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<lanefu> https://github.com/armbian/build/issues/2106#issuecomment-663548620 doesn't make any sense how it fixed things when none of the patchse applide expect for device tree filse for another board
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<ArmbianTwitter> @TonyMac_32 (Thomas McKahan): Wanted to use @jellyfin on my Odroid XU4 with @armbian however ran into a bug where the ffmpeg wants to see 'libmmal_core.so'. This is an RPi library with a license explicitly forbidding it's use on non-RPi hardware. The bug report I found on GitHub has been open since March. (10s ago)
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<Tonymac32> I got a dissertation from the Jellyfin guys concerning their "It's not an RPi it doesn't matter" response to a bug report
<Tonymac32> is the bug report. My tweet got at least a 3-part response that sounds like their asking me to fix it
<Tonymac32> s/their/they're
<ArmbianHelper> Tonymac32 meant to say: is the bug report. My tweet got at least a 3-part response that sounds like they're asking me to fix it
<Tonymac32> Don't mind my broken brain - hand interface please
<ArmbianTwitter> @TonyMac_32 (Thomas McKahan): @jellyfin I'm also a volunteer at the Armbian project, I understand the resource issue, trust me. I was/am a little irked at the "It's not an RPi so it doesn't matter" response, I wanted to actually write up how I migrated from Plex to Jellyfin for the project, (cont.) (3s ago)
<c0rnelius> isn't that just referring to the rpi userland and jellyfin-ffmpeg being compiled against it? which is a bit stupid and libraries are only compiled on armel and armhf.
<c0rnelius> well those in particular.
<Tonymac32> It should be a very simple fix, the killer here is Jellyfin user interface allows you to enable hardware decoding on XU4
<Tonymac32> IT's why I tried it in the first place
<Tonymac32> so what happens is it just hangs. The error is spit out in the log, but the actual server hangs
<c0rnelius> silly question I know, but what happens when you compile the userland? does it work?
<Tonymac32> honestly I haven't bothered. You should be able to just replace the ffmpeg and go about your business
<Tonymac32> I partly complained about this because they're building in a dependency on a Broadcom binary that has an incredibly restrictive license
<c0rnelius> true enough. I was just curious as to which would be easier. compiling the userland or ffmpeg?
<Tonymac32> compliments partly to everyone's favorite SBC cult
<Tonymac32> That is a good question, actually
<Tonymac32> That was the one where I almost hurt myself rolling my eyes
<Tonymac32> they don't have a lot of users for other boards, and I can see why, the error was non-obvious, it just "didn't work" unless you rooted around on the machine to find the logs. Most people probably just say "well this sucks" and toss it out
<Tonymac32> OK, back to my happy place, I have a crappy SBC and some hats to play with
<c0rnelius> :)
<Tonymac32> I finally got my NPI i.MX6ULL board
<lanefu> man thats some epic nonsense
<lanefu> Ooh ya i saw
<lanefu> watcha gonna do with that
<Tonymac32> well, put Armbian on it, then see about making an "embedded" image type for these low memory headless boards
<Tonymac32> The Giant Board is on the list as well, this is one of my side projects
<Tonymac32> expensive little devil, but https://www.microchip.com/wwwproducts/en/ATSAMA5D27
<Tonymac32> 200 uA sleep, microcontroller oeripherals
<Tonymac32> s/oeripherals/peripherals
<ArmbianHelper> Tonymac32 meant to say: 200 uA sleep, microcontroller peripherals
<Tonymac32> this NPi board is just strange, so we'll see
<lanefu> Tonymac32: i need to rig up a relay board for my SBCs.. i've got a 8ch and a 4cb of these janky things
<lanefu> trying to figure out the most elegant way to do all the wiring
<Tonymac32> relay board?
<Tonymac32> Powering the boards this way?
<lanefu> yeaeh id like to so that i can power cycle them through technology
<Tonymac32> ah ok
<lanefu> im amazeed tindie doesnt have in a relay baked usb charging stations
<Tonymac32> unless the build quality is trash, that looks fine
<lanefu> nah its fine.. but like i dont wanna run 8 +5v wires into the relays
<Tonymac32> those are optoisolated I take it?
<lanefu> can i daisy chain? or will voltage drop be terrible
<lanefu> yeah they're isolated
<lanefu> there's a jumper
<Tonymac32> OK, so what you can do is take a large wire, say 10 AWG
<Tonymac32> you run it across and strip it at each point you need to go to one of the relays, and solder the wire to the relay on at that point
<Tonymac32> so you have a continuous bus line with take-offs
<Tonymac32> liquid electrical tape is also your friend
<Tonymac32> XD
<lanefu> lol
<Tonymac32> but seriously, a bus setup like that would be best
<Tonymac32> the daisy chain will have the issues you're talking about, every junction will add R
<Tonymac32> and R will decrease V
<Tonymac32> DAMN YOU OHM
<Tonymac32> :P
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> so i hae like barrel plug pigtails
<lanefu> i guess i need to just solder longer wire onto them
<lanefu> and do a similar bus line for ground?
<Tonymac32> there are a lot of bus bars like that
<Tonymac32> Imagine you're 16 trying to put a subwoofer in your mom's subaru legacy
<lanefu> yeah i've got some din rail terminal blocks with bridge clips
<lanefu> do those have voltage drop
<Tonymac32> rails are usually designed specifically not to
<lanefu> i love din rails for all my large industrial equipment like SBCs
<lanefu> i can just tie them into the equipment ground i have in every room
<Tonymac32> Did you see me lightly troll firefly about their new "industrial" SBC?
<lanefu> Nooo link mee
<Tonymac32> It can only operate to 60 C
<Tonymac32> it was gentle, I merely asked if it could do 85 C
<lanefu> puts the light in light industrial
<Tonymac32> you know, industrial temperature range
<Tonymac32> like this NPi board is called industrial
<Tonymac32> sure, and a Fiero was a sports car
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> the iron duke punished a lot of people including me
<Tonymac32> The Iron duke is the workhorse of the USPS if I remember correctly
<lanefu> yep.. in the LSVs
<lanefu> which apparently catch fire a lot and its been a mystery for years
<Tonymac32> I about fell over when I realized the last one of those was manufactured in 1994
<lanefu> yeah.... like i belieevee it too much saftey shit now would bea fortunate to replace
<Tonymac32> they're talking about replacing them, I have the popcorn ready for when they pick an off-the shelf vehicle
<Tonymac32> instead of an S10 with an aluminum body
<lanefu> and a narrowed front axel
<Tonymac32> A hybrid seems like a good idea at first, but I'm not sure 30,000 regen cycles a day is healthy...
<lanefu> nissan will win somehow like they did with NYC cabs
<Tonymac32> well I guess that's one way to wind up privatizing the postal service, the repair bills will break them
<Tonymac32> unless they use the tsuru, which is a 1992 Nissan sentra, on sale until very recently in Mexico
<lanefu> just need lada nivas
<Tonymac32> oh lord
<Tonymac32> "Guys, this is how car looks like"
<Tonymac32> I have to admit it's probably entirely possible to keep those running extremely cheaply
<lanefu> yeah.... so if you're not familiar with the niva that's the little 4x4 and its like kinda awesome
<lanefu> i forgot what the little awful sedan is called
<Tonymac32> yeah, the niva is like a bronco II
<Tonymac32> mixed with a golf
<lanefu> hahahaha
<lanefu> yes
<lanefu> well done
<lanefu> man.. i wish ford had went striaght to bringing back the bronco II
<Tonymac32> and you are thinking of the Lada Riva
<lanefu> womp
<Tonymac32> which was a Fiat clone, wasn't it
<lanefu> yeah
<Tonymac32> well in that case it's probably a certain upgrade
<Tonymac32> :D
<Tonymac32> Given it is Russian, I assume it has more ground clearance and weighs twice as much
<Tonymac32> meaning you should be able to break through barricades fairly easily with it
<Tonymac32> as long as the engine keeps running
<Tonymac32> suspicion confirmed
<Tonymac32> you can change the oil on that without getting out a jack
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<Tonymac32> And what, you don't like the new "Bronco Sport"
<Tonymac32> ROFL
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<Tonymac32> Just for reference they already made this car, only it was actually better before I think
<Tonymac32> so this is now
<Tonymac32> that is 2008
<lanefu> nailed it
<lanefu> yeeah my mom's had a mercury bronco sport forever
<Tonymac32> (I'm not joking, I am almost certain it is an escape platform vehicle)
<Tonymac32> we had a Ford one, a 2008 even
<Tonymac32> we had to throw it away, sooooo bad
<Tonymac32> base is a 3-cylinder turbo
<Tonymac32> upgrade is a 4-cylinder turbo
<Tonymac32> for the extra reliability
<Tonymac32> (spoiler alert: It gets nearly the same gase mileage as the 3.0 V6)
<Tonymac32> which makes sense, it has almost the same power
<lanefu> but without tha tpesky low-end torque
<Tonymac32> lol yeah
<Tonymac32> so people don't get that the only time that little half-engine is any good is when cruising
<Tonymac32> ...
<ArmbianHelper> . [en~>eng]
<Tonymac32> ugh
<Tonymac32> anyway
<Tonymac32> the bronco sport is a brick
<Tonymac32> and has really high wind resistance
<Tonymac32> so
<Tonymac32> you *never* see a time you aren't in boost
<lanefu> hahahahaa
<Tonymac32> and, when you are in boost, you have to run a little bit rich
<lanefu> spoolit
<Tonymac32> unlike an NA motor, where you can lean it out over time when cruising
<Tonymac32> I pulled away from an intersection next to a 2.7 turbo F150, not aggressive or anything
<Tonymac32> all I could hear was turbo screaiming under the hood
<lanefu> ha
<Tonymac32> so it makes sense that the road tests showed it got the same mileage as the 5.0L V8
<lanefu> do you have the 4.0L
<Tonymac32> yeah
<Tonymac32> so I drink the gas
<lanefu> good power tho
<lanefu> but yeeha ls sawp it
<lanefu> s/sawp/
<ArmbianHelper> lanefu meant to say: but yeeha ls it
<Tonymac32> not bad, the low end on the lame overhead cam model is lacking
<lanefu> alright im gonna crash
<lanefu> later
<Tonymac32> haha later
<Tonymac32> lvrp16: Renegade Elite up for over 24 hours with the new supply, a good sign. I need to open it up and probe the supply lines to see if it's actually changing voltage or if this supply is just awesome.
<lvrp16> Most power supplies don't deliver the rated power let along deliver the rated power 24/7.
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<PPA> Time to try and build a normal Armbian rockchip64-current image with xmixahlx's hwaccel patch, which I hope won't conflict with Armbian's own patches
<c0rnelius> lvrp16: did the Le Potato always boot sd before mmc? I recall that not being the case before.
<c0rnelius> is that also now reflected in the Tritium?
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<ArmbianTwitter> @motakasoft (motakasoft): GitHub Trending Archive, 24 Jul 2020, Shell. goodtft/LCD-show, armbian/build, MicrosoftDocs/live-share, robcowart/elastiflow, longhorn/longhorn, bats-core/bats-core, P3TERX/Actions-OpenWrt, adi1090x/polybar-themes, nextcloud/docker, osixia/docker-openldap https://t.co/z5OwuH4cWG (17s ago)
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<Tonymac32> c0rnelius: the chip goes spi,mmc,sd,usb (special usb, not UMS)
<Tonymac32> if you nand-sata-install a newer Armbian we've set them to look for bootable SD when the eMMC boots
<Tonymac32> I believe the tritium should be the same, but I haven't tried, and no one of the Allwinner guys
<Tonymac32> lvrp16 right. The 18W one did pretty well but blinked out a bit early.
<c0rnelius> Tonymac32: mine is booting sd first before mmc now.
<c0rnelius> Not that I'm complaining. Its preferable.
<Tonymac32> it should have loaded u-boot from the eMMC, then u-boot would have checked to find all the scripts/etc on SD first
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<Tonymac32> the only mechanism for changing SoC boot order is to chain load it like that
<c0rnelius> hmm. I wonder what I did Ha
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<c0rnelius> Tonymac32: this isn't an Armbian build and is its own recipe sorta say. But I got all the sources and what not from the same place you and I would imagine anyone would. uboot 2020.04 and the kernel is just pulled from kernel.org.
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<Tonymac32> I have seen patches moving that upstream, I'm not certain for Amlogic, but it wouldn't be surprising. Locking boot to a potentially corrupted eMMC is a bad call
<lanefu> is there a way to geet aria2 to try to connect to my armbian transmission seeds on my server at home?
<Werner> I dont think that is possible with aria2c
<lanefu> laaame
<lanefu> sooo much potentia
<lanefu> in theory through peer discovery it could get it the stars align
<lanefu> ha i guess i could make a custom retrieval command to just copy them off of my fileserver
<lanefu> hey if anyone has fios can you do an `iperf3 -c armbian.lane-fu.com -R` and let me know the result
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<Werner> Quite some isses when trying to browse the net on DE on an OrangePi One. Chromium does not render any website at all and Firefox crashes when calling about:support
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<lanefu> wow thats pretty bad
<Werner> I managed to start a youtube video twice. At first try the board ran out of memory, had to kill it. At second try it died without further notice.
<Werner> Kind of ironic that these boards are made for tv boxes ^^
<lanefu> *android
<lanefu> mutant linux
<lanefu> but i suppose "using tiny broken computers" is a weird hobby
<Werner> kind of
<Werner> Lets see how epiphany does
<Werner> Slowly dying....
<Werner> Hm okay the sd card seems to be an issue. lots of wa freezes the whole system
<lanefu> womp womp
<lanefu> but also good news
<archetech> first thing is the arm board gpu's aren't made for X second they do run right IF the GL stack is right for wayland
<archetech> the latter being rare atm
<Werner> Which brings us back to X...
<archetech> kde runs fine on my rock until I open a browser then all bets are off
<Werner> I installed fluxbox to minimize memory consumption
<archetech> well ffox needs a de with gtk3 plus other stuf
<lanefu> archetech: when you you gonna add wayland support for armbian
<archetech> and gtk3 must be built with wayland
<archetech> ill do a deep dive on armbian when I get my new N2
<lanefu> woohoo!
<Werner> \o/
<archetech> you should see the n2+ demo on ytube w/Ubu 20
<lanefu> linkmeeee
<archetech> G52 can do anything
<archetech> easy to find
<lanefu> yeah but if you wanted me to see it you'd link me
<archetech> haha
<archetech> laxy
<archetech> in thoery ill just look at what that custom ubu has and do it with armbian
<archetech> but keep testing them boards peeps want this DE ability not just headless
<Werner> Aaaand its frozen again. Well enough torture for today
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<archetech> look for errors in the journal
<archetech> and x log
<Werner> Yeah in theory, but practially I did not disable ramlog ^^
<archetech> if your on X and theres a wayland log in the user dir somewhere
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<Werner> Unfortunately it does not throw errors to the serial too :/
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<HerculeP> hey, in case you still are interrested in the iperf3 output: https://pastebin.com/L3bf95aK
<HerculeP> ^--lanefu
<lanefu> Thanks herc
<HerculeP> np
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<lanefu> Lol
<nekomancer[m]> nightly kernel kill my N2
<lanefu> networking?
<lanefu> https://github.com/armbian/build/issues/2106 still strugglign to make sense of this maybe you can help
<nekomancer[m]> my was configured to usb wifi
<nekomancer[m]> this bug seemd eth onboard only
<nekomancer[m]> need to connect display... need to pull a display... meh...
<nekomancer[m]> I will. After some time.
<lanefu> when is hte last time you upgraded your nightly kernel?
<nekomancer[m]> today
<lanefu> well i mean before it broke
<nekomancer[m]> before it was 2 or 3 days before
<lanefu> weird.. i feel like we havent pushed in allwinner changes in like 4 or 5 days
<lanefu> id have to check history for sure
<lanefu> try the AR-276b and Cheeseburger-41 images or debs and see if things are different https://armbian.lane-fu.com
<ArmbianHelper> Detected regex match for Armbian issue: AR-276. Could not find it on Jira though. :-(
<lanefu> sorry i meatn 37b6
<nekomancer[m]> ok, thank you, will try
<nekomancer[m]> firefox reject to open https://armbian.lane-fu.com/
<nekomancer[m]> cert error
<nekomancer[m]> no override button
<nekomancer[m]> oops... it open time to time
<lanefu> cert should be good
<nekomancer[m]> download 37b6 started
<lanefu> IgorPec: if it's possible can you kick off nightly rebuild for odroidn2?
<lanefu> ROFL
<lanefu> fast service
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<IgorPec> i kicked nightly rebuild but there was no change there
<IgorPec> only sunxi and sunxi64 was rebuild today
<nekomancer[m]> cheesburger booted on N2
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<nekomancer[m]> ethernet works too
<lanefu> IgorPec: yeah there's something wrong with the nightly n2 kernel
<lanefu> thats out there
<lanefu> or u-boot or something
<lanefu> we've got two people reporting issues when upgrading to nightly-current
<lanefu> but when they use my images or kernels its fine
<nekomancer[m]> 376b boots on my N2 too, ethernet works
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<lanefu> i think there's just somethign funky with that nightly
<c0rnelius> What kernel rev are you guys using on the n2?
<lanefu> next armbian release will use 5.7.10
<c0rnelius> are you all patching the fuck out of it?
<nekomancer[m]> "patching the fuck"?
<c0rnelius> Looking through lore.kernel.org a lot has been headed upstream especially concerning amlogic stuff.