet on normally, connect a ground and probe the rx pad while going into suspend and resume to look for output
<hramrach> I get adb console when the android is running
<brain_> right but I meant so you can test if the uart is even active while booting from nand
<brain_> probe the rx line
<brain_> somewere on that board there is a way to get to the bootloader...i simply do no believe they would remove it
<brain_> you might have to remove 2 resistors to remove on of the testpad locations for uart from the sd slot
<brain_> i had that problem on a hotspot I hacked
<nove> hramrach: can you usb-boot, and use the uart that is connect to mmc
<nove> until you get lcd working
<hramrach> is there a SD breakout board that is longer than the one that comes with cubieboard?
<hramrach> I can't put it into the slot with the cover on :/
<brain_> I do not know, I made my own breakout using 2 wires and a dead sd card, worked fine. but I have a microscope to do the soldering with. I would try probing the lines with the cover completely off.
<brain_> that was just to test if i could access uart with mmc and resetting the pinmux until i added the right permanant uart.
<brain_> the console is dumping into someplace, it might have something to do with why you cant boot from mmc.
<brain_> if it dumps to the sd slot, u-boot will automatically halt since its receiving data
<brain_> not sure if that makes any sense tho, i have a hard time explaining things.
<brain_> lol
* brain_ has ADHD like a mofo.
<hramrach> I get garbage on the mmc slot, no console
<brain_> those 2 pads I see, have you tested them for voltage as well as continuity from CPU pins > PADs and also from PADS > SD slot pins?
<hramrach> I tested for continuity to the SD slot
<brain_> as another test I would try to short rx/tx together and booting with no mmc..try to power into android. it SHOULD not power on
<hramrach> why should it not power on?
<brain_> the loopback will cause uboot to halt the countdown
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<brain_> once you know you have a working port, its just a matter of getting it off of the sd lines, most likely using resistors.
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<hramrach> it does boot
<brain_> wow, I wonder why on earth they would disable debug access...the pinmux has to be off still then.
<hramrach> so the console is ont on SD where it should be according to this http://linux-sunxi.org/MicroSD_Breakout
<brain_> I just tested it on my tablet and I cannot boot with it shorted.
<oliv3r> libv: oh! appearantly there's a speaker dinner on sat! blasted :p
<libv> oliv3r: i didn't go there last year
<libv> preferred to go out and eat with graphics folks instead
<libv> also, as a devroom organizer, i am not too happy with the continued focus on main tracks and limited but growing support for devrooms
<libv> devrooms are what fosdem is about
<brain_> the one going to the breakout is not the one you want, you need to find the first port that is NOT connected to the sd. its usually closer to the cpu, if I had a pinout of the A13, i'd be probing the line DIRECTLY off the cpu. one way or another your gonna NEED that access. working blind sucks
<hramrach> the only free one is uart3 which has no obvious connection on the board
<mnemoc> libv: I saw a couple of galaxy notes used as (paper) notebooks on a work seminar the last days. and was wondering about not samsung (hopefully sunxi) alternatives
<libv> mnemoc: i don't think such high flying display/touch technologies will ever be tied to the SoCs we are currently interested in
<brain_> its ugly but it works, i have both the sd breakout which i no longer use then I have the added uart0 which is permanent. is their a datasheet for a13?
<libv> mnemoc: there is also no market for it... you'd need to have much more expensive devices as a result of the upgraded display/touch and therefor a sunxi SoC kind of feels wrong. buyers will spend the extra on full blown samsung hw though
<libv> mnemoc: the person to ask is perhaps lkcl, he perhaps has looked into it for the flying squirrel
<hramrach> brain_: that's what stfw gives
<hramrach> yes, high tech screens suit something like an Exynos
<hramrach> you can expect that AW hardware to come with low-end to mid-range screens unless you take a soldering iron, an off-the-shelf screen, and put it together yourself
<oliv3r> libv: heh; i was just thinkin'free-food!
<oliv3r> :p
<hramrach> btw speaking of higher end screens
<oliv3r> but sparerribs is better anyway, and as mall ḱnown'company better
<libv> oliv3r: what nationality are you again?
<oliv3r> exactly!
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<mnemoc> gzamboni: hansg asked for your address on a mail about the sunxi dinner on fosdem 2 days ago, is that solved already?
<mnemoc> gzamboni: and I see no replies...
<hramrach> galaxy nexus 10 went down with prices
<mnemoc> maybe the A80 brings such displays to the sunxi world
<hramrach> but it gives you nothing but the nice screen .. and probably ability to install Ubuntu easily
<hramrach> maybe
<hramrach> but what graphics does A80 have? wasn't it vivante?
<wens> pvr?
<mnemoc> pvr6
<hramrach> the nexus has usable graphics but the media codec is unknown and getting the graphics to work on anything bu the original Android image, ugh
<hramrach> Ubuntu touch can use the android drivers but it aims at being as useless an android is so not much improvement
<hramrach> is there some way to dump the disp state so whatever the original android does can be replicated on other kernel?
<hramrach> but maybe I am not even getting to the point when kernel would initialize graphics
<hramrach> the kernel or even u-boot can crash way earlier
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<hramrach> ok, back to USB booting I guess
<libv> hramrach: rescue-sd, and then nand
<hramrach> and this time I need not get the FEL SPL working because I have nowhere to put it and I have volume buttons
<libv> hramrach: at least, that's what i did on mine
<hramrach> libv: the problem is the thing does not boot from mmc
<libv> yikes
<hramrach> I don;t know if u-boot crashes, kernel crashes, or display and otg just don;t work after the kernel comes up
<libv> check my inet_86vz page, there is something hooked off of it that where i started to document what i did, before i broke it off
<libv> hramrach: i created my sd on my a10 tablet first
<libv> hramrach: so that it would do all the right things, even usb gadget
<libv> once i then had taken all the correct steps, it just worked
<libv> (i went into the usb boot thing because i had forgotten to copy over script.bin
<Turl> moin
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<gzamboni> mnemoc, no, i didnt see this email, let me check it here
<mnemoc> gzamboni: it was a private mail to the people going to the fosdem/sunxi dinner
<gzamboni> mnemoc, where did he ask for it ? i dont see any email
<mnemoc> gzamboni: if hansg was asking for your mail he probably didn't To: you :p
<gzamboni> mnemoc, i will send him an email
<mnemoc> gzamboni: good idea :)
<gzamboni> what/where are we going to eat ?
<mnemoc> gzamboni: /q
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<[7]> Turl: changing that uart to 4pin doesn't make a difference
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<[7]> however it shows another odd behavior: RTS is low on UART3, but high on UART2
<nieuwbie> Hi. anybody is so crazy to use Gentoo here?
<[7]> CTS is weakly pulled high on UART3, and pulled much stronger on UART2
<mnemoc> nieuwbie: there are a few gentoo fans around, yes
<nieuwbie> I was wondering if someone was maintaining some overlay with x11-mali-x11
<libv> nieuwbie: i think ssvb uses gentoo
<libv> nieuwbie: just work through the manual build howto
<libv> i have properly fixed r3p0 x11 binary btw
<libv> which does DT_NEEDED properly
<libv> i should still push it out, but it comes with more changes...
<libv> libump for instance should then no longer be built as part of the sunxi-mali repository
<libv> it made more sense to take it out (again) for packaging
<libv> it also perhaps makes more sense to rename it to libump instead of libUMP
<libv> but that would break more things...
<libv> hacking the binaries to do things properly is easy now, now that i found a patchelf which does that
<Turl> [7]: different pullup/drive on the mux?
<montjoie[home]> nieuwbie gentoo here but no x11
<libv> nieuwbie: just compile the 3 needed bits directly
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<[7]> Turl: sorry, but I think I just found a PCB bug causing this mess
<nieuwbie> can anybody tell me whats that fbturbo?
<mnemoc> ssvb's child
<nieuwbie> :D
<Turl> previously known as sunxifb
<mnemoc> but as it became famous, rejected it's home town and changed it's name
<[7]> msin2001
<mnemoc> nieuwbie: basically a better 2d fb driver for x11 with optional hw support
<[7]> sry, wrong channel
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<Faisal> Hello guys, i am running a debian X86_64 machine, and i'd like to start cross compiling, i understand this page : http://linux-sunxi.org/Toolchain , but what is codesourcery for ?
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<brain_> Faisal: Codesourcery is just another cross-compiler for arm, you don't NEED it per say if you are using another tooolchain from the guide or from your distribution. personally I use codesourcery for all my kernel building, as well as standalone terminal applications since it has many of the needed libraries built in. I have ran into NO issues with it. Linaro is much better IMO as far as speed but i've ran into strange behavior depen
<brain_> ding on what i am building/compiling.
<brain_> libv: more info on this new r3p0 fix please...do you have the changes already located someplace? I am having some issues with the configuration and would like to start again.
<libv> brain_: explain the issues with configuration
<libv> brain_: as things should just work if you follow the binary driver howto
<libv> and me spending a lot of time _now_ will then likely not improve anything.
<brain_> I am not sure if everything is working as it should, basically I am unable to run opengl applications, the /test app does work and the xorg log loads the fbturbo driver. I get all the expected output as described on the howto. I just am unclear on what exactly its accelerating. X11 2D does not seem to render well, some tearing, Mplayer plays videos great..I am just not very knowledgeable on the GPU side of things. I am more of a hard
<brain_> ware software guy.
<brain_> I understand you are busy, If any changes are pushed out I guess I will pull them down the line.
<Faisal> brain_: thx
<libv> brain_: fbturbo accelerates the desktop in general, through a combination of using the 2D engine and through using the ARM NEON extensions
<libv> brain_: the mali driver accelerates GL, and nothing more
<libv> if the test app works, then it just works.
<brain_> ok thank you. I beleive I might know were my confusion came from. im working that out now.
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<hramrach> is android recovery useful?
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<hramrach> probably not much
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<hramrach> an no FEL mode with either volume button
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<brain_> hramrach: do you have a livesuit image for your hardware?
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<brain_> man im sitting here just thinking how you could proceed without that cable...how does everyone else do it?
<brain_> hramrach: try this, turn tablet completely off, hold down volume up, plug the usb cable into the port while its connected to the pc, and quickly press power 5 times. that might trigger fel....it does on alot of tabs.
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<oliv3r> Faisal: you should be able to just apt-get install arm-gcc or whatever it's called to get the debian cross compiler
<Faisal> oliv3r: thx
<hramrach> there is no sane way to enter FEL mode on tablets?
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<oliv3r> hramrach: most have the FEL button exposed
<oliv3r> i think i saw yours; it was called 'u-boot'
<oliv3r> if you are in fel mode; you can hook up the usd breakout board; or solder the wires
<oliv3r> have debug; and boot the kernel over fel mode
<[7]> if they have a sane bootloader, that button sequence should work: press and hold power for at least 10 seconds, release it, press and hold any button, press power button 3-5 times, release all buttons
<oliv3r> thing is, BROM will always enter FEL mode
<oliv3r> if the fel button is pushed :)
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<hramrach> grmbl iceweasel decided to collect garbage and kswapd flopped :/
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<hramrach> Turl: thanks
<hramrach> I found a way that works without swapping cables - slight variation of the Polish howto
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<hypophthalmus> I'm trying to boot a sunxi-devel kernel on my headless Mele A1000 (A10). But I'm not getting any sign that it's doing anything, and I'm not sure how to figure out what's going on.
<hramrach> do you have leds?
<oliv3r> hypophthalmus: connect the serial port :)
<hramrach> that too but leds are simple indicator when you don;t have serial connected
<hypophthalmus> There's an LED in front, but I don't know that it's diagnostically useful.
<hramrach> is that the power led?
<hypophthalmus> Yes.
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<hypophthalmus> Well, I was previously clueless about how to connect with the serial port, but it sounds not hard.
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<libv> hramrach: polish howto? where?
<libv> hramrach: if it's on our wiki, then i am going to have to eliminate it :p
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<libv> hramrach: btw, the company is called inet-tek, your device is the inet 86vs
<libv> hramrach: zeng-gc is probably the guy who designed the board
<libv> hramrach: please check the inet_86vz page for more info
<libv> ah, seems that you have incorporated a thing or two already
<hramrach> found the inet page as well
<hramrach> I get this when booting over USB http://sprunge.us/NUbP
<libv> did you enable your uart in u-boot config?
<libv> port f?
<hramrach> yes, I did
<hramrach> the SPL uses the same as u-boot, right?
<hramrach> problem is with the usb-boot script
<hramrach> it downloads spl, executes it, downloads u-boot, ramboot.scr, uImage and - and there it stops
<hramrach> if I replace - with /dev/null it throws an error
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<hramrach> I get kernel message which end with this http://sprunge.us/MMMA
<hramrach> and then garbage
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* hramrach compiles out serial and mmc
<Turl> libv: you probably follow graphic stacks more than I do - do you know if we're ever going to get "flickerless" boot on x86 systems?