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<Werner> Good morning
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<IgorPec> good morning
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<HerculeP> GM, from #odroid: n2+...update the kernel from 5.7.5 to 5.7.14 in the meantime and notice that the network wouldn't come up anymore...
<archetech> gimme a min I have new image to boot
<archetech> mines bullseye though
* HerculeP only owns two odroidc2
<archetech> why u post about n2+ then
<HerculeP> just coz igor mentioned the same issue above
<HerculeP> n2+ will be my next board probably
<archetech> mine boots repo is dead slow
<archetech> deb.debian.org
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<chiuii> a follow-up about the PinebookPro not "booting". It was actually booting, just no display and keyboard input
<archetech> somebody got an armbian repo thats not 1k/s
<archetech> always something
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<xwigg> archetech:
<archetech> my resolving is fine
<archetech> 18ms to google
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<archetech> cant get past updating apt to tell if its a nic driver or repo issue
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<Miouyouyou> I'm at 2MB/sec on apt.armbian.com, so I guess it's a NIC issue.
<Miouyouyou> The mirror used was https://mirrors.dotsrc.org/armbian-apt/
<archetech> yeah seems so
<Miouyouyou> Also got 2MB/sec on http://ftp.debian.org/debian/
<archetech> ill try to update uboot if I can get armb-config
<Miouyouyou> Nothing in the logs about the NIC unable to init something, like DMA ?
<archetech> need confirm by another tester of n2-bullseye
<Miouyouyou> N2+ or just N2 ? nekomancer got a N2, I think
<Miouyouyou> Else, you'll have to hit the forums, there's a thread opened by NicoD
<archetech> plus
<Miouyouyou> Or maybe the Odroid forums too. There might be some armbian users there too
<Miouyouyou> Plus, they should all have the hardware (and some clues about the issues)
<Miouyouyou> They might have an IRC channel. Check with /ist
<archetech> its armbian ive used arch etc
<archetech> ok first update shows ill get a new uboot
<archetech> just cant get the download may have to sneaker-net it
<archetech> he following packages will be upgraded:
<archetech> armbian-firmware linux-bullseye-root-dev-odroidn2 linux-dtb-dev-meson64 linux-image-dev-meson64
<archetech> linux-u-boot-odroidn2-dev
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<archetech> where can I get those files
<archetech> nope
<archetech> but whats the ordr of install for above pkgs?
<archetech> order
<xwigg> dtb, image
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<archetech> dpkg -i ?
<xwigg> yes, dpkg -i *dtb* *image*
<xwigg> doesn't armbian-config allow you to switch?
<archetech> no such pkg
<archetech> on here
<archetech> 236MB at 1k /ps
<xwigg> that's great, 30 yrs ago
<xwigg> maybe okug in usb wifi for the moment
<archetech> take it thsi hasnt happened to you
<archetech> this
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<archetech> its called testing images
<archetech> can be very nasty first test broke my nic now this one has a bad nic setup
<archetech> and no forum posts or help here
<archetech> least atm
<xwigg> dts issue?
<archetech> I suspect that or kernel
<xwigg> what does ethtool -s eth0 speed 100 duplex full autoneg off
<archetech> your not thinking of the situ properly
<archetech> I dont have any way to get things
<archetech> I can manually install the files or wait for a new image config to be made/updated thats it
<archetech> and thats not a guarantee of a fix latest files can be bad
<xwigg> just trying to pinpoint where stuff goes south
<archetech> you dont have this board and same stuff installed how coud you
<xwigg> know about NICs and common culprits
<archetech> ill try a wless nic
<archetech> ningo got a wlan0
<archetech> bingo
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<archetech> upgrade breaks boot gah
<archetech> solid bl/red lights
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<nekomancer[m]> I confirm: on N2 current image build with btrfs not boots. just black screen on hdmi.
<nekomancer[m]> all same command line but ext4 boots.
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<Tenkawa> is the btrfs compiled in or a module?
<Tenkawa> if its a module does the initrd have a handler for it?
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* Tenkawa isnt sure how the boot process works 100% in armbian only in linux core kernel needs so there might be uboot pieces I'm missing
<nekomancer[m]> who knows. I just run ./compile.sh.
<nekomancer[m]> I can look inside .img
<Tenkawa> do you see your kernel build area?
<Tenkawa> theres an easy way to tell
<nekomancer[m]> I mount sdcard on laptop.
<nekomancer[m]> there no word "btrfs" inside /etc/modules.conf
<Tenkawa> ok get to the area where the kernel source compile was
<Tenkawa> where did you build this at?
<nekomancer[m]> in ~/armbian
<nekomancer[m]> what should I look for?
<Tenkawa> ok
<Tenkawa> in your kernel src tree
<Tenkawa> run
<Tenkawa> grep BTRFS .config
<Tenkawa> mine is a module because I dont use it
<Tenkawa> so i dont care
<Tenkawa> if you see is not set
<Tenkawa> then it is not defined at all
<nekomancer[m]> sorry I don'know where is kernel src tree
<Tenkawa> you'll need to enable it and rebuild that kernel
<Tenkawa> ahhh
<Tenkawa> sorry I couldnt help more
<nekomancer[m]> seems nowhere....
<Werner> Recreate the image and tell the script to popup menuconfig, then go to filesystems and build btrfs (should be a module atm) directly into the kernel. Then retry.
<Tenkawa> Werner: exactly
<Tenkawa> good point but he will need ncurses etc if he doesnt have those dependencues
<Tenkawa> er dependencies
<Werner> libncurses5-dev
<Werner> Is probably the package but I don't know if that isn't covered by the build script anyways as dependencie
<Werner> s/dependencie/dependency
<ArmbianHelper> Werner meant to say: Is probably the package but I don't know if that isn't covered by the build script anyways as dependency
<nekomancer[m]> what clean_level should I use in that case? because a full rebuild takes on my laptop about 5-6 hours
<Werner> Leave default
<Werner> Or tell me which image for which board you want and I'll run the job on remote
<Tenkawa> Werner: yeah just elaborating I hope he's got all the depencies
<nekomancer[m]> `Recreate the image and tell the script to popup menuconfig, then go to filesystems and build btrfs (should be a module atm) directly into the kernel. Then retry.`
<Tenkawa> my box takes 7 minutes to run one so I run a few of these a day lol
<nekomancer[m]> 'go to filesytem' — in kernel config gui, or to the kernel sources on disk and run there something?
<Werner> kernel config gui
<Tenkawa> nekomancer[m]: have you ever built a kernel?
<Tenkawa> we should ask that first
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<Werner> I'll setup a job real quick including ROOTFS_TYPE and btrfs fixed in the kernel
<Tenkawa> its kinda fun
<nekomancer[m]> yes, but only with armbian build script
<nekomancer[m]> it was string `./compile.sh BOARD=odroidn2 BRANCH=current RELEASE=focal BUILD_MINIMAL=no BUILD_DESKTOP=no KERNEL_ONLY=no KERNEL_CONFIGURE=no COMPRESS_OUTPUTIMAGE=sha,gpg,img,gz BTRFS_COMPRESSION=zstd CLEAN_LEVEL="" ROOTFS_TYPE=btrfs`
* Tenkawa has built probably 10-20k
<Tenkawa> no.. no exaggeration
<nekomancer[m]> but! before I run same string with rootfs_type=ext4
<nekomancer[m]> possible, something not build btrfs because clean_level=""
<Tenkawa> that was my a large part of my career
<Werner> Well this is odd...Btrfs IS already fixed built in for N2..
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<Tenkawa> Werner: are you old enough to remember when this stuff would take 15-20 hours to run 1
<nekomancer[m]> now I will run without clean level and with kernel cionfig=yes to look into btrfs setting... but result will be tomorrow.
<Werner> I played with Gentoo on a single core celeron laptop ages ago so....Was kind a painful :D
<xwigg_> does u-boot support btrfs?
<Tenkawa> those were painful days
<Tenkawa> oh ya
<Tenkawa> xwigg_: good q
<nekomancer[m]> I have successfull build with same string for rock64 and rockpi4 (only board changed in comand string)
<Werner> It is properly present in kernel already...
<Tenkawa> I ran builds on a NCR Microchannel SVR4 machine back in 1996 they took almost 17 hours minimum on average
<Tenkawa> hmm thats on the N2 non plus??
<Tenkawa> I can test it here if you like
<Tenkawa> emmc or sd?
<Werner> They share the same config afaik
<lanefu> Tenkawa: yeah building on my Cyrix 6x86 P133+ was much faster than that lol
<Tenkawa> my n2 is idline so I can see whats up
* nekomancer[m] now use Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU L 640 @ 2.13GHz core 2 thread 4
<Tenkawa> er idling
<Tenkawa> lets see..
<nekomancer[m]> Tenkawa: N2 non plus, sdcard
<Tenkawa> this is my build server
<Tenkawa> Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz
<Tenkawa> 12 threads
<Werner> Mine is a vps with 16 core â 2GHz. Shared cores but does the job anyways.
<Werner> About 6000 points with geekbench5
<Tenkawa> this "was" my gaming machine but it weighs too much and I just didnt do any "gaming"
<Tenkawa> the gaming I did didnt need a dedicated 6gb vid card
<Werner> Well it is designed to do gaming, not lifting :D
<Tenkawa> (its a notebook btw)
<Tenkawa> actually it "is" designed for lifting
<Werner> I know, I have the same cpu in my business notebook
<Tenkawa> its a monster
<Tenkawa> the two fans make this thing sound like a jet when it gets going
<archetech> btrfs needs posix acl's driver also
<Tenkawa> but wow its fast
<Tenkawa> acls really??? uggh
<Werner> Included
<Tenkawa> what a senseless waste of memory
<Tenkawa> "forced"
<Tenkawa> its ok if you are going to use it
<archetech> and Id use * not m
* Tenkawa hates modules.. I hardcode wherever I can
<archetech> me too
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<Tenkawa> theres a lot of architectural issues they "still" dont have fixed after 20 years with them
<archetech> hmm weird I reburned my sdcard with above bullseye same image nic works now :)
<Werner> oO
<archetech> el bizarro
<archetech> chkin the logs
<Tenkawa> wild
<Tenkawa> curiosity q.. should the www.armbian.com address go to a site or just a repo? right now its just going to the mirrors.dotsrc.org repo
<nekomancer[m]> once I take instance on aws and try to compile armbian there. But 2 or 3 hours all that instance did — download stuff on 200 kb/s
<archetech> I istalled inxi and mc last time not sure why that would do harm so....ill do it again
<Tenkawa> ouch… I couldnt take that dload pain anymore
<Tenkawa> I had to upgrade.. then again I'm stuck here 95% of the time so I use it a lot
<archetech> changed fr estonia to denmark too
<archetech> journ is clean yay
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<archetech> prob is back guess its intermittant
<DigitalMan1983_> just noticing that toward the end of my image build there's a lot of "could not resolve deb.debian.org" although it seems like it got through building the image
<DigitalMan1983_> anyone else experiencing this? (current release of Armbian, kernel 5.7)
<archetech> DigitalMan1983_: yeah I dont know if its my nic or the mirrors
<DigitalMan1983_> did your image boot OK?
<archetech> yes
<archetech> this isnt same image as yours
<DigitalMan1983_> yeah I'm building for an A64
<archetech> ill do an iperf test
<archetech> got wirespeed between n2 and my nas
<c0rnelius> are they still using httpredir in the /etc/apt/sources.list file?
<archetech> but whn I up the limit to 1GB/s it fails
<Tenkawa> archetech: do you have ethtool installed?
<Tenkawa> force autoneg duplex and speed.. sometimes I've had to do that with these
<archetech> ok looks like its ok
<archetech> forgot the "m"
<Tenkawa> autoneg off
<Tenkawa> heh oops
<archetech> why turn that off
<archetech> its working at 100mb and 100mb
<Tenkawa> less handshaking
<archetech> its working at 100mb and 1000mb
<archetech> could care less
<Tenkawa> it forces it and wont try to override flaki mii's
<archetech> I think its maybe soemthing I see called fastly?
<Tenkawa> er flaky
<Tenkawa> one command. are both sides capable of gig?
<archetech> yes
<Tenkawa> ethtool -s eth0 duplex full speed 1000 autoneg off
<c0rnelius> cdn.fastly or something like that? Anyway. httpredir was discontinued.
<Tenkawa> (substitute int name)
<Tenkawa> c0rnelius: they disconned it really?
<Tenkawa> figures
<c0rnelius> long time ago
<c0rnelius> suppose to use deb now
<archetech> Ten thta fixed the nas to n2 speed hmm was stuck at 100Mb/s
<Tenkawa> ahh using the deb line instead of… ok I thought you meant a httpredir service
<c0rnelius> according to the site what it does now is redirect you to the proper link. so now ur redirecting just to get redirected again.
<Tenkawa> archetech: is that better I hope?
<archetech> just said it was
<archetech> didnt fix the issue though
<Tenkawa> ok cool.. wanted to make sure i interpreted correctly.. my brain is a bit fuzzy today
<archetech> must be the mirrorsor apt
<archetech> must be the mirrors or apt
<Tenkawa> bummer
<Tenkawa> whats the error?
<Tenkawa> I missed it
<archetech> 2kp/s
<Tenkawa> oh the speed itself
<Tenkawa> deb.debian.org has always been slow for me
<Tenkawa> are you in the states?
<archetech> yes
<Tenkawa> the one at kernel.org is usually really fast
<archetech> if thats normal then wow
<archetech> get some new usa mirros I guess
<Tenkawa> deb.debiab,org is a round robin I think
<Tenkawa> checking
<archetech> this going over the pond aint workin here
<Tenkawa> no.. just fastly
<Tenkawa> archetech: I'm in the states too
<DigitalMan1983_> so when it can't find it at deb.debian.org does it just use a different source?
<archetech> what can be done?
<DigitalMan1983_> me three.
<Tenkawa> archetech: look at this list
<archetech> had this happen on korean odroid updates too different distro
<archetech> 2k isnt slow its unusable
<archetech> thatonly affects things partially
<archetech> I changed to ftp.us.debian no help
<Tenkawa> I know kernel.org and mirror.cc.columbia.edu work well here
<Tenkawa> well ftp.us.debian.org also has some low bandwidth sites too
<Tenkawa> they arent all equal
<Tenkawa> you need to probably ping and traceroute to find a good one
<archetech> just said it didnt matter
<Tenkawa> afk bbiaf lunchtimie
<Tenkawa> er lunchtime
<Tenkawa> thats why I said use those 2 utilities.. I think something else is wrong
<Tenkawa> because they work fine here
<Tenkawa> I'm going to build a n2 image after lunch and test
<Tenkawa> afk..
<archetech> pls do
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<lanefu> archetech: hey what's the TLDR on your throughput problem... mirror issue or nic/driver/ issue?
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<archetech> tldr?
<DigitalMan1983_> TLDR "too long didn't read" aka the bottom line when all is said and done
<DigitalMan1983_> were you able to narrow it down to your NIC or to the mirrors
<DigitalMan1983_> I'm thinking the issue is with the servers, as I'm now trying another build with the 5.4 release and having the same issues, and I'm pretty sure that wasn't the case the last time I compiled it
<DigitalMan1983_> (last week at some point)
<archetech> ok
<DigitalMan1983_> hmm this is weird....while compiling the config, firmware, and dtb debs failed to fetch httpredir.debian.org
<DigitalMan1983_> then when it starts to install additional packages, it's downloading from httpredir.debian.org just fine
<Werner> Funny. httpredir is deprecated and deb.debian.org should be used instead
<DigitalMan1983_> deprecated for how long?
<DigitalMan1983_> I'm using the release with the 5.4 kernel
<archetech> is changing boot.ini cpu speed lines all there is to that?
<archetech> move the #
<Werner> DigitalMan1983_, dont know, a few month maybe?
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<DigitalMan1983_> when I built 5.7 this morning it used deb.debian.org for the packages and was having trouble with that
<DigitalMan1983_> looks like the 5.4.1 release I built just now uses the deprecated http redirect
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<DigitalMan1983_> when I get home from work tonight I'll try both and see if I can boot (still also up in the air as to whether the pine64so board configuration is going to work out)
<Werner> They simply forward httpdredir to deb atm
<DigitalMan1983_> ah, so that would explain why I'm seeing the same symptoms
<c0rnelius> deb also redirects, so you are redirecting to redirect.
<DigitalMan1983_> *goes crosseyed*
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<archetech> OS: Debian 11 bullseye
<archetech> <archetech> ,g$$P"" """Y$$.". Kernel: aarch64 Linux 5.7.15-meson64
<Tenkawa> I'm back
<Tenkawa> DigitalMan1983_: I dont think the speed theory is sound
<Tenkawa> Fetched 7,781 kB in 3s (2,861 kB/s)
<Tenkawa> that was with a tiny file to the columbia.edu mirror
<Tenkawa> unless its "his" uplink
* Tenkawa gets ready to build his new n2 image
* DigitalMan1983_ burns second image to SD card so he can spend the next 4 hours in meetings before being able to try it out :P
<Tenkawa> DigitalMan1983_: oh those days
<Tenkawa> I dont miss them
<DigitalMan1983_> retired? or just a line of work that doesn't involve meetings? :)
<Tenkawa> retired (not by choice)
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<Tenkawa> medical
<DigitalMan1983_> ah...sorry to hear that
<Tenkawa> nah no biggie I was close.. thanks though
<DigitalMan1983_> though not sorry that you're available to be here :)
<Tenkawa> I am trying to be available and help wherever I can
<Tenkawa> and hey.. keeps the skills sharp and lets face it.. its fun
<DigitalMan1983_> you've got a point there ;)
<DigitalMan1983_> and I have to be honest....my work machine FLIES through compiling these images
<Tenkawa> mine does too
<Tenkawa> my build machine
<DigitalMan1983_> so it's a little bit more fun when I'm here and can see the results immediately :)
<Tenkawa> i7 12 core
<DigitalMan1983_> my home machine is a dual core and I had to scale down my Ubuntu 18 VM to use XFCE
<Tenkawa> er 6 core 12 thread
<Tenkawa> notebook of all things too acting as a server lol
<DigitalMan1983_> my home machine is based on a Z80 processor combined with a hamster wheel, scotch tape, and chewing gum
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<Tenkawa> archetech: hey you got your build.sh command handy you used to build your n2 image?
<DigitalMan1983_> shit. time for those meetings.
<Tenkawa> so I can duplicate it
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<Tenkawa> compile.sh rather
<Tenkawa> oh my eyes!!!!
<Tenkawa> the flashbacks
<Tenkawa> lol
* Tenkawa was computing back in 79
<Tenkawa> pretty slick though in all seriousness
<xwigg_> bit expensive
<archetech> Tenkawa: used EXPERT=yes and chose minimal
* Tenkawa looks.. hasnt used it in ages
<Tenkawa> ok found where you pasted it earlier
<Tenkawa> ok here goes the build
<Tenkawa> which release did you use
<archetech> OS: Debian 11 bullseye
<archetech> <archetech> ,g$$P"" """Y$$.". Kernel: aarch64 Linux 5.7.15-meson64
<archetech> bulls
<archetech> dev
<Tenkawa> I mean ubuntu version?
<Tenkawa> ok
<archetech> deb 11
<archetech> is changing boot.ini cpu speed lines all there is to that?
<archetech> move the #
<Tenkawa> mine is downloading all the builder components atm
<Tenkawa> flying though
<Tenkawa> avg 4.5mb/sec
<Tenkawa> getting all the linaro stuff
<Tenkawa> so you running emmc or sd on yours?
<archetech> that supposed to be in your cache
<archetech> sd and usb hdd
<Tenkawa> no I was just asking
<Tenkawa> curiosity
<archetech> toolchains? is that a new install of builder?
<Tenkawa> I have mine setup to run microsd, emmc, and when I can keep it running I have a chainloaded m.2 via usb3
<Tenkawa> archetech: no. when you use the compile.sh script it loads them
<archetech> loadin ok not downloading
<Tenkawa> had you used it before? if so then it probably didnt need them.. this is a fresh vm for me
<Tenkawa> yeah its downloading them all
<Tenkawa> through torrents and deb
<archetech> mines ben in use a while never dl's tc's
<Tenkawa> .... ] gcc-arm-9.2-2019.12-x86_64-arm-none-linux-gnueabihf.tar.xz: 251MiB
<Tenkawa> [ .... ] downloading using torrent network [ gcc-arm-9.2-2019.12-x86_64-aarch64-none-linux-gnu.tar.xz ]
<Tenkawa> [ o.k. ] Verified [ MD5 ]
<Tenkawa> thats an example of one
<archetech> lol ok
<archetech> like im that new
<Tenkawa> yeah if youve had yours setup for a while thats why
<Tenkawa> mine is a new load so its got to get all the software sources again
<Tenkawa> archetech: I was a software dev for 25 years
<archetech> yeah I got that now
<Tenkawa> thank goodness I tripled my inet speed recently
<lanefu> i run all my build cache in a 80 gig tmpfs... everytime i reboot... womp womp download it all
<archetech> eww
<archetech> what benefit is that
<Tenkawa> lanefu: yeah I do that too if I'm on the big machine
<Tenkawa> archetech: speed
<archetech> tmpfs is ram?
<Tenkawa> lanefu: running my odroid vm builder atm on my mac so not going to push its ram
<Tenkawa> archetech: yep
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<archetech> Ic
<archetech> fancy dev tricks
<archetech> #204
<archetech> is changing boot.ini cpu speed lines all there is to that? lanefu
<Tenkawa> heheh to quote the manpage:
<Tenkawa> The tmpfs facility allows the creation of filesystems whose contents
<Tenkawa> typically reside in RAM, file access is extremely fast
<Tenkawa> reside in virtual memory. Since the files on such filesystems
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<archetech> I know what ram vs hdd does tyvm
<archetech> think I learned that on msdos 3.3
<Tenkawa> you said you didnt know what "tmpfs" was
<archetech> lane told me
<archetech> pay attn
<Tenkawa> it "is" different than the old "ramfs" mechanism
<Tenkawa> where?
<archetech> up
<Tenkawa> he didnt say anything that i see
<Tenkawa> ummm I'm the only one who has msged
<archetech> sry it was you said yup
<archetech> try notto belaobor a point I get bored easy
<Tenkawa> heheheh I hear ya
<Tenkawa> I just wanted to make sure if you were curious you had good info
<archetech> k
<archetech> lanefu: whats the deal I asked 3 times now?
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* archetech goes to google for a simple question
<archetech> You don't need to change any other than 'boot.ini' Thanks @tobetter
<lanefu> archetech: sorry working and client hsa a problem for oncee
<lanefu> lemme scroll
<archetech> na I go it
<archetech> got
<lanefu> cool
<lanefu> so yeah my understanding is you can adjust those linees in boot.ini for less than or = to speeds defined in deevice tree
<lanefu> or more accurately to speeds defined in device treee
<Tenkawa> lanefu: wow forgot how long it takes to populate the builder the first time you build it
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<archetech> cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/policy0/scaling_available_frequencies
<archetech> need to get that new plus dtb on this
<xwigg_> cpufreq-info
<Tenkawa> cpufreq-info and cpufreq-set are your friends
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<xwigg_> I'm lazy and use armbian-confgi
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<nekomancer[m]> during armbian build I see step `Compressing sources for the linux-source package`. Is it mandatory, or can be skipped, if all I wain is .img?
<xwigg_> add opt BUILD_KSRC=no
<DigitalMan1983_> nekomancer not sure if you're already familiar with it but https://docs.armbian.com/Developer-Guide_Build-Options/ is awesome
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<DigitalMan1983_> the BUILD_KSRC=no is a godsend in my opinion
<Tenkawa> doh no wonder its going so slow.. i forgot to allocate resources to my vm
<Tenkawa> i'm restricting most of my ram and cpus lol
<archetech> oops
<Tenkawa> I wasnt paying attention when I fired up parallels
<Tenkawa> lol
<archetech> do I have this patch on my bullseye ?
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<archetech> meson-g12b-odroid-n2.dtb is my dtb
<Tenkawa> that patch affects multiple files.. go look in this file
<Tenkawa> oopds
<Tenkawa> er
<ArmbianTwitter> @RoganDawes (Rogan Dawes): @OuterOrbitNZ @FriendlyARM_ @P4wnP1 By which I mean, the default usb uart that shows up when you connect almost any Armbian device via USB cable to a USB host. Not a separate usb to uart adapter connected to the headers on the board, which you have to open the case to get at. (31s ago)
<Tenkawa> config/boards/odroidn2.conf
<Tenkawa> Doest the first line Amlogic…. have the speed or not?
<Tenkawa> the original line shouldn't.. the updated should be "# Amlogic S922X hexa core 2GB/4GB RAM SoC 1.8-2.4Ghz eMMC GBE USB3 SPI RTC"
<archetech> nope
<archetech> the diff shows one must be carefull not all freqs overlap
<archetech> ill leave boot.ini alone for now
<Tenkawa> the n2 and n2+ have different ranges too probably too so dont be surprised if they are taking that into account in there
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<archetech> dont care much about the details just want ed toknow if what this build has looks like not applied yet
<archetech> I think werner blocked the upgrades after my attempt to use the latest stuff
<archetech> hosed the boot
<Tenkawa> no. my point is why do you think its relevant to the build?
<archetech> which is good
<Tenkawa> ie whats it going to fix
<archetech> the dtb of new n2
<Tenkawa> n2 or n2+?
<archetech> so OC is avail
<archetech> new= +
<Tenkawa> dtbs dont affect the core clocks of the soc anyway
<Tenkawa> only devices and io
<archetech> huh says right in the commit
<archetech> is it a kernel commit not a dtb commit?
<Tenkawa> thats a boot command not a dtb
<Tenkawa> setenv
<Tenkawa> its an environment variable
<archetech> ic its a boot.ini commit then
<Tenkawa> yep
<Tenkawa> appears they are adding some better persistency which is nice
<archetech> but that requires a newer dtb and kernel ubbot dont they go together when upgraded ?
<archetech> uboot*
<Tenkawa> o
<Tenkawa> no
<archetech> and maybe newer firmware too
<Tenkawa> u-boot is the one you"should" keep the most updated
<archetech> trying to learn
<Tenkawa> and u-boot is a mess on the best of days lol
<archetech> I should ask a dev
<archetech> putting you on spot for ? above your pay grade maybe
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<Tenkawa> I cant answer anything officially… Just telling you what I know
<archetech> the question is essentially what gets changed to get the n2 and n2+ both able to build on the builder?
<archetech> thats called the board config file I think
<Tenkawa> theres templates
<Tenkawa> it can also do boards like my nanopi
<archetech> ofc it can do lots of sbc's
<Tenkawa> yep
<Tenkawa> a ton
<archetech> you tend to digress in a convo
<archetech> go off topic
<Tenkawa> well you arent being clear
<archetech> sure I am I called it a file you called that a template same thing
<Tenkawa> no.. "what" are you asking
<archetech> nm
<Tenkawa> as in "operationally
<Tenkawa> "
<archetech> I just put the ? above
<lanefu> archetech: uboot has an internal var called someting like "variant" that knows the difference between n2 and n2+... igor added code in teh boot script to load the appropriate DTB baseed on the value of that var
<Tenkawa> what are you trying to accomplish
<archetech> ty lanefu
<Tenkawa> how in the world was that clear ?
<Tenkawa> from his question
<c0rnelius> you arguing again, Tenkawa :D
<c0rnelius> gettin into trouble
<archetech> the question is essentially what gets changed to get the n2 and n2+ both able to build on the builder?
<archetech> what gets accomplished is ya get a good build no mater what version of n2 ya got
<lanefu> Tenkawa: it's a 6th sense
<archetech> its ok ten you getting lost a little
<Tenkawa> lanefu: thats my point.. it was 'not' a good question and I do not appreciate people taking offense when they dont ask fully detailed questions
<Tenkawa> archetech: no. you still left out very important information that lanefu had to keep grabbingat
<archetech> na he just knew what I was asking to know
<archetech> without adding any more info at all
<Tenkawa> lanefu: thank you for your assistance sir
<[TheBug]> osmosis?
<archetech> dev vs builder engineer vs r&d scientist
<lanefu> Tenkawa: i'm just used to different communication styles. a lot of technical people give and receive information in a very direct context... and things that may be apparent in teh eyes of a indirect communicator are not in a direct communicator
<lanefu> and vice versa
<lanefu> i had one guy that got very frustrated with other people because he was a direct communicator
* lanefu used to manage a team of linux people
<archetech> that explains you well
<archetech> it is a subtle skill for sure
<lanefu> pro cat-herder
<lanefu> :P
<[TheBug]> ohh I had interpreted based on the communication happening someone had developed an osmosis interface, I am in search of one.. should you ever obtain, please get in contact.
<archetech> its a feel thing thats coupled to communication true hard to explain for sure
<[TheBug]> /sarcasm
<[TheBug]> :)
<archetech> I always know what lane is saying is that cuz we are direct or something else
<[TheBug]> be careful, his wife could get jelous..
<archetech> heh
<archetech> its a good thing
<archetech> not a bromance thing
<lanefu> lol
<archetech> he's frickin sharp ive worked with the msartest of em all in r&d
<archetech> smartest and swarmy too those guys
<archetech> doin calculus in their head and chit
<lanefu> Oooh yeah those aree the scary brains
<Tenkawa> ok… the image is done
<Tenkawa> time to write it to emmc
<archetech> yeah im not one of them
<archetech> heh
<Tenkawa> [ o.k. ] Runtime [ 109 min ]
<archetech> do you constantly touch the wall at work in the halls lol
<Tenkawa> not bad for using a VM
<lanefu> halls?
<archetech> hallways
<lanefu> this world is open office
<lanefu> there ar eno halls
<archetech> lol true im dating myself
<lanefu> just fucking noise
<lanefu> its terrible
<archetech> yeah so much for the young ergo designers
<lanefu> well the chairs are good
<archetech> and their feng shui
<lanefu> just not the business assholes having ad-hoc meetings at a "common space" behind your desk farm
<archetech> you dont put these guys in a cubicle or open space
<archetech> theres the office the lab and the HALLWAYS thats it!
<archetech> lmao
<lanefu> dude i used to work for marketing company
<lanefu> we had a 3 building campus
<lanefu> finally they rented a palce a mile down the road
<lanefu> put the nerds there
<lanefu> and kept on the beauitufil people on the campus for clients n stuff
<lanefu> s/on/all
<ArmbianHelper> lanefu meant to say: and kept all the beauitufil people on the campus for clients n stuff
<archetech> they learned
<lanefu> yeah.. ultimately it was for the best
<lanefu> but still a nerd caste
<archetech> thats still different market and science peeps are not like each other
<archetech> at all
<archetech> but I get the point
<lanefu> in other news.. did I mention I hate kubernetes
<archetech> idk what that is and dont tell me
<lanefu> i'm in the middle of helping client debug a volume resizing issue through 2 or 3 layers of abstration, and now their infra team wants to nuke the whole clustre for a whole unrelated set of problems lol
<Tenkawa> oops
<archetech> LVM?
<Tenkawa> ouch
<lanefu> noo
<lanefu> so much more complicated
<archetech> SAN?
<lanefu> i can do lvm recovery ontop of mdraid in my sleep
<Tenkawa> could be worse… could be (omg I hope its not) raid 20
<lanefu> this is resizing a pod's persistant volume claim, driven by a Container Storage Interface, which has middleware tasks that interact iwth aws EBS volumees and the parent container hosts
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<Tenkawa> aws *shudder*
<archetech> I left when that was taking off
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<lanefu> big picture..... AWS is the new Windows NT
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* archetech ex-MCSE
<archetech> with Cisco WAN
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<lanefu> clowns get certfied... use clicky gui things.. make programs out of wonky runtimeese and geenerators
<lanefu> so on that note.. big picturee.. CNCF's certifactions for kubernetes junk.. are the new Cisco Certs
<archetech> thats what the lower paid guys always said
<lanefu> A+ is the only cert i ever got lol
<archetech> only one that mattered gets ya in
<IgorPec> kubernetes?
<archetech> least it used to
<IgorPec> :)
<lanefu> haha yep
<lanefu> i think i might have a sticky e.. or i need to debounce my e key lol
<archetech> work environments are interesting as psycho as they can be
<archetech> Wayne State bioengineering ring a bell lane?
<archetech> then I went to UW-Madison
<lanefu> no bells
<archetech> downtown Detroit
<lanefu> cool
<Tenkawa> ok… getting ready to power this guy up *crosses fingers*
<archetech> boot-odroid-n2 ok thats the boot ini thats compat for both boards? n2+ still needs more to be right
<archetech> at least for mainline
<lanefu> yeah that boot.ini with the if block conditionally load the correct dtb via $variant
<lanefu> so same image should work on N2-,N2+
<archetech> ok then a patched kernel and patched dtb?
<archetech> or not there yet?
<lanefu> patched kernel... and a dtb specific for the model
<archetech> ah right I saw somebody merge the dtb's though
<archetech> odroid maybe
<archetech> I cant keep track of 3 distros ways
<archetech> manj/arch odroid and here
<lanefu> shit yeah.. i'm seeing that now
<lanefu> brain hurt again
<lanefu> lol
<archetech> trying though
<archetech> bad memory to boot
<archetech> ok drum roll Tenkawa what ya got
<lanefu> Ohhhh my last build was before the patch :P
<Tenkawa> I got nothing but I think I know why.. gvfs tried to mount my drive as I was writing the image and I think its corrupt
<archetech> what would happen if I put that boot.ini ya linked into my /boot on n2+ with bullseye 5.7.15 ?
* Tenkawa disables automount
<archetech> bummer
<archetech> it would die setenv fdtfile meson-g12b-odroid-n2-plus.dtb dont have that
<archetech> tried to get it and broke my build this moring
<archetech> used armbian-config
<archetech> trid the nightly thing should ahve known
<archetech> gotta love testing things from a menu
<archetech> wonder what this does... aaaaaahhh
<Tenkawa> heheh long as it doesnt do whatone of my machines did 2 weeks ago
<Tenkawa> "boom"
<archetech> I try to draw the line at getting smoke
<Tenkawa> had a drive failure hit me
<archetech> hdd circuit board touches case metal while on whats that smell
<archetech> guess ya should have mounted it eh
<archetech> my own lazy fault
<lanefu> k
<lanefu> lane@billroyall:~/GIT/build/cache/sources/linux-mainline/linux-5.7.y/arch/arm64/boot/dts/amlogic$ pwd;ls -l *n2*
<lanefu> /home/lane/GIT/build/cache/sources/linux-mainline/linux-5.7.y/arch/arm64/boot/dts/amlogic
<Tenkawa> yeah this one was the plastic was just so old
<lanefu> -rw-rw-r-- 1 root bin 75639 Aug 12 16:16 meson-g12b-odroid-n2.dtb
<lanefu> -rw-rw-r-- 1 root bin 14143 Aug 12 16:16 meson-g12b-odroid-n2.dts
<lanefu> -rw-rw-r-- 1 root bin 12560 Aug 12 16:16 meson-g12b-odroid-n2.dts.orig
<lanefu> -rw-rw-r-- 1 root bin 75763 Aug 12 16:16 meson-g12b-odroid-n2-plus.dtb
<lanefu> -rw-r--r-- 1 root bin 2636 Aug 12 16:16 meson-g12b-odroid-n2-plus.dts
<archetech> look out the man at work
<lanefu> so yeah you'd need that dtb in the right spot, and the boot.ini
<Tenkawa> hey thats looking better now that gvfs isnt trying to corrupt my filesystems
<Tenkawa> let me re-setup again
* lanefu just got M3 and 6/32 thread taps and a bag o stand-offs today
<Tenkawa> oh yeah that last run was fouled up…. just looking at these files there were old kernel files in the old fs
<archetech> liberal use of CLEAN then
<lanefu> archetech: what's current endgame? just get armbain n2+ image built? or are you trying to assemble some debs onto something
<archetech> well now ya got me thinking with that there paste
<archetech> can ya integrate that into the armb-config somehow?
<archetech> or a cmd set
<archetech> for my bulls-dev build
<archetech> ill risk it
<archetech> ....again
<archetech> and again
<lanefu> so the rub is there's something about the v20.08 armbian kernel image format that doesn't play ball with the v20.05 uboot
<archetech> is it the compression thing?
<lanefu> I think so
<lanefu> i only bothred to look at a console once a week or two ago
<lanefu> anyway
<lanefu> a Fresh v20.08 nightly image should just work out of the box
<archetech> boooo
<archetech> but if thats all the timne ya got ok
<archetech> time
<archetech> im just goffin around but thats how stuff gets fixed too :)
<archetech> goofin*
<lanefu> yeah thats when you actually havee the time to fix something is goof around time
<lanefu> lol
<archetech> funny how that works
<lanefu> yeah
<archetech> your call
<lanefu> so I put latste ubuntu on my 2010 Macbook pro as a last-ditch effort to keep me from buying a pinebook por
<lanefu> *pro
<lanefu> my 1 year old replacement battery failed me
<archetech> lol
<lanefu> said sorry no warranty
<archetech> who needs a battery
<lanefu> thats what i get for going brand name
<lanefu> so i ordered a sketchy one Literalyl called "PureDick"
<lanefu> shit you not
<lanefu> works great
<lanefu> got ubuntu on it
<archetech> lmao
<lanefu> and yet.. it made me want a pinebook pro more lol
<archetech> old and working is still not new
<archetech> been there
<lanefu> yeah and like EERYthing works
<lanefu> the keyboard backlight controls
<lanefu> whole 9 yards
<archetech> ebay it
<archetech> pays for the new thing
<archetech> old macs get good money
<lanefu> wow
<lanefu> jus tlooked on ebay
<lanefu> may ponder that
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<archetech> Tenkawa: dont sweat it it will boot its the new stuff lanefu is got that needs testing so use that
<archetech> the nic is probly fixed in that too if its at all broke vs mirror issues
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* archetech ponders direct vs beguiling communication styles
<Tenkawa> I think I need to update my repo
<archetech> your repo?
<Tenkawa> builder repo
<archetech> default works here
<archetech> on bionic
<Tenkawa> I compiled against focal
<Tenkawa> oops
<Tenkawa> I want debian anyway so I'm recreating a new image
<Tenkawa> I dont like ubuntu
<archetech> your confusing things I meant bionic builder
<archetech> and I used that to build deb bullseye-dev img
<archetech> gotta be on same page
<archetech> im sure focal builder which is new ....will build the same way bionic does
<Tenkawa> dont "ever" assume that
<nekomancer[m]> <archetech "boot-odroid-n2 ok thats the boo"> check if armmbian-config→system→hardware works on your N2 and N2+
<Tenkawa> if it is in a different repository it is a different piece of software and can potentially be different
<archetech> i'm talking about the output being the same sheesh
<Tenkawa> nope.. it can affect that drasticly
<Tenkawa> one slight version of a piece of software can change a binary driver
<archetech> really so your image can be different from my inage given the same input info?
<archetech> that would make the docs wrong and npobody should use the new focal builder
<Tenkawa> no but if I have a different pkg on my machine than you have yes
<Tenkawa> and focal pkgs change every couple of days depending if any bugs are found
<archetech> thats handled by the builder not the Ubu version
<Tenkawa> incorrect
<Tenkawa> only at the time of build
<archetech> make no sense to get two possible dufferent images
<Tenkawa> shared libraries are an ongoing concern at install and runtime
<archetech> pkgs are selected at build time inside the builder they do not vary from focal or bionic builders inconsistant images would be hell
<archetech> thats like I use bionic and get gcc 9 and you focal and get gcc10 no way
<Tenkawa> only "prebuilt" ones
<Tenkawa> why do you think it downloaded and I complained about all of the toolchains earlier
<Tenkawa> those are the compilers
<archetech> cuz it was a fresh install
<Tenkawa> that it "compiles" things like the kernel etc with
<Tenkawa> guess what… change still happen right in the middle of that
<archetech> na ya just get a speedier build with focal I'd assume
<Tenkawa> one library here can impact 4 packages down the chain
<archetech> the underlying OS being newer
<Tenkawa> well gotta run.. cheers all
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<archetech> whew what a trip
<archetech> alternate universe
<archetech> never interacted with him till today
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<DigitalMan1983_> aren't all linux people from an alternate universe? :)
<lanefu> ^^ yes
<archetech> most
<lanefu> archetech: not sure if useefull but a buillseye image.. would have linked earlier but garage computer was being stupid https://armbian.lane-fu.com/Armbian_20.08.0-trunk-justforarch_Odroidn2_bullseye_current_5.7.15.img.xz
<lanefu> respective debs here https://armbian.lane-fu.com/debs-beta/
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<archetech> k so i can do either im trying nto to overwrite my sdcards ya know
<archetech> when its possible
<lanefu> cattle not pets!
<lanefu> (had fun building out pet server for new armbian server @ innoscale)
<archetech> spending armbians $ ?
<archetech> bullseye folder or beleow
<lanefu> ignore bullseye folder
<lanefu> just search for justforarch
<archetech> lol saw it
<lanefu> haha yeah spending armbians money to have forums on a non-sketchy server
<lanefu> and now you get those sweet west coast pingtims instead of transatlantic
<archetech> nice
<archetech> progress
<lanefu> yeah also its where i've setup the mirror rediret service
<lanefu> which need to do some more coding
<lanefu> but holy shit.. 1.2millian hits a day against 2 flask apps
<archetech> yikes no wonder my update speed is crap
<lanefu> well its round robin
<archetech> if thats a factor
<lanefu> but
<lanefu> beta isn't n the mirrors
<lanefu> its still in estonia and slovenia
<archetech> whats the issue then
<lanefu> well i'd like to troubleshoot that with you
<archetech> ok
<lanefu> you were just trying to dl from beta.armbian.com?
<lanefu> and you msg me your IP
<archetech> maybe they can move em to non hamster run server/isp?
<lanefu> and can you mtr or traceroute `beta.armbian.com`
<archetech> what pkg has traceroute
<archetech> bind?
<lanefu> screw it apt install mtr
<lanefu> it will bring you more joy
<archetech> need all i can get of that
<archetech> ok shoot
<lanefu> also install iperf3
<lanefu> then we can just do a bandwidth test
<archetech> done
<archetech> ill do it on arch 1st then n2 if needed its down
<lanefu> cool
<lanefu> do iperf3 -c beta.armbian.com
<lanefu> then do iperf3 -c beta.armbian.com -R
<lanefu> first pass is how fast you can send, second pass is how fast you can recieve
<archetech> ID] Interval Transfer Bitrate Retr
<archetech> [ 5] 0.00-10.00 sec 4.97 MBytes 4.17 Mbits/sec 95 sender
<archetech> [ 5] 0.00-10.00 sec 4.16 MBytes 3.49 Mbits/sec receiver
<archetech> 0.00-10.00 sec 18.3 MBytes 15.4 Mbits/sec 109 sender
<archetech> [ 5] 0.00-10.00 sec 16.4 MBytes 13.8 Mbits/sec receiver
<archetech> normal?
<archetech> seems good vs on n2
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<archetech> n2 is up ill do aga
<archetech> mtr brings in too much stuff
<lanefu> lol
<nekomancer[m]> <archetech "n2 is up ill do aga"> aga?
<archetech> lazy typer
<lanefu> lazy 'merican for again
<archetech> hey im efficient typer
<nekomancer[m]> Certified efficient typer™
<lanefu> oh ya.. you all have fish fry?
<archetech> fish on friday
<archetech> but im not cath
<archetech> 0.00-10.00 sec 5.78 MBytes 4.85 Mbits/sec 181 sender
<archetech> [ 5] 0.00-10.00 sec 4.14 MBytes 3.47 Mbits/sec receiver
<lanefu> cracked me up in milwuakee.. i'd go into a pizza place and hear ya you all have fish fry
<archetech> weird close to arch that one
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<archetech> 0.00-10.00 sec 211 KBytes 173 Kbits/sec 48 sender
<archetech> [ 5] 0.00-10.00 sec 154 KBytes 126 Kbits/sec receiver
<archetech> there it is
<lanefu> aha
<lanefu> okay do it again.. use armbian.lane-fu.com for host
<archetech> -R
<lanefu> that way you geet som e'merica
<lanefu> so it sucks at recieving
<archetech> send ok
<archetech> 0.00-10.04 sec 399 KBytes 325 Kbits/sec 80 sender
<archetech> [ 5] 0.00-10.00 sec 370 KBytes 303 Kbits/sec receive
<archetech> thats R
<lanefu> okay good stuff
<lanefu> i think we can say with confidence that it's not receiving well
<archetech> my nic is bad config
<lanefu> is dmesg saying anything?
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<archetech> no
<lanefu> k
<Tenkawa> lanefu: interesting discovery
<lanefu> is this the image I gave you? or one you built?
<archetech> mine
<archetech> built twice both did it
<Tenkawa> the new build fires right up with debian on emmc but not with ubuntu focal
<Tenkawa> built
<Tenkawa> oops not me
* nekomancer[m] uploaded an image: 24 Heavy Object - 01_54.webp (60KiB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/gkgyMdsuKFImLZrqMOqyArHU/24 Heavy Object - 01_54.webp >
<lanefu> archetech: so if you just wann try some stuff.. there's some conversation about N2 opitmizatiosn regarding CPU affiinity n stuff in this commit and comment https://github.com/armbian/build/commit/1a04b50674626cf0165c84ef463c2b9e3df07061#commitcomment-40258499
<nekomancer[m]> ooops, sorry...
<lanefu> some drama ensued and the tuning was removed completely
<archetech> see any N2(+) posts about the nic
<lanefu> archetech: any adjustments on your build? or is it just a straight checek out from armbian's build and ran with defaults
<archetech> plain jane
<lanefu> try adding like `verbosity=7` into /boot/armbianEnv.txt and see if that makes more noise
<lanefu> but gonna need to figure out how to debug that nic driver
<lanefu> so whateveer flags you need to find to get it noisey that will givee us something to go on
<archetech> no such file on deb
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: focal desktop no boot, or focal server?
<Tenkawa> which nic do you use?
<nekomancer[m]> lanefu: server
<Tenkawa> I have like 20 diff oddball adapters around here
<Tenkawa> Linux odroidn2 5.7.15-meson64 yay :)
<lanefu> archetech: right now armbianEnv on the odroids
<lanefu> Tenkawa: hmmm here's my odroidn2 running from the original PR that added n2+ suppprt
<lanefu> lane@odroidn2:~$ lsb_release -a
<lanefu> No LSB modules are available.
<lanefu> Distributor ID: Ubuntu
<lanefu> Description: Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS
<lanefu> Release: 20.04
<lanefu> Codename: focal
<lanefu> lane@odroidn2:~$ uname -a
<lanefu> Linux odroidn2 5.7.14-meson64 #392 SMP PREEMPT Fri Aug 7 16:41:14 EDT 2020 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux
<lanefu> lemme update and see if it dies
<Tenkawa> lanefu: fortunately for me I prefer debian anyway
<nekomancer[m]> debian have antic versions of all
<Tenkawa> only wish I wouldve been able to get the 4gb unit
<Tenkawa> antic?
<nekomancer[m]> old
<Tenkawa> actually if you follow unstable their versions are usually much newer than ubuntu
<archetech> no such file on deb bulls
<lanefu> archetech: i didn't word well.. you're right.. .armbianEnv.txt doesn't exist on n2
<c0rnelius> i think we call that antique
<archetech> k
<Tenkawa> hmm I have it
<Tenkawa> more /usr/share/armbian/armbianEnv.txt
<lanefu> Tenkawa: but not in /boot
<Tenkawa> verbosity=1
<Tenkawa> console=both
<Tenkawa> ethaddr=00:……
<Tenkawa> true
<lanefu> so just ot make both of you all mad
<Tenkawa> no but too many symlinks!!!
<lanefu> the kernel i built for arch.. booted fun on focal
<Tenkawa> lol
<lanefu> and my iperf receiving from estonia
<lanefu> [ ID] Interval Transfer Bitrate Retr
<lanefu> [ 5] 0.00-10.00 sec 144 MBytes 121 Mbits/sec 96 sender
<lanefu> [ 5] 0.00-10.00 sec 141 MBytes 118 Mbits/sec receiver
<Tenkawa> lanefu: with emmc?
<lanefu> oh no sorry didn't know emmc was part of the equation
<lanefu> do you DD your imags to emmc?
<Tenkawa> yes
<Tenkawa> oops I forgot to add the front gap
<Tenkawa> right?
<Tenkawa> darnit
<lanefu> not sure honestly.. last time i used emmc on my n2 was like months and months ago
<Tenkawa> so why is it builtin to debian but not to ubuntu?
<lanefu> i think you're drawing the wrong conclusion
<lanefu> i'm suspecting there's a service that fails or is bogging down focal that isnt on debian
<lanefu> do you hae console logs?
<Tenkawa> no because the fs never writes any changes
<Tenkawa> and its headless so I cant see it
<lanefu> so FYI you can shove regular dupon female connectors on that TTL console header
<lanefu> except for nekomancer[m] who broke theirs lol :P
<Tenkawa> yeah figured I could use a regular ttl cable
<Tenkawa> but if debian is working I'm happy
<archetech> btw my lght is yellow
<archetech> light
<archetech> nic
<archetech> if that says anything
<lanefu> whats this say `sudo mii-tool eth0`
<Tenkawa> I would be running slackware right now if they would get their arm port running in this eon's software
<lanefu> Did you ever get cd's from walnut creek cdrom?
<archetech> 1000bt ok
<Tenkawa> yep
<Tenkawa> and floppys
<lanefu> ha yeah i did slackware floppies as my first linuxing
<lanefu> from a dialup sco account
<Tenkawa> people thought I had lost my mind
<lanefu> so i had to ftp them, then download with zmodem
<archetech> how to disable checksum?
<Tenkawa> Unixware ftl
<Tenkawa> (for the loss) lol
<lanefu> archetech: dunno
<lanefu> archetech: why don't you add a loglevel=7 to the kernel options in boot.ini and see if that gives us something
<nekomancer[m]> lanefu: i get another connectors... and they a littke bigger to be inserted from one side.
<archetech> k
<nekomancer[m]> maybe I have to remove plastic from socket and use metall part only
<lanefu> maybe just solder the wires on if you're up for it
<lanefu> surprised you're having trouble with teh connectors
<archetech> got a intel e1000 drv loading?
<lanefu> lol. man yeah i've seen that in the kernel configs before
<lanefu> back to my thought about needing to establish kernel cofnig baseline
<lanefu> pretty sure its a product of a universal default
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<archetech> ethtool: could not get ethtool features for eth0
<archetech> Aug 12 19:12:08 odroidn2 systemd-udevd[1458]: Could not set offload features of eth0: Device or resource busy
<Tenkawa> interesting… no e1000 here
<archetech> NetworkManager[1667]: <warn> [1597273929.9446] config: unknown key 'wifi.cloned-mac-address' in section [>
<archetech> Aug 12 19:12:09 odroidn2 NetworkManager[1667]: <warn> [1597273929.9446] config: unknown key 'ethernet.cloned-mac-address' in secti
<archetech> [device-mac-addr-change-wifi] of file '/usr/lib/NetworkManager/conf.d/no-mac-addr-change.conf'
<lanefu> yay house rebooted
<Tenkawa> I did tell my txt setup not to enable wired if that matters on enabling/not modules with the armbiantemplate
<Tenkawa> house rebooted… that sounds ominous
<lanefu> power blip
<lanefu> actually most of stuff is on ups
<Tenkawa> indeed
<lanefu> so mostly light switches rebooted
<lanefu> i need to configure LWT for my tasmota stuff i guess
<archetech> I see nothing glaring bad
<lanefu> archetech: run iperf3 with it
<Tenkawa> we've had too many power hits here recently
<lanefu> see if that spits something out with dmesg
<lanefu> ..and another
<ArmbianHelper> and another [en~>eng]
<lanefu> tiem to powerdown super micro
<lanefu> and synology
<archetech> your iperf just confirms my nic isnt right
<archetech> and this isnt happng on arch or odroid ubu
<lanefu> archetech: iperf didnt trigger any noise in dmesg
<Tenkawa> are you using wifi or wired?
<archetech> 0.00-10.00 sec 31.9 MBytes 26.7 Mbits/sec 107 sender
<archetech> [ 5] 0.00-10.00 sec 29.7 MBytes 24.9 Mbits/sec receiver
<archetech> now its ok for a while
<archetech> thats -R
<archetech> keeps changing speed
<lanefu> yeah i'd expect beta.armbian.com to vary cuz transatlantic
<lanefu> my iperf3 server is down now cuz power is out forreal
<archetech> its stable then for now
<archetech> it will break
<archetech> tests ok then
<archetech> https://mirrors.netix.net/armbian/apt bullseye InRelease
<archetech> Fetched 248 kB in 21s (11.5 kB/s)
<archetech> Reading package lists... Done
chiui has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
<archetech> nuttin in logs level 7 didnt add much info
<archetech> storm?
<archetech> my are gets freq outages
<archetech> area
<archetech> corps just keep patin those ceo's 100mill
<archetech> vs infra
<archetech> payin
<archetech> when I was young they d lock them up for fraud
<archetech> so ill install those pkgs and seee whats up
<archetech> oww misse my chance
<archetech> server down
<archetech> my bet is its uboot
<archetech> disable offload no help
<lanefu> yeah storm
<lanefu> surrpised i'm only pulling 250 watts on generator
<lanefu> archetech: https://us.mirrors.fossho.st
<lanefu> thats not gonna have nightly tho
<archetech> wanted your builds
<archetech> and no deb bulls
<archetech> cuz its new and fast
<lanefu> oh
<lanefu> yeah uhmmm its offline
<archetech> then tommorrows another day
<lanefu> yeah i guess i need a nano datacenter for DR
<archetech> im shocked ya dont
<archetech> on some extra sbc
<archetech> got a win 2011 SBS does nuttin but be a back to my NAS
<archetech> NAS behind NAS
<archetech> and print server for lan
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<archetech> aint got nuttin on my nas anymore but some arm images and old docs\
<archetech> lotta old win drivers
<archetech> I use OMV 5
<archetech> raid 0
<archetech> 110 MB/s
<archetech> all I need