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<libv> oliv3r: nikrou his nand problem is probably the same that i had
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<penghb> oliv3r: I may have the same nand problem as nikrou.
<penghb> I flashed the v1.01 Android image 2 days ago. after boot lubuntu-desktop, I can not boot the Android v1.01 from nand.
<penghb> I used awimage with the image file. I found that RFSFAT16_BOOTLOADER_FEX00 is smaller than the v1.00 one. There is no boot.axf, script.bin
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<libv> the last thing nikrou should be doing is try to flash the nand again
<libv> sd-card is the road to getting his kid(s) a working system fast
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<penghb> I flashed Android v1.01 image again. The files stored in UDISK are still there. It looks like only MBR or the head part of the nand was modified.
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<oliv3r> penghb: technically, we do not support allwinner sdk and livesuit. heck we don't even support nand really at this moment
<oliv3r> as libv said; the key to success is, boot from sd card; and use nand_part to create a new partitioning table
<libv> in nikrou his case, he probably overwrote boot0
<libv> and we first need a nand driver which is capable of reliably accessing that
<oliv3r> without debug, he won't ever know :(
<oliv3r> i don' tthink our patched libnand exposes boot0/boot1 though
<oliv3r> but breaking boot0/boot1 is very very hard though
<oliv3r> cause, how big is it? 1 mb? the window of error is miniscule
<hno> if UDISK works then boot0 & boot1 is there.
<libv> who knows what livesuite and the bad android image did to it?
<oliv3r> i won't ask what UDISK si
<hno> it's the usb drive mode of boot1.
<oliv3r> we have that?
<gzamboni_> oliv3r, the A23sdk linux is based in kernel 3.8
<oliv3r> gzamboni_: but it is called linux-3.4
<gzamboni_> yes :/
<oliv3r> make file says 3.4.39
<penghb> I used PhoenixSuit in Win7.
<penghb> I failed to flash Android v1.01 in Linux with LiveSuit
<penghb> in TTL console, the broken nand reports "read mbr failed", then failed with "sprite update error: no data part found"
<penghb> So I have to use nand_part to create partition in Linux, right?
<gzamboni_> we dont have the include/linux/version.h
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<gzamboni_> also i've checked some new funtionalities with the http://lxr.free-electrons.com , so either they did a backport of those new functionalities , either its the 3.8
<hno> gzamboni_, :
<hno> if [ -r include/generated/utsrelease.h ]; then
<hno> KERNEL_VERSION=`cat include/generated/utsrelease.h |awk -F\" '{print $2}'`
<hno> fi
<oliv3r> ; Copyright(C), 2012-2015, Newbie Microelectronic Co., Ltd.
<oliv3r> gzamboni_: i strongly feel that they backported some required stuff
<wens> wow 2015
<oliv3r> future proof
<libv> 88mph
<oliv3r> i'm looking for dram standby code
<oliv3r> great scott!
<hno> oliv3r, there is none. It's managed by a different cpu.
<oliv3r> hno: really? crap
<hno> same on a31.
<oliv3r> crap
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<hno> standby was reworked to use an openrisc core to monitor for wakeup.
<gzamboni_> hno, it doesnt have the generated/utsrellease.h neither
<hno> gzamboni_, generated/ is... generated at build time.
<gzamboni_> ah, ok
<gzamboni_> let me build it
<oliv3r> and we dont have that firmware src :(
<hno> never had. But we did have a blob in a31 sources. Did not immediately spot one here.
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<oliv3r> well there must be a blob somewhere, or we can't standby :p
<oliv3r> i wonder what the version string of the a23 bootloader is compared to the a31 bootloader
<gzamboni_> oliv3r, you were right #define UTS_RELEASE "3.4.39"
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<rm> mnemoc, why I can't edit User namespace pages (specifically, mine)?
<libv> rm: because you are not a person :p
<oliv3r> you are but a meat popsicle
<rm> that must have been a recent development
<rm> because I have created and edited that userpage in the past
<libv> rm: try now
<rm> but now I can't even update my homepage URL on it
<rm> thanks
<rm> also can someone educate me on the subject of NAND?)
<rm> can we treat it as a regular block device with a regular partition table
<rm> or is there still some magic and Allwinnerism involved
<oliv3r> yes, no yes
<oliv3r> libnand exposes nand as a regular block device; it does not have a regular partition table, it requires nand_part to create/edit as usual; lots of magic and allwinnerisms in libnand by default :)
<libv> rm: there is this page called NAND on our wiki
<rm> danke
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<oliv3r> ok, so
<oliv3r> where do you guys get your ubuntu image sfrom? because i'm trying a debootstram to ubuntu; but there's no official arm packages by ubuntu are there?/
<oliv3r> does linaro supply them?
<libv> oliv3r: just a sec
<libv> oliv3r: this is the one i am currently running on my cubietruck: http://releases.linaro.org/13.08/ubuntu/raring-images/alip
<oliv3r> ok
<libv> and i am currently working on the odroid on the same rootfs
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<oliv3r> that's a full image; where does apt fetch its packages from?
<libv> ubuntu raring
<oliv3r> so we can't debootstrap this into a chroot :(
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<libv> never bothered
<libv> this gets you a desktop quicker
<oliv3r> hehe, proabbly true :p
<oliv3r> http://nl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/saucy/main/ should have a subdir binary-arm :(
<oliv3r> bastards
<oliv3r> i'm sure with pure debian it would work
<libv> :)
<oliv3r> downloading
<libv> it, for whatever reason, doesn't come with openssh\
<libv> you need to kill nm properly like in the quick and dirty example in our wifi page
<libv> i kill the linaro user and make it libv, and put myself in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf as autologin
<libv> ah, and when you're in with serial, you passwd an actual root pass
<libv> it auto logs in root on serial
<libv> if your network setup is wonky, plymouth will wait for ages until you get a login
<oliv3r> okay
<libv> but that's about it
<libv> with disp/lcd compiled on or loaded, it goes straight into a desktop
<libv> lxde iirc
<libv> yes, lxde
<oliv3r> see, debian has proper debootrap support!
<oliv3r> time to create a 3rd partition :p
<libv> :)
<libv> i like the current solution cause it works
<oliv3r> aye
<libv> i know what happens when i try something new
<oliv3r> i'll use it too to see if i can get things going
<libv> i end up rewriting half the wiki
<oliv3r> haha
<oliv3r> you are verboten to touch the wiki for the next 3 weeks
<libv> oliv3r: i made rm human
<oliv3r> that's allowed :p
<oliv3r> that's admin stuff :)
<libv> pff :p
<wens> mripard_: should I just send the patch to stable with your ack?
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<mripard_> wens: you have two choices, either you need to resubmit it, and then you can just put stable@vger.kernel.org in Cc
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<mripard_> or the pach get merged by linus, and you have to send it to stable directly, with the commit ID
<mripard_> in the commit log
<mripard_> but yeah, sure, you can add my Acked-by
<wens> minor detail, if I resubmit it, do I tag v2 RESEND or v3?
<mripard_> v2 resend if you didn't change anything
<mripard_> or v3 if you changed something :)
<oliv3r> mripard_: if you want me to look and merge a31 u-boot stuff; cna you resend it? i probably don't have it anymore :P0
<wens> mripard_: adding a cc doesn't seem like changing anything in the patch, so I'm a bit confused
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<mripard_> but yeah, I can resubmit it
<mripard_> wens: adding a Cc isn't modifying the patch, so yeah, resend v2 will be fine
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<nikrou> Hi all
<nikrou> I think it's not a good idea to post my problem on your mailing list. How can I do if I want more of you seeing my problem to eventually help me ?
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<oliv3r> mripard_: i may have moved it to my linux-sunxi box; i'll check later today
<oliv3r> nikrou: read the backlog at irclog.whitequark.org is a good start
<oliv3r> nikrou: you will quadruple your chances of success, by adding serial debugging capability so you can see what's going on
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<oliv3r> ah hah!
<oliv3r> ports.ubuntu
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<oliv3r> ok; installing saucy :D
<nikrou> Thanks Oliver
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<oliv3r> nikrou: the reason you want serial debug, on the default uart0; is that you can see if your boot0 and boot1 are intakt; if that is the case, recovery should be relativly easy; possibly update libnand to add support for your specific flash chip
<oliv3r> if your boot0/boot1 are corrupt; then things get harder, as you will need to replace those
<nikrou> Ok
<nikrou> I will double check serial console page
<oliv3r> but blindfoldedly doing a slalom is really hard :)
<JohnDoe_71Rus> oliv3r: what do you think, how long sunxi-3.4 will be building on-board cubieboard2?
<libv> oliv3r: he is on the inet 86vz
<libv> oliv3r: he only has serial on the uart
<oliv3r> libv: so no mmc?
<oliv3r> shared; like yours
<libv> indeed
<oliv3r> JohnDoe_71Rus: 30 mins? i dunno
<oliv3r> libv: ok that's crapshit
<oliv3r> nikrou: you may have to solder wires to the uart pins :p
<oliv3r> nikrou: actually; you can boot via FELBOOT and use the uart
<oliv3r> nikrou: libv has a nice doc for that :)
<oliv3r> nikrou: but that means either uSD breakout board; or use the shared pins
<nikrou> I'm not sure to understand
<nikrou> I'm just re-read the related pages but it's not clear
<nikrou> Yes I can boot to fel mode but after ?
<nikrou> is liv doc is that one : http://linux-sunxi.org/Working_around_missing_SD ?
<oliv3r> actually booting fel mode or booting from SD card won't make a difference
<oliv3r> i forgot you got a bootable SD card
<oliv3r> well the only diff it'll make is that you can use the UART for debugging
<oliv3r> you'd need an initramfs with the tools to fix this
<nikrou> My only question : what do I need to do for hardware. I do not have any material
<oliv3r> maybe we can extract boot0 and boot1 from flash and see if it seems sensible
<oliv3r> then again; if you can create a parttion, and put boot.axf and u-boot there, it should atleast boot that
<oliv3r> so lets try that route, it's the easiest
<oliv3r> when you boot from sdcard, what does uname -a tell you and what does parted /dev/nand say?
<oliv3r> or nand_part /dev/nand even
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<nikrou> I have no nand device under /dev nor /dev/block
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<oliv3r> libv: i've put that linaro rootfs on /dev/sda2; i pass that as root=; any other reason why it doesn't boot? the kernel loads fine, but i get nothing after the kernel. i'm using the same kernel as i boot my fedora rootfs with
<oliv3r> libv: i think both use system.d and it would complain about a missing init i'd expect
<oliv3r> nikrou: pastebin dmesg
<nikrou> I'm at work and didn't succeed to boot to my tablet to the wpa2 entreprise wifi. But I can access my sdcard. What do you want exactly ?
<oliv3r> dmesg
<oliv3r> :)
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<oliv3r> dmesg > dmesg.txt
<nikrou> but my system is not running
<oliv3r> does your Sd card outlogin?
<nikrou> I ony have logs from yesterday
<oliv3r> that's fine
<oliv3r> a full dmesg and i'll look
<nikrou> ok
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<oliv3r> Linux version 3.4.75; that sounds good atleast :)
<oliv3r> btw, simtec electronics; is that the IP used for the DMA engine? or is it AW 's own with simtec being some pseudo name
<oliv3r> nikrou: ah i see yeah; libnand doesn't know your nand chip
<libv> oliv3r: i know a few former simtec guys, they work at codethink now
<oliv3r> libv: since the aw dma engine driver from the old stuff is printing simtec copyright
<libv> oliv3r: i think this just another bit of dma code that was copied
<oliv3r> ah quite likly
<oliv3r> sun7i_defconfig still fails to build the first time; needs a second pass to work; ti_firmware missing
<libv> oliv3r: you went through all the motions, right? and moved the stuff from binary/ one level up?
<oliv3r> libv: yes! :)
<oliv3r> i'm building my own kernel now, to see if i get more debugging stuff
<nikrou> Yes Oliv3: my nand chip is not known
<oliv3r> nikrou: so we need to update libnand with the parameters from your nandchip
<oliv3r> nikrou: on the ML libv i think sent some patches to do that for his tablet; chances are they are the same. you probably have to open up your tablet and read the nand chip markings and compare them to those of libv's tablet; if they are the same, it should be easy
<nikrou> I took more picture
<nikrou> I will put them online. Difficult because I cannot make good macro with my camera
<libv> nikrou: what's wrong with trying to get an android working on an sd-card?
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<libv> actually...
<libv> aren't people building livesuit images for themselves?
<nikrou> libv I think there's nothing wrong with android system on sd-card but it's slow
<nikrou> Where is the information for nandchip ?
<nikrou> I can zoom on it with gimp
<oliv3r> nikrou: get a class 10 SD card
<oliv3r> sdcard can actually be faster then internal nand
<oliv3r> nikrou: i can zoom in with gimp too :p
<oliv3r> the nand chip is the left one; the one next to the wifi chip, i can't read the markings on i
<nikrou> the small one at bottom left on my picture ?
<libv> nikrou: the second biggest one on the board
<libv> nikrou: the biggest one being the a13
<oliv3r> the 8 pin one between the nand and a13 looks like the rtc
<nikrou> manufacturer : samsung
<libv> ends in M ?
<nikrou> first line : SAMSUNG 149
<libv> and the second line?
<nikrou> cannot read
<nikrou> first letter K
<libv> what's the last letter.
<nikrou> cannot read
<nikrou> I don't know how to change color in gimp
<nikrou> upload new picture
<libv> then you'll have to hack the kernel code
<libv> you closed your device up again?
<nikrou> yes
<nikrou> I'm at work and I don't have small screwdriver
<nikrou> to open it
<libv> anyway, hack the kernel code in iirc... nand_id.c to show you the id
<libv> don't use a screwdriver.
<libv> don't use metal on plastic
<libv> oh, you mean, for the two small screws
<nikrou> yes
<nikrou> the small external ones
<nikrou> I think it can be read by modifiing brightness
<libv> nikrou: do you remember when i told you that you were a really lucky man?
<nikrou> I will ask my collegue after lunch
<nikrou> why libv ?
<nikrou> We have the same device ?
<libv> nikrou: google for sunxi K9GBG08U0M
<nikrou> you read the code on my picture. You should have better eyes than mines !
<libv> nikrou: google
<libv> nikrou: and find out about my eagle eyes
<nikrou> great
<nikrou> I google for my nandchip and a really great guy provide a patch ! :-)
<libv> nikrou: look at the date on the patch
<nikrou> You're right, I really lucky. I need to go buy a loto ticket !
<nikrou> I got to lunch. I will try to apply your patch this afternoon
<nikrou> Thanks Luc ! :-)
* nikrou : go for lunch
<oliv3r> nikrou: so compile a new kernel with luc's patch; and your done!
<libv> oliv3r: my success rate with "look at this page: new_device_howto", is what... 1 in 5?
<libv> not even jon smirl bothered
<libv> or that guy sending in the dt stuff for pcduino
<oliv3r> :(
<oliv3r> lazy bastards
<oliv3r> i should convert my 2 boards to that
<oliv3r> AF
<oliv3r> (After Fosdem)
<libv> i need to fix up my a7hd, and i could do the mele a1000
<libv> but still...
<libv> few people seem to care
<oliv3r> i guess cb1, 2, 3 should be adapted to that aswell
<oliv3r> i'm still backreading 700 mails;
<libv> they do care when they can't find the work that someone else was supposed to do for them...
<oliv3r> yep
<oliv3r> lazy bastards
<libv> but doing it themselves, next to the actual board bringup...
<oliv3r> there's an interesting artcle on slashdot about 'freeloaders' and the importance
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<libv> oliv3r: the importance for a company that is worried about them
<libv> oliv3r: anyway, i will try to keep my guard up and slap as many people with that page as i can
<oliv3r> same :)
<oliv3r> but first; gotta get my freshly compiled kernel going
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<libv> hramrachs device smells like an inet
<oliv3r> they seem to make a lot of these
<oliv3r> both of mine are inet
<libv> there we go, 86vs board picture: http://skyduino.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/dscf0225.jpg
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<oliv3r> now that's a very decent viewable one
<oliv3r> nice and crisp
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<libv> i am mailing the maker...
<libv> this guy even knows that rx/tx are multiplexed on the sdcard
<libv> rx/tx on both sides of the board
<oliv3r> i tried to read; but it's to french for me :p
<libv> anyway, i asked him to come help us out
<libv> :)
<libv> i can't say i am too satisfied that i am able to read that.
<libv> i would've rather spent that highschool time learning something more useful
<libv> hehe: "1) Le cpu ne tourne pas à 1.2GHz mais à seulement 1GHz, les 200MHz en plus c’est pour attirer le pigeon."
<libv> 1.2g, not really, those extra 200Mhz is for "attracting pigeons"
<libv> nice expression
<oliv3r> LOL
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<mripard_> libv: a pigeon in french is also a dupe
<hsteak> "attracting pigeons" mean "trap gullible consumers" in this case, for those who didn't catch that
<oliv3r> i didn't catch that
<oliv3r> i thoguht it wa sufnny
<hsteak> i guessed
<hsteak> i wonder where this expression came from
<libv> mripard_: ok, that this was the common word for dupe i did not know
<libv> mripard_: i understood the expression though, as it conjures up the right image
<libv> pigeons are not the smartest of animals, they are always in harms way, and i love way they tilt their heads to look at things to try to determine whether it is edible or not, and then try to eat it anyway
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<libv> hramrach couldn't find the uart...
<wingrime> oliv3r: ping
<libv> and it's labelled twice!
<oliv3r> wingrime: pong
<wingrime> oliv3r: ^
<oliv3r> what's that?
<t3st3r> question: does A31 haves SATA? oO
<oliv3r> t3st3r: no
<oliv3r> wingrime: oh ram calipration etc
<t3st3r> someone suggested it does oO
<oliv3r> wingrime: that's very interesting
<wingrime> oliv3r: but i't iMX
<oliv3r> wingrime: but we can learn a lot from the code
<t3st3r> claiming there is sata on their dev board.
<oliv3r> t3st3r: that's easy
<t3st3r> and FEX also haves it oO
<wingrime> oliv3r: not sunxi, but still, If we possible have sram only uboot with such routines
<oliv3r> t3st3r: sata -> usb for example
<wingrime> oliv3r: perform auto or half auto callibration for each run
<t3st3r> oliv3r> IIRC A20 also had "no" SATA before it magically appeared a bit later :)
<wingrime> oliv3r: or each new board, can be very helpfull
<wingrime> hno: http://www.kosagi.com/w/index.php?title=Novena_ddr3_notes DDR3 Callibration for freescale imx 6
<wingrime> hno: can be intersting
<oliv3r> t3st3r: a20 was supposed to be a follow up from a10 so it was always expected to have it
<wingrime> oliv3r: what do you think about , can we ?
<oliv3r> t3st3r: who was throwing these claims around?
<oliv3r> wingrime: calibrate ram with that? well we can start using some of this stuff and compare it
<wingrime> oliv3r: we still don't know how much ram speed is normal
<t3st3r> [17:19:15] <oliv3r> t3st3r: who was throwing these claims around? <- well, some guy who actually works somewhere in company which does some A31-based development,
<t3st3r> It appears it's not his project but he seen sata on dev board, that what makes it interesting oO. Though it could be usb bridge or so, sure.
<hno> wingrime, if we have some suitable flash memory for u-boot SPL then we likely have sufficient for a full u-boot as well.
<hno> nand/mmc/emmc/spi.,
<oliv3r> t3st3r: heh; :p
<wingrime> hno: a80 have strange BROM0 and BROM1 and buch of sram
<oliv3r> wingrime: you mean the memory mappings?
<oliv3r> wingrime: yeah i'm worried a little
<oliv3r> but right now we need a23 boot0 code really to get the dram timings
<wingrime> hno: new soc's looks like have more sram than before
<wingrime> hno: according memory maps in new kernel
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<hno> The official A31 dev board do not have SATA connectors. If there was SATA I would think there would be a connector for it.
<oliv3r> wingrime: have you read the backlog?
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<wingrime> oliv3r: no
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<wingrime> oliv3r: ?
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<t3st3r> [17:24:47] <wingrime> hno: a80 have strange BROM0 and BROM1 and buch of sram <- and where these a80 appear in the wild?
<oliv3r> t3st3r: we have the a23 sdk which has sun9i information in it, which is likly the a80
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<t3st3r> ahh I hoped it out and obtainable as some device :)
<oliv3r> not yet :(
<oliv3r> but eva promised me one :p
<nove> wingrime: jemk, can you test if works in A10/20, jpeg encoder => https://gitorious.org/recedro/jepoc
<jemk> nove: i'm doing that at the moment ;)
<oliv3r> i'm writing CHapter1 :p
<jemk> nove: it works, after one minor correction
<jemk> nove: you must not add 0x40000000, it worked for your <= 1GB device, but on 2GB it doesn't
<wingrime> jemk: I looked your 4k patch, but seems I not understand what are you touching some unknown bit in VE_CTRL ...
<wingrime> jemk: I will be glad if you finaly add everything to wiki..
<oliv3r> wingrime: i made a nice cedrus page :p
<jemk> nove: veisp.c:27
<nove> jemk: ok, i was uncertain about that
<nove> jemk: then for VE where does dram start?
<wingrime> oliv3r: thanks
<jemk> nove: ve has direct dram access, so they start at 0x0 for beginning of dram
<nove> jemk: ok, i just had remember heard the there was a offset
<jemk> nove: disp needs bus address, there it has to be +0x40000000
<nove> that was it, bus address
<enrico_> patches are welcome :D
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<wingrime> enrico_: can gst avoid some problems in vdpau, for example have many frames in VE memory, not copy each specialy...
<wingrime> jemk: again, I not get some things in 4K patch
<wingrime> jemk: I realy not understand why A13 buffer suddenly needed for 4K .....
<wingrime> jemk: and you added some strange bit in VE_CTRL reg, I have newer saw, thats used somewhere
<enrico_> wingrime: i think the decoder (as the encoder) needs contiguous frames, so they must stay in VE memory ( BUT i tested it with stage/sunxi-3.4 too where the buffers should come from CMA)
<enrico_> wingrime: not copy: probably yes, because some gst elements ask the "peer" for buffers to fill so you can pass a VE buffer to it, avoiding one memcpy (it's a TODO written somewhere in my plugin)
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<wingrime> enrico_: you right, VE need physicaly lineral memory
<wingrime> enrico_: at least for single frame....
<nove> we have to start think about /dev/cedrus
<wingrime> nove: indeed no
<wingrime> nove: DRM interface
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<wingrime> nove: /dev/drm
<nove> wingrime: yes, was just a way to say the kernel side
<wingrime> nove: kernel side looks will be very same, It will expose regs to libDRM
<wingrime> nove: like any GPU currently works
<jemk> wingrime: the a13 buffers are simply buffers a13 needs always, a10/a20 need only for width >= 2048. Maybe they need a new name, i begin to get an idea of what they are used for
<jemk> and I wouldn't go for drm too much, kernel has a nice api for such things: v4l mem2mem
<wingrime> jemk:maybe, we need talk to someone who once deal with it
<wingrime> jemk: also, are you tryed examine what actualy in that buffer?
<wingrime> jemk: I consider that croma/luma temp buffer
<jemk> wingrime: i am trying, but no real results yet, only vague ideas
<wingrime> jemk: can you dump it in some file, for each frame ...
<jemk> wingrime: i tried to display it with disp, but it doesn't look like any picture
<jemk> wingrime: and the problem is, i only can test these with 4k material, as only a13 needs it always
<wingrime> jemk: if you allocate this, and use non 4k video, decoder simply leaves this buffer untouched?
<jemk> wingrime: yes
<oliv3r> wingrime: i asked this question in the linux-media list; and they also said, mem2mem; also there are patches for samsung and imx i think's VPU's
<oliv3r> samsung even has a jpeg codec driver using mem2mem allready merged
<wingrime> jemk: Can you dump SRAM than, I only guess, thats can be some data that not fits to SRAM
<jemk> wingrime: that would mean a13 has less ve sram?!
<wingrime> jemk: indeed, looks so
<wingrime> jemk: but need some test
<wingrime> jemk: also, try play with counters again, maybe you notice something differnet for 4k video
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<wingrime> sram cost IC space, If they tryed make small chip, thay possible strip much/
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<nikrou> I had no time this afternoon to compile my kernel but I hope I can do it this evening. In any case I of course let you know if it works and will update wiki after that !
AreaScout2 is now known as AreaScout
<nove> enrico_: gstreamer is finally installed, is working (in A13)
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<nieuwbie> hi I booted my clean wheezy on my allwinner but I get no lcd output even while lcd kernel module is loaded
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<enrico_> nove: great :)
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<vpelletier> mripard_: ping ?
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<mripard_> vpelletier: pong
<libv> hrm. this guy writing the c't stuff is quite off
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<libv> the SoC on the beagleboard is apparently made by a company called sitara
<libv> oops.
hramrach has joined #linux-sunxi
<libv> hramrach: ah.
<libv> hramrach: i have seen your new device page
<libv> hramrach: the android strings make me think that the board is an inet 86vs
<libv> hramrach: and for that board, a device already had a full teardown: http://skyduino.wordpress.com/2013/08/18/hack-linux-fedora-tablette-polaroid-midc407-version-orange/
<libv> hramrach: did you open the thing up already?
<libv> hramrach: as you claimed no visible uarts...
<libv> hramrach: yet there the rx/tx pins which are multiplexed with the sd-card are available on both sides, and are marked
<oliv3r> nieuwbie: double check your script.bin
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<aynam> hello am getting this error when i do "make" in "sunxi-tools" git folder. error libusb.h does not exist
<aynam> how can i solve that issue?
<rz2k> apt-get install libusb-dev ?
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<aynam> yes i installed libusb-dev
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<nove> aynam: is the error?, then install libusb-1.0-0-dev, or similar name
<aynam> nove: libusb-1.0-0-dev is correctly installed
<oliv3r> aynam: updatedb; locate libusb.h
<aynam> oliv3r: find cmd gave that result /usr/include/libusb-1.0/libusb.h
<oliv3r> good; thats where it should be
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<aynam> oliv3r: do i have to modify the line ( CFLAGS += -Iinclude/ ) in the file Makefile?
<nieuwbie> hack=0101
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<nieuwbie> oliv3r: I went into fel mode to obtain script.bin but when I converted it acording to instruction which I found on wiki I get a blank file.
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<nieuwbie> script.fex is blank.
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<nieuwbie> oliv3r: Now its ok. I recompiled sunxi-tools.
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<nieuwbie> oliv3r: they differ so I replaced the correct script.bin but it improved nothing
<nieuwbie> by correct I mean the original.
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<hramrach> hmm, I built a supposedly bootable mmc card and it does not boot
<hramrach> I still get android
<nikrou> Hi all
<nikrou> My kernel is ready for installation
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<nikrou> I'm in contact with someone who have the exact same tablet (buy on the same site, same number on mainboard, same date, same lsmod,...), how can he helps me and make a rom from is running tablet whithout breaking it ?
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<hramrach> SD card can be copied easily
<hramrach> but nand is in allwinner proprietary format which cannot be copied easily
<hramrach> the kernel goes out of its way to not make all of the nand accessible
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<hramrach> technically you should be able to make backup of each partition and then assemble them into an image using something like alwinner_pack_tools
<hramrach> not sure about the name. I don't use them
<nikrou> but for complete image flashable with livesuit we need boot0, boot1, and other stuff like that
<nikrou> I already have all my nands backup
<hramrach> you take that from existing image for same device
<hramrach> those part of flash are unreadable
<hramrach> boot0 is in neither
<nikrou> Yesssssssssssssss it works !
<nikrou> I build a kernel with libv patch for my nandchip and I can see my nand !
<libv> nikrou: note that you cannot access anything beyond 0x1000 in the first part of your nand
<libv> this is where boot0 lives
<nikrou> ok
<libv> and i told you about this several days ago
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<libv> nikrou: this is also why i told you to just live with the nand until we (not me) have figured out how to access the lot reliably
<nikrou> Yes I remember
<libv> live with sdcard even
<nikrou> so now what can I do
<libv> you can either fix up libnand to properly allow access to everything, which might further destroy the contents of your nand, and which should really be done on a development board
<libv> or you can live with the sdcard until someone else fixes this
<nikrou> I'm afraid I cannot modify libnand. I made some C stuff more than ten years ago but very basically
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<libv> nikrou: well, that's the situation
<nikrou> And when I made my nands "backup" I didn't copy beyond 0x1000 ?
<libv> you didn't copy anything between 0x00 and the start of your first partition
<libv> you did however copy your partitions
<libv> nikrou: actually, you might get luck
<libv> lucky
<libv> but you've had quite a lot of luck already
<libv> do you still have the same partition scheme as before?
<nikrou> yes I know
<libv> if not, you might want to recreate it
<libv> and then dd the individual partitions back into their place
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<libv> you might get lucky that way and boot0 might still work
<nikrou> I don't understand
<libv> ...
<nikrou> I removed the non correct nands and recreate with the content and no problem for accessing beyond 0x1000 ? Is it that ?
<libv> nikrou: you first verify that the partition scheme matches the sizes of your nand partition backups.
<libv> partitioning even
<libv> my brain-fingers fifo has limited depth apparently
<nikrou> :-)
<nikrou> partitions before and now
<nikrou> Only nandj is different. It's the sdcard
<libv> nikrou: surely you too notice that something is amiss
<libv> we have a full installing to nand howto which explains how to use nand_part in great detail
<nikrou> ok thanks. I go reading !
<nikrou> Anyway a great patch !
<nikrou> In any case, If you and/or Olivr goes to Paris tell me I will offer a beer
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<oliv3r> nikrou: i was in paris this summer
<oliv3r> i got ripped off by a drunk waiter, that kept pouring himself a lot of wine!
<oliv3r> nikrou: ok, now that you can access nand; first, try to fsck -C - /dev/nanda
<oliv3r> then, mount /dev/nanda /mnt
<oliv3r> then ls /mnt :)
<nikrou> I made a backup of /dev/nand (mbr)
<nikrou> my bad it's a vfat partition !
<libv> nikrou: nanda is not the mbr
<libv> nikrou: the mbr lives before nanda
<nikrou> I already mounted nanda and I can see its content
<nikrou> dd if=/dev/nand of=nand.mbr.img bs=1M count=1
<nikrou> Does it saves someting interesting in my situation ?
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<libv> nikrou: no
<libv> nikrou: as said, you do not have access.
<libv> nikrou: you will see a load of 0xFFs
<nikrou> ok
<libv> hramrach: we really need a separate rootfs page
<hramrach> don't we have one?
<oliv3r> nikrou: ok, if you can see nanda, then that's really good; it gives strong indication that the boot loader wasn't affected
<oliv3r> nikrou: check all partitions with fsck
<oliv3r> nikrou: bind you, some may not work
<nikrou> ok
<oliv3r> nikrou: as they aren't valid partitions, but atleast you get to see which partitions are ok, and which ones are not
<oliv3r> i still thinkit's simply failing to boot the kernel
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<nikrou> the vfat has problem
<nikrou> Seek to 134217216:Invalid argument
<oliv3r> which vfat, there's 3 or 4 vfat partitiosn
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<nikrou> nanda
<oliv3r> so first things first, fsck -f -C - /dev/nanda :)
<nikrou> the same
<oliv3r> fsck doesn't fix it?
<nikrou> no
<oliv3r> well only one solution then
<oliv3r> mkfs.vfat /dev/nanda :p
<oliv3r> you have a backup; and you can't fix it
<nikrou> ok
<nikrou> unable to get drive geometry, using default 255/63
<nikrou> strange, No ?
<libv> hramrach: if we do, then it needs to be filled with what is all over the bootable sd card page
<oliv3r> nikrou: flash doesn't really have a drive geometry :)
<oliv3r> nikrou: you can always try dd if=file.nanda of=/dev/nanda
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<nikrou> ok
<nikrou> done
<nikrou> if I made the fsck I've got a similary error but not the same value
<oliv3r> so your nand may have been corrupt
<oliv3r> mkfs.vfat /dev/nanda; fsck /dev/nanda
<oliv3r> that should be error free
<oliv3r> then, mount -o loop nanda.img /mnt/
<oliv3r> then copy /mnt/* /dev/mountointof/nanda
<nikrou> I can mount it but always have error
<oliv3r> libv: new device howto smashed!
<oliv3r> nikrou: maybe your nand is corrupt?
<oliv3r> nikrou: like broken corrupt
<nikrou> pearhaps
<nikrou> because I made it live
<oliv3r> well as long as the files are ok
<oliv3r> you can't fsck a mounted filesystem!
<nikrou> cat /dev/block/nanda > nand.img
<oliv3r> nah that doesn't break anythign
<nikrou> yes I know
<oliv3r> you should have used dd for that :)
<oliv3r> but yeah; if a freshly formatted partition is giving errors, something might be up
<nikrou> Yes I cannot rewrite history !
<oliv3r> for now, don't worry :)
<nikrou> ok
<oliv3r> just do mkfs.vfat /dev/nanda; check fsck; copy files, check md5sums
<nikrou> I skip fsck for emmc partition
<oliv3r> to veryfy the files are 'ok'
<nikrou> or I retry
<oliv3r> nanda, is the boot partition, it holds the bootloader; hence it's important
<libv> oliv3r: huh?
<libv> smashed?
<libv> where?
<oliv3r> libv: like 'REad that foo'
<oliv3r> libv: ml :p
<oliv3r> nikrou: nandb is the u-boot env; should be 'ok'
<nikrou> Yes with copy it's correct
<nikrou> no fsck for nandb
<oliv3r> nah, it's basically dd if=boot.scr of=nandb
<oliv3r> there's no partition table
<oliv3r> now nandc IS important
<nikrou> I mount new empty nanda and nanda backup and copy content from old to new
<oliv3r> that's probably what CWM fucked up
<libv> ah :)
<oliv3r> nande should be your /system (e.g. android)
<oliv3r> nandf is for u-boot/bootloader etc; never looked at that
<oliv3r> nandg should be the 'recovery partition' so that might be cwm stuff too
<oliv3r> nandh is not interesting, /cache
<nikrou> I simply empty cache
<oliv3r> nandi isn't hugely interesting either; dunno what nandj is; but nandk is your 'storage'
<oliv3r> nikrou: yeah and if it fails, you should see boot animation
<oliv3r> so you know it's working
<nikrou> ok
<oliv3r> so restore nandc, nandg for starters
<oliv3r> and fsck nandd, nande, nandh, nandi and nandk
<nikrou> you write to fast
<oliv3r> assuming you have the same partition layout as the mele
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<oliv3r> libv: i hope he pulls through and sends me a pic of his M3; it's a nice bos
Relkin has joined #linux-sunxi
<Andy___> Does anyone know if there are any community/opensource boards based on either the A23, or A31 coming out soon?
<oliv3r> Andy___: we don't even have boot sources for those two
ssvb has joined #linux-sunxi
<Andy___> oliv3r: I'm a bit new to the Allwinner chips - are you talking specifically about U-Boot, or is there a preloader required?
<oliv3r> Andy___: u-boot is the required supported bootloader
<oliv3r> we have support for a10, a10s, a13 and a20
<oliv3r> but a23 is new and we have nothing yet;
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<nikrou> I almost finish
<nikrou> I made an error
<nikrou> recovery nand is raw and not ext4
<nikrou> I made mkfs.ext4 /dev/nandg
<nikrou> sorry I have my answer
<oliv3r> you dded everything back?
<oliv3r> or loop back mounted and copied?
<nikrou> Many thanks to Olivr and libv. It works
<oliv3r> you can boot again?
<nikrou> yes
<nikrou> I made a dd for /dev/nandg so don't care about filesystem !
<oliv3r> so its fixed?
<oliv3r> yeah see, your boot0 wasn't broken :)
<oliv3r> keep this sd card safe :p
<nikrou> yes
<oliv3r> btw, CWM and CM works just fine with these tablets
<nikrou> in my bank !
<oliv3r> look for christian troy's work; while it's not the greatest; atleast it should yield you a working cwm
<nikrou> I think I will try to made mine !
<nikrou> I learn many things these days. Thanks
<nikrou> I will try to update the wiki with my device informations and some pages
<oliv3r> wasn't your identical to libv's?
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<oliv3r> oh wow; wanted to register at the mele forums; but i couldn't beeat their captcha :(
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<Dolence> hi guys!
<Dolence> I have an A10 powered tv box laying around, and today I saw it can actually run xbmc with hardware decoding! anyone tried it?
<Dolence> worth trying?
<Dolence> just to be sure, is anyone even reading?
* hno is reading. But not using xbmc.
<Dolence> oh, thanks :)
<Dolence> last time I made an img for this box was a long time ago
<Dolence> now, reading wiki it seens to be quite easy
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<Dolence> I'm just a little unsure about what comes after
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