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<pirea> :|
<pirea> bad boy Nyuutwo
<Nyuutwo> pirea: why?
<pirea> you just can give me this link
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<mrnuke> neeah, we're not a google service
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<libv> hramrach: thanks for verifying
<libv> hramrach: yes, there were patches sent on thursday
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<libv> hrm, the licensing of nand-part is pretty muddled up.
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<libv> that's pretty horrible code.
<libv> and very little of it too.
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<libv> return 1 for success?
* libv shoots patrick wood
<libv> luckily he goes on to ignore the return value anyway
<libv> i am not touching this crap. it needs a day of work, and fosdem is too near
<mrnuke> libv: is that allwinner code you're ranting about?
* libv googles for some function names
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<libv> ah, yes,
<libv> one case yes, the othe no
<libv> he added a new function and mimmicked the behaviour, and then ignored the return value anyway
<mrnuke> hehe
<mrnuke> maan, writing good code is not for the fainthearted
<mrnuke> libv: here's a related clenup I once had to do for coreboot:http://review.coreboot.org/4266
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<libv> mrnuke: if you are bored: http://linux-sunxi.org/NAND#nand-part
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<mrnuke> libv: I'm not _that_ bored
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sgo11_sleep is now known as sgo11
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<sgo11> will the kernel support ap6210 in the future? thanks.
<wens> support for wifi is in 3.14 (already saw it in wireless-next pull request)
<wens> support for bt just needs DT and rfkill stuff, which I will post RFC after I rebase it
<sgo11> wens, just saw your reply. thanks a lot. how can I know when 3.14 + ap6210 ready? which url or page should I pay attention to? thanks.
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<sgo12> one more question. I am using lxde. Battery Monitor in lxpanel is not correct. it always shows 0% charged. how can I set it correctly? thanks.
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<libv> oliv3r: was it you that had forgotten how to fix the load > 1 issue?
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<libv> from the Cubietruck page: "Load is always > 1.0, if usb_detect_type = 1, see https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/cubieboard/mhb55nTj7lo This also affects cubieboard."
<libv> after all the nand wiki work, i now get to work the cubietruck wiki page...
<libv> the neverending story
<spv> libv: do we now have nand support on A20?
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<libv> spv: can you explain how you came to that conclusion?
<spv> you mentioned some nand wiki work, and I considered the possibility that the "work" involved stating in the wiki that there was a potential driver.
<libv> spv: or are you just so desperate for that to happen that you believe that mentioning 'nand" and an a20 device in the same sentence could mean that you finally get your problem solved?
<libv> spv: where in that sentence do i make a link?
<libv> spv: i needed nand for my second attempt at getting a working a13 board with uart, as the uart on that device was multiplexed with the sdcard
<libv> spv: i ended up asking a load of questions and fixing an issue left and right, and spent a lot of time documenting this
<spv> Apologies for taking your time then.
<libv> i am now bringing up a cubietruck, so i can do a tiny bit of kms work on it first, and then do a bit of lima work, so i have something to talk about at fosdem
<libv> no cubietruck pictures... nice.
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<libv> hrm, cubietech.com refuses to load for me
<Turl> libv: try cubieboard.org
<Turl> libv: I bet mnemoc has some pics on his G+ too
<Turl> libv: http://www.cubietech.com/ seems to work from here
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<libv> my firefox just seems to be running in a loop on it
<libv> connecting, connected, read, transferrring, and back...
<mrnuke> who still uses bloatfox?
<libv> mrnuke: and you stated that you are not bored?
<mrnuke> I added a "_that_" modifier
<Turl> mrnuke: firefox > *, I really don't understand how can people use bloatmium
<Turl> anyway
<Turl> libv: I wget'ed the page, no problem
<libv> mrnuke: you are bored enough to start a browser flamewar?
<libv> s/flame/holy/
<mrnuke> beetween bloatmium and firebloat, the latter wins hands down
<libv> Turl: doesn't work from where i sit
<libv> mrnuke: go do something useful and stfu
<libv> ah, eventually it did
<Turl> libv: you can try coralizing in case there's some issue on your net http://cubietech.com.nyud.net/
<mrnuke> libv: sure, I'll do that as soon as you man up, get a proper browser, and stop complining about bloatware working like crap ;)
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<libv> mrnuke: idiot.
<mrnuke> it's spelled ID 10 T ;)
<Turl> do I need to start babysitting people here? :)
<mrnuke> Turl: I'm good
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<libv> and i have better things to do
* mrnuke sighs. Some people just don't understand other people have differring opinions. It's the former tring to correct the latter that results in the flame war
<libv> ...
<Turl> philosophy--; sunxi++
<libv> holy_war_baiting--
<mrnuke> [OT] BTW, I think all msjor browsers suck
<libv> mrnuke: no-one cares, now stop it.
<mrnuke> kinda hard to ignore omeone when they keep yelling at you
<Turl> I'd rather see you two collaborate to get proper disp support on coreboot & linux
<mrnuke> Turl: sure. as soon as the atmosphere cools down
* Turl prepares liquid nytrogen in case it's needed
* mrnuke hands Turl a dewar of liquid helium
<libv> the A20-Cubietruck page looks a tiny bit better already
<libv> but this whole sunxi status thing is quite messy
<Turl> libv: I thought we didn't have one
<libv> and i have a distinct feeling that a lot of that might be outdated
<Turl> although on a second thought it makes sense - different pins than cb1/2
<Turl> libv: can't read it now, this DSL I'm using sucks *badly*
<libv> imho cb1/cb2 need separate pages as well
<libv> i am very certain that most information in the cubieboard pages, and the pages linked from there are duplicated somewhere else on our site already, or refer to cubieboard.org anyway
<libv> Turl: about coreboot... i have contributed to coreboot from 2007 til 2010
<libv> imho a very very important project for x86
<libv> but i do not see the point for arm
<libv> i did via stuff on it, did the first fully native C vga console code for a commercial motherboard (some amd/unichrome based asus) and significantly restructured flashrom
<libv> oh, and ended up plucking all the bits and pieces off the interweb and writing up a x86 vendor bios extraction tool
<libv> as for the vga console, google and intel recently put their heads together to provide native display support for some chromebooks. 3-4 years on.
<mrnuke> sure there is a point for ARM. There are a lot of things coreboot has to offer that other firmwares just can't
<libv> mrnuke: such as?
<mrnuke> from a developer point of view: modular source tree that is easy to work with
<mrnuke> from a security standpoint: crypto-verified boot
<libv> is u-boot such a mess then?
<libv> how hard is encryption to add to u-boot?
<mrnuke> uboot is a firmware and bootloader mashed together
<mrnuke> it's designed to do too many things, and not do any of them well
<mrnuke> google actually wrote their own bootloader so that they'd stop using uboot
<mrnuke> it's not hard to add crypto, just that it would be a clusterfuck, given the current structure
<mrnuke> (BTW, Allwinner can't have a verified firmware path)
<montjoie[home]> and the security system on A20 could do some key management for boot
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<Turl> montjoie[home]: hi, I got someone asking me about DES/3DES SS linux support on an email the other day
<Turl> montjoie[home]: did they talk to you?
<montjoie[home]> no but I will add it
<montjoie[home]> I wait for comment on my patch before working more on it:)
<montjoie[home]> adding DEs/3DES should be simple
<montjoie[home]> and I have a idea that perhaps could boost performance, preload key in security id, perhaps it is more fast than load it from memory
<Turl> montjoie[home]: don't you need to write key to register once?
<libv> hrm sun7i defconfig is rather... inclusive?
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<Turl> libv: I've heard some people saying it missed stuff a couple of times
<Turl> to each their own :p
<Turl> good night
<libv> 400+MB of modules?
<Turl> that's just probably debug symbols on :)
<Turl> get them stripped
<libv> no, there is a lot more in sun7i than in sun4/5i
<Turl> yeah but not 400M worth :p
<libv> it's finally done building.
<libv> 110mb net/wireless, 73mb media,
<montjoie[home]> Turl sadly no, I must write all stuff for each request (aka for each 512b)
<montjoie[home]> 512bytes for dm-crypt
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<_newleaves_> test
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<_newleaves_> hi anybody ?
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<libv> nice
<libv> libreoffice-impress doesn't take that long to load on cubietruck
<libv> but that's probably because it is still cached
<libv> still, should run smooth enough for fosdem
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<ggcock> hello, i just read the pack.sh in cubieboard. The bootfs.fex is create by "fsbuild bootfs.ini split_xxxx.fex". How is the split_xxxx.fex comes from and what does it mean?
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<nikrou> Hi all
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<nikrou> I follow the following documentation : http://linux-sunxi.org/Bootable_SD_card#Rootfs
<nikrou> With a debian and my I cannot boot on my external sdcard
<nikrou> On the other hand I can boot on fedora with images (18) : http://scotland.proximity.on.ca/contrib-images/hansg/
<nikrou> I cannot figure what is the difference
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<oliv3r> mrnuke: patches always welcome naturally :)
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<oliv3r> libv: hmm i thought i uploaded some ct pics at some point
<andhe_> would implementing support for PS2 in A20/Cubietruck on top of mainline be the most useless task ever? does anyone have a suggestion for something else that's really simple that I can use to get started hacking?
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<oliv3r> libv: on my CT with SSD, the whole thing boots and loads impress extrmply fast
<oliv3r> nikrou: probably bootloader, or the debian is a framebufferless OS; hard to say without debug :)
<andhe_> nikrou: maybe this can help you? http://blog.bofh.it/debian/id_440
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<nikrou> I take same kernel, same bootloader, ...
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<sgo11> hi, how to check if my ubuntu or kernel has battery module? or how to check battery status in command line? thanks.
<plaes> sgo11: it should be somewhere under /sys/class/power_supply
<sgo11> plaes, yeah, I have dir "/sys/class/power_supply/battery/" "status" file has content "Full". Does this mean the battery module is working? I should unplug the power to see if status will change or not. thanks.
<sgo11> unplug the power will make "status" file content becomes "Discharing". thanks a lot.
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<sgo11> s/Discharing/Discharging/
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<nikrou> I successfully but my tablet with debian from external sdcard.
<nikrou> Now, how can I restore my android system on it ? Didn't find that kind of link on the wiki. :-(
<nikrou> thanks in advance
<hramrach> nikrou: to restore andriod to factory state you need to download the factory image from your device manufacturer
<nikrou> I've got all nand partition.
<hramrach> you copied it from nand earlier?
<nikrou> hramrach, I try with Livesuit but didn't succeed. Oliv3r suggest me to boot from sdcard to restore it
<nikrou> yes
<hramrach> then you can presumably copy it back
<nikrou> But I think I need to do something else because when I do it now booting on android and copy it from shell (adb shell) it doesn't work
<hramrach> how did you copy it?
<nikrou> cat nandf_saved > /dev/block/nandf
<nikrou> for all nands
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<hani> nikrou : try the new phoenixSuit it should do the trick
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<hani> nikrou : just mount those partition and copy the contents or dd to those bloks
<nikrou> but I'm on linux :-)
<nikrou> so no phoenixSuit !
<nikrou> With a debian on my tablet I'm in my garden !!!
<nikrou> But I only need to unable wifi on startup because I haven't got a micro usb female port to access it with my keyboard !
<nikrou> s/unable/enable/
<hani> nikrou: Ok then boot from sd then create the android partition table and restore from your back up
<hani> I'm assuming that u have changed ur partitions when u installed debian
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<nikrou> @hani : no, I didn't modify something
<nikrou> I had an internal sdcard and an external one
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<nikrou> I boot from the external one
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<libv> ssvb: how much slower than a10 is a20?
<libv> is 312MHz all the mali400 has to give here?
<ssvb> mali can clock up to 370mhz according to the datasheet
<ssvb> and the practical overclocking limit is around 408mhz
<ssvb> the 370mhz limit seems to be the same for a10 and a20
<libv> ssvb: can you document the solution for your driver complaining about too small an fb?
<libv> hramrach: thanks for the pics :)
<ssvb> libv: I think I'll just submit a kernel patch to have everything handled by default
<ssvb> libv: documenting it all over the place is not very effective, but surely can be also done
<libv> ssvb: all over the place?
<libv> ssvb: you just edited the binary drivers page
<ssvb> libv: the readme at https://github.com/ssvb/xf86-video-fbturbo already mentions it, but the binary drivers wiki page can have it too
<libv> i am not sure what i did wrong, but altering script.bin failed for me
<libv> kernel command line worked
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<libv> ah, much better, 151fps for glmark2-es2
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<hramrach> the pics are from a phone but better than no pics ;-)
<libv> cpu usage does look rather good with fbturbo and double buffering
<libv> hramrach: good enough indeed
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<libv> hrm, fbdev pan display got disabled?
<libv> i don't recall that happening
<libv> anyway, on a20, 1024x768, companion cube spinning: limare is 296fps, binary is 220. But most of that will be down to limare using both PPs while the binary probably doesn't
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<Turl> libv: phoronix doesnt need to know that ;)
<Turl> libv: what blob are you using?
<libv> r3p0, i need to reboot now, as i just triggered something with ump which used to work just fine
<Turl> I think it's r3p2 which has dual pp support
<libv> yup
<libv> it's easy to change limare to single pp usage, so i'll give that a go soon
<oliv3r> libv: i got an older ocz SSD connected to my CT, and it's WOOSH fast
<oliv3r> and i also noticed that impress starts really fast, especially if I compare it to my laptop/desktop
<oliv3r> as if arm is somehow faster to start it
<hramrach> compared to anything else the board can connect to it's fast, yes
<oliv3r> technically, my desktop should be huge amounts faster then the little a20
<oliv3r> connect to?
<hramrach> you have nand, mmc, USB, ethernet
<hramrach> ethernet without interrupt mitigation ..
<hramrach> faster impress .. interesting
<oliv3r> i used gmac yeah
<hramrach> maybe fewer junk services running which impress tries to register to
<hramrach> also, did you try impress with the fbdev driver on your desktop?
<hramrach> that's *FAST* because the graphics decelaration is not used
<Turl> on my laptop it takes like 6s to start
<Turl> no wonder it has a splash screen :P
<hramrach> what are impress files named?
<hramrach> odp?
<Turl> .ppt/.pps? :p
<Turl> odp yep
<hramrach> take like 3s when in cache but a lot longer when it has to be fetched
<wens> graphics deceleration?
<hramrach> like when you are using a Radeon GPU
<hramrach> the X server renders stuff on the GPU
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<hramrach> which is slow because the work has to be submitted to the GPU, to do so the buffers are checked for errors that would lock it up
<wens> one would normally think using the GPU should be faster :(
<Turl> I used an AGP HD4something the other day on xubuntu
<hramrach> also the bitmaps in the GPU are in special tiled format and when you need to read them back or perform an operation for which no accelerated version is available migrating them is *really* expensive
<Turl> it was snappy
<Turl> (yeah, AGP)
<hramrach> wens: it's fast if you let it do its stuff but desktops don;t work like that
<hramrach> Turl: fbdev would likely be even snappier :p
<Turl> hramrach: on prescott hw? dunno :p
<hramrach> on any HW
<Turl> it was using compositing fwiw
<hramrach> even APUs are faster when rendering in sw
<Turl> yeah but you probably lose one core which is doin rendering
<Turl> doing*
<hramrach> which would be doing buffer checking otherwise ..
<Turl> when your system has two and it's due to HT it's not so nice
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<hramrach> well, it is slightly less CPU expensive to render in hardware but way slower
<Turl> I should do some benchmarks then
<Turl> that box is full of surprises
<Turl> it can boot xubuntu faster than my core2duo
<Turl> way faster
<hramrach> prescotts were good for their time
<Turl> and it has 1/6th of the RAM
<hramrach> and are still quite good if you do not pay your electricity bills
<Turl> probably atom-range by now
<Turl> otherwise a nice heater for your room
<hramrach> if you count in the newest atoms then probably
<hramrach> like the server atoms ;-)
<libv> Turl: you as the resident main android hacker...
<libv> Turl: do you use u-boot-sunxi at all?
<Turl> even atoms a couple years ago were computationally on par I think
<Turl> libv: lichee-dev branch or whatever it is :p
<libv> Turl: where is this documented?
<hramrach> computation is not that important for desktop
<hramrach> it's pretty much all DMA once you get some baseline CPU performance which most CPUs do meet today
<hramrach> libv: sunxi wiki?
<Turl> libv: nowhere I suppose, that branch is just an allwinner dump with a patch to pas the mem info via atags corectly so sunxi-3.4 can have a try at booting
<hramrach> there is something about cyanogen iirv
<Turl> pass*
<hramrach> iirc
<libv> Turl: where is the code, where is the documentation for setting up a build?
<Turl> libv: on u-boot-sunxi repo, normal uboot build other than you use the standard sun4i target and replace the uboot binary on nanda
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<libv> Turl: this is what is happening on the ml: http://www.mail-archive.com/linux-sunxi@googlegroups.com/msg00705.html
<Turl> libv: I don't think that branch is supposed to be other than the fixed dump :)
<libv> Turl: so we should state "whatever you do, do not use NAND with linux-sunxi, it is only meant to be used with android?"
<Turl> libv: you can use a proper external env to do whatever you want
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<Nyuutwo> anybody tried to debug why LCD LVDS clock doesn't work always?
<hramrach> I don't have the cables to connect a LVDS lcd :s
<libv> Turl: let me go back to the start: where/how are you using u-boot-sunxi lichee-dev, and please point me to the code, Makefiles or manifests
<Turl> libv: on the 3.0 days we didn't use it for android, we just used nanda as is
<hramrach> Also broke one already when my notebook fell from a table :/
<Nyuutwo> hramrach: I just connected scope to PD7
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<libv> Turl: and nowadays?
<Turl> if you want to use 3.4 you need to manually compile lichee-dev and drop the u-boot-bin on nanda before starting
<oliv3r> hramrach: i did use only the basic fbdev
<Turl> no makefiles or anything
<libv> Turl: ok.
<libv> Turl: so this is described nowhere?
<oliv3r> about 8 seconds on my laptop btw, it's much les on my a20; i can test tomorrow
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<Turl> libv: I don't think it is
<hramrach> Nyuutwo: ask tsvetan. supposedly he got it working and reported the bug but nobody but him remembers it. Should be logged on whitequark, too
<Turl> oliv3r: yeah but you have an ssd. It's a lot of disk spinning there
<libv> Turl: so nobody apart from you ever does it?
<Turl> libv: dunno :) it's an one time op in any case
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<Turl> libv: most people just use the aw sdk and flash whatever it generates with livesuit
<libv> so... you know your way around, and the rest of the planet uses the aw sdk...
<libv> to me, that states that this default boot commands change is an improvement
<Turl> libv: you could keep both of us happy with #ifdef ANDROID_BLAH... #else .... #endif
<Turl> and make a sun4i_android target with that flag
<libv> makes sense, but i can only go test half of that
<Turl> libv: also note that there's a lichee-a20 branch, your patches only seem to fix the sun4/5i one
<libv> i know.
<libv> i believe i have spread myself really thinly in this story already
<libv> and have gone out of my way to document things on top of that
<oliv3r> Turl: when as the last time you built android for allinner?
<oliv3r> libv: i think android hasn't been built by members in a long long time; atsampson tried to bring it up, but gave up
<Turl> oliv3r: 10.1 days I think
<libv> fixing up lichee-a20-dev is as much my responsibility as it has been others, only very few of them bothered to document anything
<Turl> oliv3r: [7] got it working I think
<oliv3r> paulk-collins says he will do a replicant build for sunxi; which is prefect
<hramrach> I gave up as well
<Turl> he sent to patches to the ml iirc
<Turl> to add vsync to disp and sth else
<Turl> two
<Turl> damn kbrd
<Turl> bbiab
<hramrach> android is just a bugpile anyway
<oliv3r> i think most of sunxi is about plain linux, since the android patches on top would work for those users
<[7]> oliv3r: I have a somewhat working android 4.2.2 on a20 (olinuxino)
<oliv3r> as far as booting from nand goes (android or otherwise) we generally say to just use an mmc; nand relies on libnand and lots of crap
<hramrach> I had splashscreen working on android and that's about as far as I got
<oliv3r> (crap being lichee u-boot, nand-part etc)
<oliv3r> i guess everybody is hoping for bboris and slapin to fix mtd :)
<oliv3r> with mtd; all are troubles are from yesterday
<[7]> (my android image is booting from nand as well, I haven't bothered looking into MMC yet)
<oliv3r> but did you modify nanda at all?
<oliv3r> i assume you use stock nanda?
<ccaione> mripard: ping
<[7]> I built most things from scratch
<[7]> I used images for boot0/boot1, but recompiled everything starting from boot.axf
<[7]> mostly to get recovery/fastboot buttons to work right
<libv> "boot_normal=nand read 50000000 boot; boota 50000000"
<libv> 50000000 is just some random number
<libv> so it reads in the full partition
<[7]> that's the memory address where it's loaded to, somewhat arbitrarily chosen
<libv> ah, ok
<libv> but it reads in the full partition
<[7]> the boota command will move it to the address specified inside the image
<[7]> yes
<libv> [7]: you compiled boot.axf?
<[7]> yes
<libv> [7]: source is where?
<libv> as it's not mentioned here http://linux-sunxi.org/Boot.axf
<oliv3r> i think hno or lkcl have it in their repo
<libv> documented.
<oliv3r> a small note, this is only for a20 and isn't the actual code running; but its all we need to improve u-boot
<oliv3r> we have also leaked boot0/1/axf code for a10 and a31
<[7]> what I can say is that it is mostly functional on a20
<[7]> except for some button handling stuff that is commented in there for no obvious reason
<oliv3r> it should its just an older version i suspect
<[7]> I failed to compile boot0/boot1 from that repository, but I didn't really look into what went wrong there
<oliv3r> pff 'freescale fits the bill'
<oliv3r> well i only use it to look at things to put into u-boot
<oliv3r> how DOES the imx6 compare to suxni freedom wise?
<oliv3r> ah it's a vivante
<lkcl> oliv3r: the iMX6 is pretty damn good - etnaviv works. the only bit that's not reverse-engineered is the proprietary video engine.
<lkcl> that's all!
<[7]> one reason why I preferred to stick with boot1/boot.axf for my project here is that it already contains a charging screen when the device is powered off etc.
<oliv3r> [7]: ah, boot.axf is the charging screen isn't it
<[7]> boot.axf is most of boot1's functionality
<[7]> it's basically its userspace
<[7]> the boot1 binary is just a kernel-like execution environment for it
<Nyuutwo> imx6 is neat, but there are some rough edges everywhere
<oliv3r> Nyuutwo: so it's further then sunxi or just a bit behind
<[7]> so boot.axf handles key press detection, charging screen, standby, booting uboot, ...
<Nyuutwo> oliv3r: I have problems with display on AW, but my device is wired
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<Nyuutwo> imx6 has opensource h264 codec support
<Nyuutwo> gl/cl works but with quirks, also AXI bus errors ...
<Nyuutwo> docs are no way to comparise
<Nyuutwo> and imx6 needs heatsink
<mnemoc> imx6q gets HOT even when idling
<mnemoc> but I plugged 12V to one and survived :p
<oliv3r> docs good yeah?
<oliv3r> what abot cost?
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<oliv3r> what is their vpu csllrf
<oliv3r> called
<Nyuutwo> oliv3r: docs are workable
<Nyuutwo> vpu works, but h264 encoder doesn't put real I frames
<Nyuutwo> nand just works, even with ubi
<Nyuutwo> I think AW has potential but .... help us
<oliv3r> better or worse?
<oliv3r> missing sextions like us?
<Nyuutwo> i think not, except caam in user manual is very cryptic
<oliv3r> sounds like exactly sunxi
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<Nyuutwo> oliv3r: but it has it's own doc
<Nyuutwo> which lights up some things
<Nyuutwo> wtf, i have transplanted lcd0_para from tablet to cubie2 and have clock
<Nyuutwo> but not in my tablet
<WarheadsSE> arokux: re: pirea -- yeah, we know lol
<Nyuutwo> plls have some pretunning?
<Nyuutwo> or some debug
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<mnemoc> sunxi - the most open armv7 platform yet (tm)
<Nyuutwo> ah imx6 has 400Mbits/s in gige
<nove> oliv3r: i replied to your "what do we want in the talk"
<nove> oliv3r: is only my side of the history, so you probable should also ask wingrime and jemk
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<oliv3r> nove: great, thanks
<oliv3r> so is imx more or equally open
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<lkcl> Nyuutwo: does that h264 codec require a proprietary library?
<lkcl> Nyuutwo: does it require proprietary firmware for which the source code is not available?
<lkcl> Nyuutwo: last time i checked, it did.
<Nyuutwo> back to my lvds problem, same kernel sources (bsp for tablet and cubie), rootfs-buildroot-3, and on tablet doesn't work
<Nyuutwo> lkcl: there are sources, but license is not gpl afair
<lkcl> if that firmware's source code is now available, and/or the entire source of the.... then it's not opensource, is it?
<lkcl> Nyuutwo: the answer to oliv3r's question is "no", if the h264 codec library is proprietary.
<Nyuutwo> I think it is some kind of public license
<lkcl> Nyuutwo: can you please point me at the source? (i will look at the same time....)
<Nyuutwo> they give openembedded layer
<lkcl> thanks: was struggling to find it :)
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<Nyuutwo> https://github.com/Freescale/fsl-community-bsp-base - there you configure board with license
<lkcl> Nyuutwo: i like OE.... 1sec....
<Nyuutwo> lkcl: you tried it or you just like concept
<lkcl> Nyuutwo: i've worked with it on several occasions over the past 8 years and even made a design for debian cross-compiling infrastructure that used bitbake
<lkcl> Nyuutwo: firmware-imx.inc
<lkcl> DESCRIPTION = "Freescale IMX firmware such as for the VPU"
<lkcl> SECTION = "base"
<lkcl> LICENSE = "Proprietary"
<Nyuutwo> neat, I just recently started using it and, it looks it has very seep learning curve
<lkcl> answer: it's proprietary
<lkcl> Nyuutwo: the combination of python and shell-script tends to do most people's heads in :)
<lkcl> plus, as it covers such a vast number of systems as well as packages *and* targets, the recipes have been heavily optimised for code-reuse over the years.
<Nyuutwo> lkcl: for me just some things like use bitbake ... | cat to get log what have been done
<lkcl> so that the [very few!] people working with it stand a hope in hell of managing so many options
<Nyuutwo> lkcl: you can just say crosscompiling and you will nail it
<lkcl> Nyuutwo: i just let it run then hunt around in the work/ directory looking for any compile errors
<lkcl> Nyuutwo: exactly! fucking awesome. and they've taken care of most of the horrendous errors that most people make
<lkcl> in their package definitions that is
<Nyuutwo> lkcl: but when you try making an image and it doesn't update code on which you work ...
<lkcl> yeahh i know. but, what do you expect: you're building an *entire* OS? :)
<Nyuutwo> yup
<Nyuutwo> so I use | cat
<Nyuutwo> but I don't think I found this on wiki
<lkcl> oliv3r: answer no. iMX6 requires a proprietary firmware blob for the VPU, equivalent to libcedarx.
<lkcl> so sunxi has libcedarx reverse-engineered and imx6's VPU is not
<lkcl> and iMX6 has the 3D GPU reverse-engineered and sunxi does not. yet.
<lkcl> not to the point where there's a full working opengl library, at least.
<lkcl> Nyuutwo: anyway - i have to get on.
<mnemoc> *g*
* nove stays silent
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<mrnuke> oliv3r: but I got my freebe already. The next patch has to go to the ML
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<oliv3r> mrnuke: ;)
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<oliv3r> so the big difference between sunxi and freescale is, is that sunxi does it all in software (libcedar) whereas freescale all does it in firmware (with a blob)
<oliv3r> nove: i really should install the tracer shouldn't I? :)
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<oliv3r> so i can take screenshots
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<oliv3r> cedarX is a chapter in itself in the presentation :)
<gzamboni_> did anyone checked the kernel version of http://dl.linux-sunxi.org/users/stulluk/A31/android4.4_v1.0.tar.gz ? im downloading here. is it the same as the A23 ? 3.4
<gzamboni_> or is it only the android filesystem
<oliv3r> nove: not sure if i'll do the 'ask question at any point'
<oliv3r> we have a time limit, and questions can distract :p
<oliv3r> gzamboni_: likly, but this is a31 stuff
<ssvb> nove, jemk: are you coming to FOSDEM?
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<nove> oliv3r: usally nobody asks questions from the talks that i saw, i only like this fact and then nobody asking
<nove> oliv3r: is not important
<nove> ssvb: i will be here in the irc chat watching the live feed, cheering
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<mnemoc> live feed?
<nove> by what i hear here, appear that will exist live feeds
<mnemoc> :o
<jemk> ssvb: no, sadly not. i have a job to do the whole saturday, and for a one day trip i'm a little bit too far away :(
<libv> yes, FOSDEM organizers are working hard on providing every single devroom with a full recording setup
<mnemoc> amazing
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<nove> oliv3r: only the trace viewer and i can also give some traces for it, also if you want i could do a diagram of jpeg encoding for easy explaining
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<Nyuutwo> oneliner to fix LVDS LCD
<libv> Nyuutwo: :)
<libv> Nyuutwo: in script.bin or in disp?
<Nyuutwo> pll3 = 297
<Nyuutwo> in script.bin [clock[
<libv> ...
<libv> what was it before?
<Nyuutwo> libv: there wasn't this line
<libv> Nyuutwo: grmbl. bad disp code
<libv> Nyuutwo: it should initialize this.
<libv> Nyuutwo: my kms driver does this, and i think disp should've been doing this as well
<Nyuutwo> so if I waited for after fosdem maybe we didn't find it out?
<libv> it should just work
<Nyuutwo> libv: and I also seen code in disp which "initializes pll"
<libv> as i use pll3 per default
<libv> i do not like clocking down the engines so i could get the dotclock slightly accurate
<libv> i am already quite appalled at the limited accuracy of the dotclocks
<libv> and am somewhat relieved that we will only end up using the second display channel when using composite
<libv> yes, it's more powerhungry, i know, but this is known and can be fixed later on
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<libv> but when you are stuck to hdmi or vga, you shouldn't care about this extra running clock
<hramrach> libv: what is the status of chromebook kernel?
<hramrach> is there any kernel that gives sane display support?
<libv> hramrach: it didn't horribly crash all the time
<libv> hramrach: beyond that, the xorg driver had the mali driver overwrite parts of the fb in the wrong pitch
<libv> and the display doesn't come back from dpms
<hramrach> well, the kernel which cames with chromeos somewhat works wrt display and somewhat fails wrt wifi
<libv> it's been since september, so i remember few details
<hramrach> I don't need to run mali on it. I just want the built-in display and preferably also HDMI working
* hramrach considers USB WiFi
<libv> i don't think i used either wifi or hdmi
<hramrach> actually, I was running plain fbdev the whole time
<libv> as it lived just 1.2m away from my wrt54g
<hramrach> any idea about mainline display support?
<WarheadsSE> turning off dpms is easy
<libv> hramrach: nope, sorry
<libv> hramrach: i only am in the capture/replay stage atm on chromebook
<libv> so it is mighty important to have working binaries
<WarheadsSE> im running armsoc at the moment but not seeing much better than fbturbo's asm optimizations
<hramrach> ok, I try to build it and complain how it's totally broken afterwards
<libv> :)
<libv> crap.
<libv> i was going to blame ssvb for the kernel panic in the memory mapping code
<ssvb> libv: oh, what happened?
<libv> but this is something that either happened somewhere on 3.4 or on A20
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<mnemoc> ?
<libv> sunxi-3.4 also crashes
<mnemoc> :(
<libv> although...
<libv> it's always on the 2GB machine
* libv throws together an sd-card for his a20 tablet
<hramrach> wasn't there a fix for that?
<WarheadsSE> hramrach: im jut using the eMMC directly or a 16GB SanDisk Cruzer Fit nub
<ssvb> libv: maybe some peripheral is not getting a proper bus address and is corrupting memory
<libv> hramrach: black screen is what happened on a 2GB machines, that's what ssvb his changes fix
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<hramrach> was considering something like fit but this thing is quite reusable and even more fitting
<libv> ssvb: it's when mapping ump memory
<libv> i will first try the tablet, and then enable some debug printing in the functions in the trace
<hramrach> I mean I can put the uSD in any next gadget that needs storage
<ssvb> libv: with the current "stable" sunxi-3.4 it is understandable, the black screen bug is there for UMP on 2GB systems
<ssvb> libv: but I don't like the "fix" myself, the mali driver code does not make a clear distinction between bus and physical addresses and it is inconsistent for different type of memory
<libv> ssvb: it is a null ptr dereference, and the ump attach call looks sane
<libv> so something went horribly wrong along the way
<libv> anyway, time for some digging
<mnemoc> can someone compose a branch with the stuff to merge in stage/sunxi-3.4? :( .... my laptop died so I can't do normal `git am`s :(
<libv> :(
<libv> just the laptop died, or did the disk die too?
<mnemoc> the SSD
<mnemoc> but I have ssh from the phone, so I can pull, test, etc..., push
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<mnemoc> any recommendation for a RELIABLE ssd? :\
<hramrach> mnemoc: intel
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<hramrach> the reviews are favorable and they are the only company that gives 5y warranty
<hramrach> had my share of A-DATA and OCZ SSDs die on me
<hramrach> they are the cutting edge ..
<hramrach> newest stuff but buggy
<nikrou> Hi all. Is there an equivalent of lspci to know what is my hardware ?
<hramrach> which part of hardware?
<hramrach> lsusb + ls /sys
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<nikrou> I think my wifi driver was rt8192cu
<mnemoc> hramrach: I've lost 2 ocz vertex2 in less than 3y :\
<Nyuutwo> nikrou: cat /proc/cpuinfo?
<nikrou> but I cannot see wlan0
<Nyuutwo> if you want to know your cpu
<nikrou> and the driver is loaded
<hramrach> then lsusb
<Nyuutwo> nikrou: lsusb
<nikrou> I will try
<Nyuutwo> probably not added VID:PID pair
<hramrach> and try to figure out how to power on all USB buses
<nikrou> I have an old lsmod run on it but I don't know if all modules are loaded on boot
<hramrach> and if it's usb or sdio ..
<nikrou> I have rtl8150. Is it a wifi driver ?
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<nikrou> Ok lsusb is great. I've got id 0fba:0179 from Realtek ; so the driver is 8188eu. Just need to compile it for my kernel !
<hramrach> or just build the current kernel which has the driver
<nikrou> I have kernel 3.0.76
<nikrou> I didn't compile it
<libv> nikrou: sunxi-3.4 is 3.0.75, and has that id included
<hramrach> well, 3.0 is no longer developed and may not have the driver at all
<libv> err, 3.4.75
<hramrach> 3.4.75
<libv> nikrou: what hardware is this?
<nikrou> sun5
<nikrou> A13
<libv> nikrou: that's the SoC, what device is this?
<mnemoc> hramrach: weirdly the serie 530 seems to be cheaper (and faster) than the 520... both having 5y of warranty
<hramrach> 530 is newer and cheaper controller, probably
<mnemoc> hramrach: so less reliable?
<hramrach> it's too new to say anything about reliability
<mnemoc> ...
<hramrach> maybe just produced in larger volume
<mnemoc> hramrach: which would you buy? 520 or 530?
<hramrach> I would go for either
<mnemoc> thanks
* mnemoc hates to get his tools broken
<libv> mnemoc: it's a horrible waste of time
<libv> mnemoc: i had a laptop die on me 2 weeks before FOSDEM 2012
<mnemoc> ow
* hramrach just equipped a few notebook @work with a 530
<libv> in the middle of the crazy lima bringup
<mnemoc> fixed or replaced?
<wingrime> libv: I still have no SSD in my HW,
<hramrach> mnemoc: you can always read some reviews if you want to know how 520 and 530 compare ..
<mnemoc> hramrach: I did... http://www.anandtech.com/show/7438/intel-ssd-530-240gb-review ... but I wanted to know your opinion
<mnemoc> as "< hramrach> mnemoc: intel" was my starting point
<libv> and then nikrou went silent...
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<hramrach> well, local dealer claims 100% reliability on the intel 530 but they could not sell that many yet
<nikrou> No I re-compile my kernel
<nikrou> I compile it for 3.4.75
<nikrou> And I add module
<nikrou> wait for end of compilation
<Nyuutwo> now i need get microusb host adapters
<Nyuutwo> is sleep working in sunxi?
<libv> nikrou: what device is this?
<nikrou> a wifi controller
<nikrou> 8188eu
<libv> nikrou: no, i mean, what board/tablet is this.
<nikrou> Ah ok. It's a A13
<nikrou> 7''
<libv> nikrou: which one?
<nikrou> made by storex
<ccaione> /quit
<ccaione> ups
<nikrou> nuclear_inet lc7
<libv> hrm, the rubber bands on one of my 7" tablet sleeves have almost gone :(
<nikrou> difficult to find a real name in all theses clones
<libv> this thing will soon be 4ys old...
<libv> nikrou: what did the android device information tell you?
<nikrou> ro.product.model=7LC
<nikrou> ro.product.name=nuclear_inet
<Wizzup> Turl: \o
<nikrou> manufacter unknown !!
<Turl> Wizzup: o/
<libv> nikrou: manufacturer is inet :)
<nikrou> ok
<nikrou> I'm new in that jungle ! :-)
<libv> that it is
<nikrou> great I have a new kernet !
<nikrou> s/kernet/kernel/
<libv> nikrou: did you see our http://linux-sunxi.org/New_Device_howto ?
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<nikrou> no
<nikrou> :-(
<libv> nikrou: what does the top of script.bin tell you?
<nikrou> I discover the wiki 3 days ago
<libv> well, the fex file that is
<parabyte> on these horrible A13 tablets is the wifi connected via a usb bus internally or some weird bus i am unaware of?
<parabyte> i was thinking of chopping off the horrible built in wifi adaptor and soldering in say an atheros usb dongle
<Turl> parabyte: some of them have it on usb, others via SDIO
<libv> nikrou: this howto should take you through most of the steps needed to collect the necessary information, and to create a device page
<parabyte> so they got the sdio talking usb?
<parabyte> or the wifi chipset is designed to work on logic level signals?
<Nyuutwo> send patch to list about this fex fix?
<parabyte> Turl, i have a13's with dead nand's and was thinking of booting off sdcard, and turning them into an educational mesh
<Turl> parabyte: it's an SDIO wifi chip
<parabyte> Turl, ill just use its conventional usb !
<parabyte> i doubt its built in wifi chipset can do all the many cool things atheros chipsets can do
<parabyte> i got a fancy for playing around with tdma in my spare time
<libv> nikrou: erm...
<libv> nikrou: you might be very very lucky.
<nikrou> why ?
<libv> looking for a picture of the connectors now
<libv> one french forum links lc7 with 86vz
<nikrou> I think it's not exactly the same. I have no hole between usb and sound buttons
<libv> for a separate power connector?
<nikrou> I opened mine this afternoon and it seems to be the same
<libv> did you take pictures?
<nikrou> Where can I find my script.bin. I spoke of original one
<nikrou> Yes I will put them online
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<libv> nikrou: again, all of that is in this howto
<nikrou> Yes I read it but you missed beginning of story
<nikrou> I install CWM just after christmas and I loose everything and my device is in endless boot to recovery
<nikrou> But I saved all my nands and I try to restore my system
<libv> how did you save your "nands" ?
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<nikrou> cat nands > nand_save
<nikrou> one by one
<libv> nikrou: you mean /dev/block/nanda[a-z]
<nikrou> yes
<libv> err, /dev/block/nand[a-z]
<libv> nikrou: then you lack the 1st mb
<libv> nikrou: stick nanda somewhere reachable
<nikrou> don't understand what you mean
<nikrou> the script.bin is in it ?
<libv> nikrou: on sunxi we have a hacked driver which exposes not only /dev/nand[a-z] but also /dev/nand
<libv> nikrou: yes
<hramrach> nikrou: like mbr on x86
<libv> but the memory info is lacking
<hramrach> it's outside of every partition
<mnemoc> boot0/boot1 live outside /dev/nand
<hramrach> but you need not change those, hopefully
<mnemoc> eventually we should replace them with u-boot or coreboot :p
<libv> hopefully the dram chips will be well visible
<nikrou> after my awfull error (installing CWM), I didn't try anything
<hramrach> hmm, maybe writing a driver for that would be interesting
<nikrou> I read carrefully many website and forum
<libv> nikrou: again, stick nanda and detailed board pictures somewhere world reachable and give us the link
<hramrach> there is no build of CWM for a20 I ma aware of
<nikrou> ok
<mnemoc> hramrach: you can use the mtd driver... I think. because boot0/boot1 live in the first raw block
<nikrou> pictures
<hramrach> mnemoc: iirc the blocks that store boot0/boot1 are not full so the checksums might be wrong from the point of view of MTD
<mnemoc> hramrach: good point
<libv> nikrou: looks like the same board, but that could still mean that the ram and nand are different
<mnemoc> hramrach: so make a dumber driver based on the mtd driver to expose the full raw nand :p
<libv> nikrou: that hole in the side is pointless
<libv> nikrou: i ended up sticking some jumper wires through there to get serial
<libv> ( i had no hole, and i used an older soldering iron to make one)
<hramrach> is that ICS chip ram?
<libv> i have kingston on my 86vz
<libv> nikrou: you're going to have to open it up again if you do not have any better pictures
<hramrach> kingston :o
<libv> hramrach: i only buy quality cheap-ass tablets :p
<Turl> hah
<nikrou> No problem to open it
<nikrou> I need to find a better screwdriver because mine is too big
<libv> nikrou: read the info off the ram and off the nand
<libv> nikrou: do not use a screwdriver on the case
<libv> nikrou: cut off the head off a toothbrush
<libv> nikrou: and flatten it like a screwdriver
<nikrou> I have script.fex (the orig one)
<nikrou> What do you want ?
<libv> pastebin it
<libv> for now
<Turl> hramrach: I've seen one with hynix ram
<hramrach> well, I guess it's SCS, actually. but the details are unreadable even with heavy postprocessing
<hramrach> and I guess it's ram because it's BGA and it only makes sense for rams but without reading the chip name ..
<libv> hramrach: yes, the bga cheap between the a13 and the battery is the ram
<libv> hramrach: i just brought up a device based on the same board
<libv> nikrou: is this from the original nand?
<libv> nikrou: or is this from cyanogenmod thing?
<libv> dram_para are filled in...
<libv> that's quite suspicious
<hramrach> a13 with pins and a bga ram .. the Chinese can put together weird frankenboards
<nikrou> Yes it's before cyanogen stuff
<nikrou> Because now theses nands no more exists
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<nikrou> libv : I have no serial console but I have a functionnal debian on it with wifi enable and I just access on it through ssh ! :-)
<hramrach> I have e-book reader with EtonTech ram. With pins ;-)
<libv> hah, i never created a patch for the 86vz
<nikrou> Is it possible to restore my android system from my saves nands ?
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<libv> nikrou: that sort of thing would be highly specialized
<libv> nikrou: as you would need to restore that first MB
<libv> the partition table can be guessed
<libv> but boot0 is something else
<libv> we cannot currently access that area
<nikrou> So ...
<nikrou> I can drop it
<nikrou> ?
<hramrach> you can boot from the sd card for the time being
<nikrou> that device is for my kids, with touch screen !
<hramrach> put a piece of tape over the sd slot ;-)
<nikrou> I know is a real cheap devices but they are young so it's a first step
<hramrach> it can be restored but not easily
<nikrou> hramrach : :-)
<hramrach> unless you have the original image from manufacturer which you would reflash
<nikrou> I didn't have it. :-(
<nikrou> And don't know how to get it
<nikrou> Boot from debian was interesting but I want to continue
<libv> nikrou: your fex 100% matches the inet_86vz
<libv> from my device
<nikrou> great
<libv> so i have a copy of boot0 on my nand
<libv> but i cannot reach it
<nikrou> :-(
<nikrou> do you have the original image ?
<libv> nikrou: i just spent the last week battling nand, and finally got it working like i need it
<libv> i am now spending time on things that are relevant to me and FOSDEM
<nikrou> ok
<nikrou> Where is fosdem this year ?
<Wizzup> same place as always
<Wizzup> Brussels
<Wizzup> libv: does that mean lima? :)
<libv> Wizzup: yes, if i can stop my kernel from crashing.
* Wizzup will find you and hand you a beer
<libv> nikrou: i will send in my .fex file to the list
<libv> nikrou: the u-boot code is already present
<libv> on the list
<libv> nikrou: use that to make an android of your choice
<libv> on an sd-card
<nikrou> On what list ?
<libv> our list
<nikrou> which
<nikrou> ok
<libv> linux-sunxi@googlegroups.com
<nikrou> Ok I just subscribe
<nikrou> Many thanks
<libv> ah great, i didn't even send the u-boot changes.
<nikrou> My eyes need to be closed for night !
<libv> i was too busy battling the nand
<nikrou> I will see them when you post them. No problem
<nikrou> Thanks for you help
<libv> nikrou: where did you buy your device, how was it marketed?
<nikrou> I'm french
<nikrou> I buy it on cdiscount
<nikrou> it is marketed Tab LC7 and contact waranty is storex.eu
<nikrou> I contact them but they didn't answer
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<libv> ah, no 8GB
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<foubarre> wens: hi. Is there any way to follow your progress on OTG (other than asking here) and is there a way i can help (testing is the most efficient i can do i think)?
<nikrou> description is not correct because I had android 4.2 on it
<foubarre> nikrou: mais que demander à cdiscount.. ce ne sont que des pousseurs de cartons..
<libv> foubarre: anglais sil-te-plais
<foubarre> libv: sorry, it slipped..
<nikrou> bye all
<libv> nikrou: crap, i just spent 60eur on this and it wasn't even new!
<libv> nikrou: i will want some more complete android identification strings in the next few days
<nikrou> I got mine for 29euro
<libv> so that the http://linux-sunxi.org/Inet_86vz page can be even more complete
<libv> hah
<libv> that shows for how much these things can be produced
<nikrou> I will try to add infos on it
<libv> nikrou: under "Identification" and "Also known as"
<libv> a picture of the back might also be interesting
<nikrou> ok
<nikrou> bye
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<hramrach> is the yuq driver supposed to work on 3.4 or mainline ?
<hramrach> it's out-of-tree
<libv> hramrach: i think that the libnand can be poked around so that it shows those sectors correctly
<libv> the randomization is set per sector/page
<libv> by the nand driver
<hramrach> you have to frob some control register in the controller
<libv> those get set all the time
<hramrach> hmm
<libv> as far as i could see at least
<hramrach> how do they make that stuff thread-safe?
<libv> hramrach: that's a question you do not want to ask
<hramrach> pray
<libv> because there is probably no good answer to that :p
<hramrach> ok, now I see how using as little of the hardware as possible makes better driver ;-)
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<libv> ah, right. crap. no otg on this hw yet
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<ssvb> libv: are you using the stage/sunxi-3.4 kernel now?
<libv> i went back to non-stage to hit the same crasher
<libv> bringing up the a20 tablet still
<libv> getting close though
<libv> using sunxi stuff to boot a rootfs takes less time than setting up the rootfs to be useful :)
<ssvb> libv: UMP in non-stage is totally incompatible with 2GiB RAM, but stage/sunxi-3.4 might be just not fixed good enough
<libv> ssvb: i get the same crash each time, on 2GB
<libv> just fixed this tablet thinking it was in 2018
<libv> now building limare
<ssvb> libv: yes, it is kinda expected for non-stage with 2GB
<ssvb> libv: I would be actually more worried if I have introduced a regression in stage for 1GiB system
<libv> you're not off the hook yet :p
* libv pulls more packages
<ssvb> :)
<ssvb> libv: it might be interesting to try u-boot dram settings from cubieboard2 on cubietruck, but with the reduced dram clock speed
<libv> ssvb: to see the fps?
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<ssvb> libv: to see if it still crashes with 1GiB RAM, of course unless you have tried something like this already
<libv> i am setting up the rootfs for lima on a 1GB A20 tablet
<libv> bang.
* libv fires up an a13
<libv> so the 1GB size is not involved.
<foubarre> "don't breath this"
<libv> this is sunxi-3.4, not stage
<libv> oh yeah, same on a10...
<libv> this is a difference between 3.0 and 3.4
<libv> as this code was working on A10 a month and a half ago, but on an old 3.0 kernel
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