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<Tony_mac32> nope, it's there
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<Tony_mac32> my dts matches the one khilman just merged all these changes into. :-/
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<chewitt> Tony_mac32 what are you stuck with?
<Tony_mac32> some cleaning/etc I got the kernel to at least acknowledge it knows what sound cards are, however while it says it is sending audio, all the outputs are mute
<Tony_mac32> this is on le potato, I haven't tried a gxbb clone as yet
<Tony_mac32> my dts's match the appropriate upstream stuff 3 layers deep (ignoring the recent work on USB/thermals, obviously)
<chewitt> have you got the matching userspace bits?
<chewitt> G12 bits are just above
<chewitt> I'm currently stuck on VIM3/VIM3L audio as Jerome moved things from TDMOUT_B to TDMOUT_A and I'm still trying to understand what that means :)
<chewitt> everything else remains with TDMOUT_B and works using the configs and such that I was playing around with recently
<chewitt> https://github.com/chewitt/alsa-lib/commits/amlogic seems to work on everything (except VIM3/3L)
<chewitt> for now my branch reverts Jerome's change and I'll take time to figure it out properly
<Tony_mac32> haha
<Tony_mac32> let me see if this works, once I figure out what I'm doing with it (I'm an embedded firmware person when I'm not being an EE)
<chewitt> I have been trying to improve my incompetence with alsa by reading docs, but everything kind of assumes you understand the actual code, it's all rather inpentrable for an outsider
<Tony_mac32> haha
<chewitt> IgorPec I noticed you linked to my 5.7 xu4 branch
<chewitt> let me know if you do things like that
<chewitt> I'll try harder not to mess up the branch or delete it :)
<Tony_mac32> always a danger
<chewitt> over time my git habits have become more structured and less chaotic
<chewitt> but git is still git, so in the grand scheme of things i'm still a n00b and will screw things up occasionally
<chewitt> the main thing to understand about that branch is .. it will be rebased, frequently
<chewitt> the approach I'm taking with LE is to always work from an upstream commit (e.g. 5.7-rc6) and then create a patch-set (via git format-patch) that applies to that commit
<chewitt> it means the build-system has a ton of patches, but it's more resilient
<Tony_mac32> yeah, I try to resist basing off of anything but mainline if possible, but then it gets the crap patched out of it
<chewitt> most of the time the base commit can be bumped 3-4 times before some fix infiltrates upstream and forces a rebase of the patches
<Tony_mac32> ok, I now have HDMI sound
<Tony_mac32> cool. now how to make that work out of the box without mass pain. Also, analog codec
<chewitt> as I understand it the current drivers implement PCM only, no pass-thru
<chewitt> beyond this point my knowledge gets fuzzy
<chewitt> it may be the case that my alsa confs are wrong as these include the hdmi/iec958 devices for hdmi/spdif
<chewitt> i.e. the confs might be right for a pass-thru device
<Tony_mac32> I certainly can't correct you
<chewitt> I have been trying (and not succeeding) to understand this for a while
<chewitt> plntyk was pointing some things out to me the other day in #linux-amlogic
<Tony_mac32> well, it plays Pink Floyd on my HDMI
<chewitt> never a bad thing :)
<Tony_mac32> I'll have to patch the others and figure out where to put the mixer configuration
<chewitt> have you got the DTS versions of DSOTM?
<chewitt> those are quite fun for testing
<Tony_mac32> haha no
<chewitt> the original recordings are quadrophonic and there's a DTS version been kicking around for years
<chewitt> money is rather good
<Tony_mac32> I can imagine
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<IgorPec> chewitt: XU4 its a DEV branch for experimenting, so no worries if it gets deleted ;)
<chewitt> ahh, okay :)
<chewitt> feedback welcomed, as XU4 is new and unexplored territory for me
<chewitt> i'm still figuring out who knows what, who does what, and how that translates into me nagging people to fix stuff
<chewitt> nagging and persuading being important maintainer skills :)
<IgorPec> AFAIK this big / little implementation might still be fragile
<IgorPec> most of the mainline derived kernels for xu4 suffered related instability. i wonder if this is in a better shape ...
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<dvdspeler> I've asked @forum about wifi but dont understand. Do I need to compile my own image for RTL8814au wifi support with [["$EXTRAWIFI" == yes]] ?? link https://forum.armbian.com/topic/9406-rtl8814au-driver-update/?tab=comments#comment-101952
<IgorPec> no, drivers are present by default
<IgorPec> isn't it working?
<dvdspeler> I'm doing a fresh SD burn on pine64 now. No updates - it's working as in - I can scan for wifi (weak). Can see the function "install all firmware" in armbian-config. Will this update the driver?
<IgorPec> that's it. you don't need to install anything for this wifi
<dvdspeler> Ok thnx, that saves some time in testing. Unfortunately the AP setup takes really long / crashes. It is still going.
<dvdspeler> It seems to crash / stop progressing at seeking optimal VHT settings
<dvdspeler> It's using V5.6.4.2 right? In v5.7 is seems some AP problems have been solved. See whats new: https://github.com/aircrack-ng/rtl8812au/tree/v5.7.0
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<IgorPec> dvdspeler: it is possible that hostapd has some problems. i recently rebuild them from source
<IgorPec> and i open an issue within our internal 2do list https://armbian.atlassian.net/browse/AR-245
<IgorPec> more than that i can't do right now. we are working on a new major release and ever focus is there
<dvdspeler> Ok - I was worried I got an expensive wifi card to find out is is not gonna work. Discussing to take it back... If I understand correct, I just have to be a little patient :) If you need some testing, you can message me anytime in forums. For now, can I run an older version or try another OS better? I need wifi in my hammock with this weather :D
<IgorPec> no, no, this one is very good one. its my primary AP in my summer house
<dvdspeler> and yes, the AP script from armbian-config is not even finishing its process
<IgorPec> this means you have to go the manual way
<IgorPec> settin up AP with hostapd or network manager, whatever you preffer
<IgorPec> if you will use stock debian hostapd ... it might not have support for AC, don't know
<IgorPec> we maintain our own version for years
<IgorPec> which have all powerful features enabled by default
<dvdspeler> great to hear!
<dvdspeler> on bananapi buster 5.4.26 it creates an AP - connects to the network but cannot ping google.com. Ill leave it at that for now. Thanks for the info
<IgorPec> you mean you can connect with a client with full speed?
<dvdspeler> 2.4ghz 121mb/s wpa2
<IgorPec> that's good for 2.4G ... you have 5G clients? there is a where this wifi shows true power
<dvdspeler> Google pixel seems to have 5Ghz.. lemme check
<dvdspeler> cant get 5G to broadcast using armbian-config
<IgorPec> ok, then its fu* up. well, i can check fastest in two weeks. also you can bring up and lead own investigation on the forum
<dvdspeler> I wish I was knowledgable. I'm working on my dev skills and tools. So far im mostly a bash kiddy =) I also notice its sending the wrong dns server but I'll figure it out today. Dont need speed, just wifi in my hammock ;)
<IgorPec> if you got bash skills, https://github.com/armbian/config needs permanent love ;) I am giving it but not enogh
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<dvdspeler> what needs to happen? I can see if I can find some time afterwards
<Werner> There are some open issue reports. Also there is no option to uninstall software that has been installed via armbian-config yet.
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<lanefu> Tony_mac32: i'm building a c2 image for testing... or should I wait.. g12==C2?
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* HerculeP is ready for testng ... ;)
<HerculeP> basic/minimal is sufficient for testing audio
<HerculeP> (using mplayer)
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<dvdspelert> Thanks Ive been an armbian user for years so I hope to contribute soon :)
<lanefu> dvdspelert: you're pretty astute.. nothing to it but to do it
<lanefu> HerculeP: oops
<HerculeP> np, but oops what?
<lanefu> had already kicked off desktop image
<lanefu> i can builda minimal quickly after no biggie
<HerculeP> kk, not neccessary
<HerculeP> got no traffic limmit
<HerculeP> -m
<dvdspelert> lanefu: Did not know that word, thanks. No worries, im progressing in knowledge every day :) but I studied anatomy, not computers only in my spare time. Cant share what I cant provide huh
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<Tony_mac32> there will need to be some fixups of the audio, the sound card name is different per board, we can patch all the GX's to be the same, but the others wil lbe different
<Tony_mac32> I can patch the GX's to share a sound card string
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<HerculeP> lanefu: at least reboot worked ;) (emmc) I couldnt install mplayer :( httpredir.debian.org failed
<Werner> httpredir is discontinued. use deb.debian.org instead.
<HerculeP> hmm ...
<HerculeP> lanefu: CLI/terminal issues, got a link to the desktop version?
<lanefu> you can also search for herc https://armbian.lane-fu.com
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<HerculeP> k, downloading ...
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<evilloner> Hello, please give a link to the manual for setting up the infrared port in Orange Pi PC Armbian.
<evilloner> Rus or Eng
<evilloner> ?
<[TheBug]> Use Google my friend or search the forum, I am sure there is a post there
<Tony_mac32> I know not the answer to this question I fear
<[TheBug]> go search forum you will find some solutions there evilloner
<lanefu> you can use the armbian-config cli tool
<[TheBug]> ahh does it have setup in it?
<[TheBug]> did not know that
<lanefu> them goto system->hardware-> and check [cir]
* [TheBug] stores away this information for another time
<lanefu> yeah armbian-config makes it sooooper easy to enable the dts overlays
<evilloner> Thanks
<lanefu> glad to help
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<Tony_mac32> Gahhhh Jira haunts me in my sleep IgorPec
<Tony_mac32> :)
<IgorPec> haha
<IgorPec> just cleaning things
<IgorPec> i did asign you since you are finishing it
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<IgorPec> lanefu:
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<lanefu> hey IgorPec
<IgorPec> hej
<lanefu> oh i bet it doesn't have a current branch
<lanefu> oh it said building dev branch.. interesting
<buZz> maybe also make modules for those two new sensors?
<buZz> someone is bound to want em eventually
<lanefu> [ error ] Kernel branch not defined for this board [ dev ]
<IgorPec> buZz: a kernel package is made
<buZz> > The SCH5636 is a 3.3V PC 2001 compliant Super I/O controller with an LPC interface.
<buZz> ok maybe not
<buZz> :D
<buZz> (did you know, LPC is almost ISA?)
<IgorPec> adding there should fix this problem, i guess
<IgorPec> lanefu: i re-run, probably its fixed
<lanefu> merge this in, and then it should work
<IgorPec> i was faster :)
<lanefu> doh
<IgorPec> but it seems it doesn't work properly
<lanefu> i canceled the test for my pr since it was in frnt of you :P
<lanefu> let me clean up work dir it might be dirty now sorry
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<lanefu> let me tweak ci
<IgorPec> strange
<IgorPec> well, also not that mission critical
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<lanefu> so i see the tweak i need to make
<lanefu> we've been testing their code from their tree/head... instead of testing the code as it would be if merged into master
<lanefu> there's a different hash I can pull from github to test the merged version
<IgorPec> mr should be rebased before testing ... ah, leave it as is
<IgorPec> not so critical problem
<lanefu> yeah ideally they rebase true
<nekomancer[m]> watchdog, my precioussss
<nekomancer[m]> ah, armada :(((
<lanefu> wtf lol
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