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<lanefu> module
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* archetech was gone on his Ninja 650 what I miss
<archetech> nov 6th 70 F
<scope> red light?
<stipa> nice bike
<archetech> it's got a cop motor
<archetech> cop suspension
<stipa> do you have a picture?
<archetech> not handy sry blue tank on black/silver
<archetech> ER-6N google
<archetech> 2009
<stipa> but, that's not ninja 650, right?
<archetech> same no fairing
<archetech> fairings are dumb under 100 mph
<archetech> street fighter is my thing
<stipa> oh, yeah, i see: The $6699 Kawasaki ER-6n is essentially a naked version of the fully equipped Ninja 650R.
<archetech> yes
<stipa> they do look a little bit different
<scope> same tuned?
<archetech> yup just preference
<scope> odd. ER used to be starter whereas anything --R sport
<archetech> its just plastic
<archetech> er6n is a hot bike in EU
<scope> see a lot of bmw gs
<archetech> im US gets alot of compliments
<scope> my first bike was an ancient kawa fond memories
<archetech> I started on a 1981 Yam 650 Special triumph replica
<scope> nice
<archetech> look that up what a bike
<archetech> brb
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<scope> they're fun, wobbling corners
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<lanefu> omg i just screwed myself so bad
<lanefu> becuase i forgot count=1 on dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk2 bs=1024 seek=8
<archetech> lol
<lanefu> yeah root@orangepi3:/var/log# dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk2 bs=1024 seek=8
<lanefu> ^C2175849+0 records in
<lanefu> 2175849+0 records out
<lanefu> 2228069376 bytes (2.2 GB, 2.1 GiB) copied, 36.9759 s, 60.3 MB/s
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> not the end of the world, just that I was super close to winning
<archetech> um thats unbootable
<lanefu> oh yeah its toast now
<lanefu> surprised the chroot i'm in is still breathing
<scope> try /dev/random next
<lanefu> lol
<archetech> hmm lanefu is human after all
<archetech> thought you were AI
<lanefu> haha
<lanefu> you know what burned me
<lanefu> i cut and paste, and line wrap had count=1 on the next line
<Tonymac32> no that's me
<lanefu> lol
<scope> hehe
<lanefu> Tonymac32: you've got an opi3 right
<Tonymac32> :/
<lanefu> can you build an image wth --current and see if ethernet works proper
<Tonymac32> yes
<lanefu> cuz i think it be broke
<Tonymac32> I don't think mine has ever booted properly
<Tonymac32> but I'll try it out
<Tonymac32> I am 0 for 3 on functional OPi boards
<lanefu> really?, prefer virginia weather
<lanefu> s/prefer/they prefer/
<ArmbianHelper> lanefu meant to say: really?, they prefer virginia weather
<Tonymac32> well it's a 1 GB RAM version so we'll see
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* lanefu no longer infallable
<lanefu> yeah im pretty sure ethernet be broken in kernel 5.9
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> ane@billroyall:~/GIT/build/userpatches$ uptime
<lanefu> 21:21:10 up 45 days, 3:28, 2 users, load average: 69.09, 47.16, 22.32
<lanefu> /home/lane/GIT/build/patch/kernel/sunxi-current/revert-rtl8211e-rx-tx-delay-config-change.patch is suspect
<chewitt> nekomancer[m] it's merged into Kevin's tree which will sent upstream in the merge window for Linux 5.11
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<nekomancer[m]> thank you.
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<archetech> brainstorm put all armbian dev focus on N2 + c4 then rk3399 pbp
<archetech> rest can rot
* archetech makes armbian into his slave
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<archetech> time left over use for pinephone/tab
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<archetech> thats all peeps care about at the moment
<lanefu> archetech: you have a good point there
<archetech> well Igor always ranting about time/resources
<archetech> be the go to distro for those\
<archetech> manjaro is getting big pull for p-phone work ain't nuutin you cant do as good
<archetech> if..
<c0rnelius> prob with arch/manjaro is it breaks because they try and be so bleeding edge.
<archetech> true but thats whats required on some stuff
<c0rnelius> not if you want stability
<archetech> cant have both
<c0rnelius> who wants a desktop that one morning decides to not work anymore?
<archetech> not a on a pinephone
<archetech> thats panfrost issue not ditro
<c0rnelius> don't own one, so can't speak for it
<archetech> they try to keep up
<nekomancer[m]> Stability required when all required functions usable.
<archetech> stability comes with stable pkgs
<c0rnelius> once apple makes this move to all things running arm64, the rest of the market will follow suite, including Linux.
<archetech> meaning nobody can make a stabile pinephone atm
<nekomancer[m]> until somebody do pineapple
<archetech> but the others can be made stable with work\
<c0rnelius> heavy development will ensue and bigger player will get on board in order to compete
<c0rnelius> players*
<archetech> apple schmaple
<archetech> like they have anything to do with sbc
<c0rnelius> its not the point
<archetech> so wait for some big conglomerate ya right
<c0rnelius> think... cheap aarch64 thinkpads.
<c0rnelius> and whatever else.
<archetech> like saying wait for nvidia
<c0rnelius> i'm not saying anyone should wait, I'm saying that eventually the market will go this way.
<archetech> oh "the market"
<c0rnelius> which will be good for people like us who enjoy using sbcs
<archetech> arnbian can focus on a few boards many use let the straglers fend for them selves for a while
<archetech> lanefu, knows what im saying
<c0rnelius> a lot of people use sbcs as lil puters to run specific tasks. could try to just focus on the desktop side of things, but then you isolate ur selves.
<archetech> de's are a bonus not the point
<c0rnelius> armbian should indeed have a team just focused on the DE side of it.
<archetech> solid base images for above popular boards
<archetech> get asolid base on a n2 adding a de is trivial
<archetech> armbian is getting spread too thin for the devs to deal with
<c0rnelius> I don't follow the politics. I know only what I see here and read on the forum.
<[TheBug]> You are constantly being critical and yet I never see you actually doing something to help make it better archetech, is your past time just to bitch about things here? Your right, there is things to be done and we have an awful lot of people whom complain and very few who actually pick up and do.
<archetech> I do cutting edge testing
<archetech> so kma
<[TheBug]> I would love to see you actually say productive things here instead of just always cutting down on things, the enviroment makes it hard to get any one excited about it when you constantly just say how bad it is
<archetech> and i give the info away here
<archetech> thats your take on me you're wrong
<archetech> we fixed the rock64 as good as it can get and now the n2 is almost ready
<[TheBug]> well I hope so, but for some reason that seems to be what I see from you here on a regular basis, even if thats not how you mean it. I am not trying to attack you either, just it started to wear on me.
<archetech> cuz your a whiney baby
<archetech> cant see whats being said
<[TheBug]> says the whiney baby?
<archetech> you just hear it as critical not positive possibilty
<c0rnelius> anyway... anything that can be done on arch can be done else where, its just putting the effort in. its not really socket science or anything.
<archetech> right
<archetech> strit isnt some genius lane and tony just as sharp
<nekomancer[m]> socket science :)
<c0rnelius> its all gnu/linux with a diff package manager
<c0rnelius> nekomancer[m]: ;)
<archetech> I just imagine them allowed to be focused on a few boards for a while and that would make arbian stronger as a choice of distro
<archetech> stuffs breaking cuz so much new stuff is coming at the 120+ sbc's
<c0rnelius> well... join the team and get some people together who are strictly focused on the DE side of things.
<archetech> c0rnelius, have you not installed a DE on linux its trivial de's are not the issue atm
<archetech> apt install xorg xfce blah done
<c0rnelius> but getting functional video play back and web browsing is
<c0rnelius> and then add in visuals and good themes and what have you.
<archetech> every time I install a de iget pulse etc pulled in
<archetech> then ffox plays youtube done
<archetech> I hate dev choices on themes
<archetech> leave that stock thats a user thing
<c0rnelius> I use to moderate the xfce forum and port themes from other DE over to it along with other shit. That is like half the focus for a lot of people. The visual aspect.
<c0rnelius> people love those options
<archetech> ya well let then use xfce look or gnome look
<archetech> not a distro issue
<archetech> zillion fonts themes not our concern
<c0rnelius> not the point. you give someone something that looks great out the box and it makes an impression.
<archetech> stock does look good imo
<c0rnelius> sure
<archetech> ive ran from every distro that said here we think this looks good vs stock in fact
<archetech> mint being the worst
<archetech> ie armbian should deliver an image like arch no frills this thing is solid been their reputation for long time
<nekomancer[m]> mint suck less
<archetech> arch arm=alarm is very popular on sbc why cuz ya burn it and add to it and their forum is dull as heck why? cuz its solid
<c0rnelius> what does ur current Desktop look like?
<archetech> wanna be all things to all people get dragged into the muck do it armbian way
<archetech> sometimes ya gotta look at reality
<c0rnelius> I'm not a fan of armbians current desktop theme choice. its not horrid, but wouldn't be my approach.
<archetech> right see my point? ya get some dude named rneese's idea of a de look
<c0rnelius> for starters its xfce. get rid of the silly panel menu and desktop icons... thats what the right click menu is for.
<archetech> no disrespect to him but leave it stock
<archetech> lol then you ought to use openbox sheesh
<c0rnelius> numix is a nice theme though... bit bright for my tastes.
<c0rnelius> actually openbox is a really good option for SBCs.
<archetech> and its easy to get that stuff off the desktop
<c0rnelius> but not really a need.
<c0rnelius> its easy to do it in xfce too
<c0rnelius> those things are there to make windows user feel happy
<archetech> xfce = pretty lxde
<c0rnelius> prob with openbox is you still need to run either gnome or xfce 'd settings in the background to get things like avahi and mounting to work properly.
<c0rnelius> even then its hit and miss
<archetech> so de's are simple canvas's for users to play with im talking I buy an N2+ what base should I use thats every buyers first question I say make armbian the logical choice
<c0rnelius> well then... get on it!
<archetech> how thats seen as critical by BUG I have no clue
<c0rnelius> get a team together and start the focus. work closely with the people more interested in the backend and kernel side of things to make the DE run more smoothly out of the box.
<archetech> ya im throwing out an idea for the devs they can be swamped by 100 boards or do 5 really well ill do my part as heres what should be used in the base
<archetech> right now im only tester with panfrost and accelerated Xorg
<archetech> wayland is easy in contrast
<archetech> how? cuz I built it from scratch
<nekomancer[m]> «really well» should do board developers
<nekomancer[m]> same as upstream drivers and dts
<archetech> whats in the scratch? tons of patched stuff
<nekomancer[m]> because board developers fails of ignores their duty :(
<nekomancer[m]> or ignores
<archetech> c0rnelius, why the heck wouild I corral a team when its a metter of focus on already avail team
<archetech> neko no its cuz arm is constant flux on drivers etc
<c0rnelius> its called making a contribution. I don't know the inner workings of armbian but it would appear to me certain people are focused on particular boards.
<archetech> I got tobetter to see the light on ubuntu already got peeps jumping on his build for n2
<c0rnelius> hey man... its just a though :D
<c0rnelius> thought*
<archetech> ya let martin and myou alone they have to maintain the junk brands ;p
<archetech> allwinner ugh
<c0rnelius> I like allwinner :)
<archetech> you would
<c0rnelius> not all of it of course... but for headless stuff it does work.
<c0rnelius> sure is a lot easier in the uboot department... my lord.
<archetech> but its a crime to leave amlogic and rockchip to fall into disrepair
<archetech> when so many buy them
<c0rnelius> well rockchip is and has made inroads with mainline uboot. which is very nice to see.
<c0rnelius> and my T4 just works now on mainline uboot/linux. wifi, bluetooth, etc... it all just works.
<archetech> tobetter was not gonna support ubu 20.10 that has latest gnome im like what!?
<c0rnelius> when i first got the board it was a hot mess
<archetech> peeps are lovin it
<archetech> all he did was pkg a few things for 20.10 and boom nice upgrade for all
<archetech> so dont listen the the bug
<c0rnelius> aren't they still using snaps though?
<c0rnelius> i don;t like snaps
<c0rnelius> runs slow and its ugly
<c0rnelius> Ubuntu is always trying to do something no one asked for a push it down our throats.
<archetech> tobetter and chewiit r doin good stuff on deb/ubu armbian should pay attn
<c0rnelius> I have no doubts
<archetech> and theres a guy unamed whos doin arch mainline stuff partially right and really wrong
<c0rnelius> Ubuntu has some off politics on an officially level, which if you have ever talked to waveform before will just 'shake his head at'.
<archetech> logs full of garbage even invading the shell
<archetech> I dont pay attn to that level i deal with pkgs working or not
<c0rnelius> well the pkgs are dictated in one way or another by the politics. because its a business... not to put to blunt of a point on it.
<archetech> not true at all
<c0rnelius> ok sir
<archetech> they care about where ubu is used like cloud etc
<c0rnelius> go take a look at the depends for those said pkgs that aren't really needed in order for that package to be installed because some douche has an agenda.
<c0rnelius> so in the end ur left with unneeded bloat
<c0rnelius> its about as stream lined as an over fed pig
<archetech> theres commands to filter that crap out
<archetech> like no-suggested
<c0rnelius> ur wrong
<c0rnelius> its not a suggetion
<archetech> I never see hard deps I cant filter out
<c0rnelius> you edit the control and changelog file
<archetech> snaps is easy to kill and prevent
<archetech> for example
<c0rnelius> so you can patch it if building from source
<archetech> you might be a candidate for LFS then ;p
<Werner> Good morning
<Tonymac32> good morning werner
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<IgorPec> good morning
<IgorPec> archetech: thank you for your wisdom again
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<stipa> oh man, tiktok is full of morons.
<stipa> what a waste of energy
<stipa> no search, just nice
<stipa> don't like it at all...
<c0rnelius> archetech: was never a fan of LFS :) CRUX on the other hand I used for several years.
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<ArmbianTwitter> @g3tm30uttah3r3 (ステパノフローマン): @Poddingue @armbian Donated 5 euros (15s ago)
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<Heisath> Hackathon?
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<IgorPec> hehe
<IgorPec> anyone?: )
<buZz> ?
<buZz> what are you asking
<buZz> thats a url
<buZz> 'a hackathon for testing' , oh dear
<IgorPec> which would explain my q :)
<buZz> why not just ask a question
<IgorPec> sorry
<buZz> throw it in the topic
<IgorPec> not sure if i know how
<buZz> /topic <bla>
<IgorPec> werner
<IgorPec> it seems my rights are too low
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<lanefu> Hi
<lanefu> Help topic
<lanefu> help topic
<lanefu> help
<ArmbianHelper> Check out our awesome documentation! It's tremendous, promise! https://docs.armbian.com/
<rneese> no help
<lanefu> !help
<rneese> help is forboden
<rneese> you walk the path alonne
<rneese> lol
<lanefu> Hahaha
<rneese> found a issue I am trying to fix now
<rneese> on the desktop builder
<rneese> over in devel channel
<lanefu> Cool
<Heisath> btw IgorPec, Hijax responded and says he's finally sent the testing board
<IgorPec> ok, great to have some news
<IgorPec> tnx
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<emOne> It is great to see that quite a few people have already made donations towards the server <3
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<dagdisgue53543> hi guys
<dagdisgue53543> i've orange pi one, wich os i must download? thanks... i've seen focal and buster, wich is the better for this board?
<Werner> Does not matter. Both flavors sharing the same kernel package
<IgorPec> emOne: yeah
<IgorPec> btw did you get access to arm server?
<jschwart> hi all, could anybody advice on programs available for Armbian Focal that already support the V4L2 request API?
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<dagdisgue53543> to run desktop mode what should i do?
<IgorPec> you download image labelled with "desktop"
<IgorPec> there is "Buster xfce desktop" variant
<IgorPec> but also others you can upgrade to desktop via armbian-config -> system -> enable desktop
<dagdisgue53543> thanks
<emOne> IgorPec: no I haven't had access to the arm server thus far
<emOne> What kind of hardware is the arm64 server?
<IgorPec> 32C something
<IgorPec> gime your ssh key
<emOne> Dang, I am on my phone right now
<IgorPec> eh :) then when you manage and i'll give you access. if i am not around ping lanefu
<emOne> I will pm you
<emOne> Within an hour :)
<IgorPec> ok
<emOne> How was your week otherwise?
<IgorPec> it was insane, but today things went to normal
<IgorPec> we have lockdown, kids are at home, home office
<emOne> Good to hear that your weekend has been finally calm
<emOne> I have been playing cat and mouse with the parcel delivery service
<emOne> I am waiting for a rubber hose to arrive because the one inside the car broke and it won't accelerate anymore
<emOne> They were supposed to deliver it yesterday but the delivery van broke down apparently
<emOne> So instead they wanted to deliver it today
<emOne> I waited the whole morning and they didn't come
<emOne> I stepped out of the house for no more than 20 minutes and I got a notice that the parcel wasn't delivered because no one answered
<IgorPec> h aha
<IgorPec> shit
<emOne> I imagine that they work a bit like this https://youtu.be/LTlLOF2moxY hahah
<emOne> Seriously that video is so accurate
<IgorPec> i have quite good relationship with delivery clerks. they all know who am i
<IgorPec> constantly geting or sending some stuff
<IgorPec> and they are always covering the same city region
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<emOne> Around here there quite a few different companies delivering
<emOne> Amazon, DHL, ups, Hermes and a bunch of other smaller companies
<IgorPec> i work mainly with dhl, ups, dpd and national post
<emOne> It is only the postman that is always the same person
<emOne> I have sent you a PM with my public ssh key
<emOne_> I will chat from here
<emOne_> btw IgorPec I have also announced in a couple of discord channels that we are running a funding round for armbian
<emOne_> I did that in the SBC server and XDA, even though I am still waiting for permission to shout about it in the "general" XDA channel .. so far in XDA I posted in off topic
<emOne_> I don't want to get banned after all
<emOne_> when I think of some other relevant places I will be sure to post there too
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<IgorPec> ok, tnx
<dagdisgue53543> guys i must do anything to see video on armbian?i've installed focal and then kodi, video doesnt work well
<IgorPec> which hardware?
<dagdisgue53543> orange pi one
<IgorPec> i have absolutely no info how to achive video acceleration in kodi with mainline kernel
<IgorPec> try some forum search if someone succeded. in theory it could work, but its certainly not plug and play
<IgorPec> we don't even try to fix that
<lanefu> dagdisgue53543: basically on something like that, you'll want to find a purpose-built librelec image or something for video
<IgorPec> will work
<lanefu> ha.. yeah as igor said
<dagdisgue53543> @IgorPec, i must reinstall os or can i update forcal?
<IgorPec> Librelec is unrelated to Armbian. its OS just to run KODi.
<IgorPec> probably the only option to use Kodi on this board
<IgorPec> at least simple one
<dagdisgue53543> u have written armbian nightly
<IgorPec> it doesn't help
<IgorPec> you are asking million dollar questions :)
<dagdisgue53543> kodi is not important for me, i want only to see video , can i do on armbian?
<dagdisgue53543> firefox crash instantly
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<IgorPec> video in browser is even more problematic
<IgorPec> if you need video on this board -> librelec
<dagdisgue53543> so i cant utilize armbian with orange pi one
<IgorPec> we used to support video on linux with old kernel
<IgorPec> and we will probably support it back on mainline, but currently it doesn't just work out of the box
<dagdisgue53543> in that site there's only image for one-plus, is the same?(libreelec)
<IgorPec> one plus is different hardware
<IgorPec> but again check on the link i gave
<dagdisgue53543> so there's nothing for O-one?
<nekomancer[m]> dagdisgue53543: more correct to choose device for duty, not catch first device you see then look for guides how to let it work for months.
<IgorPec> i don't know
<IgorPec> those are some old versions which might work
<dagdisgue53543> thanks guys
<rneese> ok does audio work on the n2+/n2 ?
<rneese> any known issues on the n2/n2+
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<emOne> lanefu let me know if you are on the arm server
<emOne> I canceled the cpu benchmark
<lanefu> emOne: not logged in. need me to do something? here's a benchmark from other evening fyi http://ix.io/2Dcc
<emOne> I wanted to make sure no one was on the server doing anything serious before I run a benchmark and slow the server down :)
<lanefu> emOne: cool yeah fire away
<emOne> it is a shame to see that geekbench is precompiled
<rneese> wich one
<emOne> their binary doesn't execute in the arm environment
<emOne> which binary rneese?
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<emOne> which what?
<rneese> nm
<rneese> thought you where going to do something on lanefu server
<lanefu> I am probably gonna reprovision it but haven't yet
<emOne> I am not doing anything useful on it at the moment so you can go ahead at any time
<emOne> I will be helping to move the armbian build environment into the server
<emOne> I will have to talk with Igor about it to find out if I should be looking out for anything specific to keep the same workflow as before
<emOne> lanefu: so what do you think of the server?
<emOne> heh, no one is excited about arm64 servers like I am
<emOne> ok brb
* nekomancer[m] try to run build on arm, but stops on task "to get compilers kit for arm64→arm64"
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<lanefu> emOne[m]: ha dont worry I'm plenty excited..... and also equinix bare metal provisioning is plenty exciting
<lanefu> s/plenty exciting/freaking awesome/
<ArmbianHelper> lanefu meant to say: emOne[m]: ha dont worry I'm plenty excited..... and also equinix bare metal provisioning is freaking awesome
<emOne[m]> neko I am going to look into it
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<archetech> so a fresh install to new server since its arm not x86 I suppose
<nekomancer[m]> fresh install of armbian?
<archetech> server os
<nekomancer[m]> The Server Os?
<rneese> off to dinner
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<stipa> I need three things in order to run 'fireqo's software: IFB, NET_CLS_ACT and NET_REDIRECT. Would I be able to modprobe those three things into the kernel without building an kernel image? I have downloaded linux headers and after running make menuconfig i can't really find those three things in there(i was hoping make menuconfig will spit out three modules i could modprobe into the kernel). It' seems to me
<stipa> like i would need to complie whole distro for my sbc by editing 'config/linux-sunxi-dev.config' somewhere before running ./compile.sh and making iso for my card :\ I Have no clue what te sequence to do it is or if it is the right one..?
<stipa> i guess my journey needs to start somewhere before building an image by editing some "file" ?
<stipa> i want to stick those three things into (IFB, NET_CLS_ACT and NET_REDIRECT) 5.7.15-sunxi64
<stipa> and that is probably just the beginning, ifb is only the first thing missing to run the 'fireqs'...
<nekomancer[m]> you can start from just run ./compile.sh
<nekomancer[m]> then tune if need
<stipa> i see
<stipa> i'll dive deeper into ./compile.sh and try to enable things there, thanks nekomancer[m]
<nekomancer[m]> you not need to change anything inside script
<stipa> ok, ok
<stipa> i'll run the script
<ArmbianTwitter> @haerwu (Marcin Juszkiewicz): If @armbian supports boards which are not upstream because of lazy vendors then is list of boards supported by Armbian a good list of "boards to not buy"? (30s ago)
<stipa> i meant to "dive into the menus" of the ./compile.sh, my bad
<ArmbianTwitter> @carlosedp (Carlos Eduardo): @haerwu @armbian Supporting ARM boards is a pain… each vendor has it’s own Kernel, own booting method… it’s tiresome. Hats-off to @armbian, @ayufanpl, @DietPi_ and others! The problem is that there is no SBCs that boot in a default way except the RPi that now supports UEFI. (26s ago)
* lanefu is totally burned by new docke rhub limits
<ArmbianTwitter> @haerwu (Marcin Juszkiewicz): @carlosedp @armbian @ayufanpl @DietPi_ Read my blog post about standards in Arm space: https://t.co/nGQY7bJBzJ (11s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @haerwu (Marcin Juszkiewicz): @carlosedp @armbian @ayufanpl @DietPi_ If vendor does not support upstream kernel/bootloader at all then buying their boards is wasting time and money. There are many SBC in Arm space which are supported upstream. (29s ago)
<ArmbianTwitter> @Kelly_Clowers (Kelly Clowers): @haerwu @armbian That makes no sense, their supported board list surely also includes boatds which are upstream (26s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @haerwu @carlosedp @ayufanpl @DietPi_ Most of the hardware #armbian supports is using upstream kernel and bootloader + our improvements and fixes which takes time to reach upstream. Some vendors participate in the process and help, some doesn't. Its about the purpose and support. Standards are nice addon. (14s ago)
* nekomancer[m] uploaded an image: 6 Gleipnir - 00_33.webp (31KiB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/VunoFfxeVKormlDchFMVvTNK/6 Gleipnir - 00_33.webp >
<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @Kelly_Clowers @haerwu Actually most of them are. Also #armbian is 1st a build system, Linux distro is a side job. Not as powerfull as Yocto / Buildroot https://t.co/EtVUMynBIc but it does the job. It builds core stuff - we also do some plumbing - from sources while userland is improved Debian. (15s ago)
<nekomancer[m]> offensively condescending
<nekomancer[m]> sorry wrong chat :(
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