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<TRS-80> Doing apt upgrade on ODROID-XU3 seems to want to change the uInitrd link to whatever most recent Debian kernel (5.8) while everything else here (dtb, zImage, etc.) stay pointed at Armbian kernel (currently 4.14.202 on Buster stable). Is that normal or should I file bug report?
<TRS-80> s/XU3/XU4/
<ArmbianHelper> TRS-80 meant to say: Doing apt upgrade on ODROID-XU4 seems to want to change the uInitrd link to whatever most recent Debian kernel (5.8) while everything else here (dtb, zImage, etc.) stay pointed at Armbian kernel (currently 4.14.202 on Buster stable). Is that normal or should I file bug report?
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<TRS-80> I made a forum post
<fromport> url ?
<fromport> ty
<TRS-80> Not sure how big of deal it is, as I'm pretty sure I rebooted in the meantime (before noticing) without issue.
* TRS-80 shrugs
<fromport> you are now running 5.x kernel ?
<TRS-80> no, pretty sure XU4 Buster Stable is 4.14.x
<TRS-80> I think they must be having some issues on 5.x (not positive)
<fromport> uname -a on my hc2 == xu4 shows Linux cs1 5.4.72-odroidxu4
<TRS-80> you on stable?
<fromport> i wonder if i am, i should ! ;-)
<fromport> i started with 5.x kernel with buster armbian image
<fromport> so i guess that makes me non-stable
<fromport> your zImage still points to 4.14 kernel, so i think you are indeed still on stable
<TRS-80> Yep, according to https://www.armbian.com/odroid-xu4/, 4.14.y looks like stable, it even says there "Kernel 5.4.y is still considered experimental."
<TRS-80> They had some problems a while back, not sure if still ongoing. How has your experience been?
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<fromport> up 17 days, 8:12 <- part of my lizardfs system. and it really had some load for day when filling the array. I have 10 HC2's running. none failed on me (yet)
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<Tony_mac32> I specifically had a problem at the end of BOINC work packages where the system would freeze with no explanation. I need to attempt with the newest kernel to verify
<Tony_mac32> MC1's
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<yang> Where does avatar gets set on the forum, I can't find the option
<yang> I looked in "profile" and "account settings"
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<stipa> yang: click on the avatar icon in the upper left corner
<stipa> right*
<stipa> then click on the 'Profile Photo' at the bottom left of the big avatar
<stipa> it looks like a picture logo button
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<Guest34474> lanefu: I have orange pi 2
<fromport> Tony_mac32: were you running 4.x or 5.y kernel on the mc1 ?
<Tony_mac32> 5.y
<Tony_mac32> like I said it is a very specific circumstance, and it kills it dead, no logs
<fromport> :-(
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<fromport> i just upgraded one of my hc2's from 5.4 -> 5.9. have serial console on it, if it barfs hope to catch something.
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<fromport> sorry not 5.9: 5.8.16-odroidxu4
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<ArmbianTwitter> @FailDef (Marc [LAN|WAN]dolt jun [מאַרך لاندولت]): Yay, the half-fixed #PAMUSB compiles and works also on #armhf, tested on @armbian... ...so kids and #JungHacker can have #multifactor #authentication on their #arm device for the price of a usb stick. Sincerely your #HackersCardgame.ch Dear @Yubico, sorry for that ... https://t.co/LGCIZGW0Vd (17s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @AlexRob12252696 (Alex Robinson): #Armbian + #GNOME = possibly the best GNOME experience on a @thepine64 #PinebookPro! Very fluid experience. https://t.co/dQNyzV3vpo (19s ago)
<Tony_mac32> last I tested was 5.4
<Tony_mac32> so if you haven't had an issue yet, you are not doing the exact thing needed ;)
<fromport> Tony_mac32: Linux 5.4.72-odroidxu4 uptime: 2w 3d 23:52:22.45 idle : 19w 2d 23:42:45.66 i pushed it (mainly IO driven) for about a week after bootup. I assume you are more relying on computer power. more thermal abuse
<Tony_mac32> right, and probably more dynamic memory and CPU scaling
<Tony_mac32> My XU4 home media/fileserver has never crashed
<Tony_mac32> ever
<Tony_mac32> my friend just sent me the worst engine swap ever. An Acura Integra with a VW VR6
<Tony_mac32> If I wanted a boat anchor for an engine I'd use something cheaper. :D ;)
<fromport> vtec engines are nice in the upper rpm regions. And if you give them maintenance they basically never fail. german has good tech, but jeez. it fails way too often. I agree it was not an upgrade. lazy driver that wants torque instead of rpms?
<Tony_mac32> a J-series Honda V6 with a manual would have been a good fit
<ArmbianTwitter> @DevDread (DevDread): @orangepixunlong @armbian @OPi_Community @_AvV_ She's very pretty (9s ago)
<Tony_mac32> the VR6 is not much for torque, entertainingly the 3.0L Ford Duratec was more than a match
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<Tony_mac32> wait a minute, ok, who's running Gnome on their PBP?
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<TRS-80> "with a little bit of help from an adapt-o-kit"
<TRS-80> >Gnome (absolutely_disgusting.jpg)
<Tony_mac32> got that pinebook running just like a song
<fromport> did someone pre-order the pinephone ?
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<TRS-80> That was going to be my next question for Tony_mac32. I don't think I would call it "pre-order" as it seems they are more like "dev kit" but I think he did?
<TRS-80> (also N.B. "phone", not "book")
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<Tony_mac32> no, I haven't touched the phone as yet
<TRS-80> but you have one, amirite?
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* TRS-80 also has more things already arrived from the Far East (even with slow shipping) than he can get to
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<tonymac32> trying something out at my workdesk, M4V2 is mounted behind my screen, splitting the 4K monitor
<ArmbianTwitter> @Nosluop56 (George P): @thepine64 @AlexRob12252696 AFAIK it's only available at the moment if you build your own @armbian image. (6s ago)
<tonymac32> Has anyone fed a custom resolution to x? the display is technically making a 1920x2160 window availabe, I'll have to experiment later
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<nekomancer[m]> <rneese "https://ibb.co/5Yfxj4C"> why there so many usb dongles?
<fromport> Your PINE STORE order has been received: PINEPHONE - “Community Edition: Manjaro with Convergence Package" Limited Edition Linux SmartPhone
<tonymac32> cool
<tonymac32> (My BT keyboard refuses to reconnect after it powers down. Lame)
<tonymac32> I have to hit the pairing button every time
<TRS-80> fromport: Nice! I am keenly following the development of actual
<TRS-80> ... (no bs) GNU/Linux phones. I don't have the dev chops, so I greatly appreciate the efforts of people like you. Cheers, mate!
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<tonymac32> my first generation Pixel is on it's 3rd screen and second battery, so maybe I go ahead and do something dumb like a dev phone XD
<TRS-80> Maybe Santa buy you one for xmas
<tonymac32> lol
<rneese> nekomancer[m], bad url
<nekomancer[m]> rneese: https://ibb.co/5Yfxj4C
<rneese> nekomancer[m], if your asking about the 4 port hub is because the board only has 4 ports and i have 1 kb 1 mouse 1 wifi 1 bt
<rneese> in that 4 port hub
<rneese> and 3 open ports oon the back
<rneese> the board does not have onboard bt or wifi
<nekomancer[m]> clear
<tonymac32> I think there won't be much dev for that (pine phone) here, it's very much graphics/etc biased
* tonymac32 is telling son that taxation is theft. Take that stay at home order
<rneese> right now food prices are outragious
<rneese> i remember when 100 bucks fed you for 2 weeks
* TRS-80 mfw I realized the Boston tea party was over some few % tax
<rneese> now its less then 5 days
<TRS-80> we're doomed
<tonymac32> my hometown started the Whisky Rebellion for similar reasons
* tonymac32 wasnt raised to have much use for those government types
<tonymac32> XD
<rneese> ok back to working on budgie I about have the background override done and workingon desktop icons
<rneese> then we should be good to go
<tonymac32> lanefu what is that PBP xorg.conf again?
* tonymac32 tries it out on M4V2 since it's operational
<nekomancer[m]> "M4V2" looks like kind of military tech
<tonymac32> XD
<tonymac32> sad military tech can't even withstand a kitchen EMP
<tonymac32> it is no TU-95
<rneese> tonymac32, see pm
<tonymac32> rneese danke gracias merci
<nekomancer[m]> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M4_carbine can, i propose
<tonymac32> XD
<tonymac32> I should hope so
<rneese> thats rk3399 I hope you got the heatsync
<nekomancer[m]> and m4 Sherman...
<tonymac32> the TU-95 at least has electronics, and is stupidly fast.
<tonymac32> a turboprop that can outrun a lot of jets
<tonymac32> rneese solid aluminium case with fan
<rneese> ok
<tonymac32> I am well aquianted with Rockchip Big Core processors and their heat
<rneese> okwell i pm you the xorg.coonf
<rneese> so your good to go
<rneese> it worked on the t4 great
<tonymac32> then it should be awesome
<tonymac32> I might try to add a horrible resolution (the 1920x2160 half-screen I'm running on)
<rneese> ok
<rneese> have fun
<rneese> i am putting in for a wishlist for xmas
<rneese> we will see if i made the good list this year
<tonymac32> hahaha
<tonymac32> I never do ;)
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<TRS-80> I'm trying to add a section to my new Recovery (https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Recovery/) page of Docs about flashing u-booot, I been searching for a good part of today, tracing back from armbian-config to nand-sata-install to platform_install.sh but still cannot seem to find where exactly the location to flash the uboot to is located. I am gathering it is different per (board family?) and
<TRS-80> ultimately defined... somewhere? Any hint would be appreciated.
<[TheBug]> rneese: for rk3399 an 20mmx20mm heatsink + 5v fan is also acceptable, keeps under 56c under load, idles between 38-42c depending on ambient
<[TheBug]> or just heatsink plus a good passive air flow is also good, if for example you have it in some case where are larger fan blows towards it, may be good enough
<archetech> rk3399 3 " board needs a 24" floor fan nice
<[TheBug]> huh?
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<tonymac32> 20x20 mm + fan will do
<tonymac32> but passive is a problem with heavy loads
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<TRS-80> OK, I think I found what I am looking for in armbian/build/config/sources/families/
<c0rnelius> My rk3399 can get up 71*C and 68*C on heavy load. Fan with garbage small heat sink from friendly arm.
<c0rnelius> 4 cores heated 2 a lil less.
<c0rnelius> Usually only during Let compilations though
<c0rnelius> Kernel*
<c0rnelius> Which all things considered isn't to bad. The x86 I use to cross compile gets up to way above 80.
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<stipa> thinks get warm, the trend in the past was that thinks will get cooler with smaller transistors but as it turned out it's not the case.
<stipa> the smaller they go the hotter it is
<stipa> they can't go much smaller now because electrons can miss their intended flow and jump on another near transistor and create a glitch
<stipa> fire a wrong transistor
<stipa> plethora of problems
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<stipa> scientists are researching ways tech could go smaller in size and one of the options is organic electronics which could be cool...
<stipa> oldes use that tech i guess
<c0rnelius> I think really our focus should be getting off this planet. Moon base. Construction. Use of materials there. No longer launching rockets and what have you from our own atmosphere.
<stipa> oleds*
<c0rnelius> Pretty sure these should be our priorities
<stipa> moonbase is near
<c0rnelius> Within doing so produce way better technologies and move us further along as a species.
<stipa> they're working on it
<c0rnelius> Unfortunately they decided to do these stupid space stations which make absolutely no sense.
<c0rnelius> A satellite in space in which people and other things can live and we can do tests it has no relevance.
<stipa> c0rnelius: NASA’s Artemis program is intended to establish a sustainable lunar base by 2028 that could serve as a stepping stone to Mars. https://www.wearethemighty.com/mighty-trending/nasa-moon-base-4g/
<c0rnelius> My point is is that this had and could have been done years ago.
<stipa> i have no idea
<c0rnelius> At the time they decided to assemble the international space station the lead at nasa the director in fact said that it was a horrible idea.
<c0rnelius> That we should be more focused on the moon as that would be a more prolific way for us to travel through space
<c0rnelius> Not only would it be more cost effective but it would also give us the materials we need to manufacture there
<c0rnelius> At the end of the day I think it came down to greed. and at some part the US government decided it no longer wanted to fund these projects.
<c0rnelius> Which probably also has a lot to do with their black projects
<c0rnelius> Why pushing international agenda when you already have one that no one knows about
<stipa> right, but if you look at it from the busniess it's a waste of money
<stipa> busniess perspective*
<c0rnelius> and thats where spacex comes in
<stipa> maybe tourism could generate some profit but I think there's not enough rich people on earth to realize that profit
<c0rnelius> I think we need to look at it from two different perspectives. There is profits and then there is actual exploration.
<c0rnelius> Exploration has been going on since the very beginning of just us going out into space.
<stipa> or competition, who'll be the first
<c0rnelius> Now profits are a different thing so if we start creating mining companies that start going out into space mining comments asteroids moons planetary systems that's a different situation.
<c0rnelius> but when it comes to actual exploration and the understanding of how space solar systems galaxies and the universe was in itself works that's a totally different system
<stipa> we'll see
<stipa> it's near
<c0rnelius> But yes what they needed was companies to get involved in order for this to become a profitable situation. That does not mean that the people who are involved in absolute exploration and the understanding of the way things work out there are going to share that information
<c0rnelius> we shall see... you are right
<stipa> interplanetary computer network will be cool i guess
<stipa> or moon-earth
<stipa> ping should be less than 3 seconds
<c0rnelius> Less than 3 seconds from where?
<c0rnelius> We still depend on radio signals
<stipa> earth>moon>earth
<c0rnelius> It just doesn't work that way
<stipa> radio signals are travelling at the speed of light
<c0rnelius> Yes and the speed of light isn't all that fast
<c0rnelius> We need to learn a way to bend that space time and light in order to work on our favor
<stipa> right
<stipa> it'll probably be lasers
<stipa> from starnet
<stipa> starlink*
<stipa> my bad :D
<c0rnelius> amd here it is - assuming there's nothing else slowing the message dow
<c0rnelius> n
<c0rnelius> It's a guess and an assumption at best
<stipa> it's theoretical yes
<c0rnelius> Do you know there isn't any high quality pictures of the dark side of the Moon
<c0rnelius> Do you also know that most high quality pictures of what is taken is not presented to the public of everything that they take out there
<stipa> it's dark
<c0rnelius> That includes all moons that includes all planets we have satellites we have shit everywhere but yet for the general public we are not presented any high definition images.
<stipa> well, you can't really take a picture in the dark
<c0rnelius> dn't be silly
<stipa> well
<stipa> only a satelite sent to explore the solar system could take that picture
<stipa> but it would be dark
<stipa> right?
<c0rnelius> We have telescopes that can view solar systems outside of our galaxy and into other galaxies with such clarity
<stipa> yeah, but those bodies emit energy
<c0rnelius> Do you seriously think we can't get that view with a satellite we or whomever would send out to the Moon
<stipa> with satellite probably
<c0rnelius> The dark side of the Moon isn't really dark it's still reflective it's only dark because it's never actually shown on the sun but that doesn't mean that the cameras within those satellites can't view it from a perspective that's needed in order to see what's on the surface
<stipa> cool
<stipa> maybe they have in the plan
<stipa> to take pictures of the dark side
<stipa> when they build a base there
<stipa> or even better, deploy a satellite
<c0rnelius> The US already has satellites that revolve around the Moon
<c0rnelius> They actually have tons of satellites everywhere. They spin around Mars they float throughout our solar system they reach their endpoints and then they drift out into space.
<c0rnelius> Some just become stationary
<c0rnelius> It's why they know what the weather on Mars is and Venus for that matter
<rneese> armbian is dead
<rneese> hand over your boards
<rneese> lol
<rneese> jk
<c0rnelius> hah
<c0rnelius> don't like space?
<rneese> still hand over your boardss
* stipa sold his
<rneese> until spacex finishes it starship i wont hold my breath
<stipa> c0rnelius: I'm not aware of one that spins around the moon?
<c0rnelius> SpaceX is pretty cool but they are essentially utilizing technologies that were developed back when Kennedy was president.
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<c0rnelius> like I mentioned before if you want to do any real space exploration you better start building outside of our atmosphere or else it's just a big waste of time and a huge waste of money not only that its a big waste of materials
<c0rnelius> stipa: Get on it... There are satellites around the moon.
<stipa> where are the pics of the dark side?
<rneese> SppaceXX new computers new engines new design.. and newer engine in dev
<rneese> they ar loooking at the older rockets and looner landers to go back to moon
<TRS-80> halp
<rneese> where they should look at the newer modules and how to adapt them
<c0rnelius> stipa: i think you can find it. I believe in you... now found the blurry spots :D
<stipa> c0rnelius: found one, but this one don't have cameras https://www.nasa.gov/ames/nasa-extends-moon-exploring-satellite-mission/
<c0rnelius> That just looks like an artistic rendition of what a satellite would look like floating around the Moon
<c0rnelius> And it's not even close
<c0rnelius> NASA has literally launched satellites to survey the moon and then crash them deliberately into the moon to see what kind of water particles would be produced after the fact
<c0rnelius> And from my understanding what their findings were is that there is water on the moon