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<lanefu> Dr{Who}: are you enabled the UARTS device tree overlay with armbian-config?
<lanefu> IgorPec: okay have decent POC the decrypted ssh-private key staying only in memory and never touching disk.. works with rsync
<lanefu> i think we can do the samee thing with gpg-agent... i need to understand how the package signing process works a bit more
<Dr{Who}> lanefu, For legacy builds /dev/ttyS1 was enabled by default. For current I had to enable the port using fdtput 'fdtput -t s /boot/dtb/amlogic/meson-sm1-odroid-c4.dtb /soc/bus@ffd00000/serial@24000 status "okay"'
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<IgorPec> lanefu: great, we can try to implement this by the end of this week. we have some national holiday so I am off from daytime job
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<ArmbianTwitter> @DAVE_Embedded (DAVE Embedded): This Technical Note shows how to run such a distribution on SBCSPG, a product designed and manufactured by DAVE Embedded Systems to build compact IoT gateways for industrial applications. This example makes use of #armbian ⤵️ https://t.co/AWoo94FbwH #wherequalityhappens (11s ago)
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<peetah> hello, I'm new to armbian: I own since a decade a sheevaplug that works fine with debian stretch, but it is now time to move to something a bit more powerful.
<peetah> So I would like to replace it with an odroid C4, but I wonder if armbian is administrate in the same way as debian or not
<peetah> administrated
<peetah> I mean: debian deals with everything, up to flashing a new kernel at the right place. Does armbian also take care of this ?
<peetah> would someone have a link to a comparison between debian and armbian admin ?
<peetah> I guess I should have checked the doc first... :)
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<lanefu> peetah: armbian's kernel and u-boot packages take care of doing the right thing... otherwise it's a pretty typical debian experience.. there is an additional tool called armbian-config (insired by raspiconfig) to easily address otheer SBC-reelated nuances..
<lanefu> IgorPec: i noticed teh $GPG_PASS var i a lot of the armbian-build code.. does $GPG_PASS stand for a passphrase to acccess the gpg-keychain or is that referring to a gpg key id?
<lanefu> *in a lot
<peetah> lanefu: thanks
<IgorPec> yes thats key password
<IgorPec> "double" protection ;)
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @DAVE_Embedded: This Technical Note shows how to run such a distribution on SBCSPG, a product designed and manufactured by DAVE Embedded… (9s ago)
<IgorPec> peetah: if you expect that things just works, stay away from bleeding edge technology
<IgorPec> like C4
<peetah> so xu4 would be a better choice ?
<lanefu> what's your use case?
<lanefu> xu4 is good and tried and true, but 32bit
<PPA> peetah: for headless use?
<peetah> Currently my sheevaplug is used as a mail, web, caldav and xmpp server, irc bouncer, and NAS
<PPA> For something that light I would recommend getting a TV box instead
<peetah> What's a TV box ?
<PPA> They're much cheaper than SBCs and come with everything you need (so you don't need to buy a separate heat sink, power cable, etc.)
<PPA> Ah, basically these are little computers that by default run Android
<peetah> android is a no go
<PPA> but can be changed to run Armbian
<PPA> Most SBCs use the same SoCs as these TV boxes
<PPA> The Odroid C4 for example uses the S905X3, which originates in TV boxes that cost half as much
<PPA> The problem with TV boxes, if you run Armbian on them, are twofold:
<PPA> one, because these are cobbled together from whatever is lying around t the Chinese sweatshop at the time, you may have trouble finding a dtb that works with it
<PPA> It's very common for wifi and blutooth not to work for example, or HDMI audio
<lanefu> Armbian also doesn't support TVboxes
<PPA> but this isn't a problem if you're using them headlessly
<lanefu> get a real SBC
<PPA> The other problem is that they have terrible thermal design (I have a X96 Air and somehow the bottom gets hotter than the top)
<PPA> so if you want to run a lot of CPU-intensive tasks on them, you'd have to do modications like drilling holes, changing the heatsink, adding fans, etc.
<PPA> which are not worth it
<peetah> so you're conclusion is opposite to your advice :)
<PPA> However, if you just want a device that can run low-intensity server software (like the ones you listed), then these are more powerful and cheaper than SBCs
<PPA> and do the job just as well
<peetah> actually I was expecting to expand this list and tackle stuff like video transcoding
<PPA> This thread lists boxes where most things work
<PPA> Ah, video transcoding is trickier
<PPA> I've only started looking into that a few days ago myself, so take everything with a grain of salt here:
<PPA> but as I understand it, it's very dependent on 1) the SoC, 2) the open drivers for that SoC's VPU, and 3) whether the software can make use of it
<PPA> SBCs mostly use TV box or tablet SoCs, which are all *designed* to run Android
<peetah> open drivers are the reason I consider moving from my sheevaplug now, with bifrost starting to be integrated in various projects
<PPA> so manufacturers only package drivers for Android, and Linux tinkerers have to arduously reverse-engineer it and create open-source alternatives that work on mainline Linux
<PPA> (correct me if I'm wrong on any of this since I'm a noob)
<lanefu> PPA: that's pretty much correct
<PPA> nice
<PPA> As I understand it, if you want safe hardware acceleration, you're better off getting an older device for which the software has had time to mature
<PPA> (like those H3 and H5 Allwinner chips, which are armhf and kinda old now, but almost all of their features are available in Linux now)
<PPA> (ah wait, H5 is arm64, but out of produciton)
<lanefu> https://linux-sunxi.org/Sunxi-Cedrus is probably as good as it gets for transcoding
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<lanefu> but yeah if you _really_ want to transcode... x86 is probably still teh beest place
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<lanefu> although i havenet rid with like my faster arm stuff lately
<lanefu> *tried
<peetah> transcoding would be a bonus, it doesn't have to be the most efficient type
<lanefu> interestingly enough.. Opi is saying there's another batch of H5's on the horizon...... https://snipboard.io/41KULm.jpg
<PPA> There's sunxi for Allwinners, this: http://linux-meson.com/doku.php for Amlogic
<PPA> is there a site/community like that for Rockchips?
<peetah> my prioprities are: fanless, power efficient, at least same functionalities than the sheevaplug but which offers possibility of more fun
<peetah> yes
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<PPA> You could get an Orange Pi PC, which has four times as many cores, twice the RAM, and very good software support
<PPA> (would have to add a small heatsink though)
<PPA> or you can get a <40 € TV box from Aliexpress with 4 GB RAM, internal storage, USB 3.0, and a fast arm64 SoC
<PPA> where most things don't work, but you still have a pretty good headless server thing for nonspecific purposes
<peetah> my sheevaplug lasted 10 years, and I expect its replacement to have the same kind of reliability, so random aliexpress stuff won't do it
<lanefu> peetah: If you're wanting to balanace maturity with longevity... my suggestion would be AllWinner H6 based stuff
<PPA> In which case
<peetah> that is why I was considering at the most recent SBCs such as XU4, just before the C4 came into the light
<IgorPec> orangepi 3
<lanefu> i've been using an OrangePi3 with root btrfs on EMMC, and then home and docker directories on usb 3.0 - SSD.. getting 40 days uptime before i cant resist patching and rebootign
<lanefu> my Opi3 is my headless workstation
<IgorPec> oranges are well covered sw wise
<peetah> IgorPec, lanefu, PPA : thanks for all these suggestions , I'll look into it
<PPA> https://aliexpress.com/item/32971627475.html (official Orange Pi store)
<PPA> (there's other variants with eMMC or less RAM)
<IgorPec> just PCI is not working on H6 boards unless you use dirty hacked stock kernel
<lanefu> to further defend my H6 passion... see my recent to tweet :P https://twitter.com/lanefu/status/1274418460508946433
<IgorPec> which is why Pine drop it from a second version
<PPA> How much RAM is recommended for things, by the way?
<PPA> From my recent messing around it seems that a lot of smaller daemons like IRC bouncers use almost none
<PPA> Web browsers in desktop use of course are RAM gluttons
<lanefu> yeah.. most stuff is pretty lean... the only ham hogs i have are java things, prometheus, grafana, influxdb
<peetah> I'm doing all the things above with 512Mo
<PPA> and I heard for video transcoding one shouldnt go below 1 GB total
<lanefu> yeah transcoding more ram teh better
<IgorPec> 1Gb is plenty for most of the headless stuff
<PPA> I see, thanks
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<Werner> Actually PCIe is working on H6 to some extend using Icenowy virtualization wrapper
<lanefu> yeah she's done some cool stuff to bring it to science project status
<lanefu> but like.. would you ever trust it to run a SATA controller
<Werner> It needs to be tested anyways and at the bottomline it is still "just" a hack that fixes Allwinners fuckups
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<PPA> >inserts the screws from the wrong side first, then corrects it
<PPA> cute
<Werner> Realistic I guess ^^
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<Dr{Who}> IgorPec, Thanks! I am looking forward to seeing the diff that fixes it. I have spent silly amounts of hours trying to figure it out and help. Hopefully I can help more once I understand.
<Werner> These silly amounts of hours are usual business :P
<Dr{Who}> :) yep.
<IgorPec> :) yeah, i am wasting it 10 every day :)
<Dr{Who}> I don't mind banging my head against the wall for a few days but at some point its time to call for the Pros.
<IgorPec> well, for us its a bit different ... users keep comming with the issues even we have no plan to address them
<IgorPec> we lost insane amount of time for some wrecked Wireless driver ... but people doesn't take no as an answer
<IgorPec> talking obout Orange pi zero XR xradio ... do some forum search. insanity
<Dr{Who}> I already cringed at "wireless driver" wifi code is a bag of cats.
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<Werner> Nevermind, just boredom
<IgorPec> "a bag of cats" :)
<IgorPec> i usually use concorde fallacy for this kind of wasteless stuff
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<Dr{Who}> I am pragmatic. If the hardware I have been testing even though I like it has a serious flaw I would just find another. I was shipping product starting with the original Pi then later 3 and 3B etc. The 4 is a no go. I cant support the heat and power it uses for my product so I am looking for a replacement. So far I like the odroid-c4 but we shall see. https://github.com/nutechsoftware/alarmdecoder-webapp/tree/nocache/contrib/armbian
<IgorPec> all pi's has serious flaws ;)
<IgorPec> brb
<lvrp16> Dr{Who}: you probably need wifi and bluetooth I'm guessing?
<Dr{Who}> Don't know about hardware level stuff but I am sure it was pain with all the SOC changes. The hardware had lots of power issues on the first several models that caused corruption on the uSD. Last few have been much better.
<lvrp16> Dr{Who}: eMMC is your friend for long term products. SD cards just don't cut it.
<Dr{Who}> lvrp16, Nope.. wifi is not one of my requirements. If someone wants they can add a USB wifi adapter but IMHO wifi is not reliable for this application and I discourage it. LoRa on the other hand would be acceptable to transmit alarm signals.
<Dr{Who}> lvrp16, Ya I added that to the + catagory for the odroid-c4 but most users would prefer uSD for easy of maintenance. If I do eMMC I will have to ship an adapter so the price does go up.
<lvrp16> We have AML-S905X-CC, it's based on Amlogic S905X, pretty reliable chip all around and long term availability, and all upstream
<lvrp16> We worked with BayLibre for the upstream portion in u-boot and Linux and power is pretty frugal, any specific budget?
<lvrp16> power budget
<lvrp16> You have the H3/H5 of the world which also works, there's a bunch of vendors doing those
<lvrp16> any of those are better than Pi
<lvrp16> just stay away from boards that are too small because they cut corners
<Dr{Who}> I listed some of the Pro's for the odroid-c4 on the readme on that github folder. The wide voltage input is a big one.
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<Dr{Who}> I was planning on shipping with Pi Zero till I realized I cant buy them in bulk :( They work well. Just add a 5$ usb ethernet adapter and they only burn 70ma.
<lvrp16> Dr{Who}: oh didn't see that, that's a nifty feature
<Dr{Who}> bbl
<ArmbianTwitter> @Poddingue (Bruno Verachten 🍰): Next step in my automatic subtitling project using @orangepixunlong #4B. Installing #TensorFlow on the machine running #Armbian. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 🍋 https://t.co/rBKkJRfvuw (30s ago)
<lanefu> all admit the 8 gig RPi4 has me a bit tempted to explore.. figured it would be good for ARM VMs
<lanefu> *I'll
<mrueg> lanefu: would love to see raspberry support on armbian ;P
<mrueg> it's a bummer that rk3399 only supports up to 4gb memory :(
<Werner> lanefu, you can use sed to fxi your typos :D
<Werner> s/fxi/fix
<ArmbianHelper> Werner meant to say: lanefu, you can use sed to fix your typos :D
<lvrp16> lanefu: Pi Foundation should have licensed the crypto extensions because long term their SoC are dead end without it
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<IgorPec> lanefu: my VMs are 32gigz minimum :)
<lvrp16> IgorPec: amen to that haha
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<IgorPec> for making lots of images in paralel, more is better
<IgorPec> at update, cca. 500 images are rebuild. And that this doesn't take several days ... :)
<PPA> While I have no use for one, it's very considerate of them to make a Raspberry Pi with 8 GB
<PPA> Now Google Chrome users can finally use one
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<peetah> dois je rappeler qu'il y a école demain ?
<peetah> oops sorry wrong window...
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): Added preview images for @IloveRockchip #RK3328 #64bit powered 1G + 100M Type-C HDMI AC wifi eMMC #Armbian K5.4 / K5.7 powered mini router like board from @radxa_oshw https://t.co/BLXrr8fTtn https://t.co/SgkDf3CaAe (7s ago)
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<lanefu> no way!
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @guidol70 @IloveRockchip @radxa_oshw @hipboi_ HDMI was tested, while analogue audio was not. Images are at a preview level but since there are more similar boards with the same SoC it probably works just fine. (2s ago)
<lanefu> IgorPec: your ARM VMS are 32gig?
<lanefu> lvrp16: lol man i didn't know about their crypto situation
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<ArmbianTwitter> @DieZuckerbude (Ben Zucker 🍰): @David_GT @orangepixunlong @OPi_Community @armbian @linuxdevices @cnxsoft @Raspberry_Pi @RaspiZone @IloveRockchip @ubuntu @omgubuntu @ubuntugeek If they hand over the needed patches... (15s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @xerotrust @thepine64 @Apple Generally they are more task oriented - each ARM SoC is designed for something, carry less garbage and can in that specific task be far more efficient. With general purpose usage - such as Notebooks / WKS / server the diff is less extreme, but still very good in favour of ARM. (23s ago)
<IgorPec> Lanefu: not yet :)
<IgorPec> x86
<IgorPec> yeah, waiting that someone donates us a proper ARM server :)
<IgorPec> which will ofc run armbian ;)
<lanefu> IgorPec: I have been wanting to make an AWS armbian image for grins
<IgorPec> grins?
<Dr{Who}> s/grins/"shits and giggles"
<ArmbianHelper> Dr{Who} thinks IgorPec meant to say: "shits and giggles"?
<IgorPec> :)
<IgorPec> alright, didn't know we have sed function Werner (do i need to RTFM?:)
<lanefu> now that Apple is going to use Arm, when are we going to switchto riscVian?
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @blu51899890 3 ? 😀 (3s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @blu51899890 (blu): @armbian A fair guess. Noted ; ) (18s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @xerotrust (xerotrust): @armbian @thepine64 @Apple so in theory if i wanted to make a hardware crypto wallet ARM is a better choice? (21s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @TonyMac_32 (Thomas McKahan): @armbian @IloveRockchip @radxa_oshw @hipboi_ I'm out of the office, my board might be waiting for me... 😆. Look forward to testing (24s ago)
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