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<lanefu> damn it, i keep on building bogus images now.. gonna try building with extrawifi=off
<lanefu> s/off/no/
<ArmbianHelper> lanefu meant to say: damn it, i keep on building bogus images now.. gonna try building with extrawifi=no
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<keesj> well. I used etcher and have the same result. Ecther can not make the difference between a corrupt xz file and being disallowed to gain privileges https://i.imgur.com/c0soE4p.png it invades privacy by default https://i.imgur.com/uBiPrdn.png and I also suspect it feches stuff from the web while running e.g. https://i.imgur.com/NpmNDbM.png and now I demand support !. can somebody tell me where the boatloader
<keesj> notmally will get loaded from ? is it in the first sectors of the mmc?
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<keesj> https://pastebin.com/AKqqm1r5 (binwalk over the first 8192 sectors)
<keesj> well. unless :P I am flashing the wrong image of course
<keesj> hmm that is indeed the case
<keesj> I have a C4 (and not C2) apparently .. yesterday I was already kinda thinking .. hmm this is funny my board is red while the c2 board is black but I did not see a clear name on the silk screen
<archetech> derp
<archetech> get the right "boatloader" too ;p
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @martinkrafft Not as badass as yours but still good :) https://t.co/O2VjIJMGSZ (14s ago)
<keesj> it works \o/
<keesj> well. it boots..
* archetech slow claps
<keesj> haha .. I think I will need to enable debug console or similar (nothing shows after Starting kernel ... ) also not on HDMI .. but it is one small step forward
<keesj> it is not the power supply and not the serial arguments boot.scr default to "both" so I should have seen the kernel boot log...
<IgorPec> keesy: now you see why we don't jump on first ball :)
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<wooster> igorpec: can I contribute back the updated bootsplash patches somehow?
<IgorPec> do they work for you now?=
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @ghalfacree "As it should" only on #armbian Linux https://t.co/KI79SqO21a elsewhere would probably still be broken. (26s ago)
<keesj> Well IgorPec I was correct about dd not being the problem. now stated that it probably is not power nor bootargs but.. it most certainly has to be that or some sdcard problem
<IgorPec> yeah. i have C2 in my testrigh running latest build
<keesj> those are really similar not?
<IgorPec> well, they should be
<IgorPec> there are not many problems with C2, only USB sometimes doesn't fire up
<IgorPec> the rest is stable
<IgorPec> those are totally different boards
<keesj> ok
<IgorPec> not tottally since they are both Amlogic, but still
<IgorPec> but why is C4 here in this? you have C2 which doesn't boot properly
<keesj> I have a C4 .. that was the problem in the first place (flashing the wrong image...)
<IgorPec> ahaa, you have problems with C4 ? :)
<IgorPec> that's another story
<IgorPec> C4 have boot troubles
<IgorPec> as noted at the download pages, but with power cycle
<IgorPec> you can use the board
<IgorPec> there is no sulution to fix this yet
<IgorPec> after that proble, board boots fine
<IgorPec> tested
<keesj> shall I give the nightly a go?
<IgorPec> idk what you will do. i told you all what you need to know
<IgorPec> btw. we are rasing money for server
<IgorPec> without server we can't produce nightly builds
<keesj> Interesting.. I forgot debian doesn't really support cross compilation .. 80 arm coress.. interesting...
<IgorPec> we do CC right now
<keesj> I used to work on the Minix3 port to ARM ..compiling the BSD packages on arm .. was a pain but distcc solved most of the CPU usage problem (e.g. where able to run on x86 hardware)
<IgorPec> but the plan is to move to native builds
<IgorPec> and he will donate his time for porting if you buy him a server
<c0rnelius> hmm. thats odd. i've never had any problems booting my C4. although I have yet done much with it, really.
<IgorPec> cornelious: its a bug made two weeks ago when we enable sound on N2
<IgorPec> that broke C4
<IgorPec> but it was fixed the very next day
<c0rnelius> oh gotcha
<keesj> I .. purchased it a few month ago but I don't remember if I was running armbian on it or not. https://www.armbian.com/odroid-c4/ does not a nightly build Oct 24 2020
<IgorPec> keesj: IDK
<IgorPec> if that fix is included or not
<IgorPec> i can only do manual checking but that i will not do
<keesj> sorry I don't understand what is IDK
<IgorPec> i dont know
<keesj> ok.. well. I would need to enable early debug to see anything more usefull currently all I see is https://pastebin.com/S2rF8EZD (Starting kernel ... ) uboot is built Sep 01 2020 but the kernel version is not printed
<c0rnelius> did you flash the image to sd or mmc?
<keesj> Linux version 5.8.5-meson64 (root@desktop) (aarch64-none-linux-gnu-gcc (GNU Toolchain for the A-profile Architecture 9.2-2019.12 (arm-9.10)) 9.2.1 20191025, GNU ld (GNU Toolchain for the A-profile Architecture 9.2-2019.12 (arm-9.10)) #20.08.1 SMP PREEMPT Tue Sep 1 18:47:20 CEST 2020
<keesj> c0rnelius: on sd (no mmc on the board)
<keesj> 18 september predates the fix but also the commit causing the problem :p
<chewitt> IgorPec: being curious, what's the rough cost of that ARM server?
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<archetech> I wanna try a 16 gb emmc cheap
<archetech> cuz ssd is like $20 at MC
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<ArmbianTwitter> @tihmstar (tihmstar): I have waste *way too much* time on this, but finally it's working (with full j17 fan support!!!): Helios4 linux 5.8.9 kernel (ARCH) https://t.co/fq4TqldDrE Thanks to armbian for providing the correct patches :) (6s ago)
<IgorPec> chewitt: tbh i have no idea atm. we only have estimation for x86, arm should be 20-30% less
<IgorPec> keesj: where was the problem?
<keesj> You where talking about https://github.com/armbian/build/commit/4492234db71c4f9646231a55b1d3551b15401e9e that has been commited 6 days ago but (from strings it looks like the kernel shiped with the latest nightly I can download is dated (Tue Sep 1 18:47:20 CEST 2020)
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @tihmstar You are welcome! :) (12s ago)
<IgorPec> keesj: the nightly is outdated. what's the problem in that?
<IgorPec> if you can help on improving CI, contact lanefu - he will be glad if someone would help him
* lanefu can confirm ^^ would be happy
<IgorPec> heeh
<archetech> Igor and ?
<IgorPec> how arch gets stuff :)
<lanefu> rofl
<lanefu> by other people wasting their time?
<IgorPec> we was wasting time until he look over to armbian. this is how i understand it
<archetech> not sure the point he's trying to make
<lanefu> archetech: the important thing is that we like you for who you are
* IgorPec likes archetech
<archetech> yeah is it April 1st already?
<lanefu> archetech: funny you mentioned that.. 20 minutes ago in a work chat i said "every day in 2020 is just like a bad april fools joke"
<keesj> we are closer to halloween
<archetech> lanefu: yeah a fools paradise is right around the corner
<Werner> Good day
<lanefu> ha yeah i got my rgb lights outside in hallowween mode
<IgorPec> werner hey
<IgorPec> we just had a punpkin for dinner
<Werner> Haha, I had something with pumpkin too for lunch :)
<Werner> cauliflower-cheese paddies with pumpkin ragout and curry
<IgorPec> today is pumpkin day :)
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<wooster> igorpec: no i still see no bootsplash :( but at least i got the patches to apply and it compiles.
<IgorPec> here you should be asking some rockchip legacy kernel specialist why this is not showing up ...
<redentor> I want to congratulate the developer's, my npie2 is working flawless.
* IgorPec thanks in the name of devs!
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<archetech> redentor: give it some time...
* archetech runs
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<wooster> dang I wish I knew one. i'd be happy to contribute my fixes but I don't know what base to open a PR against
<IgorPec> master
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<IgorPec> always
<tmaurice> yo
<tmaurice> ah dope thanks
<tmaurice> and now we wait and pray
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<IgorPec> anyone Gnome desktop expert?
<lanefu> gnope
<IgorPec> probably not
<IgorPec> now how to attract people with this kind of know-how?
<lanefu> show screenshots of it on pinebook pro w/ your problem and post to twitter with "who knows how to fix this?"
<lanefu> probably going to give you the best intersection of people interested and possibly able to deal wtih it
<lanefu> compared to other SBC enthusiasts
<IgorPec> ok, making screenshots
<lanefu> then we just have to sell the #armbian-lifestyle
<lanefu> IgorPec: LOL i'm so happy to see you use the word borked lol
<IgorPec> haha
<lanefu> okay so gnome is a higher priority desktop is the bottom line?
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<IgorPec> i am working on it and it will be the part of supported
<IgorPec> i think gnome is must have
<IgorPec> its clean, works nice, but on serious boards ... not sure how well this will work on Allwinner A20 / H3 :)
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<c0rnelius> I thought more people liked Mate these days. Which is just old Gnome before it became all bloated and counterintuitive.
<IgorPec> Mate is on the light desktop spectrum
<IgorPec> and we will also provide it
<IgorPec> but not sure if with a badge supported. our "mate" is xfce
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<emOne> People don't seem to be jumping on the donations bandwagon
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<IgorPec> yep
<IgorPec> i believe you have to make a serious plan
<IgorPec> now everyone is fighting for attention so its hard get it
<c0rnelius> So you guys trying to attracted more users by adding diff DE's?
<tmaurice> Do people actually use ARM stuff as desktop computers ?
<c0rnelius> some silly people, yes
<tmaurice> Not necessarilly silly, but a bit odd
<IgorPec> we are getting more and more hw where desktop gets interesting
<tmaurice> interesting
<tmaurice> like which boards ?
<IgorPec> odroid n2
<IgorPec> any rk3399
<IgorPec> are sufficent for normal/decent desktop operations
<tmaurice> interesting
<tmaurice> hum the odroid n2 has really decent specs
<tmaurice> does it run crysis tho
<IgorPec> its the fastest. only problem is lack of proper IO
<IgorPec> no pci
<tmaurice> what do oyu mean proper IO ?
<IgorPec> what's crsyis?
<tmaurice> it has ethernet and USB
<tmaurice> besides lacking PCI
<IgorPec> PCI
<IgorPec> is everything
<IgorPec> when it comes to IO
<tmaurice> yeah ok fair enough
<tmaurice> I am not aware of an ARM board like that offering PCI
<IgorPec> SSD runs at 1.4Gbps
<tmaurice> sweeeeeeeeeeet
<IgorPec> there are many other variants, but this one is most powerful
<IgorPec> so running desktop on such machines is no problem
<IgorPec> i am actually testing gnome on this one and it runs very nice
<IgorPec> with opensource 3d engine, which is certainly not as fast as closed one
<tmaurice> is there a reason on these boards to prefer gnome over lighter ones like i3 or openbox ?
<IgorPec> no no. plan is to provide 4 supported and i don't know how many partially supported desktops
<IgorPec> gnome is just my task
<tmaurice> Nice I see !
<IgorPec> engine was developed for unlimited
<IgorPec> but we have no resources to tweak them. so its up to community if they pick up
<IgorPec> i3 would be nice to have
<tmaurice> definitely
<emOne> Arm will be more interesting in the future
<emOne> Could it surpass x86? Idk
<emOne> But the competition is there
<emOne> Nvidia will not let arm just idle
<emOne> So I don't think using arm as a pc is wrong or silly
<emOne> It consumes a lot less power
<emOne> It makes sense to use as a file Web server for instance
<emOne> Especially one that needs to be online all the time
<emOne> And for the price of arm devices it makes a lot more sense
<IgorPec> nicod makes whole his video production with such board
<IgorPec> Nanopi M4
<emOne> IgorPec what open source 3d engine are you testing?
<emOne> Panfrost drivers?
<IgorPec> yes
<IgorPec> ubuntu groovy userland + some 3rd party repo (which i didn't setup)
<emOne> And the closed sourced drivers are really better?
<emOne> Some person tested the odroid c4 with panfrost vs the closed source release on 4.9 and found that panfrost worked a lot better
<emOne> With closed source it was slower than rpi4. With panfrost faster
<emOne> But idk
<emOne> Geez
<emOne> I was looking at a WiFi card today
<emOne> Some card that used a realtek chip
<IgorPec> idk, very little experiences with c4
<emOne> Also Mali
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<emOne> The USB WiFi card works on x86 5.3
<emOne> But it doesn't work on x86 5.4
<IgorPec> which chipset?
<emOne> 8814au of memory serves me correct
<Werner> try to lookup vendor and chip id online
<c0rnelius> I feel like the sd and mmc are kinda wonky on the C4. Like something just isn't right.
<emOne> RTL8814AU
<emOne> It is amazing how these days drivers stop working in newer linux kernel versions
<emOne> It blows my mind
<Werner> Armbian includes 3rd party drivers for various wifi chips
<Werner> Maybe the support for 8814AU dropped upstream with the change to 5.4 for unknown reason?
<c0rnelius> isn't 8814AU included in aircrack?
<emOne> I didn't look much into it
<emOne> But I was reading reviews on amazon
<emOne> And someone mentioned that it stopped working in 5.4
<IgorPec> 8814 just plug and use
<IgorPec> not possible, it must work on all armbian
<emOne> And yes it is a 3rd party driver that isn't included in the normal kernel and has to be apt get downloaded
<IgorPec> its a part of armbian kernel
<emOne> Ooh nice
<emOne> Perhaps the person reviewing it qs doing something wrong
<emOne> Was
<IgorPec> not using armbian ? :)
<emOne> X86
<Werner> Most likely
<emOne> If people are having a hard time with x86 these days they means I have lost all hope regarding computing hehe
<IgorPec> it depends
<IgorPec> our kernel can in some way be more pimped than ubuntu
<IgorPec> and it has many addon
<c0rnelius> seems its in this branch - https://github.com/aircrack-ng/rtl8812au/tree/v5.2.20
<emOne> c0rnelius does that brunch work on 5.4?
<emOne> Geez.. It is crazy how you now have to be careful to update the kernel
<emOne> Or the world falls apart
<IgorPec> probably it works
<IgorPec> not that critical :)
<c0rnelius> this branch mentions it being supported - https://github.com/aircrack-ng/rtl8812au/tree/v5.3.4
<emOne> There used to be a time when you could just apt-get install in a green font and block background terminal (that's important) and have anything installed or get anything working in seconds
<c0rnelius> looks like it supported in most of them except the default one.
<emOne> Fair enough
<emOne> Oh wow IgorPec that is awesome
<emOne> Is there a secret message in the audio?
<IgorPec> its zx spectrum loading sound
<emOne> Nice
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<IgorPec> its 4x bigger now
<Werner> You can watch NicoD's/my quick start video and lookout for the secret message :PPP
<emOne> Haha yes I will do that
<Werner> (Spoiler: There is none :P)
<emOne> What's the pretty Web interface to control these boxes?
<emOne> Werner one most look harder
<Werner> Well then the secret message was that I had too much coffee and nothing to eat the morning I did the recordings :D
<emOne> Oh it's a report table.. Nice nice
<emOne> Just make sure you don't start speaking in clicks, beeps and bops
<emOne> That would be scary heh
<emOne> Well idk, I am going to try and mobilise the forum to hopefully donate
<emOne> Because you guys do a lot of great work
<emOne> And you deserve to have equipment and money sponsored
<IgorPec> boxes are controlled https://github.com/armbian/autotests
<IgorPec> we also have in mind to limit support, since we can't afford to waste so much time for - users
<IgorPec> that have insane demans - and asking for server cash at the same time, might play out strange.
<emOne> But if everyone would donate I am sure you would have more time no?
<IgorPec> anyway we don't know yet how we will play that, we are in planning / brainstoriming stage
<IgorPec> if we would get serious cash, full time positions on support
<emOne> I mean if 500 people donated. Wouldn't you make some of those users wishes come true? :)
<IgorPec> 500 donations is insane a lot
<IgorPec> we need to build up alternative funding. donations are just some source
<IgorPec> they can't cover much %
<emOne> Sure. But it is a start I think
<IgorPec> for dedicated things like - lets buy a server togethe - probably will go
<Werner> Every penny counts. They are still a sign of appreciation.
<emOne> Ofc
<emOne> I understand that users can't be the main income source
<IgorPec> i believe if we communita purpose, its easier. we need to enforce our crowdfunding page like i send it to you before
<IgorPec> there people can see who donated and how much
<IgorPec> i will add 1000 EUR for start
<emOne> That is a great idea
<emOne> When I say donations I think crowdfundjng
<IgorPec> and we have to find out how much do we need to reach list price. i am sure we will get discount or even pay little to nothing if we strike a deal with vendor
<emOne> But you can't really expect sbc manufacturers to also fund projects
<Werner> Depends. There are one time things like buying new server hardware and recurring stuff like forums software maintenance contract
<IgorPec> but costs still will need to be paid
<IgorPec> emOne: they support us
<emOne> I mean they can fund projects too
<emOne> But they can't be the only source
<emOne> Because some don't care
<IgorPec> and they might join for this purpose
<emOne> It is enough for some to have a perfectly working android
<IgorPec> some are totally absent, true
<emOne> I have seen it
<emOne> And it is incredible and weird
<emOne> They have armbian that hardly works
<emOne> And they don't even code for it themselves
<emOne> Brb
<Werner> Hmmm....making the bug tracker forums read/write for donators only and use the garbage collector for everybody else :P
<IgorPec> well, that could backfire
<Werner> Of course it will. Was just thinking loud
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<IgorPec> we have to be careful with this
<IgorPec> to not make too much colateral damage
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<emOne> I will be back in an hour or so
<emOne> I will think of an idea of two regarding donation a
<IgorPec> ok
<IgorPec> we'll be around, but tomorrow and day after i am offline
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<jock> hello, good evening
<lanefu> emOne: yeah arm in the datacenter is finally legit i'd say. aws is starting to even offer RDS on graviton2
<lanefu> x86 will probably be king of single threaded performance for years to come
<lanefu> but server-class arm has great memory IO and fast-enough general computer
<lanefu> then it's a like tripple win for the hyper scalers.... more cores per chip, less energy which means less cooling, which means higher density in a rack, which means more economic physical footprint which goes back to like another iteeeration of opeerationaal cost savings etc
<IgorPec> jock: evening
<IgorPec> lanefu: so we still need 1pc of 3990x ? :)
<IgorPec> or make a better code:)
<lanefu> or both
<lanefu> the more we can de-couple image assembly from compilation the better
<IgorPec> yeah. full multithread compilation still might need some fixing.
<IgorPec> and testing ... when we add desktop stuff, it will be bloody
<IgorPec> if this will not work as it should
<lanefu> honestly as far as desktop testing i think we need to make another push at finding board maintainers, where all they do is own a very specific SBC and just test for vlidation.. no code stuff required
<lanefu> literally just sign off that something isnt shit
<lanefu> its really like gtting a QA owner per device
<IgorPec> perhaps finding somone that will deal with this tasks - talking to
<IgorPec> who has spare time ?? :)
<IgorPec> you have any better idea?
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<lanefu> its a good idea.. we need to recruit a ..QA recruiter
<lanefu> lol
<IgorPec> but yeah, but first we need to recrut HR LOL
<lanefu> we need someone with oil money
<IgorPec> like a drug trafficer ? :)
<lanefu> you live near a lot of borders
<IgorPec> true
<IgorPec> doing paperwork to be able to cross it tomrrow
<IgorPec> it got crazy, .reporting to both authorities + statement
<lanefu> nothing says vacation like paperwork and reporting to authorities
<IgorPec> its not clear if you have to do, but if you find out that on the border
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<wooster> which border?
<emOne> Ainhas anyone else donated yet besides from me?
<emOne> Has anyone*
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<IgorPec> croatia
<IgorPec> slo croatia
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<IgorPec> emOne one
<IgorPec> :)
<emOne> Nice
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<emOne> That is a start
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<emOne> I think the word donations scare people
<IgorPec> it makes mixed feelings yes
<IgorPec> we should probably communicate "support" "help us purchase" ... "its anyway for you"
<IgorPec> something goes for our amusement and playing with but it will serve for users
<emOne> After all there are only so many sbcs and boxes
<emOne> Soo it is only positive that the devs get as many things as possible
<IgorPec> we have too much stuff and too little devs :)
<IgorPec> but server is more like a tool
<emOne> True
<emOne> Armbian Server that runs on ARM to build armbian images
<emOne> A tool that builds itself
<IgorPec> yes
<IgorPec> we build a lot of variants
<emOne> Blast from the past https://youtu.be/dSj6kvv7_Sg
<IgorPec> yeah, essentially
<IgorPec> shall we rather go for this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0JuW6x8lsw :)
<lanefu> what's the fundraiser you're working on?
<IgorPec> how do you mean?
<IgorPec> if we have campaign here, we can make use of forum advertisemetn
<IgorPec> forum post is not exposed much
<emOne> lanefu it is to get a new build server
<emOne> IgorPec nice acrylic case
<emOne> I have a feeling you dislike aliexpress
<IgorPec> not really
<emOne> There is a lot of good stuff there
<IgorPec> i use it
<emOne> Pcb parts take forever to ship but the quality is good
<IgorPec> yeah, i know
<IgorPec> been ordering for many years, but also from e-bay
<IgorPec> probably from same folks
<IgorPec> but i never bought any PC stuff there
<IgorPec> like motherboard, PSU or similar
<emOne> There were some interesting gpus on aliexpress with no hdmi/display ports
<emOne> Or any ports at all
<emOne> Mining gpus
<emOne> But they could be converted to a normal gpu with the right firmware
<emOne> And they're cheaper than the retail version
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<emOne> How are we going to get the forum crowd to donate
<emOne> We need to make my post more visible I think
<emOne> No one goes to chit chat :(
<IgorPec> no, post is just a suport for that
<IgorPec> we have a module for crowdfounding
<IgorPec> which has more options
<IgorPec> add new crowdofundinf project - i gave you rights
<IgorPec> then we pimp it a bit and advertise better
<IgorPec> i will also write something there when i found some time
<IgorPec> i am not an expert in crowd funding
<IgorPec> zero experiences :)
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<emOne> OK great I will do that
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<IgorPec> and peek around for best practices
<emOne> Where do I find the module?
<IgorPec> perhaps you get some idea
<emOne> Yes I am going to do research before I post it tomorrow
<IgorPec> do you see "add new project"
<emOne> Yes
<emOne> I found it
<IgorPec> ergo, that's it. currently is not visible to users
<IgorPec> only to internal circle
<emOne> Fantastic
<emOne> I will make a new project
<emOne> Should I post for the AMD server first?
<emOne> That arm cpu is nice but it might be hard to get
<emOne> I don't even know if it has been released yet
<IgorPec> no, leave that AMD
<IgorPec> that was just an idea
<IgorPec> but you can use the story - current server is old and slow
<IgorPec> we are adding desktops
<IgorPec> we will add more CI
<IgorPec> so we need a beeter gear and since we don't earn money from them /users ... we need help in purchasing
<IgorPec> etc.
<emOne> OK awesome I will do that
<IgorPec> perhaps look around what crowd funding experts recommends, perhaps it might be useful
<emOne> I think an arm server is impressive
<emOne> Yes I will do that
<emOne> It will be useful to learn
<IgorPec> we talked with lanefu the other day and he is also thrilled if we mange to get it
<emOne> Awesome
<emOne> I am happy that others also see the benefit of a native arm server
<emOne> This is armbian after all :):)
<IgorPec> it would be best to have compiled stuff with arm
<IgorPec> another idea is to compile stuff on clusters of single board computers
<emOne> I think I read something about someone who does that
<emOne> There is a program out there to do just that
<emOne> Distributed compiling
<IgorPec> anything can be done, but we have limited time. we can't go to much away from primary mission
<IgorPec> :)
<IgorPec> 99.999% to go
<emOne> Out of stock : '(
<IgorPec> damn
<Tonymac32> what is this?
<Tonymac32> hello em0ne
<Tonymac32> Is that acvtually an O? ugh cahracter sets
<emOne> It is yea
<Tonymac32> Alright then, note taken
<emOne> Looks like a 0 right? :)
<Tonymac32> well I didn't realize my chat was crossing '0' until I typed one
<emOne> IgorPec what's the difference between an ampere altra and cavium?
<emOne> Apart from the core count
<IgorPec> dunno much about
<emOne> Cavium thunder x3 supports ddr4
<emOne> But not ddr5 yet
<IgorPec> ddr4 is just fine
<emOne> We will check later what arm cpu / server to get
<emOne> I will focus on the crowd sourcing
<emOne> I will research bkw
<emOne> And post tomorrow so the inner circle can approve it and pimp it out
<IgorPec> yes, ok
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