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<Turl> :)
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<mrnuke> now this uboot crap is pissing me off
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<mrnuke> Great! "[ 0.597188] VFS: Cannot open root device "mmcblk0p2" or unknown-block(0,0): error -19"
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<Turl> mrnuke: are you using linux-sunxi/sunxi-devel?
<mrnuke> mripard's mainline
<Turl> mrnuke: mripard branches do not have mmc support
<Turl> (19 is ENODEV btw)
<mrnuke> hmmm, then how does mripard test his stuff?
<Turl> mrnuke: ramdisk or nfs I suppose
<Turl> personally I embed a buildroot-made ramdisk on my kernel
<Turl> mrnuke: if you use this branch you should have mmc working https://github.com/linux-sunxi/linux-sunxi/tree/sunxi-devel
<Turl> also usb and sata and gmac :p
<mrnuke> devicetree or fex ?
<Turl> mrnuke: dt, it's bleeding edge mainline
<Turl> (plus stuff)
<mrnuke> sweet
<mrnuke> from the wiki, I got the impression that sunxi-devel is not mainline
<mrnuke> I must have mixed up fex with "more stuff than mainline" somehow
<Turl> mrnuke: mnemoc is working on a dt/fex hybrid too but that's 3.10
<Turl> anyway :)
<mrnuke> don't care about fex TBO. I just want a working dt config
<mrnuke> (so I can test coreboot :) )
<Turl> coreboot can boot dt directly? :o
<mrnuke> via uboot
<Turl> then you can boot fex too? :)
<mrnuke> theoretically yes, but fex==FUD in my mind
<Turl> dunno how can fex==FUD but w/e
<mrnuke> I don't know how to work with fex (uncertainty), I don't know if I can get it to boot (doubt). and I'm afraid I'd be wasting time with it (fear)
<Turl> haha
<Turl> it's just a compilable ".ini" file if you ever dealt with those
<Turl> bbl
<mrnuke> I need fex2bin and other tools, right?
<Turl> yeah, those are the (de)compiler
<Turl> (well, it's a single tool, fexc, the others are just convenience aliases)
<mrnuke> fuck that. I'd probably fuck up compilation of fexc or something
<Turl> booting simply consists of reading the binary version into a hardcoded address in memory, then the kernel is booted as with any legacy arm system
<Turl> hah - it's hard to fuck up `make`
<Turl> anyway, bbl
<mrnuke> cya
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<mrnuke> that's just awesome: http://fpaste.org/68476/89749951/
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<mrnuke> ok, got it
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<mrnuke> Turl: thanks for the hints, bro. sunxi-devel runs (with both uboot and coreboot)
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<Turl> mrnuke: nice :)
<wens> Turl: any comments on v2 of clock rename series?
<Turl> wens: didn't I send you a bunch of comments? hm
<wens> Turl: sorry, v3
<Turl> wens: hmm, was I cc'ed?
<wens> you were listed in To:
<Turl> ah, here they are
<Turl> I was getting confused with your gmac series
<wens> yeah I've been sending a lot of patches. Even I get confused.
<Turl> wens: I did reply on "[PATCH v2 4/8] arm: dts: sun4i: rename clock node names to clk@N"
<wens> I moved the names for pll5/pll6 into factors_data in v3, so no extra output names
<Turl> I personally didn't like that much
<Turl> I'm not opposed to it though, as getting the last name is as ugly
<wens> I see
<Turl> otherwise the series looks sensible
<Turl> wens: dunno if we need that much verbosity on the binding doc regarding output names
<Turl> wens: we could dictate that all clocks should list their outputs or something to that effect
<wens> I guess we could require all clocks list the output, and then ignore the ones we don't use in the driver
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<wens> not sure if there's a better solution for pll5/6 though :(
<Turl> I'd be ok with using the 3rd name too
<Turl> anyway, it's not that big a deal
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<Turl> wens: how's the gmac stuff going btw?
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<wens> major stakeholders (ST people) haven't responded
<libv> nice, pcduino, olimex and cubietruck
<libv> 3 out of 5 are sunxi!
<libv> let's hope we get mentioned
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<Turl> libv: eh? where? what?
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<libv> Turl: the most popular german computer magazine c't is doing a 5 way comparisson
<libv> pi, i think a beagleboard, pcduino, olimex and cubietruck
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<Turl> libv: link?
<mrnuke> I'd expect cubietruck to win hands down
<libv> i will go out later on an buy a few copies
<Turl> mnemoc: ^
<Turl> apparently you can get a free sample read with their android app if you can read german :)
<rm> price also matters, I take it the CT is not the cheapest one
<libv> it's the best and most popular
<libv> in my nokia days i'd buy them all the time so i had something to do on the plane, my gf once bought me a subscription, and if i was not travelling, they'd just lie around and i'd never get to them
<libv> but most of my (ex)SuSE colleagues have a subscription
<rm> of these, the beagleboard may turn out to be more popular than CT
<libv> the beagleboard has been around for longer
<rm> best = no argument here
<Turl> rm: and if they're comparing the pi.. well, not much to say on popularity :)
<libv> Turl: but it's nice that such a widely spread magazine does go beyond the rpi
<libv> Turl: it will get us one or two more useful folks in here
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<oliv3r> mornin\
<vector80> Hi oliver, good morning
<vector80> Hi, I feel something really really wrong about Allwinner android partitions.
<vector80> Under android: http://pastie.org/8634863#16,21
<vector80> Under debian SDCard: http://pastie.org/8634866
<oliv3r> what's the problem?
<vector80> Can you see, cylinder start and end points are wrong
<oliv3r> nah
<oliv3r> that's a msdos compatibility warning
<oliv3r> Fdisk under RHEL 6 or Oracle Linux 6 has a DOS compatibility mode. It can be turned off (and recommended by the man page) by using the -c parameter.
<oliv3r> As far as I understand, the warning "Partition 1 does not end on cylinder boundary" can be ignored since most hard drives after 1996 use Logical Block Addressing (LBA) and so the physical sector characteristics of a drive are no longer a relevant concern when aligning disk partitions.
<vector80> very good info
<vector80> but this causes one problem
<vector80> I want to use debian SDcard and NFS, to be able to dd if the android image
<vector80> but because of 1st partition,
<vector80> dd gtives "file too big" error
<vector80> and I can not grab the image from my eMMC
<vector80> can you recommend a solution for this?
<oliv3r> then your partition is to small
<vector80> No, as I wrote, I am using NFS
<vector80> NFS have at least 22Gbyte of space
<vector80> When I write my debian image to eMMC, I can easily grab its image to NFS, it works perfectly.
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<oliv3r> wait, let me re-read :)
<vector80> But android partitions can't.
<oliv3r> though this can not cause a problem :)
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<vector80> oliv3r: my problem is, once I write sunxi uboot-kernel-rootfs to my eMMC, how can I recover it to be able to use android ... because you know, android image have boot0 and boot1, and my board have recovery button to enter FEL mode... But once I write debi,an image to eMMC, I must know how to enter to FEL mode...
<vector80> I feel I think I need one special uboot to enter to FEL mode directly
<vector80> Once I have seen such thing in wiki, but I can't find it now...
<oliv3r> we have an MMC image, that forces fel mode
<oliv3r> lets do a little asm talk
<oliv3r> FEL mode + BROM are stored at 0x4000 in the memory space of the SOC; it's like flash, but can not ever be changed, the BROM/FEL
<oliv3r> when the SoC turns on, it will always start executing code at 0x4000 first, that's just how it's wired
<vector80> up to this point, it is clear
<oliv3r> the BROM will run and check if you push the FEL button; it it is pushed, it jumps to FEL mode (which sits at 0x0002 (i forgot exactly, details are on the wiki)
<oliv3r> what this mmc image does; is the BROM will boot from MMC, as usual
<oliv3r> the first instruction in the FEL image is 'jmp(0x0002)';
<oliv3r> hence, it'll execute fel mode immediatly
<vector80> here is the feature request ( is it already available? ): current interra3_emmc.bin, can it include boot1 code, I mean, under sunxi uboot, if I press my RECOVERY button, can it enter recovery mode ?
<vector80> I mean
<oliv3r> if that's what you want/need: http://linux-sunxi.org/FEL
<oliv3r> vector80: the BROM has this feature, so including it in the emmc.bin is pointless
<oliv3r> BROM allready checks the FEL pin
<vector80> let me try
<vector80> nope
<vector80> if I press RESET button, and then press down recovery button, nothing happens, it just continue to uboot->kernel....
<oliv3r> if dd gives you a 'file too big error' that means, that your image is bigger then the partition, so it won't fit :)
<vector80> pressing recovery button has no effect if there is no boot1
<oliv3r> i think your are doing the order wrong; dd if=/mnt/somethingnfs of=/dev/mmcblk0p0
<oliv3r> vector80: you lie
<vector80> no I don't :)
<vector80> Let me show you the logs
<vector80> wait
<oliv3r> here
<oliv3r> this is the actual BROM from the chip
<oliv3r> boot() is the first function executed; read it :)
<oliv3r> check_ubooot is to check the fel button (allwinner calls it uboot, dont ask)
<oliv3r> keep the FEL button pressed and hit the reset button, while keeping it pressed
<vector80> oliv3r: I tried that too, it just continue
<vector80> maybe my recovery button code is different than your code?
<vector80> Let me show you the log, wait
<oliv3r> anyway, do you have sunxi-tools cloned?
<oliv3r> the BROM code is the same on all chips :)
<vector80> Please see
<vector80> This is how android image behaves on my board
<vector80> I press down RECOVERY button, and it enter FEL mode as shown above
<vector80> But when I do the same on uboot sunxi, it does not print anything, just continue booting uboot-kernel-debian...etc
<oliv3r> uboot ignores the fel button, it doesn't care, which makes sense, since the BROM checks the button
<oliv3r> anyway, checkout the sunxi-tools repo
<oliv3r> type 'make'
<vector80> I already did that before, now do it again?
<oliv3r> make fel-sdboot
<vector80> ok wait
<vector80> make'ing...
<vector80> one question, current kernel version is 3.4.61, wasn't it 3.4.67 ?
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<oliv3r> or make fel-sdboot.sunxi
<oliv3r> i think so
<vector80> I didn't checkout latest ?
<vector80> make: *** No rule to make target `fel-sdboot.sunxi'. Stop.
<vector80> make: *** No rule to make target `fel-sdboot'. Stop.
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<oliv3r> yeah not working here
<oliv3r> but you need to compile fel-sdboot.sunxi :p
<oliv3r> trying to see why it won't compile
<oliv3r> i know i'm missing mksunxiboot
<oliv3r> well it needs CROSS_COMPILE= obviously
<vector80> ok wait
<oliv3r> btw, the BROM WILL not print anything if it enteres felmode
<oliv3r> push the FEL button, do a reset/power on
<oliv3r> do lsusb
<oliv3r> and check if it shows up
<ccube> hi, are there known issues with mmc driver on 3.4.67 (HEAD rev)
<oliv3r> you won't see anything in your terminal
<oliv3r> ccube: depends on your error
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<oliv3r> vector80: don't worry abotu compiling
<oliv3r> vector80: sunxi-tools/bin/fel-sdboot.sunxi
<oliv3r> hno: where are the .lds files in the sunxi-tools repository
<oliv3r> ccube: nope that's no issue in our driver
<oliv3r> your mmc carde might be corrupt
<ccube> oliv3r, any ideas what else it can be?
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<oliv3r> ccube: worn out sd card
<oliv3r> insufficient power
<oliv3r> doesn't look like a broken FEX file, but could be
<ccube> mmc is not very old one
<vector80> oliv3r: I found that file, but it didn't get compiled, because there is no makefile
<oliv3r> ccube: i have a brand new one, that crashes constantly
<ccube> oliv3r, i also have random boot freezes and this on every boot: http://pastebin.com/NKZNd6C7
<oliv3r> vector80: /bin is precompiled; don't compile, just dd it to an empty sd card
<oliv3r> ccube: i think your PSU is broken; how are you powering your board?
<ccube> mobile phone charger with 2A
<ccube> samsung
<ccube> tried two different ones already
<ccube> it is not a stock olimex board. it is a custom one based on a10s. maybe there is something wrong with it?
<vector80> oliv3r: dd if=that_file of=sdcard seek=8 bs=1024 ?
<ccube> oliv3r, i am a bit confused, because a stock debian does not make any problems on that board
<oliv3r> vector80: aye; it's a micro-bootloader in a sense :)
<vector80> oliv3r: you are no:1 !!! I wrote that file to SDcard, and it entered to FEL mode directly
<vector80> and now writing... to eMMC or SDcard ???
<oliv3r> ccube: ah, a10s; i know there where some issues in the past; but i assume they where resolved (booting mostly i think) sounds like there's errors in the board
<oliv3r> ccube: you can try downclocking the memory to 360 MHz
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<oliv3r> vector80: wel you are now in FEL mode; so you can only use fel mode via USB from the pc
<ccube> oliv3r, thx i will try that
<oliv3r> vector80: but why do you want to enter FEL mode; and we should try resolving your dd issue first :p since dd from/to mmc should work without trouble; but dd is evil; (dd is awesome) loopback mount the image, copy the content
<vector80> oliv3r: Firstly I think we solved one issue
<vector80> 1st issue was, how to go back from debian to android by using that fel.sdboot file
<vector80> and it seems working,
<oliv3r> ah; well it still strange; FEL button works on all devices afaik
<vector80> PhoenixSuit said it succesfully wrote the image
<oliv3r> vector80: cool :)
<vector80> Let me double sure about that
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<vector80> oliv3r: Writing different android image... just to make sure...
<oliv3r> sure :)
<oliv3r> though even for android; you don't need pheonix suit :p
<oliv3r> though we don't have proper android images yet :(
<vector80> I don't need phoenix Suit? How to write android image to my EMMC then ?
<vector80> BTW: test is succesfull... I wrote different image, and double confirmed it... Thank you soo much again...
<oliv3r> mount -o loop android.img; cp -ar :p
<vector80> Pls tell me, is there an other way to be able to write android image to eMMC ?
<oliv3r> boot your master SD debian image, and copy the android files over :)
<slapin_> mripard: ping
<oliv3r> i mean you CAN use fel mode
<oliv3r> and sunxi currently doesn't have the tools yet to 'fel-mount'
<oliv3r> but quite possible though
<slapin_> mripard: do anybody actively working on DMA support?
<oliv3r> vector80: if your really board, write a fel program, that exposes the emmc over usb as storage device
<slapin_> vector80: some firmwares support android fastboot gadget
<vector80> oliv3r: You mean I must loop mount android image, and and overwrite eMMC ?
<oliv3r> slapin_: once you've done MTD stuff; we can start working on u-boot fastboot :)
<oliv3r> vector80: you could if you wanted too yeah
<slapin_> oliv3r: grrrrrr
<oliv3r> vector80: but that's all scriptable
<oliv3r> slapin_: :D
<oliv3r> slapin_: but our u-boot doesn't do fastboot yet does it
<vector80> ok, to be able to do this, I must be able to create android.img
<slapin_> oliv3r: what is the status with bbrezillon's driver?
<vector80> but currently, I can't create android.img
<oliv3r> vector80: yeah i don't think we have 'official sunxi android'
<vector80> oliv3r: you don't need it
<mripard> slapin_: the plan has always been to merge SPI with PIO, to later use it to debug DMA
<oliv3r> vector80: well, in the BSP you can do ./configure interra3_android
<oliv3r> and then make :D
<vector80> It is highly application based
<slapin_> oliv3r: leechie sdk u-boot does
<oliv3r> but i don't think the android build works yet
<oliv3r> slapin_: really, interesting; though to be fair, i think it's just a u-boot option isn't it
<mripard> I have SPI working since yesterday, so I guess I'll work on DMA in a few days
<vector80> for example, we are currently modified official android SDK a lot
<oliv3r> vector80: but you can use the allwinner sdk to build android, an 'image' that phoenix suit builds, isn't all magical :)
<bbrezillon> slapin_: I've added HW ECC (I'll post a new series with HW ECC support soon)
<slapin_> oliv3r: I don't think it was already integrated, but I have not checked lately
<vector80> modified launcher, modified default home app, modifying SystemUI
<mripard> but I'll be working on the A31 probably, so feel free to start working on another SoC
<vector80> Even we need to make OTA with android
<vector80> According to official sources from allwinner, nobody did that before
<vector80> And we have to do :(
<vector80> Anyway, lets go back to dd if issue
<vector80> I am booting over TFTP-NFS now
<bbrezillon> I'm still experiencing weird things: when I write on the 4th page of a block I get a lot of bitflips on the 1st one (too much to be corrected by the ECC hw or soft)
<vector80> wait
<slapin_> bbrezillon: how do you handle different random seeds and boot blocks?
<bbrezillon> randomizer is not yet implemented, thought I tested it a bit with a fixed seed (0x4a80)
<slapin_> bbrezillon: I think we can fight this one, can you post the full patch set on the list?
<bbrezillon> sure
<slapin_> I'll have tons of time tomorrow
<bbrezillon> I'll do it today
<slapin_> bbrezillon: by full, I mean full state, not only ECC-related
<JohnDoe_71Rus> oliv3r: BSP does not give the correct android kernel
<slapin_> bbrezillon: does it work without DMA?
<bbrezillon> no
<slapin_> hno: hi, do we have sunxi in mainline u-boot yet?
<slapin_> bbrezillon: too bad, but how do you test it then as there is no DMA support in mainline yet?
<bbrezillon> I'm not using DMA at all
<slapin_> hno: I want to post u-boot related stuff for review
<wigyori> morning
<bbrezillon> I managed to get this working without DMA access
<slapin_> bbrezillon: ah, that is perfect
<slapin_> bbrezillon: I did it too, that is good
<slapin_> bbrezillon: and hno did, for that matter
<vector80> oliv3r: Booting NFS is ok now
<slapin_> bbrezillon: can't wait to see your work (and add randomizer on top)
<slapin_> vector80: have you managed to run Android off NFS?
<vector80> here is my info: http://pastie.org/8635008
<vector80> slapin_: I have done that on IMX6 before but never tried on AW
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<slapin_> vector80: well, I failed a month ago and was told that it is not possible due to how android treats network, etc, so I stopped, but I have a real need for that as there is device with 10G ethernet, 1G RAM and 2MB NAND chip inside (IPTV box left from unsuccessful project) which I want to use for kid's movies, so I'd like to know of possible solutions to problems
<vector80> slapin_: it was very hard to do on imx6 too
<vector80> slapin_: You are experiencing problems after kernel , right?
<vector80> I mean, kernel is decompressing and starting device drivers,
<slapin_> vector80: yeah, kernel boots fine off bootp
<vector80> but when it comes to init, many things fail and it collapses, right?
<slapin_> vector80: basically, yes
<vector80> right
<vector80> I expeienced same thing on IMX6 too
<vector80> There was a very good PDF file
<vector80> it explains how to boot android over TFTP+NFS on IMX6
<vector80> I have did things on that PDF one by one
<oliv3r> slapin_: we aren't mainlined yet, but we are on par with mainline; patches need big cleanup sthough
<vector80> there were still issues but finally I managed to do it succesfully, it take about 3-4 days
<vector80> But you people are much more experienced than me, you have good knowledge about linux, may be you can do it in hours
<vector80> let me try to find it for you
<slapin_> oliv3r: so, you mean no SoC in u-boot yet?
<vector80> slapin_:
<vector80> slapin_: I found my notes
<oliv3r> vector80: :p
<vector80> How can I give it to you?
<oliv3r> slapin_: no sunxi soc no; it's all on our github
<vector80> Do you have email ?
<oliv3r> slapin_: but hno keeps it in sync with mainline
<vector80> slapin_: I upload here: http://efshare.com/?s=4H5H76
<vector80> slapin_: I think you may do it on aw too
<vector80> I just can't understand why aw did soo many good and soo many stupid things...
<slapin_> vector80: thanks a lot!
<slapin_> oliv3r: not even the smallest, tiniest SoC? too bad :( then I can't upstream NAND driver... that needs to be fixed, and fast... hno, are you here?
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<ccube> oliv3r, still probleatic with 360mhz. when cold booting the board i am getting a kernel oops with sometimes stuck, sometimes automated reboot. after the automated reboot the system comes up (with the previously posted stacktrace in boot log)
<sgo11> Currently, my ubuntu is working fine. but in linux-sunxi wiki, I saw this sentence "you should also eventually install cpufrequtils to set up an acceptable CPU-behaviour". Do I need to worry about that? How to determine if my CPU is working fine? thanks.
<bbrezillon> slapin_: NFC v2 series sent
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<shineworld> FYI: if someone is interested to use this kernel + android with AOA I've catch what don't works fine.... When an android device enter in Android Accessory Mode (AOA) and usb switch mode the accessory Interface is created and works BUT the VID:PID of device is wrong and not 0x18d1:0x2D00|0x2D01 but 0x18d1:0x005. At same time a lsusb -v -s X.X of device get an error in recovering same data: http://paste.debian.net/76338/
<shineworld> At this point my knowledge of usb / init is so little that I can't figure out where but is
<shineworld> *bug
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<slapin_> bbrezillon: thanks!
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<bbrezillon> slapin_: which board are you gonna use for your tests ?
<slapin_> bbrezillon: cubie, and some set of noname sticks
<bbrezillon> could you test writing on the first 5 pages of a block, and see if you got bitflips on the first page ?
<slapin_> bbrezillon: I'll do a lot of tests, including this one
<bbrezillon> (I mean too much bitflips for ECC gracefully correct it)
<bbrezillon> thnaks
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<shineworld> this was noticed also with Allwinner kernel (for eg. with Ainol Novo 7 Advanced II) http://tabletrepublic.com/forum/novo-7-paladin/android-accessory-mode-not-supported-1146.html#post13801
<vector80> oliv3r: hi, now, lets go back to my 1st issue, how can I dd my eMMC , any idea ?
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<sgo11> where can I find A20 cpu frequency spec? All the pages I found do not mention it.
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<bbrezillon> slapin_,hno,rz2k: do you know the exact meaning of the NFC_REG_TIMING_CFG register ? I have to configure tADL (T19 in the datasheet), but don't where it fits in the NFC_REG_TIMING_CFG register
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<foubarre> wens: Hi. Are you around?
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<slapin_> bbrezillon: AW configure this register to 0xFF and does nothing else.
<bbrezillon> slapin_: that's what I do too, but the datasheet says T16 to T19 (tWB, tWHR, tRHW and tADL) should be configured in the NFC_TIMING_CFG register
<bbrezillon> :)
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<wens> foubarre: what's up?
<slapin_> bbrezillon: experiments will show up...
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<oliv3r> Nobody ever let me open openstreetmap again
<oliv3r> i just spent 2 1/2 hours editing shit
<slapin_> oliv3r: what shit?
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<slapin_> bbrezillon: IIRC, you mentioned some IP block which was similar to our NFC, do you remember which one?
<bbrezillon> slapin_: I was wrong
<bbrezillon> :(
<bbrezillon> (this was the cadence IP, used by Altera FPGA)
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<oliv3r> slapin_: my home, it's surroundings etc
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<sgo11> hi, I have "[mmc-err] smc 0 err, cmd 52, RTO" and "[mmc-err] smc 0 err, cmd 5, RTO" errors at boot time. is this OK? I saw other people had it too. thanks.
bbrezillon has joined #linux-sunxi
<ccube> hey, any ideas why my a10s boarg might hang here while booting? http://pastebin.com/BXxPtwR4
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<oliv3r> sgo11: yeah it's 'common' i think
<oliv3r> ccube: bad script.bin
<oliv3r> check oyur usb sections in your script.bin
<hno> bbrezillon, no. But should be easy to find with the help of a logic probe.
<ccube> oliv3r, disabling usb results in not getting that message, but also no further output (freeze)
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<hno> sgo11, it's ok to have some MMC errors at boot or when you insert a card.
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<oliv3r> hno: how do we compile fel-sdboot? i get errors about missing lds
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<slapin_> hno: I think these timings are static, so it will be interesting experience in obscene expressionism, but some timings might be detected this way...
<sgo11> oliv3r, hno, got it, thanks a lot.
<ccube> thats weird. is there a minimal kernelconfig and script.fex existing for a10s board with most features turned off? only the really needed parts activated?
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<oliv3r> ccube: double check you serial connection? maybe it stops outputting? i think that error is simply the last thing you get and it locks anyway
<oliv3r> ccube: put used=0 whever you need
<ccube> oliv3r, which are the neccesary parts in kernel config for serial output. CONFIG_VT=y CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE=y CONFIG_SW_DEBUG_UART=0
<oliv3r> ccube: that looks like a 3.3 kernel?
<oliv3r> but i don't recall; default sunxi kernels ahve it all one if im' not mistaken; but make sure you pass the proper bootargs
<ccube> ah maybe the defconfig is the problem
<ddc> I'm having a hard time getting csi to work with the ov7670 does any have any luck .
<ccube> i have one config with too much stuff activated, where the serial is working, and an defconfig from openembedded sunxi layer, where it is not working, and i dont see the responsible part...
<oliv3r> ddc: jon smirl on the mailing list is trying it too
<ccube> the last line in serial, ia can see is: <6>Trying to unpack rootfs image as initramfs...
<ddc> But still no joy
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<hno> oliv3r, what fel-sdboot?
<oliv3r> boot to fel mode from SD card
<hno> ah, that.
<hno> you likely need to use a raw-metal toolchain for that.
<hno> or make a new lds script for it.
<oliv3r> well there is no lds files anywhere in sunxi-tools
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<oliv3r> the file in /bin/ works, but yeah,
<hno> There is somewhat arcane build instructions in the c file, building an object file and then dumping the code segment out of there.
<hno> never even trying to link it.
<oliv3r> ah ok
<oliv3r> well precompiled works :p
<hno> Tried and it compiled without any messages at all using gcc-4.7 linux gnueabihf toolchain. Haven't looked if the binary contains something meaningful yet.
<hno> likely does.
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<oliv3r> i just did make fel-sdboot.sunxi CROSS_COMPILE=xxx
<oliv3r> but it complains about a missing .lds file
<oliv3r> and i don't see any reference in the make file to build the lds file
<oliv3r> nor do I even know what iti s :p
<hno> oliv3r, there is a fel-boot.lds likely it.
<oliv3r> not in the repo though
<hno> commit 61abcd092ae278f8323af206846164160f5f2971
<hno> Author: Henrik Nordstrom <henrik@henriknordstrom.net>
<hno> Date: Tue Sep 4 21:52:56 2012 +0200
<hno> fel-boot: Add Makefile recipe
<hno> I have several lds files in my.. and seems to match master.
<oliv3r> strange
<oliv3r> wiat
<oliv3r> you are right, i have several lds files
<oliv3r> but not fel-sdboot.lds
<oliv3r> only fel-boot.lds
<oliv3r> Makefile:fel-sdboot.elf: fel-sdboot.c fel-sdboot.lds
<oliv3r> ls: cannot access fel-sdboot.lds: No such file or directory
<oliv3r> Current branch master is up to date.
<slapin_> hno: please read backlog
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<bbrezillon> hno: I don't have any logic probe (and I'm not sure these probes can handle such high speed busses, though we can underclock the NFC clock), do you ?
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<slapin_> bbrezillon: I have and already did NAND dumps, yes, clock can be lowered
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<nikrou> Hi all
<bbrezillon> slapin_: okay, then I'd be interrested in these results (using my driver, you can underclock the NFC using the dt timings definition or by statically configuring the clk_rate field in the sunxi_nand_chip_init_timings function)
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<arokux> big article about arm boards in german c't including AW-based pcduino, olinuxino micro and cubietruck. linux-sunxi is mentioned in one sentence as: Sunxi-Projekt
<arokux> hno: you are still lurking?
<WarheadsSE> arokux: I've seen two people mention this article, non with a link
<oliv3r> WarheadsSE: check the log ;)
<arokux> it was the main article btw
<nikrou> I try to make a rom based on another ones with almost same drivers and same partitions following that topic : http://www.techknow.me/forum/index.php?topic=6942.0
<nikrou> But I cannot find a valid rom with a nandj partition pointing to sdcard
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<nikrou> Two questions : 1) do you think it could work ? 2) do you know where to find that kind of rom ?
<nikrou> Thanks in advance
<oliv3r> anybody tried backporting the brcmfmac stuff to 3.4?
<nikrou> not me ! :-)
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<nikrou> oliv3r, some days ago, you proposed me to install fedora on sdcard to boot my tablet blocked in recovery mode. Do you think I could restore it from the dump of all my nands ?
<nikrou> I successfully boot my device with debian on sdcard but after I don't know what to do to restore my android system on nands !
<nikrou> Any idea ? Is it possible ?
<oliv3r> nikrou: technically; sure
<oliv3r> nikrou: but first you probably want to see if you can loop-mount your images
<WarheadsSE> arokux: looks like they overlooked ath Arch runs on all those..
<WarheadsSE> as usual..
<libv> ah, nikrou
<libv> with the rebadged inet_86vz
<arokux> WarheadsSE: no, there is a mentioning of Arch, in the list of the distros, I think, don't have an article right now
<libv> nikrou: i see that you've created an account
<libv> nikrou: did you manage to take a picture of the backside of your device?
<libv> nikrou: also, you had access to some android configuration files where you got the board identification data from
<WarheadsSE> arokux: only mentions it on the Pi
<arokux> oh, ok, well, c't is a phoronix like magazine as for me. i just read some articles it because it lies around
<oliv3r> nikrou: do you have access to your tablet when booting from fedora/debian? e.g. ssh, keyboard, something?
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<WarheadsSE> arokux: mm
<WarheadsSE> relating it to phoronix (moronix) makes suddenly more sense as to why massive details are missed.
<libv> arokux: it really is quite good in comparison
<libv> arokux: as i stated many hours ago, several of my friends/colleagues swear by it, and in my nokia days i made sure i had 2-3 copies saved up for planerides
<wens> oliv3r: you could try copying the SDIO IDs and drive strength stuff
<oliv3r> wens: was thinking of doing exactly that
<oliv3r> patched looked really smlal
<hno> bbrezillon, I have one of these: http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/preorder-open-workbench-logic-sniffer-p-612.html?cPath=75 quite sufficient for looking at NAND commands even if the sample buffer is quite small so longer sequences need to be collected in many tries.
<hno> and it's easy to run the nand controller at low clock if needed, and might be while measuring as the probes do disturb the bus a bit.
<libv> WarheadsSE/arokux: this will get a signification portion of german it folk to look into the allwinner boards (which are 3 out of 5)
<libv> and it will get us a few good folk as a result
<oliv3r> libv: well i'll be damned
<oliv3r> Puneet B helped jonsmirl fix his issue
<libv> oliv3r: hell did freeze over last week
<oliv3r> if we get 1 new dev from this; a 'stick around one' then that's a win
<arokux> libv: sure
<wens> oliv3r: you have the patch Arend posted?
<oliv3r> wens: yeah
<libv> (the us town called hell)
<oliv3r> libv: and that mail was from last week; coincident?
<oliv3r> and you never replied to my /pm
<nikrou> Sorry I was back for minutes
<nikrou> So I take more pictures
<libv> ah, i indeed didn't
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<hno> oliv3r, fel-boot was renamed to fel-sdboot, and that file was missed. Just rename it.
<nikrou> I confirm I have inet 86vz Zeng gc 2013-07-08
<oliv3r> nikrou: you REALLY should connect serial output and see if boot0/boot1 and even u-boot try to boot; i don't think your boot0/boot1 are broken
<oliv3r> hno: ah! ok thanks; will do and test, submit, push
<hno> arokux, always lurking. Not always catching up with backlog.
<nikrou> Oliv: I need to retrieve them
<nikrou> I spoke about boot0/boot1
<arokux> hno: will you pull in some usb patches for u-boot? any plans to mainline u-boot-sunxi?
<nikrou> (16:09:03) oliv3r: nikrou: do you have access to your tablet when booting from fedora/debian? e.g. ssh, keyboard, something?
<nikrou> Sure I have an ssh access
<hno> arokux, oliv3r is the main sunxi u-boot patch monkey at the moment ;)
<oliv3r> nikrou: i don't remember :)
<oliv3r> nikrou: if you have ssh access, can you do fdisk -l /dev/nand? do you see partitions at all?
<hno> yes there is plans, just need to figure out how to make 36-hour days...
<nikrou> I see no partition
<nikrou> only nandg created by CWM
<oliv3r> hno: yes! we need you to have more sunxi-time :p
<oliv3r> nikrou: that's ok
<oliv3r> nikrou: try to get nand_part running on the tablet
<hno> allwinner partition table is not recognised by fdisk. You need nand-part from sunxi-tools to work with those.
<oliv3r> nikrou: its in sunxi-tools; you will hvae to cross-compile it (shouldn't be a problem; i can send you a binary if you can't manage it or you can check the /bin dir)
<nikrou> I've got an error when try nand-part don't remember it
<nikrou> I will give it another try.
<mripard> oliv3r: so, you're the one I should ping for my A31 uboot patches ? :)
<oliv3r> nikrou: you may need to compile a sunxi kernel; theres special patches there to work with nandpart
<nikrou> Need to reinstall my sdcard and boot my device
<oliv3r> mripard: don't expect heavy technical reviews! :p
<oliv3r> mripard: but i can try to do my best :)
<oliv3r> mripard: AND i can't test
<nikrou> I already had a custom kernel
<nikrou> I have to had all related nand stuff I imagine
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<hno> oliv3r, job of patch monkey is to do a final review on style cleanness (no other unrelated stuff), verify that there is sufficient community testing/review and judge if there might be a risk of regressions in other areas, then merge if passing tests.
<hno> no one can master all technical areas. I certainly don't.
<hno> note, tests is those listed. Not functionality testing (community peer review takes care of that).
<oliv3r> testing will be tricky i'm affraid, a31 has an extremly small community
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<hno> oliv3r, then you have to rely on test results by the developer submitting the patch. But seriously, there is only a single person in the community using A31?
<arokux> hno: http://linux-sunxi.org/Mele_M9#Owners_of_the_hardware always document stuff :)
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<arokux> libv: I've seen your great efforts to improve the wiki. thank you :)
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<arokux> oliv3r is improving it too, for a book? :)
<libv> arokux: it's stuff i ran into myself :)
<libv> arokux: but good to know that it's appreciated :)
fredy has joined #linux-sunxi
<libv> but there is soo much more stuff badly structured/formatted/missing in the wiki...
<libv> most of the howto's still don't make sense due to that
<libv> i could spend a (frustrating) lifetime in there shoring it up
<arokux> libv: I've learned to live with it.
<libv> heh
<libv> it's not unfixable, just takes time and effort
<arokux> libv: ideally lots should make its way into the code. only how to compile bootloader and kernel pages should remain :)
<arokux> everything else is general stuff
<arokux> guys, how would one go about leveraging Android 4.4 onto sunxi boards?
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<hno> arokux, does 4.4 require new GPU stuff not in current SDK or some kernel stuff not in our 3.4 kernel? If not then you should just be able build it and run..
<arokux> no idea
<hno> then try.
<hno> libv, you want those nand patches in lichee-dev?
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<hno> libv, first patch is a mix of fat & nand debug changss. Needs split.
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<vpelletier> hi. I have a WITS Colombus A31 and would like to boot linux on it. I have the development kit's dvds with kernel, u-boot, buildroot source (and a few more folders), and I've quick-read a few provided pdfs, but I cannot find a description of how I can get it to boot on something else than pre-flashed content
<vpelletier> is there a standard way of booting from SD, for example ? (there is no eMMC on board)
<hramrach> vpelletier: see the linux-sunxi.org wiki
<hramrach> maybe their u-boot does not do mmc
<vpelletier> well, the in-flash u-boot has a 0 timeout
<hramrach> sunxi u-boot does mmc but not nand
<vpelletier> I do see "press any key to interrupt", but it doesn't react
<mripard> vpelletier: you need to hold the button next to the four component connectors while powering it to boot on SD
<vpelletier> ah, so that's the "u-boot" button
<hramrach> it no longer autoboots?
<vpelletier> so my SD image is doe wrong
<vpelletier> yes
<vpelletier> at least, no output on UART0, while I get some when not pressing that button
<mripard> hramrach: nope
<hramrach> secure ;-)
<vpelletier> ooh, boot from usb
<libv> hno: for a dead branch?
<libv> hno: i could just as well drop them, as they were only there to help me find why it failed to do anything
<libv> and i thought they might be useful for others who will undoubtedly run into the same issue
<hno> vpelletier, if it's the dev board then there should be a boot selector jumper.
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<vpelletier> hno: there is a "u-boot" button next to the component connectors, as mripard mentioned, which indeed affects boot (ie, nothing output on UART0 when held on power-on with no SD inserted)
<vpelletier> I'm reading the SD creation page right now
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<hno> vpelletier, usually that button enters FEL mode. But maybe it also probes for SD on A31, don't remember.
<hno> Right, it does.
<hno> thanks mripard
<vpelletier> if I understood ARM boot sequence properly, SPL is resposible for setting up the hardware before loading the next loader. is this right ?
<vpelletier> (ram timings, ...)
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<hno> vpelletier, yes.
<vpelletier> which means that having the right SPL is critical for the board to work, and I do not seem to find one in the WITS-provided tarball (containing code and a few binaries)
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<hno> WITS do not use u-boot SPL. They use Allwinner boot0/boot1.
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<mripard> vpelletier: could you make an iso image of the dvd, and upload it somewhere?
<vpelletier> I did find a sys_config.fex (plain text) file describing what I understand as pins, voltages, frequencies, etc which I believe belong to that SPL
<mripard> there was none shipped with mine....
<hno> vpelletier, sys_config.fex is Allwinners "device-tree" source file for their custom configuration system.
<hno> mripard, Eva might give you a download link if you ask.
<vpelletier> hno: so something else exists that SPL would be based upon ?
<hno> SPL means the u-boot SPL developed boot loader.
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pwhalen has joined #linux-sunxi
<hno> community developer boot loader.
<vpelletier> ah, when I said "based", I meant that SPL needs to know some values about the board so it can initialise it correctly, not where the source comes from
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<vpelletier> ie, some board-specific config file
<hno> vpelletier, it also needs A31 support. We only have sun[457]i support in SPL yet.
<hno> a31 is sun6i.
<libv> there really is noone who cares for sun6i
<libv> let's hope a23 gets a development board out soon
<vpelletier> libv: any reason why sun6i would be uninteresting ?
<libv> vpelletier: for me, because of pvr
<libv> vpelletier: for others, i do not know
<hno> pvr is the main setback for most I think.
<libv> a80 is then going to be ignored just as much :(
<vpelletier> what is the powervr status ? no graphics at all, or no accelerated 3D ?
<Turl> A80, if with sata and usb3, could have a place in NASlike devices
<libv> vpelletier: i will not touch it with a 10' pole
<hno> libv, any reason why you look at a23 instead of a20?
<libv> hno: i wanted to buy an a13 tablet a month ago
<libv> hno: and was quite surprised when i opened up the thing up
<hno> libv, right..
<libv> hno: it is higher clocked than the a20
<hno> libv, given prior track record it should be quite similar to a20. Have you got console access working?
<rz2k> hno: have you read the u-boot source for A23?
<rz2k> it is in the sources that vector80 dropped
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<Turl> there's a new traffic tab there if you got push access
FreezingCold has joined #linux-sunxi
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<oliv3r> hno: mripard has the a31 evb from wits; drachesun had it, but not expecting anything there; hansg has the mele a31 but was hugely dissapointed :)
shineworld has joined #linux-sunxi
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<oliv3r> arokux: paulk from the replicant project said he was going to port replicant to sunxi; since we have no need for blobs; replicant is sufficient
<oliv3r> hramrach: vpelletier a31's BROM has different boot order; it checks pins, see the BROM page i think on the wiki
<ccube> is there a RTC on a10s board?
<oliv3r> rz2k: have you seen the u-boot sources? afaik they odn't do memory init there,s o marginally interesting
<oliv3r> not sure if a10s has the rtc built in, sun4i does, sun5i doesn't; a10s might
<ccube> a10s is sun5i i think
<nikrou> olivr: when you said there's special patches for building a sunxi kernel do you mean I need to follow steps on that page : http://linux-sunxi.org/Installing_to_NAND_from_SD_card
<oliv3r> nikrou: no; fi you have the sunxi 3.4.6* kernel; those patches should be there; if you are using 3.3 or older kernel; i don't think it has them
<oliv3r> but i never had to use nand_part yet
<ccube> so "hwclock: can't open '/dev/misc/rtc': No such file or directory" are expected and i should disable thin in my kernel
<oliv3r> i always use mmc
<nikrou> I cross compiled nand-part for arm. No problem.
<nikrou> Ok for kernel
<oliv3r> ccube: a10s doesn't have its own rtc then! :)
<oliv3r> nikrou: what kernel do you have?
<ccube> oliv3r, thx
<oliv3r> try running nand_part then! :)
<nikrou> I have a 3.4.75
<nikrou> what is nand-device ?
<nikrou> /dev/nand ?
<oliv3r> or /dev/block/nand
<nikrou> non nand in /dev
<nikrou> nor /dev/block
<nikrou> :-(
enrico_ has joined #linux-sunxi
<oliv3r> nikrou: then i don't know; someone else here might know the details
<oliv3r> mnemoc: hno or the likes
<hramrach> oliv3r: that's nice
<oliv3r> hramrach: i Know i am!
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<hramrach> a pair of dip switches could give you boot device selection
<arokux2> ugh.. after distro upgrade I cannot run lots of programs if there are too much files in the working dir
<oliv3r> hramrach: it allows you to always boot from a certain media; excluding the others; so it's usefull i usppose
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<nikrou> So nothing else I can do. :-(
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<hramrach> how long is android supposed to boot?
<nikrou> 0.667718] [NAND] nand driver version: 0x2 0x9
<nikrou> [ 0.678801] [SCAN_ERR] search nand physical architecture parameter failed!
<nikrou> [ 0.688093] [NAND]init_blklayer fail
<hramrach> polish tablet e.e
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<nikrou> no nand defined in /proc/devices
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<hramrach> 5 point multitouch
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<oliv3r> nikrou: my knowledge is not enough
<nove> https://gitorious.org/recedro/jepoc jpeg encoder poc, can someone try in A10 A20?
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<nove> wingrime, jemk, ^
<nikrou> Thanks anyway Olivr
<oliv3r> nove: you are amazing
<oliv3r> nikrou: someone here should know :)
<nikrou> but who ?
<nikrou> What I read on forum is I must reinstall a new ROM. No other solution
<nikrou> But I cannot find a rom that livesuit wants to flash
<nove> oliv3r: comparing with h264, jpeg is very simples
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<oliv3r> nikrou: i don't think your rom is corrupt :)
<oliv3r> nove: that it is :)
<nikrou> But I don't have a rom
<hno> I haven't seen the a23 u-boot sources. Might be interesting for spotting if there is any general differences in hardware, but do not contain anything needed for SPL.
<nikrou> I hope I can build one following a tutorial by modifing an existing one with as much as possible similarities
<oliv3r> hno: we have the sources, but it's not hosted yet
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<oliv3r> hno: we have a big tarball @ dl.linux-sunxi/stulluk
<oliv3r> or was it vector?
<oliv3r> i forgot
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<hno> nikrou, the nand driver failed to recognise your nand chip I think.
<hno> oliv3r, should be stuffed into git..
<oliv3r> nikrou: i'm running hasng's fedora 19; and gparted shows /dev/nand quite happily
<oliv3r> hno: yeah; mnemoc's laptop broke this week; so he can't do anything from home atm
<oliv3r> he should get his new laptop one of these days
<hno> found one in stulluk.
<oliv3r> but u-boot should be cloneable
<oliv3r> stulluk IS vector80
<oliv3r> er branchable and pushable
<oliv3r> but with my book; fosdem; and #linux-sunxi distraction i've been a little busy
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<hno> copied it to /SDK/ for a start,
<hno> Hmm.. readme says sun6i??
<hno> but pack says chips/sun8iw3p1
<hno> so yet another generation?
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<hno> right, it is sun8i
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<hno> wonder what they do when they reach 10..
<libv> sue us for taking the name?
<hno> no boot0/boot1 sources in this sdk :(
<libv> grmbl
<hno> was hoping the a20 sdk had set a new standard on that
<oliv3r> hno: they started to 'unify'
<oliv3r> lkcl: ^ gpl violation again!
<hramrach> hello
<oliv3r> hi
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<hno> oliv3r, not a single sdk released without gpl violtions.
foubarre has joined #linux-sunxi
<oliv3r> hno: but they are improving!
<oliv3r> but that's a nice quote :)
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<hno> heh, my monitor have segfaulted, First thougt my stationary computer had crashed with odd crashed text mode graphics displayed with broken font, but it's actually the monitor.
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<hno> no git history n u-boot tree.
<oliv3r> :(
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<oliv3r> hno: disassemble, connect lvds to cubie
<hno> there is a sun9i_defconfig in buildroot.
<oliv3r> i don't recall that one
<oliv3r> a23 is sun8i; no clu ewhat sun9i is supopsed to be
<oliv3r> hno: did i mention, that a23 mem controller is likly to be sun6i based?
<hno> there is also a sun9i defconfig in linux tree,
<hno> oliv3r, why?
<oliv3r> fex file
<oliv3r> libv linked his
<hno> ok. ouch then..
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<oliv3r> but we have a31 boot0 source to extract that from
<oliv3r> leaked
<oliv3r> and we should have standby code to veryfy against
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<oliv3r> additional 4 and 6, no 5 and 7
<arokux2> oh, you've got A23 sdk, from where?
<hno> where is a31 boot source?
<hno> there was no standby code in A20 SDK from what I recall. Only a binary blob.
<hno> but seems to be full standby source in A23 SDK at least.
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captaini- is now known as captainigloo
<oliv3r> hno: we never 'officially' got it; but some of us have it still; with git history
<hno> right, that one.
<hno> the sun7i branch there was quite far from the a20 sdk source drop however.
<oliv3r> still; should be helpfull
<hno> yes
<oliv3r> i find sun[89].c files there instesting
<oliv3r> the map_desc struct
<oliv3r> don't understand why one is so much bigger then the other
<oliv3r> they still use the same watchdog for reboot though :)
<hno> where=
<hno> linux mach-sunxi/sun[4689].c?
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<oliv3r> yeah, but no 5 and 7 i
<oliv3r> and i'm reading 8 and 9
<oliv3r> thinking they'd be very similar
<oliv3r> well they are i guess
<oliv3r> just the mapping i don't understand
<oliv3r> like why does sun8i rev 1 need to define the video engine
<hno> #define SUNXI_DRAM_PBASE 0x20000000 /* 0x20000000 ~ 0x220000000(size: 8G) */
<hno> from sun9i... they are going for large address space?
<hno> looks like both sun8i and sun9i have openrisk core for deep suspend mode. No dram code in standby code, only message passing to something and lots of SUNXI_R_--- I/O blocks.
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<hno> time for bed. More digging later.
<oliv3r> yeah a23 has an 'arisc' remote_proc, wingrime found that they likley currently use it to play back audio
<oliv3r> in sleep
<oliv3r> could be usefull for audio applications in general
<oliv3r> sun9i is quite likly to be the a80
<oliv3r> so should show hints of powervr
<lkcl> oliv3r: oh bloody 'ell not another one :)
<lkcl> oliv3r: well, with that manager now gone - the one who was deliberately causing GPL violations - it should be easier to sort out.
<oliv3r> lkcl: we've had it for a little bit; but yeah, libnand, no boot0/1
<oliv3r> lkcl: oh really? do tell
<oliv3r> this is news!
<lkcl> could you email me what's involved?
<oliv3r> same as always
<lkcl> oliv3r: it shouldn't be!
<lkcl> this happened ages ago (months back)
<oliv3r> BROM/boot0/boot1/libnand/cedarX (though we got better cedrus now anyway)
<lkcl> oliv3r: email me what's missing / involved, i'll remind them ok?
<oliv3r> sure
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<arokux2> :$ my nfs setup does not work any more
<arokux2> and i do not have an idea why...
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<oliv3r> arokux2: only from sunxi, or from your pc too?
rm___ is now known as rm
<arokux2> my pc is sever, u-boot-sunxi - client. everything worked :)
<oliv3r> i ment a 2nd client to test
<oliv3r> so you know if it's sunxi or the server
<arokux2> ah
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<arokux2> thought myself about this, but no other pc atm around :(
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<arokux2> oliv3r: huh, downgrading a package solved the issue
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