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<[TheBug]> but not .5x will have to maybe test more
<[TheBug]> 5.x.y
<[TheBug]> hmm may have a bad sdcard too i picked as it seems it may have hard froze during image resize hmm
<[TheBug]> ohh well off to do som eother thigns for a bit
<lanefu> [TheBug]: nah the v7 isn't being added to the images for sure
<lanefu> i was just showing you teh /dtb dir in kernel source
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<viko> hi!
<viko> remember me?!
<viko> kkkkkkk
<viko> I tried nightly version in class 10 and nothing.. I noticed that OrangePi_3_ubuntu_xenial_desktop_linux4.9.118_v2.0.3.img creates 2 partitions, boot and rootfs, and it works, but armbian, that create only / in sdcard, doesn't work
<[TheBug]> lanefu: swapped the dtb out in the 5.4.52 image just to test and it still fails to boot with that same ramdisk image
<[TheBug]> error*
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<[TheBug]> lanefu: it is for sure uInitrd thats issue -- put in place my 5.4.45 kernel on that image and it boots just fine
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<lanefu> [TheBug]: can you try http://dl.armbian.com/espressobin/nightly/
<lanefu> [TheBug]: my brain is pretty beat....so problem is 5.6 works on v5, not v7?
<archetech> dunt ....dunt dunt dunt
<archetech> blfs-n2 Kernel: 5.8.0-2-MANJARO-ARM aarch64 bits: 64 Console: tty 0
<archetech> Distro: Linux From Scratch 20200804-systemd
<archetech> Machine: Type: ARM Device System: Hardkernel ODROID-N2 details: N/A
<archetech> CPU: Topology: 6-Core (2-Die) model: N/A variant-1: cortex-a53 variant-2: cortex-a73 bits: 64 type: MCP MCM
<archetech> put my own kernel on it soon
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<[TheBug]> lanefu: well atm I am testing a bit with 4.19 and I also moved a 4.19 image using armbian uinitrd to 5.4.45, some point what I will do is test the new image with old uninitrd if I don't fall asleep to confirm thats the issue or not
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<IgorPec> good morning
<archetech> hi got a ? IgorPec youve built n2 uboot right? odroid wiki says it needs x32 OS not x64?
<archetech> can the builder build it?
<IgorPec> x64 is fine
<archetech> whew
<IgorPec> i boot n2 30-40 times in past two days, each time build freom scratc
<archetech> fun
<archetech> how can I build just the u-boot? docs?
<IgorPec> ./compile.sh u-boot i think
<IgorPec> ./compile.sh 'compile_uboot'
<archetech> thks ill try it
<archetech> thats for mainline kernel I hope not bsp
<IgorPec> we only have bsp uboot for n2 for now
<archetech> ah glad I asked
<IgorPec> but it boots modern kernel
<archetech> my goal is the latest uboot source
<IgorPec> then i wish you good luck :) you will need it
<archetech> heh
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<archetech> sudo EXPERT=yes BETA=yes ./compile.sh this still work ?
<Werner> I do ./compile.sh EXPERT=yes
<archetech> me too I saw this beta part i wondered
<Werner> IgorPec, defective torrent Armbian_20.05.2_Orangepi-rk3399_bullseye_current_5.4.43.img.xz
<IgorPec> ok, noted
<IgorPec> tnx
<archetech> ./compile.sh 'compile_uboot' brings up a menu has no uboot only option
<IgorPec> did you at least tried once to build something?
<IgorPec> then you would not ask questions
<archetech> wth I just built a working n2 build that YOU broke
<archetech> so yes I have
<IgorPec> no build uboot
<IgorPec> everything is the same as normal image ... just it stops after uboot is made
<archetech> forget it ill specifically ask lane
<IgorPec> he will point you to manual :)
<archetech> dont need the abuse have I build "something"
<IgorPec> and besides, this code is BASH
<IgorPec> peek into
<IgorPec> and its far too big that i am able to support you without doing the research
<archetech> yeah I can read run do bash I have a script for the whole LFS build in bash
<IgorPec> then start reading it. since support as you wish is too expensive for me
<IgorPec> expensive for time
<archetech> I build all of KDE with 2 scripts too
<IgorPec> when you use EXPERT=yes you are on your own in any case
<archetech> so yeah ill look at your builder bash
<IgorPec> are you familiar with yocto perhaps?
<archetech> nope
<IgorPec> its a similar concept than armbian
<IgorPec> its a tool for making a linux
<archetech> read about it another builder
<IgorPec> just that you need several years to get started
<Werner> ^^
<archetech> uh huh I am on last stage of building my own arm OS from source and you gonna tell about building
<IgorPec> my own ARM OS = ./compile.sh
<IgorPec> + customisation script to change things
<archetech> right like thats the same
<IgorPec> armbian is designed this way. just you want to have what is not exiting :)
<IgorPec> like booting n2 with mainline u-boot and stability of desktop
<archetech> got some devs that want mainline u-boot thats all im doing
<IgorPec> wanting without resources to make it happen = waste of time
<archetech> you dont have what im building = latest mainline u-boot for 5.7 or .8 kernels
<IgorPec> i know, and how is goind?:)
<archetech> said ya got some older thing
<IgorPec> does it work? did you fry usb hub?
<archetech> theres the steps why cant you do it
<IgorPec> OMG
<archetech> I am gonna tweak the armbian builder or im gonna go get the 2 t-chains and get it done
<IgorPec> did you ever peek into the armbian code?
<IgorPec> ever
<IgorPec> that's in the code for years
<archetech> excuses are easy to make
<IgorPec> no, you don't understand
<IgorPec> well, i have to go. report if you made it. beware that there is some issue with usb and its iirc affected with N2+
<archetech> ya ya you got lots of boards to fig out for w/e
<archetech> ok ill try to not fry my new board
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<archetech> and i offered to have my new armbian broke its no fix for days thats not nice
<archetech> yeah im there Werner ty
<Werner> I updated that particular page recently to make some options more clear
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<Werner> Also added some that were undocumented before
<archetech> he's just under too much self pressure supposed to be fun around here
<Werner> comprehensible. Much work for very few people to keep everything in halfway good shape.
<archetech> yup but when ya cant handle questions and say things he does....well ya know
<Werner> And frustration gets even worse when you come across things like this initramfs thingy that prevented focal from booting on armhf because they changed the compresseion algorythm upstream to lz4 instead of gzip before and we wasted literally a whole day on that.
<archetech> ah yes zstd caused some upset too
<archetech> over at arch
<Werner> If you deal with such nonsense over years..well I can understand when being stressed out and also answering in that way.
<archetech> once in a while hes always like that so I dont buy any of that
<archetech> I would stay quiet vs alienate users
<archetech> ie Id own my own mood attitude no matter what
<archetech> no vent
<archetech> not
<archetech> or pm and tell a friend here this sucks!
<archetech> or archetech is annoying me with his noobness
<Werner> I became acquainted with both sides. First with the one being a noob myself and then a while later the project's perspective. That's why I do not complain or judge in such situations.
<Werner> Sometimes there is nothing left to do but to ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<archetech> yup
<archetech> build/cache/sources/u-boot-odroidn2/odroidn2-v2015.01/sd_fuse/u-boot.bin is updated.
<archetech> [ o.k. ] Building deb [ linux-u-boot-current-odroidn2_20.08.0-trunk_arm64.deb ]
<archetech> I did IT admin/service long time I know well what it can do to peeps
<archetech> if ya let it
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<archetech> fyi fix for usb is in there 2 days ago if thats the fry issue
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<archetech> my goal is the latest uboot source
<archetech> <IgorPec> then i wish you good luck :) you will need it
<archetech> took 1 min to build plus the research
<archetech> time to test
<archetech> works ;)
<HerculeP> congrats from a noob ;)
<archetech> ty
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<[TheBug]> lanefu: so far I got Ebin work with the 4.19 image, using 4.19 uInitrd and my custom 5.4.45 kernel, but I assume and if I have time to test will, that if I place the kernel only and not replace uInitrd that the image will boot with the newest kernel too
<[TheBug]> it's something with how the uInitrd is pacakged not being compatible with the v7
<lanefu> k... Werner said something about u-boot compression stuffs
<lanefu> did you reflash u-boot or no?
<[TheBug]> again, just for clarification sake, you don't have to flash uboot to use a different uboot, it supports a UART boot mode, you start it in this mode, tell it 'wtp' then use a serial programmer to upload the uboot you want to use in line and load it. So to that extent, I loaded the Armbians uboot uart-images-ddr4-1cs-1g before testing loading the 5.x.y images
<[TheBug]> in all cases it would fail to load uInitrd
<[TheBug]> if I switch to 4.19 image OR 4.19 uInitrd with newer kernel it loads fine
<Werner> Not uboot but initramfs
<lanefu> k
<lanefu> Werner: does his problem sound similar to what you were describing earlier
<[TheBug]> my hypoothesis at the moment is if you simply put the 4.19 uinitrd in one of your 5.6.y images it would boot
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<Werner> Not really. U-Boot complained about bad CRC when that happened
<Coraxyn> Any one know when fpc (32 bit) package will be updated?
<lanefu> Coraxyn: fpc doesn't sound like a package we maintain.... most packages are from the upstream linux distro, depending the debian or ubuntu armbian variant you are using
<lanefu> [TheBug]: sorry my brain is in pieces here... so 5.6 image no worky on v7 e-bin, but yes to v5?
<[TheBug]> in my testing I have tested it working on v4 previously. My tests now with the same images on v7 result in failure to load uInitrd, as per v5 they are both in production use so I haven't been able to test them, however, thought you had a v5 there?
<lanefu> yeah
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<[TheBug]> k so v4 and v5 probably work just fine
<lanefu> i build so many images all the time that i could be outta sync
<[TheBug]> its somethign with v7 and uInitrd compression
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<lanefu> yeah.. so uboot loads... loads dtb.. then attempt to load kernel
<[TheBug]> which is funny , because as stated, I am about 90% sure a 4.19 uInitrd will work with your 5.x.y images
<[TheBug]> I am now gonna have to test just so I can say for sure
<[TheBug]> Werner: was the errors about a bad Ramdisk?
<[TheBug]> as in Wrong Ramdisk Image Format / Ramdisk image is corrupt or invalid
<[TheBug]> ?
<Werner> U-Boot did not recogize a lz4 compressed ramdisk. Therefore it spitt bad CRC
<[TheBug]> interesting I didn't encounter that
<Werner> The config default was changed upstream to lz4
<Werner> Armbian builds with gzip. So it boots the first time. As soon as you trigger something that rebuilds the ramdisk (upgrade to say) it wont boot anymore
<[TheBug]> I see
<Werner> Only sunxi was affected AFAR. sunxi64 was fine.
<IgorPec> archetech: that's not mainline u-boot
<[TheBug]> Werner: so you are saying they chancged from gzip to lz4 and this is why its unable to decompress the image now at boot time as it expectes it to be gzip but they are being compiled lz4?
<Werner> Yeah something like that. Maybe take a look at AR-311
<ArmbianHelper> AR-311 [Bug] "initramfs lz4 issue followup" reported by Werner at 2020-06-14. Status: Done
<[TheBug]> s/compiled/compressed
<ArmbianHelper> [TheBug] meant to say: Werner: so you are saying they chancged from gzip to lz4 and this is why its unable to decompress the image now at boot time as it expectes it to be gzip but they are being compressed lz4?
<[TheBug]> blah so many typos
<[TheBug]> need to slow down a bit today it seems
<[TheBug]> lanefu: so that would sounds like so far what I am replicating then, it won't load those new images most likely because of lz4 compression on uInitrd, is that something that can be cahnged manually in the build process or something that has to be addressed directly before it can be fixed?
* [TheBug] asking like I can't make stuff work in the meantime
<[TheBug]> really just wanting to help get it fixed, not rush it
<[TheBug]> lol
<IgorPec> lanefu: any complains that i merge https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/2130
<IgorPec> i want to put out images for testing
<Coraxyn> Thanks Lanefu
<Coraxyn> Lanefu, buster, so Debian
<archetech> IgorPec, ill recheck it
<lanefu> IgorPec: glad you mentioned.. i've got an image for HerculeP to test :P
<IgorPec> lanefu: aha, ok. i also made numerours tests ... except upgrades / downgrades
<lanefu> Coraxyn: yeah.. so most likely if you want a newer package, you'd have to build yoru own package, or look for a backport.etc
<lanefu> IgorPec: i'm trying to think of the easiset way for me to start from a v20.05 image and upgrade to that branch build
<IgorPec> i have one test report on odroid forum ... someone did testing, but he completly missed "nightly" and download what we offer (stable 20.05) and start complaning that nothing is improved
<lanefu> i guess i need my own deb repo
<IgorPec> why?
<IgorPec> beta.armbian.com
<IgorPec> has exactly what we need to test
<IgorPec> just changing apt -> beta should be enough
<lanefu> oh is 2130 merged into nightly already?
<IgorPec> via armbian-config is already a bit compilcated
<IgorPec> no, not yet. that's why i am asking
<IgorPec> once i click merge, rebuild is done and automagically ....
<lanefu> well i guess merge.. and then we can test upgrades.. if its a clusterfuck we can roll back :P
<IgorPec> yes. i hope i didn't broke TonyMac32 efforts
<lanefu> Ready, Fire, Aim!
<IgorPec> already compiling beta :) t - 20m
<HerculeP> a gem, eh? lol - sure
<lanefu> man i forgot what i was going to do today 10 times over
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<Tenkawa> lanefu: thats me everyday
* Tenkawa doesnt remember having whole memory anymore
<lanefu> well i guess that blocks out hte bad stuff
<Tenkawa> unfortunately also some of the good too
<Tenkawa> at least my logical skills and long term memory are still quite good
<Tenkawa> its just my short term memory thats non existant
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<lanefu> Tenkawa: maybe you need a firmware update for wear leveling
<Tenkawa> hhehehe too late
<Tenkawa> lol
<Tenkawa> bbialw.. going to go get some rest for a little while
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<HerculeP> lanefu: downloaded, expanding now, gtg, will test/report later today
<lanefu> HerculeP: cool thank you. have a great day
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<HerculeP> np, my pleasure to help out
<lanefu> curse xunlong and their backwards headers for opi one, lite
<[TheBug]> lol
<lanefu> So 3G of RAM seems to be the magic number for minimum ram for usable desktop
<lanefu> aka.. more than 2 browser tabs
<lanefu> now if i can just figure out how to use the eMMC on this dumb pine h64
<[TheBug]> you can do it pretty well with 2GB + USB 3.0 SSD Swap of same size, you can have a few tabs and do things, but should you use slower medium as swap , your right, you would want probably 3-4GB so you don't have to worry about that swapping.
<lanefu> guys guys guys!
<[TheBug]> I use RPi 4 2GB + SSD swap and it works rather well
<[TheBug]> using chromium can have several tabs
<[TheBug]> looks like I somehow have 10 open in it now :Z
<lanefu> yeah i don't have rpi4 for religious reasons
<[TheBug]> haha
<lanefu> they _almost_ got my attention with the 8 gig
<[TheBug]> I pretty much have all of the standard versions, a, b, b+, 3, 4 etc
<[TheBug]> I also have a bunch of H3 devices
<[TheBug]> and at this point, too many ESPRESSOBin's
<lanefu> lol
<[TheBug]> starting to think I have a problem
<lanefu> i've got an rpi original model b, an A+ and a 2
<lanefu> [TheBug]: you can have a problem with thus stuff and it still doens't add up to a gamer CPU and CPU
<lanefu> in cost
<[TheBug]> true
<IgorPec> btw. do we have a problem with MAC on sunxi ? like the same one on multiple zero pi? anyone recalls
<[TheBug]> Also have several A20s, A10s..
<Werner> Did not notice anything in forums
<IgorPec> me neither, huh
<[TheBug]> Ohh and I have LicheePi Zero's :Z lanefu, there is a project should you ever be bored, I will be happy to share a LicheePi Zero with you if you have any interst in trying to support it ;p
<lanefu> ahh yeah the SBC where they forgot to put ram on it
<[TheBug]> the only real searchable site for the board is licheepizero.us which is my site :Z
<lanefu> well like didn't icenowy add all the kernel support?
<[TheBug]> I built it as I tried to make my boards work
<[TheBug]> yeah and it's a lot of patchwork
<[TheBug]> I only ever had 1 working kernel with all the stuff and custom uboot / stuff to make vga and such work
<[TheBug]> it turned into a headache just trying to make it all work reliably so went on shelf
<[TheBug]> but I have a few of them
<[TheBug]> so .. if you ever feeling extra froggy
<[TheBug]> let me know.. ill send one your way
<[TheBug]> I also have a few of the nanos but they need assembly
<[TheBug]> and I haven't had the time
<[TheBug]> i bought sdcard readers for them
<[TheBug]> didn't come with one
<[TheBug]> I also have camera modules, vga adapter modules,
<[TheBug]> s/readers/slots
<ArmbianHelper> [TheBug] meant to say: i bought sdcard slots for them
<lanefu> well if you share a branch i can try to walk you through the armbificantion of it
<Miouyouyou> You can buy SDcards slots ? Is that an unlockable feature or something ?
<lanefu> /s/armbificantion/armbifaction
<[TheBug]> i don't know what the stupid thign is called in my mind
<[TheBug]> lol
<[TheBug]> it has the solder points for the card slot / reader / mech and i ordered them
<[TheBug]> I am yet to solder them
<Miouyouyou> Aaah, it's a solderer DLC
<[TheBug]> TF CARD
<Miouyouyou> Yeah, it's clearly waiting for some SD Hardware
<[TheBug]> lanefu: all the sources and things i have bar maybe my compile of the kernel and sources here, are on that site .. all of it
<[TheBug]> I made a copy of a bunch of the stuff cause it was originally dist on baidu and such
<[TheBug]> which will probably some day disappear
<[TheBug]> that is whole purpose of that site :)
<lanefu> ha
<lanefu> alright i'm go out and be human for a while
<[TheBug]> me too, have fun with that, wear a mask!
<lanefu> and my obnoxous tshirt
<lanefu> people are gonna think its about guns cuz it says arm
<[TheBug]> ahahaha
<[TheBug]> ;)
<lanefu> and then teh penguin is gonna be like the iggaloo bois
<Miouyouyou> I see, wearing masks to pretend you're a human. Clever
<lanefu> Miouyouyou: LIFEHACK
<Miouyouyou> The humane goes for a walke
<lanefu> it feels weird that i might actually have to put gas in my car
<[TheBug]> Miouyouyou: sshhhhhhh! don't tell the humans that!
<lanefu> maybe i'll learn how to use /away with weechat
<lanefu> bbil
<Miouyouyou> nick lanefu-wayway
<Miouyouyou> TheBug, it's ok. They won't recognize me.
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<xwigg> lanefu: http://ix.io/2tAu
<xwigg> dts for rtc3231
<HerculeP> lanefu: booted ok but no hdmi sound :( output config says "analog out"/no output device available
<Werner> lanefu, or get a bouncer which will do away and back for you once you log in or out :P
<HerculeP> odroidc2 reboot (SD) still borked (didnt try emmc yet)
<HerculeP> last msg seen: "watchdog didnt stop"
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<b0o> I'm curious if anyone here is working on the neo3 WIP. I've been tinkering with my freshly arrived neo3 and I'm having some issues getting OTG working. I'll admit that digging in to the device tree overlay is at the moment a bit over my head.
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<b0o> Thanks!
<IgorPec> that's it. we are underpowered :(
<IgorPec> but most of the things around this hardware works
<b0o> Yeah, I've seen that so far. Looks like the build for NanoPi R2S is pretty much what the neo3 is sitting on top of? I can verify that USB 2.0 from the pins works, USB 3.0 works, and serial console off the pins works.
<IgorPec> yes, the same chip which can't be wired in many ways ... OTG implementation could be different / non existing. I haven't seen the schematics yet
<b0o> loading the g_ether module works just fine, I'm just not seeing anything when I plug in an actual device which is why I'm thinking device overlay.
<b0o> They look _really_ similar to the R2S
<IgorPec> :) i know where i can find it
<b0o> it's almost as if they removed a NIC, and redid some power for USB-C
<b0o> :D
<IgorPec> just not in the mood to study it after whole day of tinkering
<b0o> understood
<b0o> I did a half day of that yesterday
<IgorPec> and not before i get the device on the desk
<b0o> agreed. I didn't even touch mine until I had some dupont cables made and some breakout cables available so I could start tinkering.
<IgorPec> technically we don't have this device yet. only one has it, while he is not skilled enough for this kind of stuff. our main package should get this week + a week to redistribute. and a major release has higher priority ...
<b0o> Yesterday I screwed the board in to some standoffs on a piece of wood so it would stop sliding around :p
<IgorPec> i have boards literally everywhere :)
<b0o> well, if I can help in any way, I'm happy to do so. I'm probably also in that category of not skilled enough for DTB type things
<b0o> I can only imagine
<b0o> I feel like _I_ have a lot of boards. You mut be swimming in them..
<IgorPec> haha
<IgorPec> most of them are in the test rig
<b0o> that's a nice "little" list
<IgorPec> now its at 50-60% of its capacity ;)
<IgorPec> here we ran tests to see where are problems
<b0o> I wasn't aware of sbc-bench. I might have to start using that
<IgorPec> that's most accurate you will get
<IgorPec> its our work
<b0o> very cool
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<b0o> would you be interested in my neo3 output from sbc-bench? I'm guessing maybe not as you'd want to compare things in whatever repeatable manner you're already using?
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<archetech> U-boot configuration:
<archetech> Branch: branch:odroidn2-v2015.01
<archetech> Config file: odroidn2_config
<archetech> thats not mainline ? if not how can I change the url to denx
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<mrueg> btw. anyone looked at https://kernsec.org/wiki/index.php/Kernel_Self_Protection_Project/Recommended_Settings and tried applying those to Armbian? :)
<mrueg> I just compared the rockchip64 conf against it
<mrueg> seems like there are a few options to enable
<lanefu> mrueg: nice find
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<IgorPec> archetech: no, that's private repo. mainlining of anything is an expensive process. Once its done, you change url, yes. But if its not supported, you change url back ...
<mrueg> lanefu: yeah, just need to be careful on enabling those, security come with a performance impact. some of them should be easy though
<lanefu> IgorPec: yeah but whats best way for him to override the var so he can experiment
<archetech> right wheres the url changed in what file yes I looked through all bash
<lanefu> So follow the chain in sources folder
<lanefu> Lemme get computer
<IgorPec> adding those variable to userpatches/lib.config will override for anything
<IgorPec> or editing code directly
<archetech> meson-g12b.conf is where I see uboot repo set
<IgorPec> yes, you can change there temporally
<IgorPec> also good
<IgorPec> for testing
<archetech> ok ill make a .bak of orig and try it
<lanefu> archetech: yeah as Igor mentioned there's kind of 2 ways to handle things.. the userpatches directory to change things indrectly.. or create the .ignore_changes file in the build directory and edit files directly
<IgorPec> that's just a warning. it might just work
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<archetech> looks like this one file change is just one of a string of files needing adjustment
<archetech> compilation.sh line 121: cd: /home/tomubu/build/cache/sources/u-boot-odroidn2/master: No such file or directory
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