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<lanefu> fizikz: different governor... its governor for the DMC that we disabled.
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<fizikz> lanefu: nice, more options. i didn't know there are other governors
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<lanefu> I didn't either
<lanefu> i'm kinda fact checking that now... i'm not sure that driver is being used.. getting over my head reading about it
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<lanefu> wow
<lanefu> Memory performance (big.LITTLE cores measured individually):
<lanefu> memcpy: 326.9 MB/s
<lanefu> memset: 799.1 MB/s (0.1%)
<lanefu> memcpy: 2272.7 MB/s
<lanefu> memset: 4837.3 MB/s (0.6%)
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<fizikz> wow?
<lanefu> well.. it worked.... and the single core is a tad bit faster than when i tested disabled
<lanefu> but really numbers are pretty identical overall
<fizikz> yeah it looks consistent
<fizikz> that's with the governor approach?
<lanefu> yeah that's setting the "performance" governor for the exynos dynamic memory controller
<lanefu> please dont mistake me for knowing what i'm truly talking about.. but yeah that setting seeems to work
<fizikz> and that's without the DMC feature disabled right? ;)
<lanefu> it's using `simple_ondemand` by default and it seems to... suck lol
<lanefu> correct that's without DMC disalbed.. aka DMC enabled
<fizikz> well, at least we know that works. might be a simple workaround that is easy to toggle once DMC is fixed properly, hopefully in a couple of months
<lanefu> just tried userspace gov
<lanefu> memcpy: 297.4 MB/s
<lanefu> memset: 799.2 MB/s
<lanefu> memcpy: 2249.7 MB/s
<lanefu> memset: 4867.5 MB/s (0.6%)
<fizikz> how many governors are there?
<lanefu> root@mcsolo-1:/home/lane/GIT/sbc-bench# cat /sys/devices/platform/soc/10c20000.memory-controller/devfreq/10c20000.memory-controller/available_governors
<lanefu> userspace powersave performance simple_ondemand
<fizikz> oh nice
<Tonymac32> lanefu I was wondering about that, I wanted to ask the commentor for some numbers,
<Tonymac32> we shouldn't need to be chasing around vague hearsay
<lanefu> yeah i went into a new can of worms like digging into the patch that isnt there, and looking at device tree
<lanefu> now i'm all like "i fixed it wrong" but its fixed and its "stable" in theory
<lanefu> so thats what matters
<lanefu> i think a let another "nobody gives a shit" post from TK get in my head a bit
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<Tonymac32> lol well the DMC driver is doing something wrong by not boosting when needed
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<Tonymac32> running performance 100% of the time appears to be the same as disabling it
<Tonymac32> so
<lanefu> ahh yeah good point
<lanefu> yeah just did another test with it fully off and looks same as perf
<lanefu> Memory performance (big.LITTLE cores measured individually):
<lanefu> memcpy: 325.6 MB/s
<lanefu> memset: 799.4 MB/s
<lanefu> memcpy: 2304.5 MB/s
<lanefu> memset: 4845.5 MB/s (0.6%
<lanefu> well shit, yeah i guess i just wasted 2 hours on that doing due dilligence
<fizikz> thanks for doing it anyway. for thoroughness and curiosity.
<lanefu> word thanks
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<Tonymac32> due diligence is never time wasted
<Tonymac32> and you learned things ;-)
<lanefu> true. i know a lot more about dmc now
<Tonymac32> check my twitter, I had to talk about Crowd Supply
<Tonymac32> The ghosting hit all-time record
<lanefu> soooo frustrating
<Tonymac32> I sent them a pointed poke on the issue today, it has been 28 days since they promised an updated PO/instructions on shipment. And that's ignoring the fact I offered a partial shipment to cover outstanding pre-orders in April
<Tonymac32> Anyway, I might have to eat the stock and refund them if they get too mad about it, I honestly don't know what their response might look like
<lanefu> how many boards do you have
<Tonymac32> ~ 150
<lanefu> better than 1000, but still a lot
<Tonymac32> yeah, I mean that's why I crowd funded, and that's why they're so expensive, volume is low
* Tonymac32 starts reading up on compliance with export regulations for crypto devices
<lanefu> just sell 10 as a limit production audiophile device at 5k a pop
<Tonymac32> LOL
<lanefu> Obsidian DSP32
<Tonymac32> that thing is not an electrically quiet beast. It is DEFINITELY quieter than the Pi 0 W, but I wouldn't be able to swing that sales pitch hahaha
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> ooo now that tasmota is in beta for esp32 maybe i'll put mine to work
<Tonymac32> I have to say, it unquestionably outperformed my expectations concerning the internal DAC
<lanefu> ha
<lanefu> so that jack really i a headphone jack?
<lanefu> i meant to ask
<Tonymac32> it's a "line out"
<lanefu> and the esp32 has an onboard DAC?
<Tonymac32> yep, fed directly from the I2S
<lanefu> wow
<lanefu> did you have to do anything to get the signals to linelevels?
<Tonymac32> the issue you might see depending on your amplifier, is that the DAC is 3.3V, so anything demanding a standard line in won't like the excess
<Tonymac32> so no lol
<lanefu> so if anythign htey're hot
<Tonymac32> yeah, but cutting down the V means losing resolution
<Tonymac32> my crappy headphone tube amp does very well because it is expecting speaker level
<lanefu> hmmm so my 90's cheapo pioneer receiever may not like it so much
<lanefu> with a "laserdisc" audio input
<Tonymac32> well, load up karadio32 and start with the amplitude low and incrememnt until you start getting distortion
<Tonymac32> it is honestly completely dependant on the impedance of that line in
<Tonymac32> My Pioneer has LD/DVD labelled on an input
<Tonymac32> haha
* Tonymac32 has held a laserdisc
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<lanefu> karadio32 looks cool
<lanefu> trying to figureout what codecs it supports
<lanefu> a somafm appliance would be pretty great
<lanefu> and i have a bag of rotary encoders
<lanefu> and a protohat
<Tonymac32> it's a shoutcast player
<lanefu> roger yeah i found my answer https://github.com/karawin/Ka-Radio32#radio-streams
<Tonymac32> I have a hardware definition already in the github for that project
<Tonymac32> so it will handle an I2S HAT or the TRS
<lanefu> i'll have to setup a servere to transcode 128AAC to 320mp3 lol
<lanefu> man i rememeber when playing an mp3 ate like 70% of my computer
<Tonymac32> 128AAC should be no problem
<Tonymac32> #SPIRAM
<lanefu> "Other formats like AAC and WMV require too much dynamic memories and can not be played this way.
<Tonymac32> I tried all the highest bitrates I could find with it when I was trying it out
<Tonymac32> hehe it's a lie
<Tonymac32> because the README is from the karadio project, which is an ESP8266
<lanefu> OHHHHHHH
<Tonymac32> oh wow, there is a 760 mp3 apparently boradcsting now. I have no idea why
<lanefu> surround sound?
<Tonymac32> ... does shoutcast do that?
* Tonymac32 also realizes TRS-80 is nowhere to be found after I proved he could use Tritium H2+'s for clients
<lanefu> lol
<Tonymac32> I need to make overlays for the various nicer DACs
<lanefu> there's apparently some mp3 surround spec, i doubt its used
<Tonymac32> I am toying with the idea of having a "user overlay" repo I maintain
<Tonymac32> it would have to hook the Armbian build repo though to trigger building new ones when we fiddle with kernels
<Werner> Good morning
<Tonymac32> Guten Morgen Werner
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<Werner> Morgen Tony
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<lanefu> Yeah i can help with the automation for that. Just let me know when you wanna tackle it
<Tonymac32> It makes perfect sense not to have some of these in Armbian, but it would be really nice to have them available
<Tonymac32> was cleaning today, I found 3 windows XP install CD's, a Windows 2000 Pro install CD
<Tonymac32> and
<Tonymac32> WINDOWS 98
<lanefu> 98se worked well
<Werner> Haha. A few days ago I put some Windows XP cds in the trash ^^
* Tonymac32 had an NT 4.0 server disk set, can't find it
<Tonymac32> I also had Slax, knoppix, and fedora core 2 discs
<Tonymac32> Knoppix was awesome, the first live CD I'd ever seen
<Tonymac32> they handed them out at a Java competition
<Tonymac32> lanefu are the nightly XU4 images uploaded?
<Tonymac32> with the DMC fix?
* Tonymac32 dusts off stack of MC1 solos
<Tonymac32> werner my XP discs met the same fate
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<IgorPec> good morning windows users :)
<Werner> Morning
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<lanefu> Hey windows is the next linux desktop
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<Werner> Windows users be like: ... , Linux users be like: /whois deadl0ck > @oh.no.my.kernel.ran.into.a.deadlock.in
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<lanefu> Lol
<Werner> That users actually exist here in the channel ;)
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<lanefu> Sorry im flooding jira
<Werner> No worries
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<IgorPec> werner
<Werner> ?
<IgorPec> one crazy idea for IRC channel. We are having some folks that are not english native
<IgorPec> balbes communicate over google translate, ning also expresses to join but its poor in english
<IgorPec> is instant translation possible somehow?
<Werner> google has an API for the translation engine and there is also a plugin for the bot available but unfortunately the API is not free :/
<IgorPec> ahaa
<IgorPec> hmm, so its easy to enable, just not free?
<Werner> I guess so. I played around a while ago but since it is not free quickly discarded it
<IgorPec> understand. if its not big money and if its truly useful, we could proceed
<IgorPec> ok, lets leave this a side. I don't want to jump on google cloud services to have this
<Werner> ,translate --to eng Hallo ihr lieben Menschen
<ArmbianHelper> Hello dear people [de~>eng]
<Werner> ,translate --to eng Прост
<IgorPec> ,translate was ist denn das?
<ArmbianHelper> Simple [ru~>eng]
<ArmbianHelper> What's that? [de~>en]
<IgorPec> ,translate --to slo was ist denn das?
<ArmbianHelper> Čo je to? [de~>slo]
<IgorPec> ,translate --to slovene was ist denn das?
<IgorPec> ,translate --to eng was ist denn das?
<ArmbianHelper> What's that? [de~>eng]
<mrueg> IgorPec: not within IRC, maybe a matrix bridge could work. https://github.com/turt2live/matrix-wishlist/issues/21
<Werner> That is the cloud translation api. I have a test account for the whole compute engine from google with 300$ testing funds valid for 275 days remaining
<Werner> So if it generates cost it is not so dramatic for a while
<IgorPec> probably we need it just for meetings
<Werner> Lets just hope they do not expect me to pay 45$ per hour just for having it enabled xD
<IgorPec> werner :) haha. you need to add credit card?
<Werner> Yes. You need to do that anyways so everybody can have a test account only once.
<IgorPec> mrueg: autotranslation is desirable, yep
<Werner> ,translate --to eng 讓我們打乒乓球
<ArmbianHelper> Let's play table tennis [zh-TW~>eng]
<Werner> Impressive
<lanefu> Very
<IgorPec> yep, now how to make this automatic?
<IgorPec> to create two feeds in separate channels, armbian-ru and armbian-cn
<Werner> I think it is not a good idea to have it automatic since every message must be sent to api to detect whether it is english or not. And then there might be false positives and false negatives
<IgorPec> we need this service for meetings only
<Werner> But I may have a workaround for that. I'll create a command like .t that translate into ,translate --to eng
<Werner> So if a forgein wants to message he uses .t as prefix and its text will be translated
<IgorPec> that's the idea. so that those folks don't need to copy paste
<IgorPec> more advanced idea is to have two-way from those -ru -cn channels .. to appear here :)
<Werner> Yea but in comparison that would be way more effort :P
<IgorPec> i know :)
<IgorPec> or probably not? echo $channel | translation > #armbian
<IgorPec> ""
<Werner> ^^
<IgorPec> ,translate --to ch hello
<IgorPec> ,translate --to cn hello
<IgorPec> ,translate --to si hello
<ArmbianHelper> හෙලෝ [en~>si]
<IgorPec> how to see lang codes?
<Werner> good question
<lanefu> >^..^<
<IgorPec> ,translate --help
<ArmbianHelper> (translate [--from <source>] [--to <target>] <text>) -- Translate text using Google Translate API. Uses automatic language detection if source not set. No target uses the plugin default.
<IgorPec> ,translate --help source
<ArmbianHelper> (translate [--from <source>] [--to <target>] <text>) -- Translate text using Google Translate API. Uses automatic language detection if source not set. No target uses the plugin default.
<Werner> 639-1 codes are used
<IgorPec> ,translate --to sl hello
<ArmbianHelper> zdravo [en~>sl]
<IgorPec> .great
<ArmbianHelper> great, adjective, synonym for Armbian
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<Werner> I decided to to with .. because it is more convenient
<Werner> Start a sentence with .. and it will be sent to the translation api
<Werner> ..Hallo Welt
<ArmbianHelper> Hello World [de~>eng]
<IgorPec> ..this is very good
<ArmbianHelper> this is very good [en~>eng]
<IgorPec> ..ich bin igor
<ArmbianHelper> i am igor [de~>eng]
<IgorPec> ..danes je lep dan
<ArmbianHelper> Today is a beautiful day [sl~>eng]
<IgorPec> ..to je super. sedaj lahko pišem z maternim jezikom
<ArmbianHelper> this is great. now I can write in my native language [sl~>eng]
<IgorPec> .. še vedno pa imam težavo z poslušanjem
<ArmbianHelper> but I still have a problem listening [sl~>eng]
<Werner> ..Wenn der Spaß dadurch auf Dauer nicht zu teuer wird.
<ArmbianHelper> If this doesn't make the fun too expensive in the long run. [de~>eng]
<Werner> I'll check after tomorrow if any cost is generated. The documentation tells something about capable to be used free. So maybe if you do not hit a certain limit it is free?
<IgorPec> ..kako bomo pa to vedeli?
<ArmbianHelper> how will we know that? [sl~>eng]
<IgorPec> ok
<IgorPec> this is how i understand it ... up to xxxx characters
<IgorPec> but per what?
<Werner> I have no clue. We will see
<IgorPec> ok
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<martinayotte> .. Très intéressant !
<ArmbianHelper> Very interesting ! [fr~>eng]
<mrueg> .. .. .. .. Dies ist ein Test.
<ArmbianHelper> .. .. .. This is a test. [de~>eng]
<lanefu> .. donde esta mi pantalones ?
<ArmbianHelper> where is my pants [es~>eng]
<mrueg> Ah it doesn't stack ;)
<lanefu> Werner: i've used the google $300 credit before.. its preetty safe i never got charged for anythign until i used it all up
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<Werner> lanefu, I assumed that already. Though it will be interesting to know if to a certain threshold the translation api is indeed free.
<mrueg> Werner: what api is it using? there's a free tier on GCP
<Werner> cloud translation api
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<Tonymac32> ..wunderbar
<ArmbianHelper> wonderful [de~>eng]
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<lanefu> who scared off igor
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<Tonymac32> Lol
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<lanefu> Hey it's Igor!
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<IgorPec> hey
<ArmbianHelper> AR-230 [Story] "Decide what to do with TVboxes" reported by Igor Pecovnik at 2020-05-04. Status: In Progress
<lanefu> right now it's configured to display all issues for the v20.08 release, and sorted by issue priority
<lanefu> with kanban boards, you can manually sort them visually, but i figure just using issue rank is probably easier for now
<IgorPec> so if i change to done its moved automatically and vice versa, right?
<lanefu> yep
<IgorPec> great!
<lanefu> you can drag it. or just set it to done
<lanefu> so 1 question about it
<lanefu> you see right now it's _ALL_ issues for the release
<IgorPec> yes, that's alright i gesss?
<lanefu> there is an option to make a hidden backlog column, and then just an active todo column
<IgorPec> aha, to select stuff from backlog?
<lanefu> so if we wanteed to still choose what tasks are in the active queue wee could do that regardlss of pirority
<IgorPec> and throw it in?
<lanefu> yep
<IgorPec> but for that now i have to go to agile mode?
<IgorPec> got - one can choose which board to use
<lanefu> yeah so currntly the board is just viewing the entire backlog
<lanefu> yeah
<lanefu> so this would be a board-specific backlog basically
<lanefu> lemme just turn it on and see what you think
<IgorPec> ok
<lanefu> oh it would require an additional status
<lanefu> so we could have backlog,todo.inprogress, done
<IgorPec> yeah. that would make sense
<IgorPec> that looks similar to agile
<IgorPec> sprint and baclog below
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<lanefu> yeah so to get nerdy abotu it they're all forms of agile
<lanefu> but there's SCRUM -- that's what has sprints
<lanefu> and then ther's Kanban -- which is just a simpler queing system of prioritized todo
<lanefu> so kanban is just backlog and todo basically
<lanefu> and we're just filtering the scope of the backlog and todo to tasks assigned to the release
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<IgorPec> its like who likes this and that visualisation better
<lanefu> yeah... pretty much..... sub-scheduling by sprint is a litte too much for our needs IMHO, Hence kanban suggsetion
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<Tonymac32> holy crap I found a copy of the Z80 emulator I was writing in Java in 2004
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<Tonymac32> along with a 16-bit x86 assembly language shell I was writing
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<Tonymac32> ooo, and class notes, like childrens songs to learn German
<Tonymac32> and apparently Avagadro's number has changes in the last 15 years
<Tonymac32> I learned 6.022137x10^23, it is now documented as 6.022141x10^23
<buZz> any good songs?
<buZz> or ones you specifically liked
<Tonymac32> they are to learn accusative, dative, etc cases, so they are simple tunes
<Tonymac32> that use the rhymes to aid memorization
<buZz> rhymes have built whole hiphop empires
<buZz> :P
<Tonymac32> haha
<Tonymac32> .. stimmt
<ArmbianHelper> Right [de~>eng]
<Tonymac32> It's 34 degrees, so I am in my basement sorting things, found an entire box of CD's/DVD's
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<lanefu> MacTonyMac
<lanefu> Is his hiphop name
<Tonymac32> Just T-Mac
<lanefu> Tonymac32: check out kanban board and the quick filters for "my issues" "unassigned" and "bugs" https://armbian.atlassian.net/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=2&projectKey=AR
<lanefu> backlog view is also simplified
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<lanefu> IgorPec: I'm brainstorm on https://armbian.atlassian.net/browse/AR-214... So my script can identify what board or board family changed... Do i just need to make some sort of input for build_all?
<ArmbianHelper> AR-214 [Story] "CI improvements" reported by Igor Pecovnik at 2020-04-15. Status: To Do
<IgorPec> no, build all knows everything :)
<IgorPec> it monitors changes on patch, config and upstream sources
<lanefu> but you're just doing that locally w/o github actions triggering anything?
<IgorPec> it is set this way - in case you will alter one of this ... it will rebuild kernel, all bsp files and bump version
<IgorPec> yes, that is correct. now its not tied to any action
<IgorPec> since we have those security concerns
<IgorPec> but runner is offline for this one atm
<lanefu> k. So i have a pretty good POC for the private key stuff whenever we want to experiment with it https://armbian.atlassian.net/browse/AR-223?focusedCommentId=10117
<ArmbianHelper> AR-223 [Sub-task] "add pgp signing to job" reported by Lane Jennison at 2020-04-24. Status: To Do
<IgorPec> ok, i just don't feel to jump on that right now :) too lazyx
<lanefu> but sounds like fine tuning some of the automated build stuff isn't a priority now since it's working good enough?
<lanefu> I don't think you know what lazy is
<IgorPec> exactly. it can run locally in a cron for a while
<IgorPec> what lazy is ?:) no
<lanefu> anyway so should we move the CI stories to the next 20.11 release
<IgorPec> yes
<IgorPec> probably the best. i am also going for summer vacations next week
<IgorPec> and will probably be off the grid for a week or so, then on dual 11" for a while
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<IgorPec> btw. for that docker making image ... it works for me on my account, under armbian doesn't :)
<lanefu> whats dual 11" ?
<lanefu> Ohhh hey i just realizede something
<IgorPec> dual small notebook
<IgorPec> btw. how to properly handle backlog
<lanefu> haha okay... right i forgot you take _real_ vacations
<IgorPec> yeah, taking kids on the beach unless there will be new Corona wave
<lanefu> i hope it stays under control for you all over there
<IgorPec> we all hope
<lanefu> okay so you have questions about managing the backlog?
<IgorPec> yes, what would be the best practice?
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<ArmbianHelper> . extending https://armbian.atlassian.net/browse/AR-71 [en~>eng]
<ArmbianHelper> AR-71 [Story] "Create a document: How we will use Jira" reported by Igor Pecovnik at 2019-11-17. Status: In Progress
<lanefu> haha yea i'm writing something real quick right now
<lanefu> quick terminology change
<lanefu> Current Release -- Most recent published release
<lanefu> Release in Development -- Upcoming release currently being developed
<lanefu> make sense?
<lanefu> or Upcoming Release instead of "release in developmenet?"
<lanefu> going with upcoming release for now
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<IgorPec> ok
<IgorPec> other option is "Trunk" but it doesn't sounds to me
<lanefu> you gonna be around for a few? or you signing off soon?
<IgorPec> i an around for 30-45m
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<lanefu> k i'll have doc ready shortly
<lanefu> so another thought i have
<lanefu> Make another version of your automatic beta image build script that follows RC branch pushes imagees that way
<IgorPec> i have another version for stable images, but currently something is broken
<lanefu> cool.. hopefully won't be too hard to fix. I think having something like that to build RC images will really help testing from community
<IgorPec> now this looks like to create the same set of images, like we have it for stable, just that they are nightly
<IgorPec> this seems a bit overwhelming ...
<IgorPec> second option is to define beta images only 1 for most popular boards
<IgorPec> providing all images as RC .. it takes more then one day to build / upload
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<IgorPec> simple and clean, i like it
<lanefu> for RC it can be smalleer... just -current kernels, buster, buster desktop, bionic? and yeah could do most popular boards for an arch
<lanefu> okay great, glad that makes sense
<lanefu> (the workflow stuff)
<IgorPec> yeah and also for "how to use Jira" ... that's it for now. if we come up with some enhancement later, we add it here
<lanefu> perfect
<lanefu> ill add to index and merge
<lanefu> going to clean up stuff about RC in docs
<lanefu> also
<IgorPec> ok, i will fix jiras for jira
<IgorPec> then go off
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