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<lanefu> alright i think i figured out the worst possible server name for the new box: ambrian.armbian.com
<[TheBug]> armbian.armbian.arm
<archetech> naibmra.armbian.com
<lanefu> is there a .arm tld?
<[TheBug]> no, just being funny ;p
<[TheBug]> im sure if Arm has their way...one day!
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<Tonymac32> my roc-pc still boot loops on USB-PD
<Tonymac32> so that isn't fixed
<Tonymac32> trying a different PD adapter
<ArmbianTwitter> @Drdos_nix (Liam O'Reilly): @karmbian @GoVanguard @Raspberry_Pi @thepine64 @kalilinux @armbian It's nice to see software dedicated to micro and ultra micro form factor pentesting hardware! I'm working on some hardware myself....*queue suspenseful music* Who knows what lurks in the heart of the lone hacker...... The *Shadow* knows... (Damn! VPN is down!) Lol, Drdos. (29s ago)
<Tonymac32> it booted with the less capable supply, let's see
<Tonymac32> NVMe is there, so PCIe working, bravo
<Tonymac32> lvrp16 this is looking promising. I'll have to switch to a supply I can monitor
<lanefu> speaking of which do any of you all have a recommendation for like a 1 port IP KVM?
<lvrp16> tonymac32: what are we talking about?
<lvrp16> oh renegade elite?
<Tonymac32> yep
<Tonymac32> the problem with all of my PD adapters is that they're trash
<Tonymac32> they are either weak cell phone ones, or have names like "Shenzhen GOOD-SHE Technology"
<Tonymac32> Maybe pronounced "Good-sheet"
<Tonymac32> (that one went bootloop)
<Tonymac32> The one that didn't is rated 5V 3A, 9V 2A... so it might not be voltage switching
<lvrp16> tonymac32: a good PD power supply is $10 USD at the factory, so multiply it by 3 to get the retail price
<Tonymac32> I figured, haha. This is the only board that has that feature
<lanefu> whats PD? usb-c power delivery?
<Tonymac32> just power delivery
<Tonymac32> it can be over any USB
<Tonymac32> type C can be fancier
* Tonymac32 just bought a better one
<Tonymac32> I had forgotten I stuffed the 512 MB NVMe in this thing
<Tonymac32> s/MB/GB
<ArmbianHelper> tonymac32 meant to say: I had forgotten I stuffed the 512 GB NVMe in this thing
<Tonymac32> MB ROFL
<lanefu> jeesus dude
<lanefu> thats like leaving a benjamin in your gym shorts
<Tonymac32> They were on some ridiculous sale at some point, I got it and a 1 TB
<Tonymac32> the TB is in my main computer
<Tonymac32> So Igor asked about making this a supported board... I need to do more tests with this power situation, at the moment I'm running 6 threads of protein folding on it and it's stable, so that's a good sign
<Tonymac32> but it taking a dump on me using that other supply makes me a little nervous
<lanefu> :P :P :P :P :P
<Tonymac32> The other supply is rated 30W
<Tonymac32> the one that actually booted it: 18
<lanefu> ha
<Tonymac32> that is the reason for me going hmmmmmm
<lanefu> im stress testing my n2 with a flimsy thin-wired 2amp12v power supply
<Tonymac32> Jellyfin has a menu stting to use Exynos V4L2 MFC hardware acceleration
<lanefu> but yeaeh that sounds like when i was having mcsolo problmes off my little meeanwell supply
<Tonymac32> what was your meanwell doing?
<lanefu> laughing at the paper think barrel plug pig tails i was using
<Tonymac32> hahahaha yeahhh
<Tonymac32> lvrp16 the awesome aluminum case is still no match for 100% wide open throttle for multiple hours. XD
<lvrp16> tonymac32: passive cooling is no match for a tiny heatsink with active cooling, what's new?
<lvrp16> :P
<Tonymac32> I pointed a fan at it since I'm being abusive
<Tonymac32> now, if we can get the rockchip vdec/venc stuff sorted in mainline I'd be able to switch my server to something a bit more modern
<Tonymac32> did something happen at Rockchip? I've seen 2-3 new names in the last couple weeks on patchwork mailing lists
<lanefu> and by switching to a more modeern server, you mean smaller cuz less transcoding?
<Tonymac32> well the XU4 is a grandfather by this point, and my frankenstein cooling is ridiculous and yet necessary at the same time
<Tonymac32> I need to get new drives (6 years on these I think?), etc
<Tonymac32> so a general refresh would be good
<Tonymac32> the RK3399 is fewer cores, but 64 bit and with actual GbE. IIRC the GbE on XU4 is via USB3
<lvrp16> tonymac32: The RTL8822CS module v3 for Renegade Elite will be done in two weeks.
<Tonymac32> lvrp16 send it. XD
* Tonymac32 is testing out jellyfin on an MC1Solo before popping the card into his XU4 and playing with real data. Meanwhile Renegade Elite is playing space heater successfully
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<Tonymac32> lvrp16 I need a compute module that doesn't have a garbage Broadcom wafer on it
<lvrp16> DIMM form factor?
<lvrp16> I'll probably do it for S905X4 and S805X2. They're cool AF.
<Tonymac32> I'm going to assume anyone making such a thing would stick with whatever the RPi folks came up with, but I also hear getting the sockets is not easy
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<Tonymac32> The libre.computer site has been teasing me with an "AML-S912-CM" module in the menus forever now
<Werner> Good morning
<lvrp16> I actually have the design, never printed the PCB.
<Tonymac32> but GXM has gotten a bit long in the tooth, so I can see why that wouldn't get sent out at this point
<Tonymac32> good morning Werner
<lvrp16> Yeah, waiting for the LTS chips.
* Tonymac32 sips midnight coffee
<lvrp16> Amlogic being slow about it.
<lvrp16> The entire G12 generation is garbage.
<Tonymac32> hahahaha howso?
<lvrp16> Short life span, chip bugs.
<Tonymac32> I haven't seen anything particularly gross, but I only have an S922x and an S905X2
<Tonymac32> Their naming convention is as bad as Rockchips
<lvrp16> They all have broken SDMMC busses so amlogic muxes it with SDIO.
<Tonymac32> ooof ok
<lvrp16> So you have borked wifi/sd card performance
<lvrp16> I was like, I'm not touching that..
<lvrp16> S905X2 lasted all of 6 months before they cancelled the chip
<Tonymac32> Does Allwinner even make new chips now?
<Tonymac32> XD
<Tonymac32> the H6 was cool, but then ultimately useless
<lvrp16> S905X3 will be history once S905X4 comes out
<lvrp16> So your 6 months old SBC becomes legacy hardware...
<Tonymac32> Lol S905 -> S905X -> S905X2 -> S905X3 -> S905X4
<Tonymac32> in 5 years it's the S905X12
<Werner> Allwinner has an H80 listed on their page next to H6
<lvrp16> S905 dead, S905X LTS, S905X2 dead, S905X3 dead in 6 months, S905X4 LTS.
<Tonymac32> octacore A7 though
<Tonymac32> POWERVR?!?!?! F NO
<Tonymac32> lol that SoC looks icky Werner
<Tonymac32> if they were going to stay armv7 they needed to go 8-core A17 :D
<Tonymac32> at least that would be entertaining
* Tonymac32 looking at sunxi site because of course the info is there
<Werner> Hehe
<Tonymac32> I'm not going to lie, nothing in there looks interesting at all
<Tonymac32> If the H8 was somehow pin compatible with H3 that might be cool
<Tonymac32> an 8-core H3 XD
<Tonymac32> And you can pronounce it "Allwinner Hate"
<Tonymac32> Put angry eyes on the SBC
<Werner> I dont know what to think either. They also should not have dropped the H5 that fast...
<lvrp16> H8 gets cancelled for not being SJW
<Tonymac32> ROFL oh boy
<Tonymac32> I did like the H5 because it dropped into the H3 boards, but it was pretty lackluster
<Tonymac32> the H6 had every opportunity to be really cool, good clock speeds, etc, but that PCIe nonsense,,,
<lvrp16> there's only so much you can do with 40nm, they should have done it again in 12nm with improvements, it would sell like hotcakes
<Tonymac32> right
<lvrp16> all of the competent engineers left allwinner anyways
<lvrp16> that's what IPOs do to companies in China
<Tonymac32> not a very stable place it would seem
<Werner> Well PCIe on the H6 is basically functional if you use Icenowys hack
<Tonymac32> looking at Rockchip's "Confidential" roadmap on CNX-software
<Tonymac32> werner I need to look at that, but my understanding was the drivers themselves needed modified
<Werner> Yes and no. Without Icenowys workaround drivers need modification what is why PCIe is considered broken by design.
<Werner> Icenowy wrote an virtualzation wrapper that fixes this
<Werner> That as far is my understanding from that.
<Tonymac32> oh jeeze, sandboxing the drivers and translating addresses?
<Werner> Yeah kind of
<Tonymac32> I need to see this
<Werner> But last what I have heared it works
<lvrp16> thats awesome
<Werner> Indeed. On the other hand maybe Allwinner thinks twice next time before releasing a new SoC or it will once again need a shot by a smart chinese woman to fix the fuckups of a billion dollar company ^^
<Tonymac32> now if only my OPi 3 had enough RAM to function
<lvrp16> Werner: AMD was always pretty amazing, some architectural poor choices in following in the P4 footsteps.
<lvrp16> If they didn't do that, you wouldn't have the bulldozer disaster. The only thing it bulldozed was it's own stock price.
<Tonymac32> ah the bulldozer
<Werner> Yeah pretty much...and some guys tinkered in their backyard as a hobby and now we have ryzen cpus ^^
<lvrp16> The first Opterons were great...Then they just ....
<Tonymac32> lol
<Werner> 5.7.9-10 patch seem to need modifications to apply flawless...
* Werner trying to add upstream aptches to sunxi-current
<Tonymac32> so will the RK3588 ever exist? and will it worthy?
<Tonymac32> be*
<Tonymac32> I have to say big.LITTLE is not my favorite thing
<lvrp16> I'll believe it when I see it.
<Tonymac32> in theory, yes
<Tonymac32> haha yeah
<lvrp16> Rockchip is like between a rock and a chip. Both hard places
<lvrp16> Huawei destroying them up top, Amlogic destroying them at the bottom.
<lvrp16> You also have the problem of perception. Any Chinese company would rather have "Huawei inside" than "Rockchips inside".
<lvrp16> so it's like free marketing
<Tonymac32> when did chromebooks go Intel? ick
* Tonymac32 never buys new stuff
<Tonymac32> Oh God a mediatek
<Tonymac32> MT8183 has Wifi and BT built in?
<Tonymac32> lol and FM radio apparently
<Tonymac32> I guess it cooks noodles and cleans house as well
<lvrp16> collabora has been hard at work on it
<Tonymac32> Any hope?
<lvrp16> i'm just judging based on linux-mediatek channel, but I would not expect anything enduring on a 2 year old chip
<lvrp16> if it hasn't gotten there yet
<Tonymac32> yeah, the 7621 is in a banana, right?
<lvrp16> banana?
<Tonymac32> banana pi
<Tonymac32> ah no an MT 7615
<lvrp16> oh, they post so many designs on facebook, I can't keep track
<Tonymac32> hahaha
<Tonymac32> this was a while ago, I think a couple people got some to play with
<lanefu> Jon Masters doesn't think anyone can properly implement big.little
<Tonymac32> my first big.LITTLE phone was a Spadragon 808
<Tonymac32> total pile
<Tonymac32> burned out the big cores
<Tonymac32> the "boot loop" on the nexus 5X
<Tonymac32> so the bootloader ran the little cores, got everything ready to go, and the second the Android kernel decided to turn on the big ones, hard crash
<Tonymac32> the workaround was to replace the device tree with one that excluded the big cores
<Tonymac32> oops, Renegade elite power cycled
<Tonymac32> (It was being stress tested on an 18W supply, assuming the thing is PD negotiating properly)
<Tonymac32> time to see the dumb supply
<Tonymac32> nothing at all that way
<Tonymac32> I ordered a 65 W one
<Tonymac32> oh my goodness Jellyfin has an RPi library dependency in ffmpeg that kills XU4 support
<Tonymac32> libmmal_core.so
<Tonymac32> ...and their devs seem to have the "nothing matters but RPi, so we'll get to it maybe someday" mentality. I guess I might be writing that off after all
<ArmbianHelper> .and their devs seem to have the nothing matters but RPi, so we'll get to it maybe someday mentality. I guess I might be writing that off after all [en~>eng]
<Tonymac32> I need to stop using elipses
<Tonymac32> I do it incorrectly anyway
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<IgorPec> good morning
<PPA> Use … rather than ...
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<lanefu> Werner: So error was that it was trying to build legacy kernel on a sunxi device that doesn't have legacy as a kernel option https://snipboard.io/SWF7NM.jpg
<ArmbianTwitter> @motakasoft (motakasoft): GitHub Trending Archive, 21 Jul 2020, Shell. DominicBreuker/stego-toolkit, OWASP/wstg, tfutils/tfenv, armbian/build, pingcap/docs-cn, longhorn/longhorn, bats-core/bats-core, P3TERX/Actions-OpenWrt, PaperMC/Paper, getsentry/onpremise, slacka/WoeUSB https://t.co/UMR1s0ybWy (8s ago)
<lanefu> anyway..i made some changes to the CI code... now it only uses supported boards as potential test targets
<lanefu> it matched on a csc device
<Werner> Good
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<Werner> I made some good progress with the swag store. Also managed to extract the SoC and the penguin in rather decent quality and upscaled them via inkscape. More on that later
<IgorPec> great! we are also progressing on server
<lanefu> Werner: dude are there covid masks as an option
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<ArmbianTwitter> @jerry_hopper (jerry hopper): @MenacingM @GoVanguard @MenacingM did you had any luck? i got stuck on "Installing packages for [ Armbian ] - Package selinux-policy-default is not available" (30s ago)
<lanefu> I hope they stripped out the forum and support stuff from their "rebranding"
<lanefu> i feel like we need to make a subforum just to capture and redirect.... fortunately infosec are a proud people and maybe they wont ask for help
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<archetech> forum needs better catagories imo
<archetech> like rockchip amlogic boards etc based
<xwigg> what posts are floating?
<lanefu> archetech: everyone has an opinion ....
<lanefu> we've refactored periodically
<lanefu> but have to be careful not to do it too much as it can break existing links
<lanefu> developmente suboform is mostly covered by archecture.. whats missing
<Werner> lanefu, yes, they have masks :D
<archetech> im sure im not alone on this :)
<archetech> common issues and p to p tech ones are the only ones i'd change not like the whole thing is bad
<archetech> or just p to p only break that up into support by chip manufacture
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<Werner> Aight. I am pretty much done. The issue is now that since this is a German company (though they ship world wide) they are asking for an imprint to have in the shop. That is not an issue. The issue is that I would have to register a business with the authorities in order to legally realize a profit even though every penny goes to armbian. So there are two options. The easier one is to simply make it nonprofit. The other is to give the shop account to
<Werner> somebody else from outside Germany and take care for it. IgorPec
<PPA> Armbian e.V.
<Werner> PPA if you pay for the registration ^^
<PPA> The company doesn't allow for private clients?
<Werner> Of course they do but you take the risk getting troubel when internal revenue knocking on the door ^^
<PPA> Haha, true
<IgorPec> werner: i have a small company, but i don't have taxid
<Werner> Not sure if it is needed
<IgorPec> ok, in case you don't find better way, we can try this way.
<IgorPec> will start to move forums now ... some downtime is expected
<Werner> Nope. The field seems optional. Just the common stuff. Name, address and so on.
<lanefu> IgorPec: want me to put a maintenace page up on the "old/current forum site"
<IgorPec> yeah, put it down in 5-10m
<lanefu> lol
<IgorPec> whatever is better then /dev/null
<lanefu> yep
<IgorPec> is database ready?
<lanefu> LOL... sorry no i didnt do forum database
<lanefu> give me 5 then i can work on db
<IgorPec> sure, no rush
<martinayotte> Is there any forum maintenance right now ? Site gives errors ...
<xwigg> temp redirect
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<oxu4> hi ppl:-)
<oxu4> I've got a low fps using firefox webgl demo (aquarium). My board odroid xu4. Any ideas?
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<archetech> oxu4: on X or wayland
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<oxu4> on X11
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<wingedrhino> Is the forum down?
<Werner> For maintenace, yes
<wingedrhino> Oh
<wingedrhino> And Google says the site uses an invalid certificate
<Werner> Known issue. Will be fixed. Its just temporarily ;)
<wingedrhino> Werner, I was going to ask something else, but before that, what forum software is it? Looks very clean. Half way between PhpBB and discourse. And yeah REALLY clean looking.
<Werner> xenforo iirc
<wingedrhino> Former vBulletin devs. Interesting!
<wingedrhino> Onto the original thing I was going to ask - is there an SBC supported by Armbian that does stereo line level inputs? Anything that does both stereo line level AND mic input? Not necessarily a dedicated 3.5mm jack (or two). Even GPIO pins would do.
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<Werner> pretty good question...no idea though
<wingedrhino> Need ARMv7 or above too. To plug a keyboard synth and a guitar in.
<Werner> Maybe NicoD knows some more since he does videos music and stuff and using mostly SBCs. You can message him in forums once they are back
<wingedrhino> I had to RMA a dead Orange Pi Zero+ that just arrived today. It had a mic input via GPIO that I think should've worked.
<wingedrhino> But never found many who use these as is, without external adaptors
<xwigg> respeaker core ?
<wingedrhino> Oh thanks for the tip! Will hunt him out in the forums.
<Werner> I had a 0+ once bug gave it away due to lack of own usage.
<Werner> Should have kept it. H5 boards getting rare these days :P
<wingedrhino> The 0+ has a microphone in on the GPIO. Kinda surprised Google doesn't show many who stick a guitar into it DI.
<wingedrhino> Couple of hackerday posts use usb adaptors
<wingedrhino> One even complains about lack of audio in (because the expansion board has a mic soldered to it)
<wingedrhino> I was like dafaq?
<wingedrhino> Werner, this is my first foray beyond the Raspberry Pi Zero (W(H)) lol. Any sub 15$ boards I should keep my eyes on?
<Werner> Well below 15 bucks basically only orangepi can deliver. Depends on usage too. Very lightweight desktop or headless server take a look at the orangepi one. Serving pihole for me
<wingedrhino> None of the Odroid, Beagle, Pine, Banana stuff compete with the Raspberry on price?
<c0rnelius> the NEOs are pretty cheap from friendlyarm
<Werner> I do think there are competitors for sure but since Armbian does not deal with RaspberryPis at all never did a comparison and never cared about.
<wingedrhino> By competitors with the Pi I mean sub 15$ range lol
<wingedrhino> Since literally everyone and their grandma sell an ARM SBC these days. Including 800$ stuff from Qualcomm.
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<wingedrhino> Aah so I found a cheap Orange Pi PC.
<wingedrhino> Can live with the lack of WiFi.
<wingedrhino> What's rhe difference between the H3 and the H5?
<Werner> H5 is 64bit
<wingedrhino> Oh
<wingedrhino> But both do Neon I guess?
<Werner> Also at least for Armbian it also clocks slightly higher
<Werner> neon?
<wingedrhino> I need to check which of them is supported by KXStudio ARM repos
<wingedrhino> Neon is the SIMD instruction set that some DSP apps depend on
<Werner> Ah okay. I am not much into music recording
<wingedrhino> It's needed by Faust (a DSL for DSPs that compiles to C++) and Faust is used by Guitarix.
<wingedrhino> And Guitarix sounds better than most sub 300$ amp modelers
<wingedrhino> So profit 😁
<wingedrhino> Also be curious if someone managed to desolder the microphone and replace it with an input jack of some kind lol
<archetech> Total score: 3975
<archetech> Your results compared to other users:
<archetech> You score better than 91% of all users so far!
<archetech> You score better than 95% of the people who use the same browser and OS!
<archetech> heh just a gtx 960
<c0rnelius> I've de-soldered the mic off a tritium H5 and replaced it with header pins.
<archetech> aquarium locked my skylake I3 hd530
<c0rnelius> essentially creating a line in
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<c0rnelius> I would assume this could be done on the H3 model which is a bit cheaper
<wingedrhino> c0rnelius, how hard is it?
<c0rnelius> pretty simples. do you know how to solder?
<wingedrhino> Yeah. But got no wick on me.
<c0rnelius> you'll need that and some tweezers
<wingedrhino> So the Orange Pi Zero+ and Orange Pi Lite are around 23$ where I live. Seller in my city so shipping should be easy. Wondering which one to get lol. Both are H5 I guess. The Lite has dedicated barrel jack power which I like. The Zero+ has GPIO pins for mic in and audio out which should work nicely since I have a spare 3.5mm stereo jack and a few 6.5mm mono jacks.
<wingedrhino> The Lite would be nicer for HID passthrough experiments since I don't need to worry about it drawing too much from a USB port.
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<wingedrhino> Aah nevermind this is a Zero with H2.
<Werner> Zero yes, Zero plus and plus2 are h5 and h3
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<wingedrhino> So My Zero+ doesn't boot. No lights on connecting to micro USB. I'm going to see if it can be powered via GPIO
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<wingedrhino> I got it for REAL cheap and no other seller has this low a price lol. Willing to sacrifice the OTG capabilities
<Werner> Having an USB TTL adapter is always handy to have when dealing with SBCs
<wingedrhino> I have a PSU adaptor thingy that does 12V, 3.3V and 5V.
<wingedrhino> Cost like 1.5$ and has 3 sets of pins each for all of those numbers, if I run it off a 12V PSU
<wingedrhino> I should be sleeping right now but I'd hate myself if it was only the MicroUSB that was a dud
<wingedrhino> The return pickup is in the morning lol
<wingedrhino> So I'm looking at the header diagram here: https://linux-sunxi.org/Xunlong_Orange_Pi_Zero_Plus
<wingedrhino> Which side is 1?
<wingedrhino> Do I keep the Ethernet port facing left? Or right?
<wingedrhino> My seller sent me a pinout where the square pin on the 2-row GPIO is VCC-3V3.
<wingedrhino> Listed as Pin #1
<wingedrhino> that's the pin closer to the edge
<wingedrhino> So I count from right to left?
<wingedrhino> MWAHAHAHAHA
<wingedrhino> It boots
<wingedrhino> obviously the end closest to the power / otg was power
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<wingedrhino> Okay there's just one power light.
<wingedrhino> But the thing hasn't actually booted
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<Werner> Put a serial console on it to get an idea what is happening inside.
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<wingedrhino> Werner: will do. There's 3 pins for serial from the looks of it....
<wingedrhino> And I have a shiney new serial adaptor
<Werner> RX TX and GND
<Werner> GND to GND and RX TX crossed. Depending on the board adjust baud rate. For OrangePi boards its usually 115200
<wingedrhino> Never done a serial console on Linux before. I use screen for this?
<wingedrhino> Only done it through the Arduino IDE...
<Werner> Screen will do
<Werner> you should have something like ttyUSB0 as dev you can screen on
<wingedrhino> Werner: RX is the closest to the edge of the board?
<wingedrhino> Or the one closest to the middle of the board?
<Werner> I dont know. Depends on the board. Check manual or prints on the board
<Werner> They're often hard to read or tiny
<wingedrhino> yup. real tiny
<wingedrhino> All this for the greed of a 6.5mm line-in on a H5 lol
<Werner> They are development boards....they are designed for tinkering.
<wingedrhino> Yup! I just wish I knew where I kept my magnifying lens
<wingedrhino> found it!
<wingedrhino> Nah this thing is dead as a brick.
<wingedrhino> Xunlong needs to hire a documentation and marketing person. Like seriously.
<Werner> Verify that it is not the adapters fault by putting it on a different board which is known to work.
<Werner> For the price xulong selling their boards you cannot expect much support or docs. That is the disadvantage.
<wingedrhino> Yeah. But pretty sure they can hire _one_ person - possibly cheaply hired from within Asia - to do docs.
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<lanefu> wingedrhino: they did hire 3 community liasons
<lanefu> so that willl help...some
<wingedrhino> I'm in a very similar timezone and I'd help them out for free a couple of weekends a month lol
<wingedrhino> I know a lot of asian indie makers who'd be happy with cheaper alternatives to the raspberry pi
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<lanefu> sooo do the forums feel faster
<lanefu> curious for the europeans
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<wingedrhino> Werner: okay. The adaptors DO work.
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<wingedrhino> Took me a long time to monkey with the Pi Zero to get it to work lol. Today isn't a fast day. Err... it's night.
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<tomasi> Hi guys.. can I have question, why I can't mount xfs filesystem..
<archetech> enabled in kernel?
<tomasi> http://ix.io/2sbJ on my espressoBin
<tomasi> I have no module, even I've installed `xfsprogs`
<archetech> got xfs-tools?
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<archetech> progs ok
<archetech> progs wont work if kernel mod isnt there
<tomasi> I can mkfs.xfs, have many tools for XFS, but I can't mount :-/
<tomasi> yeah..
<lanefu> zgrep XFS /proc/config.gz
<archetech> mount -t xfs blah
<tomasi> # CONFIG_XFS_FS is not set
<tomasi> # CONFIG_VXFS_FS is not set
<tomasi> :-/
<archetech> yup
<lanefu> which kernel are you running
<tomasi> Linux espressobin 4.18.8-mvebu64 #249 SMP PREEMPT Tue Sep 18 22:25:02 CEST 2018 aarch64 GNU/Linux
<lanefu> armbianmonitor -u
<lanefu> so good news is next release has it enabled
<lanefu> root@espressobin:/sys/class/net/br0# uname -a
<lanefu> Linux espressobin 5.6.19-mvebu64 #y SMP PREEMPT Sat Jul 18 21:33:48 EDT 2020 aarch64 GNU/Linux
<lanefu> root@espressobin:/sys/class/net/br0# zgrep XFS /proc/config.gz
<lanefu> CONFIG_XFS_FS=y
<lanefu> CONFIG_XFS_RT=y
<lanefu> # CONFIG_XFS_ONLINE_SCRUB is not set
<lanefu> # CONFIG_XFS_WARN is not set
<tomasi> aha.. cool
<lanefu> # CONFIG_XFS_DEBUG is not set
<lanefu> # CONFIG_VXFS_FS is not set
<lanefu> ironically looks like you're on nightly
<lanefu> switch to -current branch of latest nightly in armbian-config
<lanefu> well ... at your own risk of course
<tomasi> hmm...
<tomasi> btw..
<tomasi> pvmove is not supported to?
<tomasi> I wanted to move data from LVM to new disk
<tomasi> and it shows me that module dm-raid is not loaded..
<archetech> sep things
<archetech> lvm will run on a single disk
<archetech> if new disk has lvm setup then ya just mv cp the volume
<archetech> if not then clean the filesystem up of crud and use tar
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<wingedrhino> BTW why can't I respond to posts on the forum?
<wingedrhino> Seems like there is a limit for new users
<lanefu> There's a limit for new users
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<lanefu> wingedrhino: whats your user acount
<wingedrhino> lanefu: exactly the same as on here lol
<wingedrhino> But I can wait. Too sleep deprived to write coherant sentences now
<lanefu> wingedrhino: updated
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<wingedrhino> lanefu: thanks!
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