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<nologin> just to let you know guys, there is still (possibly) a bug in linux-focal-root-current-odroidn2 package: https://termbin.com/o2aw
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<nekomancer[m]> nologin: when this text occurs?
<nekomancer[m]> image building time&
<nekomancer[m]> ?
<archetech> nekomancer[m], you get armbian on your rock64 v2 yet?
<nekomancer[m]> no. I still building one of old version with hope to find where it was good
<archetech> ayufan
<nekomancer[m]> but build takes 150+ vbyentc
<nekomancer[m]> minutes
<archetech> seems a waste to go backward
<nekomancer[m]> yes, but it all I can :(
<nekomancer[m]> case to try git bisect function
<nologin> nekomancer[m]: during 'apt upgrade'
<nologin> nekomancer[m]: had it also on my last upgrade
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<nekomancer[m]> oh!
<flyback> B
<flyback> M
<flyback> C
<flyback> C
<Tony_mac32> nekomancer[m] piotr pushed a change to all u-boot code on rock64, no blobs.
<nekomancer[m]> so... what to do rock64 owners now?
<nekomancer[m]> was there a plan or something like that?
<nekomancer[m]> or will be a rollback fo rock64?
<bd1308> is u-boot broken?
<archetech> on v2 ya
<Tony_mac32> when did you build?
<Tony_mac32> in the last 4 days?
<archetech> yes 2 days
<Tony_mac32> So mainline ATF/ram code isn't helping
<Tony_mac32> but at least the code should be visible to patch to 66 MHz or whatever. ;)
<Tony_mac32> (exagerrating for effect)
<archetech> got a link to the last config ?
<archetech> cuz you worked on renagade I thought
<archetech> and whats this pieter made a change too
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<Tony_mac32> renegade/rock64 are using different uboot configs
<Tony_mac32> renegade is still using the blobs
<archetech> the labeling in the git repo is cryptic ya got rockchip rockchip64 etc
<archetech> oct5 last nighly
<Werner> Good morning
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<Tony_mac32> rockchip64-current
<Tony_mac32> good morning werner
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @dgilmoreAU @kobol_io @fedora Only OS that will work (most) properly out of the box is @armbian and its derivative. Others will need to wait (much) longer. Current support status: https://t.co/BkbmWPkCB9 (15s ago)
<IgorPec> good morning
<Werner> Morning. Just found a new bug on forums ^^
<IgorPec> i was absent for a day or two. lot to scan
<Tony_mac32> Werner, let him drink some coffee first
<IgorPec> :)
<Tony_mac32> :)
<IgorPec> do you have camera ?
<IgorPec> at my place.
<Tony_mac32> hahahaha no
<Werner> https://forum.armbian.com/topic/15431-helios64-support/?do=findComment&comment=110031 try to split this post. For me it says "Something went wrong"
<IgorPec> just this post or any post?
<Werner> Did not try another post
<Werner> However I assume this must not happen
<IgorPec> yeas, but every bug has to be reprodicible
<Werner> If you can reproduce on this particular post it is :P
<Werner> Other posts in this topic seem to be affected too.
<IgorPec> it doesn't work
<IgorPec> on others as well
<Werner> I'll go fill up my mug real quick
<IgorPec> nothing to do except wait for bugfix update
<IgorPec> i doubt that we fuc* up something
<Werner> Yeah most likely not our fault.
<Werner> If you want me to do some research on various issues you can link my account on invisioncommunity to your license
<IgorPec> i usually search on their community forums to see if someone else reported it
<IgorPec> how to do that?
<IgorPec> le me see
<Werner> I dont know. I just read somewhere that it seems to be possible
<IgorPec> what is your handle there?
<Werner> Armbian_Werner
<IgorPec> email
<Werner> werner@armbian.de
<IgorPec> you should get something on email
<Werner> Nothing there yet. I assume I have to confirm something
<IgorPec> yes, you should get things on email i would say
<IgorPec> i add you as Alternative Account Contacts
<Werner> Okay.
<IgorPec> this is for managaing payments and raise support requests
<Werner> It probably will be sufficient if it grants access to the closed customer forums to dig through some stuff.
<IgorPec> try to sign out and sign in - use forget yoru password
<IgorPec> or just sign out in
<IgorPec> any you should see "client areas"
<Werner> Tried but did not change anything. Maybe they do manual processing? Also did not receive an email yet.
<IgorPec> do you see other forums?
<IgorPec> probably that is the only diff
<Werner> I see p2p technical support but I am not sure if it wasn't there already before.
<IgorPec> actually i don't see the diff
<Werner> Now something changed
<Werner> Usergroup went from visitors to clients
<Werner> I think its good now
<IgorPec> that's
<IgorPec> now explore
<Werner> Still no license information or similar in the client area but there might be cronjobs working in the back that update stuff periodically.
<Werner> Anyway p2p is something to start with
<Werner> Confirmed that there still seems adjustments missing. "You must sign in with the license holder's account, or an alternate contact who has been granted access to this community's license."
<IgorPec> i only enable you "technical support"
<IgorPec> hmm strange
<IgorPec> let's try another email of yours that is not registered there yet
<Werner> ben@zuckerbude.org but I assume it wont work because I read somewhere that the target user has to setup an account first.
<IgorPec> you have now everything, try again
<ArmbianTwitter> @kobol_io (Kobol Innovations): @pppschmitt Any further question or issue we encourage to post here : https://t.co/2lNBgE75Cb (2s ago)
<Werner> I now do see orders. Let see if more pops up.
<Werner> Weird though that it no email arrived yet.
<IgorPec> i hope this is not just for payment processing
<Werner> No idea...
<IgorPec> well, i have no more than this
<Werner> Would not make sense because way bigger community must have multiple people for management and they also need to be granted to stuff like that.
<IgorPec> i don't think there is more
<IgorPec> you should be seeing the same stuff as i
<Werner> "alternate contact who has been granted access to this community's license" maybe there IS something else?
<IgorPec> can you login here?
<Werner> Yes
<IgorPec> that's it i think
<IgorPec> but this is requesting their support probably
<IgorPec> this will take too long
<IgorPec> just try to use forums, to identify is this a well known problem. i am sure there must be some topics regarding this upgrade
<Werner> Yeah most likely
<Werner> Identified the splitting issue. Caused by a plugin
<IgorPec> which one?
<Werner> "new topic rules". Just mentioned this to the author
<IgorPec> ok, great
<Werner> IgorPec, when adding me to your license was there a message that they would send an email?
<IgorPec> nope
<Werner> So that was just an assumption. okay
<IgorPec> can you access imola.armbian.com web?
<Werner> Yes
<Werner> Yup
<IgorPec> ok, then its ISP problem
<IgorPec> piter can't access it
<Werner> Changing dns servers or doing a traceroute could be worth a try to isolate the issue
<IgorPec> it comes to 84-255-250-109.core.t-2.net (
<IgorPec> from him
<Werner> And then he gets timeout?
<IgorPec> yes, nothing further
<Werner> Probably bcause the firewall protecting lets tcp80/443 through but icmp is filtered
<Werner> Some browsers or system attempt to try pinging the host first and assume its down if it does not answer.
<IgorPec> fixed
<IgorPec> he tried to access sftp server which was not started
<Werner> Ah
<Werner> Well, some times solutions are trivial.
<IgorPec> usually they are :)
<Werner> We should mention that the next release might not include aufs.
<IgorPec> why?
<Werner> Because some users may rely on that
<Werner> tl;dr. The author has other issues atm rather than spending time on aufs
<IgorPec> ahaa
<IgorPec> i see
<IgorPec> well, open jira bug that will be a part of release notose automatically
<Werner> Okay
<IgorPec> add those two links and its done
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<Werner> It seems like they throw quite some stones to make it less easy getting a fully functional alternate contact for a license...
<IgorPec> why
<Werner> I still felt there is something missing I filed a support request to take a look at this. I will forward the answer to info@
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<Werner> Why do they request forums access for creating an alternate contact? I dont get it...
<Werner> Good news so far: The author of "new topic rules" will push an update shortly.
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<IgorPec> ok
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<IgorPec> werner: they want ftp access for forums?
<Werner> Which makes no sense to me. I added a small side blow in my answer to this.
<IgorPec> well, standard procedures i would say
<Werner> And just received their answer: "The ticket will need to be escalated, and the issue may well be related to connectivity, or any other manner of items, which would require all access details. We require full access before a ticket can be escalated to a higher tier of support."
<IgorPec> yeah, i understand that
<IgorPec> like we have armbianmonitor :)
<Werner> Haha
<Werner> Let me know when you provided the details as descibed in their email so I can mention this to the support.
<IgorPec> but you said you alread found the source of the problem?
<Werner> No, this is a different story.
<IgorPec> aha, this is for adding additional support person?
<Werner> Yes. having proper access to the license and market place would allow me to create a local test install which is covered by the license to test new stuff.
<IgorPec> you don't need that
<IgorPec> they have some trial licences for that
<IgorPec> i think its LICENCE-trial or something ... docs
<Werner> local "TESTINSTALL" they call it. However I dont think their trial allows access to the market place
<IgorPec> to install same applications which were purchased?
<Werner> And new free ones
<IgorPec> i choose this forum because i didn't want to learn how it works
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<IgorPec> you can waste a looot of time discovering nothing
<Werner> I usually waste a lot of time but sometimes something useful comes around.
<IgorPec> i fucked forum with update again
<Werner> what update?
<Werner> ah you mean the 4.4 to 4.5
<IgorPec> no, one application i update
<Werner> template system?
<IgorPec> yes
<IgorPec> now, i forgot what to do to fix. you remember?
<Werner> You fixed it last time and never told me how you did that.
<IgorPec> damn
<Werner> I read there is a optional update available which fixes some css issue in the admin cp . this could be related
<IgorPec> i don't know.
<IgorPec> if its worth wasting time with this
<Werner> Well in this case they will need ftp access anyways to fix it
<IgorPec> yeah, which means i have to involve and i am totally wasted
<IgorPec> you can ofc ask lane and bug - they have access too
<Werner> yes and no. they will solve it and you can do other stuff in the mean time.
<Werner> *they = invision
<IgorPec> its opening new patch front
<Werner> ?
<IgorPec> patching u-boot, kernel, rootfs, desktop, servers, scripts, forum
<IgorPec> if one can be removed is blessing
<Werner> we pay for support, so use it?
<IgorPec> you have to invest your time, my time
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<IgorPec> bother lane, bug
<IgorPec> not worth, especially for cosmetical issues
<IgorPec> or non critical problems
<Werner> I think not having proper admincp is a critical problem
<IgorPec> you mean this bug that crashes css?
<IgorPec> this is only annoying problem
<IgorPec> the rest can wait for their bugfix release
<IgorPec> if you want changes on forum, i can't help
<Werner> You want having some weight off your shoulder. I have time that I can spent tinkering with the forums which you do not want to spent. You dont have to waste time to deal with their support while I can. However I cannot do that at the moment due to some obvious issue with the alternate contact thingy which needs to be solved beforehand.
<IgorPec> understand. i also never dealt with their support
<IgorPec> but i talked with theme and plugin authors
<Werner> Anything interesting there?
<IgorPec> years ago :)
<Werner> Oh well...information might be outdated then ^^
<IgorPec> yes. i don't do anything with and around forum
<IgorPec> i lost whole day to day on unplanned events. the same yesterday
<Werner> Nobody likes such things
<IgorPec> and i can't f* remember how to recover admin
<Werner> Take it easy. I suggest you go to invision and enter the ftp details to their site. I will update the ticket and also mention that there is a major issue going on at the moment which needs priority attention.
<IgorPec> we don't have ftp access there
<IgorPec> it needs to be enable, securely ... so each step is slow
<Werner> I see... Well Lane could do that?
<IgorPec> yes, do backup before since we didn't establish it back IIRC
<IgorPec> just open Jira and wait
<IgorPec> backup has much higher priority then forum cosmetic stuff
<Werner> Okay, leave acp for now, frontend seem not to be affected
<IgorPec> lane can, but dunno if he has time "now"
<Werner> have to wait for him anyways.
<IgorPec> yeah, our access information is empty. without that, they don't proceed
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<Werner> Don't know. But we will find out
<IgorPec> now they wait us to do pointless stuff
<IgorPec> that's the problem
<Werner> We dont have much choice if we want to to fix things for us
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<IgorPec> they will not fix this problem
<IgorPec> since its on their website
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<Werner> Why shouldn't they if the issue is on their side, not ours?
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<IgorPec> its the problem why you can't access marketplace
<IgorPec> marketplace is their service, not our forum
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<IgorPec> forum is only using it
<Werner> We pay to use their services and forums
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<IgorPec> i can disable foruml, but you will still not be able to see licence info :)
<Werner> And I mentioned that this issue is most likely not related to our forums installation whatsoever but they either did not get that or asking for access anyways as common procecure..
<Werner> Probably latter
<IgorPec> yeah, correct. the person on support don't know and "armbianmonutor -u" is always good way to answer
<Werner> True...
<IgorPec> buy time if nothing else
<IgorPec> sftp access to forum directory is also ok, ask lane later
<Werner> Yeah will figure this out with him if he finds time
<IgorPec> that's easier to setup
<Werner> ftp however could easily be secured by allowing access only from their mentioned source ip
<Werner> I mentioned that in the jira ticket
<IgorPec> yes
<IgorPec> also the probable problem for admin is that generated css files are missing
<IgorPec> why just sometimes
<Werner> As said there is a hotfix out there somewhere which might solve this. Maybe if we get that far with ftp and such they will install this the same way fixing acp.
<IgorPec> where is fix?
<rneese> ?
<Werner> If I remember correctly I started Support and "Something is not working correctly" to trigger cache clearing. There was the hint for this hotfix. I could not find it on their website though.
<IgorPec> ok, if you find it we can try ... l8r
<Werner> Sure
* IgorPec tries to go back to plan
<rneese> morning
<rneese> so whats the skinny
<IgorPec> forum troubles
<rneese> ahh ok
<rneese> sorry I am just the desktop guy
<rneese> lol
<rneese> well after wed knee ckean out and a day of recovery I feel better
<rneese> but I woke up to it downpouring
<rneese> when it rains it pours
<IgorPec> my todays plan was to see the desktop
<IgorPec> but also there i am having troubles :)
<rneese> which one ? the one on your pc or the one your pc sits on ?
<IgorPec> which desktops are ok to build? i am trying to setup cache rebuild for this new thingie
<rneese> so far we have ubuntu working
<IgorPec> all variants?
<rneese> I have work to still do on debian
<rneese> I have tested cinnamon/budgie/dde/xfce
<rneese> they all build
<IgorPec> 64bit i assume?
<rneese> yes
<rneese> I dont have a 32 bit build system
<IgorPec> 32bit needs to be limited to xfce and some others
<IgorPec> no, 32bit target
<IgorPec> like H3 cpus
<rneese> lxde/xfce
<IgorPec> this will for sure work
<rneese> gnome/kde/dde/budgie/cinnamon should be for 64bit and 4 gig ram not had a way to test 2 gig
<IgorPec> we should make a matrix
<IgorPec> for error and warnings
<rneese> can I play neo
<rneese> lol
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<rneese> sorry
<rneese> humor fist thing in the morning'
<IgorPec> error in case the impossible was selected and warning if inappropriate
<Werner> pip install matrix-synapse
<IgorPec> path not found :)
<Werner> pip install --upgrade pip
<Werner> :P
<rneese> thats pimp iinstall --upgrade pimp IgorPec
<rneese> lol
<rneese> he is the armbin pimp daddy
<Werner> Maybe we can do a tv show. "pimp my sbc"?
<rneese> pimp my arm
<rneese> ok so I have found the big issue between deb/ubuntu is pkg names and how they split pkgs up
<rneese> why I will never get
<rneese> also we have to work on the custom patches per board
<IgorPec> you might get insane :)
<rneese> at the min I am working on debian and cleaning up the desktop builds
<IgorPec> custom patches per board is easier than going into packaging nightmare
<rneese> well the issue is the patched have to be per desktop
<rneese> which is going to be a little work
<rneese> I need to see where all the files get cp and what ones are needed per deiff desktops
<IgorPec> you mean board specific patches?
<IgorPec> this will be rear - usually for "boards" like pinebook
<IgorPec> and consider that we will not support all DE
<IgorPec> officially
<rneese> agree
<IgorPec> but we allow anonye to play around if he likes
<rneese> I worked to get what are the most common used ones now into our build
<rneese> kde/gnome3/dde/budgie/lxde/lxqt/xfce/cinnamon
<rneese> and yes like the pbp I have to get the asound and few things in place
<rneese> but the xcfe power comes out
<rneese> as dde has powermanagement app and lanefu says it works
<rneese> so
<rneese> I will spend time as knee permits me to get this cleaned out on debian this weekend
<rneese> but as it is now dde=deepin/budgie/xfce/cinnamon have been test built on ubuntu
<rneese> I have not tested lxde/lxqx
<rneese> and I dont think kde or knome have been workong on yet
<rneese> as I have never used them so I need someone to help with the pkg list
<rneese> i know myy was working on getting the ability to add custom ppa / repos
<rneese> so that its easier to install some things
<rneese> moving over to -devel channel to keep this open for others
<IgorPec> [ .... ] Adding apt sources for Desktop packages
<IgorPec> [ .... ] Adding APT Source ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers
<IgorPec> [ .... ] Return code : 0
<IgorPec> looks like works
<rneese> ok cool thats going to make things alot easier but what branch I just pulled the desktop branch and did not see the update
<rneese> i am on the new-desktop branch
<rneese> he started a new branch also
<rneese> hmm I just did a pull and it said I was uptodate
<rneese> but I dont see his mods
<rneese> I think he started a new branch and is testing them
<IgorPec> yes, but its merged
<IgorPec> into "new-desktop"
<rneese> ok I have to find out why its not pulling
<rneese> brb
<IgorPec> ok
<rneese> ok I dont get why I am not getting them now
<rneese> i show all the ones I pushed up
<rneese> and he has no commited all my changes yet
<rneese> but I did not get his updates
<IgorPec> not sure, something with your git
<IgorPec> resolve or clean
<IgorPec> you need to merge his changes to your fork
<rneese> its suppost to when I do a pull
<rneese> but ook
<IgorPec> this is your fork and its not synched
* IgorPec cooking time
<rneese> ok I dont get why github does not sync
<rneese> trying to fix in git krakin
<IgorPec> it doesn't sync just like that
<rneese> ok
<rneese> well I now have to get all the pull request cleared and wipe mine I cloned right from him now
<rneese> but I have pulls waiting
<IgorPec> which is why you have to merge from master to your local branch oftern
<rneese> I was taught to do things diff. you fork the code amke changes in your code then upstream them
<rneese> its not letting me
<IgorPec> but change from other people you also want to have
<rneese> so I have to go back and fiind out why
<rneese> yes
<IgorPec> i also prepare some changes
<rneese> ok well my who branch just got messed so I am going to refix brb
<rneese> I think there was a bad push
<rneese> but now I get errors
<rneese> brb
<IgorPec> bullseye dde is broken, right?
<rneese> yes
<rneese> ok I did somethign wrong I have to go back to git 101
<rneese> and figure out how I screwed up my repo
<rneese> brb
<IgorPec> ok
<flyback> still running overnight wifi spyserver
<flyback> OWNS YOUR "CANUCK"
* flyback SLAPS the nearest eh_hole
<lanefu> bd1308: did you say the nightly pbp images were't booting?
<bd1308> Yeah I've been having problems with that, and I thought I picked up that some u-boot changes were made recently on pine64, but I'm not sure if that affected pinebookpro
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<Alexjazz> help
<ArmbianHelper> Check out our awesome documentation! It's tremendous, promise! https://docs.armbian.com/
<Alexjazz> hi there' i've faced a very weird issue on my Orange PI Lite and wondering if someone has a clue to get it resolved. for some reason, the PI does not see my smartphone's wifi hotspot. I've tried with different smartphones (Huawei P10, Asus Zenfon, iPhone 11 and even Google Nexus One) - not a chance, iwlist scan returns many wifi access points around (including the one I'm currently connected to) but my hotspots. i've tried to sw
<Alexjazz> itch the hotspot frequence channel to different values (3,6,9) - didn't help. any ideas?
<Alexjazz> nearby laptop as well as other smartphones do see the hotspot
<rneese> ok got it fixed
<rneese> IgorPec,
<rneese> a little stiff but not hurting
<lanefu> Alexjazz: is there a chance your phone is only doing 5ghz? and not 2.4ghz?
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<rneese> ok kde-desktop-full and kde-plasma-desktop right IgorPec
<rneese> ok any kde users in here ?
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<Alexjazz> lanefu: i've checked that and my phones do 2.4ghz only
pmart has joined #armbian
<rneese> old phones
<rneese> anthing from 2013 forward should have both
<flyback> save old smart phones still useful
<rneese> unless its a cheap phone
<rneese> ok
<flyback> kamkaze cameras etc
<flyback> roku remote
<flyback> watch videos
<rneese> yeah
<flyback> just don't rrust them for security stuff like banking etc
<rneese> I have to use tablets now days as to small screen hard to watch
<flyback> yeah my eyesight is going now too
<flyback> almost 47
<rneese> 51 here
<flyback> heh so you remember when linux barely ran on pc's like I do
<flyback> and now we are sitting here working it onto tiny little boards etc
<rneese> I remember BSD/os and freebse 1.1 and slackware on 20 1.44 floppies
<flyback> yeah me too
<rneese> before they started using cd's alto more
<flyback> I started with linux on cd's though :P
<rneese> slackware was the main linux back then also
<flyback> cheapbytes 5 disc set
<flyback> started with redhat 2.1
<rneese> I go back to the days of BSD/OS 4.4
<rneese> real unix
<flyback> yeah didn't mess with that except bsdi
<flyback> I finally found a tape drive for $32 that will play back the tapes from back in my admin days at college
<flyback> hopefully find some lost irc logs
<rneese> Freebsd was nice for a long time but then it got harder and ahrder to port software
<flyback> well it survives as freenas and pfsense now
<rneese> I liked fbsd alot
<rneese> but with linux its to many distros to keep upwith because no one can agree on anything
<flyback> I reemmeber hacking the linux kernel to run on 1.6mb of ram
<rneese> systemd vs init vs noinit
<flyback> 486 laptop I had
<rneese> wow
<flyback> took 20 mins to boot but it did boot
<flyback> 24 hrs to make kernel
<rneese> I miss my fbsd on the dec alpha 21264
<flyback> thsoe were nice rigs
<rneese> yes
<flyback> too bad intel got compaq to kill it off
<flyback> but alpha had their revenge
<flyback> most of their engineers went to work for amd :)
<rneese> yep
<rneese> ok well need a break and ice the knee
<rneese> back in 30 min
<flyback> see ya
<Alexjazz> hey. could somebody pls make a test: enable a hotspot on your smartphone and check if your Orange PI /Lite/ detects it?
<stipa> Alexjazz: did you try to scan with computer or laptop?
<[TheBug]> Alexjazz: how would that be a worthwhile test since all phones use differnt chipsets and such, could work where it pairs one chipset but not another for a strange reason.. so not sure thats such the good test? I assume your having issues getting it to connect?
<Alexjazz> stipa: my laptop does see the hotspot. also i ran wifi analyzer on one of the smartphones and it detects the hotspot as well
<Alexjazz> [TheBug]: i'm having issue to find the hotspot - the PI just doesn't see it in the list.. yeah, the test is kinda wide, but as i said i tried 4 different smartphones and the PI wasn't able to find a hotspot from all of them
<stipa> Alexjazz: I never tried to connect to Smartphone as a client with armbian.
<stipa> which board do you have?
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<Alexjazz> stipa: orange pi lite
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<stipa> and I never tried client mode, I use opi lite 2 as an AP.
<Alexjazz> stipa: if you could just check if your board finds the hotspot ("iwlist scan | grep SSID" will do the job) - no need to connect to
<stipa> dont have smartphone mate, sorry
<stipa> but have an old one in a box somewhere, if you can wait i'll try...
<Alexjazz> stipa: i'm here for another two hours. I'd really appreciate your help
<stipa> i'll try to put in in function
<stipa> it's android machine
<Alexjazz> stipa: thank you!
<stipa> np mate
<stipa> ok, it's switching on
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<stipa> I have two wifi interfaces, the one on the board and another one plugged into the USB port
<stipa> they both see Android hotspot
<stipa> root@orangepilite2:~# uname -a
<stipa> Linux orangepilite2 5.7.15-sunxi64 #20.08 SMP Mon Aug 17 10:32:57 CEST 2020 aarch64 GNU/Linux
<stipa> Android 4.4.4
<stipa> CyanogenMod
<Alexjazz> stipa: thanks again! wondering why i'm facing this issue..
<stipa> you'll have to find someone with the same board
<stipa> try on forum
<[TheBug]> are you sure your enabling the hotspot in 2.4ghz?
<[TheBug]> and not accidently setting to 5ghz?
<[TheBug]> cause if I recall wifi on OPi is only 2.4Ghz
<Alexjazz> [TheBug]: my Google Nexus One is able to do 2.4 only
<Alexjazz> anyway, I've checked with wifi analyzer and all of my smartphones provided the hotspot on 2.4ghz
<Alexjazz> stipa: yeah, i've already created a topic (https://forum.armbian.com/topic/15465-orange-pi-lite-does-not-see-smartphones-wifi-hotspots/), but no replies so far
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<stipa> hmm, try to see who is active there in that part of the forum and include their nicks in your post by preceeding with "@", the filter will be visible with all available nicks, choose one you need. It will speed up the process of someone reacig to your post. Even better find guys who have the same board as you...
<Alexjazz> stipa: ok, will do
<stipa> The filter thing is little tricky, you actually have to type nicks in after th @ , don't copy paste them after the @ in that case filter won't work...
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<Alexjazz> stipa: ok, thanks!
<stipa> Alexjazz: np
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<[TheBug]> Alexjazz: I hate to say it but it could have to do with compability of the wifi chipsets and not being able to negotiate a connection -- those wifi chipsets they cheap -- have you tried adding a USB dongle and seeing if the same issue exists?
<[TheBug]> as in to make sure there isn't some other software issue at hand?
<[TheBug]> the version of wpa_supplicant on the version of Armbian you are using for example could be broken in some way
<[TheBug]> have you tried an earlier / later image to confirm if this still happens there?
<[TheBug]> those are the things I would do to test at least
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<Alexjazz> [TheBug]: no, i don't have such a dongle. i could believe it was the chipset, but it finds a lot of wifi nets around and misses the hotspots from all my 4 different smartphones. that's kinda strange
<Alexjazz> i faced the issue on the previous kernel, then updated to the latest - same thing
<Alexjazz> root@orangepilite:~# uname -a
<Alexjazz> Linux orangepilite 5.8.13-sunxi #20.08.7 SMP Fri Oct 2 10:24:08 CEST 2020 armv7l GNU/Linux
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<jock> hellohello
<[TheBug]> Anyone here have any experience with raid5 mdadm arrays and have a moment I could pick their brain about something?
<IgorPec> aloalo
<IgorPec> bug what is bugging you (not an raid5 expert)
<[TheBug]> check other channel you will see
<IgorPec> i see, weird
<IgorPec> some #freenas freeks might know
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<ArmbianTwitter> @TonyMac_32 (Thomas McKahan): @armbian @dgilmoreAU @kobol_io @fedora Gah, I want mine to show up!! :-) (18s ago)
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<lanefu> Freenas will shame him
<ArmbianTwitter> @dgilmoreAU (Dennis Gilmore): @armbian @kobol_io @fedora I plan to have Fedora working in short order. (5s ago)
<rneese_> omv
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<jock> IgorPec: moved rk3288 tvbox to u-boot v2020.10, works like a charm
<jock> I'll move rk322x targets too
<Werner> nice
<IgorPec> great!
<IgorPec> i hope we will manage to move all or at least majority of boards there as well
<IgorPec> before releasing 20.11
<IgorPec> martinayotte: you are on 2020.10 with allwinner crowd?
<nekomancer[m]> <jock "I'll move rk322x targets too"> just now rock64 not boots with latest armbian. after moving to fresh uboot
<archetech> it didnt boot before so no loss
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<lanefu> lol my ROCK64 lasted 2 days before crashing
<lanefu> same as last time actually
<jock> nekomancer: that's rk3328, mine is the much older 32-bit rk322x
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* nekomancer[m] in past owns 2 china tablets on rk322x and 3328. both slow degrade then dead, bertayed by manufacturer, with very obsoleted android.
<nekomancer[m]> but there was so miracle screens! ah...
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<martinayotte> IgorPec: I was busy this week, but I will work on u-boot 2020.10 over the weekend, at least for few Allwinner boards.
<martinayotte> I presume it will work flawlessly ...
<IgorPec> no rush, we planned to bump u-boot before 20.11 goes out
<IgorPec> so still 1.5m to go
<IgorPec> enough time for testing i guess
<IgorPec> busy days here too :( i had to take a days off to clear the head a bit
<[TheBug]> yeah in this world we all need some break time, its been way too crazy
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<nekomancer[m]> I got this on serial console my rock64. it just stay idle, when I see that (https://pastebin.com/4qezWK7b) — it not react to console.
<nekomancer[m]> what it this?
<jock> woa I would love some days off too... gotta wait for Christmas :/
<[TheBug]> uh
<[TheBug]> nekomancer[m]
<[TheBug]> that seems like some weird ass corruption
<[TheBug]> OHH
<[TheBug]> yeah
<[TheBug]> your already hitting OOM
<[TheBug]> you have 1GB board probably?
<[TheBug]> do you have some type of swap set?
<nekomancer[m]> oom?
<nekomancer[m]> there run nothing
<[TheBug]> yes out of memory
<[TheBug]> ohh wait
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<[TheBug]> thats really weird output
<nekomancer[m]> some minutes after first boot of fresly-build image
<[TheBug]> why did it output the sysreq options to the console like that
<[TheBug]> it's like there is some event triggering it
<[TheBug]> but what confused me is it states full-oom-kill is part of that
<[TheBug]> okay nekomancer[m] I actually think maybe you have weirdness from your serial connection
<[TheBug]> is the connection made well
<[TheBug]> cause if not some weird ascii charaters could cause sysreq prompt
<[TheBug]> depending what thats set to in the kernel
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<[TheBug]> or is that occuring with the TTL adapter disconnected?
<[TheBug]> I honestly never booted mine with the TTL adapter connected
<nekomancer[m]> not sure. it's 1.5€ usb-ttl dongle and 35 cm of flat cable to pins on board
<[TheBug]> I could test it
<nekomancer[m]> 3 wire connected
<[TheBug]> none are loose?
<nekomancer[m]> when I copy log — it was still onnected
<nekomancer[m]> i not touch cables
<nekomancer[m]> it just lays
<[TheBug]> that is strange -- though just looking at your pastebin I am tempted to say some garbage on serial line is causing that, however, without testing my self or someone else testing, can't confirm that
<nekomancer[m]> not sure it should be investigated, i ask just curious, I newer seen nothing like that before
<[TheBug]> archetech: you ever tested with TTL adapter and see that?
<jock> looks like some keystrokes went to the serial tx and one/some of them prompted the sysrq requests
<[TheBug]> ya that was my take also
<nekomancer[m]> oh! then all clear.
<nekomancer[m]> thank you.
<[TheBug]> that or the connection isn't complete
<[TheBug]> like you have it intermitent connect disconnect
<nekomancer[m]> then it not enough good connection or kind of
<[TheBug]> and it intepret this as garbage
<nekomancer[m]> ..какие-то электро-магнитные помехи в эфире
<ArmbianHelper> some kind of electro-magnetic interference in the air [ru~>eng]
<[TheBug]> possible or on your desk where the cable is
* nekomancer[m] newer know that sysrq can be sent over console with 3 wire
<[TheBug]> well whats weird is I wonder what the sysreq combo is
<[TheBug]> cause on x86 it's like control, alt, break or something
<[TheBug]> if you have it enabled
<jock> from this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key looks like alt+sysrq+space
<[TheBug]> ahh then yeah thats easily doable
<[TheBug]> if the same
<nekomancer[m]> I have "SysRq" printed blue on keyboard of my laptop on PrtScr key to be pressed with Fn. But it's not aserial console
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<archetech> Kern panic is there on serial ttl same ole prob from jan 2020 when I got it
<archetech> no devs will touch this issue
<archetech> theres threads on it in the forum
<nekomancer[m]> ok
<archetech> the garble you see may be from sdcard being corrupted during boot
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<archetech> pretty sure this has a fix just not implimented same for ram mem speed
<archetech> so it would take some community effort
piter75 has joined #armbian
<piter75> necromancer[m]: can you try these two images with your Rock64? https://users.armbian.com/piter75/
<piter75> both of them are built with u-boot 2020.07, one is with ATF and the other one with Rockchip blobs
<archetech> Ill try the atk one
<archetech> atf
<piter75> this one is built with current Armbian master (after the change I have merged few days ago)
<piter75> I tested it with both V2 and V3 units before merging
<piter75> If it does not work then as a backup we can go to blobs scenario similar to all other rk3328 in Armbian at the moment
<piter75> if it fails can you record the whole failed boot process and post somewhere?
<rneese> your building for the 3328
<rneese> ok
<piter75> regarding the sysrq on the console I have also experienced it many times - I believe it is serial device being overly sensitive to any voltage fluctuations caused by serial cable movement
<piter75> I have seen a lot of those on different rk3328 but not on rk3399
<nekomancer[m]> putty have menu item "special→send break". I choose it — and voila"
<nekomancer[m]> `root@rock64:~# [ 355.490159] sysrq: HELP : loglevel(0-9) reboot(b) crash(c) terminate-all-tasks(e) memory-full-oom-kill(f) kill-all-tasks(i) thaw-filesystems(j) sak(k) show-backtrace-all-active-cpus(l) show-memory-usage(m) nice-all-RT-tasks(n) poweroff(o) show-registers(p) show-all-timers(q) unraw(r) sync(s) show-task-states(t) unmount(u) show-blocked-tasks(w) dump-ftrace-buffer(z)
<nekomancer[m]> `
<nekomancer[m]> root@rock64:~#
<piter75> this is expected :)
<piter75> happening with cable movement is not ;-)
<nekomancer[m]> <piter75 "necromancer[m]: can you try thes"> yes, I will. What should I look for? just "is it boots" or?
<piter75> I understand that you have had problems booting after pulling latest changes that switched Rock64 to mainline u-boot / atf
<piter75> I'd like to verify if it boots with those images
<nekomancer[m]> ok, downloding
<nekomancer[m]> piter75: atf boot log https://pastebin.com/BUzMf7aF
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<piter75> I am glad it boots! That means we can keep the atf version and do not have to switch to blobs.
<nekomancer[m]> piter75: trunk-blob https://pastebin.com/8C1hEx0X
<nekomancer[m]> ..меня терзают смутные сомнения: возможно, моя флешка, на которую я записываю все тестовые образы, содержит кусочек u-boot, который не перезаписывается
<ArmbianHelper> I am plagued by vague doubts: perhaps my flash drive, to which I write all test images, contains a piece of u-boot that is not overwritten [ru~>eng]
<piter75> necromancer[m]: thanks for the testing, I will keep the atf version in repo then
<nekomancer[m]> today all images I build while bisect — boots. but yesterday latest was not bootable... possible, problem on my sdcard..
<nekomancer[m]> I will fill start of sdcard with zeros
<piter75> ok, good. I did not catch the message about it booting today and was warried that I have broken it ;-)
<archetech> no go no hdmi
<archetech> no ip on nmap
<piter75> archetech: does it gets to the point that it starts blinking both leds?
<archetech> yes red starts then white but no screen ip
<archetech> seems to get farther than stock focal
<archetech> guess ill try theblob one since neko tried atk too
<archetech> atf
<piter75> does the red one keep blinking after booting or it dies?
<archetech> did it several times no t consistant
<archetech> not
<piter75> maybe you have one of those units that cannot run with RAM @~800MHz
<piter75> I remember some thread about similar issue in our forum and pine64 too
<archetech> blob one looks nice booting then both red/wh lights go out
<archetech> ram speed hasnt stopped it fr booting before
<archetech> but yes mines limited to 768 -under
<piter75> do current v20.08 images work well with your unit?
<archetech> thta guy fixed his but wasnt a boot issue
<archetech> that
<archetech> never had a armbian boot yet
<archetech> cept legacy 4.4
<piter75> this reminds me of a NanoPi M4V2 situation (although not that brutal)
<piter75> it works stable with 4.4 but most of the units have issues with 5.x
<piter75> it also exhibit itself by not even booting from time to time but most of the time it boots but then crashes later
<piter75> with 4.4 it's rock solid
<archetech> idk why nobodyjust uses an arch 5.x uboot
<archetech> for a test
<archetech> this can run anything from them
<archetech> boot too
<piter75> you mean your Rock64 runs well with Arch?
<archetech> great nevr had an issue
<archetech> boots from usb3 hdd and sdcard
<archetech> ive flashed the spi and then zero'ed it too
<archetech> no diff with armb
<archetech> ayufans works too
<archetech> tried vanilla deb that wont boot
<archetech> whre ya combine two files
<piter75> we were using ayufans u-boot until two days ago ;-)
<archetech> Idoubt its untouched version
<archetech> or it would work like his does
<piter75> It does not seem different than what we do now with mainline u-boot / atf
<archetech> ok so then theres kern dtb overlays to wonder about
<piter75> I would suspect the differences in the kernel rather than u-boot itself
<archetech> well I can pop the serial on this blob one for curiosity sake
<piter75> that could be easily verified by overwriting u-boot in Armbian's image with Arch's binaries
<archetech> yes if it loads at same memory point
<piter75> binaries are always written at the same offsets for Rockchip
<piter75> and both kernel's and initramfs' addresses are set by script so it "should" work
<piter75> device may need to be adjusted
<archetech> ill try that after a serial look thanks for giving this your attn least neko seems ok now
<archetech> which is odd if he has a v2
<piter75> I also tried it with both V2 and V3 and it works - it must be different unit to unit :(
<archetech> this is a brand new sdcard too
<archetech> got the serial tx rx gnd pins handy by chance?
<piter75> and good news is that your unit can go 800MHz if you use Arch's u-boot - it's the default in mainline's u-boot for Rock64
<archetech> yes 800 will bot just not compile
<archetech> boot
<piter75> 3-4-5 in the most upper row
<piter75> gnd - tx - rx
<piter75> they are actually numbered 6 - 8 - 10
<archetech> ty
<piter75> ok, gtg
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<nekomancer[m]> this emory clock you are talking about — it can be set only from uboot? can't be changed later?
<jock> Uhm... I'm doing apt-get update && apt-get upgrade on a board with NAND (rk322x tvbox), after the initrd conversion there is a message "mount: /boot: can't find in /etc/fstab" and the upgrade fails
<jock> I extracted the control files from the deb package of linux-image-legacy-rk322x_20.08.6_arm.deb and found that the problem probably resides in postinst script
<jock> there's an if there that looks very suspicious, and an mkimage that is creating an "uImage" from the kernel in /boot
<jock> I don't know if this is valid code, but the if seems a bit buggy. The system in on the NAND and if I try to apt upgrade it fails, but if I put an sdcard in the sd slot apt upgrade goes well
<IgorPec> jock: how do you boot hw? from nand? and roofs is also there'
<jock> IgorPec: yes everything is on NAND, u-boot kernel and rootfs
<jock> had to make a little trick to let it work on NAND altough, with rockchip ddrbin + miniloader + rockchip u-boot, but after this bootstrap phase everything is pure armbian
<IgorPec> not sure why it wants to alter fstab on upgrade
<rneese> ansi or iso kbd
<rneese> i figure ansi but making shure
<rneese> geesh you cannot even pre order you have to wait for stock
<rneese> I wnt my pbp now
<IgorPec> aha, waiting is gold :)
<rneese> well I amd trying to make the post installs for the pbp now so that thig lik files for asound get pout in place
<jock> https://pastebin.com/zCRXq5xP that's the postinst script, it tries to mount /boot on line 19
<rneese> my question are these files in the build or generated ?
<IgorPec> jock: i think this is some leftover scriptiong from allwinner legacy builds which have nand support
<IgorPec> i assume you don't need any of those
<jock> this is /proc/partitions: https://pastebin.com/qg65ZVic and this is the dpkg error: https://pastebin.com/QeBmiV5j
<IgorPec> from L15 - L24
<jock> IgorPec: I had the same feeling it was some leftover
<jock> the memory addresses of mkimage are not familiar to me at all
<IgorPec> general packagaing ... all can remove this stuff
<jock> ah-ha, I see it
<IgorPec> try and see if this works for you, prepare a MR. I think we don't have any hw with nand
<jock> I will, thanks!
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<IgorPec> you can do for all "packaging" none needs this change
<rneese> ok IgorPec i found how to set the default wallpaper
<IgorPec> which de?
<rneese> |u|s|wallpaper|deepin|desktop.jpg
<rneese> yes
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<IgorPec> ok
<IgorPec> good
<rneese> we replace this
<rneese> with armbian one
<jock> IgorPec: fine I will address that tomorrow. Thanks again, gotta go sleep now
<rneese> but I am looking if we can doe a post install package remove to remove the wallpapers like you wanted
<jock> bye
<IgorPec> jock: me too :) bye
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<IgorPec> rneese: check and remove "*-desktop" package which we don't need
<IgorPec> if its done that way
<rneese> well the issue is for the install it looks like the wallpapers are in the meta pkg
<rneese> digging further
<IgorPec> then we install it at the end
<rneese> this might me a pkg change
<rneese> ok
<IgorPec> i don't know when our meta package is installed
<IgorPec> but i assume at the end to "correct" things
<IgorPec> this is for myy to put it to right place if not already
<rneese> ubuntu-dde-desktop
<rneese> and ubuntu-dde-extras
<rneese> its part of the dde
<IgorPec> yeah, well, then replace it on the end
<IgorPec> and their wallppaper stays too
<IgorPec> not a big deal
<rneese> if there is a way to rm a pkg after its installed we just remove the deepin-wallpapers
<rneese> ok
<IgorPec> not sure if that is implemented
<IgorPec> but perhaps it could be.
<IgorPec> i have to crash
<rneese> ok gn
<IgorPec> see you tomorrow
<rneese> no driving while sleeping
<rneese> thats just wreckless
<rneese> lol
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