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<fizikz> maybe so. i uninstalled htop, did apt clean, reinstalled htop, and now my cores are not even born. no core info in htop anymore!
<c0rnelius> i thought armbian used a custom htop install?
<c0rnelius> or patched it to some extent
<lanefu> Yeah there's a patched one. fizikz what armbian apt repos do you have configured
<fizikz> lanefu: should be defaults from armbian + omv5. does this help? http://paste.debian.net/1154570/
<fizikz> looks like htop gets installed from debian repos: Get:1 http://httpredir.debian.org/debian buster/main armhf htop armhf 2.2.0-1+b1
<lanefu> Right i think it sees it as a newer version and choses it instead. There's an apt way to get the other one
<lanefu> I remember running into this once. Thinks armbian package is a downgrade
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<fizikz> what repo should it come from? looks like apt install -t [repo-name] is the way to do it.
<fizikz> apt-cache policy htop shows just one candidate from debian (2.2.0-1+b1)
<fromport> fizikz: my hc2 with armbian/omv ha ii htop 2.2.0-3~armbian5.92+1 armhf interactive processes viewer
<fizikz> has anything changed since Igor said "currently we ship Buster with unmodified htop" ? currently we ship Buster with unmodified htop
<fromport> has
<fizikz> if i understood correctly the forum thread suggests that the non-beta repo is required. i'm currently on the beta for the kernel feature fix
<lanefu> aha
<lanefu> yeah..
<lanefu> but yeah htop needs some attention. thank sfor pointing that out
<lanefu> well haha htop 2.2.0 is the latest version.. so i guess not much incentive to update eh
<lanefu> good sluething
<lanefu> you all have figured out so much that you should contribute to our documentation https://github.com/armbian/documentation
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<fizikz> lanefu: ok i downloaded the armbian htop from your link and installed it.. back to square one: all cores listed as .LITTLE !
<lanefu> are you on stretch or buster?
<fizikz> buster, i believe
<lanefu> okay so i have no f-ing idea.. i literally have to mc1-solos running buster, 1 show big litle, one shows neither
<lanefu> both say htop 2.2.0 lol
<fizikz> haha, well then my hc2 is not alone at least
<fromport> my mc1 shows what it supposed to : 4 big 4 LITTLE <- nice detail btw and my HC2 says 8x .LITTLE
<fromport> all running nightly
<fizikz> fromport: so your hc2 has the same disease!
<fizikz> and yes, i love the cpu class and frequency + temperature details in htop
<fromport> have you checked it that changes with the board setting ? hc2 vs xu4 ?
<fizikz> no. i'm on xu4 board profile now, but i wonder if having set it to hc2 previously maybe messed something up
<fromport> let me set my mc1 to xu4 and reboot, just a sec
<fromport> just came back up, 4 big, 4 LITTLE
<fizikz> so the good news is we have not run out of mysteries
<fromport> so how does htop determine what is big and what is LITTLE ?
<fromport> nevr a dull moment ;-)
<fizikz> good question
<fromport> in my days writing /proc/cpuinfo was so easy ;-)
<fizikz> lol what's this? line 803: Platform_cpuBigLITTLE = cpu * -1; /* fix me */
<lanefu> yeah definitely interesting
<fromport> binaries on my hc2 & mc1 are the same (md5sum)
<fromport> could there be an "environment setting" difference ?
<steev> i saw it recently myself
<steev> i haven't tracked down why, but possibly something changed in the kernel cpufreq stuff/
<fromport> freq stuff shouldn't influence endian model , does it ?
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<lanefu> fizikz: you have an OdroidN2?
<fizikz> lanefu: HC2
<lanefu> right. yeah sorry i saw another post on odroid forum and had wires crossed that it was your userid
<steev> bigLITTLE isn't endian-ness
<Tonymac32> aye
<fromport> what is it then ? /me fooled by big endian/little endian
<Tonymac32> little cores (power savers) vs big cores (performance)
<fizikz> endian-ness is about which side (left or right) the most or least significant bits are
<fizikz> i.e. having values represented left-to-right or right-to-left
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<lanefu> haha
<Unit193> To "catch up" with GitLab and Bitbucket's awful designs? :3
<lanefu> bitbucket is terrible
<Tonymac32> :'(
<Unit193> Sadly, yes. A few years ago it had the best UI of the three. My self-hosted Gitolite+cgit is sort of my favorite, though gitea is decent too. :/
<Tonymac32> haha when I saw "gitea" I initially said it in my head rhyming with "Catia", and had a fear seizure
<Tonymac32> I was playing with Gogs (chwe's recommendation)
<lanefu> so SBC vendors
<lanefu> are they all like.... 2 people?
<Tonymac32> It seems that way sometimes
<Unit193> Gitea is continued gogs, not sure who actually uses it but disroot has a hosted one and I think I saw Devuan is using gitea?
<Tonymac32> interesting
<Tonymac32> No.
<Tonymac32> They've added that they don't recommend that method to the title after their twitter turned into a chorus of terrified screaming
<Werner> Good morning.
<HerculeP> lanefu: great blog (although I only understand a tiny fraction of it ;) ) - tiny typo(?): "Rsync is uploads the test file via ssh because of.."
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<IgorPec> good morning
<Unit193> Heya.
<Werner> Hey Mr. Frost :)
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<Werner> Fun facts about this channel: https://armbian.laet.pw/armbian.html
<Unit193> Hmm, seems to be missing the gfx.
<Werner> Not sure anywys how accurate this is. Hexchat logs are not officially supported, used the xchat parser. And the script itself is pretty old :/
<Werner> https://armbian.laet.pw/armbian2.html with the most recent fork I could find
<Werner> Looking better
<Werner> Next I need better log files....
<Werner> https://armbian.laet.pw/armbian3.html There. This time without duplicates resulting in buffer spitout from znc but from ArmbianTwitter logs
<Werner> I like the quotes ^^
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<lanefu> HerculeP: thanks for the compliment. and catching that typo.. i've fixed it
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<lanefu> anybody know why H6 can only address 3GB of memory? same reaon their PCIe address space is scattered?
<Werner> No idea. Interestingly enough that there are tv boxes sold that claim to have 4GB of memory.
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<lanefu> yeah evne pineH64 3-gig model is 4gig worth of chips.. at least they're transparent about it
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<ArmbianTwitter> @rasp_ap (RaspAP 📡): Not crazy about the default Debian/Raspbian red theme? Customize your theme by using the new mobile-friendly color picker! Choose from the palette or enter an arbitrary value 🎨 #wifi #armbian #raspberrypi https://t.co/RicqavMHYs (2s ago)
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<Gioooo> Hi
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<IgorPec> hi
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<lanefu> hi igor!
<lanefu> i played with python adn the github api a little bit
<lanefu> going to have a job that queeries and see's if there's too many CI jobs in queuee and then alerts me
<lanefu> as a start
<IgorPec> ok, do you have idea why that docker image building is failing
<IgorPec> but cron triggering works apparently
<lanefu> have a link to the job? might need to clean the workspace
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<lanefu> man that is weird
<lanefu> https://github.com/armbian/build/actions/runs/153418486/workflow#L19 try putting "armbian/build:latest" in "
<IgorPec> IDK what is the best procedure for this
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<IgorPec> i want auto updated docker image at docker hub
<IgorPec> that can be implemented to the build system
<lanefu> what you're doing is a reasonable solution honestly
<IgorPec> yeah, just it doesn't work properly :)
<lanefu> put a `docker images` commandin there before ethe push, lets seee whats there
<lanefu> does it need to run with sudo?
<IgorPec> will try to play around on my dayjob
<lanefu> ha
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<TRS-80> Evening, wizards
* TRS-80 has been remiss in maitaining his dotfiles repo and now has to go back and make probably 10s of commits from shit he doesn't remember from months ago
* TRS-80 sets to the task, armed only with Magit and a tasty delicious adult beverage
<TRS-80> s/ wizards/ fellow wizards/
<ArmbianHelper> TRS-80 meant to say: Evening, fellow wizards
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<steev> TRS-80: not using stow?
<TRS-80> steev: nah I found that very limiting; for example totally impossible to keep things from /etc, etc... oO
<TRS-80> although certainly there are benefits to a lower friction solution, perhaps not getting into this sort of problem in first place
<TRS-80> if I went that route I think I would use something else though, maybe YADM as it seemed pretty versatile (and one day I might still)
<TRS-80> steev: Anyway these are code as well as config changes; the config changes are actually probably the easiest part
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