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<Tonymac32> my neighbor is cleaning out his shed, so my shed has some new stuff XD
<Tonymac32> including the top half of a rolling tool box, so a bit more organized :D
<Tonymac32> somewhere to put all the Hazard Fraught tools I have laying around. (Pro tip: If shopping at a place like "Harbor Freight", look for the Taiwan-made tools, they are 100x better than the other ones)
<Tonymac32> My tools are a hilarious range, from no-brand China stuff that was free to Knipex
<Tonymac32> the Knipex pliers wrench is legendarily awesome
<lanefu> yeah Knipex stuff is super nice
<lanefu> nice score
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<stipa> anyone tried Rock Pi X ?
<c0rnelius> I'll try it out if you send me one ;)
<lanefu> stipa: yep
<lanefu> i put Pop OS on it
<lanefu> and tried as desktop
<lanefu> a little pokey, but graphics work well
<lanefu> been thinking about moving my plex server to it
<stipa> it's like mini PC
<c0rnelius> It's x86 right?
<lanefu> yep.. i had a sample so it came with windows on it
<stipa> yeah
<lanefu> yeah it's like an atomic pi, but not weird or insane
* lanefu has 2 atomic pis
<lanefu> lol
<c0rnelius> You can get an atomic pi off Amazon for like 35 bucks comes with everything
<c0rnelius> It even comes with a stupid camera now which nobody will ever use
<c0rnelius> Great for a NAS setup though
<Tonymac32> :-/
<c0rnelius> You don't agree?
<stipa> can that x86 on Pi X run virtual machines?
<Tonymac32> I don't know honestly
<Tonymac32> lol
<c0rnelius> Oh :)
<lanefu> of course
<Tonymac32> I thought those things were made from "oops I dropped it on the floor" parts
<c0rnelius> It's a pretty good deal for what it is but you definitely need a powered USB hub
<lanefu> RockPi X, Atomic Pi on big breakout board, Odroid N2
<Tonymac32> I'm a little nicer to my archival storage drive
<Tonymac32> sheesh
<lanefu> haha my plan is to use the atomicpi for MakeMKV with that blueray drive
<Tonymac32> lol
<lanefu> Nicest thing about Rock Pi X. is 4 gig ram
<lanefu> vs atomic 2
<stipa> you can even open 4 chrome tabs on it...
<stipa> or 3 :/
<lanefu> man
<lanefu> i tried so hard to use atomic pi as mate desktop
<lanefu> just couldnt dial it down enough
<stipa> i guess 2GB is not really for surfing
<stipa> not enough
<lanefu> yeah... i mean maybe if ih ad pihole blocking stuff
<lanefu> and i figured out how to set a tab limit
<lanefu> but it's really weird having a pi formfactor device that has a bios
<stipa> it's something special
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> what about heat?
<stipa> is that a metal block beneath it on the pic?
<lanefu> haha yeah is a 3 cubic inch block of aluminum lol
<lanefu> i testedit with a crappy heatsink and it was okayish
<lanefu> but i probablt can't give you a very informative review
<stipa> at least you have a proper heatsink
<stipa> :D
<lanefu> from a fit and finish perspective its nice
<lanefu> the Raxda stuf is nice
<stipa> thanks for the info lanefu
<lanefu> like i got it to throttle after slamming it on purpose
<lanefu> but is what it is
<lanefu> your welcome
<lanefu> TLDR The Rockpi X is red.
<stipa> have you tried to lower the cpu freq, to cap it
<stipa> and throttle it
<stipa> could it work without heatsink with low frequency?
<stipa> while being stressed to "max"
<stipa> at lowest cpu frequency
<stipa> it can handle
<stipa> since it's intel atom i guess it heats a lot at max
<stipa> frequency
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<stipa> such a small board and so much heat
<stipa> ha ha
<lanefu> yeah i'd just punish it and not worry about it
<stipa> have you got wifi going on pop os?
<lanefu> nah didnt test wifi
* lanefu has a lot ethernet
<stipa> i bet you do
<stipa> what is it?
<stipa> the speed?
<lanefu> ah i just have a 48 port gig switch
<lanefu> i LACP to a few things
<nekomancer[m]> <lanefu "https://snipboard.io/ZlJRSp.jpg"> what's "force of insight"?
<nekomancer[m]> Iron Cube?
<archetech> <lanefu> yeah it's like an atomic pi, but not weird or insane
* archetech almost bought one
<lanefu> nekomancer[m]: My previous company got bought by another company, then that company sold us because they fucked up.. and for some reason they mailed 1500 people some stupid fucking paper weight with the company "values" on them
<nekomancer[m]> creepy
<lanefu> and a little dellusional
<lanefu> but yeah solid aluminum
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<stipa> at least it serves some purpose
<lanefu> yeah gave a lot of mail delivery folks work one day
<c0rnelius> I don't believe the atomic pi was ever meant to be used as a desktop in the first place
<c0rnelius> It's just a bunch of scattered parts that they put together and then turned into something else
<c0rnelius> Pretty sure the resolution is that of a laptop really
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<stipa> robotic arms
<c0rnelius> The only real benefit is that it's x86 and has that stability
<stipa> they designed those boards for robotic arms
<c0rnelius> Mhmm
<stipa> and company wwnt bankrupt
<c0rnelius> So to expect any kind of grandeur from it is just silly
<archetech> it tried to strangle a tech working on it
<archetech> told em hot to hook to the AI
<archetech> not
<stipa> right right
<stipa> archetech: here you can hear the history of it https://youtu.be/cGxScUmkzNs?t=217
<stipa> robot board, not robotic arm, my bad.
<archetech> I read it its a half baked item
<archetech> like a rock64
<stipa> rarely any board is perfect
<lanefu> It was a robot heart
<archetech> intel has some XX Lake sbc's coming
<stipa> oh
<archetech> little nuc boards ya can buy for $100
<stipa> hmmm
<stipa> yeah, they want to the market
<stipa> but i think 100$ is still expensive
<lanefu> nuc boards w/ ram?
<archetech> idk the specs
<stipa> maybe even detachable like in those little boxes
<stipa> nucs
<archetech> rock X and otheres are 100+
<archetech> odroid hc4+
<archetech> 120
<lanefu> so yah Rock Pi X isn't a bargain, but if you want to do GPIO things with an RPI style header on intel and all the stuff works on it, in rpi formfactor its a decent purchase
<stipa> 75$
<stipa> is Rock Pi X
<lanefu> 4 gig ram model?
<lanefu> yeah i think that's totally a fair price
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> i could live with that
<lanefu> so FYI I didn't think the eMMC module performance was very good
<lanefu> i really think its the chip itself tho.. cuz had similar performance on RockPi E i think
<stipa> what's the speed of reading and writing?
<stipa> around
<lanefu> i feel like i was only doing like 80+Megabytes/sec using [TheBug] 's favorite desk io benchmark command `dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync; unlink test`
<stipa> it's not that bad
<stipa> at least for my standards
<lanefu> nope its not.. just that for some reason emmc speeds on my orange pis with that test were waaaaay better
<lanefu> Xunlong doesn't cheap out on emmc i guess
<stipa> maybe
<stipa> they had to go cheap on something
<stipa> for that price
<lanefu> also if I ran Mate instead of pop-os i'm sure it would have felt spunkier
<lanefu> maybe i should give it another try
<lanefu> i've been trying to use my odroid n2 as a desktop for religious purposes
<stipa> why not
<lanefu> Tonymac32: Look at little rust is in the tray for the fuel tank on this car https://photos.app.goo.gl/cb5cuDk48da9iiN26
<lanefu> yeah i'm waiting on archetech to make video config perfect for N2
<[TheBug]> TBH I haven't tested the emmc in AtomicPi, be curious to know how fast it is for comparison
* lanefu feels obligatd to plug all that junk in and do benchmarks
<[TheBug]> but I like you can mix and match the emmcs between RockPi boards
<[TheBug]> FYI the emmc on RockPi X is same used on RockPi 4c
<[TheBug]> and I am guessing they use same for their whole product line
<lanefu> whats your [TheBug] dd test result
<[TheBug]> lets see
<[TheBug]> the 16GB emmc ...
<[TheBug]> root@rockpi-4c:~# dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync; unlink test
<[TheBug]> 16384+0 records in
<[TheBug]> 1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB, 1.0 GiB) copied, 13.2431 s, 81.1 MB/s
<[TheBug]> 16384+0 records out
<[TheBug]> seems same
<[TheBug]> err sorry, thats the 32GB
<[TheBug]> I have a 16GB over here too
<archetech> im waiting for a dev to care enough to do some n2 patching
<[TheBug]> I assume same though
<archetech> pretty easy and its running good on my LFS-XFCE
<c0rnelius> and then the N3 will come out and make the N2 look like a VW Bug
<archetech> seems you guys will wait forit to hit in mesa 20.3 and 5.11
<archetech> then ya need nobody
<lanefu> archetech: so are you running panfrost or mali blobs?
<archetech> pf
<archetech> got a guy whos doin the qt5 mesa tests too
<archetech> with pf
<c0rnelius> amlogic needs to get onboard wifi and bluetooth rocking on it.
<lanefu> which kernel?
<c0rnelius> giving that all out of the box experience
<lanefu> i know you've pasted it 1000 times but i don thave my scrollback
<archetech> 5.9 or .10 dont matter
<archetech> long as its patched
<lanefu> and you have the 5.9 patches?
<archetech> no I get my kernels from odroid devs
<archetech> when manjaro dev is slow
<archetech> devs have all the links and tools so I fig why do my own
<archetech> when the above versions come out in a month I can build my own w/o googling my but off for patches
<archetech> patchwork.kernel.org I think is where they are
<lanefu> legacy)
<archetech> or lore
<lanefu> KERNELSOURCE='https://github.com/hardkernel/linux'
<lanefu> KERNELBRANCH='branch:odroidg12-4.9.y'
<lanefu> KERNELDIR='linux-odroid'
<lanefu> from that repo, just differenet branch?
<archetech> chewitt or tobetter
<lanefu> you said you got it from odroid?
<archetech> chewitt or tobetter are odroid afaic
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<lanefu> k well maybe on another day we'll try setting "legacy" to their kernels and see how it goes
<archetech> I mean they do alot of stuff for hardkernel idk whos who over there very well
<archetech> legacy?
<archetech> you mean trunk
<Tonymac32> lanefu that's nothing
<Tonymac32> :D
<chewitt> I have no relationship with odroid .. other than they send me samples when I ask for them
<archetech> ding ^
<lanefu> archetech: legacy is armbian terminology, we have 3 kernel categories... legacy, current, dev
<archetech> od then curr or dev
<archetech> ok
* Tonymac32 doesn't care about legacy, likes to let vendors make their own crappy kernels for that
<Tonymac32> ;)
<lanefu> well with current and dev, we should to use the same base off of mainline and patch accordingly
<lanefu> aka current,dev would be like for all amlogic
<archetech> lanefu: you showed me a git file last week for 5.10rc1
<lanefu> legacy is where we use bsp kernel and similar
<archetech> what happened
<lanefu> yeah on allwinner
<lanefu> dev kernel
<archetech> well convert it to amlogic and go
<archetech> chewitt can point ya to the patches easy enough
<lanefu> well you're missing context
<archetech> I can give ya a mesa config
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<lanefu> as far as "convert it to amlogic and go"
<archetech> I probly am missing more than that ;p
<lanefu> haha yeah
<lanefu> anyway as far as our paradigm i'd probably use the legacy kernel to tinker, but yeah maybe we can diff some stuff or look at chewitt's patches
<archetech> no idea your build flow its too complicated with all the families same as arch
<Tonymac32> archetech why do you need 5.10 RFN? :D
<archetech> why not
<archetech> same work as 5.9.x
<lanefu> archtechian is a sweet distro that supports 2 SBCs
<lanefu> works great
<Tonymac32> A lot of work to get patches across when I'm still debugging 5.9 XD
<Tonymac32> for current
<archetech> lanefu: yes come see my distro
<lanefu> you should be building my images instead
<lanefu> of me sendin stuff to you to try
<archetech> armbian builder reminds me of a toupe
<Tonymac32> I chased Linux mainline dev with rockchip for a while and burned out fast, now I only worry about the kernel after it at least hits official release
<Tonymac32> I have some organizational ideas for the builder, but I am also weak in bash
<archetech> lanefu: you can do that but what would you send me old stuff mixed with new I think
<Tonymac32> and my work/life/hobby/Armbian balance has been off
<archetech> ive tried to cooperate w you on the kernel and mesa all along just no interest
<archetech> so im like ok ill leave ya alone
<lanefu> well in my defense you were like "i think its some of these patches on this thread"
<lanefu> and i was gonna have to dig through iwthout context and hunt shit down
<lanefu> i was more interested in helping you get patches into armbian builder so that it fit the design pattern we use
<lanefu> so maybe i miscommunicated
<lanefu> and i'd certainy like to make another attempt at it after we ship the v20.11 release
<archetech> ok
<archetech> I get too many mixed messages here no keen on assiting so I just throw out my progrees reports so ya know whats possible
<lanefu> haha yes.. inspirational kernels lol
<archetech> najust patch 5.9 or 5.10 ur choice
<archetech> but chewitts got a patched kernel I think but using that flysin the face of the armbian way
<archetech> which I dont get I thought you guys used ayufans kernel on some boards
<Tonymac32> that was the "vendor" kernel
<Tonymac32> so linux 4.4
<Tonymac32> legacy
<archetech> chewitt: you got a patched N2 kernel we can pop into a armbian N2 build?
<Tonymac32> legacy for Amlogic is 4.9 unless something changed
<lanefu> archetech: so at one point armbian had like unique stuff for everyboard, and it was unsustainable
<lanefu> so pivoted to focus on mainline kernels and patches destined for it
<archetech> I C
<archetech> so can you pull that repo into the builder chewiit was kind enough to give us
<lanefu> putting link to repo in my notes
<archetech> you have the chops there or Id do it
<archetech> probly a one liner in the config
<archetech> that would give me a base image to test mesa on
<archetech> and for rneese
<lanefu> will probably need to scrub patch directory when i run it.. will have to see where it barfs
<archetech> and his new N2
<lanefu> yeah he's pretty excited about that
<archetech> I have what need im just trying to brainstorm for ya
<lanefu> anyway not gonna tackle that tonight, but yeah will have to tinker with it
<archetech> ok
<lanefu> cuz i'd be good with swappoing legacy kernels for it, or maybe just diff and slurp the patches out
<archetech> chewitt: ? here does tobetter pull from you on kernels for odroid ubu mainline builds?
<archetech> or vice versa
<chewitt> neither
<archetech> no relationship with him tech wise?
<chewitt> partial
<archetech> I see posts fr you over there
<chewitt> often tobetter will do the first pass of the new device dts
<chewitt> then myself with help from narmstrong will redo it properly
<chewitt> and I will send upstream
<archetech> ah ok
<archetech> you are libreelec dev?
<chewitt> then at the next kernel iteration after the change is merged, tobetter will rebase hacks on upstream
<chewitt> inch by inch, the difference is reduced, which we have to call progresss
<chewitt> yes, I work on LE mostly
<archetech> cool
<chewitt> dev is bending the truth a little tho, I do packaging not code (IMHO)
<archetech> thats gotta be a fun place
<chewitt> it's fun apart from Amlogic, which is just a f**king chore
<archetech> all that gpu/vpu fun
<chewitt> due to the lack of people working on it
<archetech> I hear that alot amlogic dont offer much eh
<archetech> heres a snazzy soc have fun like rockchip
<archetech> least you got a line to narmstrong and that gang at panfrost must help alot
<Tonymac32> OK, I verified Armbian still has audio on Meson GX and GXL, Igor said he tested G12
<lanefu> I bet the hazing to get in the amlogic club was intense
<Tonymac32> HDMI out* I should specify, I forgot to check the potato headphone jack (we should have the drive patched but I think I missed stuffing it into the asound.conf)
<chewitt> amlogic seems to attract self-entitled users and lots of idiots
<archetech> rneese was informed by igor on n2 audio fix
* Tonymac32 thinks that is code for TV Box users
<lanefu> yeah TVBox users == sweet xda-developers.com man
<chewitt> the fix I saw for audio on G12 is incomplete as some devices have audio on TDMOUT_A and others TDMOUT_B .. which needs mixer differences
<lanefu> s/sweet/sweet rom from /
<ArmbianHelper> lanefu meant to say: yeah TVBox users == sweet rom from xda-developers.com man
<archetech> chewitt: I resemble that remark ;p but I do test and source build all the stuff that flows out to git
<archetech> chewitt: is that due to c4 vs n2 ya think?
* archetech grumbles about devs using family vs per model configs
<archetech> was just curious
* Tonymac32 mumbles about it being impossible to maintain 100 kernels with independent configs between 5-6 people
<chewitt> each time I submit something jbrunet tells me I did it wrong.. and I should be using A or B
<chewitt> if A, should be B, if B, should be A
<chewitt> I'm still not understanding how you should/can tell whether it should be A or B :(
<archetech> Tonymac32: I know but I say make an exception not wholesale change
<archetech> N2 is king it deserves its own config
<Tonymac32> in order to do that we'd have to split that board from the family it's in and assign it it's own family
<chewitt> but the upshot is, G12 has a deliberately flexible routing topology, so it can be either, but one is more correct than the other
<Tonymac32> ahhh
<archetech> Tonymac32: ok lets do it
<chewitt> in LE, some time ago I added some helper scripts like https://github.com/LibreELEC/LibreELEC.tv/blob/master/packages/sysutils/busybox/scripts/dtname
<chewitt> and I use $(dtname) in some of the userspace setup needed
<chewitt> eventually I will put them in the same file and detect the called filename to give different output
<Tonymac32> chewitt yeah, we have a bit of a spiderweb set up in the scripts right now, a single board's config is found spread throughout 5-6 files
<chewitt> so in the LE soundconfig script, I use $(dtname) to set the mixer settings appropriately
<archetech> I thought tobetter has a ubu pkg for N2 audio
<archetech> guess thats userland
<lanefu> _whitelogger: you geetting all this?
<chewitt> at some point, I hope someone figures out how to read the A vs B from "dtc" and then set it correctly (dynamically)
<chewitt> or something along those lines
<chewitt> as tracking each device manually is make-work
<Tonymac32> lanefu it's probably yeeting it not geetting it
<Tonymac32> :D
<lanefu> lol
<archetech> my dream of an exclusive n2 repo will not die
<archetech> sure harped enough sry
<archetech> buld it and they will come
<archetech> merge it back after the dust settles on mainline stuff in a few months
<Tonymac32> go 2U and mount them edgewise, and forget about the HDMI
<Tonymac32> assuming it made sense anyway
<Tonymac32> load it with Rock Pi 4's or something
<archetech> I want a 4 ITX motherboard platform with one silent silverstone fanless PSU and a switch to feed each mboard
<archetech> I wont be getting one in this life
<archetech> chewitt: clone master or amlogic-5.10.y for N2?
<chewitt> I didn't boot 5.10.y more than twice, I am still trying to resolve issues in 5.9.y .. the wip branch is the one I linked (amlogic)
<chewitt> master is normally tracking torvalds/master
<Tonymac32> archetech some of the boards out are Pico-ITX (100x72mm)
<archetech> only wip is 5.7
<Tonymac32> like the Tinker Edge R
<archetech> yeah I was dreaming for x86
<Tonymac32> I wonder how many cores you could reliable package in that small a space though
<Tonymac32> using 4 Mobos of a small variety
<archetech> alot but yad need 4 psu's
<archetech> I only need one on at a time
<lanefu> man 4 PSUs reminds me of a massive HP server i managed once
<lanefu> had 4 PSUs
<lanefu> 2 on circuit A, 2 on Circuit B
<Tonymac32> sheesh
<lanefu> when we did maint on circuit A
<lanefu> we found out that it requires 3 power supplies to operate
<[TheBug]> Bazinga!
<Tonymac32> hhahaha
<lanefu> yeah man 4 quad core xeons
<lanefu> 1.21 gigawatts
* Tonymac32 wants to know why the N2 and the Jetson Nano aren't on Pico-ITX, instead of being just plain random dimensions
<lanefu> alright cross your finger my dog will take his like 8 pills without a fight..
<Tonymac32> GREAT SCOT
<Tonymac32> did you put them inside hotdogs?
<Tonymac32> dogs don't even chew those
<Tonymac32> :D
<lanefu> we gotta rotate or he wises up
<lanefu> some times pill pockets, someetimes cheese
<lanefu> sometimes balls of canned food
<Tonymac32> cheese
<lanefu> yeah freaking sticks of gouda cheese lol
<Tonymac32> I gave my cat the smallest piece of cheese ever, it followed me around the rest of the day screaming for more
<lanefu> that was pretty reliable
<lanefu> I gave my old cat a piece of steak once
<Tonymac32> isn't exactly great for the cat digestive tract though, so he didn't get anymore
<lanefu> and everytime after
<Tonymac32> hahahha
<Tonymac32> I gave mine a bit of spam
<lanefu> yeah man he loved it
<Tonymac32> now it comes hauling ass whenever it hears that kind of can open
<Tonymac32> my wife makes tuna sandwiches, the cat now understands that pickles are involved, so the opening of a pickle jar sets him off
<lanefu> ROFL
<lanefu> yeah so hotdogs are hebrew nationals, not wasting that on my dog
<Tonymac32> I am a horrible hotdog person, I prefer the ones that are basically made of garbage
<Tonymac32> need to focus and prove I can make an interrupt-driven button/blinky on Obsidian ESP32 with this library
<Tonymac32> and MicroPython
<Tonymac32> because then I can go through and fix support for A LOT of hats
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<lanefu> Tonymac32: what hats are actually cool
<lanefu> i set myself up for that
<Tonymac32> :D
* Tonymac32 actually had one in his younger years
<Tonymac32> If you are going to do some heavy lifting https://sequentmicrosystems.com/
<Tonymac32> line level switching, etc
<lanefu> i need to get armbian into my jeep and my truck
<Tonymac32> nice part about 120V in the US, it is waaayyyy less likely to turn you into plant fertilizer than the 240V used elsewhere
<Tonymac32> that's why we can get away with our 120 year old plug standard
<lanefu> i still dont understand 208 power vs 220
<Tonymac32> oh man, don't
<Tonymac32> :D
<Tonymac32> 208 is a component of a wye 3-phase system
<Tonymac32> (WYE is literally spelling out "Y", the relationship of the phases and ground)
<lanefu> so it like not 180 degrees apart like the higher volt 3-phase stuff?
<Tonymac32> so if you go phase to phase on a 3-phase (say you stick a meter on leg A and B of the three phase), you are measuring the peak voltage between 2 120V phases
<Tonymac32> which are 120 degrees apart
<Tonymac32> ;)
<Tonymac32> because 360 degrees in a circle, 3 phases
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<lanefu> lol yeah i neabt 120 lol
<Tonymac32> wellllll then you have 240 V single phase
<Tonymac32> which is what comes into your house
<Tonymac32> the nuetral is the center point of a +/- 120V swing
<Tonymac32> 180 degrees out of phase just to make sure your brain doesn't get used to anything
<Tonymac32> also all numbers are in RMS
<lanefu> so square
<Tonymac32> I'm trying to find a solid diagram so I can make your head hurt, but it all comes down to phase - phase vs phase - neutral
<Tonymac32> and if you're using Delta, well, your electrical system was designed by a pyromaniac
<Tonymac32> delta = perfect for balanced loads
<Tonymac32> a motor
<Tonymac32> for anything else, well
<Tonymac32> there you go
<lanefu> I gotta crash. Will have to take the makeup quiz. Appreciate you explaining / making head hurt
<lanefu> Ooo that is a good link tho
<Tonymac32> throw a phase of that delta circuit to ground and figure out what happens to the other 2
<Tonymac32> :D
<Tonymac32> have a good one
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<ArmbianTwitter> @ericepe (Eric Poscher-Mika): @letsencrypt is there a way to install #certbot with nginx plugin without using #snapd on @armbian? Oh yes, use the ppa: https://t.co/VECIMGC1ME and "apt-install certbot python-certbot-nginx" (19s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @ericepe @letsencrypt Those tutorials - not sure it it 100% covers your case - usually works perfectly: https://t.co/ncOGY0m98S (21s ago)
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<rneese> morning home from pt
<rneese> whats the skinny
<rneese> wee have sound on the n2 kernel
<rneese> it works welll
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<Werner> Good day
<lanefu> howdy
<IgorPec> lanefu morning
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): Reaching almost to the half of the goal ... 1st building block also arrived @asrockinfo TRX40D8-2N2T Thank you for support! https://t.co/PHL3Hi6wT1 (11s ago)
<IgorPec> lanefu: beta images were made
<IgorPec> i just didn't rename or move them yet.
<lanefu> ahh yes... secret images
<lanefu> IgorPec: where you gonna rack new server
<lanefu> Slovenia Office?
<ArmbianTwitter> @Poddingue (Bruno Verachten 🍰): @armbian @ASRockInfo Fantastic ! Can't wait for the rest of the machine to come in! https://t.co/3wZgDfltlf (11s ago)
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<stipa> I have lived in Slovenia for a bout a year, they have great internet speeds there, at least in Ljubljana.
<stipa> optics i think
<IgorPec> lanefu: slovenia means only electricity costs :)
<IgorPec> stipa: when did you live in Ljubljan?
<stipa> hmmm
<stipa> 2012-13
<stipa> something like that
<stipa> just a sec
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<IgorPec> right.
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> 2013
<IgorPec> armbian started around that time ;)
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<lanefu> stip proably lives a block away
<stipa> I'm in Croatia
<IgorPec> aha, i was there two weeks ago
<stipa> first country at east
<stipa> nice
<IgorPec> lanefu: any ideas how to setup this server for best benefit
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<lanefu> IgorPec: yeah I have some thoughts :)
<IgorPec> storage ATM is 2 x 1TB pci4 nvme in raid0
<IgorPec> is there a need for more local storage?
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<lanefu> only thought is use NVME just for "work" and use seperate smaller simple sata SSD for boot and OS disk
<lanefu> makes it easier to de-couple if we need to rebuild or whatever
<lanefu> and snapshot, backup
<IgorPec> boot can be done from USB :)
<lanefu> gross
<IgorPec> board has USB 3.2 socket
<lanefu> common it's not a freenas box
<IgorPec> hehe
<IgorPec> so one additional normal sata drive?
<Werner> Two small sata ssd in raid1 for OS ?
<IgorPec> DOM is probably too expensive?
<lanefu> oh dues it suppot sata DOMs like ona super micro?
<IgorPec> yesm 2 x DOM
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<lanefu> can it do hardware raid onboard for those
<lanefu> but yeah 64-128 gig DOMs would be just fine
<IgorPec> i assume yes
<IgorPec> - TRX40: 2 x SATA 6Gb/s; 2x SATA DOM, support RAID 0, 1, 5, 10
<IgorPec> 150 usd for 2 x 32 gb
<IgorPec> which is imo plenty in term of space
<lanefu> yeah
<IgorPec> sadly only 1 in stockl
<lanefu> what about 64 gig
<IgorPec> stock, price looks ok and its supermicro
<lanefu> sweet
<IgorPec> performances are not premium i guess
<lanefu> they're actually pretty decent
<IgorPec> but for booting os and storing logs its enough :)
<lanefu> yep
<lanefu> anything heavy read from OS will get cached in ram anyway
<IgorPec> so 2pcs for raid 1?
<IgorPec> tmp storage will be via 10GBps net
<buZz> -storing- logs? :D
<buZz> just /dev/null em man
<buZz> :)
<IgorPec> mount /dev/null /var/log :)
<lanefu> lol
<buZz> :)
<buZz> IgorPec: or just send em to the dotmatrix on /dev/lp0 directly
<IgorPec> dev lp0 :) haha
<lanefu> man that buffer would get _soooo_ full
<buZz> lanefu: the paperbuffer?
<IgorPec> haven't seen that kind of device for a while
<lanefu> buZz:yeah
<buZz> IgorPec: i got a Star LC-10 boxed \o/
<buZz> just need to find a way to refurbish the lint
<IgorPec> well, i used to have Epson RX80
<buZz> and many boxes of chainforms for it
<buZz> IgorPec: cute, get it back :D
<IgorPec> yeah i wish :) no idea where it ended
<IgorPec> porhaps its somewhere in the old father house
<buZz> on a side note, is there some arm soc that does hw h265 with mainline yet?
<buZz> PS3 seems barely able to decode h265 over 480p on cpu, need something for that for my new tv
<lanefu> I think allwinner _might_ https://linux-sunxi.org/Sunxi-Cedrus
<IgorPec> with librelec
<IgorPec> jernej is doing good job there
* lanefu says buy a roku and bo done
<lanefu> /s/bo/be
<IgorPec> lanefu: 750W RMi PSU will do?
<lanefu> sorry I don't have expertise there
<IgorPec> regarding wattage :)
<IgorPec> its gold class psu
<stipa> maybe there are specs of a system with the same motherboard somewhere, there could be what psu they put in.
<IgorPec> those overclockers usually use some overkill
<stipa> well, you don't want reboots due lack of the power :/
<IgorPec> or worse :)
<IgorPec> "We use a Titanium-rated Seasonic 1000W Prime TX-1000 PSU"
<Werner> Did a rough calculation. 400 to 450w hat max load.
<Werner> TR3990x, 4x sata, 8x ram, 2x fan, 1x pump+3x fan
<Werner> 750w will be sufficient
<lanefu> IgorPec: are you going to go deaf from it running?
<IgorPec> i guess yes, they also had some extreme graphics cards in the system
<IgorPec> which is why there was 700W +
<IgorPec> it will be water cooled
<Werner> Its always good to have some spare power and also not to run a PSU on its limits
<IgorPec> this is what i have around
<IgorPec> so i would not purchase new psu if this is sufficient
<stipa> right, if it fails buy one with more power...
<IgorPec> this should not fail. its now driving two 145W xeons
<IgorPec> and fan never started
<stipa> fancy
<IgorPec> while those two xeons are only making heat :)
<stipa> a lot of it is marketing and cheap psu's can fuck you up, corsair seems like a reputable brand.
<IgorPec> agree. i blew up two psus in my life with a loud bang
<IgorPec> both were some noname crap
<stipa> yeah
<IgorPec> here they give 10y warranty
<Tonymac32> I use Corsair
<IgorPec> i have mainly corsair and one coolermaster
<stipa> i have Tagan
<stipa> i laready changed few caps in it
<stipa> already*
<IgorPec> oh
<stipa> yeah, it blew
<stipa> i think it's only 380W
<stipa> this one https://www.newegg.com/tagan-tg-380-380w/p/N82E16817101508 , it drives phenopm x6 and a bunch of other stuff...
<stipa> phenom x6*
<stipa> IgorPec: which Threadripper do you have exactly?
<stipa> 64 cores 128 threads?
<stipa> TR 3990X
<stipa> i would go with 1kW PSU with that beast :D
<stipa> maybe more
<stipa> it eats 719W if overclocked...
<Werner> Why should it be overclocked?
<stipa> faster compile time?
<Werner> I am pretty confident that this thing will do a good job running within specs. Minor performance increase for major waste of energy
<IgorPec> it can be a bit overclocked :)
<IgorPec> i also overclocked my desktop to gain few seconds
<IgorPec> but yeah power consumption jumps
<IgorPec> 3990x
* lanefu votes for keeping is simple and stable
<lanefu> we bought server class hardware because of that
<IgorPec> which can't be superclocked :)
<stipa> that's life
<archetech> <IgorPec> storage ATM is 2 x 1TB pci4 nvme in raid0 is there anything faster ?
<stipa> maybe a ramdrive
<IgorPec> yes
<archetech> only thought is use NVME just for "work" and use seperate smaller simple sata SSD for boot and OS disk
<archetech> fr lanefu seems right
<IgorPec> dual raid0 in raid0
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> quadundant
<IgorPec> this is job for nvme "overclockers" :)
<IgorPec> but in that case additional pci card will need to be installed
<archetech> no onboard sata3 ?
<IgorPec> it is
<IgorPec> we will use it for boot doms
<IgorPec> 2 x 64gb in raid1
<archetech> I never boot fr raid
<IgorPec> hardware raid
<IgorPec> i propose usb boot but lane doesn't go with that :)
<IgorPec> board has nice USB A connector
<stipa> it screams for USB to Micro sd card adapter
<IgorPec> I have 16Mb SD card somewhere ... is it enough to store grub? :)
<lanefu> lol
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<stipa> ok, did my first compilation process
<stipa> but, the kernel is way back in the past,whre can i select which kernel version i want in the ./compile.sh process?
<stipa> i don't want the newest bcs it's "broken"
<Werner> If there was no option then your board either has one target only or others are hidden as dev only
<stipa> didn't see it, orangepilite2
<stipa> it compiled as 5.4.75
<stipa> i don't want 5.8.6
<stipa> i want 5.7.15
<stipa> which is now stable and running on the board
<stipa> 10 days and going strong
<Werner> Not possible and not supported. You have to tinker yourself to get older kernels running
<stipa> oh
<stipa> just great
<Werner> My OPi1+ (Allwinner H6 too) had 40 days uptime with 5.9.0-rc5 btw. :)
<stipa> so if i select
<Werner> sunxi has three targets atm. legacy is 5.4, current is 5.9 and dev is 5.10.
<stipa> oh
<IgorPec> this is how our system is setup
<IgorPec> support this is already very hard
<stipa> i understand
<Werner> Each kernel branch for each board family has its very own patchset that is applied over the sources. So providing multiple targets per board (if possible) is already a lot ;)
<stipa> cd
<stipa> ups
<stipa> i'll go with what i got, it's not a problem
<stipa> thanks
<stipa> ok, one more time with "current" selected
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<stormchaser3000> I wrote a rather simple device tree overlay to overclock the RockPro64 and Pinebook Pro. Would anyone like me to share the dts file just in-case it could be useful?
<stormchaser3000> (actually two files because I modified the first one slightly for the Pinebook Pro)
<Werner> Feel free to create a topic on forums to show them :)
<stormchaser3000> ok, will do
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<IgorPec> users asks us to downclock from our overclock :) https://github.com/armbian/build/issues/2267
<stormchaser3000> I have not had any such issues with my overclock, but that doesn't mean that other people have not had issues
<IgorPec> yeah, as optional, why not
<IgorPec> silicon lotery
* Tonymac32 just opened a ticket on this topic
<stormchaser3000> I have both my pbp and RockPro64's big core max clock speeds set to 2.08 GHz
<Tonymac32> I think overlays are probably the best way to go about it
<stormchaser3000> I did not mess with the clock speeds for the little cores
<stormchaser3000> I did, however, increase the GPU clock speed to 950 MHz
<stormchaser3000> that seems to have managed to get some more frames on Minecraft out of the Mali T-860
<IgorPec> with overlays is best and user can simple test if his goes that far
<stormchaser3000> yep
<Tonymac32> so overlays make that easier to deal with whenever it shows up in a board
<stormchaser3000> also, with the armbian-add-
<stormchaser3000> armbian-add-overlay*
<stormchaser3000> it is easy to compile and apply it
<stormchaser3000> I will be back in a few minutes
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<Werner> Took about five minutes to crunch through 5.10 sources with make -j40
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<stipa> he threadripper?
<stipa> the*
<IgorPec> this arm server i suppose
<stipa> IgorPec: so you just call it arm server, it hasn't got an actual arm cpu?
<IgorPec> yes its pure arm cpu, we got it few days agao
<stipa> so the Treadreaper is your personal machine?
<IgorPec> that is primary build machine replacement
<IgorPec> arm server is for toying around at this stage
<stipa> oh
<stipa> i see now
<IgorPec> we don't have full support for native building
<stipa> i had in mind that there is only one new machine
<IgorPec> which means we can't switch to this server even we would want
<stormchaser3000> which of the sections on the forum should I post my device trees?
<IgorPec> actually there are more :)
<stormchaser3000> the dev section?
<IgorPec> storm: yeah, best would be to make an overlay and submit a PR / patch to build system
<IgorPec> since I don't know when we will be able to pick it up
<stipa> IgorPec: i see now
<stormchaser3000> ah, ok
<IgorPec> stipa: once we started to seek new server several options popped up
<IgorPec> this arm server is for limited time, for testing let say
<stormchaser3000> is this the repo I would fork to submit my PR? https://github.com/armbian/build
<IgorPec> another arm server is promised for as a donation and its much more powereful, at least 80 cores
<IgorPec> storm: Yes!
<stormchaser3000> ok, thanks
<stormchaser3000> should be submitted in a few minutes if I do everything correctly :)
<stipa> IgorPec: also arm machine?
<archetech> yes the build hardware changes maybe document it somewhere what we had what we got now whats coming
<IgorPec> only arm machines :)
<IgorPec> + we can pick two arm rk3399 clusters for free, but not sure what to do with them
<stipa> giveaway
<IgorPec> you mean we pick it and give to community?
<stipa> who ever
<stipa> for promotional causes
<stipa> of Armbian
<IgorPec> we get it for promo
<IgorPec> if i give it away i only have troubles with arranging this
<stipa> oh
<IgorPec> those machine are not running armbian yet
<stipa> what do the expect in return?
<IgorPec> i would only pick it up if someone in the community is willing to do something with. distributed armbian builing is our only use case, but we would need to rework system again
<stipa> do they*
<IgorPec> i don't know yet, but probably enough to show X device is useful
<IgorPec> i am sure its not plug and play, so we would probably need to sort things out
<archetech> let lanefu put one ina dmz for building
<IgorPec> i don't have it
<IgorPec> its optional pick up
<stipa> IgorPec: someone has to write usable OS for those boards...
<IgorPec> which development daily costs exceeds such machine
<IgorPec> which is why its easy to get
<stipa> right
<IgorPec> but why would we deal with it is the main q
<archetech> arch arm distcc
<archetech> then build armbian on that cluster setup
<IgorPec> yeah, cluster setup is intriguing idea
<IgorPec> just we have so limited time
<stipa> it's like bulky threadripper
<archetech> distcc is only idea I know of
<IgorPec> well, this threadripper should compile kernel below 30s
<archetech> for 2+ sbc's
<IgorPec> we would need quite a large cluster to match taht
<stipa> can those sbc's be around the world and compile same project?
<IgorPec> io is problematic
<IgorPec> i really see going to clusters once we become really bored
<stipa> i don't see it coming
<IgorPec> boredom? :)
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> but you know, when you think about something foe long enough time it becomes an obsession.
<IgorPec> agree, sure
<stipa> even if it's something that you totally don't want
<stipa> :D
<IgorPec> but when you do too many things at once, things are usually done bad
<stipa> to be honest
<stipa> i don't know how you guys can do everything
<stipa> seems to me like it's overload
<stipa> and dealing with sbc clusters would be too much in my oppinion
<IgorPec> ofc it would be which is why i don't think about
<stipa> hehe
<IgorPec> we try to keep things under control with https://armbian.atlassian.net/browse/AR
<stipa> oh
<stormchaser3000> ugh... I hate it when I don't know enough to even contribute something useful to a project
<IgorPec> slowly :)
<stipa> yeah, usually simple things at first need long time to be realized.
<stormchaser3000> in this case, just ended up posting the code into a forum post. it wasn't good enough to be in a PR anyways XD
<stormchaser3000> just wanted to give someone a place to start
<stipa> nice
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* lanefu can put in dmz
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @DieZuckerbude: And done. https://t.co/CaRzwv2xY6 (14s ago)
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<archetech> <narmstrong> archetech: no the latest patches for G52 are in drm-misc-next where/e that is is the latest
<archetech> then build rc2
<archetech> then build rc2rc3
<archetech> rc3
<archetech> maybe some time tonight we can kick that out
<archetech> slp it on bullseye and ill boot it
<archetech> slap*
<lanefu> which repo, branch?
<archetech> idk he makes assumtions I know
<archetech> idk he makes assumtions I don't know
<lanefu> you find me repo and branch/tags and i'll build
<archetech> typo city
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @NicoD99364191: 32-core #ARM #server #Review by me. https://t.co/XA9wHGjdAi (4s ago)
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<lanefu> lol i love it that nicod did blender benchmarks
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<stipa> I compiled my orangepilite2 image with "current" option but it seems like compilation didn't load 'linux-sunxi64-current.config' file...
<stipa> also in menu inised if i search for module IFB its '=n'
<stipa> but in config file is '=M'
<stipa> :/