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<ArmbianTwitter> @sinovoip (Banana pi Open Source): @Superna9999 @armbian when we instock ,will send sample to you (27s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @pipedevzero (pipedevzero): @armbian Cool and handy modifications ⚙️Love it! (22s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @pieai Sadly its based on a previous version which is a bit distant from current head. We already tried - This work is based on a community contribution https://t.co/hF3XZhP2wv which was further adjusted and improved https://t.co/orrNx9nTUU https://t.co/wF3dnmHCXE We hope in the future (8s ago)
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<leperotero> hi guys, I have armbian Debian with kernel 5.4 in a standard Pinobook. Can I upgrade to actual Armbian with kernel 5.8?
<lanefu> leperotero: can't upgrade but can use fresh imagee.. https://www.armbian.com/pinebook-a64/
<lanefu> wait i'm confused
<lanefu> are you on armbian already or no
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<leperotero> yes, I have armbien, but June version. I want the last version
<lanefu> should be able eto just apt-update
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<leperotero> I've done now update && dist-upgrade and reboot. Now I have a kernel panic and I don't boot the system :(
<[TheBug]> Can you pastebin the failure you are seeing?
<[TheBug]> or you don't have a console on it huh?
<leperotero> my error is a blackscreen when it boot the desktop. I cannot see anything
<[TheBug]> thats a lot different than a kernel panic
<leperotero> Can I do something?
<[TheBug]> I assume you could access it via ssh and check things?
<[TheBug]> but likely some graphics drivers or something isn't working as it should
<[TheBug]> have to find out whats wrong before you can fix it
<[TheBug]> or
<[TheBug]> load up new image directly
<leperotero> the ssh port is closed
<leperotero> I going to install the new image
<leperotero> sorry, ssh is open
<leperotero> I am inside
<leperotero> the system is up, maybe the X have failed
* HerculeP had the same issue (black GUI screen) on odroidc2 armbian 20.8.1 k 5.8.5 recently
<HerculeP> kernel 5.7.y worked
<leperotero> uname -ra
<leperotero> Linux pinebook-a64 5.8.6-sunxi64 #20.08.2 SMP Fri Sep 4 08:52:31 CEST 2020 aarch64 GNU/Linux
<leperotero> the upgrade is success, but the GUI fail
<nekomancer[m]> "armbien". so french/
<leperotero> can I reported this bug? How?
<nekomancer[m]> leperotero: post https://forum.armbian.com/forum/1-bug-tracker/
<leperotero> thanks!
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<emOne> Could anyone who knows about bootloader answer a simple question
<emOne> If I want to take the armbian odroid c4 build for Linux 4.9
<emOne> And run that very same image on my generic s905x3 box which bootloader files do I need to make it happen?
<IgorPec> that's not a simple question
<emOne> I had a look at the odroid c4 image
<emOne> If I understand correctly the image doesn't come with a bootloader
<IgorPec> all armbian images comes with a bootloader
<emOne> It uses the bootloader that is on the emmc inside odroid
<emOne> Oh
<IgorPec> nope, that's tvbox world
<IgorPec> but with a a boot loader for C4 ... you will only be able to boot C4
<emOne> I tried taking uboot from the mainline armbian images that Balbes makes
<emOne> It doesn't boot
<emOne> I tried booting the c4 image by only modifying the dtb in the boot.ini
<emOne> I was greeted by a dead droid
<c0rnelius> compiling uboot for amlogic is no simple feet as you would also need the fips.
<emOne> Which is a first for me
<emOne> what is the fips?
<c0rnelius> its kinda like the arm trusted firmware if I'm not mistaken? and its diff for each revision. g12a g12b and so forth and so on.
<emOne> I am looking at the following image
<emOne> I don't see any u-boot file in there
<c0rnelius> uboot bin are under usr/lib
<c0rnelius> bins*
<c0rnelius> one dir has a file that will show you where to flash them and another has the actual bins
<emOne> Ahh I see
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<emOne> Does the armbian compile.sh compile uboot or only the kernel?
<c0rnelius> both
<agrisis> is anyone familiar with how the bin-scaling-sel dts entries work for arm? https://upaste.de/HQb
<agrisis> I've managed to overclock my cpu by only enabling 1 such selector, but ideally I'd like to enable a wider range
<emOne> I wish I knew
<agrisis> I can learn from a bit of trial and error but I feel that's a dangerous proposition given the nature this thing
<emOne> Perhaps it is not the best idea to overclock a passively cooled cpu
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<agrisis> it's not but hey
<emOne> Hey
<emOne> O/
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<emOne> What kind of board is it?
<agrisis> rk3266
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<emOne> Is it a sbc?
<emOne> Or is it an odroid go?
<agrisis> odroid go
<agrisis> SBC I guess, I don't know the definition
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<fizikz> after weeks i think i finally figured out why unattended upgrades weren't working, configured according to the debian wiki https://wiki.debian.org/UnattendedUpgrades
<fizikz> turns out armbian explicitly disables it with APT::Periodic::Enable "0"; in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/02-armbian-periodic and none of the tutorials set/override that
<[TheBug]> thats a bit exciting, got an 8 port sata controller working on a RockPI 4c :D
<IgorPec> fizikz: open a bug on https://github.com/armbian/build and propose a solution
<IgorPec> if you have any
<IgorPec> bug: but is it sata port multiplier?
<IgorPec> or more sata controlers?
<IgorPec> great. how is performance?
<[TheBug]> [Thu Sep 10 18:56:39 2020] ahci 0000:01:00.0: version 3.0
<[TheBug]> [Thu Sep 10 18:56:39 2020] ahci 0000:01:00.0: AHCI 0001.0000 32 slots 4 ports 6 Gbps 0xf impl SATA mode
<[TheBug]> [Thu Sep 10 18:56:39 2020] ahci 0000:01:00.0: flags: 64bit ncq sntf led only pmp fbs pio slum part sxs
<[TheBug]> well
<[TheBug]> I threw a 256GB SSD on there so far
<[TheBug]> don't have all the drives
<[TheBug]> that will probably come after work
<[TheBug]> also going to be testing a similar bridge on ebin
<[TheBug]> but obviously pmcie to pciex4
<[TheBug]> anticipate it will stabilze things some for ebin as well
<[TheBug]> as it doesn't seem to love PMs
<[TheBug]> I will test the SSD her shortly and let you know
<[TheBug]> to note
<[TheBug]> it onlys seems to show 4 of the 8 ports
<[TheBug]> so that could be some fun
<IgorPec> hmm, strange
<[TheBug]> maybe it loads the other 4 only when a drive is attached
<fizikz> IgorPec: solution is to set APT::Periodic::Enable "1" in a higher numbered file, or that file, or comment that out. the first option worked for me so i didn't try the others
<[TheBug]> I bet it's actually 2 port sata controller with 2 pms built into it
<[TheBug]> (facepalm)
<[TheBug]> or 2x4port
<[TheBug]> anyways
<[TheBug]> work time, will have to play more after while
<IgorPec> fizikz: i know, but we don't want to enable that for all. the idea was actually to move this to armbian-config and let user toggle automated update on/off
<IgorPec> but we never got that far. yet
<[TheBug]> this was a proof of concept anyways, so didn't pick the most expensive solution ;z
<IgorPec> ok
<fizikz> i see. well it's not a big deal except when the fact of that setting is unknown. tutorials for setting up unattended upgrades seem oblivious to it possibly being explicitly disabled. maybe tutorials need to be better by explicitly enabling it
<IgorPec> well, totorials for OSS are as is. Sometimes good, sometimes not existing ... I also didn't study this mechanism much but for us its probably good enough just to have enable / disable. This will cover most of the use cases. Corner cases ... they need to study manual or script or config files itself.
<fizikz> point is there doesn't seem to be the expectation that it would be explicitly disabled
<IgorPec> and for most everyday people, fixing things as you did is already too much
<IgorPec> aha
<IgorPec> well, in this sbc / embedded world, manual update is default
<fizikz> seems the expectation is implicitly disabled, given that unattended-upgrades package is not installed by default and therefore could not work without explicitly installing and configuring
<IgorPec> actually the package is installed by default, its just disabled. the plan was to move on with and provide easy user config
<fizikz> good idea. not certain anymore, but i thought i had to explicitly install the package.
<IgorPec> except minimal builds, there we stripped out everything not urgent
<IgorPec> then you started with minimal build
<fizikz> ah that must be it
<fizikz> yes, i think i did use the server minimal build, as part of the suggested instructions for setting up OMV5
<fizikz> "On the Armbian device page, scroll down to bottom, to the “All download options” section, and select the Buster Server variant. If Buster Server is not available, Buster Minimal should work."
<IgorPec> aha
<fizikz> not sure, but i don't think there was a buster server variant when i did this install
<IgorPec> this is the same on all
<IgorPec> this is a part of overlay
<fizikz> yeah. to avoid getting confused, i left those options alone and override relevant ones in higher numbered files as per the typical tutorial for configuring unattended-upgrades
<IgorPec> yes, that's also an option
<fizikz> key point was to realize that nobody else refers to APT::Periodic::Enable "0";
<IgorPec> parameters are self explanatory more or less
<fizikz> yes, if it is known that they exist somewhere
<fizikz> most are well commented too
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<ArmbianTwitter> @ComputingNl7 (NL7 Computing): New video has been dropped out. Check and share it! ;) https://t.co/VuIYGSloW8 via @YouTube #Armbian #Linux #Ubuntu #Orangepi #raspberrypi #orangepizero #technology #electric #electronics #tutorial #Tutorials #LinuxTips #Computing #computers #MachineLearning #HowTo #AliExpress (3s ago)
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<[TheBug]> RockPi 4c w/ m.2 to PCIe x4 adapter with 8 port SATA card connected to SSD - http://prntscr.com/uf63eu
<jock> [TheBug]: cool :)
<[TheBug]> 1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB, 1.0 GiB) copied, 6.58583 s, 163 MB/s
<nekomancer[m]> I see `haveged` in list of addoitional packages and remember to ask: did arm processors have buildin random number generators?
<[TheBug]> I want to say you would leverage the crypto engine maybe
<nekomancer[m]> sure
<[TheBug]> but work on that stuff is...dependant on maker and support is sometimes hit and miss
<[TheBug]> I know I saw in linux-sunxi they were working on making the crypto gens work for allwinner stuff
<[TheBug]> not sure how far that got
<nekomancer[m]> all the same 😕
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