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<alexanderbarbosa> lol
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<mrcode_> what's the simplest way to make an empty simple-vector of a given size ?
<aeth> make-array with an :initial-element and if that's too verbose (it often is) you can just define a trivial inline function to do it
<aeth> (make-array 3 :initial-element nil) or (make-array 3 :initial-element 0)
<mrcode_> aeth: thx. are those usually faster than regular arrays ?
<aeth> They could be more space-efficient and provide the compiler's type inference more information if you give them an :element-type, e.g. (make-array 3 :element-type 'single-float :initial-element 0f0)
<aeth> element-type is only going to work for certain kinds of numbers and characters, like e.g. (unsigned-byte 8). Besides characters and bits, it's implementation specific, but almost all of them will have single-float, double-float, and various byte sizes (especially 8, 16, 32, and 64) that are signed and unsigned
<aeth> It might round, e.g. (unsigned-byte 14) might round to 15 or 16
<aeth> And that's where adding trivial helper functions is often helpful.
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<mrcode_> got it. thx aeth
<aeth> by default, and if you give it an invalid type, it'll just be a T array, i.e. holds anything
<aeth> initial-contents is another useful feature, e.g. (make-array 3 :element-type 'single-float :initial-contents '(1f0 2f0 3f0)) => #(1.0 2.0 3.0)
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<aeth> There is a #lisp-es with 5 people (by comparison, #lisp-pl has 17)
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<drmeister_> Hi - has anyone used sphinx and/or cldomain to generate documentation for lisp systems?
<drmeister_> The cldomain examples point to a website that is down. I'm looking for advice and feedback on writing documentation for Common Lisp code.
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<PuercoPop> drmeister_: There is https://github.com/russell/sphinxcontrib-cldomain
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<PuercoPop> which is used in https://github.com/russell/cl-git
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