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<ArmbianTwitter> @TonyMac_32 (Thomas McKahan): @AC13101795 @armbian @kobol_io The biggest issue so far has been USB3 and enough big cores to actually compete with the XU4 in general computing scenarios. And software support. The XU4 "Just Works", which can't be said for most of the applicable competition. (24s ago)
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<R0b0t1``> hi, where is kernel source again?
<R0b0t1``> ok armbian-config
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<Tonymac32> hmmm, they stripped out the boot order from the u-boot config and want it in the device tree, that might be my problem
<Tonymac32> (got started late tonight, day job needs me to instrument a car with some custom sensors, since I can't use our building (Covid precautions), I was using the living room, had tro clean up before the wife got too upset. :P
* Tonymac32 doesn't need work from home to be a more hostile environment
<lanefu> Which uboot has boot order relocated
<Tonymac32> Rockchip
<Tonymac32> I think all of them, they removed the boot order from the hardcoded sources and put it in the dtb
<Tonymac32> the u-boot I'm compiling loads up just fine, but initramfs can't find a file system to continue booting
<Tonymac32> MMC Device 0 not found
<Tonymac32> no mmc device at slot 0
<Tonymac32> switch to partitions #0, OK
<Tonymac32> mmc1 is current device
<Tonymac32> Scanning mmc 1:1...
<Tonymac32> Found U-Boot script /boot/boot.scr
<Tonymac32> this is u-boot 2020.07
<c0rnelius> I'm using that uboot rev on both the rock64 and renegade and it seems to boot ok.
<Tonymac32> I don't think the problem is with the u-boot itself
<Tonymac32> it loads the kernel just fine, I think our boot script might have something going on for Rockchip 32-bit that worked with the old patched u-boot
<Tonymac32> investigating, anyway
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<R0b0t1``> I pulled the kernel source from armbian-conf and built it while enabling the gadget USB drivers (device mode)
<R0b0t1``> I can't see anythin on /sys/class/udc on my rockpro64
<R0b0t1``> But I see things in /sys/bus/platform/drivers/dwc3
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @TonyMac_32 Its written in https://t.co/VJ0RbNQvMs Perhaps not that straightforward? Anyway, my @picotech Picoscope would also love to run on @armbian (24s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @TonyMac_32 (Thomas McKahan): @armbian @picotech I know that was a stated concern about moving to Linux in general a few years ago, but it looks like ARM is a supported platform for Mono. My only other wish is to specify samples per second like a normal scope... https://t.co/bFItMB0ukp (12s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @TonyMac_32 @picotech I hope they will hear this and make ARCH=arm64 :) (23s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @Nosluop56 (George P): Another OS to test out on the amazing @thepine64 #pinebookpro. So far I've tried @ManjaroLinuxARM, @armbian and next up is @debian. Thanks guys for the best laptop experience ever ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ https://t.co/7ALmJZT2lo (8s ago)
<[TheBug]> "the best laptop experience ever
<[TheBug]> ""
<[TheBug]> the best EVER?! Has this man never owned another laptop? Thats a claim that needs some stats and pictures to back it up :Z lol
<[TheBug]> s/man/person
<ArmbianHelper> [TheBug] meant to say: the best EVER?! Has this person never owned another laptop? Thats a claim that needs some stats and pictures to back it up :Z lol
<lanefu> yeah thats a bit dramatic
<lanefu> its probably the best new $200-$300 laptop for nerds
<rneese_> well I got it all workign thus far for deepin desktop enviroment
<rneese_> I dont get why the default browser is firefox and not chromium
<ArmbianTwitter> @martinlentink (martin lentink ๐Ÿงท ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡บ): @Nosluop56 @thepine64 @ManjaroLinuxARM @armbian @debian Don't forget to try out Ayufan's Ubuntu Focal. I use the Gnome version of it as a daily driver. Very smooth. (28s ago)
<rneese_> pine64 is a ok laptop but still needs some work I have tested both versions and they both had heat issues and performance issues as they also had ssd issues
<ArmbianTwitter> @Nosluop56 (George P): @martinlentink @thepine64 @ManjaroLinuxARM @armbian @debian Thanks for the tip @martinlentink. It's now on my list ๐Ÿ‘ (2s ago)
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<rneese_> what is the best linux python ide ?
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<lanefu> rneese_: i'm pretty sure pycharm is for linux.. but probably not for arm
<lanefu> best bet is to find an unofficial vscode port.. or use like vim with python-mode plugin
<lanefu> or atom yadda yadda
<rneese_> ok
<lanefu> rneese_: don't have forum link handy.. but google started not trusting chromium for account logins.. so we made firefox default and pulled chromium
<rneese_> building a img with things I would like to see as defaults. and then going to work on the builder for it
<rneese_> ok
<rneese_> well I am looking at the deepin-browser now also as part of deepin install
<lanefu> i dont know what deepin is
<lanefu> but more browser options is good
<lanefu> rneese_: anyway desktop is definitely a weakness on our end..so go easy on us...... :) FYI https://armbian.atlassian.net/browse/AR-200
<ArmbianHelper> AR-200 [Story] "Improving Desktop images" reported by Igor Pecovnik at 2020-04-04. Status: To Do
<lanefu> and pinebook stuff.. https://armbian.atlassian.net/browse/AR-399
<ArmbianHelper> AR-399 [Task] "Improve Pinebook PRO support" reported by Igor Pecovnik at 2020-08-10. Status: In Progress
<rneese_> well I have deepin working
<[TheBug]> lanefu: I would be curious to know the comparison between the amount of user who would rather have video work in their browser vs be able to 'login to Google'.. though it is quite silly to me the VAST differences in usability between them in regards to video procesing power when it comes down to it -- firefox is usually a joke at it.
<rneese_> but its got a small issue I have to figure out and slim login manager
<rneese_> thus far its very clean
<lanefu> man i've been using firefox on my n2 and pinebook pro
<lanefu> and it's totally fucking fine
<lanefu> i can do casual youtube
<lanefu> it works
<rneese_> ok
<[TheBug]> but is casual "full screen, 1080p"?
<[TheBug]> or 360/480p windowed
<lanefu> windowed is casual... but when i've done fullscreen, it's been tolerable
<[TheBug]> "tolerable" varies from person to person would be my supposition
<rneese_> I am workign with a friendlyarm pct4 and thus far its been a nice little board and a 128 gig nvme ssd
<[TheBug]> rneese_: ever had any motivation to test it out with a m.2 to PCIe x4 adapter with a sata card for a NAS? The RockPi 4c seems to perform quite well at it -- if you had any interest in a NAS it would probably work quite well -- been thinking about getting a NanoPC T4 and testing as well
<rneese_> the t4 has the nvme2 socket on the bottom of the board
<rneese_> and so far I use bktrfs
<rneese_> no issues
<rneese_> but at the min I am building out the deepin install and looking for issues
<rneese_> I wish they would get brave-browser ported to arm64
<lanefu> i'd even take edge at this poin tlol
<rneese_> when this is done if anyone wisshes to test it and let me know i will post a sd img with a default account
<rneese_> hmm edge for linux
<rneese_> lol
<ArmbianTwitter> @lq_feed (LinuxQuestions Feed): LXer: Armbian 20.08 Released with Initial Support for Rock Pi E, Odroid N2+ and Helios64 https://t.co/Zn1zzLTeEd (3s ago)
<rneese_> I have a n2+ on order this will be good
<rneese_> I just wish the n2+ had nvme
<rneese_> nmve should be default on most new boards
<lanefu> pcie plumbing is harder.. and then booting is harder than emmc from a SoC perspective
<lanefu> ..as far as why ou dont see more of it
<ArmbianHelper> as far as why ou dont see more of it [en~>eng]
<rneese_> the emmc is nice but I have had so many fail
<lanefu> lol i guess i'm just easy on my stuff
<rneese_> well its my job to be hard on the boards and test units to the point of failure ..
<rneese_> but so far nvme has been no isse and I guess a sata ssd would be ok
<rneese_> well I will build a script to install everything I installed and then people can test and report issues till we find the 1 bug I have on the screen
<rneese_> but it might be driver related
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<archetech> standard ssd dock and usb3 will give 300+ MB/s on an N2
<archetech> plenty for me
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<rneese_> ok
<rneese_> will have to look at the dock . I like hardkernel they make great boards
<rneese_> and the n2+ with the nvme dock should make for great desktops
<rneese_> I just hope they release a 8 gig version
<rneese_> I think 8gig would = a intell 16 gig
<lanefu> can that SoC do 8 gig?
<rneese_> yes
<lanefu> oh wow
<lanefu> yeah
<rneese_> the new pi is 8 gig
<rneese_> so once I get the n2+ I will have to get the nvme plugonn
<rneese_> ssd is it sata or nvme
<rneese_> well I have to say the deepin desktop is nice
<rneese_> and I like it way more then xfce
<rneese_> just have to get it fully tested on multi boards
<rneese_> I would also like to see a 18650 battery backup for the n2+ so that you can have it running even when the power goes down
<rneese_> gicing it time to run a auto shutdown and poweroff for protection
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<lanefu> yeah i'd never even heard of it
<lanefu> so you're working on a deepin install script?
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<rneese_> yes
<rneese_> at the min I use the default img with xfce but workign on the fix for the builder
<rneese_> and for armbian config so you can select the desktop when you install the desktop o n a base img
<rneese_> so I am worting out pkgs at the min and getting the install done right
<R0b0t1> So on my RockPro64 I get no /sys/class/udc/* nodes and am unable to find the DWC3 kernel module for device-mode USB
<[TheBug]> <lanefu> can that SoC do 8 gig? -- it isn't a matter of can it do it, it's a matter of which OS you are using -- the RPi uses a hack really where at least you can utilize the memory in 4GB chunks I believe in 64bit enviroment
<[TheBug]> if I recall correctly your not gonna have a single progam using that 8gb at once
<rneese_> well there are multi os's now for the pi boards not just raspbian
<[TheBug]> not sure how n2 is handling it, but I would also assume the need for a 64bit OS to make any real use of that much memory
<rneese_> yes
<rneese_> and most of the armbian installs are 64 bit now days
<rneese_> so at this point a few thigns I am hunting down like the deep in pkg manager
<rneese_> and some other part sbut for the most part its workign on the t4
<rneese_> but it needs some cleaning and configuring . I like it also wow
<rneese_> anyone have a system they are willing to install dde and test with even on a sd
<rneese_> at the min this looks to be a ubuntu setup as it seems debian has its own installer for deepin
<lanefu> [TheBug]: sounds like PAE from back in the day
<lanefu> yeah currently no 32bit FS for 64bit armbian.. but it's actually a goal to support long term
<steev> hm, so... i have an... interesting situation with one of my nanopct4's
<steev> i upgraded it earlier from 20.02.1 to 20.08.2
<lanefu> :(
<steev> the /boot shows vmlinuz of 5.8.6, /lib/modules only lists 5.8.6-rockchip64... after multiple reboots and even a cold boot... uname -r returns.... 5.4.20-rockchip64
<rneese_> yes it does
<rneese_> oddd
<rneese_> root@nanopct4:~# uname -r
<rneese_> 5.8.6-rockchip64
<steev> so
<lanefu> `ls -ln /boot`
<steev> my other one also shows 5.8.6
<lanefu> what are you using for storage?
<rneese_> lrwxrwxrwx 1 0 0 24 Sep 4 18:36 Image -> vmlinuz-5.8.6-rockchip64
<rneese_> seems that its using rockchip info
<rneese_> odd
<steev> https://pastebin.com/9LitZn3t - top (sonya) is non-working... bottom (nanopct4) is correctly working
<steev> it's sdcard for both of them
<rneese_> I am using sd at the min as I test build
<rneese_> for the dde install
<rneese_> it looks like it uses rockchip as the dtb for it is updated for 5.8.x build
<rneese_> might be a dtb issue in the t4 dtb
<steev> no
<steev> i think... it's because the emmc and sdcard have the same blkid - i looked on a hunch, and the emmc definitely has 5.4.20 installed, i just have no idea how it's reading from emmc and then booting from sdcard... while still loading modules just fine
<rneese_> well I am using sd only and nothing is installed on the emmc or the ssd they are blank
<rneese_> and I still get the same issue
<rneese_> I am boooting from sd onlu
<rneese_> only
<steev> but your uname -r isn't returning 5.4 ?
<rneese_> no
<steev> i don't think we're seeing the same issue then, mine is showing the incorrect kernel version (which like i said, i think i've tracked down to somehow it's loading the kernel from emmc but then booting from sdcard)
<rneese_> on the t4 did you wipe the emmc
<rneese_> so its blank
<rneese_> or are you dual booting
<steev> no, not wiping the emmc, i just chrooted into it and updated it too. at some point i'll switch back to using the emmc, but i'm probably going back to 4.4 because i simply can't get the nvme to work on mainline kernels, always get a link training time out
<steev> versus 4.4 which shows - https://pastebin.com/Qhi4y1mh
<rneese_> what do you have pluggedinto the pcie nvme socket
<rneese_> I need verboase output when running the desktop install from a minimal sd
<rneese_> is there a way is the armbian config to push verboase output
<steev> a samsung evo 970 plus 250gb (and 500gb)
<steev> the mainline kernel has never ever worked for pcie for me
<rneese_> ok is it a sata or a nvme .2
<rneese_> I have a nvme and it sees mine fine
<rneese_> I just installed to the 128 gig I have
<rneese_> 5.8.6 works great woth it
<steev> it's nvme
<rneese_> are you using debian or ubuntu based i\
<steev> it's one of the linked "tested known to work"
<steev> that doesn't matter
<steev> it's the kernel
<rneese_> no I have the build thats current on a t4
<steev> the kernel is failing to link train, and that is an unrecoverable error
<rneese_> root@nanopct4:~# uname -r
<rneese_> 5.8.6-rockchip64
<steev> i'm not saying it doesn't work for you
<steev> i'm saying it does not, and has not, ever worked for me, on anything but the 4.4 kernel
<rneese_> then you have a board issue not a kernel issue
<rneese_> I have 11 t4 units here
<rneese_> and they all work with the latest build
<steev> entirely possible, just sucks that both of mine fail
<rneese_> test with this img
<rneese_> and repost
<rneese_> also if you reinstall you have to factory the unit using the ubs c port
<rneese_> before you can reload the nvme and the emmc
<steev> eh?
<rneese_> you have to reload the basic loader
<rneese_> yes
<steev> all i did was dd the armbian 4.4 image to emmc and it worked
<rneese_> your using the 4.4 kernel ok
<rneese_> not touched it in a long time
<rneese_> but the sd will boot
<rneese_> but last I knew of the t4 which I work with the friendlyelec group
<rneese_> to reload the ssd an emmc you have to reload the basic loader
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<rneese_> to make it work right
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<rneese_> run the same command as root
<steev> ...
<ArmbianHelper> . [en~>eng]
<steev> wat
<steev> it's grepping the dmesg output, it's not going to show anything different
<rneese_> and you get the same issue on both boards
<steev> yes
<steev> they're both 4GB boards
<rneese_> ok
<rneese_> ok hmmm
<steev> i suppose at some point i could try to find the time to patch the 500ms timeout to 1000ms
<steev> to see if longer time helps
<rneese_> ok join the #friendly elec irc channel
<rneese_> it looks like your boards might be failing
<rneese_> how old are they
<steev> i doubt they're failing... if that were the case, the 4.4 kernel wouldn't work or would be flaky as well
<steev> and honestly... no idea how old they are... i've definitely had them for "a few years"
<rneese_> ok going to lab to boot a 4.4 img
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<R0b0t1``> hi I'm unsure why my USB device mode controller isn't showing up on a rockpro64
<R0b0t1``> I checked kernel config for custom kernel from the armbian-config source
<R0b0t1``> libcomposite is there as a module, but no dwc3 modules
<R0b0t1``> there's only dwc2_pci
<R0b0t1``> the kernel config options for dual mode dwc2 and dwc3 are set, and USB is actually working
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<lanefu> steev: my unsolicted feedback on sdcards is the 64gig and up Samsung Evo Selects (green) from amazon
<lanefu> the 64 gig ones are waaaaaay faster than the 32gig
<lanefu> i've stopped buying small cards just because speed is better on larger
<steev> lanefu: the issue isn't sdcard, it's nvme
<lanefu> oh
<lanefu> well
<lanefu> it was unsocilited lol
<steev> lol, fwiw those are the ones i use :)
<lanefu> hehe.. nice
<lanefu> yeah i havent used any nvme's
<lanefu> i'm behind hte times
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<steev> i havnen't either :P
<rneese_> if I could figure out this display issue the install would rock
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<ddurst> i'm pretty bummed about nvidea buying arm
<ddurst> i hope that's okay to express here
<ddurst> but... the silver lining is that most of the core armbian-devs have a ton of capital coming their way
<nekomancer[m]> then all will tink POWER!!!
<lanefu> at first i had a negative reaction, but now i'm indifferenet
<lanefu> like.. what' sthe negative impact gonna be... all the cheap SoC manufacturers already suck at open source
<nekomancer[m]> then they will suck as nvidia.
<rneese_> now its been so long I have to recall how to make x start at boot with the greeter
<rneese_> lol then I can do more testing
<archetech> yeah sbc's with 960M gpu's for $50 thats bad
<rneese_> looks like the dde issue might be the topbar app
<archetech> will take ~2yrs min for any new products so meh carry on
<rneese_> ?
<rneese_> there was another FPU being made to replace arm I forget the name
<rneese_> ok I found the issue its the windows effect setting
<rneese_> once turned off the system works like it should
<rneese_> but I now have a built system for t4 based on my install so now have to clean it up some and figure out whats missing
<rneese_> well seems there are some issues .grumble logout is not working on arm
<steev> lanefu: how so? the cpu stuff is still open source, even with nvidia... it's just the gpus that aren't... just like mali currently
<lanefu> yeah the CPU's are... but there's just a lot of supporting pieces to make a SoC usable that are mainly open source because of the community reverse engineeering
<steev> seeing powervr there always makes me giggle when i see risc-v talking about pairing with one
<rneese_> I wish we had a woring risc-v board and ported armbian to it
<rneese_> would love to see performance
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<Tonymac32> I really think it's overhyped honestly. I love the idea, but it's *just another core* in any sense other than open platform
<rneese_> ok for mailclient what is the preef geary/slypheed/evolution ?
<Tonymac32> I'll hands down buy one if it's available and not some crypto shitters trying to pawn off failed experiments
<Tonymac32> s/shitters/entrepreneurs
<ArmbianHelper> Tonymac32 meant to say: I'll hands down buy one if it's available and not some crypto entrepreneurs trying to pawn off failed experiments
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<lanefu> gmail :P
<steev> rneese_: i'm old so i still prefer mutt
<lanefu> man i miss mutt, but email is just to rich these days
<rneese_> hey i am 51 and I miss pine
<steev> nah
<lanefu> and i'm not principled enough to fight through it
<steev> if i get an html email, it goes in the trash
<lanefu> see above
<lanefu> lol
<steev> admittedly, most of my email usage is kernel mailing lists :)
<steev> or the gentoo bug tracker
<lanefu> ha yeah remember when pico was a thing
<rneese_> pico now = nano
<lanefu> was nano a full clone? or a fork
<lanefu> i remember it was a license issue way back
<rneese_> well i have to figure out why the reboot/logout/shutdown/lock fuctions in the install are not working
<rneese_> thats the only issue I have found
<rneese_> everything else is working great
<rneese_> anyone get steam working on arm yet ?
* lanefu is more of a server ethusiast
<lanefu> i feel like there's some sort of steam client working with RPI
<rneese_> ok what is the best tool for automount/eject so when i install a usb it list it on the desktop and in file manager
<lanefu> but man... sounds like a stretch and a half to make work with mainline linux on arm
<lanefu> (less popular SBCs) that is
<rneese_> just a thought
<rneese_> but I do have to figure out whinehq as there is 1 app I need
<rneese_> nextion screen editor
<lanefu> yeah that'll probably involve using qemu-x86 emulation too
<lanefu> what's nextion
<rneese_> its a screen you upload a compiled img and it runs it
<rneese_> aka a user interface
<rneese_> its a HMI
<rneese_> we do alot of development with it
<rneese_> and robotics and automation
<R0b0t1``> oh yeah I've used things like that
<R0b0t1``> also: still not making any progress on dwc3 driver being missing, and not seeing a device mode controller in /sys/class/udc for rockpro64
<rneese_> dwc3 ?