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<rneese> ok gm
<rneese> going to run a build and hit the sack
<ArmbianTwitter> @jolla (Jerry Olla 🧀): @eduitguy @wlanpi @rboerner @jiribrejcha @dansfini @adriangranados @joshschmelzle @therockpi @FriendlyARM_ Unfortunately anything RPi would take a fair amount of work to be able to make work, however we can now pretty easily support any boards that @armbian supports (16s ago)
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<rneese> IgorPec, pullrequest sent for desktop
<rneese> I just reset my branch and did a clean merge and pushed up and sent pull request
<rneese> so its clean
<rneese> gn
<nekomancer[m]> good night
<rneese> tomorrow I will build new
<nekomancer[m]> tomorrow belongs to us
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @wlanpi: WLAN Pi 2.0 is now available! This is a major update, much of the work is behind the scenes, but there are a few new shiny to… (15s ago)
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<IgorPec> good morning
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): Added yet another US based download location to our storage pool to improve and balance our download infrastructure. Bandwidth is being donated by @TNAHosting Thanks! https://t.co/5QEFPxSHzE (16s ago)
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<rneese_> morning
<rneese_> IgorPec, in the myy git i sent 2 commits 2 is the full on patch and 2 is I have 2 selling errors
<rneese_> but the build works
<rneese_> the budgie desktop works
<rneese_> so we just have to make a few things like adding the background on desktop and the other basic mods you make like with xfce
<rneese_> but it builds a working desktop nicely
<rneese_> also igore it looks like the repo mirror did nit get all of the dde pkgs
<rneese_> trying to figure out now what happen
<rneese_> so deepin wont install missing pkgs
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<rneese_> armworks
<rneese_> I dont get why the rpo did not fully mirror
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<rneese_> beta has everything but the main repo does not
<rneese_> so how to add beta to the build
<rneese_> or enable it
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<rneese_> who knows how to use the beta repo when building
<rneese_> ok igore 3 pulls now added the workings fore lxde and lxqt
<rneese_> but the budgie desktop builds and works
<rneese_> all I can do is work on the desktops for the min but I also added a 2nd enhancement to make building/installing easier for builds
<rneese_> so I am running out this am . back thisafternoot
<rneese_> ok now the pull went up
<rneese_> sorry
<rneese_> so its 1 full commit
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<IgorPec> strange
<IgorPec> beta has packages and stable not?
<IgorPec> well, we can't adjust engine with this speed
<ArmbianTwitter> @Hacksterio (Hackster.io): WLAN Pi 2.0, now built on Armbian, turns your @Raspberry_Pi into a network performance analyzer: https://t.co/AGZb7sCoKd https://t.co/mU3awnkJRt (4s ago)
<flyback> im going to put broken as hell uCUNTU orangePI basterdized editiion back on to see if armbian broke my sdr
<flyback> if it did I a going to compare kernel options to find the difference and fix it
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<Werner> \o/ for everybody who is going to fix something
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<lanefu> ever seen this in any of your armibna logs? http://ix.io/2zhx
<Werner> Torrent network is broken
<Werner> lanefu, no
<Werner> I have setup a 2nd transmission server on a different box, different location and also stucks after downloading a few dozen gbs...
<lanefu> Werner: do we need a ticket for refractoring the torrent stuff? I know zero things about how its done or works
<Werner> Yeah maybe. We had a few broken torrents in the past but that could be fixed by hand. Now the toolchain stuff is removed from torrents as it caused issues. And now this weird behaviour...maybe IgorPec has an idea whats going on
<lanefu> Werner: ha cause is nomad making chroot environemnts for tasks.. so not an armbian problem
<lanefu> came accross it debugging the armbian ramlog cleanup
<Werner> nice
<lanefu> yeah well sucks
<lanefu> cuz its some "security" thing cron does.. so i twont execute the task if it has hardlinks
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<IgorPec> my torrent server runs perfect
<IgorPec> remove those that are broken
<IgorPec> mine is seeding 575 files
<Werner> I set the other one up yesterday. It downloaded until about 50G and then stopped doing anything.
<Werner> Hm okay then there might be something wrong with the packaging
<IgorPec> strange
<Werner> Because I have over 1000 torrents in the list...
<Werner> 1286 to be exact and that on both independent servers
<ArmbianTwitter> @NicoD99364191 (NicoD): #Tanix #TX6 #TV-Box - #Android and #Armbian #Linux #review https://t.co/EJGl11E4Cg via @YouTube (23s ago)
<IgorPec> something is wrong yeah
<IgorPec> let me investigate
<Werner> Nice images on forums grid. Still won't use it :P
<IgorPec> yeah, but we probably need to get someone skilled
<IgorPec> found the problem arount torrents. working on a fix
<Werner> awesome
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<Werner> https://forum.armbian.com/topic/15386-wanted-your-pictures-for-the-forums-grid/ to take care about the grid picture issue :P
<rneese> ok
<rneese> back
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<IgorPec> werner: your torrent server will autoheal in 24h
<Werner> Or instant if I force update?
<rneese> ok fixed file name
<IgorPec> if you have that cron for updating set up?
<IgorPec> then it will just remove whats 2 mouch
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<rneese> so about to see if the repo updated the packages where in beta but not main repo
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<rneese> also IgorPec how to set a build to use the beta repo
<IgorPec> only manual
<IgorPec> by editing code
<rneese> so where in the builder is it set II never found it
<rneese> seels the only 1 repo check is in debootstrap
<IgorPec> grep
<IgorPec> rather try once again if it works. stable must work the exact same way
<IgorPec> focal repo only
<ArmbianTwitter> @Avnet✓ (Avnet): @TonyMac_32 If you do the port effort in getting Armbian working on the MaaXBoards & wanted to share it, we would be willing to write an @E14Community blog highlighting the advantages. We are currently focusing on the Debian/Yocto Linux’s & Android 9 operating systems. (6s ago)
<rneese> only half the pkgs show up in the main repo
<rneese> ubuntudde-dde and ubuntudde-dde-extras and some parts not showing up
<rneese> most the dde-* files are missing but looking at beta.armbian.com thery are there
<IgorPec> try once again since perhaps repository was not synched
<rneese> E: Unable to locate package ubuntudde-dde-extras
<IgorPec> apt update once again
<IgorPec> when building?
<rneese> yep and when doing apt install on cli
<IgorPec> right now or yesterday?
<rneese> right now
<IgorPec> hmm
<IgorPec> ok, need to check
<IgorPec> have no explanation for this
<rneese> running a new test now we will see shortly
<rneese> but the budgie desktop build works
<rneese> so we just have to change the wllpaper and add the links to the desktop lie on xfce
<rneese> so far I have done the basic work on lxqt/lxde/budgie/dde
<rneese> the xfce was already done
<rneese> so now we just grow
<IgorPec> yes, it was not updated yet
<IgorPec> if i excange apt with the central one, it works
<rneese> ok
<IgorPec> apt.armbian.com -> imola.armbian.com/apt
<IgorPec> slow down :)
<rneese> well while I wait workingon the cinnamon desktop
<rneese> to ge the pkgs list
<IgorPec> what is last packaage list for deepin?
<IgorPec> i tried to install it but its failing
<rneese> well if you use apt install ubuntudde-dde it is the meta pkg
<rneese> the ubuntudde-dde is there now
<rneese> let me run a test
<rneese> ubuntudde-dde ubuntudde-dde-extras ubuntudde-plymouth-logo ubuntudde-plymouth-text ubuntudde-default-settings ubuntudde-icon-theme deepin-voice-recorder deepin-screenshot dde-calendar deepin-music deepin-picker deepin-gettext-tools deepin-image-viewer deepin-movie deepin-calculator deepin-shortcut-viewer deepin-system-monitor deepin-terminal deepin-topbar deepin-deb-installer
<rneese> thats all the pkgs not including the libs
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<IgorPec> what about dm?
<IgorPec> lightdm?
<rneese> ubuntudde-dde includes it I believe
<IgorPec> nope
<rneese> ok I will have to fix it
<rneese> fixing now
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<rneese> fixed and pullreq sent
<rneese> thats the build line I am using at the min
<rneese> all you select is what pkgs to build
<rneese> but you can swap out what board
<rneese> budgie built and worked
<rneese> so now if dde works then building out will be faster
<IgorPec> i tried install on top of CLI image
<IgorPec> failed
<IgorPec> i'll try again from ubuntu repo
<rneese> ok
<rneese> running a test build now
<rneese> if the img workd then the build is ggood
<rneese> give it 20 min
<IgorPec> you were pulling packages from our repo?
<rneese> and no it seems the pkgs do not include lightdm
<rneese> yes
<rneese> you did something
<rneese> we will see in a min if anything fails
<IgorPec> hmm, strange since last time i was testing i did the same. odroid n2 cli image and install on top
<rneese> ok
<rneese> I had screwed up the pkgs list
<IgorPec> also fail?
<rneese> somehow lightdm fell out of the list
<rneese> its running
<rneese> if you use the packages list file thats everything at the min
<rneese> the test build is runnign for img
<rneese> Err:44 http://apt.armbian.com focal/focal-desktop armhf Packages
<rneese> - SHA512:557c604767b3e850c29b5726c1d1e33f353d429e4543e38221a8f9cd646c536ae796c88c93068df167837f05383f30d0ad5ea245e0401cc82b06f7635aab34b0
<rneese> Hashes of expected file:
<rneese> File has unexpected size (4112 != 14360). Mirror sync in progress? [IP: ::1 3142]
<rneese> - Filesize:14360 [weak]
<rneese> - SHA256:1e50acf0174df4b310e7d516ce44f62d59ef58aac91445585716235001bdc3a8
<rneese> - SHA1:970c4a5dc00d98f0e728ca46fc6ed99a8ce0bfcf [weak]
<rneese> - MD5Sum:4ad54f945dd74b292878f3d4632870a2 [weak]
<rneese> Release file created at: Tue, 29 Sep 2020 15:19:13 +0000
<IgorPec> you need to wait
<IgorPec> you need to wait
<IgorPec> :)
<rneese> thats the first I have seen this
<rneese> lol
<IgorPec> "sync in progress? "
<IgorPec> yes
<lanefu> rneese: hey would you mind using like http://ix.io/ or similar for big pastes.. you can just wget their client into usr local bin and pipe to it, etc
<rneese> ok nevr used it will try
<IgorPec> XServer 0: Can't launch X server X -background none, not found in path
<rneese> you using your repo or the ppa
<rneese> and post me the script you have
<rneese> I cave cleaned out alot
<IgorPec> you cleaned something very important :)
<rneese> I used the same basic file for budgie but 1 min
<rneese> there is the install
<rneese> thats all the default pkgs with otu all the deps displayed
<IgorPec> trying ...
<Tonymac_32> sigh oh AVnet
<Tonymac_32> If I do that we could get a writeup in a decent sized blog, obviously a CSC, since they're "focusing on debian/Yocto and Android 9". After playing with their image it's like any other vendor who's "focusing" like that. :P
<IgorPec> haha ... i think its enough that they know we exists
<Tonymac_32> I want to use the board for something, so I was going to do it anyway, we'll see. mainline doesn't look promising, because NXP chips are more niche than a lot of others
<lanefu> Tonymac_32: yeah "here's something less stupid" goes a long way
<Tonymac_32> vendor kernel is a 4.14 NXP spin with a questionable device tree and no attempt at optimizing anything user space. I'm having flashbacks to my first Armbian board
<Tonymac_32> :D
<IgorPec> we have almost no imx8 know-how so its also a loot
<IgorPec> OMG
<Tonymac_32> hahahahaha
<IgorPec> rneese: works now
<rneese> ok
<Tonymac_32> all of the i.mx boards are 4.14, I saw we have an i.MX7 csc
<Tonymac_32> USB is not working mainline I saw in a recent patchwork email
<IgorPec> imx6 are mainlined
<Tonymac_32> ok
<IgorPec> but that's very old
<Tonymac_32> still very active though, NXP is pushing them for cheap low power control
<IgorPec> and 32bit
<rneese> so now let me know when the repo is done updating so we can run the desktop build
<Tonymac_32> I have one of the i.MX6ULL
<IgorPec> rneese: if you change repo to imola.armbian.com/apt you can do it now
<IgorPec> this repo is the source, others are synching
<Tonymac_32> Are we performing advanced surgery on the T4?
<rneese> so I have to change the builder files repos
<rneese> to change it
<IgorPec> now you have to edit and change it manually
<rneese> yeah
<IgorPec> but you can also do something else and do this tomorrow
<rneese> ok
<rneese> well I am working on other desktops
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @Avnet @TonyMac_32 @E14Community We are focused mainly into the build system and hw interface. OS is a side product, which is highly improved Debian or Ubuntu https://t.co/6aMqyYkumr We were already asked several times to "port" this board, but nobody is interested to cover expenses https://t.co/vfCUbGZAPC (26s ago)
<nekomancer[m]> almost?
<IgorPec> almost?
<IgorPec> neki: i was thinking about this locales thing ... what about leaving system locale as is and only change user to something? is that doable in some good way?
<nekomancer[m]> ubuntu-redhat way, I think.
<nekomancer[m]> interactively propose to change to locale, but keeping english variant on chooser.
<IgorPec> perhaps this way, ok
<nekomancer[m]> and set locales, not deault keyboard
<IgorPec> ok, that i plan to just move out
<nekomancer[m]> I mean system and program messages language, datetime format, numbers and currency
<IgorPec> that's set by locale
<nekomancer[m]> yes
<nekomancer[m]> if you want to set keyboard too — add layout, not replace.
<IgorPec> yeah, that would be better
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* nekomancer[m] bows
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<rneese> ok is it updated yet ... lol
<rneese> jk
<stipa> patience
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<lanefu> rneese: so whats latest on dde
<rneese> waiting on the repo to finish updating
<lanefu> updating what
<rneese> i fixed the budgie build
<rneese> IgorPec, mirrored the repo to armbian
<rneese> and waiting for the repo to finish updating for the build
<rneese> hoping we have it soon
<rneese> the budgie build works so you can test on the pbp
<rneese> build a img
<rneese> I have about finished with the cinnamon package file
<rneese> then lxde/lxqt/dde/budgie/mate/xfce
<rneese> then we need kde and gnome
<lanefu> you have a pbp image i can test?
<rneese> I will have to make one once the test build I am running finishes
<rneese> brb
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<rneese> lanefu, it looks like dde os up
<rneese> so the build is adding the pkgs now then I can build you both for testing
<rneese> i just pushed a pull request
<rneese> once this is done I will run you a dde build first
<rneese> it takes about 45 min
<lanefu> sweeet
<lanefu> i wish having more cores helped with the filesystem image / qemu step, but really only affects compilation
<rneese> man all these desktops will make armbian go further
<rneese> now we have to fix armbian config so when then enable the desktop you select wich one you want
<lanefu> "fix" lol
<rneese> add the code
<rneese> update
<rneese> i jusg got chownroot issue
<lanefu> did that break the build?
<rneese> its still going but I have to find out what is causing it
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<lanefu> i dunno sounds like probably nothing to worry about
<rneese> its almost done then I can make a pbp img
<rneese> this is a alpha img we will have some minor mods to make to match the xfce buuild
<rneese> but this is a test to build
<lanefu> its cool my expectations are low
<rneese> weill we do a cli install and it works
<lanefu> you get 85% credit if the desktop just loads
<rneese> and the budgie build worked
<lanefu> budget is?
<lanefu> budgie
<rneese> budgie
<lanefu> ubuntu 20.10?
<rneese> yes
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<rneese> I have added lxde/lxqt/dde/budgie/mate builds to the new system
<rneese> which will all have to be tested when the time comes
<lanefu> all of them?!
<rneese> kde and gnome are needed
<rneese> i think the want kde and kde-plasma
<rneese> -rw-rw-r-- 1 root root 5695864832 Sep 30 23:51 Armbian_20.08.0-trunk_Nanopct4_focal_current_5.7.19_desktop.img
<rneese> ok running your build now
<rneese> pinebook-pro
<rneese> for bord right
<rneese> build is running
<lanefu> if you do CLEAN_LEVEL="" it can save some time
<lanefu> but probably too late now
<lanefu> if you wanna re-use debs n stuff
<rneese> ahh ok
<rneese> to late
<rneese> lol
<rneese> once dome I will load a budgie also