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<Miouyouyou> I don't worry about failures that are not from the files I modified :3
<Miouyouyou> Just a thought : For github CI, can't you create a git repo with the latest .tar.gz of the build tools, and pull them through Git or simple HTTP directly, instead of using rtorrent ?
<Miouyouyou> I'm not sure Github would mind in such cases.
<Miouyouyou> You can then rince-and-repeat on Gitlab when using Gitlab CI
<Werner> Good morning
<Miouyouyou> Good morning
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<gediz539> good morning
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<IgorPec> good morning
<Werner> IgorPec, would you mind merging two PR at the documentation repo?
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<IgorPec> i enable you push access
<IgorPec> try
<Werner> Seems to work.
<Werner> Um...should the actual documentation automatically update on push?
<IgorPec> yes, that would also be nice .. now its cron
<Werner> Ah okay. So just give it a few minutes.
<IgorPec> yeah, it seems good enough
<Werner> Just needed to know. Thanks
<Werner> Next bug... ~~ strikethrough is not supported by mkdocs -.-
<IgorPec> really?
<Werner> Does not work for me. Retried locally, samek
<IgorPec> do we have good alternative for this?
<IgorPec> without serious rework ofc
<Werner> old fashion HTML but lanfu wont like it ^^
<Werner> https://github.com/mkdocs/mkdocs/issues/868 seems to be a known issue and mkdocs refused to add this as feature
<IgorPec> nah, html is too heavy for this
<IgorPec> just mkdocs part might have some other engine
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<Werner> I mean fix the strikethough temporary with an HTML tag. Not replacing mkdocs at all
<IgorPec> ah, its the documentation, not news ...
<Werner> What is the status of Allwinner audio codec support because I found this in forums: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/12138-v40r40-boards/?do=findComment&comment=103881
<IgorPec> i saw it. r40 is on "if we have time"
<IgorPec> i hope he will provide patches - integration is accepted
<Werner> From the names in the repo there seems to be stuff for sun50i too
<IgorPec> r40 is a part of that family. certain things are shared
<IgorPec> perhaps not audio, dunno
<Werner> Ah okay, did not know
<IgorPec> yeah, and also power management is totally different
<IgorPec> a83T and r40 are exotics ... only Sinovoip uses them
<IgorPec> or perhaps some other maker.
<Werner> Another topic: do we need more build runners in future?
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<IgorPec> more is better i would say. if you got capacity, sure, but i really don't know how bad we need this
<IgorPec> its one day in action ;)
<Werner> Yeah was just thinking about cheap building ressources
<IgorPec> i have a dedicated VM with 150G drive, 32G memory and 56 cpu threads
<Werner> May I ask how much you are charged for it?
<IgorPec> its on my home server
<Werner> Ah okay, so electrical bill only
<IgorPec> properly isolated
<IgorPec> yes yes, server consumes between 50-200W
<IgorPec> and 90% of the time stays low.
<Werner> Was thinking about cheap rented vps that can be bullied
<Werner> https://www.netcup.eu/bestellen/produkt.php?produkt=2606 I have a similar one. They do not guarantee the cpu power or min. iops, therefore it is quite affordable.
<Werner> geekbench score is somewhere between 8000 and 9000
<Werner> And their IPv6 network setup is complete junk but that is not important in our case.
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<mrueg> Werner: you might want to look at https://contabo.de/?show=vps as well
<mrueg> lanefu: I sent a PR to fix some shellcheck findings
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<Werner> mrueg, yeah I know them but I do not trust them very much since they were former giga-hosting biz and they did not have a good reputation by the time...
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<lanefu> Hopefully we can figure out a pattern where we can just spin up extra resources for burst capacity
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<lanefu> Werner: man... i did some googling. Markdown flavors are more controversial than i expected
<veremitz> o,O
<Werner> So?
<lanefu> IgorPec: so after all my fanfare about the github market place for shellcheck.. your script version was better :P
<lanefu> Werner: oh.. uhm just interesting.. its an idealogical battlefield..
<lanefu> anyway.. your <del> doesnt offend me :P
<Werner> What about using github pages or Wiki?
<lanefu> we startd from the wiki, and it was difficult to manage... the mkdocs got things maintainable
<lanefu> you hate it that much?
<Werner> I never said I hate it. It is just annoying when stumbling over issues. And the script somewhen may need a rewrite since python 2.7 is EOL
<lanefu> yeah if its still on python2, we're probably missing out on some enhancements
<lanefu> ..but yeah i guess turning that into a github action would make it a little easier
<lanefu> to keep it current
<lanefu> ..and i guess that could be hosted on github pages
<lanefu> the cloud will ruin us all
<Werner> What was the difficulty with the wiki? The only downside I see is that if you have many pages they are not shown all in the sidebar so you have to add a custom one too
<IgorPec> some ideas for actions https://github.com/openhab/openhab-docs/pull/1241
<lanefu> yeah doc structure, and i think access control.. originally with the mkdocs we had a script that dynamically generated the index based on file name... it felt clever, but turned out to be complicated :P
<lanefu> but just having a PR model for doc updates is straightforward
<lanefu> having it as a transaction i think is more comfortable for first time contributors.. or 1 time
<IgorPec> yeah, content is the king, then if we really got bored ... fancy stuff
<lanefu> IgorPec: I've got a runner on my IOT network now... i removed my EC2 runners
<Werner> Yeah makes sens to keep the possibility to do prs
<lanefu> yep armbian-github-runner-1
<lanefu> i'll remove the other 2
<IgorPec> or per project?
<lanefu> well mainly my sweet ansible role i'm using that automatically registers and all that stuff seems to only support per project :P
<lanefu> btw i added a new label to yorus on teh org "deploy"
<lanefu> since it has keys
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<IgorPec> that one doesn't
<lanefu> oh.. well... it could :P
<IgorPec> the one with keyes is offline atm
<lanefu> gotcha
<IgorPec> this one can serve the script you made ... anyway you already run it there once :)
<IgorPec> the idea is to have runners at your place, mine and perhaps somewhere else ... if we need that much capacity at all?
<lanefu> IgorPec: yeah the idea is just to spread the runners around where we have big cheap resources
<lanefu> and I think as we get more advanced, we'll be able to use them more
<lanefu> example i'm gonna reboot my dumb server now... and CI will just run on yours and it'll just be fine :P
<IgorPec> yeah. we got a bit of HA with this upgrade at least ;)
<lanefu> IgorPec: I do think we'll need to probably add some clean-up jobs for the runners. at some point they'll get full
<lanefu> sadly local cron is probaly the easiest... i dont think a github action can be told to run on all nodes
<IgorPec> yeah, you can only divide them with labels
<IgorPec> otherwise it chooses randomly?
<lanefu> yeah pretty sure... i do wanna see if we can add weight to them
<IgorPec> what do you want to clean?
<IgorPec> do we expose artefacts?
<lanefu> well ex: thte test-pr job builds kernels.. adn the source and objects stay
<lanefu> so after its ran for a while it can add up
<lanefu> so cleaning the workspace basically
<lanefu> ...don't think we have to worry about artifacts right now
<IgorPec> for mr tests ... no
<IgorPec> for this "nightly" one, they will be uploaded to server in any case
<IgorPec> directly to repository
<lanefu> yeah... figuring out how to divide up the nightly work accross runners would be cool
<IgorPec> currently its a bummer since repository is updated locally ... i need all artefacts
<IgorPec> but current nightly only rebuilds if there are changes
<IgorPec> its far less work
<lanefu> ahh okay
<lanefu> ohh right i you just added some of that code into build-all.sh didn't you
<IgorPec> exactly. that is automagically
<IgorPec> and changes version automatically https://github.com/armbian/build/tree/nightly
<lanefu> Ohh tell me more.. so we have a nightly branch that's automatically maintained?
<IgorPec> i made one for testing, yes. if you run the script on 20.05 for example ... it will also create whatever you want and bump version at the end
<IgorPec> 1. sync master -> nigtthly ... 2. builds stuff ... 3. updated and upload repo 4. if ok, bump version
<lanefu> is that using the SUBis that using the SUBVERSION var? or VERSION
<lanefu> *is that using the SUBVERSION or VERSION var
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<IgorPec> no subversion, edits main versionm
<IgorPec> and for 20.08.3 -> 20.08.4
<IgorPec> in the commit you can see which kernel was updated
<IgorPec> and i spotted a bug ... it didn't remade sunxi64
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<Werner> Maybe he is libncurses5 missing?
<IgorPec> yeah, but why
<Werner> libncurses5-dev is not a part of build-essential afair
<IgorPec> perhaps installation didn't went well
<IgorPec> yeah, but ubuntu folks could change that
<Werner> I guess not everyone that installs build-essential is up to compiling a kernel
<IgorPec> we cover this. no idea since we had quite some installs recently on ubuntu 20 and no troubles
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<Werner> I played a little with jekyll and github pages. https://evilolaf.github.io/dinky/index.html
<Werner> Advantage is that there is more need for a cron, backend will always be up to date and we keep the possibility to use PRs. Disadvantage is that search function needs to be implemented manually and the layout needs to be written one time properly and I am not very good with css and that kind of stuff...
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<Werner> lanefu, was do you think?
<lanefu> what about?
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<Werner> github pages
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<lanefu> i guess i don't know that much about them.. is it just a hosting platform?
<IgorPec> "Disadvantage is that search function"
<Werner> The site is generated from this repository https://github.com/EvilOlaf/dinky
<Werner> After a push an included runner translates everything into html
<IgorPec> there is no advantage
<Werner> No need for external hosting, cron jobs or maintaining the software behind
<IgorPec> yes i know, but we add workload, loose search ... why?
<IgorPec> hosting documentation is not an issue. also if we someday decide to switch to Gitlab
<IgorPec> current way is copy paste
<Werner> Not sure where we add workload. It needs to be setup one time properly and then it is the same amount of work as it is currently.
<Werner> I did no deep research here, just playing with this stuff. Maybe there is a way to add a search function? Don't know
<IgorPec> hosting docs at github is a step back in any case. Switching to something better than this docs system, perhaps
<lanefu> does just upgrading our mkdocs engine to a newer version buy us anything?
<lanefu> its easy to run mkdocs from a container and pass a volume to it.. that would keep the engine current with minimal changes around the cron
<IgorPec> i have no idea
<IgorPec> yeah, that would make sense
<IgorPec> current way is simple "it rebuilds"
<lanefu> yeah and i think thats totally fine to keep on rebuilding
<IgorPec> CI / on merge would be ofc proper
<IgorPec> so in case we can come out with something that works at least as good or better, we do it this way
<Werner> The engine behind (Jekyll) could be hosted somewhere else too. But using with Github pages is fairly easy as they integrated it
<lanefu> anyway not trying to go back and forth
<IgorPec> yeah, but I have no desire to publish docs at github
<lanefu> Werner: whats the primary pain point you'd like to solve?
<Werner> There is no real pain point. Just looking for stuff that could be an option to be used in the project. But if you need a real reason then the best one would be the EOL of python2 as mentioned earlier.
<Werner> If there is a new version of mkdocs though would be an easier fix.
<Werner> Though this way I had a chance to play with github pages and its features.
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<IgorPec> load on server https://ibb.co/YPYn9hR
<Werner> oO
<IgorPec> :) i ran rebuilding all bsp packages at once
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<lanefu> HAHAHA
<lanefu> man 56 cores
<Werner> Go big or go home
<lanefu> yeah no kidding
<IgorPec> my desktop is 2x faster then this ;)
<IgorPec> but it looks impressive
<lanefu> ha
<lanefu> yeah iwas looking at CPU upgrades for my server
<lanefu> it can do dual 22-core xeons
<lanefu> but they're still like $1000 a piece
<lanefu> so..nope
<IgorPec> uf, that's a lot
<IgorPec> for 800 you get ryzen 3950x
<IgorPec> which is faster
<IgorPec> then dual setup
<lanefu> hehe. still more than i'll spend
<lanefu> i got my dual E5-2650 v3 with 256gigs of ram for free :P
<IgorPec> yeah, i also think i will stick to my setup
<lanefu> once i can spend 200-300 on cpus for a big upgrade i will
<lanefu> used server CPU pricing is weird
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<lanefu> okay.. so github ci accomplishments... we have self-hosted runners.. we shellcheck, and we have the PR testing kernels
<lanefu> any other short/quick priorities? mkdocs -> github actions?
<IgorPec> ok. now the release part
<Werner> upgrading/moving docs is a nice-to-have and not important
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<lanefu> okay tell me more about the release part.. what are you envisioning
<IgorPec> how safe is it enableing auto repository update on push to master
<lanefu> update what repository?
<IgorPec> nightly / edge
<lanefu> debs && images?
<IgorPec> debs only
<IgorPec> images is way too much traffic
<lanefu> k and you said you already ahve the code that builds the debs based on changes right?
<lanefu> so it's just a matter of triggering the job and pushing the updates safely?
<IgorPec> yes
<lanefu> which really means .. rsync over ssh?
<IgorPec> one moment
<IgorPec> brbr
<IgorPec> 10min
<lanefu> :) sure thing.. i'll go ahead and do some research on secrets management
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<IgorPec> lanefu: ok ... secrets. it is possible to store keys at github where only admins have access, then how to make use of those keys and secrets?
<IgorPec> but again the one with a push access is always able to get them, right?
<lanefu> I think we can store them safely in github
<lanefu> i'm looking at the docs
<lanefu> what secrets would we need to store... SSH for upload and GPG for signing? anything else?
<IgorPec> that's it
<lanefu> okay I'll work on solving that
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<ArmbianTwitter> @kylerankin (Kyle Rankin): @bigbrovar I got the XU4 first and have been using it as a home server for years. My only complaint with it had been lack of software updates (the biggest weakness in the SBC ecosystem and where RPi shines), but recent Armbian support has helped. (7s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @bigbrovar @kramse @kylerankin Odroid XU4 was released in 2015. https://t.co/YfhLEHk9I9 (22s ago)
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