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<lanefu> OMG has ANYBODY been able to change the screen resolution of their N2 within boot.ini with the non-bsp kernel?
<lanefu> mine does 1920x1200 nomatter what arguments i change
<lanefu> :P
<lanefu> boot at least it boted from PR #1956
<lanefu> *but
<Werner> Good morning
<nekomancer[m]> good
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<Tonymac32> lanefu for the Potato I see gp0_pll_dco failing, I didn't get to play with my u-boot move today
<Tonymac32> I would wipe out the audio patches
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<Tonymac32> I think they are the old ones anyway
<Tonymac32> I'll look through these patches tomorrow, they seem to have multiplied rather than shrunk. :P
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<IgorPec> martinayotte: hey
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @A13_technology We designed smart 8 in 1 with option to stack ;) Assembly of a small serie is in final stage. https://t.co/zonQIa9jXO https://t.co/fFMoTp3zzs (6s ago)
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<martinayotte> IgorPec: Good morning
<IgorPec> noon here :) how is going up there?
<IgorPec> is your Orangepi RK3399 in function? I have difficulties to bring it to life
<martinayotte> Quite good ! Since I'm living in township, not much affected compare to Montreal.
<IgorPec> yeah. slovenia is township as a whole :)
<martinayotte> My OrangePi-RK3399 ? It is running 5.6.2 built on April 6th ...
<IgorPec> what about boot loader, also up to date*
<IgorPec> i am suspecting troubles with boot loader ... don't get anything on serial
<martinayotte> At the time I've done the build, it was : U-Boot 2020.01-armbian (Apr 06 2020 - 16:14:46 -0400)
<martinayotte> Serial-TTL is working fine.
<IgorPec> then mine is probably fried :(
<IgorPec> OK, piter did some changes around u-boot that should be tested on this board
<martinayotte> Euhhh ! Did you miss plug it ? On mine, I leave the USB-Serial plugged always, it is plugged since more than a year.
<martinayotte> Ok ! I will redo a new build with latest changes and keep you informed ...
<IgorPec> no, i pulled out my last hair, tried everything
<IgorPec> console was not moved away from 3 pin header, right?
<martinayotte> Right ! On many of my board, since I've more then 15 USB-TTL, I leave them plugged, only switch USB extension cord from my PC from board to another.
<IgorPec> i ordered a bulk of USB ttl since running low :) only 6 or smth
<martinayotte> I'm still waiting for 5 new ones, but Chinese shipments have been delayed a bit due to COVID-19.
<IgorPec> and i have a few which doesn't work well. they are faling all the time and can't go over 115200
<martinayotte> Oh ! What kind of chip ? (I've no issues with CH34x)
<IgorPec> i also have no issues with CH340
<IgorPec> those are some FT232
<IgorPec> and pl2303
<martinayotte> I've 2 of those, and sometime, they are hang, and I press <return> autorepeat for maybe 40 secs until they come up again.
<martinayotte> using picocom
<IgorPec> aha, didn't tried that
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<martinayotte> In my case, such hanging even occurs at 115200 ...
<martinayotte> On my Pine64 for example ...
<IgorPec> yes, for me too ...
<martinayotte> OPi-RK3399 build started ...
<IgorPec> mine does not react on anything ... i need to try maskrom recovery option , but after release. now dealing with tons of other problems
<martinayotte> I will keep you posted when new build will be finished.
<IgorPec> ok
<lanefu> good morning
<IgorPec> good morning
<lanefu> yeah i had some weird cruft in my build folder.. i ended up destroying it all and then opilite built
<lanefu> funny thing was.. the whole reason i was building opilite was because i wanted a wifi TTL serial for the lepotato rather than just hooking up my USB ttl lol
<IgorPec> lol
<lanefu> IgorPec: i took off work today, so i have a little extra bandwidth
<IgorPec> i am rebuilding first full nightl batch now
<lanefu> ha... maybe we shuold merge 1956 first :P
<lanefu> now that it works
<IgorPec> i am trying if build-all works as expected
<lanefu> cool
<nekomancer[m]> martinayotte: what about something like "Q18042 USR-TCP232-T2 Tiny Serial Ethernet Converter Module Serial UART TTL to Ethernet TCPIP Module" https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32777896486.html
<archetech> cd ..
<martinayotte> nekomancer[m]: although the module you mentioned is nice, it is a bit expansive for the task, the one Igor mentioned is similar to the ones I own.
<martinayotte> IgorPec: my OPi-RK3399 is now upgraded to 5.6.12 with U-Boot 2020.04, booting from eMMC. Serial-Debug still working fine ...
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<IgorPec> thanks!
<HerculeP> lanefu: downloading.. (100Mb/s)
<HerculeP> :D
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<lanefu> sweet!
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<HerculeP> lanefu: boots ok from SD (couldnt find my emmc :( ) wifi works, BUT same issue as last time: reboot command shuts down properly, doesn't come up again -> remote usage impossible
<lanefu> HerculeP: yeah just saw that with my potato as well
<lanefu> [ 4807.160004] watchdog: watchdog0: watchdog did not stop!
<HerculeP> that too
<lanefu> does sound work?
<HerculeP> didnt check yet, currently apt upgrading
<nekomancer[m]> HerculeP: then watchdog should reset it
<IgorPec> lanefu: means we might not go to 5.6.y ?
* HerculeP never touched watchdog
<lanefu> IgorPec: yeah unless we can iron those kinks out
<lanefu> HerculeP: does your C2 reboot with kernel 5.4?
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<nekomancer[m]> watchdog is very helpful exactly in such cases
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: you have a C2 or le potato to troubleshoot ?
<nekomancer[m]> no☹︎ only RPi23, Rock64 and N2
<HerculeP> lanefu: lemme check 5.4 ... no sound (via HDMI) btw
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: you wanna check out sound and reboot on N2 with? https://armbian.lane-fu.com/Armbian_20.05.0-trunk_Odroidn2_bionic_current_5.6.12_desktop.img
<HerculeP> nekomancer[m]: size is 4GB!
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* nekomancer[m] can try.
<nekomancer[m]> How sound should be checked?
<nekomancer[m]> system payer will be ok>
<nekomancer[m]> ?
<HerculeP> lanefu: downgraded to 5.4.39 still no sound, no reboot
<HerculeP> nekomancer[m]: I started a podcast in the chromium browser, audio volume meter showed the signal but no sound from the speakers
<nekomancer[m]> still image downloading — 27 mins left
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<HerculeP> heh, fiber ftw
<lanefu> HerculeP: yeah basically if you goto sound and see the audio sync and dummy is the only option then there's no sound
<lanefu> yeah still cracks me up how fast i an xfer overseas to you HerculeP
<lanefu> its liek faster then a lot of my friends state side
<HerculeP> half my max download option
<HerculeP> limited on your side, lol
<lanefu> yeah its actually bottlenecked by my router at hte moment
<lanefu> well haproxy running on mhy router is the bottleneck
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<nekomancer[m]> lanefu: try ipfs :)
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: ha yeah i shoudl setup a gateway sometime
<nekomancer[m]> just use docker. 10 minutes to go.
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<plntyk> there might be some issue with the buildbot or building system at least w. odroid-c1 - or i dont unterstand the images on https://dl.armbian.com/odroidc1/nightly/ - i thought i fixed the boot but the 5.4.40 image "trunk" from 12th *should* be the same image as master
<plntyk> however it seems to fail to boot - both buster and focal 5.4.40 images while 3 local image from master checkout - 2 via docker and 1 in a 20.04 LTS VM just run fine
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<IgorPec> plntyk: yes, it doesn't boot for me neither
<IgorPec> keep saying that image is corrupted
<IgorPec> yes
<plntyk> that is the output of a VM 20.04 LTS that works with fresh checkout
<plntyk> do you compile on 1804 ?
<IgorPec> i compile on Linux mint :)
<IgorPec> compilers are external, so it should not affect ... except mkimage
<IgorPec> but that is running inside chroot
<plntyk> its probably more like the make of ext4 fs or the copy of /boot files
<IgorPec> but in that case other images would also have problems
<IgorPec> this is happening only on c1
<IgorPec> but i guess not :(
<nekomancer[m]> lanefu: no sound on my N2 in chrome youtube.
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: okay.. so yeah in pulse audio for output sinks do you see anything besides dummy?
<plntyk> i already manually fixed the error with some mix of deleting / recopy and removing extended attributes on the file but tomorrow i'll try to test mint in a VM and maybe just backport _all_ fs/ext4 uboot changes to the odroid-c1
<nekomancer[m]> no, only dummy
<plntyk> since it uses vendor uboot patched 2011.03
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: okay... and... does reboot work?
<nekomancer[m]> emm... what exactly should I run? to tell "reboot"?
<IgorPec> plntyk: is there any hope for modern u-boot? is there any sign of C1 ?
<nekomancer[m]> Or desktop menu? something else?
<lanefu> uhhh usually from the logout/shutdown menu you can reboot... or you can run reboot from comand line
<lanefu> either is fine
<HerculeP> both CLI and GUI reboot didnt work here (C2)
<nekomancer[m]> seems not root non my new user can't login remotely viassh with username and password. is it expected?
<nekomancer[m]> access denied
<plntyk> IgorPec: there is no sign atm - it has some issues like newer c2 etc with some vendor (?) blob stuff or so (bl1) maybe similar to bl21/bl30 on later boards
<plntyk> but odroid-c1 has mainline support and its armv7 multiconfig and has a working dtb in kernel
<IgorPec> yeah, its not possible to boot withoht that attm
<IgorPec> yes, lets try to fix this as intendent
<plntyk> but ... the diff between v2011.03 and v2011.03 vendorpatch is like ~500 files w. 10mb in /arch alone
<IgorPec> nightmare :(
<plntyk> an i am not a uboot expert - theoretically since there is mainline support for other armv7 like omap3 in kernel and uboot - it should be simpler to add an additional armv7 in uboot since omap3 already works there
<IgorPec> nobody will dig into this old u-boot. its waste of time and also alone you can't do much
<IgorPec> there is also some Librelec for C1, experimental
<IgorPec> with modern kernel, so its doable so I wonder what we are doing wrong here :(
<plntyk> also u-boot from 2011 to 2019 has major changes like going to Kconfig and changing the drivers
<IgorPec> yes i know, its insane big diff
<nekomancer[m]> lanefu: reboot from local desktop terminal from root "just work"
<plntyk> and with all those compiler changes you need the old toolchain too since compilation broke too
<IgorPec> at least that part we are covering
<plntyk> going to watch some tv and tomorrow probably doing some testing or test-backporting of whole ext4 tree in uboot
<IgorPec> right, slowly, i also have enough for today
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<nekomancer[m]> armbian-config "Hardware Toggle hardware configuration: UART, I2C, etc." looks wrong for me: https://clip2net.com/s/47tVE7Z
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<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: okay cool thansk for testing
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<nekomancer[m]> hoo, so long...
<IgorPec> our forces are around 1000x too small for the problems community discover / create
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<TomTheDragon> i'm thinking of hacking in zaphod mode for armsoc videodriver. is there already a patch somewhere out there that handles this?
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