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<lanefu> Does forum look down?
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<lanefu> damn it. i'm stumped
<lanefu> fastcgi is returning 500's
<ArmbianTwitter> @pfeerick (Peter): @armbian Looks like the forum thinks it's a lazy Sunday afternoon too! 🤣 https://t.co/YbBd3ddD2F (24s ago)
<archetech> AR net/built-in.a
<archetech> [ error ] ERROR in function compile_kernel [ compilation.sh:411 ]
<archetech> [ error ] Kernel was not built
<lanefu> archetech: remember that flag to turn off EXTRAWIFI? try that
<lanefu> ...trying to fix forums ATM
<ArmbianHelper> .trying to fix forums ATM [en~>eng]
<archetech> yeah how from ncurses?
<lanefu> thats an argument
<archetech> edit a file i think
<lanefu> man i can not get any logs.. i hate to say it but i rebooted the server
<archetech> ok whats the arg
<archetech> in docs
<archetech> got it
<archetech> restart the web service by hand chk status
<archetech> apache php mysql
<archetech> nginx w/e
<lanefu> yeah i've restarted mysql fastcgi, nginx memcached.. enabled logging...
<lanefu> or increased logging
<lanefu> wtf no log data
<archetech> journal ?
<archetech> build still stops
<lanefu> no meat in journal either
<archetech> gotta be something in /var about it
<lanefu> archetech: scrub source cache maybe? rm -rf cache/sources/*
<lanefu> yeah you'd think
<lanefu> all i know is that nginx is proxying o the fast-cgi socket and getting redirects or 500s
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<archetech> sudo mc
<archetech> systemd status nginx
<lanefu> yeah way ahead of ya :(
<lanefu> okay so the admin panel works for forum
<lanefu> finally geetting some deets
<archetech> build still stops
<archetech> net/built-in.a
<lanefu> fixed it
<archetech> \o/
<lanefu> "template cache" was corrupted
<lanefu> duhhhh
<lanefu> omg
<archetech> df -h to be safe
<lanefu> yeah disk is okay now
<lanefu> thats what happened originally
<lanefu> 15G stdout log from my dumb docker container :(
<archetech> so whats at compilation.sh:411
<archetech> i dont have editor
<lanefu> uhhh maybe its time to install vim ;)
<archetech> no line nums
<archetech> set number
<archetech> if [[ ${PIPESTATUS[0]} -ne 0 || ! -f arch/$ARCHITECTURE/boot/$KERNEL_IMAGE_TYPE ]]; then
<archetech> 411 exit_with_error "Kernel was not built" "@host"
<lanefu> sorry dude I'm beat, maybe I can give ya a hand tomororw... i run into errors around net on occasion... sometimes it's sheer madness.. .. so try `rm -rf cache/sources*` `rm -rf .tmp` then make sure you compile with EXTRAWIFI=no
<archetech> did that
<archetech> cept .tmp
<archetech> got the error
<archetech> In file included from drivers/gpu/drm/lima/lima_drv.c:14:
<archetech> drivers/gpu/drm/lima/lima_device.h:104:22: error: field ‘devfreq’ has incomplete type
<archetech> 104 | struct lima_devfreq devfreq;
<archetech> ill exclude it
<archetech> np
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<ArmbianTwitter> @DieZuckerbude (Ben Zucker 🍰): @pfeerick @armbian Should be fine now (25s ago)
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<martinl> hi
<martinl> I'm working on getting Banana Pi R2 working with 5.4.y
<martinl> I split frank-w 5.4-main to readable patches here https://github.com/martinl/banana-pi-r2/tree/master/armbian/patch/kernel/mt7623-dev
<martinl> in case somebody is interested in helping to review and upstream it
<martinl> in current state bpi-r2 dev 5.4 hangs in about 2-3mins when running tests
<martinl> frank-w 5.4-main has hdmi and power off working and seems more stable
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<martinl> huge wifi/bt patches can be ignored for now but the rest look like reviewable and promising
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<archetech> build your own?
<archetech> Host: odroidn2 Kernel: 5.8.1-meson64 aarch64 bits: 64 Console: tty 0 Distro: Armbian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)
<archetech> Machine: Type: ARM Device System: Hardkernel ODROID-N2Plus
<martinl> yes, I'm currently adding frank-w R2 patches and building/testing
<martinl> full patch builds but does not boot, so I'm adding smaller patches
<archetech> whats the build cmd you use
<martinl> ./compile.sh docker BOARD="bananapir2" BRANCH="dev" RELEASE="buster" \
<archetech> try current branch?
<martinl> there is only legacy (which works fine)
<archetech> you got dev there
<martinl> yes, I enabled dev to start working on 5.4 support
<archetech> whats the uart say?
<martinl> kernel starts to load and then reboots about half way
<archetech> leave out patches
<archetech> ad d back slowly?
<archetech> not sure what else can be done
<martinl> yes, that's the plan
<archetech> so you were hoping for a magic answer ?
<martinl> nope, just looking for people who might have similar goal
<martinl> or some interest in getting R2 better supported
<archetech> ok
<Miouyouyou> Can you connect a serial console, boot the hardware, let it reboot and paste the logs on pastebin, or something similar ?
<martinl> ok
<martinl> currently checking the logs to find out why stock dev hangs when running autotests
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<martinl> ok, looks like it's just hanging on reboot
<martinl> unplug/replug psu gets the tests running
<martinl> yep, first round of tests passed
<martinl> this simplifies things a bit
<martinl> and this test suite is pretty cool
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<sineline> hello guys, I was hoping someone would lend me a hand. I've been trying to update the kernel of my armbian distro with a forked kernel that adds compatibility to the PCIE port of my SBC (orange pi 3). However i've been unable to boot succesfully so I give up. I was wondering if there's a nightly build which could include the patch I'm trying to
<sineline> include myself
<Werner> I am not sure if megi includes this hack into his sources...
<Werner> Armbian is using megi's sources. Like https://github.com/megous/linux/blob/orange-pi-5.7/ but no clue if this patch is included
<Werner> You can try to add this commit as a patch by yourself and try to build it: https://github.com/Icenowy/linux/commit/86f6fef187b833ce6182b78da4e97128903cb991
<sineline> try the whole armbian distro instead of just the kernel?
<sineline> *try to build
<Werner> Sounds hugh but actually putting the patch together is more work than building the whole thing since the build script will take care of everything else.
<sineline> i've been able to build the kernel and evrything, but the further I got was to boot an armbian in recovery mode
<sineline> no network no nada
<sineline> i've followed https://github.com/ingamedeo/orangepi3-h6-mainline - which is pretty foolproof but here I am
<sineline> in instance it says to copy dts to "dtbs" folder, but armbian doesnt have so I assume there must be a similar one, hence I copied it to dtb
<Werner> Armbian has dtbs too but you do not have to deal with it. You build an image for a particular board and it will boot
<sineline> so best way forward is 1) to download armbian sources, 2) apply patch, 3) compile ?
<Werner> Clone the build repo, create a patch from the commit mentioned above and place it into patch/kernel/sunxi-current and run ./compile.sh. And then hope the patch will apply against 5.7
<sineline> lol
<sineline> ok
<sineline> that will take some hours, doesnt it?
<sineline> i've been through nightmare with the damn cross-compilation thingie
<Werner> Depends on your machine.
<Werner> With a powerful desktop you can do it in a few minutes.
<Werner> With an older laptop in a few hours
<sineline> i have a fairly ok desktop, i'll put those bucks to work
<sineline> thanks a lot sir
<Werner> Further runs will be a lot faster thanks to ccache
<sineline> cool, its unlikely i'll manage to do it on the first shot :D
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<Werner> TiD91, when building Armbian you get a kernel source package which is fully patched. Try start digging there
<IgorPec> TiD91: use Armbian :)
<Werner> Some people do not like the straight and easy way :D
<mrueg> out of curiousity, has anyone considered to build kernel configs hierarchical? wouldn't it be easier to maintain a single "main" config for each kernel version and then enable board specifics in a kernel config that inherits the main one?
<IgorPec> yeah, that's the plan for the future
<IgorPec> ah, you mean to already start with that now?
<IgorPec> like having sections ?
<IgorPec> 5.7.y common + board overlay. currently its a bit tricky
<mrueg> for example, I enabled BPF config changes on rockchip64-dev, but it doesn't propagate to other configs, so I'd need to enable it everywhere
<IgorPec> yes ... this would be super nice to fix generally
<IgorPec> its much less maintanace
<mrueg> I wonder if something like https://jsonnet.org/ would help
<mrueg> that could be used to generate the configs for board specific kernels
<IgorPec> i would research around 1st
<IgorPec> i know there are several tools for merging configs
<mrueg> and then CI could check if the generated configs are still valid
<IgorPec> s/several/a few
<ArmbianHelper> IgorPec meant to say: i know there are a few tools for merging configs
<IgorPec> yes
<IgorPec> yocto / buildroot should be source for more probably
<TiD91> <Werner "dittid, when building Armbian yo"> Aren't those patches the ones here: https://github.com/armbian/build/tree/master/patch/kernel/sunxi-current or is there something else?
<TiD91> <IgorPec "dittid: use Armbian :)"> I use arch btw! 😇 (Jokes apart, I'm trying to learn!)
<Werner> Yes and no. You have to consider that Armbian is not using mainline sources for sunxi as well.
<IgorPec> well, armbian is much better supported than arch
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<IgorPec> and if arch doesn't work well ... we can't help much
<TiD91> <Werner "Yes and no. You have to consider"> Ah... Ok. What armbian is using then? Or where can I find it? I'm not familiar with the build system. :)
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<TiD91> <IgorPec "well, armbian is much better sup"> I agree. In fact I use armbian on most of my boards atm. The thing is I like better arch user land than debian or Ubuntu and I'm taking the chance to learn a bit about Kernel programming and embedded linux with a practical task of making Arch work as expected on my cheap Banana Pi M1 :)
<Werner> Well if you wanna learn than I would proceed to get an idea how it works ;) if not simply search for megous/linux on github. The branches are named orangepi-5.x
<TiD91> <IgorPec "and if arch doesn't work well .."> Ehi, I'm not asking help about Arch. I'm trying to understand what makes Armbian working so well. Am I in topic, arent' I?
<IgorPec> but still it will be missing lots of code
<IgorPec> its not a one man job
<TiD91> IgorPec: Even for supporting just my single board?
<TiD91> <Werner "Well if you wanna learn than I w"> Ok, thanks. You've been very kind ;)
<IgorPec> yes. boards from the same family share most of the stuff
<IgorPec> so in theory if on arch olimex lime works fine, banana will also ... but probably both are so so
<TiD91> I see. Because I lurked around on linux-sunxi wiki, and theoretically eveyrthing should be in mainline linux... Still poweroff doesn't work. :(
<IgorPec> mainline linux is exactly that ... most of the things works, but its pretty raw
<IgorPec> speaking for old hardware like Allwinner A20
<IgorPec> we have several stages on top of this. which is why our system works much better ... but still we see/have lots of problems
<TiD91> Ok. I see. Thanks IgorPec. I'll probably give up then. :)
<IgorPec> relying only to mainline in ARM SBC is just not good enough. If you want to cover everything - like arch/ubuntu/manjaro... you have little choices
<TiD91> Is there a reason those "tweaks to make it work" are not mainlined? is it about proprietary blobs? I would expect the poweroff/reboot/etc... to be something that needs to work out of the box from mainline.
<TiD91> (sorry if it's a dumb question)
<IgorPec> its a combination of no time, it will not be accepted, its expensive, nobody cares ..
<TiD91> Ok, I see. Thanks for the patience IgorPec
<IgorPec> np
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<archetech> that 5.8.x is causingprobs all over....mine work :)
<archetech> intel/arm both
<archetech> gnome js-78 gjs thats been hard
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<martinl> minor progress with R2, first round of tests passed without manual intervention
<martinl> I'll leave it running over night
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<lanefu> mrueg: we definitely to normalize our kernel configs somehow
<archetech> sed -i need
<lanefu> lol yeah
<lanefu> i've used that kernel_config.sh script whateever mentioned earlier it works well for merging configs
<archetech> lanefu, 5.8.1 works
<lanefu> archetech: awesome
<lanefu> any benefits?
<archetech> none
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> but you did it
<archetech> maybe the gpu blobs
<archetech> we
<archetech> I woulda not git pulled