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<nekomancer[m]> yes, yes, it can be a problem source β€” kernel change 4.14 to 5.4.
<nekomancer[m]> try to switch between this kernels both direction, keeping other system the same
<jl_67877> I have not really played with kernels. Can I just swap to 4.14 and not rebuild the system?
<jl_67877> I am not even sure where i get a usable copy of 4.14, I know dumb questions....
<nekomancer[m]> try to do it with armbian-config utility
<archetech> id go up a version
<archetech> to like 5.6/7
<archetech> what sbc is it
<jl_67877> Okay, if I use armbian-config will it provide kernel options or do I need to download/install and possibly compile it?
<jl_67877> The SBC is an oDroid HC2.
<jl_67877> I have 5 of them as part of a MooseFS cluster.
<nekomancer[m]> armbian-config will propose you some kernel versions, individual for every sbc model\
<jl_67877> Cool. I need a uart serial before doing this to be safe.
<nekomancer[m]> maybe dump of sdcard before you begin will be enough
<jl_67877> Great point. I will do that too.
<jl_67877> Gents, I have to run. Thank you for the advice!
<nekomancer[m]> `clonezilla` good for disk image backupsand restores
<jl_67877> I will check that out.
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<lanefu> Now i have to google moosefs
<archetech> lol
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<lanefu> Should i be drinking matrix chat koolaid or is my weechat lifestyle okay
<lanefu> Ive got the forwarder with the okay-ish android app
<c0rnelius> i like the weechat app.
<c0rnelius> could go full blown telegram. Isn't that what all the kiddies are using these days?
<nekomancer[m]> some kiddies uses matrix
<c0rnelius> yeah I saw that. smh and turned away.
<c0rnelius> Whats happened to the good old days when they just integrated everything into one application? Like what Pidgin does or did... Is that even still around?
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<tonymac32> I lol'd pretty good when I saw the 'Merica armbian shirt
<tonymac32> wasn't my doing, I promise. XD
* tonymac32 will wear this while slamming cheap beers at local cookouts
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<tonymac32> I'm just going down the weecaht road, what's this noise?
* tonymac32 hasn't set up a relay yet
<tonymac32> lvrp16 5.5 days running at 2 GHz on the Renegade Elite (1.5 on the little cores)
<lvrp16> tonymac32: passive cooling?
<tonymac32> looks like 50% load due to memory limits with the rosetta@home packages
<tonymac32> I have a small fan pointed at it (and a tinker board and an XU4)
<tonymac32> so passively active cooling
<tonymac32> :D
<lvrp16> haha
<lvrp16> just waving your hand is enough to cool it lol
<tonymac32> The case does good work, it just needs a tiny bit of air movement
<tonymac32> it's at 55C
<lvrp16> no case can defy physics, too bad
<tonymac32> A pity
<lvrp16> I could build a weird shape that is 2x as effective at passive cooling but 2 x 0.01 is still 0.02
<tonymac32> It does increase the surface area a lot, so that's always helpful
<tonymac32> hahaha
<tonymac32> For any use other than what I'm doing it is more than enough
<lvrp16> I just bought a 13 inch PD Type C display off Amazon to play with Renegade Elite next week
<lvrp16> $270 not bad
<tonymac32> nice
<lvrp16> for $100 worth of hardware
<tonymac32> 2x BOM + Amazon
<lvrp16> probably only profitable display on Amazon lol
<tonymac32> ;)
<tonymac32> yeah
<lvrp16> 55 inch, also $250
<lvrp16> XD
<lvrp16> with free shipping
<lvrp16> vs 13 inch
<tonymac32> my 28" 4K was $250 or so, with a sale
<lvrp16> BOE is driving everyone out of business
<tonymac32> it fits the trend
<lvrp16> winner takes all, gotta do what you gotta do
<tonymac32> My only position on international trade is reciprocity. Other than that, have at it
<tonymac32> I think China would be able to adapt to that. The EU, on the other hand...
<tonymac32> (VAT is one of the biggest BS things I've ever heard of)
<lvrp16> I blame all of the english and business diplomas that were printed for $200K that aren't worth more than the paper it was printed on
<tonymac32> I agree
<tonymac32> I'm absolutely OK with people studying whatever they want, but
<tonymac32> There is a cost to this, which is going to be spread to society at large
<tonymac32> (My engineering degree was not $200k and I am still not certain it was worth the cost in retrospect)
<lvrp16> thank god for factory automation and diligent capitalists in China, otherwise America would be pretty poor right now.
<lvrp16> that display I bought would not exist for any price.
<tonymac32> Hehehe you are trying to get some insane cognitive dissonance going for people unfamiliar with modern China
<tonymac32> There could be long and drawn out discussions about currency values and such, but yes, while the US could/would continue to push technology without China, it would not be as fast.
<lvrp16> yeah, left and right both insane right now. the truth is in the middle.
<tonymac32> It almost always is
<tonymac32> Someone may have been eavesdropping on me, or they had exactly the same idea I had at the same time, so my Atmega32U4 with ESP32 port design is being shelved, thankfully I had only put time into it, not money yet
<tonymac32> not ESP32, too fast typing, the ESP8266 small module
<tonymac32> I mentioned the wireless bits in a chat somewhere, need to double check histories
<tonymac32> cut throat bunch these makers. XD
<lvrp16> tonymac32: you start with your gd risc v stuff?
<tonymac32> shhhhhh
<tonymac32> :D
<lvrp16> XD
<tonymac32> It only took 3 months to get the IC's rofl. I don't think that's really going to work out, but yes I am finishing up the design
<tonymac32> in 3-4 years no one showed any interest in microcontrollers on Pi 0 form factor, and now I have a competitor it seems. ;)
<lvrp16> tonymac32: they'll copy anything no matter how ridiculous
<lvrp16> tonymac32: insane herd mentality, very little independent thought
<tonymac32> Who are you calling ridiculous? XD
<lvrp16> :P
<tonymac32> I saw an adapter from Pio to Adafruit feather
<tonymac32> so OK, cool
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<tonymac32> it is getting a lot of attention and congratulations
<lvrp16> but it's like...how many people buy that stuff?
<tonymac32> yeah, I don't really see why you'd adapt that
<tonymac32> Pi is the bigger ecosystem
<tonymac32> I doubt there's anything significant for a feather that isn't already a hat on aliexpress
<tonymac32> XD
<lvrp16> Yeah, I kind of want to stomp on anyone that asks me where config.txt is.
<lvrp16> But then I realized that they are right.
<tonymac32> If you want DIP package the feather makes sense, but the small number of IO makes it really a bottleneck for bigger processors
<tonymac32> config.txt. sigh
<tonymac32> Arturo put an i.MX on a feather. THat's cool, but you have a 600 MHz 12 IO chip, or something like that
<lvrp16> LOL
<lvrp16> I'm going to build an RK3399 board with 1 GPIO output
<tonymac32> If I was going to do a chip with that kind of capability, I would have to pick a bigger form factor, like Arduino or RPI A
<lvrp16> It'll be the bestest GPIO output ever
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<tonymac32> and then it would have IDC connectors or something
<tonymac32> and lol
<tonymac32> That feather is without a doubt the fastest micropython machine in existence (Or CircuitPython, since apparently there was a falling out I don't know all the details of)
<lvrp16> I should learn python one of these days. The identation threw me off from the language.
<tonymac32> yeah, that's the only weird thing, indentation is the entire structure
<tonymac32> otherwise it's like you took C and BASIC and... mixed them
<lvrp16> I remember back in college we had one course on Python and when tabs and spaces were different, my interest died right there.
<tonymac32> but still no GOTO's
<tonymac32> you have to get out the final, bedrock reality of Assembly to get those back
<lvrp16> that and the python 2 vs python 3 debacle
<tonymac32> MicroPython is Python3
<tonymac32> since 2 is not supposedly done
<tonymac32> I'm still a newbie to Python, so the history is not known to me
<lvrp16> I've only ever designed distributed web apps and PHP+redis is just lightyears ahead in performance department from Python.
<tonymac32> haha. I use python for manipulating huge datasets where I know what I want out of them
<lvrp16> yeah but for web back in the day it was all django, which did like 100 requests a second when I needed 100K/s
<tonymac32> and I'm talking about DAQ input over a series of days type of big data
<tonymac32> oof
<lvrp16> for offline processing via library calls python would make sense
<lvrp16> but numerical crunching is so damn slow too
<tonymac32> Yeah, chugging through CSV's looking for peaks is a perfect task
<lvrp16> for csv's python is slow too...
<lvrp16> numerical processing is just too slow on python unless you offload to an optimized library
* tonymac32 can't remember the library he was using
<lvrp16> processing in general
<lvrp16> hell, even php has a proper iterator and JIT these days that rapes python on speed
<tonymac32> I won't disagree, but for one-off datasets I can get the filtering done in minutes and let the computer chew on it while I eat lunch
<tonymac32> which is really why I use it
<tonymac32> For anything else I'd look to a compiled option TBH
<tonymac32> Java is dead to me
<tonymac32> XD
* tonymac32 remembers Lotus Notes
<tonymac32> yeah, and the SAP interface
<lvrp16> blessed is progress
<tonymac32> I think we're going backward in some things. Some of these framworks for app building are bigger than a properly constructed operating system
<tonymac32> when "Hello World" is 50 MB, well
<archetech> like Qt
<tonymac32> ugh
<archetech> puts out a decent result though
<tonymac32> There are clear cases where the size of the program is not critical
<tonymac32> but in typical human fashion, people go nuts
<archetech> using on automotive arm based dash screens so the executables arent very big
* tonymac32 remembers his mini2440 days
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<Werner> Good morning. IgorPec lanefu spreadshirt has more stuff that can be printed, that is correct. I decided to not simply include everything available because most of the shirt variants almost look the same and some stuff is useless. And no, they do not have any underwear at all :P
<Werner> Thanks for fixing mkdocs
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<IgorPec> good morning
<IgorPec> werner btw penguing should have shite border. this trick make it usable on dark background
<IgorPec> s/shite/white
<ArmbianHelper> IgorPec meant to say: werner btw penguing should have white border. this trick make it usable on dark background
<Werner> Well ask somebody who has real skill in graphics design :D
<IgorPec> yeah, i can do that
<IgorPec> just saying ... that prevent me from buyin hats :)
<Werner> I see
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<Werner> Well I hope they have increased the heads quality over the years. The last one I had I don't know more than ten years ago was not so well made...
<IgorPec> i intend to buy them for kids. they usually lost stuff before gets broken
<Werner> Haha okay
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<ArmbianTwitter> @DieZuckerbude (Ben Zucker 🍰): #nanopi #neo3 #rockchip #rk3328 Soon running #armbian 😌 https://t.co/STKRr32IaB (4s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @DieZuckerbude (Ben Zucker 🍰): Welcome to your new home. Good boy. Thx to Jayantajit Gogoi for #CSC support of this board. https://t.co/PkatypJUzp @FriendlyARM_ @armbian https://t.co/lUp1yyQojX (18s ago)
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<Werner> Hm somebody experienced that brcm_patchram_p generating load auf 100% on on core (rockchip64)?
<Werner> s/auf/of
<ArmbianHelper> Werner meant to say: Hm somebody experienced that brcm_patchram_p generating load of 100% on on core (rockchip64)?
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @DieZuckerbude: Welcome to your new home. Good boy. Thx to Jayantajit Gogoi for #CSC support of this board. https://t.co/PkatypJUzp @Fri… (6s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): Check Odroid C2 on seafloor https://t.co/pedzl2uXRW #iot #armbian extreme use case. https://t.co/qXnON8N03A (8s ago)
<IgorPec> Werner: i saw someone reported load
<Werner> Did not check forums yet, just duckduckgo
<ArmbianTwitter> @lanefu (Lane Jennison): way cool https://t.co/Inavlgxfro (13s ago)
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<IgorPec> yes
<IgorPec> but it was some other one i think as well
<IgorPec> anyway, this BT has to be generally addressed better, perhaps we do this more organised in 2020.11
<Werner> Or be removed in boards which actually do not have bt
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): We are looking for additional mirrors to expand our network capacity. Preferred location: Nord America and Australia. ~ 1TB in total. DM or info@armbian.com @OpenMediaVault @freenas #hosting #cloud #vps #rsync #opensource https://t.co/DnhcKwXx6a (22s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): We are looking for additional mirrors to expand our network capacity. Preferred location: North America and Australia. ~ 1TB in total. DM or info@armbian.com @OpenMediaVault @freenas #hosting #cloud #vps #rsync #opensource https://t.co/7NgovtOZP3 (6s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @lanefu (Lane Jennison): Do you have too much unused banwidth? Help @armbian help you! Mirror a Linux Distro Today! @ippontech We're open to mirrors in any region! https://t.co/VFUXhHhA0n (17s ago)
<lanefu> @Ippontech is gonna be like "@lanefu get back to work"
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @A13_technology Thanks! (12s ago)
<IgorPec> haha
<Werner> ?
<IgorPec> you will put it on your company infrastructure?
<lanefu> IgorPec: we have a division in france that does hosting.. so that was my hint to them
<IgorPec> aha
<IgorPec> ok
<lanefu> I don't have direct influence over that
<IgorPec> understand
<IgorPec> i also can't do much in my company except ask folks if they have some private resources
<lanefu> Ooo linked-in probalby a good place to post in too
<lanefu> since that's even more marketing-oriented
<Miouyouyou> So a mirror has to hold for 1TB of traffic per month ?
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<lanefu> Miouyouyou: 1TB of archive data... xfer.... hopefully less than 1TB, but it should be potent enough to sustain being a mirror
<lanefu> the more mirror we add the more we lower traffic
<Miouyouyou> I see
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<Werner> IgorPec, https://gitlab.com/bztsrc/usbimager/-/issues/20 this is how far I could push it. For everything else and the cross compiling stuff I don't have the needed knowledge to assist further.
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<Miouyouyou> Well he's not wrong, in a sense that libraries dependencies can be a mess to deal with
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<Miouyouyou> This morning, I tried to test some Radeon tools for GPU debugging. The bin release was bound to an old version of tinfo.so.5
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<Miouyouyou> I had to hexedit the bin file to change it to tinfo.so.6
<Miouyouyou> But that shows the issue with dynlibs and bin releases. You generally have to either provide all the libs, compile in static or thinly setup your ELF deps so they don't refer to specific versions
<lanefu> i've heard good things about electron and etcher
<Miouyouyou> Yeah, it's very light
<lanefu> i use etcher on my mac, and `dd` on my linux
<Miouyouyou> As long as you don't curse the forums about boot issues, you can use dd, or even cat
<lanefu> haha yeah true
<lanefu> dd if=image of=device bs=1M conv=fsync status=progress
<Miouyouyou> cat image > /dev/sdx
<Miouyouyou> For 100% unreliability 🐹
<lanefu> i'm surprised you don't alias that command with 😺
<Miouyouyou> This would wear out my poor counterfeited Sumsang SDCard
<lanefu> lol
<Miouyouyou> Sumsang : Different thinking
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> i'd buy it
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<IgorPec> werner: we have Jira for this, right? I will look into when possible
<Werner> IgorPec, for USBimager integration?
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<IgorPec> yes
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<Werner> AR-385
<ArmbianHelper> AR-385 [Story] "Integrate USBimager into Armbian images" reported by Werner at 2020-07-30. Status: To Do
<archetech> N2+ has arrived :)
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<lanefu> woohoo!~
<lanefu> race it
<Miouyouyou> And see if you can fry something on the CPU
<Miouyouyou> A few eggs+, or some steak+
<archetech> ok only got sdcard atm ill use official odroid ubu first
<archetech> wonder if armbian has the OC set for the plus yet
<archetech> or if somebody has done it by hand
<lanefu> don't see any n2 specific settings glancing at repo
<archetech> ok it will get there eventually
<archetech> brb
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<Werner> Err:6 https://apt.armbian.com buster Release
<Werner> Redirection from https to 'http://mirrors.netix.net/armbian/apt/dists/buster/Release' is forbidden [IP: 443]
<Werner> lanefu
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<lanefu> yo
<lanefu> Werner: try now
<lanefu> my stupid ssl fix unfixed other stuff
<lanefu> jeez
<lanefu> well it wasn't a fix it was a response to netix's cert being expired
<IgorPec> i am talking to our academic network staff
<IgorPec> to get mirrors there
<IgorPec> they host raspbian, so :)
<lanefu> sweet!
<Werner> did apt update a couple of times but did not hit netix again
<lanefu> should hit it eventually
<Werner> Yup, now hit it. Works.
<lanefu> i guess i should have expected apt to be grumpy about https -> http
<IgorPec> btw. are we able to push out a release in lets say next 10 days?
<lanefu> i hope so we need to get a branch cut and start pounding on bugs
<IgorPec> yeap, lets do that this weekend.
<IgorPec> then push out images once we are happy
<IgorPec> i will have access to hardware so testing will be possible
<lanefu> cool
<lanefu> i'd really like to get RC images out to the masses to test
<IgorPec> its hard to motive people to start testing
<IgorPec> i guess nightly is already a good step
<IgorPec> they are also fully up2date
<lanefu> We had really good responses when we offered official RC images and asked for testing
<lanefu> Nightlys dont have that same impact even if they're the same
<archetech> Host: odroid Kernel: 4.9.230-93 aarch64 bits: 64 Console: tty 0
<archetech> <archetech> Distro: Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS (Focal Fossa)
<archetech> <archetech> Machine: Type: ARM Device System: Hardkernel ODROID-N2Plus rev: 0400
<archetech> Speed: 2208 MHz min/max: 500/1908:2208 MHz
<archetech> OC in effect
<xwigg> temp?
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<archetech> its cold to touch
<xwigg> make -j6 ffmpeg?
<archetech> getting gnome or KDE still reading
<xwigg> hehe
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<xwigg> you getting also a DE you will be using?
<archetech> getting gnome or KDE still reading
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<archetech> better focal-minimal Kernel: 5.7.0-odroid-arm64 aarch64
<archetech> says 5.7 but its 5.7.11
<lanefu> good jorb
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<lanefu> well pineh64b round 1 wasn't the most promising
<lanefu> take 2
<lanefu> ..and emmc seems to be a bust
<ArmbianHelper> and emmc seems to be a bust [en~>eng]
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<lanefu> okay take 3 is better
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<ArmbianTwitter> @fosshost1 (fosshost): @armbian @OpenMediaVault @freenas Yes we can help. Please DM us. (4s ago)
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