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* Tonymac32 knows TRS-80 enjoys freshies
<TRS-80> Tonymac32: you know me all too well, in fact I almost said freshy XD
<Tonymac32> haha
<TRS-80> Also, guess what Winn Dixie Fresca knock off is called?
<Tonymac32> lol
<TRS-80> I did too, when I first saw it recently
<Tonymac32> Still getting the kids ready for bed I'll be in and out
<TRS-80> learned this new drink, called a Paloma, apparently: tequila, little fresh squeezed lime juice, and Fresca (or generic equivalent, if you don't have Tonymac32 kind of money)...
<TRS-80> When Winn Dixie stuff goes on sale I buy like (20)x 12 packs of the stuff for like 4/$11 or something, it's plenty good for mixer
* Tonymac32 has money? hmmmmm
<TRS-80> anyway if anyone is around, I am /still/ looking for some inexpensive SBC just to use as an audio node, likely with some sort of Amp "HAT" that is not RPi
<TRS-80> maybe I should make a forum thread, surely I can't be the only one looking for such parameters
<Tonymac32> inexpensive... I2S...
<Tonymac32> as I recall you wanted multi-room sync, yes?
<TRS-80> I know you keep thinking it can be done on like an ESP
<TRS-80> yes and I had the prototype / PoC actually working at one point
<Tonymac32> rofl well it might be, but I was just trying to remember the requirements
<Tonymac32> and someone actually had one of those multi-room audio setups running on an ESP32
<Tonymac32> but I lost the link so trying to remember
<TRS-80> yes basically DIY Sonos, plus HA system talking to us
<TRS-80> I already have living room node in form of RPi with HifiBerry AMP2 on it... so this is for another room
<TRS-80> and model for additional rooms
<Tonymac32> trying to jog my memory here, name of softwares in this realm
<TRS-80> something like RPi Zero would be fine I think, although I have extreme disdain for fruit companies who masquerade as F/LOSS whilst actually being nothing of the sort
<TRS-80> Tonymac32: snapserver and snapclient are the GNU/Linux-y way, for those without beards on their neck there is also the good ol Squeezebox, the server of which is now opensource to my understanding
<TRS-80> SnapCast, sorry: https://github.com/badaix/snapcast
<TRS-80> just put whatever into a pipe and it will be synced to all devices
<TRS-80> I plan on mixing the music + HA voice stream into one (or interrupting the former with the latter, when needed)...
<TRS-80> but anyway should be very simple hardware requirements for the SBC, on the amp side unfortunately everything seems to be made for RPi although could be re-mapped of course...
<Tonymac32> I have some old school intercom phones, like the secretary/office ones
<TRS-80> lol great
<TRS-80> are they red, Gorbachev?
<Tonymac32> I plan on putting one in my shed and one in the house, no black
<TRS-80> are these really old school or are they VOIP?
<TRS-80> I will also have some multi-extension VOIP set up, once I buy my property and have a biggeer place
<Tonymac32> they are old school buzzer and incandescent light ones
<Tonymac32> they were from an RCA office
<Tonymac32> back when RCA was still RCA
<TRS-80> mostly for internal use, also likely VPN lins to other family, basically our own private telephone network... "one day"
<TRS-80> they will likely live forever
<TRS-80> and can also be used as a bludgeoning weapon, should the need arie
<TRS-80> s/arie/arise/
<ArmbianHelper> TRS-80 meant to say: and can also be used as a bludgeoning weapon, should the need arise
<buZz> tandyradioshack
<Tonymac32> bakelite and steel
<TRS-80> wow that went quick
* TRS-80 goes to make a freshie
<TRS-80> anyway I was looking for a hardware recommendation (small inexpensive SBC) not an software one, I got that end covered...
<TRS-80> buZz: yeeeesss? :)
<buZz> :)
<lanefu> i ordered a PineH64B with eMMC.. looks like i get to make my first Device Tree Overlay https://forum.armbian.com/topic/12479-pine64-h64-does-not-boot-from-emmc-solved/page/2/
<TRS-80> lanefu: w00t
<lanefu> never ordered through them befeore should be interesting
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<lanefu> :( v20.05 branch looks like it's out of sync from hotfixes igor has rolled out
<Tonymac32> yeah
<Tonymac32> wow, my borther got some crappy margarita mix when he visited, said it needed more lime. I just put an entire lime in my drink on top of the mix, yeah, that was the problem
<Tonymac32> we won't speak of this stuff labelled tequila he bought
<Tonymac32> TRS-80 this is hardcore WIP but https://github.com/jorgenkraghjakobsen/snapclient
<Tonymac32> For Linux based stuff, I need to test my one of these: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D4KT1GQ
<TRS-80> Tonymac32: I know you seem interested in doing this on ESP32, but I am perfectly happy paying few bucks to do on "inexpensive" SBC
<Tonymac32> yeah yeah, I only posted that because you mentioned it, there absolutely nothing "end-user" ready
<TRS-80> Tonymac32: yes something like that! 512MB one is only $20 and would be fine for the application
<Tonymac32> the pinout has the I2S populated as well
<fromport> how much power does esp32 use compared to cheap pi's and similar
<TRS-80> that would have been my next look, thanks
<TRS-80> fromport: less? :D
<Tonymac32> fromport it's not even on the same chart
<fromport> :-)
<Tonymac32> my Pi 0 with wifi pulls between 150 and 300 mA just sitting there
<TRS-80> then another order of magnitude down from Wi-Fi things like ESP are like Arduino Pro Mini with nRF radios which you can sleep and run on batteries for years (with some tweaks)
<Tonymac32> My Pi "A" sized ESP32 board that I made uses 70 or so, but I need to test WiFi's impact/etc
<Tonymac32> Obviously the Pi has more reach, the ESP32 has no lack of poewr but coding stuff (like Snap client) from scratch is a PITA
<Tonymac32> an ESP32 with proper use of the ULP coprocessor and sleep modes can also run on a battery for months+
<Tonymac32> It has to be kept in mind that the RPi 0 processor is an antique, the process is outdated/inefficient, the architecture is multiple generations behind the least powerful core in most systems (ARM11)
<Tonymac32> So it isn't really fair comparing it to, well, anything, except that certain parties brag up all the junk that comes from that direction like it was sent from a higher being
<Tonymac32> ROFL I tried to pull the TRM for that core on ARM.com and got a 404
<Tonymac32> there we go
<TRS-80> Tonymac32: I come here because it is my only refuge on the Internets from mouth breathers who think that RPi is the greatest thing since sliced bread
<Tonymac32> The Pi 3 is why I wound up here. What a pile
<Tonymac32> I was happy with the Pi2
<TRS-80> In fact, in the sort of movie scene where you find youself back to back deep in enemy territory with some old friend, I ran into Igor over at OpenHAB forums. trying to spread facts to generally impervious NPCs, which is why I decided to come back here recently
<lanefu> I bought an orangepione from amazon because i was looking for an rpi, but it was same day deliveyr on a sunday
<lanefu> and that opened a BIG can of worms
<Tonymac32> one of my coworkers sent me a link to the tinker board
<Tonymac32> and well, yep
<TRS-80> movie scene, back to back literally bumping into I mean, I ran into Igor in some thread over there lol
<TRS-80> lanefu: you are better off
<TRS-80> much better
<Tonymac32> My Pi 3(s) sit collecting dust in their nice cast aluminum heatsink cases
<Tonymac32> the firmwarepocalypse was the last straw for me
<TRS-80> ?
<TRS-80> I don't follow the RPi bullshit any longer, but I do have one old one I bought, using it for media center (no sensitive/personal data)
<TRS-80> what is this firmwarepocalypse you speak of?
<Tonymac32> from the Pi3 on at least (as far as my experience goes) they have made multiple rapid changes to the "firmware" on the VC 4 that "fixed" things, always by throttling performance down from advertised
<Tonymac32> remember the ARM cores are accessories for the VC4
<TRS-80> imagine my shock
<TRS-80> I am well aware
<Tonymac32> anyhow
* TRS-80 hoards Libreboot supported hardware exclisively, like some sort of Techpriest
<Tonymac32> the Pi3 had a shittier driver situation than AMD going on, so I bailed
<TRS-80> s/exclisively/exclusively
<ArmbianHelper> TRS-80 meant to say: * TRS-80 hoards Libreboot supported hardware exclusively, like some sort of Techpriest
<TRS-80> it is all about Freedom in the end, but try and point this out to NPCs and in return you will only get the fluoride stare
<Tonymac32> I gave up complaining about Amlogic blobs, at least they are smaller, and honestly should be easy enough to "competitively analyze" were someone in the mood
<TRS-80> seems like most blobs are around video (especially) or then sometimes wifi
<Tonymac32> wifi/LTE are unavoidable I think, generally
<Tonymac32> video is usually tough, but at this point Mali has been beaten to death by community work
<TRS-80> there are actually a few available
<TRS-80> very few
<TRS-80> like like atheros
<TRS-80> I go out of my way to buy such products
<TRS-80> but generally, that is true
<Tonymac32> I ned to run an I2S test on my H2+
<TRS-80> what did you mean by "Mali been beaten to death"?
* Tonymac32 may have theat entire series of boards
<Tonymac32> open source mali drivers both in kernel and user space
<TRS-80> I am really liking the Libre thing; are they really Libre or is it just marketing (I need to do more research)?
<Tonymac32> more or less the same way the Allwinner stuff got there, pure force of will by the community
<TRS-80> OK now we talking about Libre boards or Mali? :)
<Tonymac32> for libre computer, the schematics are around, the boards are using SoC's that are decently documented (Amlogic is, well, Amlogic though)
<TRS-80> OK gotcha
<Tonymac32> the force of will part was Mali
<lanefu> Libre Computer funds a lot of mainline development work to BayLibre eetc
<Tonymac32> ^
<Tonymac32> that too
<TRS-80> Mali is reverse engineering effort, right?
<Tonymac32> for the 400/450 and T6/7xx yes
<Tonymac32> Remember ARM did not make those
<Tonymac32> the licensing is all messed up
<TRS-80> I know, I have been trying for years to figure it all out, yet still I struggle
<Tonymac32> expansion by aquisition
<Tonymac32> Ferengi I guess
<lanefu> lvrp16 has a pretty clear mission statment / vision on sustainable SBC platforms
<lanefu> legitmiate intent and delivery not just marketing
<lanefu> s/legitmiat/legitimate
<ArmbianHelper> lanefu meant to say: legitimatee intent and delivery not just marketing
<Tonymac32> uh
<lanefu> dont want to speak for them tho
<Tonymac32> did you though
<TRS-80> is this a person? a company?
<lvrp16> a person with a company haha
<Tonymac32> lvrpi16 is on here usually, a person, representing a company
<lanefu> lol
<Tonymac32> oh there they are
<TRS-80> ohai! XD
<lvrp16> it's my pet project to see the proprietary nonsense in sbc's end
* TRS-80 got a real good chuckle
<lvrp16> cause it's a clusterf*ck
<TRS-80> well, Amen!
* Tonymac32 doesn't mention it keeps me with things to do
<lvrp16> :D
<lanefu> lol
<Tonymac32> ;-)
<TRS-80> except you did
<TRS-80> well, good for you
<lvrp16> 95% re-engineering the same bullcrap over and over again
<c0rnelius> pssh
<lvrp16> sdk problems that never get fixed
<lvrp16> fix it once, fix it forever, so we can actually build useful stuff that clutter up our house
<Tonymac32> who woke up c0rnelius
<Tonymac32> ;-)
<TRS-80> these are very predictable problems, as a result of dinosaur propretary business models
<c0rnelius> :D
<lvrp16> and generate e-waste
<Tonymac32> ...like my RPi 3's?
<Tonymac32> :D
<lanefu> lol
<TRS-80> I say it all the time, ultimately it is about Freedom (in the Free/Libre Software sense)
<Tonymac32> (I haven't thrown them away, but...
<Tonymac32> )
<TRS-80> freedom and control
<lvrp16> i'm not so much about the free software stuff as much as the "it makes sense and doesn't waste time" stuff. it just happens FOSS does that.
* Tonymac32 needs to stop getting distraced, has DAC, and Tritium
<TRS-80> these are not some esoteric "nice to have" things, but rather fundamentally apples and oranges, both with quite predictable outcomes...
<Tonymac32> lvrp16 did anyone do a writeup making these play on DAC's? I haven't tried yet but will write it up
<lvrp16> you mean with I2S? no
<Tonymac32> I'm way too utilitarian, these boards spoke to me
<lvrp16> I'm not that familiar with clock tweaking that's needed for DACs
<lvrp16> H5 doesn't have I2S support yet
<TRS-80> lvrp16: What I am trying to say, is all the issues you mention wrt SBCs, are quiter predictable outcomes from proprietary business models... This is very functional and real world consequences, yet most people think Free Software talk is "theory" or "religion"... I really don't get it...
<TRS-80> s/quiter/quite
<ArmbianHelper> TRS-80 meant to say: lvrp16: What I am trying to say, is all the issues you mention wrt SBCs, are quite predictable outcomes from proprietary business models... This is very functional and real world consequences, yet most people think Free Software talk is "theory" or "religion"... I really don't get it...
<Tonymac32> well, for other H3 stuff there's really just overlays if I remember (been a couple years since my NanoPi Neo DAC stuff)
<lvrp16> wow you have a spelling/grammar nazi bot?
<lanefu> sed bot
<lvrp16> niceeee
<Tonymac32> hahahaha
<TRS-80> what lanefu said
<TRS-80> n.b., I asked for the correction
<lvrp16> TRS-80: I just saw cheap general purpose chips and it seemed like a fun thing to work on, 4 years later...
<lvrp16> hasn't made a dime but it's a blast :D
<lanefu> any of you all have a tiny hdmi display you like for testing? I don't actually like messing with SBCs at my desk lol
<TRS-80> > lvrp16 | it's my pet project to see the proprietary nonsense in sbc's end
* Tonymac32 sobs uncontrollably as looks into own future
<TRS-80> > lvrp16 | cause it's a clusterf*ck
<lvrp16> Tonymac32: haha life is what you make it, better than being a politician
<lvrp16> to each his own I guess
<TRS-80> Friend, you are espousing Free/Libre ideals, whether you realize it or not. There is nothing wrong with this!
<Tonymac32> I'm pretty sure being a janitor is better than being a politician
<TRS-80> in fact, kudos to you lvrp16
<lanefu> Tonymac32: it does sound unfulling
* Tonymac32 wonders how far underground TRS-80's bunker is...
<c0rnelius> lvrp16: I'm happy to see that kernel support on the amlogic and allwinners SoCs are well supported.
<Tonymac32> :-D
<TRS-80> either the users control the program, or the program controls the users, those are the only 2 possibilities
<Tonymac32> Kurt Vonnegut, "Player Piano"
<TRS-80> > Fiction
<Tonymac32> Fiction is often a path for telling truths
<lvrp16> TRS-80: I'm more about having high level engineers not worry about low level stuff. Provide them with a simple, reliable, standards-conformant, easy to use platform for writing code that doesn't need to be ported everytime they move to a faster or cheaper platform.
<lvrp16> I'm a high level architect in a former life.
<TRS-80> Tonymac32: touche
<TRS-80> lvrp16: you don't have to backpedal into "open source" on my account, far from it
<lvrp16> <---- use to work for the man
<Tonymac32> I'm an EE who learned x86 assembler and Java at the same time
* TRS-80 goes back to sharpening his pitchfork
* Tonymac32 still works for the man, :'(
* TRS-80 hasen't worked since November and has never been happier
<lvrp16> working for the man is not so bad, you can drop everything at the end of the day.
<Tonymac32> well, sometimes
* lanefu needs to get a fulltime job being himself like TRS-80
<Tonymac32> I was doing 60 hour weeks before the shutdowns
<Tonymac32> and only have time now because in order for my employer to suck up my tax money I can only work 32
<TRS-80> lanefu: no one is willing to pay money for that
<TRS-80> (I don't think)
<lvrp16> ooouph, all my friends work less as they move up, i was doing 4 hours a day. my good friend has dropped down to 1 hour a day.
<lvrp16> then i started this and i work 3x more than I do before getting paid 3x less
<Tonymac32> well, I would have to go 2 more levels up to work less, and, well, people management... yeah....
<Tonymac32> Hey, someone is blogging about government strategies: https://getpocket.com/explore/item/how-to-achieve-your-goals-by-creating-an-enemy
<Tonymac32> :'(
<lvrp16> haha
<lanefu> yeah i ended up demoting myselef from management at my last job... which is _really_ hard to unload a team of 5 linux nerds
<lvrp16> lanefu: you can't work with people that are too competent or too incompetent. both create a lot of extra work for yourself
<Tonymac32> ask my boss. >:(
<lanefu> true.. i had a good team, but i spent too much time fighting for them cuz of org dysfunction
<TRS-80> I am too cranky to put up with corporate bullshit any longer
<TRS-80> 4 guys had to surround me today in IKEA to force me to put on a mask
<lanefu> im actually a manager at the consulting shop I'm at, but its really great sincee all my reports have their own engagements.. its more like career counselor mentor stuff
<Tonymac32> I am at the end of my rope
* TRS-80 is a big guy
<TRS-80> 4u
<lanefu> Tonymac32: you caught in golden handcuffs?
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<Tonymac32> I get paid well, and it's enough to keep me from telling everyone exactly what to do with themselves
<Tonymac32> just.
<TRS-80> I think that is mostly what the pay is for
* Tonymac32 still looking for opportunities
<TRS-80> any less is not worth it
<TRS-80> my strategy now is to reduce expenses by buying some land out in the boonies; then you don't need to work so much nor put up with as much bulshit :)
* TRS-80 is well on his way to that goal
* Tonymac32 looks at WV, close to where home was...
<TRS-80> it's on m yshort list, too, actually...
<Tonymac32> good people, but the thing about having no teeth is true
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<Tonymac32> and fat
<Tonymac32> ;-)
<TRS-80> beautiful though, and tanks can't operate in the mountains ;)
<TRS-80> come and take them, federales!
<Tonymac32> rofl
<Tonymac32> it's hard to get into some areas after a hard rain, so yeah, nobody is moving any military force through that mess
<TRS-80> all jokes aside, with recent craziness reaching unprecedented levels...
* TRS-80 finally pulled the trigger on (10) 80% lowers when they popped up on a good sale
* Tonymac32 cringes at unprecedented frequency of use of the word unprecedented
<Tonymac32> :D
<TRS-80> sorry was not aware of that :D
<lanefu> Being from KY and Living in VA for 15 years.... I make fun of WV a lot
<Tonymac32> Wait, KY?
<lvrp16> lolol
<Tonymac32> making fun of WV?
<Tonymac32> hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha
<Tonymac32> :D
<lanefu> mindblowing
<TRS-80> lanefu: "WV luggage" you are my brother's family, they made the same trip back and forth...
<Tonymac32> I don't even know how to unpack that
<TRS-80> for many years
<lanefu> eastern KY is just like WV tho
<lanefu> im from western KY
<TRS-80> All of SEC jokes revolves around which fan base has the lowest tooth per head count
<lanefu> dude KY _loves_ their basketball team.. Blue is a religion
<TRS-80> lanefu: are you from Lexington area? I got kinfolk there...
<TRS-80> kinfolk with land....
<TRS-80> hence that area also being on the short listr
<lanefu> 3 hours west.. Owensboro.. Lived in lex for a few years.. made a few attempts at attending UK
<Tonymac32> All I know is people who put liquids in mason jars are ok with me. Allegedly
<TRS-80> my family are outside / around Lexington; High Bridge area...
<TRS-80> Tonymac32: you and me both, brother
* lanefu doesn't think Tonymac32 is talking about BBQ suace
* Tonymac32 loves bbq sauce, but needs something to wash it down with
* Tonymac32 knows some Romanians who enjoy something they call "Holy water"
<TRS-80> I love visiting there, my brother (who is a history buff) tells me that part of the country has one of the most geographically stable populations in the country...
<Tonymac32> it comes similarly packages
<TRS-80> lots of Scotch / Irish military folk coming from there (including that part of my family)
<TRS-80> Jim Beam have huge black aging barns, some of which can be seen from my brother's porch out in the countryside there, it's really beautiful, always love visiting there
* Tonymac32 is scots-irish/german, from a region that has been that for 200 years +
<TRS-80> Why do you think we get along so well?
<TRS-80> Oh but race is a social construct, sorry I forgot.
<Tonymac32> well, I'm generally cranky and enjoy whisky, take that as you will
* TRS-80 goes to make a freshie
<TRS-80> H2+ is Amlogic?
<lanefu> Allwinner
<TRS-80> yeah that's what I thought
<TRS-80> something Tonymac32 said earlier
<lanefu> HallWinner, but the H is silent
<TRS-80> :D
<lanefu> wtf is a freshie
<TRS-80> or are you being for real?
<lanefu> yes
<TRS-80> a tasty delicious adult beverage
<lanefu> ahh gotcha
<lanefu> yeah i dont drink much
<lanefu> i was really good at it in my 20s tho
<TRS-80> I don't either. Only when in good company (like now).
<Tonymac32> I have some whisky with japanese characters on the bottle. They seem to be good at it
<TRS-80> based Wapanese
<TRS-80> > Form Factor and GPIO Compatibility (Not Software!) with Raspberry Pi 3
<TRS-80> I may have found my audio node base
<TRS-80> I think I will take the plunge on one of those cheap AliExpress knock off HifiBerries
<TRS-80> As I just can't see spending more than twice the price of the board, on the amp lol
<Tonymac32> well, let me focus for a minute on setting up a DAC
<TRS-80> don't mind my idiotic ramblings
<Tonymac32> I've got a pimoroni PHAT DAC (5102A) handy from my ESP32 experiments
<Tonymac32> the JustBOOM stuff has I2C work I just haven't bothered to get into
<TRS-80> this topic has piqued my interest
<Tonymac32> the little 3W Adafruit amplifier boards are just straight I2S as well, easy for tests
<TRS-80> this node is for bathroom, maybe single ceiling speaker, 3W enough?
<TRS-80> fuck Adafruit though
<TRS-80> it's probably $50
<Tonymac32> heh, I don't remember, it's beena while since I got it
* Tonymac32 has purchased 30-40 SD cards in the last 3 years, thrown 3 away, and can't find any...
<TRS-80> I need some more... What do you buy?
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* TRS-80 has read unbelievable amount of bullshit about SD cards, to the point of paralysis
<Tonymac32> I just use SanDisk Extreme or Samsung
<TRS-80> I used to be pretty happy sith Samsung, but I heard newer ones kind of weren't so good as they used to be
<TRS-80> is Adafruit thing something like one of these? https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?SearchText=raspberry+pi+amp&opensearch=true
<TRS-80> I am guessing?
<lanefu> yeah i like the samsungs.. i have a green 128gig one and was blown away with how fast it is
<Tonymac32> won't help ROFL
<Tonymac32> TRS-80 I can't read Cyrillic
<Tonymac32> :P
<TRS-80> are you seeinf Cyrillic?
<TRS-80> it's all in Engrish for me, but I block all sorts of stuff, so who knows
<Tonymac32> Da comrade
<Tonymac32> I get random languages through aliexpress though
<Tonymac32> sometimes German, sometimes other stuff
<TRS-80> there is choice right at top for language and shipping
<Tonymac32> Stimmt
<TRS-80> anyway, from pictures is this similar to Adafruit thing?
<Tonymac32> it's actually cheap
<Tonymac32> oddly enough
<fromport> TRS-80: still remember poke 16396,23 ?
<fromport> i still have a model 100, model 3 & 4 btw ;-)
* Tonymac32 has a model 100 only 2 meters from his current position
<TRS-80> Tonymac32: Originally I was thinking about something more like https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000781155717.html or https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32403107876.html but that second one got expensive all of a sudden, at that point might as well buy real AMP2... But maybe one of these 3 watt little deals might be enough? I dunno...
* Tonymac32 has a CoCo 2 upstairs
<Tonymac32> 3W is pretty weak
<Tonymac32> I haven't tried them on a speaker that sounds acceptable either
<fromport> coco's are on my "to get" list ;-)
<Tonymac32> so the quality is unknown
<TRS-80> I was thinking like Monoprice outdoor waterproof speaker, you know, round one in ceiling type (in bathroom)
<Tonymac32> my 7 year old loves the CoCo, I'm getting the resources/info together to make some carts for it
<TRS-80> LOL from Adafruit page: "
<TRS-80> Turn up that Raspberry Pi mix to the max"
<TRS-80> > 3W
<TRS-80> XD
<TRS-80> max is /in italics/ btw
<Tonymac32> did you see my post from yesterday? they were promoting twisting capacitors off of PCB's as a rework method until people lost it and they changed the title
<Tonymac32> I get it, they're learning too, but marketting/quick share of dubious methods should have a small bit of filter for stability
<TRS-80> Post where? Adafruit or Armbian?
<Tonymac32> Adafruit on their blog.
<TRS-80> Yeah, I neither go there nor buy anything, ever, because... well, marketing...
<Tonymac32> I posted it here because my head kind of exploded at the idea of ripping the traces right off of the PCB
<Tonymac32> if I lift a trace due to heat I can recover
<Tonymac32> If I do it by mechanically ripping it off the board, well...
<TRS-80> I desoldered pads on a "smart" outlet recently whilst attempting to reverse engineer it (for the cause)
<Tonymac32> Anyway, no one knows everything, as Bill and Ted learned from Socrates: "The only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing"
<TRS-80> but they charge too much for "learning"
<TRS-80> the muppets will continue to eat it up
<Tonymac32> I'll say the products of theirs I've picked up are quite solid
<Tonymac32> I was very concerned about the 3W audio board, but it turned out it was the RPi that was garbage, not the DAC (surprise!)
<TRS-80> you have that one you linked? I noticed they have a similar small one to the $3 AliExpress ones, theirs is $5 though
<TRS-80> sorry, $6 actually
<Tonymac32> yeah, I ahve the Adafruit one, I picked up various HATs for testing with my micros and Armbian
<Tonymac32> that's mono
<Tonymac32> each of those chips handles 1 channel,
<TRS-80> yeah I saw that
<Tonymac32> they have a pull resistor to determin which LRclock they care about
<TRS-80> I suppose I looking for little board with small integrated amp (software control)
<TRS-80> they all just seem so expensive for what they are though
<TRS-80> maybe little bigger than the one you linked from Adafruit, but smaller than AMP2
<TRS-80> for instance
* TRS-80 thought he could find something cheap meeting those specs on Ali
<TRS-80> but so far no joy
<Tonymac32> perhaps I should design one?
<Tonymac32> :P
<Tonymac32> cheap might be a problem though, I'm on the wrong side of The Big Lake
<awf_sbrt> Speaking of DACs and ADCs, I received two ADS1115 boards a few days ago, but I suspect they are dead/fake. They both return constant results, [0,0] and [255,240] no matter what I do with them. Does anyone have any experience with that?
<Tonymac32> do you have pullup resisitors on the I2C?
<Tonymac32> because that will do that
* Tonymac32 is not beyond messing up I2C, the Cursed interface
<awf_sbrt> Hmm, the board has 10k resistors on them, do I need external ones?
<awf_sbrt> Also reading from the config registers gives expected values.
<Tonymac32> for reference the Pi has 1.8 K from SDA/SCL to 3V3
<Tonymac32> but if the config registers are correct, then./..
<Tonymac32> :-/
* Tonymac32 uses microcontrollers for anything even pretending to be realtime
* Tonymac32 provides status updates to jittery linux boxes
* TRS-80 made his own HVAC control recently
* Tonymac32 would not do that in Michigan
* Tonymac32 doesn't want to freeze to death in his sleep
<TRS-80> oh ye of little faith
<Tonymac32> haha
<awf_sbrt> So the chips are dead then? That's what I thought. I even wrote a script to write random values into it, but never got anything else out of it. Thanks for the confirmation!
<Tonymac32> it seems likely something is wrong
<Tonymac32> I had no problem accessing an ADS1015 on the Pimoroni automation hat with an SBC, ESP32, ATMEGA328PB, etc
<awf_sbrt> I could try to dig up my ESP32 and try it there, I'm trying it in an Orange Pi Zero.
<Tonymac32> Yeah, if there is an arduino library for it
<Tonymac32> I wish we had overlays as their own repo... hiding them in patches is messy and hard to trace
<TRS-80> here we go, maybe something like: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32851078158.html
<Tonymac32> why am I getting aliexpress.ru? ROFL
<Tonymac32> collusion
<Tonymac32> that's a lot of rubles, hold on
<Tonymac32> there we go
<TRS-80> Russian hackers
<awf_sbrt> And the main issue I came here for: has anyone else been dealing with frequent (usually every couple of hours) hangs after switching from 4.19 to 5.4? (Orange Pi +2E, Buster)
<TRS-80> for some reason I also see aliexpress.ru when I look in uMatrix (although it's blocked)
<Tonymac32> awf_sbrt I'm afraid not, I'm not knowledgeable about their hardware in general
<TRS-80> awf_sbrt: did you check the forums?
<awf_sbrt> TRS-80: The last time I checked I found some older posts, I don't remember finding anything 5.4 specific. But let me check again.
<awf_sbrt> Oh wait, I found some results now.
<TRS-80> all I can offer is I think ODROID-XU4 (which I own/use) Stable I think are on 4.something because reasons (last I checked)
<TRS-80> different chip, but seems maybe some issues with 5.x
<Tonymac32> satanic Samsung DMC apparently on XU4
<TRS-80> I read about different boards
<TRS-80> yeah it's same chip as s5 basically I think?
<Tonymac32> lanefu pulled out the *nixfu
<Tonymac32> the phone? something like that
<TRS-80> yeah
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<TRS-80> I looked it up one day, I noticed becaue I have long been a fan of s5 and still run them, as they are last s series where you can still replace batteries :D
<Tonymac32> I had a Nexus (Old gaurd version TI OMAP) for a long time
<lanefu> awf_sbrt: these are all 2e's runner bionic http://ix.io/2qGw
<lanefu> s/runner/running
<ArmbianHelper> lanefu meant to say: awf_sbrt: these are all 2e's running bionic http://ix.io/2qGw
<lanefu> awf_sbrt: check your ntp/chrony config and make sure its okay
<lanefu> mine occasionally go into a tail-spin enough that they dont ship the error via syslog that i need to troubleshoot the actual problem
<lanefu> systems usually are can ping, and otherwise not reachable
<lanefu> s/systems/symptoms
<ArmbianHelper> lanefu meant to say: symptoms usually are can ping, and otherwise not reachable
<awf_sbrt> lanefu: Hmm, ntp config looks OK, it's set to my two local servers, and I haven't touched it in ages. It was pretty stable on 4.19.
<awf_sbrt> I can usually ping them when it happens (but at least once network died too), and it seems that at least some things keep running when it happens.
<awf_sbrt> Some of the time, anyway.
<lanefu> have you ever found any consol emeessages?
<awf_sbrt> Hmm. systemd-journald complains about some things, I think I have a log somewhere.
<awf_sbrt> Also, if I leave, say¸ 'vmstat 1' running on the serial console, it's still running after the hang. I can ^c it and get a shell prompt, but it hangs if I try to do anything with the shell. It also still responds to SysRq keys.
<awf_sbrt> lanefu: I can't find any logs from when it hangs, sorry.
<lanefu> yaeh always my plight
<lanefu> `openssl speed -multi 4` if that crashes your board.. crank back your cpu-speed
<awf_sbrt> I'm also running a MySQL server as a replication slave (on an USB SSD) and it seems that at least some of the times it keeps running during the hang until I SysRq-e it.
<lanefu> mysql continues to write to disk?
<awf_sbrt> Yes, I see the SSD flashing, and after rebooting the replication lag is pretty low, even if it's been in that state for hours.
<awf_sbrt> (At least most of the time, it seems)
<lanefu> okay so its not usb going to sleep then
<lanefu> switch to mariadb? :P
<awf_sbrt> Also I copied root to the SSD and booted from that just in case there's something going on with my eMMC, but it didn't help.
<awf_sbrt> I meant MariaDB, sorry. :P
<lanefu> haha
<lanefu> remembeer the old days where high uptime was good
<lanefu> and now it just means you're not patching
<awf_sbrt> Also, before the kernel upgrade I finished a 3 day llvm-10 build without any issues. I had to switch to 5.4 since I wanted to play with 3D acceleration.
<lanefu> have you tried apt-updating for fresher armbian kernel. there's been a few patchese rolled out
<awf_sbrt> Hmm, I'm on 5.4.45 now. Let me check what's the current version now.
<awf_sbrt> Looks like .45 is current for this thing now.
<lanefu> can you do `sudo armbianmonitor -u` and share the url?
<lanefu> Werner: is late for work today
<Tonymac32> schade
<Tonymac32> ;)
<awf_sbrt> lanefu: http://ix.io/2qGG (and the openssl thing is still running)
<lanefu> you're using the tkaiser approved usb-sata chip
<awf_sbrt> Also, the last time I had CPU limited to 960MHz, and it lasted a day or so instead of a few hours. But it could be a coincidence.
<awf_sbrt> Oh, that's good I guess. :P It's just a random external HDD I had and a random m.2 adapter from aliexpress.
<lanefu> must be munin
<lanefu> j/k
<lanefu> so you're running bcache?
<awf_sbrt> It's running and mounted, but the cache device is long gone, and I haven't touched the partition in ages.
<awf_sbrt> But I can try removing it to see if it helps.
<awf_sbrt> I also want to move the root back to eMMC and move the database to the HDD to see if it's the SSD causing it.
<lanefu> yeah good plan
<lanefu> these problems are always a bit maddening
<lanefu> alright i gotta goto sleep
<lanefu> later
<awf_sbrt> Oh, I was also getting constant RTL871X spam, I just disabled network-manager and it went away. Good night and thanks!
<awf_sbrt> I'll come back when I have more data!
<TRS-80> gn
<Werner> Good morning
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<Werner> IgorPec, it might be a good idea to send out some reminders for the upcoming release talk.
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<Tonymac32> guidol's how-to works perfectly on the Tritium, with the exception of substituting in all the I2S1 stuff for I2S0
<IgorPec> goor morning. Werner: yes, i'll put out. Lanefu recommends to change the predicted 4th of July
<IgorPec> This means 11h?
<Werner> IgorPec, I was thinking about that too. Might not an ideal date for US citizens but I also think that its not too short term to change it.
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<IgorPec> next week i am out of office, but that should not be a problem
<Werner> Do we have many participants from the US?
<Tonymac32> Many? No. Some? Yes
<Tonymac32> :)
<Tonymac32> lvrp16 i2s DAC on Tritium was a piece of cake.
<lvrp16> H5?
<lvrp16> or H3?
<Tonymac32> lol no, H3, I haven't tried the H5 yet. I was trying the one TRS-80 would probably buy, the cheap one. ;-)
<Tonymac32> those instructions with obvious change to i2s1 from i2s0
<lvrp16> yeah once i'm done this u-boot stuff, i'm gonna have to do all that
<Werner> Not sure how the US celebrates but since it will be forenoon when the talk happens it should not interfere too much I guess?
<Tonymac32> lol I want to make an overlay library, some are board-specific, but we really dfon't have a good way to handle that
<Tonymac32> Werner we get really drunk and play with fire for a night, whoever survives is declared winner by Darwin rules and moves on to the following year
<Tonymac32> :-)
<Werner> Yeah I guessed something like that. Though I still assume there are some braincells left at forenoon :P
<Tonymac32> that depends on whether there were any to begin with, but ideally
<lvrp16> my priorities are u-boot -> distros -> overlays
<lvrp16> have to re-spin a dozen distros across 8 boards
<lvrp16> at least the SPI NOR ones will be easy
* Tonymac32 listening to metal on Tritium can't hear things about SPI NOR
<Tonymac32> ;)
<Tonymac32> I need to open up this cheap hybrid tube amp and adjust the input stage for line in. It was set up to take a headphone input to go to a headphone output, apparently
<Tonymac32> Or finally break down and build my own
<IgorPec> werner: 11.7 at 1pm CEST
<Werner> Up to you.
<IgorPec> for me its anytime :) but to cover US and Singapore at once i think this is the way to go
<IgorPec> we had it last time
<Werner> I know. It is not about the time, it is about the date :P
<IgorPec> if i assume those numbers are local time
<IgorPec> we can also proceed and have a chat for 4th ?
<IgorPec> as planned. but its a bit tight for calling out
* IgorPec thinks we need a secretary :)
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<Werner> I already stated that it might be too short-term to change the date even though it hits the US holiday
<Tonymac32> IgorPec probably
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<Tonymac32> I have no plans, I don't know about lane
<IgorPec> with lane with had a talk ... well, anyway. setting a proper time for everyone is missing impossible
* Tonymac32 is listening to FLAC over wireless AC on a Libre Computer Tritium. Now if only amlogic would do this...
<Tonymac32> I tried reverting that patch on 5.7 and it did nothing
<IgorPec> werner i can't find announcement for previous session. was it forum?
<Werner> I have no idea. I could find the previous talk summaries only
<Werner> There are in the build framework subforums
<IgorPec> ok, i see. I will copy/paste into new one
<IgorPec> Meeting starts at 2pm GMT.
Werner changed the topic of #armbian to: armbian - Linux for ARM development boards | www.armbian.com | Upcoming release talk at July 4th 2pm GMT - don't miss it :) | Github: github.com/armbian | Commits: #armbian-commits | Forums Feed: #armbian-rss | Type 'help' for help | Logs: -> irc.armbian.com
<ArmbianTwitter> @TonyMac_32 (Thomas McKahan): For fun (and a friend) tried to get a @pimoroni PHAT DAC working on the @librecomputer Tritium H3. Following instructions on @armbian forums by Guidol for the NanoPi NEO, adjusting for i2s1, no problem. 😎 https://t.co/NPz8OMllZN (4s ago)
<Tonymac32> Bis Morgen!
<IgorPec> bis
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<ArmbianTwitter> @EarnCryptoForF1 (CryptoForFree): 🔶what do you get when you mix a cheap tv box with #linux and #Bitcoin ? 🔶A really cheap Crypto Miner thanks to @armbian. https://t.co/fJKwVPgb65 (28s ago)
<lanefu> IgorPec: Chat on 4th will be okay i should make it
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<ArmbianTwitter> @EarnCryptoForF1 (CryptoForFree): @trylolli 🔶 What do you get when you mix a cheap tv box with Linux and #Bitcoin? 🔶A really cheap node thanks to @armbian.🤗 (12s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @EarnCryptoForF1 (CryptoForFree): @trylolli 🔶 What do you get when you mix a cheap tv box with Linux and #Bitcoin ? 🔶A really cheap node thanks to @armbian.🤗 https://t.co/R14AvttaDV (14s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @TonyMac_32: For fun (and a friend) tried to get a @pimoroni PHAT DAC working on the @librecomputer Tritium H3. Following instructions… (4s ago)
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<IgorPec> lanefu: great!
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<xwigg> hi all
<lanefu> yo
<IgorPec> if we are so distant from 20.05.y i rather made from trunk, but use that version number
<IgorPec> i know its not the most correct way, but its usually better
<xwigg> trying to get to the bottom of H3 random mac since v20.05, but bit lost; I know the kmod is forced to randomize, but I see bash script randomize and lots of commits with randomize mac fixes. So I do not grasp the intention of solving this issue; I'd guess a firstboot add to udev rules would be sensible?
<IgorPec> rebuild images and update repository for XU4 ?
<IgorPec> xwigg: afaik h3 mac has fixed mac address. which hw you have issues with?
<xwigg> friendlyarm zeropi, and according to forum topic #14525 BPI M2 Zero as well
<IgorPec> i am running zero pi and m2 in my test rig and both have fixed addresses
<IgorPec> which images are you using?
<lanefu> igor hmm.. do you have v20.05.7 in a local branch?
<xwigg> Armbian_20.05.2_Zeropi_buster_current_5.4.43_minimal
<IgorPec> official build?
<IgorPec> lanefu: yes
<IgorPec> i have to correct numbers
<xwigg> Yes, 5.4.43 image has issue, apt-get update to 5.4.45 has issue.
<xwigg> (5.4.45 = v20.05.3)
<IgorPec> ok, well, its not a known problem to me. need to be researched
<xwigg> any hints were to look?
<IgorPec> sttmac driver changes
<IgorPec> which i know they were, upstream
<xwigg> thx, will try
<IgorPec> i will also check later
<xwigg> don't tell ;)
<lanefu> igor ideally we'd patch the release. fix is already in master. anyway yes rebuild images for XU4
<IgorPec> rebuilding started ...
<lanefu> woohoo
<lanefu> will that push a new .deb for limux-image-currrent-odroidxu4?
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<IgorPec> lanefu: yes, also update for packages
<lanefu> fizikz: ^ stable update soonish
<IgorPec> images were just done, repository needs 15-20m
<IgorPec> stable repo, beta was updated already yesterday or before
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<pseudonim> hi! Is there someone here that can help me with bufferoverflow examples on rpi4, raspbian buster, that work in GDB but not outside of GDB ?
<IgorPec> we don't deal with rpi
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<ArmbianTwitter> @luisbruno (الجبر): For some reason, my newly etched armbian image tried to connect to 171.1 01.16.204:80 on first boot. Went into TIME_WAIT since I had forgotten to plug in the ethernet. I haven't seen it do it again yet -- should faff about with it again, to try and repro. (10s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @luisbruno Official Armbian is not calling anywhere! But for 3rd party Debian/Ubuntu package base we can't be 100% sure. You are welcome to bring the issue up on https://t.co/FpfLdtQod0 Perhaps its just reaching out to sync time? (7s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @luisbruno (الجبر): @armbian could very well be some apt-get connecting to that IP, for example. my next step is to start over, no ethernet and HDMI only, and try and replicate (19s ago)
<Werner> Oddly enough. cm-171-101-16-204.revip11.asianet.co.th
<IgorPec> strange.
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @luisbruno Please reach out to forums or IRC #armbian at freenode (18s ago)
<IgorPec> i haven't ran wireshark for ages on cleanly build :)
<Werner> Either time sync or armbian/ubuntu mirror. Not sure if armbian has unattended-upgrades in ubuntu images present?
<IgorPec> on desktop this could be present
<IgorPec> i think we have it, but disabled by default. not sure atm
<IgorPec> i have far bigger issue here. my main fridge broke down :(
<lanefu> oh man no fun
<lanefu> says port 80. so not ntp
<Werner> So maybe apt
<lanefu> they were nice enough to delete original tweet
<lanefu> its good igor was able to respond promptly
<Werner> Yep
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<IgorPec> aha, false alarm
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<FesterJester> So, I have a NanoPi M4, which has USB2.0 OTG over USB-C support. Anyone know how to enable and use this feature?
<FesterJester> Would love to be able to do something like networking or serial connection. Like you can with the Raspberry Pi
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<lanefu> if its easily enableable..its through a device tree overlay.. which _if_ it exists.. you can enable via armbian-config system->hardware
<lanefu> otherwise no quick answer
<FesterJester> Will look. Thanks for the reply.
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<fizikz> lanefu: awesome! what's the best way to return to stable? install updates while on beta then switch to stable? or switch to stable first then update?
<lanefu> switch to stable then update
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<nekomancer[m]> how can I know what CPU kernels are what by numbers for big-little SBC?
<nekomancer[m]> For example, I can tell to docker build use only cpu 2-4, or 1,2. Then I need to know what CPU by numbers are "big", and what — "little"/
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<lanefu> cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpu_capacity
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<lanefu> worked on my xu4 and n2
<lanefu> i dont know what it means but it seems to cooreleate
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<fizikz> lanefu: and done. thanks! did another benchmark on stable and 5.4.50-odroidxu4 for good measure and the workaround is holding.
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<nekomancer[m]> lanefu: thank you.
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<fizikz> lanefu: i don't know what that command does, but i previously benchmarked with performance cpu frequency governor and it was still bad
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<FesterJester> Anyone know whereto go to find out more about device tree overlays?
<buZz> what do you want to know about them?
<buZz> https://docs.armbian.com/ has a lot of info about them , anyway
<FesterJester> How to go about possibly creating one.
<FesterJester> Looking to enable USB OTG on a NanoPi M4
<buZz> you write them in '.dts' , which you compile into dtc or dto
<buZz> what cpu is that?
<buZz> soc*
<FesterJester> RK3399
<FesterJester> tech specs show USB2.0 OTG through the USB-C port
<buZz> i guess armbian docs on rk3399 is a bit lacking
<FesterJester> I am waiting on a reply from the board manufacturer to see if they have a solution or can get me some resources to get started
<FesterJester> Yeah, I had to kind of dig a little to find a working OS image for this board
<FesterJester> If anyone is willing to help me, it is welcome. Or if you want me to test something on it. ;P
<buZz> well
<buZz> did you look in /boot ?
<buZz> there should be a dir there with devicetree overlays that are already made
<buZz> you might be able to just find one that enables otg
<buZz> i was hoping to find something like https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Allwinner_overlays/
<buZz> but for that rockchip
<buZz> you could ask in #linux-rockchip perhaps, they probably know more about the kernel
<FesterJester> The Image I have has a bunch of .dtbo files inside /boot/dtb-5.4.32-rockchip64/rockchip/overlay
<FesterJester> but none of them can be opened in a text editor
<FesterJester> atleast not gedit
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<buZz> no, those are the binaries i was talking about
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<buZz> you could perhaps find the .dts that was the input for compilation on armbian github?
<FesterJester> Yeah, I just stumbled upon that about a minute ago
<buZz> but sunxi is allwinner chips
<buZz> not rockchip
<FesterJester> Still, gives me a starting place.
<FesterJester> buZz: Thank you for the help so far. Pointing me to some potential resources and possibly a chat channel that may be able to help.
<buZz> also this might be nice
<buZz> just the kernel's devicetree documentation
<buZz> to give you more knowledge about the subject
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