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<epsilonKNOT> this it the boot output from my brothers side
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<epsilonKNOT> :( from what I remember, input console needed to be enabled but I dunno how/what that even means
<lanefu> oh right rockchip has some weird baud rates
<epsilonKNOT> XD
<epsilonKNOT> with my pine 64 lts model the baud rate is 115200
<lanefu> soo i know u-boot would be that speed.. is the linux tty 115200
<lanefu> ...and are you able to interrupt u-boot
<archetech> 15000000
<archetech> yup
<lanefu> like for serious is your tx cable bad
<lanefu> maybe archtech has some wisdom, he wasted a lot of time on rk2288 ttl consoles
<epsilonKNOT> no we are getting the input correctly
<epsilonKNOT> i think it seems like minicom is unable to transmit things
<epsilonKNOT> not sure why
<archetech> lanefu, worked right away
<lanefu> instead minicom try screen
<epsilonKNOT> thats the enxt steo
<epsilonKNOT> *next step
<lanefu> screen /dev/ttyUSB0 1500000
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<epsilonKNOT> minicom is hanging...
<epsilonKNOT> eesh, so slow to exit
<epsilonKNOT> yea, seems to be a minicom problem
<epsilonKNOT> hate this
<epsilonKNOT> screen worked
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<epsilonKNOT> thanks so much
<epsilonKNOT> :)
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<lanefu> sweet glad i could help
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<lanefu> 2.655042] e1000e: Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Driver - 3.2.6-k
<lanefu> [ 2.655572] e1000e: Copyright(c) 1999 - 2015 Intel Corporation.
<lanefu> [ 2.656136] igb: Intel(R) Gigabit Ethernet Network Driver - version 5.6.0-k
<lanefu> [ 2.656756] igb: Copyright (c) 2007-2014 Intel Corporation.
<lanefu> [ 2.657287] igbvf: Intel(R) Gigabit Virtual Function Network Driver - version 2.4.0-k
<lanefu> [ 2.658009] igbvf: Copyright (c) 2009 - 2012 Intel Corporation.
<lanefu> im glad we're loading e1000 nic driver on rk3399
<lanefu> :P
<[TheBug]> I mean, I guess you could put one in PCI x1 right?
<[TheBug]> :Z
<[TheBug]> use a converter
<lanefu> haha yeah i suppose its possible with this board
<Tonymac32> rockpr64 yes
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<Werner> Good morning
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<DaRock> hey does anyone have a clue how to get past an 8 character limit pasting over a serial connection?
<DaRock> I'm trying all of the options - screen sux, but still doesn't offer a solution; minicom fails as well
<DaRock> I never have this problem on freebsd, but I'm using linux
<buZz> there's no 8 char limit
<buZz> what are you doing?
<buZz> did you make sure to disable flow control, if you arent using it? :) stty --something
<DaRock> no idea, but I've tried everything and its the same across multiple programs
<buZz> sounds like a flow control issue yeah
<DaRock> I've disabled hardware/software control, enabled either/or - nothing works
<DaRock> thats what I've read, yeah
<DaRock> so yeah, real weird....
<DaRock> why only 8 characters though?
<buZz> some buffer running out and not releasing
<DaRock> which? Adn how do I fix it then?
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<buZz> check with stty -a -F /dev/ttyS0
<buZz> maybe -crtscts
<buZz> thats a common issue
<DaRock> so how does that work? I'm looking at the output of stty -a -F, and -crtscts is there
<DaRock> running stty -crtscts and it says modes cannot be set
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<DaRock> weird - same thing is happening over ssh...
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<Lope> I've got a Orange Pi one board getting stuck doing an apt update. 97% [9 Contents-armhf store 0 B]
<Lope> Okay, nevermind, it unstuck.
<Werner> The "store" part usually takes a while.
<Lope> Werner, thanks. I can't remember how to change the governor frequency for the H3. Busy looking it up. I see mine is on 480mhz
<Lope> ah I remember now. /etc/default/cpufrequtils
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<Lope> The AES hardware acceleration of the H5 is very nice. But my NanoPi Neo2 board maxes out at 816MHz. Any way to increase that?
<Lope> cpufrequtils ignores stuff above 816mhz in /etc/defaults/cpufrequtils
<Werner> H5 should clock to 1200 AFAIK
<Lope> Werner, I can't remember the details, but it's possible the NanoPi Neo2 doesn't have any voltage control, so they've clocked it low. Probably needs to be hard-modded.
<Werner> I do not have a H5 board here to test. I gave the last I had away
<Lope> Have you tried the H6? those should be awesome?
<Werner> Hm no idea.
<Werner> H6 clocks up to 1.8 but in Armbian it is soft-limited to 1488 to reduce the heat
<Lope> H5 is already amazing with GbE and AES, adding USB3 should be rad. Is the USB3 working?
<Werner> I do not have a H6 board with USB3 so not sure. The last thing I know is that USB3 is unstable sometimes.
<Lope> Werner, ah, that's awesome. Could put a big heatsink on it.
<Lope> The RbPi 4B is disappointing that it's got no AES :/ it runs at 74MB/s
<Lope> my H5 @ 816Mhz does 230MB/s
<Lope> Yeah, I've got one of those
<Werner> But even those seem not to be enough to cool down the H6...I put the board into my desktop PC for air circulation xD
<Lope> That will def work. People run RbPi delidded @ 2ghz with that.
<Werner> Nice. But to be honest if I pay 20$ for the board and additional 20$ for proper cooling... well you get the point.
<Lope> Yeah, i agree it's crazy. I'd look for an aliexpress special or just watercool the fucker.
<buZz> Werner: i just use those <2usd raspberry pi heatsinks
<Lope> I'm waiting for AMD to release some decent SBC's :(
<Werner> dump it into a bucket of transformer oil :D
<buZz> a heatsink already helps a -ton-
<Lope> the Odroid oodoo whatever is so disgustingly overpriced at $450
<buZz> so the heat can actually go somewhere
<buZz> Lope: whats that? i dont see it on hardkernel.com
<Lope> yeah, I managed to keep my Orange Pi 2E at 1.4GHz at full load under 70C with a low speed fan and a heatsink.
<buZz> ah, udoo
<Lope> buZz, my bad, I said odroid. I meant udoo. shit names.
<buZz> doesnt even mention powerusage :)
<buZz> i have one of those iMX6 udoo boards
<buZz> traded it against a raspi2 :)
<Lope> Werner, buZz: here's a cheaper cooler than the ice tower that should work well: $9 full cover black with 2 fans https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32959781630.html
<Werner> Probably wont fit for a H6 board though
<buZz> a friend of mine has a alu case for pi3 thats maybe 500 grams
<buZz> no fan on it, works a treat even overclocked
<Lope> Werner, nah, I was just linking it for RbPi 4 stuff. I've got a RbPi 4 as well.
<Lope> buZz, nice. What we could also do is just take a normal CPU cooler and just dremel/hacksaw it to fit on a H6/RbPi4
<buZz> yeah i've seem ppl do that aswell
<Lope> this could possibly fit the H6 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32953503226.html
<Lope> $7.8
<buZz> doesnt H6 do self-downclocking on thermals?
<buZz> H3 seemed to
<Werner> Sure it has but you want to keep the performance high
<buZz> right
<buZz> on H3 i fixed that with just a <2 usd heatsink
<buZz> can run it at full load continuous now , zero issues
<buZz> and its even inside a 3D printers case :D
<Lope> This is a very nice $1.85 cooler https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000042163673.html
<buZz> i'm not convinced by the dual fans :D
<Lope> The H3 self-downclocks if it goes over 80C
<Lope> buzz, well, yeah there's gotta be a balance between metal and airflow.
<Lope> you need both. but that seems to have too much airflow and not enough metal, just judging by appearance.
<buZz> i only see glue :P lol
<buZz> oh wait, no, tiny heatsink under the fans
<Lope> I'd love to build a low power Ryzen 3600 system. I hear they undervolt amazingly well. Problem is finding a low power motherboard and PSU.
<buZz> Lope: my server is a lovely low power system , 8 cores, 32gb ram, 250gb nvme + 3tb spinning disk
<Lope> what CPU?
<Werner> Hm low power PSU should be possible when searching for replacement parts for business computers I think
<Lope> A laptop might be a decent choice for a low power server.
<Lope> because it's got a decent CPU and is designed to be low power. Even has a free UPS.
<buZz> this one, Lope
<Lope> buZz, okay, is that atom alright, is it running linux?
<buZz> yes
<Lope> buZz, what does your atom score for this: cryptsetup benchmark --cipher aes-xts
<buZz> 1mom
<buZz> # Algorithm | Key | Encryption | Decryption
<buZz> aes-xts 256b 701.9 MiB/s 706.6 MiB/s
<Lope> Amazing that intel's MSRP for Atom C3758 is $193. What an absolute joke when you can buy a Ryzen 3600 for that.
<Lope> However that was in 2017 before AMD came back.
<buZz> yeah but that watt/performance is impressive
<Lope> Okay, I see the AES is decent.
<buZz> not sure if thats using AES hw features of the cpu
<Lope> It seems about right. It's about 100MB/s less than my 2c4t i7 2nd gen laptop
<buZz> now see the MB/s per watt ;)
<Lope> haha yeah. My i5 4th gen is 2.1GB/s but I'm sure the perf/watt is bad :P
<buZz> my laptop is ;
<buZz> aes-xts 256b 1201.4 MiB/s 1245.7 MiB/s
<buZz> model name : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3320M CPU @ 2.60GHz
<Lope> "laptop" hmm, interesting
<Lope> okay :)
<buZz> thinkpad x230
<Lope> oh, I've got a x220 haha
<buZz> you can get those for ~100 used
<Lope> yeah. They're pretty awesome cheap, lightweight and well built laptops for travel.
<Lope> Only problem is the screen and touchpad sucks so badly.
<buZz> you can stuff a 2K resolution screen in a x230
<Lope> But if you plug in 2 monitors via displayport and external KB and mouse, you're good.
<buZz> with one of em eDP boards
<buZz> just kills the dock port
<buZz> or well, not kills, just the DP on it wont work anyway
<Lope> Oh, that's pretty amazing.
<buZz> but i think the DP on the side will still function
<Lope> When you say 2K you mean 1920x1080?
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<Lope> IPS?
<Lope> I only like IPS glossy.
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<Lope> yeah. I'm going to sell all my old junkers and get a Ryzen 4000 laptop at some point.
<Lope> With a GTX1600 or better.
<buZz> yeah IPS glossy
<buZz> 2K is higher res btw
<Lope> buZz, nice. How much for the screen?
<buZz> its 2048×1080
<Lope> Do you have to solder with a microscope or something?
<buZz> the screen from a XPS13
<buZz> no, i got good eyesight :D
<Lope> haha, but the pin pitch? how is it?
<buZz> well, bad eyesight, but if i take off my nearsight glasses, i have a free microscope ;)
<Lope> I can also solder well.
<Lope> doesn't DP have a ton of fine pitch pins?
<buZz> cant be a ton , its just 12 pins or something ;)
<Lope> One trick is to put a stainless steel blade inbetween the pins before you solder.
<Lope> Solder won't jump to the neighbouring pin and won't stick to the SS
<Lope> Can the X220 take such upgrades?
<Lope> I've heard the thinkpad X4xx is the real one to do all these upgrades on.
<buZz> i dont know if anyone made it for x220, perhaps
<buZz> oh, that 51nb link is for x220 aswell
<buZz> so just 1-2 wires you need to solder, it seems
<Lope> buZz, that link you posted, it looks like the board adds a bunch of additional IO?
<Lope> These chinese dudes are pretty amazing
<buZz> yeah 51nb is insanely cool
<Lope> what is 51nb?
<buZz> that forum
<buZz> they also did replacement motherboards for some thinkpads
<buZz> so you can run a 8th gen i7 in a T61
<Lope> okay, where does one buy the hardware?
<buZz> or something
<buZz> on that forum
<buZz> maybe some ppl on that forum have a taobao shop, i dont know
<Lope> holy shit no way?
<buZz> yeah way
<Lope> 8th gen i7 in a T61
<Lope> How does one pay them?
<Lope> paypal I suppose?
<buZz> some ppl just reaaaaaaaally love 4:3
<buZz> not sure, i didnt try
<buZz> paypal isnt really popular in asia
<Lope> okay
<Lope> But yeah, I'd rather focus my effort on making money and buy a new ryzen 4000 machine with a decent GPU.
<Lope> hax are cool but in the end if you've still got a slow weak machine not so much point.
<buZz> i rather have a decent intel than a intelclone
<buZz> but each to its own :)
<Lope> haha, dude, amd kicks intel's ass around the park.
<Lope> AMD invented x64 and dual core CPUs and was first to 1ghz
<Lope> so really now, no need to hate on AMD
<Lope> Have you done the IME-cleaner thing on your x230?
<buZz> not yet
<buZz> i have a SOIC8 clip somewhere
<buZz> just havent gotten around to it
<buZz> i dont hate that AMD makes fake intels :)
<buZz> i just want real ones
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<Lope> butthurt troll :P
<Lope> fanboi
<buZz> ? i'm just saying what i like for myself
<buZz> you can do whatever you want, i'm not bothered by it
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<Lope> cool
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<Lope> l8r
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<archetech> lanefu: fire up that opi4 yet?
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<buZz> its got a howto for ws2812 from hw SPI on orange pi zero
<buZz> maaaaybe it works with my H3 aswell :D
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* nekomancer[m] looks for cheap as dirt radiators to use with ice cubes (for drinks), but not found nothing sutable
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<nekomancer[m]> aes hardware support goes mainsttream just when aes start to begin deprecation and mainstream goes to EC
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<[TheBug]> sounds about right
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<Tenkawa> nekomancer[m]: what kind of radioator?
<Tenkawa> er radiator
<Tenkawa> like condensed hvac for refrigeration?
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<nekomancer[m]> like a glass mounted on top of cpu
<Tenkawa> ahh
<Tenkawa> why not get one of those fluid cooled heatsinks
<Tenkawa> (other than the fact that they cost a fortune)
<nekomancer[m]> price only. one reason.
<Tenkawa> yep
<Tenkawa> those things are amazing though
<Tonymac32> wait wut?
<Tonymac32> I have a GPU liquid cooling block on my XU4 because I was bored. :P
<nekomancer[m]> I will get something like this if I casualy see it cheap. Then tink it to heatsink
<Tonymac32> haha put some scented oil in there XD
<nekomancer[m]> something that can meld
<nekomancer[m]> like an ice
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<xmixahlx_tmp> how often are forums moderated? i have two posts pending.
<lanefu> xmixahlx_tmp: varies by time zone
<lanefu> i'll go check
<lanefu> there ya go
<xmixahlx_tmp> thanks
<xmixahlx_tmp> Miouyouyou, replying to your Mainline VPU RK3399 thread
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<Miouyouyou> :3 ?
<Miouyouyou> While they're advancing on the VPU side (at least, they can access the hardware, send frames and receive the output correctly), they're still at, like, half the performances of CPU decoding. Maybe the VPU is not clocked correctly ?
<Miouyouyou> They're also lacking some quick test tools, which has been the bane of this driver since the beginnings
<Miouyouyou> I see that there's other matrix users here.
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* nekomancer[m] from matrix
<nekomancer[m]> 5 matrix users here
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