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<Tonymac32> lanefu igorpec building a potato image to take a look, I removed the series of Rockchip patches from the mix
<Tonymac32> 147 patches.
* Tonymac32 holds head and sobs
<redentor> i want to partitiion the sdcard and used debootstrap it is posible ?
<lanefu> Lol stay strong tony
<Tonymac32> haha
<Tonymac32> ok, so we need to wipe out the entire rockchip series of patches, they have no purpose in Meson64
<Tonymac32> lanefu, my potato reboots
<Tonymac32> no audio though, also no errors
<Tonymac32> so to the device tree/kernel config I go!
<Tonymac32> I eliminated patches 401-438 rkvdec and hantro stuff for rockchip
<Tonymac32> ans wait, I disabled rockchip stuff in the kconfig as well
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<Tonymac32> I look like a bad hacker movie right now, 3 keyboards, 3 screens, shit everywhere, a cube of single board computers flashing away in front of my keyboard I have to reach around to type on the main console
<lanefu> Lol
<Tonymac32> cables in every direction
<Tonymac32> and a beer
<Tonymac32> ^ most important part
<lanefu> You need a step van and go full sneakers
<nekomancer[m]> it was not a step to use one kernel for amlogic and rockchip?
<Tonymac32> this is something we were musing about at one point, but for now it isn't practical
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<Tonymac32> the patches aren't current anyway
<Tonymac32> Let me define "isn't practical": Oleg has done it with TV box support. I do not have the energy or will to recreate it in the normal Armbian "Stuff in an SD card and go" format
<Tonymac32> am I lazy? perhaps. :P
<Tonymac32> I got a couple RTL8821cu based micro dongles, they seem to work well
<Tonymac32> (For a micro sized WiFi card)
<nekomancer[m]> homemade wifi dongles
<Tonymac32> they look a little nice for being home made. :D
<nekomancer[m]> o. I use couple of same. Visualy.
<lanefu> Damn dual band for a nickel
<Tonymac32> lanefu try a build now and see if you still can't reboot
<Tonymac32> mine reboots, but I didn't get to try it before the changes I made (which seem unrelated, but...)
<lanefu> Lol standby
<Tonymac32> patches now = 128
<lanefu> building
<Werner> Good morning
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<Tonymac32> Good morning
<Tonymac32> I am peeling potatoes cooking la frites
<nekomancer[m]> good
<Tonymac32> *No boards were harmed during the making of that statement*
* Tonymac32 senses nekomancer[m]'s disappointment
<nekomancer[m]> no-no. /me for all good
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<Tonymac32> the C2, did anyone check the USB ports? between 5.4 and 5.6 the USB0 phy and USB0 were set to disabled by default, I just can't remember which port that is.
<Tonymac32> lol, so the GXL has a special crypto block that is exposed now
<lanefu> sorry i spaced out.. flashing now
<lanefu> Oooh i wonder if its a good one
<lanefu> cyrpto offloading is alwasy stylish
<Tonymac32> lol
<lanefu> been working on hackintosh project for wife
<Tonymac32> ick
<lanefu> i was trying to avoid it, but the used market persuaded me
<Tonymac32> #sorryNotSorry. ;-)
<lanefu> yeah pretty much
<lanefu> went with ebay enterprise desktop on ebay that had step-by-step stuff
<lanefu> still only took me 3 tries lol
<lanefu> oh and the PC had an i7 sticker on it with a i5 inside
<Tonymac32> sweeeet
<lanefu> anyway ebay guy was cool sent me right chip
<lanefu> okay booting
<lanefu> my new favorite TTL serial adapter is an orange pi lite
<Tonymac32> haha oh?
<lanefu> no usb wires... just ssh into it
<lanefu> i should make a little hat with some jst plugs or something for all the uarts
<Tonymac32> Uh, I bet you could do that with the ESP32
<Tonymac32> but the lite is probably easier
<lanefu> yes and yes
<lanefu> attaboy Tonymac32
<lanefu> dwmac_meson8b 16384 0
<lanefu> gpio_regulator 16384 1
<lanefu> fixed 20480 7
<lanefu> root@lepotato:~# reboot
<lanefu> [ 138.552669] watchdog: watchdog0: watchdog did not stop!
<lanefu> [ 138.835253] reboot: Restarting system
<lanefu> bl31 reboot reason: 0xd
<lanefu> bl31 reboot reason: 0x0
<lanefu> system cmd 1.
<lanefu> GXL:BL1:9ac50e:bb16dc;FEAT:ADFC318C:0;POC:0;RCY:0;USB:0;SPI:0;CHK:A7;EMMC:400;NAND:81;SD:0;READ:0;0.0;CHK:0;
<lanefu> no sdio debug board detected
<lanefu> TE: 2448913
<lanefu> BL2 Built : 11:58:42, May 27 2017.
<lanefu> gxl gc3c9a84 - xiaobo.gu@droid05
<lanefu> she rebooted
<Tonymac32> excellent.
<Tonymac32> the issue with all of these video patches is they play with clocks
<Tonymac32> and when you really don't own all of your clocks, or you don't know exactly which clocks feed the M4...
<Tonymac32> (see fclk_div3 for example)
<lanefu> whats an m4?
<Tonymac32> the supervisor core on the Meson GX(L) is a Cortex M4 if I remember correctly
<Tonymac32> it could be anything, but that is sticking in my head
<Tonymac32> it controls power domains, etc
<Tonymac32> it is the consumer of the boot blobs
<Tonymac32> ...now my cat is also between me and the keyboard I need
<lanefu> you're operating iwthin some serious constraints
<Tonymac32> haha, it's a maine coon, too, so a big boy
<lanefu> omg
<lanefu> yeah
<lanefu> we have a perma-kitten
<Tonymac32> those ones are just big babies. I also had a Norwegian Forest Cat. Not a baby. not a house cat, honestly
<lanefu> my neighborhood has a litter of legit munchin cats
<lanefu> with a name like forest cat it sounds like an outdoor
<lanefu> *had a litter
<lanefu> alright man i'm gonna celebrate your success by going to bed
<lanefu> thanks for the quick fix
<lanefu> man that is big
<Tonymac32> hahaha cool. That image looks like the cat I had. We brought him inside as a kitten and he tried to claw his way out. he preferred it outside
<lanefu> and a roomba's worst nightmare
<Tonymac32> hahahaha
<lanefu> gn
<Tonymac32> later on
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<Tonymac32> looks like we're missing the audio patches entirely on the device tree side. I need to sleep myself, but I can poke at that tomorrow
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<PhoenixMage> Hi all, I was wondering what version of u-boot the armbian/build uses? I am not using armbian but trying to get an NVMe to work consistently under Alpine on Rock Pi 4 and my issue seems to be related to u-boot bsaed on my testing
<PhoenixMage> To my understanding Armbian does not suffer the same problem
<IgorPec> Alpine is not armbian
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<PhoenixMage> IgorPec: I realise that but my question does relate to armbian I just framed why I am asking
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<plntyk> PhoenixMage: do armbian and alpine boot from same uboot or different -> check uboot code / config, if same then it might be kernel configuration that differs so on dumping /proc/config.gz and comparing that might help
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<PhoenixMage> plntyk: I was really just asking what version of u-boot armbian uses, then I was going to run through the build patches
<plntyk> it depends per architecture/boards
<PhoenixMage> Ok thanks a lot plntyk I will take a look there
<plntyk> in config/sources dunno which file there is responsible for your board/board-family
<PhoenixMage> Its rockchip based, rk3399, Rock Pi 4
<PhoenixMage> Looks like its not using mainline
<PhoenixMage> Bugger
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<Tonymac32> mainline uboot does not have nvme just yet, it is in queue
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<IgorPec> Tonymac32: have you spot this upgrade / ramdisk curruption anywhere
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<lanefu> 17
<lanefu> sorry was trying to use screen lol
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<lanefu> IgorPec: what do you use on dl.armbian.com to make the file indexes pretty looking?
<Werner> Something like github.com/egildi81/fancy-index.git probably :P
<lanefu> word
<lanefu> damn it that means ihave to switch to apache
<lanefu> lol
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<Werner> There is not that much load on so should not make a big difference?
<IgorPec> lanefu: https://larsjung.de/h5ai/
<lanefu> sweet thanks IgorPec
<Tenkawa> what do you use ? lighttpd
<Tenkawa> ?
<lanefu> Werner: uhmmm effort.. that and i have a bunch of fancy nomad jobs for running nginx
<lanefu> nginx
<Tenkawa> ahh
* Tenkawa likes lighhtpd personally
<Tenkawa> er lighttpd
<Werner> As long as no one starts a debate on principles now... ;)
<Tenkawa> nope.. just like it
<Tenkawa> i like apache too
<lanefu> ha
<Werner> And I actually do not care much. I take whatever is handy :P
<lanefu> yeah nginx is just what i'm used to.... and dockerhub has multi-arch containers for it, so my nomad job just one sit on whatever box is available
<lanefu> *just runs
<Tenkawa> I'm a bit too pragmatic to let things "just run"
<lanefu> i try to embrace the cattle not pets model when i can
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<nekomancer[m]> lanefu: your favorite tool? ansible?
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: yeah i'm a big ansible fan
<lanefu> i like a lot of the hashicorp stuff also..
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<lanefu> Werner: thanks i ended up going with your path as it didnt require php or me compiling custom nginx module https://armbian.lane-fu.com
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<lanefu> HerculeP: hiya. would you be able to test reboots on this? https://armbian.lane-fu.com/Armbian_20.05.0-trunk_Odroidc2_buster_current_5.6.12_desktop.img
<IgorPec> nice download pages :)
<nekomancer[m]> easy to use ipfs gui
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