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<lanefu> archetech: the POE thing is appealing
<lanefu> for it
<archetech> like a T4 but cheaper
<Tonymac32> So Many RK3399 lol
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<lanefu> yeah there's a lot
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<[TheBug]> kubernetes is lanefu's favorite ArmbianHelper!
<ArmbianHelper> I hear someone talking about the evil. lanefu is not amused...
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> its so terrible
<nekomancer[m]> kubernetes around
<ArmbianHelper> I hear someone talking about the evil. lanefu is not amused...
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<lanefu> Werner: does that fancy bot of yours support health checking URLs? And alterting failure?
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<tonymac32> trying to build ffmpeg on my XU4, let's see it implodes
<tonymac32> My daughter's used i7-3770 came in today (she is 6, so it is for school work, and honestly the specs are hard to beat for $150)
<tonymac32> I put a variant of Ubuntu on it, and I'm now enabling SSH so it can build Armbian for me at night so I'm not waiting around on just my i7-3770 to clunk through an image. :P
<tonymac32> multitasking
<tonymac32> XD
<c0rnelius> be nice if Armbian had a native switch.
<c0rnelius> and wasn't dependent on Ubuntu
<c0rnelius> I know some things like compiling uboot for amloigc outside of x86 isn't a thing because of the FIPS, but all winner for example isn't so restricted.
<c0rnelius> I guess a lot of that comes down to the toolchains used for uboot.
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<Werner> I think the kubernetes thingy can be removed now since the easter egg has been discovered.
<Werner> lanefu, what kind of health checking? If an URL is reachable?
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<IgorPec> werner: we need to have an information if mirror is reachable. if not, we don't use it .. (untils its reachable again)
<Werner> Well sure I could write something that the bot checks every minute or so but that makes not sense since to bring this information to the redirect coordinator a simple bash script would be more suiteable.
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<IgorPec> bash script that updates the file. that's it
<IgorPec> and file contains urls ... actually we need "all.txt" and "live.txt"
<IgorPec> every 3 minute is too excessive or not?
<Werner> IgorPec, Depends on how aggressive you want to test the mirror. By a simple ping (least aggressive) or grabbing the whole indexes for checksumming (most aggressive).
<IgorPec> ping ping ping index ping ping ... 15m interval
<IgorPec> ?
<IgorPec> index checksum would also tell if mirrors is already update, right?
<Werner> Pinging can be done every minute with allowing two failures before calling alert.
<Werner> Yes, a side-advantage
<Werner> Needs a source for comparison though
<IgorPec> source is our rsync server
<Werner> You could simply calculate a checksum of the indexes and compare those
<IgorPec> filenames
<Werner> This wont tell you if an index is defective.
<IgorPec> its image mirrors i am talking about
<IgorPec> we have no index there
<Werner> ah okay
<IgorPec> but
<IgorPec> we could add a signature, a file
<IgorPec> no, forget
<Werner> For my builds when everything is done and in place I do a simple sha3sum * > sha3sums to the whole folder.
<IgorPec> ls -l | clean | checksum on mirror compare to our server must match
<IgorPec> yes, that way, just remote ls
<Werner> This would trigger the checksum calculation every hour then?
<IgorPec> yeah, that's the idea
<IgorPec> is that 2mouch, to little?
<Werner> When creating or updating a simple txt file including the checksums on the mirror it would be enough to grab that and do comparison. Less load.
<Werner> Why over and over calculating the checksum of the same file? Highly unlikely it changes once it is in place.
<Werner> And will be replaced from time to time which triggers recalculation.
<IgorPec> but if sync is alredy ongoing
<IgorPec> we will not know ... with checking index we will know
<Werner> Hm wait for it to finish?
<IgorPec> well, ok, this corner case can be skipped
<IgorPec> for example our new checksum file is already transfeered, but 10 images not
<IgorPec> our redirector will get "ok" and serve files that doesn't not exists
<Werner> This must not happen. The checksum file should be created on the mirror itself or transferred last.
<Werner> First solution would be better because you instantly know that there transfer failed.
<IgorPec> we don't have access to mirrors
<Werner> s/there/the
<ArmbianHelper> Werner meant to say: First solution would be better because you instantly know that the transfer failed.
<Werner> Hm...
<Werner> Do we know if a sync is running?
<IgorPec> yes, but i don't know when they acees it .. ok, i could extract from logs
<Werner> Probably necessary to catch the case you stated the checksum file is current but the rest not.
<IgorPec> mirrors are accesing our rsyncd service whenever they want
<IgorPec> so checking the actual content on the mirror is the only way ?
<Werner> If you want to be god damn sure that everything is okay yes...Maybe something a bit more lightweight is sufficient too.
<IgorPec> even here we have some time window ... perhaps
<Werner> Well the checksum file would be for us only?
<Werner> Never mind. Makes no sense.
<IgorPec> lets go back to the time index is recreated
<Werner> I though we have no index?
<IgorPec> now we have it
<IgorPec> we create it each time if there is a change - image added
<IgorPec> links are created Ubuntu_Bionic -> x.y.z.image.xz
<IgorPec> redirector picks that up and you get a dl link from some server
<IgorPec> but in that process we could not release new index until we are sure changes are everywhere
<IgorPec> perhaps this way?
<Werner> Yeah I was thinking about something like this as well
<IgorPec> this is imo the best way and only triggered when there is some change at our side
<IgorPec> i already do for myself ... rsyncing in the back all stuff and once rsync is done, i run index recreation
<IgorPec> we need to add yet another loop in between to check mirrors when they are synched. We could rely only on checkshum file perhaps?
<Werner> Should be sufficient.
<Werner> Maybe instead of simple pinging check if port 80/443 are reachable to make sure httpd is running.
<IgorPec> ping + this file chechsum
<IgorPec> du | sha256sum | cut -d" " -f1
<IgorPec> in /var/www/dl.armbian.com
<IgorPec> is probably just fine
<Werner> If I see that correctly that would calculate the checksums by the filenames. To avoid irritation this file should not be visible to the public.
<IgorPec> .sha
<IgorPec> yes, checksum will be different if any file is changed
<Werner> If a file changes without having its size and name changed?
<IgorPec> now tell me if its synched :)
<Werner> Hm unlikely unless there is bitflip or something..
<IgorPec> why would that be changed?
<Werner> With the calculation above a bitflip wont be detected since the checksum is not created by the content of the file but from the output of du which contains its size and filename.
<IgorPec> i know. but is not that good enough?
<Werner> It probably is. As stated very unlikely. As long as we deliver checksum files for any image with to the mirror it is up to the user to verify if the image is flawless.
<IgorPec> exactly. but here we have to cover the case that index has images, mirrors not or its down
<IgorPec> only that
<Werner> Check each mirror that the image is there using the .sha file and if we have all matches publish.
<Werner> If there is no match within 24h or whatever there is something wrong
<Werner> Since we dont know how often and when the mirrors sync themselves we rather have to wait quite a while I guess
<IgorPec> i never checked but i think 1 - 2 x per day is worse case
<Werner> Btw I think I have mentioned it before somewhen but if we need another mirror in europe for reasonable price, hetzner has older boxes in their auction like i7-2600, 16g memory, 2x3tb harddrive, unlimited traffic 1GBe for about 26€/month
<Werner> dedicated, no virtual
<IgorPec> i am not happy to maintain more infrastructure
<Werner> I know. Just wanted to mention that the option is there.
<IgorPec> we need to make some contact with people that can setup us mirrors on their infrastructure
<IgorPec> most of the work here is talking
<IgorPec> we provide free software
<IgorPec> which means its easy to get free storage
<Werner> Maybe get in touch with some us based data processing service centers which already offering stuff like apt mirrors?
<IgorPec> we need to fix our infrastructure first
<IgorPec> now its somewhere in between
<Werner> True
<IgorPec> but actually all they need to do is to hook up on our rsync server
<IgorPec> and give us url. nothing more than tthat
<Werner> I'll do some research later. But beforehand I'll get myself into the sun and fuel myself with vitamin D
<IgorPec> yes, get some!
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<lanefu> Werner: mostly i wanted ot make sure eour redirect is healty.. so just https://redirect.armbian.com/status and https://apt.armbian.com/status
<HerculeP> lol, redirect.armbian.com pointed me to https://mirrors.tuna.tsinghua.edu.cn/armbian-releases/
<HerculeP> is there a list to select from?
<lanefu> Werner: check out the HEAD request type for http https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2616#section-9.4
<IgorPec> HerculeP: is not fast?
<IgorPec> currently geo location is not enabled yet
<HerculeP> just checked the index out of curiosity
<IgorPec> aha, yeah
<lanefu> I've been mirror hunting.. basically just been looking at thee index pagese of different debian mirrors adn a lot of them have placees to request mirroring
<lanefu> i've got 3 or 4 places for north america i'm going to reach out to
<lanefu> HerculeP: yaeh right now it's round-robin to 4 diffeerenet mirrors
<IgorPec> so by the end of the month we will have > 100 :)
<xwigg> yeah, same here.. china mirror
<xwigg> maybe geoip to redirect to closest?
<HerculeP> .cn id dead slow 200-300 KB/s
<HerculeP> K!
<IgorPec> well, that's what we can afford :)
<IgorPec> but its super fast in ch i guess
<HerculeP> hehe
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<xwigg> and it's https again
<HerculeP> s/id/is
<ArmbianHelper> HerculeP meant to say: .cn is dead slow 200-300 KB/s
<lanefu> yeah that had beeen my ocnceern about cn
<lanefu> xwigg: yeah integrating geoip is on the todo list
<xwigg> lanefu: okay.. why the https again?
<HerculeP> correction: is was 200 Kbit/s even :8 (not KB)
<xwigg> lanefu: proxy caching saves bandwidth ....
<lanefu> xwigg: yes, but coding for it doense't save my bandwidth when i'm trying to get it a first version into production over the weekend
<xwigg> hehe
<lanefu> PR welcome to have the redirect maintain which ever protocol the requestor is using
<xwigg> lanefu: nginx can be used as a load balancer, requires much less CPU
<xwigg> and with geoip module you can even finetune redirects
<lanefu> xwigg: i dont want a load balancer
<lanefu> i want redirects
<lanefu> also
<lanefu> the primary implementation
<lanefu> is to map our friendly generic links on https://www.armbian.com/download
<lanefu> to their actual file name in archive
<lanefu> and support the different mirrors
<lanefu> its fed a config file with liek 1000 different references
<lanefu> and keeps it all in memory
<lanefu> we've done 1.5 million redirects yesterday and the flask container is only using like 50 megs of rma
<lanefu> ram
<lanefu> so i think its fine
<lanefu> i didn't want ot write lua for nginx
<lanefu> and nginx doesn't support active health checks
<lanefu> unless you gte plus
<lanefu> s/gte/get
<ArmbianHelper> lanefu meant to say: unless you get plus
<lanefu> and I didn't want to get into dynamically writing nginx configs... flask was just way simpler and sufficient performance
<lanefu> we used nginx a lot at my last job. for doing crazy rewrites for serving 1000 domains into our custom CMS
<lanefu> I weighed my options
<HerculeP> best (from DE): mirrors.dotsrc.org/armbian-dl/150-200 Mbit/s :)
<lanefu> IgorPec: shuold i pull china bakc out of round robin for now?
<HerculeP> mimola.armbian.com is ok (50-60 Mb/s) but has a horrible index (file names stortened)
<HerculeP> short*
<HerculeP> netix.ne: 5Mb/s (tolerable)
<HerculeP> .net*
* lanefu </rant>
<HerculeP> can't type today, need a coffee...
<xwigg> lanefu: redirection.io ;-)
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<lanefu> i'll try to get your approval on the next architectural decision
<Werner> Woohoo, my order arrived \o/
<HerculeP> btw, indices (indexes) are different on all mirrors, not suitable for uptodate checks via checksum IMHO
<lanefu> in the mean time PR's welcome to add GEOIP and persisting http protocol
<lanefu> HerculeP: we'd checksum against file contents, not index page contents intself
<HerculeP> sure, it was considered earlier
<xwigg> oki
<IgorPec> lanefu: ok, move out
<IgorPec> HerculeP: that index is default ngninx
<IgorPec> comparing files is good enough probably?
<HerculeP> persist requester protocol #2 -> easiest is to use neither http nor https but just "//:mirror..."
<HerculeP> w/o : ofc
<Werner> Oh yeah, this is gonna be awesome
<HerculeP> "//mirror..."
<lanefu> IgorPec: is imola mirror apt yet or no?
<IgorPec> not yet
<lanefu> k
<IgorPec> i will deal with this when i am back
<lanefu> just this for apt then ll_mirrors = ["https://mirrors.netix.net/armbian/apt/",
<IgorPec> yes, for now
<ArmbianTwitter> @DieZuckerbude (Ben Zucker 🍰): Changes are coming. But first things first: Let's have some coffee ☕️ @armbian #swag https://t.co/vJi8wAjhE4 (16s ago)
* HerculeP sips his coffee ..
<lanefu> okay updated
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @DieZuckerbude: Changes are coming. But first things first: Let's have some coffee ☕️ @armbian #swag https://t.co/vJi8wAjhE4 (23s ago)
<Werner> IgorPec, I am pretty happy with the quality.
<IgorPec> great! then let's roll on
<Werner> bzt may need some assistance to setup a cross compiling environment for USBimager. Seems like he is building the armhf binary native atm.
<lanefu> wanna see something silly? I'm currently monitoring the armbian redirect services with home assistant https://snipboard.io/7iP5JM.jpg
<IgorPec> just build it on opi lite?
<Werner> I suggested him to build both armhf and arm64 on amd64 like we do.
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<IgorPec> yeah, but we can try building on our own. i assume output is deb file?
<IgorPec> we only need to do it once, then eventually he will do something ... we can also wait for him as long as needed
<IgorPec> not the most important thing atm
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<Werner> I did not take a further look on the build process. I was hoping if we give im a hint how to speed things up and cross-compile he will do it on his own.
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<lanefu> IgorPec: my irc died.. what was our server channel called?
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<[TheBug]> kubernetes is lanefu's favorite ArmbianHelper!
<[TheBug]> Someone killed ArmbianHelper, send help!
<lanefu> okay there must be been like netsplit of al netsplits
<lanefu> [TheBug]: wasn't itcalled #armbian-server?
<[TheBug]> _
<Werner> I removed the trigger
<[TheBug]> booo, thats bad and you should feel bad.
<[TheBug]> :p
* [TheBug] ruins all my fun
<[TheBug]> poor ArmbianHelper, sorry the mean man has hurt you.
<Werner> Um IgorPec did you link the EU and US shops to each other already?
<Werner> by providing the equivalent shop ids to each other.
<lanefu> I have a presentation to finish.. as I have ti give it in 2.5 hours.. so gonna try to step away
<lanefu> _if_ someone wants to reach out to mirror sites adn see if htey're willing to mirror us.. i have a list :P https://gist.github.com/lanefu/f8be7d742e83703e9f8fe8fbb567b756
<Werner> nie
<Werner> s/nie/nice
<ArmbianHelper> Werner meant to say: nice
<Werner> Should we start with [TheBug] and bug [TheBug]?
<lanefu> yeah the idea is to abuse him as much as possible until he stops helping
<lanefu> that waterloo site is also reallly fast tho
<lanefu> and it's in Canadia so martinayotte_ will like it
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<IgorPec> Werner: i need someone that will collect commision from that store
<Werner> ?
<IgorPec> i can't collect it
<Werner> Why?
<IgorPec> don't have bank in USA
<IgorPec> and all that shit that its needed
<Werner> Ah US store...well me neither...
<IgorPec> [TheBug] you want to get rich*
<IgorPec> we need someone that is able to collect commision from the US SWAG store. not sure what is needed, but it has to be US company or citizen
<Werner> Citizen should not be an issue. Company may...
<IgorPec> yeah, i don't know how US tax system works
<Tenkawa> tax code is on the us government tax web site I'm fairly certain
<Tenkawa> I think thats public record.. now some of it does have to be handled by an accountant/etc
<Tenkawa> but I believe that the info itself on how to establish/apply for the information is there
<Tenkawa> if you'd ask me about 15 years ago when I worked in finance I could've told you
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<IgorPec> we have a very trivial problem here probably ...
<Tenkawa> thats why I always say when it comes to money and law… have legal and financial resources available
<IgorPec> we want to open a shop to sell some swag and commision has to be collected
<IgorPec> we have it to cover EU standards, but not US
<IgorPec> here we talk about perhaps 10 - 20 USD to collect monthly.
<Tenkawa> ahhh..
<Tenkawa> do they collect vat in all of europe?
<Tenkawa> or just the uk
<IgorPec> EU and UK is still the same now, but this will be changed probably
<Tenkawa> we have an interesting one called use tax
<IgorPec> AFAIK, but i am not tax / financial guru
<Tenkawa> Use tax is a sales tax on purchases made outside one's state of residence for taxable items that will be used, stored or consumed in one's state of residence and on which no tax was collected in the state of purchase.
<Tenkawa> ahh with the Brexit split
<IgorPec> the problem is that US store is only for US residents
<IgorPec> bank has to be US based
<Tenkawa> yeah see above..
<Tenkawa> thats the tricky bit
<Tenkawa> taxing here is so odd
<Tenkawa> the tax code is wild
<IgorPec> i would assume, yes :)
<IgorPec> but i have really absolutely no know-how about US system
<IgorPec> and don't want to know :)
<Werner> Same story :P
<IgorPec> even here ... if there is something out of the regular, i do have accountant to check up
<Tenkawa> indeed you should have :)
<IgorPec> i am non-us resident
<IgorPec> why should i need to know?
<Tenkawa> IgorPec: no i mean have someone...
<Tenkawa> not you
<IgorPec> i know how to bill US company
<IgorPec> i pay taxes is EU
<IgorPec> i can't justify to hire US tax expert
<Tenkawa> no I was saying ask "your" tax person if any of this qualfies for credits anywhere
<IgorPec> i don't understand what you mean?
<Tenkawa> nevermind… just observation
<IgorPec> if this US swag store is too complicated to open, it will remain closed
<Tenkawa> its not
<ArmbianTwitter> @rasp_ap (RaspAP 📡): Need to disable/enable your AP during certain times of the day? A simple technique using cron is discussed here https://t.co/DvdwPlGz67 #raspberrypi #armbian (28s ago)
<IgorPec> which is why i am asking if someone will pick it up
<IgorPec> for me its a dead end. i can't resolve it and i will no discuss this matter once again with my accuntant
<Tenkawa> heheh
<Werner> If there is no way to pickup and US users still want some merch there is still the option to run the shop non-profit. This way products become cheaper since Armbian does not get any cut...
<IgorPec> that is possible?
<Werner> Yes. It basically puts all cuts to 0
<Werner> I was thinking about making this whole thing non-profit but my thinking was that more would buy something even when more expensive because they will have in mind a part will go to the project.
<IgorPec> on the long run its better to get something out, people will at least think that they help
<IgorPec> even with this we can't cover nothing
<Werner> Sure but having something is always better than having nothing.
<IgorPec> if i see accountant for this, probably 1/2 of cash is already gone :(
<IgorPec> that's the main problem
<IgorPec> perhaps tonymac32 can pick it up? he is already selling some hardware elsewhere and if he add this?
<IgorPec> if nothing works out ... we go zero cut.
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<ArmbianTwitter> @DieZuckerbude (Ben Zucker 🍰): This is where you belong... ☕ #armbian https://t.co/sGwVlcbSs5 (27s ago)
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<tonymac32> OK, who has an Armbian mug XD
<Werner> I'd never admit that!
<tonymac32> taxes here are not so tough. if the store is located in, say Michigan, and someone in Michigan buys the product, then they need to payn Michigan sales tax
<tonymac32> there is no US sales tax
<tonymac32> As a general statement, US taxes on product are easier than EU ones as a whole. The difficulty comes in the fact that the US operates like 50 independant countries in many things
<c0rnelius> hmm. seems like the odroid c4 is doing the same thing. sd first and mmc second and finally got support in mainline.
<Werner> For the EU store it is like you have to be in the imprint as show owner but actually no customer makes a contract with you but with the technical provider of the shop. You just get the cut.
<tonymac32> Right. Tindie (whom I sell the tiny little stuff through) does not handle the taxes. So I have to track all Michigan sales and pay the sales tax.
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<tonymac32> For anyone outside the state, the person buying the product has to report their purchase and pay if the state requires it. (I don't think anyone ever does)
<Werner> Interesting law oversees ^^
<tonymac32> It reduces the ultimate power of any individual governing body. The federal government is supposed to be very weak, but we stupidly allowed them to start collecting income tax
<tonymac32> :-D
<Werner> What a bummer ^^
<tonymac32> LArge centralized governments are always evil. Even people from over 200 years ago knew that
<tonymac32> ;)
<Werner> The us shop is in Greensburg, PA
<tonymac32> Hmmm, Pennsylvania is a commonwealth
<tonymac32> (pre-communist term for "community shared wealth)
<tonymac32> There's really no functional difference, taxes/regulations are more... interesting there
<tonymac32> (I grew up there)
<tonymac32> So if someone in Pennsylvania buys an Armbian shirt they would pay 6% tax or whatever for it
<tonymac32> but if I bought one I would not
<tonymac32> at least not to Pennsylvania
<Werner> Doesn't do the shop the tax caluclation and forwards it to each state?
<tonymac32> I don't have to abide by Pennsylvania law because I don't live there
<tonymac32> no
<tonymac32> the person buying it is repsonsible for the tax in their own state
<tonymac32> if their state requires it
<tonymac32> some do not
<Tenkawa> tonymac32: actually thats not true .. you can have locality sales tax too
<Tenkawa> sales tax codes are very complex
<Tenkawa> I spent 7 years in back office finance dealing with it
<Werner> Lets not overcomplicate things. As stated as collector of the cut you are not involved in the contract between the buyer and the t-shirt maker.
<tonymac32> Give me an example, since this is news to me
<Werner> You just collect the payout of the sales cut
<Tenkawa> ok.. just a sec
<tonymac32> ^^ that's the only arrangement I would want to make
<Werner> Which basically is an additional income in first place.
<Tenkawa> ahh there we go.. some counties have sales tax rates of their own that have to be offset too
<Tenkawa> (most get washed out)
<Tenkawa> most of those are for year end though not per transaction
<Tenkawa> although the collection guideline document still advises to collect x per $ collected
<Tenkawa> (I live in one of those goofy counties where I pay city, state, federal, and overhead for all purchases made in my county)
<archetech> in US register a dba sole proprietor with your state some collect tax some dont through you sell swag profit end of year claim the profit minus expenses on a simple biz form done
<Tenkawa> its just unreal
<Tenkawa> (one of those days where I probably "shouldve" itemized
<Tenkawa> archetech: yeah dba-accountant even better
<Tenkawa> thats what I almost became
<archetech> if its just swag then no accountant needed
<Tenkawa> I took the dba/sysadmin route instead
<archetech> its friggen just arithatic
<Tenkawa> archetech: I just meant because dba's hate paperwork
<archetech> arithmatic
<archetech> its one page !
<Tenkawa> yeah
<Tenkawa> lol
<archetech> I sold it services and hware for a few yrs wasnt hard
<archetech> its when ya get employees then its insane
<Tenkawa> I am "not" a salesman or a manager.. I could "never" do it
<archetech> dont do self employ if ya cant mutiltask really well
<archetech> beeter off somebodies wage slave
<Tenkawa> I "use" to multitask well
<archetech> I moved to just 1099 self employed that was the best
<IgorPec> ok, we will perhaps sell 10 mugs per year. what to do?
<archetech> one man tech who ran calls for a national break-fix house
<Tenkawa> yeah I should have…*retired now*
<archetech> IgorPec: dont tell the gov and jsut do it
<IgorPec> which goverment?
<IgorPec> our?
<archetech> get caught pay the them :)
<archetech> heh
<IgorPec> on eu shop i will pay taxes
<Tenkawa> omg I can't believe you typed that
<archetech> here ya have to clear $400 yr profit for them to care
<IgorPec> since i am using company id and company bank account
<archetech> so thats why I said just do it
<IgorPec> you have to make some paperwork if you are non-us citizen
<IgorPec> which is already more waste of time
<archetech> we also have a tax catagory called hobby biz which is very simple for over $400
<archetech> IgorPec: dont sell swaay outside your tax domain get somebody else to
<IgorPec> selling mugs is not my hobby busines :)
<archetech> swag*
<IgorPec> that is my plan since start
<IgorPec> if someone picks it up, yes, otherwise no us shop
<archetech> so tonymac32 it is!
<tonymac32> so what is the store/company doing the selling?
<IgorPec> swag.armbian.com for us market
<tonymac32> spreadshirt.com
<Werner> yep
<tonymac32> let me read
<IgorPec> its ready to publish once user data are adjusted
<tonymac32> what are these weird "E" shaped money symbols? Some kind of conterfeit stuff I guess
<tonymac32> :-D
<IgorPec> this means you only pay but you get nothing
<IgorPec> :)
<lanefu> at least they aren't L shaped
<tonymac32> the L shaped ones are very old though
<tonymac32> The E shaped ones are new kids
<tonymac32> but I hear they are a combination of only the "DM" and and the "F"
<ArmbianTwitter> @RiziTony (NR1Z EM93//Space cw always saves the hero/): Yep, got the othernet skylark 5.8 running in by satellite go box. Its interesting. The verdict is still out; I could only collect about 20min b/c heat. will give another shot in evening. Interesting overall. It also streams one channel of music. I need to try armbian on it. https://t.co/16JGttXApe (30s ago)
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* tonymac32 reading on their terms
<tonymac32> I don't see why I couldn't do this
<tonymac32> but when we sell 1M shirts, what then?
<tonymac32> :P
<archetech> go public
<archetech> ie sell stock
<tonymac32> We would need someone in Ireland to hide the money
<archetech> what the cool kids do
<archetech> like apple and cisco
<tonymac32> That's what I hear
<tonymac32> So the armbian SoC, is it a quad core A7?
* archetech is installing plasma 5.19.4 from source
<archetech> got a nice little script
<archetech> while read -r line; do
<IgorPec> tonymac32 let's say its a temporally solution and you sent some beer around US folks if there will be for beer
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<IgorPec> tenkawa: if you have time and willigness to help out upgrading our "finance department", it would be awesome. Currently its very primitive
<tonymac32> IgorPec sure
<xwigg> cool goodies, preflashed armbian SD?
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<Miouyouyou> Dishwasher-resistant Mugs. Well, that's something !
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<IgorPec> werner will need to test that feature :)
<IgorPec> i only ordered one t-shirt for test
<Werner> I could do that but I most likely will wash it by hand so it holds as long as possible :P
<tonymac32> haha
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<archetech> Running inside KDE Plasma 5.19.4 on Linux From Scratch
<Tony_mac32> what machine?
<archetech> x86
<Tony_mac32> and cool, (I thought it would be assumed but decided to make sure)
<archetech> i think you and lanefu would enjoy it
<archetech> esp on arm
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<lanefu> yeah i've never done the plasma
<lanefu> i also havent used KDE in 10 years
<lanefu> i wanna do a desktop with dumb stuf Like WindowMaker or enlightment window managers
<lanefu> back when it felt cool to have ugly fonts
<tonymac32> that makes me smile
<Werner> Over the years I gave kde a shot from time to time but always run into issues and discarded it again.
<tonymac32> lanefu I miss the old ugly font days
<tonymac32> something endearing about a 16 color desktop
<lanefu> windowmaker got an update a couple of years ago
<lanefu> and enlightenment
<lanefu> enlightenment is neat cuz it's always only done 2d effects
<lanefu> archetech: they're movin gto wayland https://www.enlightenment.org
<archetech> E3 has worked for long time on wayland
<archetech> not fun to build
<xwigg> tonymac: CDE is open source ;)
<tonymac32> did I closed source something unintentionally?
* tonymac32 needs to grab another coffee
* tonymac32 has to remove some excessive capacitors from a signal path first
* tonymac32 got overzealous
<tonymac32> ok, found it
<tonymac32> Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about
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<xwigg> I wasted so much time on sgi's desktop
<tonymac32> what
<tonymac32> It was a surprised "what?"
<tonymac32> :)
<xwigg> trip down memory lane..
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<xwigg> what's the max temp of a H3? 80C?
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<IgorPec> i think 100 is in the sheets
<xwigg> okay, it's nicely below 80
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<[TheBug]> eesh
<[TheBug]> you like to tourcher your poor h3
<lanefu> industrial grade tv box
<[TheBug]> h3 really likes to be about 40c if you want to get full performance
<[TheBug]> hotter it gets more it throttles and I would also suggest you make sure the dts/dtb/fex your using has good thermal trip point specified :)
<xwigg> make -j4 :)
<xwigg> throttles at ~78
<xwigg> to 1.20
<xwigg> mm. htop does not seem to work with governor performance
<nekomancer[m]> industrial tv box for industrial tv
<xwigg> nah, j1800 is my tv box much better IO
<Miouyouyou> Yeah, but is it industrial enough, though ?
<xwigg> define industrial?
<Miouyouyou> Can it revive Detroit ?
<nekomancer[m]> in case it aluminium or steel
<Miouyouyou> Ow. I thought it was plastic.
<nekomancer[m]> then it not enough industrial
<nekomancer[m]> detroit will not revived
<Miouyouyou> oooh. It's okay, it became human a few months ago, I heard.
<xwigg> if it's dual and mounted V style, it will certainly revive detroit
<Miouyouyou> Well, time to make a dual mounted V style j1800 box then
<xwigg> when h265 is mainstream and arm GPU/VPU has solid/fast opensource i'll probably move onto an arm box
<Miouyouyou> So your next box will be a new Mac then ?
<Miouyouyou> I tripped on the opensource bit
<xwigg> moved away from mac laptop after sierra
<xwigg> maybe AMD has an epiphany and delivers radeon for ARM
<Miouyouyou> Opensource drivers are without video decoding ?
<nekomancer[m]> depend on hardware
<Miouyouyou> It seems to be fairly well implemented on a good bunch of cards : https://www.x.org/wiki/RadeonFeature/ . Just put a Radeon Vega 64 on your TV Box, and ready up for a good barbecue.
<xwigg> I doubt PCIE 1x would feed enough to get postcard image
<Miouyouyou> Maybe there's some shady PCIE x16 to PCIE x1 adapter on Ebay, for coin mining junkies. For more "challenges".
<xwigg> I think I'll just wait and spend my $$ on other chinese junk
<xwigg> allwinner h616 tv boxes dirt cheap
<nekomancer[m]> allwinner are dirt
<xwigg> most tv boxes are
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<xwigg> except perhaps nvidia shield
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<tonymac32> I have been pleased with my shield so far
<Miouyouyou> Now, you only need a sword to become an adventurer !
<nekomancer[m]> Shield Hero
<ArmbianTwitter> @jerry_hopper (jerry hopper): @NetIXnet hello.. you have a expired cert in the chain for domain : https://t.co/BQPKPFcIHX which prevents apt to get updates due to the in may expired cert in the chain. #armbian #sbc #opensource #ssl #mirror https://t.co/p01W123ppu (3s ago)
<Miouyouyou> This one doesn't have any sword.
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