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<paulopimenta> I have problem with ethernet in my OPi3
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<[TheBug]> Congrats?
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<[TheBug]> lol so whats the problem
<paulopimenta> The ethernet conector works just whein I plug cable from OP3 to Notebook. When I plug my OPi3 on switch it doesn't work
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<fromport> paulopimenta: ip address static or dhcp ? did you lock mii somehow ?
<[TheBug]> using a crossover cable?
<[TheBug]> thats what it sounds like to me
<[TheBug]> try a differnt ethernet cable that isn't a crossover cable
<[TheBug]> hmm
<[TheBug]> reading that post sounds like possibly a cheap switch
<[TheBug]> that isn't negotiating link correctly
<fromport> i keep forgetting: only gig-E up is auto switching
<lanefu> yeah we've all been spoiled long enough with auto-mdix that the difficult times of crossovers is forgotten
<Tonymac_32> quiet old man :P
* Tonymac_32 is soldering 100 JST connectors as a warmup tonight
<lanefu> 5 points for every one you melt
<Tonymac_32> Man, you really think I'm a rookie. ;)
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* nekomancer[m] > <@freenode_IgorPec:matrix.org> now, AR-45, but if there is nothing to fix, i am done
* nekomancer[m] google for AR-45... Hm....
<ArmbianHelper> AR-45 [Story] "Make first login more user friendly" reported by Igor Pecovnik at 2019-11-15. Status: To Do
<ArmbianHelper> AR-45 [Story] "Make first login more user friendly" reported by Igor Pecovnik at 2019-11-15. Status: To Do
<Tonymac_32> haha
<Tonymac_32> "100 of 100 JST connectors soldered, no marshmallows, achievement unlocked"
<Tonymac_32> "JST-in-time soldering"
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<Tonymac_32> lanefu ignores my epically bad joke
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* Tonymac_32 home alone with projects means a lot of singing with heavy music
<Werner> Good morning
<Tonymac_32> Good morning Werner
<Werner> lanefu
<Tonymac_32> he seems to be missing
<Werner> Seems so. lanefu I removed chanserv because there is actual no need to have it. Servies working exactly the same without having it in the channel
<Tonymac_32> ...My subwoofer just blew out some dirt when I turned up the music. It is clear I have not been able to enjoy this system in too long
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<Werner> It gets even more exciting if it blews out dead spiders
<Tonymac_32> hahaha
<Tonymac_32> peak is live spiders
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<Tonymac_32> this is a small Klipsch setup for my computer. The main entertainment system has never yet been used in anger, but is significantly more powerful
<Tonymac_32> (I've soldered a few thousand joints in the last few hours, I'm taking a break)
<paulopimenta> Hi guys! internacional time zones make our times so crazy
<paulopimenta> international*
<Werner> s/internacional/international
<ArmbianHelper> Werner thinks paulopimenta meant to say: Hi guys! international time zones make our times so crazy
<paulopimenta> I tried both, an cross cables and straight cables but nothing works
<Werner> The times where cross cables made a difference are gone for quite a while now but giving it a try was a good idea nevertheless.
<paulopimenta> Haha I am from Brazil, time zone from here may different o yours
<Tonymac_32> Closer to mine, it is very late
<Tonymac_32> ...or very early
<Tonymac_32> either way
<Werner> We know the issue with people spread around the globe. Especially every three month when the release meeting happens :P
<Tonymac_32> :D
<Tonymac_32> so what kind of cable is this and why?
<paulopimenta> I tried ethernet rj45 cross and striaght but without success
<paulopimenta> I am using a simple switch D-Link DES-1008C
<Tonymac_32> and the board, kernel etc?
<Tonymac_32> We need to catch up with everything you already know. :)
<paulopimenta> Armbian Buster kernel 5.4
<paulopimenta> logs from my armbian: http://ix.io/2rc6
<paulopimenta> My board is a OPi3
<Tonymac_32> OK. I would say this would be a good topic to put on the forums, I'm not one of the Allwinner guys, and my experience with the OPi3 so far has been pretty bad, also a 1 GB model
<Tonymac_32> (probably my issue)
<paulopimenta> Wich forum do you think is good to post?
<Tonymac_32> wait a second
<Tonymac_32> the Armbian one, under development/H6 if that's still where it lives
<Tonymac_32> literally oll of the pin requests failed on this board
<Tonymac_32> s/oll/all
<ArmbianHelper> Tonymac_32 meant to say: literally all of the pin requests failed on this board
<Werner> No idea about the pins but ethernet should be just fine on H6...
<Werner> Feel free to give the dev branch a shot which is 5.7.x atm
<Tonymac_32> unless the kernel didn't register the GPIO properly
<Tonymac_32> dwmac-sun8i 5020000.ethernet: Error applying setting, reverse things back
<Tonymac_32> [ 3.862954] sun50i-h6-pinctrl 300b000.pinctrl: request() failed for pin 96
<Tonymac_32> [ 3.862961] sun50i-h6-pinctrl 300b000.pinctrl: pin-96 (5020000.ethernet) status -517
<Tonymac_32> Def put that in the forums
<paulopimenta> So, the pins failed and the problems occurs due something in project of hardware?
<paulopimenta> I don't understand
<Tonymac_32> something looks to be wrong in general
<Tonymac_32> could be the kernel
<paulopimenta> In this board I am using or with everyone who is using this model?
<Tonymac_32> I had no luck with that board when I tried it a few days ago, it would freeze on me after boot
<Tonymac_32> I did not try the ethernet though
<Tonymac_32> and thought it could be my problem
<paulopimenta> what OS did you try? Armbian Focal?
<paulopimenta> I have same problem with armbian focal
<paulopimenta> OS freeze
<paulopimenta> nothing works
<paulopimenta> just derivates from debian works
<paulopimenta> Guys, I am going sleep
<paulopimenta> So, I hope you have a great day
<paulopimenta> I wait your messages!
<Werner> bye for now. sleep well
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<Werner> Morning Igor
<IgorPec> morning
* Werner is playing around with Synapse and Riot
<Werner> Somebody on matrix that can try to join #armbian:matrix.armbian.de
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<Werner> Since the traveler bot found it I assume it works.
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<IgorPec> what is the benefit of this matrix?
<Werner> It is kind a like discord but open-source, decentralized and most likely more secure.
<IgorPec> but you connect to irc network?
<Werner[m]2> No, it is indipendend. Though there are bridge services that allow matrix users to join IRC channels
<Werner> Of course everything that is beyond text chat won't work this way ;)
<IgorPec> sure. but having more different channels?
<Werner> I did not expect to have this officially integrated, not even inoffcially. We do not need even more different places. Though I wanted to play around with this stuff for a while.
<IgorPec> ok - what is best / simple android phone client to access our irc channel?
<Werner> I have no idea and using IRC mobile has some issues since IRC depends on TCP protocol...
<Werner> Let me test riotx against the irc bridge
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<Werner[m]2> Test
<Werner[m]2> Nice. I am on my phone via 4G, connected to matrix and the matrix account is connected to freenode.
<Werner> Has quite some delay until the message arrives. A few seconds. But exceptionally this is not the fault of the Germans mobile network ^^
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<Werner> IgorPec, so you can either search for a native irc client, probably a multi-messager for mobile will do or use a matrix client like riotX and join this channel via that.
<IgorPec> i will rather use computer ;)
<IgorPec> i have to get some rest from this anyway
<Werner> The best solution I guess :)
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<mrueg> can recommend quassel / quasseldroid as well
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<ArmbianTwitter> @bruggems (Matthias Brugger): @librecomputer @armbian @debian @openSUSE @openQAhq Please open a bug at https://t.co/3S6rP6p6XF you might want to use a created image for you platform instead of the installer. I suppose 1GB is not enough for the installer while we have images working with 1GB RAM. (20s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @kobol_io: #Helios64 PCBA production almost completed. Going soon through FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) where each board is fully tested… (18s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @bruggems (Matthias Brugger): @armbian @librecomputer @debian @openSUSE @openQAhq @openSUSE is based on the upstream Linux software stack. We stick quite strictly to that. "If you want your board supported, you have to upstream the support". AFAIK @librecomputer ships their boards with a upstream U-Boot on the board, and very good upstream kernel support. (13s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @bruggems (Matthias Brugger): @armbian @librecomputer @debian @openSUSE @openQAhq With this, I expect most bugs to be in userspace rather then in upstream U-Boot and Linux kernel. Another things is if you take a random board with a random downstream kernel. That's totally different story. (23s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @bruggems @librecomputer @debian @openSUSE @openQAhq Our focus is build system / kernel. Downstream kernel (important features), current (improved upstream) and the one, that might be up-streamed once. If. Amlogic is up-streaming support, but it is still troublesome to cover all hw functions under one aarch64 kernel. We can wait... (1s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @cnxsoft (CNX Software): @orangepixunlong @OPi_Community @Poddingue @armbian It does not feel like part-time based on the list of responsibilities :). By the way, feel free to repost the job offer on https://t.co/lZ9Aww8eEz (14s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @mutatrum (mutatrum): @kobol_io @armbian This looks like a great board for running a bitcoin node. What's the price point for just the bare board? (13s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @MiguelAgueda (Miguel Águeda): @bruggems @librecomputer @armbian @debian @openSUSE @openQAhq I definitely can confirm the JeOS arm64 image working just fine on the board. I never manage to get the installer working that far because the keyboard wasn't detected. (19s ago)
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<Saurabh009> Hi I want to know if lm-sensor can be used in the Armbian ? I am using Armbian on Ornage pi pc board
<lanefu> lm-sesnors doesnt really work with arm stuff... if you want SoC temp.. armbian has a few things in place for that.. `cat /etc/armbianmonitor/datasources/soctemp`
<ArmbianTwitter> @OPi_Community (Orange-Pi-Community): @cnxsoft @orangepixunlong @Poddingue @armbian Those requirements are just a list you don't have to know everything as a single person. (2s ago)
<Saurabh009> Does armbianmonitor takes temp from the /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone1/temp?
<Saurabh009> I meant I dont have armbianmonitor at the moment as I removed things to make up some space
<lanefu> it's a symlink to whatever is appropriate for the SoC... for my H3 chip its
<lanefu> lane@armdocker-4:~$ ls -l /etc/armbianmonitor/datasources/soctemp
<lanefu> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 47 May 12 22:17 /etc/armbianmonitor/datasources/soctemp -> /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp
<Saurabh009> Oh ok, thanks for the help though
<lanefu> glad to help
<Saurabh009> I don't have the package so didn't know it has the link to same thing
<Saurabh009> Thanks
<lanefu> not sure what the difference is between the zones.. would probably need ot look at device tree source for teh SoC to see
<Saurabh009> Yeah
<lanefu> re space: not sure if helpful or not but there's some armbian minimal images, and as a option with the image builder scripts
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<ArmbianTwitter> @lanefu (Lane Jennison): @orangepixunlong @OPi_Community @Poddingue @cnxsoft @armbian Proud of you for taking this step to further connect with the community and invest in your platforms. (6s ago)
<Werner> lanefu
<lanefu> hi Werner
<Werner> Hey, whats wrong with chanserv?
<lanefu> nothing actually
<lanefu> i just forgot how to use it :P
<Werner> ^^ Okay
<Werner> Just remember to call for "help" ^^
<lanefu> i was thinking i could get it to kick a user, but i can only ask it to give me ops
<Werner> Chanserv cannot simply kick a person. It only knows akick which basically kick-bans a user by a specific mask
<lanefu> cool
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<fromport> got some inside for next NPX QM chip: more cores , ability to drive 18 displays with 11k pixels wide. for dashboard display in cars over complete width of car. a bit overdone imo
<ArmbianTwitter> @GardetGuillaume (Guillaume GARDET): @armbian @bruggems @librecomputer @debian @openSUSE @openQAhq openSUSE is tested on virtual targets, but also on RPi2 and RPi3 boards with @openQAhq. It would be easy to test on other hardware as well, if hardware is made available. (8s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @GardetGuillaume (Guillaume GARDET): @librecomputer @bruggems @armbian @debian @openSUSE @openQAhq Please report problems at https://t.co/SOM5Wda3I0 (15s ago)
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<lanefu> fromport: that's bonkers
<lanefu> i never want a car that depends on OTA updates to function
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<ArmbianTwitter> @TechShowMX (Tech Show MX): @orangepixunlong @OPi_Community @Poddingue @cnxsoft @armbian Wow this is such a great opportunity for tech enthusiasts!. I am considering to apply and even throw Spanish besides English. I recall using Orange Pi SBCs a couple of years ago nice price and performance. Keep up the good work!. (9s ago)
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<Werner> Just realized Igor leaving for vacation tomorrow and I am out of town til Monday....so lanefu you are in charge for IRC now :P
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<IgorPec> OMG :)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @TechShowMX (Tech Show MX): @orangepixunlong @OPi_Community @Poddingue @cnxsoft @armbian By the way I tried to start a conversation thru DM but was not able. Do you have an email? https://t.co/ZXPD0RxCjq (27s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @fkardame (Furkan kardame): @orangepixunlong @OPi_Community @Poddingue @cnxsoft @armbian Chance to experience the product is already part of community free support and get paid for great success subjective. Maybe you should explain some more details on what tech demos and upstreaming of sbc kernel support? (9s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @librecomputer (Libre Computer): @GardetGuillaume @armbian @bruggems @debian @openSUSE @openQAhq Can you send us a mailing address? PM or contact@libre.computer (3s ago)
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<nekomancer[m]> this channel already gated to matrix network as #freenode_#armbian:matrix.org
<IgorPec> dunno
<nekomancer[m]> accessible via web as https://riot.im/develop/#/room/#freenode_#armbian:matrix.org
<IgorPec> do i need to be logged in?
<IgorPec> it doesn't work ... well, no problem
<ArmbianTwitter> @CJeucken (Chris Jeucken): And we are already up and running on ArmBian. Installing and setting up AdGuard is incredibly easy. Now to set it as DNS server for my desktop PC. https://t.co/K3i6kHdToz (29s ago)
<lanefu> Werner: leave me in charge and open a floodgate of matrix users.....
<nekomancer[m]> <IgorPec "do i need to be logged in?"> you need to create account on one of matrix server
<IgorPec> haha
<IgorPec> neko: i plan to skip this feature for a while
<nekomancer[m]> some communities (like Pine) have channels gated to set of popular messengers — like irc,telegram,discord,matrix. Somewhere I see matermost, slack, xmpp
<IgorPec> pine community needs as many channels to spam to
<IgorPec> they sell hardware
<buZz> 'spam to sell' is not community
<buZz> its the exact opposite
<nekomancer[m]> it's question of point and direction of view :)
<IgorPec> for me its spam, for general population it might be fun. i won't judge
<buZz> armbian is not a product, so doesnt need spam
<IgorPec> yes. more contact we have, more time we waster
<IgorPec> more contact they have, more stuff they will sale
<IgorPec> so its fundamentally different
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<lanefu> one could argue armbian is a product
<lanefu> but it's not a traditional sales driven product
<IgorPec> well, even its a product ...
<IgorPec> they we should start dealing with rpi :)
<lanefu> yeah its more a dev channel.. wee had that pizza brain in here yesterday asking about asound with a orange pi over and over again
<IgorPec> what sound? recording analogue on rk3399?
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<lanefu> yeaah i think so
<IgorPec> that guy asked on forum the same at least 3-4 times + redundant which i deleted
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<IgorPec> in the mean time he was banned so he couldn't ask more :)
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<lanefu> hahaha
<lanefu> i was about to boot him off the channel
<lanefu> then i just closed my computer
<IgorPec> amazing, yeah
<archetech> dont taze me bro!
<IgorPec> what?:)
<IgorPec> you lxde fan? :)
<archetech> I am on weak hware
<IgorPec> xfce is as light as lxde
<IgorPec> just nicer
<archetech> some would agree
<IgorPec> design is subjective ofc, but in tehnical sense ... cmon
<archetech> gvfs and smbclient my lxde rocks
<archetech> lxqt ftw
<IgorPec> my main desktop is cinamon :)
* archetech pinches his nose
<archetech> rather have Mate than that
<archetech> or gnome3
<IgorPec> what's wrong with it?
<archetech> nuttin just my pref
<IgorPec> its clean and effective
<IgorPec> and i got enough hourse power that i don't need to deal with mate
<IgorPec> if you read our last meeting logs, we are planning to expand desktop development
<IgorPec> adding some more serious desktop option. not sure what and when
<archetech> yes You got a DE Czar
<IgorPec> yep
<archetech> I still dont see a compelling rock64 replacement so an armbian de isnt in my future but its a good idea
<archetech> was thinking odroid N2 2GB no staock atm
<archetech> stock
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<ArmbianTwitter> @Automatid (Melvin): @orangepixunlong @OPi_Community @Poddingue @cnxsoft @armbian Pm are not open for anyone you don't follow (29s ago)
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<xwigg_> mm. maybe thinking too easy but is adding a DE nothing more than recompiling pkgs of distro?
<ArmbianTwitter> @OPi_Community (Orange-Pi-Community): @fkardame @orangepixunlong @Poddingue @cnxsoft @armbian Tech Demos is to show of capabilities of Orange Pi Boards and document the process. Board Upstreaming basically means to add support for orangepi boards in Mainline Linux/uboot this is more of a expert task. (27s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @fkardame (Furkan kardame): @OPi_Community @orangepixunlong @Poddingue @cnxsoft @armbian That is what I was pointing to. ;) Inshort that need kernel developer to work part time :) Good luck. (13s ago)
<lanefu> xwigg_: managing packages, providing good out of the box configurations and making it all work well
<nekomancer[m]> most powerful of SBC supported by armbian — odroid-N2? Khadas vim3? other?
<xwigg_> A13