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<lanefu> archetech_: what desktop do you have running on your n2 right now?
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<lanefu> ha i figurd out what's missing with the armbian-ramlog rotate
<lanefu> systemd-journald isnt getting cleaned up
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<archetech_> lanefu: tobetter gnome
<lanefu> is that with X and mainline and panfrost?
<archetech_> no its wland on mali-non-free
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<archetech_> can google his repo
<lanefu> i googled a while back and had trouble finding it
<lanefu> but sounds too progressive for me anyway
<archetech_> yeah git tobetter is hard work
<archetech_> first result
<archetech_> what are you cogitating over
<archetech_> pop his repo into armbian buildr and out wil come a working armbian gnome wayalnd on bullseye
<archetech_> witha few post build commands
<archetech_> bulls or focal
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<R0b0t1`> Is there a way to change kernel command line?
<R0b0t1`> like in armbianEnv.txt
<lanefu> so if you just need to add aparamter
<lanefu> or two
<lanefu> youncan add a line to armbian env like
<lanefu> extraargs="kernelparam=value"
<lanefu> if you look at boot.cmd you should see where it places that
<R0b0t1`> ok I finally *just* understood what armbianEnv is doing, it's arguments per line
<R0b0t1`> I kind of figured but talked myself out of it earlier
<R0b0t1`> yeah
<lanefu> should be extraargs and extraboardargs
<R0b0t1`> oh wait
<archetech_> lanefu https://github.com/tobetter
<R0b0t1`> hmm, are you aware of how to disable agetty
<lanefu> archetech_: yeah but which repo
<lanefu> R0b0t1`: is that a systemed unit or no?
<R0b0t1`> yes
<R0b0t1`> serial-getty@
<R0b0t1`> sorry, I mainly use openrc, total mind blank on where it'd be
<lanefu> yeah so you should be able to systemctl disable serial-getty@blah
<archetech_> its mainly his kernel uboot and config repos that matter
<archetech_> fr home page there
<R0b0t1`> lanefu: turns out I need to mask it because disable does not actually disable things
<R0b0t1`> enable/disable add to default runtime target, unit can still be pulled in by something else
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<R0b0t1`> people still here
<R0b0t1`> I found my issue
<R0b0t1`> I need to disable the serial console output
<R0b0t1`> I tried console=display but it still puts stuff to serial port
<Tonymac_32> received a MaaXBoard Mini today, want to play with having an M4 do things in realtime while Linux does HMI/advanced interface stuff
<Tonymac_32> looks nice, vendor image booted right up, and the default login is root
<Tonymac_32> sooo, that will get some people into trouble possibly
<Tonymac_32> complete 4.14 and u-boot 2018.something sources
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<s_frit> Tonymac_32: looks interesting. is a schematic available? i'm curious about the pinout on those cream colored "SAI expansion connectiors" on the center of the board. I checked the product brief and it doesn't seem to be mentioned
<Werner> Good morning
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<Werner> That is why I'd prefer decentralization but sometimes you have to take it how it comes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<Werner> Err:4 https://minio.k-space.ee/armbian/apt focal/main arm64 linux-dtb-current-rockchip64 arm64 20.08.3
<Werner> 404 Not Found [IP: 443]
<Werner> That mirror seems not to be up to date.
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<jock> hello
<Werner> Hi
<jock> hello Werner, got the mention from the forum, thanks! I will try to attend the discussion next saturday
<Werner> Awesome
<lanefu> Yeah we're still working out the kinks with the new Estonia mirror
<Werner> IgorPec, clubs also received some adjustments in Invision 4.5.x, including terms and conditions for their usage. Might be handy.
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<Werner> IgorPec, bouncer is back online
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<Heisath> Wundervollen Samstag!
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<Werner> Hi
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<Heisath> You're really working on the forum, Werner. Nice
<Werner> I had some ideas
<Werner> Something is weird with the torrents... it just stopps downloading after a while
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<Werner> Heisath, do you want an irc bouncer and/or project affiliation cloak?
<Heisath> sure. What does the bouncer do?
<Werner> It is kind a proxy between you and the irc server to effectively hide your origin and keeps the connection to the irc server intact to grab messages you usually miss when being offline
<Werner> they simply replay once you reconnect. Same goes for queries
<Heisath> ok, then only the cloak please.
<Werner> maintainer or contributor? What fits better?
<Heisath> Contributor as in code or money? :D
<Werner> code. Money would be donator :P
<Werner> But since you are in the board-marvell group...
<Heisath> contributor is better then. I mainly help maintain mvebu but gprovost is the maintainer
<Heisath> or maintainer? I dont really care tbh
<Werner> Okay, I reach out to freenode to get this done.
<Heisath> make it maintainer. I dont really add new feature.
<Werner> I don't think the wording needs to be taken that that literally ;)
<Heisath> oh btw. I will be attending the irc meeting next saturday.
<Werner> awesome
<Heisath> Regarding clubs feature: I noticed the CLUBS header gets all uppercase once you click on it.
<Werner> Click on subscriptions too
<Werner> Guess the creator of the theme liked that behaviour...
<Heisath> oooh all the other links lead to other sides - thats why I never realised.
<lanefu> man I wish we had a dark theme for the forum
<Werner> Me too. TRS-80 had one but probably locally adjusted via js
<lanefu> yeah i looked into that briefly, but then i realized how much i hate fiddling with browser hacks
<lanefu> i'll make a jira ticket
<lanefu> we can dream
<lanefu> i need to catch up on all the moderation threads.... so is a club like a subforum
<Werner> Yeah but a stronger separation from the main forums
<Werner> https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9725-strikeforce-dark-transparent-theme/ if we replace the background with something that is actually nice....
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<lanefu> Oooo is this to segment tvboxes?!
<Werner> That was the idea, yeah
* lanefu high-fives Werner or whatever they do in germany thats similar
<lanefu> are you going to make a lanefu fan club also?
<Werner> Theoretically this could be done but it lacks a bit of practical usage :P
<Werner> Heisath, if you have registered Heisath with nickserv you should group both Heisath and count-doku together. Was suggested by freenode staff.
<Heisath> It is grouped I think
<Werner> if you did not right now then it is obviously not :P
<Werner> lanefu, I put my two cents for tv boxes here: https://armbian.atlassian.net/projects/AR/issues/AR-230?filter=updatedrecently
<Heisath> done @ Werner.
<Werner> Nice
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<Heisath> Works, thanks :D
<Werner> You're welcome
<Werner> https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9591-vuex/ with a blue touch to it and also free. But I like the first more
<Heisath> Anyone had this one when compiling lk5.8?
<Heisath> In file included from drivers/net/wireless/rtl8811cu/include/drv_types.h:30,
<Heisath> drivers/net/wireless/rtl8811cu/include/wifi.h:1032: warning: "IEEE80211_MAX_AMPDU_BUF" redefined
<Heisath> from drivers/net/wireless/rtl8811cu/core/rtw_cmd.c:17:
<Heisath> |
<Heisath> 1032 | #define IEEE80211_MAX_AMPDU_BUF 0x40
<Heisath> In file included from drivers/net/wireless/rtl8811cu/include/osdep_service_linux.h:83,
<Heisath> from drivers/net/wireless/rtl8811cu/include/osdep_service.h:50,
<Heisath> from drivers/net/wireless/rtl8811cu/include/drv_types.h:27,
<Heisath> from drivers/net/wireless/rtl8811cu/core/rtw_cmd.c:17:
<Heisath> ./include/linux/ieee80211.h:1600: note: this is the location of the previous definition
<Heisath> 1600 | #define IEEE80211_MAX_AMPDU_BUF 0x100
<Heisath> |
<Heisath> In file included from drivers/net/wireless/rtl8811cu/include/drv_types.h:78,
<Heisath> from drivers/net/wireless/rtl8811cu/core/rtw_cmd.c:17:
<Heisath> drivers/net/wireless/rtl8811cu/include/rtw_security.h:252:8: error: redefinition of ‘struct sha256_state’
<Heisath> 252 | struct sha256_state {
<Heisath> | ^~~~~~~~~~~~
<Heisath> In file included from ./include/linux/filter.h:23,
<Heisath> from ./include/net/sock.h:59,
<Heisath> from ./include/linux/tcp.h:19,
<Heisath> from ./include/linux/ipv6.h:88,
<Heisath> from ./include/net/addrconf.h:50,
<Heisath> from drivers/net/wireless/rtl8811cu/include/osdep_service_linux.h:48,
<Heisath> from drivers/net/wireless/rtl8811cu/include/osdep_service.h:50,
<Heisath> from drivers/net/wireless/rtl8811cu/include/drv_types.h:27,
<Heisath> from drivers/net/wireless/rtl8811cu/core/rtw_cmd.c:17:
<Heisath> ./include/crypto/sha.h:84:8: note: originally defined here
<Heisath> 84 | struct sha256_state {
<Heisath> | ^~~~~~~~~~~~
<Heisath> make[4]: *** [drivers/net/wireless/rtl8811cu/core/rtw_cmd.o] Error 1
<Heisath> make[3]: *** [drivers/net/wireless/rtl8811cu] Error 2
<Werner> Better use pastebin next time :P
<lanefu> Werner: dude your sample questions are hillarious
<lanefu> Heisath: add EXTRAWIFI=no
<Werner> I have no idea what you are talking about :P
<lanefu> and or clean your cache
<Werner> My daily runs for sunxi and rockchip64 on 5.8 went fine
<lanefu> yeah rockchip has been good
<lanefu> i think sunxi has some extra patches added my 5kft
<lanefu> EXTRAWIFI works like 50% of the time for me lol
<Werner> hehe
<lanefu> btw this stupid PBP pushed me over the edge to replace my entire wifi network
<Werner> https://werner.armbian.de/Sep26/ all good there
<lanefu> lol
<Werner> pbp?
<lanefu> pinebook pro
<Werner> Ah
<lanefu> i just need someone other than me to configure new u-boot and then we'll have a pretty good offering for it
<lanefu> s/i /we /g
<lanefu> i've got a unifi setup, but i have 2 OLD access points that are 802.11n, and then a newer one thats 802.11ac
<lanefu> and i think that's been causing weirdness for roaming for a long time
<Werner> what do you think about the mentioned forum themes?
<lanefu> so rather than buy more unifi-ac-pros (which i are very nice) i bought 3 AeroHive AP230's for 30 bucks a pop :P
<Werner> I dont like WiFi much. Most of my devices are wired
<Werner> For everything else n-speed is enough.
<Heisath> The first theme is better imho
<lanefu> i mean i'm open to any dark theme, but that kind of looks like we might have to start an Arm64 gaming klan to join
<Werner> As stated we should replace the background with something that is actually pretty :D
<lanefu> anyway as long as users can choose i think its cool
<Werner> Well...I've set up Quake on the OPi One Plus already so Game on :P
<Werner> s/Quake/Quake3
<lanefu> haha
<lanefu> Oooh
<lanefu> uhmm do you have a script or a howto for that :P
<Werner> I put one together somewhen, let me check
<lanefu> ..bude
<Werner> That is actually the server part. The client did not run too well due to graphical arthefacts.
<lanefu> armbianhelper is sick
<Werner> fosshost has major outtage with the node running our services
<lanefu> oh
<Werner> Seems to be network/carrier related, the server is probably fine but simply no connection
<lanefu> internet is hard
<Werner> Cannot download the theme even logged in. I guess the account must be connected to an actual active purchase of the forums software.
<lanefu> they they run a tight $hip
<Werner> I know years ago it was possible to link multiple accounts to a purchase so others have a chance do dig through addons and themes and such. Maybe Invision supports this too but have to wait for IgorPec to check that.
<lanefu> they're based in Virginia, maybe i can just go bang on the guys door
<Werner> The faster you do that the faster we get the dark theme :P
<lanefu> okay should only take me 3 hours to get there
* lanefu will do anything for the users
<stipa> ha ha
<IgorPec> hi
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<Werner> hi and bye
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<IgorPec> werner: i am having some troubles with irc
<Werner> fosshost has major outtage
<IgorPec> ahaa
<Werner> irc services and bouncers are hosted there
<stipa> \whois stipa
<IgorPec> ok, forum upgrade?
<lanefu> do it!
<Werner> If you wanna do it now go ahead
<IgorPec> lanefu: do we have some database backup established?
* lanefu hides
<IgorPec> :)
<lanefu> i thought you had a script for that
<Werner> xD
<IgorPec> i have, but i would need to rework it a bit
<Werner> Btw after the forums upgrade AR-446 could be fixed too =)
<IgorPec> or add privileged database user
* IgorPec is going to do manual backup ...
* lanefu making new jira ticket
* Werner grabbing something to drink
<rneese> ok a rum and coke
<rneese> while oyur at it
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<rneese> ok trying to get the edp display
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<lanefu> ArmbianHelper: Hey buddy welcome back
<rneese> hey
<rneese> working to get the edp wrking now
<rneese> II have a 11 inch edp screen
<rneese> touch
<rneese> at that
* IgorPec pressed forum upgrade
* Werner Noticed
* lanefu waiting for page
* IgorPec hopes ...
<Werner> Grab the dark theme meanwhile :P
<IgorPec> ok
<IgorPec> now fixing it :()
<Werner> oof...
<IgorPec> well, it was a huge upgrade ... so its nice that it works
<Werner> The themes may need some love
<IgorPec> theme must be upgraded first ... working on that
<Werner> Aight
<IgorPec> theme is added, "Haze" but needs to be customized with
<IgorPec> our logo, colors, etc. also all plugins are disabled
<IgorPec> werner: will you try to modify "haze" theme based on our current? I'll check other stuff
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<Werner> I can try
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<rneese> IgorPec, when you build the rk3399 kernel does it have support for edp in it
<IgorPec> no idea
<rneese> ok
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<rneese> is there a config file I can review
<rneese> I am working to get a edp screen working
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<lanefu> rneese: kernel config?
<rneese> yes'
<lanefu> easiest way to see whats in place is `zcat /proc/config.gz`
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<lanefu> but i'll link you to repo,
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<rneese> ok
<Werner> Settings have been transferred
<jock> lanefu: if you want to try some old commercial game demos the easy way you can use game-data-packager
<IgorPec> ok, i will do deep theme hack now
<IgorPec> you check other stuff
<Werner> Aight
<jock> lanefu: just install with apt and then run game-data-packager -i quake3
<lanefu> jock: whoa
<lanefu> jock: is that on ubuntu and debian?
<jock> lanefu: ubuntu sure, but I think it's a debian package
<jock> lanefu: apt-cache show says: Original-Maintainer: Debian Games Team <pkg-games-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>
<rneese> grr
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<lanefu> jock: woohoo its on deb!
<lanefu> omG
<lanefu> OMG
<lanefu> !!
<rneese> OMG wtf!!! lanefu chillout young man
<rneese> you might have a stroke
<Werner> Some colors should be adjusted later on. topic tags are hard to read with the current set
<Werner> Also the green round follow button looks kind a funny
<Heisath> Topic tags and Profile / Message Buttons in the upper right
<Werner> I'll wait until Igor finished
<Werner> And grab something to eat in the meantime :P
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<lanefu> man i've been wanting quake3 forever
<rneese> lol ok
<rneese> gamer
<rneese> not a gamer here sorry
<rneese> but cool
<lanefu> ha so i'm not a gamer... quake3 was my peak of gamer-ing
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<rneese> there was 1 game I played that you where on a island and had to solve puzzles
<lanefu> myst?
<rneese> and there was 4 diff levels
<rneese> Myst saga
<rneese> Myst, Riven, Revelations, exile, end of ages
<rneese> if I could get them again and have them workon linux I would play again
<rneese> I will have to build a x85 based gaming system
<jock> lanefu: several old AAA games have been open sourced in the past, it was funny to see games like Quake (I, II and III), Revolt, Jedi Knight and others running full-hd on 5 Watt devices
<Werner> lanefu, they have a live demo for the dark theme: https://invisionfocus.de/forums/ select STRIKEFORCE theme at the bottom
<lanefu> i gutta get my mesa libs built right i guess
<lanefu> just playing via brute force on my N2
<lanefu> Werner: tried it. not bad
<Werner> I like it too
<lanefu> the one header font is a little off for armbian,, but maybe we can tune that?
<lanefu> anyway works for me
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<Werner> Fonts should be tunable
<lanefu> man i'm totally living my Armbian values...
<lanefu> sitting here using my N2 as a desktop, and my pinebook pro as a laptop
<Werner> sex, drugs and kernel builds?
<lanefu> rofl
<Werner> close enough :P
<lanefu> so my hillariously unfair comparison is that armbian-xfce on my N2 is faster than PopOS! on the RockPi X
<Werner> There has to be a winner
<lanefu> yeah btw glamor driver is working fine with n2
<lanefu> youtube and mpv work fine
<Werner> Um... the acp just broke for me?
<IgorPec> i did it probably
<Werner> oO
<IgorPec> cache need to be deleted probably
<IgorPec> i only updated one plugin and it ended in this state
<Werner> Welp...
<IgorPec> fixed
<Werner> confirmed
<IgorPec> ok, i have some other stuff to do, you can dig in
<Werner> Aight
<Werner> Prefixes are broken
<IgorPec> ireversible?
<Werner> The CSRF protection key did not match. This may indicate a plugin or theme is out of date
<Werner> I dont know
<IgorPec> let me see this
<Werner> Try to edit any prefix in acp
<Werner> Lets hope the author updates the advanced tags & prefixes...
<IgorPec> yeah, its outdated
<IgorPec> let me check if plugi is disabled
<rneese> hmm
<IgorPec> better?
<rneese> ?
<IgorPec> to werner :)
<IgorPec> forum fine tuning
<Werner> Yeah, they are tags now
<IgorPec> is this acceptable usage?
<Werner> I still hope there will be an update for the application. Also because it was quite expensive...
<rneese> i am thinking htere is something in the bootloade to load the edp
<IgorPec> yeah, that's why forum upgrades are stressful :)
<rneese> igore looks like we have to enable edp in theubootoader
<rneese> the uboot enables the edp it seems
<rneese> the t4 has a edp port on it
<rneese> with out support enabled in uboot it seems the edp ports dont work
<rneese> where can i find armbian u-boot settings ?
<nekomancer[m]> ..Wundervollen Samstag!
<ArmbianHelper> Wonderful Saturday! [de~>eng]
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<nekomancer[m]> <lanefu "man I wish we had a dark theme f"> I just use extensions to browsers and easy have "dark themes" ewerywhere I want. "dark reader" in firefox and "night mode pro" in chromium.
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<Werner> Maybe take the colors from armbian-ng. looking better imho
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<Werner> Is there some theme caching involved? I feel like editing a value and nothing happens. Cloud not find a matching setting though.
<lanefu> Werner: ahh yeah.. there should be a taskin the admin panel for dealing iwth cache
<rneese> so I have to stop uboot and try this
<Werner> lanefu, cannot find it.
<lanefu> Werner: yeah... i'm thinin gmaybe i just scrubbed it on the server let me do a little poking
<Werner> I know about memcached but I dont think this is the issue
<lanefu> Werner: any difference
<rneese> they show how to set uboot for edp
<lanefu> nah ther's a fle cache
<lanefu> ha i thinki foudn it
<Werner> ?
<lanefu> Werner: try now
<Werner> Nope. The featured/pin topics button should be red now
<lanefu> lame
<lanefu> hwen i had problems with teh forum last time
<lanefu> i had to disable this https://snipboard.io/W3vjSn.jpg
<lanefu> hten scrub /var/www/forum.armbian.com/cahce/template/*
<lanefu> hten turn it back on
<Werner> Oh well...Kind a sucks when you have to poke around to find a specific font color or similar you want to change by try'n'error and have to wipe that stuff every time...
<c0rnelius> if ur using mainline you need to enable edp in uboot, as its not enabled by default. whether or not that's all you need to do, that I don't know.
<lanefu> Werner: front-end development sucks
<Werner> Could be better if there were a simple "rebuild cache" function like vbulletin had ten years ago
<lanefu> Werner: let me try 1 dumb thing
<Werner> I'd try the following now: I adopt all color and possible settings from Armbian NG to Haze (similar but overall better looking), then you do your cache thing and hope it fixes everything.
* lanefu done trying stuff
<lanefu> okay
<lanefu> let me know and i'll do cache thing
<Werner> Aight lets do that then. Stick around for a few minutes
<lanefu> okay
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<Werner> lanefu, okay, do it
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<rneese> on armbian is there a way to set boot load options
<lanefu> standby
<rneese> and why the the serial console not taking txt input
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<lanefu> Werner: complete
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<Werner> Still looks like garbage :/
<IgorPec> werner: which thing is doing you problems?
<Werner> IgorPec, when you open your profile you have two tabs: Activity and about me. Latter is barely readable but I cannot find the matching color setting. 2ndly the featured/pin button symbol contrast is quite bad
<IgorPec> i am getting fatal error when clicking on some profile
<Werner> me too
<IgorPec> but not as anonyomous user
<Werner> n2a_photo_members
<IgorPec> that one doesn't work
<IgorPec> need to be updated. but i just lock out for 15 min :)
<Werner> If you know how to fix that already it is good
<IgorPec> i don't expect to solve all problems today and/or without dealing with forum support forums
<Werner> In the meantime I'll go stick with ArmbianNG theme which has a visual defect too (search bar is misplaced) look'n'feel is better than with the new haze.
<IgorPec> solving bugs in forum is not our job
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<rneese> ok the dbg port/uart port is not allowing input on the t4 boards
<rneese> I can plug on to the port wtch the boot
<rneese> but no interaction
<rneese> alco no interaction with usb kbd
<rneese> how else can i set env varitable for uboot
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<lanefu> rneese: TTL serial
<rneese> yes
<rneese> I can watch the boot
<rneese> but I went throu 6 usb ttl connectors they all do the same
<nekomancer[m]> "Aerohive Networks is now a part of Extreme Networks". omg. so traumatic experience with that vendor
<rneese> they can rx but not tx to console
<Werner> Hm now something has changed. Maybe a cache rebuild has hit? Did not fix anything though. Weird behavior..
<rneese> I need to set some uboot env setting to enable the edp port
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: ha yeah... gonna be managing them by hand w/o controller.. my buddy has scripts n stuff
<Werner> Cache seems to be broken or not fully functional. Activity stream shows me a topic that needs approval which already has been dealt with half an hour ago.
<lanefu> Werner: let me shutoff memached
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* nekomancer[m] sees on amazon "from EUR 414.67"
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<rneese> even with a usb kbd on the t4 its not allowing me to stop the boot
<lanefu> rneese: yeah you probably need to use serial console
<rneese> the console is a serial console
<rneese> but your talking pins on the 40 pin
<rneese> still have to use ttl to conver
<rneese> is tthere not file to set env setting
<rneese> for uboot ?
<IgorPec> each u-boot has its own settings
<IgorPec> we usually don't touch it unless necessary - with a patch
<rneese> wich uboot you using
<IgorPec> the one defined in boot script
<IgorPec> don't know
<rneese> the issue is enablining a edp port
<lanefu> Werner: caching disabled now
<rneese> has to be done in uboot
<rneese> ok
<Werner> Pending approval is still there
<IgorPec> yeah - i would say its few days of work, not just enabling :)
<rneese> now I have to dig
<lanefu> Werner: let me do more rituals standby
<rneese> digging now to see what uboot is used
<IgorPec> werner: names 2 avatar updated
<Werner> IgorPec, I just disabled that plugin because we do not use it anyways. Users without avatar have generic image
<IgorPec> well, updated seems to work
<IgorPec> not seeing pics, but at least its not crashing profiles
<rneese> its just fustrating even with a usb kbd i can not stop the u-boot
<rneese> ok back ltr'
<IgorPec> you should be able
<Werner> Ah n2a was name to avatar. Well now it makes sense.
<lanefu> Werner: okay i've scrubbed and restarted _everything_
<rneese> its not on the t4 like there is no usb kbd support
<Werner> Did not help :/. Seems to be an issue with iv itself
<IgorPec> probably not enabled in u-boot ... huh, i don't recall for rk3399 how we did it
<rneese> ok
<rneese> well it seems the console and usb both
<IgorPec> serial console must work
<IgorPec> i did it again
<lanefu> IgorPec: are you able to get/install the "redis extension" for invision?
<IgorPec> where is it?
<rneese> well I can see the console output but no input
<nekomancer[m]> serial console acts as read-only if you have mistake with some pin connection
<rneese> 3 pins
<nekomancer[m]> like ground instead rx
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<rneese> rx tx gnd
<lanefu> IgorPec: lol damn it. the admin page isn't rendering right now
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<IgorPec> yeah, i clicked update of one app and it ended this way
<Werner> yeah broken again
<nekomancer[m]> check it again. rx→tx, tx→rx
<IgorPec> it happen again. some caching problem i would say
<nekomancer[m]> gnd→gnd
<Werner> Must be invision internal caching then since memcached is disabled now (?)
<IgorPec> yeah
<IgorPec> leave memcached as is
<IgorPec> this is know problem
<IgorPec> but previous had some "clean cache"
<lanefu> k i made a backup :)
<lanefu> standby
<Werner> would explain the still as approval pending topic as well as the non-changing colors from the theme
<IgorPec> don't panic :) we will solve this
<Werner> The clean cache plugin does not work anymore
<Werner> I tried it
<IgorPec> ahaa
<IgorPec> ok
<IgorPec> :(
<Werner> Button does not show up
<IgorPec> yeah, that's what i was talking about
<IgorPec> it must be some manual workarond -> their forums
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<Werner> Rollback to 4.4 would be a last option though. Not much lost at this time.
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<IgorPec> no, we don't have that option
<IgorPec> we are paying for support
<IgorPec> for engine and theme.
<IgorPec> no upgrade so far went without troubles
<IgorPec> and with no uprage problems were solved in one day.
<Werner> Which actually should but I guess I expect too much
<lanefu> so it's looking for stylesheets in uploads folder
<IgorPec> i don't know. if its a stylesheet problem, this is reported to theme author
<IgorPec> i already asked him for help once, gave him admin and wait that he fixed problems
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<IgorPec> but i would propose that we wait before reaching out
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<IgorPec> lanefu: that is in the logs when accessing admin?
<IgorPec> what i did was updating an application ... which has to download and unpack
<lanefu> yeah those are what the browser fails to load in admind page
<IgorPec> hmm, perhaps changing default theme for admin
<Werner> They introduced this dark theme and might have done some changes under the hood which now leads into incompatibility with certain plugins?
<IgorPec> hard to say
<Werner> Pure guess, yeah
<lanefu> is admin page broken for you guys?
<IgorPec> did we restart ngingx just for joke?
<IgorPec> yes
<lanefu> i did restart nginx
<lanefu> OMG did i fuck it up cuz you were uploading when i restarted
<lanefu> ?
<lanefu> sorry dude
<IgorPec> no, it happens twice
<IgorPec> while i recover once
<Werner> Yeah, we had that already
<lanefu> yeah i restartd twice
<Werner> Nah that was before I think
<lanefu> oh! hey
<lanefu> do we have a /var/www bakcup
<IgorPec> we do
<[TheBug]> Is the titanic sinking?
<lanefu> see if we have a folder called /var/www/forum.armbian.com/uploads/css_built_0
<lanefu> that has more than 5 files in it
<[TheBug]> How many engineers does it take to...
<Werner> I am electrical engineer, not my business :P
<IgorPec> forum upgrades are always like this
<IgorPec> just now its not just me :)
<[TheBug]> hehe
<IgorPec> here is our know-how
<Werner> I read about the advantage tags/prefixes application. They claim the author abandoned the thing :/
<IgorPec> fixed
<IgorPec> not sure if it was me
<IgorPec> i did "support > somethin is not working properly"
<IgorPec> :)
<Werner> Kind a describes the whole situation
<lanefu> nice job igor
<lanefu> ROFL
<IgorPec> LOL
<lanefu> are you serious, there's like a "bulldoze and fix it" button
<IgorPec> yeah :) damn
<nekomancer[m]> burn this out
<Werner> No. It is a "bolldoze and THEY fix it" :P
<IgorPec> this was my inspiration to try that
<lanefu> haha
<lanefu> this is why engineers are bad users
<Werner> No permission to see :/
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<Werner> https://snipboard.io/p6hacQ.jpg still there
<Werner> Online users does weird too. lane and igor are logged in twice ^^
<Werner> clone wars /o\
<lanefu> haha
<lanefu> i logged in with private browsing earlier
<lanefu> maybe that weirded it out
<IgorPec> perhaps we should wait another month :)
<Werner> could be
<lanefu> more the merriar at least
<Werner> Yeah, should have stick with october :P
<lanefu> yeah until version x.x.99
<IgorPec> for bugs you can also find fixes on their forum
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<Werner> I did a quick look but I assume as customer you can see more areas in their forums
<Werner> https://snipboard.io/9ZweyV.jpg matching forums showing the "approval"
<IgorPec> yeah that's a bug
<IgorPec> i would propose to bring this forum as best as possible
<IgorPec> then we look further
<IgorPec> we have a topic forum bugs, and then i'll chech in private forums if there is anything
<IgorPec> i'll be back in 2h
<Werner> I'll do a quick announcement and then probably go to bed.
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<Werner> https://forum.armbian.com/topic/15351-forum-bugs-453/ feel free to put more stuff in there
<Werner> I'm out for today
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<rneese> well 7 ttl converters later found 1 that worked
<rneese> and it seems the edp patch is not in the bl
<rneese> or might not be in the dtb
<nekomancer[m]> bl?
<rneese> bootloader
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<nekomancer[m]> damn! again I get wrong locale and keyboard layoud because foo small timeout
<nekomancer[m]> and unknown way to change it properly