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<collector> Hey, would anyone know how long a new account on the forum stays in 'Validating'? Been waiting to reply on a thread heh.
<rneese> its a weekend so I say monday
<collector> Gotcha cheers, any reason for that limitation? Just haven't seen it before on other forums. No complaints just curious
<c0rnelius> spammers
<rneese> because at one point there where spammers adn this controlls it
<lanefu> collector: yeah was mitigating spammers, and mititing newbs not looking around the forum for answers first
<collector> Ah right, just seemed weird I could post as a guest
<lanefu> if gives you like 1 post a day
<lanefu> s/mititing/mitigating
<ArmbianHelper> lanefu meant to say: collector: yeah was mitigating spammers, and mitigating newbs not looking around the forum for answers first
<collector> Yeah created an account to ask something got a reply but couldn't reply back after hah.
<lanefu> whats your account name
<collector> 'the_collector'
<lanefu> like the NIN song?
<collector> Yup!
<rneese> Lanfu I there is a dde and I am doing budgie
<rneese> for the pine book
<rneese> I did not get any errors when it made the img other then the docker and browser issue
<lanefu> collector: yeah you'll be able to reply tomorrow
<collector> lanefu: Grand, thank you
<rneese> lanefu, i want to get the dde working and all the adds so when I get my pbp i can load it with the armbian-dde
<rneese> i wonder if the pbp img would boot my t4
<rneese> and the touchscreen edp would work
<rneese> lanefu, url for ings
<lanefu> got any more words to go with that?
<rneese> imgs
<rneese> lol
<lanefu> rneese: looks like most recent still syncing https://armbian.lane-fu.com/rneese/
<rneese> ok
<rneese> so once we know that asound and the other parts are in pplace
<rneese> we should be good
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<lanefu> yeah and bd1308 is working on some fresher fixes for sound
<rneese> ok
<rneese> well if you get time to do a boot
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<rneese> I am going to write it to a sd and review it in the sd socket
<rneese> are they kernel or uboot fixes or just file placement patches
<rneese> like the xorf.conf and the kbd/trkpad
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<rneese> i just wish they would get the new unts in so I can order one
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<rneese> ok the 2 pbp imgs are there
<rneese> ding a budgie for the t4 now
<rneese> it has not sync the new one up yet
<rneese> how ofter does it resync lanefu
<rneese> ?
<lanefu> rneese: should be every 5 min
<lanefu> let me see if the job died
<lanefu> i hda to make it complicated of course
<rneese> ok
<lanefu> yeah its syncing
<rneese> ok why did not show the budgie build
<lanefu> it's still syncing
<rneese> ok
<lanefu> you can see the temporary file names increasing size on refresh
<lanefu> i'm LOLing because it looks like the rock64 is who is syncing
<rneese> ok well its looking to be there now
<rneese> then we wait for the last of the t4 budgie to be done
<rneese> thats 4 builds
<rneese> I dont have any other boards for testin
<rneese> we need a lab
<rneese> this new builder is the best run yet having more desktop options and with devices becoming desktops and tablets we can build for both
<rneese> I have been running the last build of the dde for the t4 for 2 weeks testing
<rneese> and it have has no issues
<rneese> other then the custom files like the wallpapers and the chrome/firefox
<lanefu> you could also see who's available to test and just build to whatever board they have
<rneese> I have tested office and chromium and hexchat
<rneese> yes
<rneese> thats on the next thiihs
<rneese> people with 4gig ram systems needed for img testing
<rneese> I know that docker does not build and firefox was not installed
<rneese> for testing
<rneese> we still have to fix the firefox and remove chromium until the repos can be directly added
<lanefu> why are you installing docker in the image?
<rneese> MYY added it
<rneese> I guess for people to run apps in dockers
<rneese> I dont know
<rneese> so anyone here with a n2/n2plus vible for testing
<rneese> or other 4 gig odroid boards used for desktops
<rneese> I need tomake a script that does a batch ruun
* nekomancer[m] use docker often for build anything, for testing some thing, and for run some thing
<nekomancer[m]> but use docker from docker repo
<rneese> well it currently does not install with the new builder I have to get with MYY and try to get it fixed
<rneese> and firefox
<rneese> but once I know budgie and dde work I will get lxde/lxqt/cinnamon going for test
<rneese> I also am working on base desktop installs so we can build base and leave out the extras on some desktops
<rneese> but for the most part we use the default meta pkg for installs
<lanefu> it's using docker for building. or its literally installing docker into the image? ideally docker wouldnt be preintalled in image
<lanefu> unless some weird dependency
<rneese> its adding it to the img
<rneese> as a option
<rneese> in the builder
<rneese> I think in the future there will be a online selection system for building omgs for a board
<lanefu> rneese: will dde work on 2 gig boards?
<rneese> have it spit out a img
<rneese> I dont know I dont have any 2 gig to test on
<nekomancer[m]> haha, "system for building **omgs** for a board"
<lanefu> ./compile.sh OMG=yes BOARD=odroidn2
<rneese> well the idea is a builder to build full workinginstalls with needed apps
<rneese> OMG?
<nekomancer[m]> Oh My God!
<lanefu> having a laugh about omgs builds
<rneese> lok
<rneese> do you have a 2 gig board to test
<rneese> that you want a build for
<rneese> the issue is getting custom configs for custom boards in pplace
<rneese> like I am doing for pbp
<lanefu> if you do odroidc2 HerculeP will probably be cool with testing
<lanefu> i've got a le potato and a 3gig pineH64 i could try
<rneese> ok I can build iimgs
<rneese> o will do c2 first
<rneese> but I dont know if there are special patches and files that need to go into place
<rneese> so I have to look
<rneese> I like the khadas board and case
<rneese> I think budgie would be better on the c2 but I will make both imgs
<lanefu> don't underestinate the power of the Allwinner H6
<lanefu> it's like of a SoC designer made something real great, but quit halfway through, and then they shipped it anyway
<nekomancer[m]> fsck allwinners
<lanefu> s/underestinate/underestimate
<ArmbianHelper> lanefu meant to say: don't underestimate the power of the Allwinner H6
<lanefu> stupid allwinner is how i found armbian
<rneese> I started with beaglebone and cubie board
<rneese> and I played with dietpi and armbian
<rneese> man sleeping so much after knee surgery my sleep schedual is now screwed
<rneese> building c2-budgie now
<rneese> ok low on space
<rneese> says 5 gig free
<rneese> so if I clean will it rm it from the server ?
<rneese> I think we need to rm the .imgfiles and just go gz ?
<rneese> I rm.img files and gave it space
<lanefu> rneese: add COMPRESS_OUTPUTIMAGE="xz,sha,gpg,img" to your build options
<lanefu> and yeah delete the contents out output
<lanefu> once htey've synced you dont need to worry abou them
<lanefu> going to bed have to get up early tomorrow
<rneese> they are there
<rneese> ok
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<rneese> gn
<nekomancer[m]> sweet dreams!
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<Werner> Good morning
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<HerculeP> good morning
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<HerculeP> rneese: where can I find odroidc2 files for testing? dl.armbian redirects me to minio.k-space.ee which seems to be borked (serving just XML sources)
<IgorPec> HerculeP: minio is somehow special https://minio.k-space.ee/minio/armbian/
<IgorPec> good morning
<IgorPec> Werner: perfect!
<Werner> ?
<IgorPec> nico sent me preview
<Werner> Ah. Yeah it came out really nice
<HerculeP> thx, igor, the redirect script should be fixed then ;)
<IgorPec> its really good, nico wants to do better intro, while content wise its nothing to change.
<IgorPec> HerculeP. redirect actually works if you have a direct link
<IgorPec> just don't work for browsing ...
<HerculeP> as usual
<IgorPec> yeah, we will see if we can do something about
<IgorPec> only this mirror has special needs - its S3 mirror, also need different way of synching
<IgorPec> doesn't support rsync but rclone
<HerculeP> its ok for me (link bookmarked), but other users could also be confused too
<IgorPec> werner: are you secret radio start in private ?:) its difficult to make it this smooth
<HerculeP> -too
<IgorPec> s/start/star
<ArmbianHelper> IgorPec meant to say: werner: are you secret radio star in private ?:) its difficult to make it this smooth
<Werner> Unfortunately not ^^
<Werner> I tried to get a mixture between Greatscott and Nilered as they usually speak very clean and understandable
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<Werner> IgorPec got a chance to give the data to invision or want to harden the access before?
<IgorPec> harden before
<Werner> okay
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<martinayotte> IgorPec: I've done almost half of my Allwinner garden with 5.9.y and 2020.10, nothing special found, except during build time : sometimes, packaging failed at lib/distribution.sh line 216, and restarting the same build again succeed, so intermittent ...
<martinayotte> Forgot to mention : ROOTFS was Bulleyes, so maybe intermittence is caused by that ...
<rneese> bullseye is still under dev
<rneese> so yes .. have you retried ubuntu focal to test
<IgorPec> martinayotte: IMO u-boot can be merged at once if lime a20 and pine64so also builds?
<IgorPec> there we have some exceptions
<IgorPec> and 5.9.y -> DEV ?
<martinayotte> Yes, DEV 5.9.y ...
<martinayotte> I don't have lime-a20 or pine64so ... But I've tested plain Pine64 SBC ...
<martinayotte> Do you wish I've commit 2020.10 for all or only for DEV ?
<IgorPec> just if it builds
<IgorPec> push it to master
<martinayotte> Right ...
<IgorPec> last time i was testing, lime-a20 was breaking 2020.10
<IgorPec> and i saw we have per board patch there
<IgorPec> and also for pine64so
<martinayotte> I will do builds for them, without runtime testing ...
<IgorPec> yeah, that's enough
<martinayotte> I will finish my garden tour, so commit will probably been done tomorrow ...
<IgorPec> ok
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<Tony_mac32> martinayotte do you have a renegade?
<martinayotte> Tony_mac32: No
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<rneese> ok who here has some boards to test like the n2
<rneese> I have test imgs
* HerculeP has two odroidc2 ..
<rneese> there is a img
<HerculeP> k, will check both...
<rneese> you can test both but as the c2 is 2 gig I think budgie will run best
<HerculeP> any special things to be tested?
<rneese> once we have dde and budgie ironed out lxde/lxqt/cinnamon will get fixed and tested
<rneese> just overall performance
<HerculeP> okiedokie
<rneese> booting and temp and how well the desktop performs
<rneese> aany glitches
<rneese> you might have to install firefox
<HerculeP> sure, hehe
<rneese> thanks
<HerculeP> my pleasure, will take two days or so
<rneese> ok
<rneese> well just let us know when you have time
<nologin> any news on lack of audio on odroid n2?
<rneese> i thought it was hdmi oonly
<nologin> last time i checked it was no audio at all
<rneese> what desktop
<rneese> xfce and pulse
<rneese> can ouy test the new img
<nologin> xfce, but it doesn't work on the pure console either
<rneese> that might be a asound issue
<nologin> i keep my system up to date so i guess no difference from above img?
<rneese> this is a new img
<rneese> diff desktop and build
<rneese> new builder
<rneese> but at the min mainly desktop imgs where testing
<rneese> so if your using just console then it would be same
<nologin> no kernel sound devices
<rneese> hmm
<nologin> i guess there are no kernel patched ported into armbian
<rneese> have to look
<nologin> *patches
<nologin> not that i care too much tbh, running irssi only on n2 ;)
<rneese> yeah nothing in the patches dir for the n2
<nologin> wonder if 5.9 has anything for n2 audio
<rneese> dont know
<IgorPec> its a known bug
<IgorPec> no solution and no resources to dig in
<IgorPec> at leaat not known to me, but searching forum migth be a good way to start
<nologin> did search already
<rneese> did you look ing the dtb to see if the soundcard is defined
<c0rnelius> I have the same prob on the C4 and Le Potato. I'm assuming there are patches out there. chewitt would know I'm sure.
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<c0rnelius> as matter of fact If i recall, last time I built his kernel audio worked across the boards - https://github.com/chewitt/linux/tree/amlogic-5.9-integ
<ArmbianTwitter> @wlanpi (WLAN Pi): @alaindaigle We donโ€™t have any N2 boards to test it on but since Armbian supports it we could build a WLAN Pi image if you want to test it out (28s ago)
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<rneese> thats the 5.9 and we are still 5.8 so the patches have to be back ported
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<c0rnelius> there is a 5.8 branch
<IgorPec> its most likely not a kernel iossues
<IgorPec> drivers are present, just settings might be absent
<IgorPec> somone we don't have have to look and fix
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<HerculeP> rneese: ok budgie works (from emmc), but very SLOOOOW, hdmi-sound is there but many glitches/drops (although I got 200mb/s fiber here), reboot works
<HerculeP> its definitely not for me. burning dde now ...
<HerculeP> I forgot: usb-stick detected (not auto-mounted tho)
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<IgorPec> herculeP: those builds are in alfa stage and hardware features are not part of this development. We only try to come out with more (supported) desktops ... for more powerfull boards and be ready when acceleration becomes stable
<HerculeP> point taken, at least it kinda works ;)
<rneese> well there might need some tweaks not added yet
<rneese> like a custom xorg.conf like the pbp usues
<rneese> and will get applied to the t4
<rneese> I am looking at the pbp to see what it might help on t4 also
<rneese> but yes these ar alpha imgs and as such will be used to test
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<ArmbianTwitter> @NicoD99364191 (NicoD): #Armbian #Instructions : #How to #install #Armbian #Linux #headless on your #SBC Mit Werner https://t.co/cXZyFQUsn1 via @YouTube (21s ago)
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<DigitalMan1983_> Hi all...having a bit of trouble and was wondering if anyone has any advice/feedback:
<DigitalMan1983_> when building Armbian from the scripts, I find that once in a blue moon my Lime A64 boots to the command prompt. Most times, however, I get as far as "Starting Kernel" and everything stops
<DigitalMan1983_> I've tried various builds and SD cards, and the Armbian/Olimex release builds boot repeatably with no problems
<DigitalMan1983_> Every once in a while for no rhyme or reason I'll build an Armbian trunk and when I boot to the SD card I'll get one, even two goot boots. then I can't get past starting the kernel
<DigitalMan1983_> even if I build a fresh SD card with the same image that just worked. I want to say it sounds like a hardware issue, but I can rebooot again and again with a released build, even trying to break it by powering off during boot or after boot
<ArmbianTwitter> @lq_feed (LinuxQuestions Feed): Video : Armbian Instructions : How to install Armbian Linux headless on your https://t.co/NoqNXHrNaZ (10s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @DataAugmented (SyntaxError): Video : Armbian Instructions : How to install Armbian Linux headless on your SBC https://t.co/O4653ohgHv (16s ago)
<IgorPec> DigitalMan1983: there are some troubles with A64 board and no solution yet
<IgorPec> with current kernel
<c0rnelius> I thinks the C4 has snd soc support now in kernel 5.9.y. I made a patch of the dts against 5.8.14 and 5.9-rc8 and the mixer at least now comes up.
<c0rnelius> I also made one for the N2 against chewitt's repo, but I don't own the board so I can't test it.
<IgorPec> i think people will gladly test if you provide img or kernel
<c0rnelius> are the patches you guys use on the N2's dts file heavy? because one of the patches pretty much removes everything from the dts file and adds it to the dtsi?
<IgorPec> AFAIK that is consistand with the upstream directions. Its just moving shared stuff under shared folder
<nekomancer[m]> early I use dts patch from chewitt's repo to work RTC o n N2. but now there all changed and my trials to port it was fail/
<c0rnelius> I don't currently have my armbian harddrive installed, but if someone wants to try them I have them here - https://github.com/pyavitz/debian-image-builder/tree/feature/patches/amlogic
<c0rnelius> I did test to see if a kernel would build and it did. just not sure if it worked.
<IgorPec> tnx. i think morning shift will take over this. i am already almost done 4today
<c0rnelius> of course. I usually look around lore.kernel.org for stuff but haven't seen anything related to it.
<nekomancer[m]> c0rnelius: I have a headless N2. What do you want I test on it? display and sound-related I can't.
<c0rnelius> The patch is to see if sound works and now brings up the mixer.
<nekomancer[m]> sorry :(
<c0rnelius> I run most of my stuff headless too ๐Ÿ˜‰
<IgorPec> only CLI people around today :)
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<rneese> odd it froze on wifi
<DigitalMan1983_> thanks Igor, I'll try it on the old stable kernel
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