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<archetech> lanefu, can you/we fix that or Igor needed?
<lanefu> fix what
<archetech> above n2 breakage
<lanefu> oh that we were talking about this AM?
<archetech> right yours broke right
<lanefu> yeah broke on upgrade
<archetech> same here
<lanefu> Myy had good theories about address
<lanefu> sooo
<lanefu> are you good at extracting deb packages?
<archetech> theresa link from 20 hrs ago I posted the repo w/ the poss fix
<lanefu> got thee link handy?
<archetech> no just scroll up
<lanefu> you scroll up!
<lanefu> lol
<archetech> me and igor talking
<archetech> yeah im asking too much ;P
<archetech> 2106 I think
<lanefu> 2106 doesn't fix shit
<lanefu> i've been workin that issuee
<archetech> lol ok last thing I saw as poss fix
<lanefu> turns out we already had the patches
<lanefu> and that cheeseburger image he used
<archetech> ok so yeah I can do a bit of deb stuff
<lanefu> was just straight off of trunk
<lanefu> basically that issue was a red herring
<lanefu> he had a read port problem
<lanefu> that was his switch
<lanefu> which we had thought was gpio rst patches
<archetech> ok ok
<lanefu> adn then afterwards he got bit by the bricked nightly update
<lanefu> which now that i've said outlout
<archetech> aaaah
<lanefu> outloud
<archetech> ok ok
<lanefu> i'm gonan go close that ticket and make a new one
<lanefu> ANNNYWAY
<lanefu> problem is.. v20.05 stable image breaks when updating to new nightly... adn the theory is that the init image or something isn't fitting in the address space.. OR some sort of post setup script is different
<archetech> I got ya at red herring
<lanefu> so my ask from you is if you can compare the post-install hooks in the old and new u-boots and kernel debs
<archetech> no but I test what you come up with :p
<lanefu> and look for clues. in case its a scripting this vs a storage / memory address thing
<archetech> can*
<lanefu> k well i wasn't planning on digging deep into that tonight
<archetech> ok
<lanefu> i'm working on the redirect tool some moree
<lanefu> but if you found some clues in those debs, it could heelp us move along :)
<archetech> wouldnt know what im even lokking for
<lanefu> sure ya do
<lanefu> its a script that does installing shit
<lanefu> does it look differnet
<archetech> do a diff?
<lanefu> i mean i'm talking to a LFS person here
<lanefu> yeah crack'em open and diff
<archetech> lfs builder only a movice dev there
<archetech> novive
<archetech> novice
<lanefu> well if its any consolation i don't know what i'm doing i just beat on shit until it works
<lanefu> i built a career on that
<lanefu> lol
<archetech> thats more my style too lol
<lanefu> anyway your resume is more than qualified
<archetech> ill do it with ya then 2 heads
<archetech> whenever
<lanefu> word
<archetech> word
<archetech> tar xvf mesa blah now
* archetech source code ninja master
<lanefu> ha
<lanefu> yeah we should looking into building those mesa debs eh
<archetech> yes the mesa-git one
<archetech> must have for mali on n2
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* archetech building mesa for intel hd530
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<fizikz> lanefu: did you see the recent forum posts about the memory issue on odroid? https://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?p=301597&sid=0d2df366f3c7570318682fd0c6600cb1#p301597
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<lanefu> fizikz: oh! no i didnt
<fizikz> it's nice that someone has been working on it and seems to have made some progress
<lanefu> yeah let me at least create a new issue i guess
<fizikz> and maybe test the patch they are asking feedback on ;)
<fizikz> it's a bit beyond my comprehension
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<DigitalMan1983_> hi all
<DigitalMan1983_> struggling with my Ubuntu Bionic with Armbian image
<DigitalMan1983_> the manufacturer of my board provided the SD card and the login credentials they supplied for the root account are not being accepted
<DigitalMan1983_> wondering if there is a generic solution (Armbian/Ubuntu specific rather than device specific)
<lanefu> armbians default is root:1234
<DigitalMan1983_> awesome, thanks!
<lanefu> what manufacturere and board ?
<lanefu> curious who is shipping with armbian images :)\
<DigitalMan1983_> Olimex Olinuxino-A64
<lanefu> cool
<DigitalMan1983_> so far it gets to creating a username then dies
<DigitalMan1983_> asks for one then stops responding....on the serial console anyway
<lanefu> what a bummer
<archetech> wont boot to a prompt?
<DigitalMan1983_> nope
<archetech> howfar it gets?
<DigitalMan1983_> Please provide a username (eg. your forename):
<DigitalMan1983_> oh wait just got past it
<DigitalMan1983_> hmmm getting a lot of garbage on my serial port
<DigitalMan1983_> I made the cable as short as possible but once everything is up and running it's just garbage
<archetech> dont use it
<archetech> use mon kbrd
<DigitalMan1983_> OK now it's cleaned up
<DigitalMan1983_> and I'm at a command prompt. mission accomplished for tonight!
<lanefu> woohoo.. btw ssh and dhcp work by default
<archetech> id never setup a new install over serial
<lanefu> well if you're wifi you might
<DigitalMan1983_> probably all done with serial console for now, just wanted to see that prompt show up
<DigitalMan1983_> my ultimate goal is to build my own Armbian image
<DigitalMan1983_> I came up from a Rockchip processor with Kernel 3.0 where everything had to be built by hand
<DigitalMan1983_> so when I saw the build tools that come with armbian I was in heaven
<DigitalMan1983_> download, run ./compile.sh, done.
<lanefu> yeah its pretty easy to build an image for sure
<lanefu> it can takea it to wrap yoru head around how to config things
<DigitalMan1983_> all the dependencies, toolchain, kernel configuration, it's all there
<lanefu> but yeah i' a fan
<lanefu> yep..
<DigitalMan1983_> I spent years just trying to understand Rockchip's boot process
<DigitalMan1983_> at the root of which is a closed-source, proprietary bootloader
<DigitalMan1983_> discovering Armbian has been like a dream so far
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<lanefu> DigitalMan1983_: it's great to see your excitement
<lanefu> i bet you'll have fun customizing stuff
<DigitalMan1983_> hell yeah, I've been through the kernel configuration menu
<DigitalMan1983_> a lot of the knowledge of building a kernel instantly became unnecessary, but there was always this sense of deep satisfaction of typing make ARCH=arm menuconfig
<DigitalMan1983_> and having that ncurses menu pop up with all those options at your fingertips :)
<lanefu> yeah, its nice to tune and prune the stuff too
<DigitalMan1983_> Yup. Default config enables and packs in a whole metric crap ton of devices your board will likely never see in all of its days, I was blown away as I went through the menus and again as my kernel was building how much unnecessary stuff was bloating it and slowing down my build time
<lanefu> we need to standardize a bit on our kernels on what we enable and dont by default
<lanefu> but yeah there's probably a billion modules to skip
<archetech> intel tiger lake sbc's coming now I get why arm is for sale heh
<lanefu> yeah but where's the romance in using that
<lanefu> jk its acstually cool
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<lanefu> fizikz: added todo task for patches... won't get to it until after v20.08 armbian release https://armbian.atlassian.net/browse/AR-388
<ArmbianHelper> AR-388 [Task] "XU4 - Introduce new Mem freq scaling patch and re-enable" reported by Lane Jennison at 2020-08-04. Status: To Do
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<DigitalMan1983_> ooh, there's a debian flavor too!
<DigitalMan1983_> now I've got ubuntu on one SD card and debian on the other.....now to build my own :)
<DigitalMan1983_> yes! that!
<DigitalMan1983_> that guide is awesome, I've referred to it many times
<DigitalMan1983_> fortunately I've had a dry run so hopefully I should be all set
<DigitalMan1983_> unless it doesn't boot, in which case, back to the guide :)
<DigitalMan1983_> in fact...if my VM is still intact here I think I've still got the resulting image that I can try out
<Werner> Morning
<lanefu> good morning werner!
<Werner> Good morning Lane
<Werner> Or...good night Lane? :D
<lanefu> ha not morning for another 19 minutes
<Werner> Uuhhh Helios64 support
<lanefu> gotta have it
<lanefu> i think he's shipping soon
<Werner> Would be neat to have that already included, yeah. Though there is basically no way to test things...
<lanefu> yeah... fortunately he maintains his own supported image
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<lanefu> sassinak-work: please look into a bouncer
<Werner> bigbrovar also bouncing a lot :P
<bigbrovar> Werner: sorry guys. WiFi connection and general LTE network can be unstable.
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<Werner> bigbrovar: you could utilize an irc bouncer to avoid bouncing in the channel and this way you also won't lose track if you get timeout since the bnc will replay the buffer once reconnected.
<bigbrovar> Werner: would look into that later today thanks.
<bigbrovar> On the Helios64. I love what I see. Easily the best of its class and the cheapest too. I just cannot justify getting one since the Helios4 I own is still running beautifully
<lanefu> bigbrovar: you just need to work on your rationalization skills..... helios4 can be your offsite
<bigbrovar> Thought of getting it and using it as a general purpose server.. But got the N2+ and about 7 raspberry pi 4 4gb, 8Gb so I have all the arm muscles I need to run headless services
<lanefu> haha yaeh you're pretty well equipped
<bigbrovar> lanefu: that is what I am planning for. But maybe in 6 month to 8.. I really like the Helios4. Such an under rated device
<bigbrovar> It is the best NAS implementation from a an SBC and totally out class many of the consumer grade low tier over priced offerings from likes of synology.
<lanefu> yeah i love mine
<lanefu> i probably wouldnt have bought my synology had it existed
<lanefu> but i use helios4 to backup synology and archive security footage etc works out well
<bigbrovar> The Kobol team are on to something. I hope they make a bug splash with the Helios64
<lanefu> yeah i should look at some of teh other nas distros besidees OMV
<bigbrovar> Seems the Helios4 was a dipping the toe in pool before jumping right in.
<lanefu> but yeah helios64 is nice lookin
<lanefu> yeah they had a good strategy
<lanefu> helios4 is a carrier board for a system on a module
<lanefu> and then helios64 is 100% custom pcb design
<lanefu> for SoC
<lanefu> im curious how the NICs are plumbed on the new one
<bigbrovar> Yeah. It seems more geared for mainstream than the former. And more designed for gen purpose computing.
<bigbrovar> Haven't they released a schematic yet?
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<DigitalMan1983_> hi Kamillion
<lanefu> not sure.... have my answer tho... RK3399 SoC has 1x 2.5GbE port, 1x Gigabit Ethernet port
<lanefu> so no usb funnybusiness :P
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<bigbrovar> One more thing I love about the Helios4 and why I would be using it for a long time is the Optimization for nas works for me. I rather have a device that does just nas. NFS, Samba, iscsi, FTP etc. And nothing else. All other services that exposes the NAS directory like Torrent server, Plex, music streaming can be run on a separate more powerful device.
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<bigbrovar> lanefu: have u tried setting up iscsi on the Helios4 or any sbc for that. I don't know how much of a resource burden it places. But it is something I want to consider as a way of exposing drives to other computers.
<lvrp16> lanefu: rk3399 does not have 2.5GBe, the helios4 routes a bunch of IO through USB 3 and PCI-E x4.
<lvrp16> lanefu: rk3399 doesn't have it, it's through a plx chip or something so bandwidth is shared with either pcie or usb 3.0
<lanefu> bigbrovar: hmm no i havent... would be interesting to try.
<lanefu> lvrp16: doh i see now--i thought i was reading 3399k specs page... but i wasnt :P
<lvrp16> lanefu: yeah, bandwidth is going to be pretty constrained. to be honest the design could have used SAS connector
<lvrp16> also the performance is going to be capped by the SoC thermal throttling
<lanefu> i dont see it being bandwidth constrained for spinning rust
<lanefu> but if you're running SSDs yeah you bought the wrong devicee
<lvrp16> oh yeah: 2x 80mm PWM Fans
<lvrp16> didn't see that
<lvrp16> that's plenty
<lanefu> i neeed to write some ansible scripts for desktop config so i can reasonibly compare my different SoCs
<bigbrovar> Bar the increase processing power. The Helios4 is still a better designed device in my non expert noobie, I don't no much about hardware opinion.
<bigbrovar> Basically looking at IO, Ram and a processor optimized for file transfer.
<lanefu> well the new case is def awesome
<lanefu> bigbrovar: i dont think the rk3399 was their first choice.... he mentioned that Marvell was distancing themselves for the SoC sseeries it was baseed on
<lanefu> blowing all their R&D with cavium and big server market
<bigbrovar> lanefu: oh the new case os 🤤
<lanefu> yeah i had to wedge somee stickers n stuff on my helios4 to stop some buzzing lol
<bigbrovar> The nailed it with that case. If there is one reason to get the device it is the case.
<lanefu> yeah
<lanefu> but if you raelly wanna see a sweeet case... la frite! https://snipboard.io/UGv5Qj.jpg
<bigbrovar> What device is that
<lanefu> it's lvrp16's darling that frees our mind from sdcards as the only way to use an SBC
<lvrp16> :D
<lanefu> i see why tony gets all giggly about it
<lvrp16> dozens of people asked me why la frite doesn't have a microSD card
<lvrp16> and I facepalm pretty hard
<lanefu> its a paradigm shift in front of their eyes
<lvrp16> but once I have all the features I want, i'll push it to all the other devices
<lanefu> like tater2
<lvrp16> i made a bunch of improvements to the repl for LOST
<lvrp16> yeah, tarti and tater2
<lanefu> btw is lost only linked on thee yotube video
<lanefu> i trieed for like 20 seconds to find it today
<lvrp16> i might drop etherealos
<lvrp16> idk if enough people use it
<lanefu> whats etherealos
<lvrp16> i'll have an option from lost to boot etherealos
<lvrp16> my point exactly haha
<lanefu> you gotta add karmbrian bro
<lvrp16> your response is perfect
<lanefu> for all infosecs
<lvrp16> karmbrian?
<lanefu> karmbian
<lanefu> a kali fork of armbian that im chapped about
<lvrp16> oh nice
<lvrp16> why is it a fork? can't it be a build option?
<lanefu> cuz its a vanity project
<lanefu> i told dude eexactly that
<lanefu> could be donee with userpatches
<lvrp16> yeah....
<lanefu> which would makee it easier to stay current
<lvrp16> also I wish there was a Linux kernel patchset just for Wifi device fixes
<lanefu> and he's like Oh well we're planning on makinga ton of changes and make it hella different
<lvrp16> cause mainline's wifi is pretty borked on some chipsets
<lvrp16> realtek in particular
<lanefu> ....yet marketing karmbian has "powered by armbian"
<ArmbianHelper> ..yet marketing karmbian has powered by armbian [en~>eng]
<lanefu> hmmmm i guess armbian kinda has that with "EXTRAWIFI" flag
<lanefu> but its just reaelteke
<lvrp16> ahh you guys maintain a patchset for realtek?
<lanefu> its a bit brittle
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<archetech> N2+ sold out till october
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<lanefu> archetech: wow guess i wont have to worry about that
<archetech> nope
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @james_clark @sophaskins @AdmV0rl0n It always depends on the use case! Rpi is good for everything and not... For intense IO/NAS/server operation is among the worse but people still don't look elsewhere. Software support for this kind of operation is perfectly fine. Tinkerboard is bad example due failed powering ... (2s ago)
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<archetech_n2> Client: HexChat 2.14.3 • OS: Ubuntu "focal" 20.04 • Memory: 3.5 GiB Total (2.6 GiB Free) • Storage: 5.2 GB / 30.7 GB (25.5 GB Free) • Uptime: 18m 52s
<archetech_n2> gnome3 on wayland yay
<archetech_n2> System: Hardkernel ODROID-N2Plus
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<thebigfrog> Has anyone ran into problems setting up dropbear-initramfs to unlock an encrypted root partition? Setting up a lime2 from a fresh buster image. Worked last time I tried 6 months ago
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<ArmbianTwitter> @AdmV0rl0n (AdmV0rl0n): @armbian @james_clark @sophaskins I think a lot of tinkers fail in longer term usage - the power or mobo seems to die.. I dunno if its a heat issue on the board, they get really hot.. (32s ago)
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<mrueg> fwiw running nightly on Rockpi-4b, works and is stable :)
<lanefu> Yay
* archetech overwrote he broken armbian ubu 20 with tobetters fr odroid it's great
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<Werner> Going to test OPi Zero and One with the nightlies now.
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<Werner> done
<lanefu> do you use igor's test scripts?
<Werner> No, just boot, quick look and armbianmonitor -u
<Werner> Since I have both boards on trunk images for a while I expect the nightlies to work the same
<lanefu> cool
<lanefu> Werner: it occurred to me that we should probably focus on testing from v20.05 images and upgrading to the nightly
<Werner> Has that ever been tested properly before?
<lanefu> Not sure..Dont think so and it should because once v20.08 kernels are set to current users will get upgraded
<lanefu> We had some fallout from last time
<lanefu> Kernel Upgrades working is pretty critical to making armbian trustworthy
<Werner> True...
<IgorPec> i am testing upgrades from stable with my auto tools
<lanefu> IgorPec: nice!
<lanefu> yeah i forgot it can do that
<lanefu> IgorPec: do the testing tools support the new first login stuff on v20.08?
<IgorPec> new login not supported yet, but it should not be much work
<IgorPec> so far i didn't need it that urgent
<IgorPec> i flash them with old images anyway
<IgorPec> and test upgrades to nightly
<lanefu> cool
<IgorPec> i'll revert that chromium
<IgorPec> now
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): Help test upcoming #armbian https://t.co/5i6woQuRIr NEW #bugfixes NEW #features NEW #infrastructure https://t.co/wr9loQUgL9 (11s ago)
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<bigbrovar_> .
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<ArmbianTwitter> @ByKt0r81 (Vico): @nixcraft Tiny Asus Tinkerboard running Armbian https://t.co/W8QOzcmt3Q (28s ago)
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<nett_hier> Hey, so I've had some extreme stability issues with the 5.x kernel on the NanoPi M4v2, with the device crashing every 24-72 hours. I now downgraded to legacy, which isn't crashing, but I'm experiencing worse performance with various applications. Will 5.x be stable for the NanoPi soon? Or is there anything I can do with the legacy kernel to speed
<nett_hier> up my stuff?
<[TheBug]> are you reporting the panic and errors you have seen on the forum?
<[TheBug]> s/are/have you
<ArmbianHelper> [TheBug] meant to say: have you you reporting the panic and errors you have seen on the forum?
<[TheBug]> Hve you reported the panic and errors you have seen on the forum or looked to see if there are any existing topics nett_hier?
<nett_hier> The kernel crash logs are empty, the device just _froze_. From time to time, the heartbeat LED would just stay lit, with the device being completely unreachable from LAN. Only way to fix it was a power-cycle
<[TheBug]> hm
<[TheBug]> you have logs in ram or on disk
<nett_hier> Also, I've seen mulltiple mentions of the 5.x kernel being unstable on the device
<[TheBug]> if on disk have you reviewed kern.log and such to confirm no traces?
<nett_hier> I dont have those logs anymore, but I dont remember seeing anything special
<nett_hier> I'm on legacy now
<nett_hier> With the legacy kernel, I'm getting a really weird issue in the Jellyfin Media Server, with videos buffering for an extremely long time before playing...
<nett_hier> I didnt have this issue with 5.x, but at least the server isnt crashing every day
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<DigitalMan1983> hi everyone
<nett_hier> hey
<DigitalMan1983> tried my first armbian build
<DigitalMan1983> was wondering if someone would be willing to take a quick look at my boot log
<nett_hier> Furthermore, with the legacy kernel, I'm getting unexplainable slowdowns... Theres no IO bottlenecks, CPU usage is at 10%... But a locally hosted website still takes 10 seconds to load
<Werner> DigitalMan1983, if it boots up and you have network connectivity run armbianmonitor -u
<DigitalMan1983> it doesn't boot fully
<DigitalMan1983> I basically get a bunch of PXE related errors as if it's trying to netboot
<DigitalMan1983> then I get a => prompt
<Werner> Hm which image and which board?
<DigitalMan1983> so I do have options, I just appear to be in some kind of boot environment
<DigitalMan1983> this is an A64 SOM from olimex
<DigitalMan1983> the build environment I have uses kernel 5.4.21
<DigitalMan1983> (using armbian build scripts)
<Werner> Did you try n official image? Because self-built images from trunk are usually unsupported
<DigitalMan1983> yes, the official images work fine
<Werner> Then this might have something to do with adjustments you made because the official images are basically built with the same tools and the provided default configurations for each board.
<DigitalMan1983> however the kernel version is 5.2 and it would be nice to be able to 1) Upgrade to a newer kernel and 2) Modify the existing kernel configuration
<Werner> Did you check the output/debug folder?
<DigitalMan1983> I'm there now. I have compilation.log, compiler.log and output.log
<Werner> Check those for errors. Btw. I am unsure what you mean with that 5.4.21 kernel
<Werner> Or 5.2. Because the official image should have 5.4.45 atm
<Werner> Nightlies which will become the next major release in a few days will have 5.7
<DigitalMan1983> Olimex's images use 5.2.5
<Werner> My bad. With official image I meant official Armbian images.
<Werner> Those are shipped with 5.4 atm
<Werner> But if you have a chance try grabbing the nightly image provided at the very bottom of the download page and test it (and provide feedback :D )
<DigitalMan1983> ohhhh ok
<DigitalMan1983> OK grabbing the official Armbian Buster image
<DigitalMan1983> and I'd love to give Focal a shot
<DigitalMan1983> I should say Focal with kernel 5.7
<Werner> It is not necessarily about the OS built on top. More about the more recent kernel :P But yeah atm we provide focal for testing only
<Werner> After release you will find all the known flavors with the more recent kernel built in.
<DigitalMan1983> yeah I'm definitely more interested in the Kernel, although I do like the idea of a newer root filesystem :)
<IgorPec> DitialMan1983: we are missing some features that are in the Olimex kernel
<IgorPec> they usually sent them upstream, but it takes time
<IgorPec> A64 SOM we don't support - nobody has this hardware. we have a few Lime A64 and Teres. They are similar but not exactly the same
<Werner> lanefu, was the sheet with the answers public last time?
<IgorPec> i think it was, yes
<Werner> Okay. lanefu I adjusted the link to the sheet to read only.
<DigitalMan1983> I am using the configuration for Teres
<IgorPec> didn't we have some select bar?
<DigitalMan1983> I was successful in booting the latest stable armbian build
<IgorPec> digitalman1983: you should pull things from https://github.com/OLIMEX/build
<IgorPec> if you don't get some functionality
<lanefu> Werner: yeah was public last time
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<ArmbianTwitter> @fosshost1 (fosshost): https://t.co/BK2FqwMmFF we are now providing mirrors to the @armbian project, thank you to benharri of https://t.co/XRlFrc4SpX for volunteering his time to help manage our mirrors service #armbian #mirrors #foss #floss #debian #arm (19s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @fosshost1: https://t.co/BK2FqwMmFF we are now providing mirrors to the @armbian project, thank you to benharri of https://t.co/XRlFrc4S… (2s ago)
<DigitalMan1983> I'm looking to change the display resolution through the serial console, and there seems to be some conflicting methods out there for editing the u-boot environment variables
<lanefu> DigitalMan1983: so ideally you can provide whats needed via armbianEnv.txt
<lanefu> which board?
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<DigitalMan1983> Olimex A64
<DigitalMan1983> I think I was looking in the wrong place, I was editing boot.cmd in the /boot directoru
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<lanefu> see if you can set disp_mode=1920x1080p60 or whatever via /boot/armbianEnv.txt
<lanefu> but yaeh you can do boot.cmd aslo
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<DigitalMan1983> I used disp_mode=480x272
<DigitalMan1983> probably also need to specify that it's RGB LCD (not hdmi or lvds) and the fact that it's 24 bit
<DigitalMan1983> not sure what the proper syntax is to add those
<lanefu> yeah thats probably gonna be specific kernel-fu then
<[TheBug]> says lanefu the kernel-fu master (Hi-Ya!)
<lanefu> ha
<lanefu> :( la frite's update to nightly failed with "Bad Aarch64 kernel magic" or osmething like that
<[TheBug]> lanefu: I for some reason bought another v7 EBin off Ebay the other day for $40 used... also noted it seems that v7 is almost out of stock on Amazon, so wondering if they are only doing limited runs of each version and if a v8 is forthcoming at some point..
<[TheBug]> or just reproduction of v7 again
<[TheBug]> (or nothing...)
<lanefu> yeah might be pushing for the ultra until somebody asks for 1000
<[TheBug]> I mean I hate to say it but that thing seems like a sumpster fire to me.. combine already hard to maintain EBin platform with different footprint and then it seemed their concentration is on openwrt not Linux really.
<DigitalMan1983> taking a look at Olimex's image again (with LCD working) to see what they used for environment variables
<[TheBug]> s/sumpster/dumpster
<ArmbianHelper> [TheBug] meant to say: I mean I hate to say it but that thing seems like a dumpster fire to me.. combine already hard to maintain EBin platform with different footprint and then it seemed their concentration is on openwrt not Linux really.
<[TheBug]> That coming from someone if you can'
<[TheBug]> That coming from someone if you can't tell who either likes the Armada 3700 platform or must be an obvious masochist of some kind, LOL
<lanefu> okay interesting.. the La Frite upgrade failed on focal when i tried it out right.... i just did buster.. and did a apt-get upgrade first.. before doing nightly switch adn it worked
<lanefu> ahh i may have doen something stupid during hte focal atempt will try again
<DigitalMan1983> hmmm nothing telling in the environment variables...I'll have to take another stab at building a working image so I can modify the kernel
<lanefu> larite update... its fine!
<lanefu> s/larite/lafrite
<ArmbianHelper> lanefu meant to say: lafrite update... its fine!
<lanefu> I see debian repos in my focal images
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<IgorPec> lanefu: that should be gone since today
<IgorPec> but new images must be made. this is not gone with upgrader
<lanefu> cool
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<lanefu> Back at blazing n2+ speeds
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