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<Werner> Good morning
<IgorPec> mornign
<Werner> Interesting to see that when running the chroot bin bash and update initramfs through the emulator binary it takes way longer.
<IgorPec> yes, it seems so
<IgorPec> so its possible that it just fail ... but why?
<Werner> No clue. However I managed to built a bootin image now
<IgorPec> random working / not working is the worse
<IgorPec> i will try to analyise this process more in the detail during the day
<Werner> Using this the image for the OPi1 booted
<Werner> Run update twice and explicitly through emulator
<IgorPec> ok, now we have to make many tests
<Werner> I continue with OPi zero
<Werner> That is all I can do on armhf
<IgorPec> i will use m1
<Werner> I'll pickup a fresh up of coffee while the build is running
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<Werner> Even though it is not an issue yet and I (or we) are still building on Bionic maybe we should drop Bionic as build host just to make sure everything is the very same to reproduce errors.
<IgorPec> yes, that would be wise
<Werner> Though that would also mean to mark any other OS including Debian and based on distributions as unsupported as well.
<IgorPec> this fix doesn't help - at least not on bionic host
<IgorPec> i will start with a clean VM during a day
<Werner> It does for me. OPi zero booting as well
<Werner> Both built on Bionic where I built all my other images that I throw to https://armbian.laet.pw
<IgorPec> aaaaaaaa
<IgorPec> well, then its not host related
<IgorPec> my bionic fails
<Werner> Do you have a OPi zero or One to recreate this?
<IgorPec> not around, i have m1
<IgorPec> nanopi
<IgorPec> but if i build image with my workstation, it boots!
<IgorPec> sometimes
<Werner> Hm
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<IgorPec> must go, later
<Werner> Bye
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<wojci> Hi, what is the process (anything else than getting the source and trying to apply the patches for my board) for getting the kernel sources with patches so that I can add my own stuff (I need certain module), building it for testing and then generating a patch?
<wojci> Is there any automation for what I want or is this just a manual process?
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<wojci> Ah. I think that what I need is to use "CREATE_PATCHES=yes" argument to compile.sh, update the kernel/config, build it for my board and then hope that the patch will be generated.
<Werner> For simply adjusting kernel config you are prompted to choose if you like to edit the default config or not. For make changes to the sourcecode itself you can indeed use CREATE_PATCHES which will ask you before each step to make your changes and then look for them to create patch files from.
<wojci> Werner, OK. I got /home/wojci/remote-git/armbian/build/cache/sources/linux-mainline/linux-4.19.y withe the kernel sources with applied patches. The git history says "Cleaning working copy" as the last commit. Am I supposed to have the same kernel checked out some other place where I develop it and then merge patches into this one?
<Werner> When you use CREATE_PATCHES the script will stop before compilation. So you can just start it until this step, put the terminal aside and then adjust the sources to your needs
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<Heisath> @IgorPec: Bad news regarding SD mux. The pin muxing seems to work, but I can't get my Testboard to boot. Not sure if it is the board (bananapi), the sdcard (maybe one of them does not support sdcard spi mode) or the muxer itself has some bug.
<IgorPec> uh
<IgorPec> this week is terrible :)
<IgorPec> i never boot of in spi mode
<Heisath> Yeah. I will test the sdcard with spi with some Arduino I have here. This way I can atleast find out if the SDcard supports SPI mode. Also I can test the muxer board this way.
<Heisath> It will be slow. And definitely not able to do sdcard performance test with it.
<IgorPec> yes, this is good way to start ... how to you choose sd card anyway?
<Heisath> Just took some Sandisk SDHC
<IgorPec> also try with some non uhs
<Heisath> first step is to get the sbc out of the equation.
<IgorPec> on our sdcard mux ... all cards are assible at the time?
<IgorPec> yes
<Heisath> All cards will be connected to their device port, and one can be connected to master (this will then be disconnected from device).
<Heisath> If none is connected to master, all are connected to their device ports.
<IgorPec> aha, and how is this connecting solved? do we have a method?
<Heisath> it is done via the I2C bus and the power mux board.
<Heisath> the 4pin header at the top of the sdmux board. Is essentially 1 enable and 3 bits to select which card to connect to the master.
<IgorPec> and master see a block device where you dd image?
<Heisath> well the master device will be another of those sd card circuit boards. You can plug it into a micro sd to usb converter for example.
<Heisath> Direct attaching the master to some spi bus might work, but I have not thought about that route
<IgorPec> we should try that. its more convinient
<IgorPec> but not urgent ofc
<IgorPec> for the last three days
<IgorPec> initrd gets corrupet on focal and can't find a fix nor a workaround
<Heisath> you did not send me any of the sdcard boards. I had to kill some µSD to SD adapters to fashion my own.
<IgorPec> yeah, i figure out later. i forgot
<IgorPec> i can send you some + two more boards ? :)
<Heisath> nah let me test basic functionality first.
<IgorPec> ok
<Heisath> Regarding 20.05.1 boot problems, are upgrades for buster safe?
<IgorPec> all ugprades are safe. i also upgrade my helios4 to 5.4.y and works fine
<IgorPec> so far i suspect that fails only in chroot
<IgorPec> but upgrade to sid ... no idea
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<Heisath> ok might be a card thing. I tested 3 different sdhc cards, none got detected by the Arduino (connected directly). So maybe SDHC does not support SPI.
<IgorPec> ok, good
<Heisath> yeah bad in the way that I don't have any none sdhc cards :)
<IgorPec> :(
<IgorPec> :)
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<IgorPec> connection is ok?
<IgorPec> i mean 100% ok
<Heisath> well I plugged the card directly into SD card shield on arduino. No mux board or whatever. Will double check and then try to get some none hc cards.
<Heisath> ok got it. The voltage regulator on the arduino sd shield was broken. So card works with SPI mode. Now to test the sd mux
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<IgorPec> this weeks is really cursed ;)
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<Heisath> ok card direct to arduino does work. Card via sd mux does not. Will investigate further :) See you
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<Werner> IgorPec, so did the fix last? Because the issue is now marked as done.
<IgorPec> i made few test and it worked but according to experiences ... i would wait a celebration
<IgorPec> i will rebuild all bananas, download images and try
<Werner> Okay, good
<IgorPec> torrent network seems to be broken too
<IgorPec> do you have a mirror at your side?
<Werner> I have a torrent server up for several month now,yes
<IgorPec> is it working normally, can you check
<IgorPec> do you host last images
<Werner> It is still downloading. Went to over 1000 torrents after the release
<IgorPec> on my server it stuck on one file ... dowloading even it was at 100%
<Werner> Will take a while until everything is complete, downloading between 100 and 200mbit
<IgorPec> from more sources or only from main server?
<Werner> Web Seeds: downloading from 4 of 4 web seeds
<Werner> For a random torrent that is currently downloading
<Werner> Oh wait
<Werner> transmission-daemon[1133]: [2020-06-02 06:30:31.271] Armbian_20.05.1_Bananapim2plus_bullseye_current_5.4.43.img.xz Piece 662, which was just downloaded, failed its checksum test (torrent.c:3327)
<Werner> Something odd is going on
<IgorPec> yes indeed
<IgorPec> lets see how this will perform after I update banana images.
<IgorPec> it should be done in two hours
<Werner> Let me know when done. I will stop transmission for now
<Werner> Would otherwise only continue waste traffic.
<IgorPec> ok
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<hwvrg> Hi
<c0rnelius> hello
<hwvrg> Nice to meet you guys :D
<hwvrg> I am here because I bricked my Odroid HC-1 after updating via apt-get update/upgrade
<hwvrg> Is it OK to ask for help here?
<hwvrg> I have already made an image of my boot SD card (using a SATA HDD for everything but /boot)
<IgorPec> "/boot" is essential ... there is a kernel image and device tree, boot script
<IgorPec> what is this?=
<hwvrg> This is an image of /boot
<hwvrg> which resides on the SD
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<IgorPec> well, wait then
<hwvrg> I read on the download page there are problems right now with the 01/06 build. Might I be affected by these problems?
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<IgorPec> probably not, test upgrade did not show errors
<IgorPec> did you use next kernel ?
<IgorPec> 5.4.y ?
<hwvrg> No.
<hwvrg> Last kernel installed seems to be 4.14.150
<IgorPec> what is the content of /boot
<hwvrg> and before 4.14.149
<IgorPec> did you install it on HDD or you ran from SD ?
<hwvrg> I installed on HDD
<hwvrg> only /boot is on SD
<IgorPec> ahaa, was your /boot mounted?
<hwvrg> I used the armbian installer
<hwvrg> How can I tell? I have no access to the device since I cannot SSH into it
<hwvrg> The machine was running for 18 months or so ... wouldn't come up after apt-get update/upgrade and rebooting afterwards.
<IgorPec> yeah, without serial console its impossible to tell ... mount sd card somewhere and unpack kernel over manually, similar to this https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Advanced-Features/#how-to-unbrick-the-system-outdated
<hwvrg> Will do.
<IgorPec> perhaps SD card failed
<IgorPec> this is quite possible
<IgorPec> kernel upgrade is a big stress
<hwvrg> Okay. Despite it being readable flawlessly on my laptop?
<hwvrg> I can run testtool on it since I saved an img, right?
<IgorPec> writing to the sd card is the problematic part
<IgorPec> most of the cards turn read only when they decide to die
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<hwvrg> Sure. Is it safe to img sd with dd and then run tests in it to determine this issue?
<IgorPec> i would recommend you to start with a fresh SD card, copy configuration manually ... or just start fresh
<hwvrg> OK
<IgorPec> no, its not a safe method
<IgorPec> dd does not verify
<hwvrg> Oh, ok. How would one do it?
<hwvrg> Any link?
<hwvrg> I will perform everything tonight and report back :)
<IgorPec> no need to report ;)
<hwvrg> Haha
<IgorPec> you upgreaded to Focal?
<IgorPec> werner: torrents for bananas has been updated, try now
<Werner> Okay, updating now
<IgorPec> 192.145.something is you i assume?
<Werner> Yup
<IgorPec> eating all my bw :)
<Werner> Oops :P
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<IgorPec> probably you don't want to update all now ... i will excahange all images eventually
<IgorPec> during a night
<Werner> Your choice. I have 40TB bandwidth to waste
<Werner> Nice, we got some feedback on the hack in the forums
<IgorPec> i have no limits
<Werner> How much are all images and toolchains together? 200gb?
<IgorPec> closer to 300gb now
<Werner> Okay, still no big deal. Let it flow
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<gymnodemi> Hi everyone, I posted a patch on the forum for a u-boot issue for the rk3328-roc-cc renegade board but apparently since I just signed up I'm moderated. Can someone here take a look at it and give me some feedback?
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<c0rnelius> gymnodemi: which uboot is it? firefly or mainline.
<gymnodemi> I patched the ayufan uboot for rockhip - the one the latest Armbian pulled in for regenade. I had to go way back in the firefly uboot repo to find the working one I had from last year
<c0rnelius> add anything good?
<c0rnelius> sorry I don't work here, just curious :D I own the board.
<gymnodemi> It fixes an issue where on the renegade board only half of the ram was being detected. I like that board I have a couple I use in production at work.
<c0rnelius> I see. I only have the 2GB. I like it to for the most part, but now just use it with LibreELEC.
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<gymnodemi> I use mine at home as a little openvpn server. At work, we have them handling dhcp on two VLANs and iperf3 testing boxes. I use a PoE splitter so we can remotely reboot them via a switch port.
<c0rnelius> Oh nice. I use to use mine as a lil local web server and before that a NAS. NAS was... Not so good because of the iffy usb3 port... Runs a tight lil Kodi box I can say that.
<gymnodemi> Yeah, I setup a NFS root for them USB even 3 and MMC is just soo freakin laggy it drive me nuts. The Gig ethernet port makes all the difference on SoC board imho
<c0rnelius> I agree the eth port is pretty rockin on it and its saving grace really. Not sure whats up with the eMMC on it, thing doesn't seem to fit properly. Dangles real bad.
<c0rnelius> I do like that you can hold down that button and it gets detected as usb storage though on ur PC. More vendors should do that. Makes life so easy when flashing.
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