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<lanefu> archetech: i thikn you need to set BOOTDIR
<lanefu> looking
<HerculeP> lanefu: your odroidc2 trunk img has no hdmi sound :(
<lanefu> HerculeP: yeah i saw i have an image built from prior commit
<lanefu> wanna see if that broke sound
<HerculeP> heh, nothing else to do here, lol
<lanefu> archetech: sources/families/meson-g12b.conf
<lanefu> HerculeP: have i given you an image with working sound in the past few weeks/months at all :P
<b0o> sbc-bench results for my neo3: http://ix.io/2tDw
<lanefu> b0o: pretty nice
<lanefu> fast rams
<b0o> that new ram is pretty nice
<b0o> hooray for DDR4
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<lanefu> archetech: the really shouldn't be that much to change.. there's just a bit of an inheritance chain to follow
<archetech> ok hardkernel uboot git isnt mainline ?
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<lanefu> archetech: nope.. forked non-mainline u-boots is unpleasantly common
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<lanefu> IMHO u-boot mianlining takes much longer than kernel
<archetech> im deep inside reading docs on a git clone of mainline and it also refs that url as mainline so confused
<lanefu> could be talking out of my ass
<archetech> yeah idk what the upstream devs are doing
<HerculeP> lanefu: I hardly do remember, but I think so, didnt keep track :(
<archetech> like doing a puzzle this stuff which I kinda like
<lanefu> HerculeP: it's okay, we don't pay you enough to keep track
<archetech> Arm Trusted Firmware (arm64)
<lanefu> archetech: dude the u-boot and kernel stuff is fun to dig in to. I end up reading linux kernel source in bed on my ipad trying to figur out stuff lol
<archetech> make CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-linux-gnu- PLAT=g12a DEBUG=1 bl31 done but its for a not b
<lanefu> archetech: and FYI giant stash of firmware here https://github.com/armbian/firmware
<archetech> meson stuff is 2 yrs old there no g12b
<archetech> need this atf thing for encrypt I think then do uboot
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<archetech> my guess is this why theres no mainline yet
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<lanefu> archetech: https://github.com/ARM-software/arm-trusted-firmware anything there?
<archetech> that url u posted shows the dirs no g12b
<lanefu> yeah looks like just common is all thats there
<archetech> now is the gl12a enough idk its for s902 cpu
<archetech> or one below s922x
<archetech> s905x2
<archetech> is g12a
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<archetech> I emailed to Neal and he said that he is focusing on g12a
<archetech> then he will plan to add g12b to linux kernel and to u-boot
<archetech> his estimation is for linux kernel 5.3 rc1
<archetech> odroid thread
<archetech> 15 months ago ;(
<archetech> we know its in the kernel
<lanefu> speaking of which he gave me a great hint on how to add 1440p resolution
<lanefu> i need to follow-up on that
<archetech> chewitt Original N2 u-boot files will not boot N2+
<archetech> U-boot (odroidg12-v2015.01) in the Hardkernel Github will share the code for ODROID-N2/N2PLUS as well as ODROID-C4.
<archetech> thast what armbian/manjaro uses atm
<lanefu> what's it all mean?
<archetech> that whats here is here no maibline uboot yet
<archetech> 16 page thread @odroid no such uboot yet
<archetech> google is useless
<HerculeP> trunk-beforeN2Patches_Odroidc2 lanefu, no hdmi sound either :(
<lanefu> HerculeP: okay so good.. igor's patches didnt break sound lol
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<nekomancer[m]> N2 moved to "obsoleted" on hardkernel website :(
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: that's a bummer i guess
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<pnd> hi
<Werner> Morning
<pnd> so i searched the logs for libre...not really finding anything yet on if anyone/(and on which board) has attempted to try a libre kernel, libre drivers perhaps even blobless boot/ram init (on allwinner/pine64 say)
<pnd> or maybe you can mention which i should search ML/forum/issues/etc first, if you've seen something to that regard in one of them
<pnd> lanefu: Tonymac32 c0rnelius and TRS-80 seem to be the goto...the logs dont seem to exist much earlier than jan2020?
<Werner> No idea. Never tried to integrate 3rd party kernel into Armbian
<pnd> yeah well hopefully the 4 users i tagged search themselves in the log and find this lol, or ill pop back another time
<pnd> 9 pages of logs werner, good on you...i see mostly opi's until now, do you work for them, or you just like the brand/devices?
<pnd> nevermind i see you mentioning other boards, how do you choose them?
<pnd> like which to buy/work on
<Werner> Depends on the need. ATM I am looking for a powerful board for headless deployment
<Werner> H6 is too weak but I am unsure if the RK3399 could cut it.
<Werner> Did not really do lot of research in the beginning of all that, just though hey, that is cool, just buy it because its cheap
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<IgorPec> pnd: we use all possible libre stuff, but if there is none and we want to boot the board ...
<IgorPec> good morning
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<xwigg> yo
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<xwigg> no 20.08 branch yet?
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<IgorPec> not yet branched
<IgorPec> but we are almost there
<xwigg> oki will do trunk build for zeropi to check
<IgorPec> things are preparing
<xwigg> opipc+ very stable last week on nightly
<IgorPec> yeah. allwinner is ready more or less, especially older devices should be fine
<IgorPec> we still have some work in amlogic / rockchip sectors
<xwigg> amlogic borrowed from coreelec?
<IgorPec> a few things probably too
<IgorPec> its a mix between corelec, hardkernel and ours
<IgorPec> and khads
<xwigg> ah, would expect khadas to deliver stable
<IgorPec> nothing is stable :)
<IgorPec> just like that
<xwigg> all depends on feature-set ;)
<IgorPec> exactly
<IgorPec> basic stuff works, advanced 3d/video is crashing
<IgorPec> there are problems with network devcies as well ... so its a pain to make it stable
<xwigg> gpu is a pita, intel and amd the exceptons
<xwigg> which network devices?
<IgorPec> i had one recent experiences with amd ... also troublesome
<IgorPec> odroids had some issues with network ... and i think it was common to all amlogic
<xwigg> the infamous n2?
<IgorPec> yeah
<IgorPec> but this has been fixed now. it seems so
<xwigg> mom lot of text
<IgorPec> tl:dr: when you find right numbers for resseting phy ... you win :)
<xwigg> dts hackign
<xwigg> does u-boot use its own dts branch?
<IgorPec> it can, yes
<IgorPec> not sure how is in this case
<IgorPec> but yeah, from kernel otherwise it would not make sense
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<xwigg> excellent, zeropi works with fixed MAC address ;)
<IgorPec> do you perhaps have two?
<IgorPec> someone reported that MAC is the same
<xwigg> no only one. But ethtool -P eth0 does not lie.
<xwigg> will check DTS to be certain
<xwigg> DTS check ok. Perhaps reporter applied workaround to mitigate issue earlier, have a forum link?
<IgorPec> no, have no info at the moment
<IgorPec> it came on a private channel without any data
<xwigg> if address is 02:81:9c:20:2b:6b then friendlyarm is being creative
<xwigg> possible, since friendlyarm advertises their new offerings (neo3) with big "Unique MAC address!!"
<IgorPec> but neo3 is rockchip
<IgorPec> which could be different in this aspect. well, i have to find my second device ... must be somwhere :)
<IgorPec> not that critical yet ;)
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<xwigg> okay zeropi looks stable @ 5.7.14 with these hot temperatures today
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<IgorPec> not that critical yet ;)
<lanefu> We're back to sound problems with the C2. Need to check potato... fortunately the n2 patches yesterday weren't the cause
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<martinayotte_> IgorPec: I've found that rtl8189fs is flooding "dmesg", it been like that for months, maybe year. CONFIG_DEBUG should be removed from line 227 in drivers/net/wireless/rtl8189fs/include/autoconf.h
<martinayotte_> It seems to be the same at line 283 for rtl8723ds
<xwigg> hurray ;-)
<xwigg> thats odd. define's CONFIG_DEBUG and then checks for it
<martinayotte_> Those sources comes from outside devs, so they added it probably for their own debugging. I've done local patch to disable them...
<xwigg> yes pull request would be nice, driver is working
<xwigg> could've figured this out myself :(
<xwigg> martinayotte_: you have a zeropi, right? what MAC does ethtool -P eth0 yield? (02:81:9c:20:2b:6b coincidentally?)
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<martinayotte_> xwigg: mine has 02:42:26:a4:61:9d
<martinayotte_> let me boot my second one ...
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<martinayotte_> xwigg: my second one has 02:42:d7:2d:34:bf
<xwigg> okay, so there's unique macs luckily
<martinayotte_> Right ! Especially that both OPiZero are using the same 5.8.0 image built few days ago.
<xwigg> yeah and mine is stable from 5.4.x => 5.7.14
<IgorPec> martinayotte: i'll add a patch
<martinayotte_> IgorPec: Good ! I've done it for SUNXI-DEV, just need to commit ...
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<IgorPec> what? you already fixed this wifi debug?
<martinayotte_> Right ! Simply commenting the CONFIG_DEBUG in those drivers includes ... Committed in sunxi-dev ...
<martinayotte_> Now my OPiPC and OPiPrime and Lime-A64 don´t get flooded ...
<martinayotte_> Those floods were present maybe since months ...
<martinayotte_> I simply discovered them while trying debugging something else.
<xwigg> yeah those floods where annoying, nothing to see in dmesg
<IgorPec> we used to have a patch before
<IgorPec> and there it could be mitigated ... not sure
<martinayotte_> There are maybe other Realtek that produce it, but I don't own boards using those other drivers.
<martinayotte_> That was for CONFIG_RTW_DEBUG, but not for CONFIG_DEBUG ...
<IgorPec> this is different, got it
<martinayotte_> Look at my patches committed in sunxi-dev, maybe we can generalize it in compilation-prepare.sh and then remove my patches ...
<xwigg> or fork the 8189fs driver branch, hasn't been updated for long time.
<IgorPec> AR-398
<ArmbianHelper> AR-398 [Task] "Disable wireless debug general way" reported by Igor Pecovnik at 2020-08-09. Status: To Do
<martinayotte_> Good !
<xwigg> martinayotte_: or add /patch/misc/wireless-rtl8188eu.patch?
<martinayotte_> maybe ...
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<xwigg> oops. serious samba vulnerability CVE-2020-10730
<IgorPec> useland is fixed upstream
<xwigg> IgorPec: just tested it, network stack temporarily goes down
<IgorPec> aha, but what can we do?
<xwigg> like you said, wait for upstream to fix ;)
<xwigg> but remember a post in forum
<IgorPec> yeah. we should probably also provide userland
<IgorPec> ubuntu is sometimes just not good enough
<xwigg> meuh debian used to be on top [buster] - samba <postponed> (Minor issue, fix along in next DSA)
<IgorPec> such thigns are usually fixed quick
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<gnt_> werner a55/s905x3/odroid-c4 is more powerful than rk3399 i think
<gnt_> should be its a55 vs a53
<gnt_> oops...sorry rk3399 has those a7x chips...euh, disregard then
<gnt_> or just wait for the a76 rockchip soc(s) coming, though it might be some time until they are bugfreeish, even moreso w covid
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