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<lanefu> [TheBug]: great find... also bummer its too weak
<[TheBug]> lanefu: well I am about to have more fun, I have been changing over a raid5 from 2TB to 4TB drives (5 drives) I initally setup 4 drives in raid5 and copied data over, raid synced at 100M/sec was awesome... I go to add 5th drive (using onboard plus 4port sata mpcie) and all sudden the sync rate drops to 30M/sec and then after an hour I had a kernel panic. To note, I have used 3TB drives before
<[TheBug]> on same platform no issue, but I am not sure what the deal here is with this raid, maybe because I didn't build it all at once and choose to add the drive and it doesn't like that -- not sure if I have grown a raid in it before -- so could have found new bug
<[TheBug]> for now to prevent crash I have attempted slowing the max sync rate further to see if it's overwhelming the SoC in some way
<[TheBug]> next step will be trying new kernels
<[TheBug]> panic is from the xor engine in my kernel so hoping moving to newer kernel will work around this
<[TheBug]> ---[ end Kernel panic - not syncing: async_tx_quiesce: DMA error waiting for transaction
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<lanefu> yeah that sucks.....i've done raid 5 with 3 drives using a 2port sata pcie and then the onboard sata
<lanefu> but never did an epic rsync and tha t was along time ago
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<[TheBug]> omg
<[TheBug]> so up
<[TheBug]> so um
<[TheBug]> reshaping seems to be completly fubar in 4.19 kernels also
<[TheBug]> will have to try 5
<[TheBug]> and see if they fixed it
<[TheBug]> in fact panics even faster with 4.19
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<[TheBug]> ya
<[TheBug]> so reinitializing full raid and recopying data
<[TheBug]> 2 days of work to repeat
<[TheBug]> good news is got usb3 working
<[TheBug]> lol
<lanefu> doh
<lanefu> doing 4 disks this time
<lanefu> ?
<[TheBug]> so
<[TheBug]> reshape for raid on espressobin is fully fubar
<[TheBug]> will not work
<[TheBug]> causes kernel crash
<[TheBug]> period
<[TheBug]> so luckily
<[TheBug]> data on the raid wasn't important
<[TheBug]> I wiped the raid out
<[TheBug]> rebuilt with all 5 drives
<[TheBug]> its syncing just fine now
<[TheBug]> just a waste of work
<[TheBug]> but yeah consider mdadm reshape broken 100% on ebin in pretty much every kernel that exists
<[TheBug]> actually tahts not true
<[TheBug]> I didn't test all through 5.x
<[TheBug]> I tested up to it but was having issues getting my 5.x compiled kernel to work
<[TheBug]> and I just don't have more time to mess with it
<[TheBug]> need to get data sync started and done
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<Werner> Good morning
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<Heisath> Morning. jophish, you here?
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<IgorPec> good morning
<r9> Hey guys. During this corona pandemic thing I realized that it is already hard to get in touch with the moderator role but it is much harder to keep on track if something like a pandemic disrupts you during the learning process. So I decided to create a living documentation about my work as a moderator. This documentation will include things like "Daily routine", "Tips and tricks", "Beginners guide" and such things. I will also use the information others already wro
<r9> te inside the forums related topics. I already started by using sphinx as documentation environment, so we can create a public documentation with *read the docs* later on or, for security purpose we'll maybe keep this documentation private. I really like sphinx because I'm able to use vim and the .rts format so I can develop the documentation with my terminal ; ) Maybe you have ideas about this small project. I think it'll need a few time but I will show the first r
<r9> esults and discuss further issues inside this topic
<r9> good morning ^^
<r9> Maybe we could could also implement an "users guide" were a new user gets a quick insight into the forums functions, policies and so on? But I'll start with the moderator docs ; )
<IgorPec> good morning and just leaving the office ... so i only scanned quickly
<r9> I think the Armbian forum is a great place with lots of information and really cool developers and guys which really knows their stuff. But there are lots of places, I believe, were most people can't so easy recognize what they can or in a few cases should to. This IRC chat for example. A cool tool but for me there are a few questions. Is this the right topic to speak about in here. Who is proposed to enter this chat? Is this only a place to getting to know each oth
<r9> er better? Before I write to the IRC chat what could I do first and so on. I think there's lot to document so new users, moderators or even administrators better know what there possibilities, tasks, responsibilities and so are.
<r9> Hy igor, it's not an urgent issue - so take your time ; )
<IgorPec> yeah, i know ... those problems are long term in any case and I do know we have them.
<IgorPec> its like a constant battle how to keep forum clean, how to steer users to not repeat things, to keep them in the track, to stay in the topic and how to get people to help that ...... must run. l8r
<Werner> r9 if you register with Nickserv services you can get auto voice as well as a project affiliation cloak if wanted.
<r9> Okay so if you have no better idea I would start with a sphinx documentation. When I reach a first "showable" state I will present it to the ones interested. After it, we can decide if this documentation will become a part of the official Armbians github repo or we find a private place to contribute and enhance the whole thing. I mean if we have the content we can always decide to use a different place for it ; )
<Werner> Btw. IgorPec don't know if you catched that but JIRA ARs can now be linked here by simply typing the ID like AR-123
<ArmbianHelper> AR-123 [Bug] "OpenHAB2 installation is failing" reported by Igor Pecovnik at 2019-12-27. Status: Done.
<r9> @Werner thanks. I'm currently testing a few IRC chat apps for my Debian Buster/Gnome 3 environment. The whole IRC thing is completely new for me ^^
<Werner> If you have any questions just shoot. :)
<Werner> I personally like weechat for terminal and Hexchat for GUI
<Werner> But as everything in this world it is a matter of taste ;)
<r9> Thanks. I'll look into it : )
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<Heisath> IgorPec: Radxa Sample arrived. Thanks for the special in there.
<Heisath> But you really forget the sdcard adapters again ;)
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<jophish> Heisath: I am here
<Heisath> Did the kobol guys get back to you?
<Heisath> Status according to them regarding getting mvebu patches:
<Heisath> temporary halted.
<Heisath> the patch as it is now already rejected by upstream. okay, maybe rejected is strong word, more on need rework.
<Heisath> I did some rework but the pwm is tightly coupled with the gpio and sometime got kernel crash with the reworked patch.
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<jophish> Heisath: I didn't hear anything back. Thanks for the update
<jophish> FWIW I've been running with that patch for about a year
<jophish> and no crashes
<Heisath> yeah we are using the patch also. As I understood: "the patch as it is now already rejected by upstream. okay, maybe rejected is strong word, more on need rework." -> Aprayoga tried to rework it, but the new (reworked) version is causing problems.
<jophish> right, in that case I'll keep using the patch from armbian and not look further into upstreaming it myself
<jophish> thanks for all the help, Heisath
<Heisath> no problem. Maybe aprayoga will get it done at some point.
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<algyz> Hello, any way to fix oversized desktop on latest and greatest focal? Native resolution 1360x768, armbian gives 1280x720, but desktop is outside borders.
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<IgorPec> algyz: setting resolution has nothing to do with Ubuntu/focal. its hw/kernel related feature and its quite a work to fix that
<IgorPec> Heisath: you are welcome!
<IgorPec> lanefu: around?
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<algyz> @IgorPec is it very hard?
<IgorPec> you are asking if we will do that for you? :)
<algyz> Probably now, but (little trolling) earlier it was easy to fix this with h3disp...
<algyz> Probably not*
<IgorPec> h3displ was userland script for switching resoultion. now its switched auto, if exits
<IgorPec> exists
<Werner> You can try to play around with xrandr
<IgorPec> exotic resoulutions are IMO probably not defined at all
<algyz> Was not lucky with xrandr also...
<Werner> Welp, worth a try
<algyz> Well, resolution could stay 1280x720, but why it is oversized?
<Werner> Are you using some kind of adapter like HDMI to VGA or something?
<IgorPec> then its a project like this https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/1887
<algyz> Menu is somewhere out of top left corner
<algyz> Not rk3288 here
<IgorPec> i know
<IgorPec> but to get the scale of the work
<IgorPec> this is the exact same problem, just on different hardware
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<algyz> No adapter here, hdmi->hdmi
<Miouyouyou> The adapter was just for checking if it worked with specific hardware, though.
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<Heisath> IgorPec: the sd card mux is acting up again. I am unsure if the used ICs for muxing are up to the task, regarding timings etc.
<IgorPec> aha, well, if chips has to be relaced, so be it. what about cable lenght?
<IgorPec> pcb to sd card
<Heisath> yeah I shortened it. But its only SPI so length should not matter that much. I also have problems driving the card real slow with an arduino.
<Heisath> I am a bit out of ideas. Will think about it further
<Heisath> the bananapi expects the card really quick after power on for example. If it is not available then it will not try again.
<Heisath> also when the cables from the boards to muxer can only be like 5cm it is no use to us. You cant mount testing boards so closely
<IgorPec> ahaa
<IgorPec> yes, i expected / predicted min 20cm
<Heisath> which should be possible. I need to look at all the waveforms to figure out what happens with the muxers in between and compare it do removed muxer.
<Heisath> -do +to
<Heisath> well I have the time rn.
<IgorPec> it would also be good to go out to github with all those issues - perhaps someone might join this effort?
<Heisath> yeah. Although they would probably have to also have the board to go beyond the more obvious things...
<Heisath> (we do have enough left. No one has so far contacted me for fixed EU board)
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<IgorPec> that's true. i sent one to piter and jmcc (i think)
<IgorPec> but for those that are not skilled in EE its IMO a bit hard
<IgorPec> tony and martin have skills, but it depends if they have time atm
<Heisath> yeah. It is absolutely a hw problem. My bash script is working fine
<Heisath> actually I'm not even using that. Just bridged the pins for now.
<IgorPec> so what works and what doesn't ATM?
<Heisath> Power works nicely. Serial mux works.
<IgorPec> ok, that's already half of the job
<IgorPec> more
<Heisath> you can issue commands like 'mpads.sh --pon 6' to turn on device on port 6 and stuff like 'mpads.sh --serial 6' to connect to serial on board 6
<Heisath> The 7 segment display shows which serial is connected
<IgorPec> and if we stack another board of this kind?
<Heisath> atm not possible. We need to make I2C address of MCP27017 changeable.
<IgorPec> aha, all are the same. how can this be changed?
<Heisath> Currently it is hardwired to 0x20. There a 3 address bits left (but they are hard connected to 0)
<IgorPec> can we add a jumper?
<Heisath> yeah jumpers (3) would be ideal
<IgorPec> this is probably the cheapest way and good enough IMO
<Heisath> datasheet first page, the pins A0 - A2 can be used for address
<Heisath> Address could then be 0x20 up to 0x27
<Heisath> so max 8 boards on one I2C bus
<IgorPec> yes, that's enough for this purpose
<Heisath> Is good enough for autotesting I guess. You can start 'apt update && apt full-upgrade' via serial, then restart board by toggling power.
<IgorPec> this board is anyway independent from sd card mux, right
<Heisath> yep
<IgorPec> ok, then sd card mux. what optoions do we have here?
<Heisath> Idea of Hijax was to have one sdcard per slave device. SD card can either be connected to slave or switched to master (only one on master at the time).
<Heisath> The switching works the same as with the serial. But signal requirements are somewhat tighter. Control (via software) works, but sdcard detection is meh.
<IgorPec> even its SPI?
<IgorPec> i understand that this should be more roboust
<Heisath> SPI has electrically stricter requirements than serial.
<Heisath> Problem is SPI is synchronous protocol so needs a Clock signal, and data is written&read simultanously on clock -> so if Clock and Data Write / Data Read go to far apart it breaks.
<IgorPec> alrigh, do you have any idea what we can do?
<Heisath> After some more analysis maybe.
<Heisath> I have unsoldered one of the muxers and will try it on its own. Then I can tell you if the muxers itself are the problem or the wiring other components on the board
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<IgorPec> ok ... i have father duties in 5m and will be back in 45m
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<Werner> ,searchissue Allwinner H6
<ArmbianHelper> AR-285 [Task] "Improve thermal throttling on Allwinner H6" reported by Igor Pecovnik at 2020-05-28. Status: Done
<ArmbianHelper> AR-268 [Task] "Add higher clock for Allwinner H6" reported by Igor Pecovnik at 2020-05-19. Status: Done
<ArmbianHelper> AR-154 [Task] "Add analogue audio driver to Allwinner H6" reported by Igor Pecovnik at 2020-01-23. Status: Done
<IgorPec> .great
<ArmbianHelper> great, adjective, synonym for Armbian
<IgorPec> :)
<Werner> Lets hope it won't run riot someday ^^
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<IgorPec> haha. if you have time to waste. have you done anything with XML (create and import) to wordpress?
<Werner> Wordpress yes but nothing spectacular and nothing with XML (yet)
<IgorPec> if you want to add some data like, build test sucess, or runtime success directly to board page https://www.armbian.com/odroid-c4
<Werner> That is beyond my skills, sorry.
<IgorPec> ok :) just asking
<IgorPec> what about CI / Jenkins stuff that Lanefu is trying to bring up?
<Werner> I don't know.
<IgorPec> i am also week in Jenkins
<IgorPec> well, no problem
<Werner> I basically know what it does and how it works but never played with it myself.
<Werner> There are WAY too many things out there to do shit with :D
<IgorPec> sure. we need to make it to serve our case
<IgorPec> currently we have build check on MR which is fine, but more things can be done.
<IgorPec> the whole part of releasing images etc.
<IgorPec> i think that XML -> wordpress is far more simple ;)
<IgorPec> its just create XML with "board=banana 7zip=1234" import "7zip" to where board=banana"
<Heisath> quick info, the muxer ic itself and the wire length is not a problem. Must be something else with the wiring / connections on the board.
<Werner> Sounds easy in theory. The issues come by doing.
<IgorPec> Heisath: what can be wrong on the PCB?
<Heisath> maybe to thin / close to each other wires
<IgorPec> uh, "maybe" :)
<Heisath> dont know yet, but this flying mess works... (notice desoldered mux ic between the cable)
<Werner> I do electrical engineering for special purpose robotics machinery for a living. But never got into PCBs....much
<Heisath> I am systematically testing each component on their own now. Something has to be wrong..
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): Armbian 20.05 Kagu is out! It represents thousands of engineering hours on top and around #raw #linuxfoundation @AmlogicPR @AllwinnerTech @IloveRockchip @MediaTek @nxp @marvellsemi @arm @ubuntu @debian material. Check what's new: https://t.co/qpNfzQbnCD https://t.co/JU3Kbcq34n (10s ago)
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<MrFixIt> What is the best method for upgrading an existing system to Armbian 20.05 or is it just easier to drop the image to another Microcd card?
<IgorPec> from which version?
<IgorPec> apt update ; apt upgrade should do in most of cases ... except from some very old build.
<Werner> If the OS stays the same should work.
<Werner> Stuff like going from Bionic to Focal is more complicated...probably
<IgorPec> yes, that could be problematic
<IgorPec> but since i didn't try ... perhaps works just fine?
<Werner> There is only one way to find out...
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<algyz2> any way to add h3disp to armbian?
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @ovipic @thepine64 @AmlogicPR @AllwinnerTech @IloveRockchip @MediaTek @NXP @marvellsemi @Arm @ubuntu @debian @orangepixunlong @Olimex @librecomputer @kobol_io @radxa_oshw @TeeFirefly @cnxsoft What Google "Banana Pi M2+ armbian" tells you? (21s ago)
<IgorPec> aldyz2: Why?
<algyz2> Why raspbian better managing with these things?
<IgorPec> use rasbian
<algyz2> But it is probably not easy to install on orange pi pc
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @ovipic Aha, that would be #bug Page / picture on the download is missing https://t.co/h86mDKE8Kq ... welcome to https://t.co/4L6iAcrE9S (6s ago)
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<IgorPec> algyz2: you have to use raspberry pi for that
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @ovipic Check support terms firs - use forum. Twitter doesn't know much: https://t.co/QGhntGENdD (3s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @thepine64 @AmlogicPR @AllwinnerTech @IloveRockchip @MediaTek @NXP @marvellsemi @Arm @ubuntu @debian @orangepixunlong @Olimex @librecomputer @kobol_io @radxa_oshw @TeeFirefly @cnxsoft Users doesn't complain about :) Armbian kernel already have - for weeks & months - most of the functions that are coming to current mainline. Anyway, we have planned to bump Rockchip to 5.6.y and sort out few (1 more message)
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<LanDi> hey guys, I'm on banana pi, how can I upgrade to Armbian 20.05 Kagu?
<LanDi> that's my current version "Ubuntu Bionic with Armbian Linux 4.19.62-sunxi"
<LanDi> or if I'm already on it, how can I check?[
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<lanefu> IgorPec: jenkins is back up. sorry... had stupid problem, then i ran the wrong jenkins
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