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<lanefu> just promise to say amazing things
<JohnnyMnemonic> Oh totes, only the best of the best forum posts
<TRS-80> JohnnyMnemonic: Did you not verify your email yet?
<JohnnyMnemonic> Yeah, I have
<JohnnyMnemonic> I've already made two posts so far (on the Helios64 board), but am just allowed one post per 24 hours, I believe
<TRS-80> ok try now
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<JohnnyMnemonic> Bingo, that did it!
<JohnnyMnemonic> Thanks for the help!
<TRS-80> Cheers!
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<archetech> lanefu: yea
<archetech> I heard/read about his clusterf uas on arm issue
<archetech> linux in general too its bad when ya get a bad chip ver
<archetech> why I bought local ;)
<archetech> try on win10 brb
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<archetech> lol 5 mins its a shared raoid 0 pool on my win 10 box
<archetech> vs 12 hrs of reading forums
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<Tony_mac32> I'll believe in the RK3588 when I hold one in my hand
<fromport> I just installed armbian debian buster on an odroid N2. in deamon.log is filled with https://bpa.st/QIVA any ideas ?
<Tony_mac32> which kernel?
<fromport> Linux ms1 5.9.10-meson64
<fromport> the "supported" image from https://www.armbian.com/odroid-n2/ only ran apt update && apt dist-upgrade which upgraded kernel from 5.9.8 to 5.9.10
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<Tony_mac32> ttyS0 shoudlnt' exist on that one IIRC
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<Tony_mac32> SERIALCON=ttyAML0 is in the sources file, hang on a minute
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<Tony_mac32> and it gets overwritten in meson-g12b.conf
<Tony_mac32> with SERIALCON=ttyS0
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<Tony_mac32> I can't remember how that value gets passed in exactly, whether it's in the armbianEnv.txt file or not
<ArmbianTwitter> @NicoD99364191 (NicoD): @miniNodes @lanefu @armbian @worksonarm The Ampere 80-core is N1 at 3.3Ghz. I can only guess it is almost 2x as powerful as this AWS Graviton2 server. A Ampere 128-core SoC is coming too. Epyc like peformance for ARM to come??? (4s ago)
<fromport> 18:10:06 up 1:45, grep ttyS0 daemon.log |grep Started| wc -l -> 697
<fromport> armbianenv -> https://bpa.st/SW3Q
<fromport> there are 2 getty's running: one on ttyAML0 & one on ttyS0: https://bpa.st/ULXQ
<nekomancer[m]> `Nov 28 04:16:35 droid agetty[73215]: /dev/ttyS0: not a tty`
<fromport> grep -ilR ttyS0 /etc/* only results in /etc/securetty
<fromport> so why is it there and why is it running ?
<nekomancer[m]> say `systemctl status serial-getty@ttyS0.service`
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<fromport> root@ms1:/usr/lib/systemd/system/serial-getty@.service.d# cat 10-term.conf -> [Service] Environment=TERM=linux
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<fromport> just rebooted, still there: https://bpa.st/YRFA
<nekomancer[m]> `systemctl disable serial-getty@ttyS0.service`
<stipa> and reboot again
<fromport> will do ;-)
<fromport> gone \o/
<fromport> is someone going to fix this upstream or should I make a posting on the forum ?
<nekomancer[m]> Tony_mac32 did it already
<fromport> oh nice ! well glad i could talk to "the source" ;-) now i can find out why my lizardfs process stops running. no more filled /var/log/daemon.log
<nekomancer[m]> red lizards
<fromport> that was an easy fix. now my N2 is my master server , and a vm on X86 is 'shadow' ;-) thanks
<nekomancer[m]> oh, that "M"-word!
<archetech> shutting off a service isnt really a fix
<fromport> yeah slave is no longer correct, shadow.. right...
<fromport> we disabled a service that was accidentaly enabled during making of the image. it happens
<archetech> missing the point
<nekomancer[m]> <archetech "shutting off a service isnt real"> look to last pool request in repo
<nekomancer[m]> <fromport "yeah slave is no longer correct,"> "master" for sure!
<archetech> its I dont get it night I guess
<archetech> I posted that issue long time ago with others it's still happening
<fromport> perhaps someone is copying an older template for new builds? i am glad i got it fixed & even was fixed upstream within an hour. best service ever
<archetech> I don't make the configs or I'd ahve fixed it
<nekomancer[m]> what do you mean "others"??
<nekomancer[m]> archetech: maybe you fix it yourself then forgot?
<nekomancer[m]> do you have service instance `serial-getty@ttyS0.service` at all on your system, rinning? or disabled? or not have it at all?
<archetech> maybe you looking for a dumb argument?
<archetech> leave it broke I dont care
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<archetech> I did my part by posting
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<ArmbianTwitter> @_msw_ (Matthew S. Wilson): @NicoD99364191 @miniNodes @lanefu @armbian @worksonarm I'm eagerly waiting public performance characterization for Altra processors! I still am unaware of any... (9s ago)
<fromport> i know it is off topic, but I have a problem with a program (lizardfs-master) barfing after startup. this is a 'slave/shadow' so it communicates with the master. gets all the checksums, saves it to disk. and *barf* I installed strace and i see rename , then an mmap and SIGSEGV. could someone with more knowledge than me (which is easy ;-)) give me hint what could possibly be wrong? https://bpa.st/VRQQ
<fromport> i checked directory/file ownership. nothing in dmesg/kernel.log. doesn't run out of memory or anything
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<ArmbianTwitter> @Alan_R_White (A:\ set MASK=ON_): @TallGuyRob Yep but Odroid C2’s rather than the Pi, got them 4 years ago and just upgraded with armbian/k8s etc. (13s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @Alan_R_White (A:\ set MASK=ON_): @steven_bryen They’re 4 year old Odroid C2s, revived with a fresh armbian/k8s and they’re mostly switched off at the moment 😂 while I refactor that old trading app I had from multiple threads to multiple containers. (4s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): Updated images and pushed update for @IloveRockchip powered #Helios64 from @kobol_io - check what was fixed this time https://t.co/QJGaJv2UHR #software #development #bugfixing https://t.co/MWCDDZdPhd (2s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): RT @lanefu: A must-watch if you want some real perspective of ARM server performance. @NicoD99364191 compares #AWS Graviton 2 vs @armbian… (8s ago)
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<buZz> nice screen :)
<imliubo> offset is wrong... I need change the fb_ili9341.c ?
<imliubo> screen with touch~
<buZz> not sure if you could set offset through that
<buZz> or if you need to use the fbdev stuff
<imliubo> OK, I google it, I don't konw it
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<ArmbianTwitter> @BrideOfLinux (Christine Hall): So many of the Arm/Pi distros have descriptive names: Armbian Linux for ARM Devices Switches to Linux Kernel 5.9, Supports Ubuntu 20.10 - @9to5linux https://t.co/fklVDjJUYM (21s ago)
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<stipa> imliubo: cool man
<ArmbianTwitter> @FOSSForce (FOSS Force): Armbian Linux for ARM Devices Switches to Linux Kernel 5.9, Supports Ubuntu 20.10 - 9to5Linux https://t.co/9Pevm2FCKy (0s ago)
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<lp0-on-fire> does armbian has support for bcm43436b0 chip ?
<lp0-on-fire> the board I want to use has this chip, and I wonder if I could grab this bit from armbian firmware
<lp0-on-fire> its actually ap6236 based on bcm43436b0
<rneese> broadcom cpu are not well supported because of code blobs and other issues
<rneese> braodcom wifi is supported with firmware but over all not much support for mcu
<rneese> rockpi wireless module
<rneese> the wifi chip should have some support but not shure
<lp0-on-fire> yeah I'm glad its not a cpu or anything, just some kind of bt/wifi combo chip
<rneese> you have to get the firmware from the chip
<rneese> but let me dounble check
<lp0-on-fire> mainline linux firmware is lacking it so I was checking armbian firmware, but couldn't find if you guys had support for it
<rneese> looks like it uses the ap6212 driver
<lp0-on-fire> ap6212 for an ap6236, weird but why not
<rneese> not finding much
<lp0-on-fire> I've seen a couple git repos with that blob + nvram file needed, but I trust armbian more than some off random repo, though to be absolutely fair rockchip did put it up on github too
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<lanefu> lp0-on-fire: is that the wifi in the pinebookrpo?
<lp0-on-fire> er, I'm not sure
<lanefu> the firmware naming is weird compared ot teh driver
<lp0-on-fire> its the wifi in the seeed studio stm32mp157c dev board
<rneese> I thought the pbp used a rtl chip
<lp0-on-fire> lanefu: well the firmware is some ap6236 based on bcm43436b0, but it technically works with the brcmfmac driver. It just needs to be told what firmware file to load
<lp0-on-fire> for all I know that chip is close enough to bcm43430
<lanefu> oh PBP is AP6256 mybad
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<lp0-on-fire> this is of course all very confusing, ap, bcm…
<lp0-on-fire> some part off soled to cypress, some not
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<ArmbianTwitter> @lanefu (Lane Jennison): @DieZuckerbude @orangepixunlong What's load like on armbian. Minimal? But I guess no drop-in config for DVFS? (1s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @DieZuckerbude (Ben Zucker 🍰): @lanefu @orangepixunlong There is no Armbian for this board yet. (18s ago)
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<rneese> no more armbian till after xmas
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<ArmbianTwitter> @anovacap (D9): Day 51 #100DaysOfCode #100DaysOfCloud #DevOps. Using f3 to check all the 16gb Micro SD Cards that will attache to each @pine64 SOPINE SBC. Then research how to put @armbian on each card. I will probably chose Armbian Buster but more research is needed. #armbian (25s ago)
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<lanefu> rneese: dont take it away from us
<ArmbianTwitter> @lanefu (Lane Jennison): @anovacap @pine64 @armbian Take a look at /boot/armbian_first_run.txt.template You can use that to make a first boot config that can customize network configuration etc. might save some time. (22s ago)
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<rneese> the issue is you have to be bale now to mount linux as the new builds dont have /boot on fat
<rneese> so download the linux mount tools for widows
<lanefu> yeah just mount it frmo a linux box
<lanefu> LOL windows
<lp0-on-fire> I heard it can corrupt ext4 rather nicely
<rneese> I dumped windows and moved to linux
<rneese> but I want to dump intell for arm
<lp0-on-fire> er, must admit I dumped it because I actually needed to
<stipa> i'll never dump it!
<rneese> linux on intel is starting to get slow and ssuck
<lp0-on-fire> my machine was like the equivalent of a dinosaure back then, on its last leg with win xp, back in 2015. When I formatted it with ubuntu I knew there was no way to go back lol
<lp0-on-fire> scary, sort of
<rneese> lol
<TRS-80> I dual booted for few months before realizing that I really did not need Windows any longer.
<stipa> windwos is stable nowdays, my installation is around three years old and it won't break
<lp0-on-fire> oh, mine was stable for years but… I guess the rumors of needing regular formatting was not entirely fake
<TRS-80> stability is not the main criticism of Windows in my view, not by a long shot
<rneese> i am running ubuntu/deepin
<rneese> and its doing good but 12 gigi ram
<lp0-on-fire> it started having trouble after 5 or 6 years, access violations all over the place, claiming to not have enough memory when it had plenty available, random crash
<stipa> lp0-on-fire: yeah, constant reinstallations were common thing
<TRS-80> I finally just got tired of being at the whims of corporations who clearly give 0 F's about what users want
<rneese> ok whats for dinner
<lp0-on-fire> gnocchi
<stipa> windows are for someone who doesn't want to deal with technicalities and linux opposite of it.
<rneese> ok bbiab food time
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<rneese> ok building my deepin desktop for a 128g sd card
<rneese> hopiing my new t4 be here monday
<rneese> then it will get deepin and become my working desktop for time while we work on the meson63 issues
<rneese> 63/64
<rneese> i blame lanefu
<rneese> and archetech
<rneese> so you all testing the latest build
<lanefu> what i do this time
<rneese> slacked off
<rneese> lol
<rneese> are the xmas lights done
<rneese> is the tree up
<rneese> are the lights on the house
<lanefu> just focusing on outdoor lights
<lanefu> but that reminds me i need to run a cord
<rneese> lol
<rneese> we wants pics
* archetech is doin chores. almost done
<rneese> that means he is doing dishes laundry wife footrubs
<rneese> and vacuuming
<rneese> lol
<rneese> dont forget folding towels
<rneese> heheh
<rneese> jk
<rneese> booting the xfce current iimg
<rneese> give it a run on a new 32 gig sd
<lp0-on-fire> there's some serious shit going on here guys, I'm really nervous
<rneese> ?
<lp0-on-fire> I heard something that sounded suspiciously like gunshots
<TRS-80> you live in the hood?
<lp0-on-fire> it can't be fireworks, because well, why would people do these during lockdown ?
<TRS-80> someone here lit off some firecrackers last night, had me going momentarily as well
<lp0-on-fire> live in a small town in france, but the next city over is known to be not… so safe
<TRS-80> because it was a bit out of the blue
<lp0-on-fire> yeah but it was like… it was extremely rythmic, every second or so
<rneese> I live in s small town in NETN and love it
<lp0-on-fire> and way too damn loud to be a typical firecracker
<TRS-80> could be then
<lp0-on-fire> ran off every second or so, rarely moved from that pattern, for 6 times. And now out of nowhere again, only once this time but even louder
<rneese> I figure people blowing off steam
<rneese> this Plandemic its time we all march on China and shut the country down
<rneese> the more of us that show up less likly the military will do crap
<TRS-80> stop talking to us mate, lock and load
<rneese> they dont want to start a global war
<lp0-on-fire> yeah could be, but that's freaking scary either way
<rneese> iuts the China goverment and give the country back to its people
<rneese> iuts oust
<rneese> lol
<rneese> then we go to SOuth America and do the same
<rneese> POwer to the People
<rneese> Power to the People
<rneese> RIcse up
<rneese> RIse UP
<rneese> STand Up Fight Back Fight Unjust Goverments
* rneese ducks before getting shot
<lp0-on-fire> I'd say no government is 100% fair
<rneese> true
<rneese> so whats the issue list
<rneese> i have the img on the n2+ loaded its working thus far but need to know issues to test
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<rneese> I have to say the new san disk are fast
<rneese> red/black not the red/grey
<rneese> lanefu you should clean out your dir
<stipa> lp0-on-fire: fireworks are usually rythmic in nature
<stipa> lp0-on-fire: the closer ones are mybe just firework rockets with more powerful explosion
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